i just love em

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aight but all crying and slobbering aside, i REALLY love how you create characters with complex archetypes and how you make them imperfect physically, mentally, AND morally! and those imperfections are what make your characters perfect in a way and i just really love em ovo

AHH thank you

I love it when ppl notice things like this with my characters quq

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are knee socks hot // a turn on? the other day i was walking down the street and this random guy whistled at me and said "you look damn sexy in those socks" is that like a guy thing or just certain guys...

well ok first I hate the whistling thing like that must be so fkg annoying for girls to have guys do that but yeS KNEE SOCKS ARE HOT AF 
I think it’s just me but idk i love em

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All Time Low in 2009: They're better off without you All Time Low in 2015: You'll be missing out and we'll be missing you YAY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT



I wanted to say thanks for everything one more time. Thank you for all the smiles, laughter, and fun times you’ve brought me and others over the years! You said it yourself Iwata, that’s what games are all about.

I drew my personal favorite games and the ones that had a big impact on me that Mr. Iwata produced. There’s a whole lot more I could have included, but this is just some of ‘em. 

Love and miss ya so much dude. God Bless. Rock on, buddy.

Ok so I wanted to show all of my babies how much I love them. Every single one of them. No matter what happens, I love you all. I can’t believe I actually realized how much you guys actually mean to me and I’m so lucky to even be in the royals. Truly an honor.

Drama has been a thing with us ever since we started this family and I’ve been there since day one. But seriously tho, you guys are just so quick to judge us all. We’re just a normal family. Now people worry about what we do every second of the fucking day. It’s annoying seeing one of the royals get into an argument. I know there’s not a possible way to rid of mess/drama. It follows us every where and never fail. People just start with us for the simplest shit, but guess what? I’m not going to take anyone’s shit. You wanted to make your little comment about us, ok. I’ll give you mines and make sure it’s the last you hear motherfuckers. Half of the people that talk shit, have no idea what I’m capable of. But you see, I don’t take the advantage of that and I let it slide with some of you fucking noobs. but now fucking calling my family out, isn’t doing you any kind of justice. Instead it’s making you look like a person that has nothing better to do then dish shit. I’m to the point where, I can’t take it anymore. You hate us? Ok, do you really have to take the time aside from your day to talk about us every second of the day? I never seen a person talk as much shit through the fucking computer and say that they dont give a shit about us. yet you’re writing on and on about us. Drop the shit, I’m sure it’s not that serious. I mean damn, if it was then you definitely can’t handle life in reality. Leave and stay away from all the sources of the internet.

Ok now, the drama with the cutes has actually died down, finally. I mean I have like no problem with them. They’ve actually turned out to be cool fucking people. It’s like everyone wants us to fight like it’s world war 3 up in this bitch. hell to the fucking no. Not going to say, we’re all peaches and cream but we’re not fighting but you know it’s the thought that counts.

Ok, people leaving the family. I don’t hate you, i really don’t. it’s your choice, if you feel like you shouldn’t be there. What I don’t like is the family fighting, It honestly breaks my heart. I know i can be confusing and a bitch at times but i do it for the love of you guys. But fighting over the most stupidest shit isn’t even needed or neccessary. We’re a family, we joke, and sometimes we say the things we say cause we care and love you. So don’t take anything we do seriously. If anything we are so fucking hilarious and we just love being around each other. We all know friends fight, ofc. But in time, if you are really friends, you’d forgive each other in a heartbeat. Just drop that shit and bury it in the past and move on. So to anyone that hates our family, anyone. I hope you realize how much your words don’t affect us and you can talk all day long, it won’t make any difference. 

Cause I plead the fifth on drama. No one asks for it, it just happens and I’m going to try my best to avoid it. 

I love.

Char, Sofa, Jonny, Makayla, Jonah, Reese, Alex, Danny, Tabby, and Jason. 

You don’t understand how much you mean to me.

So all you fucking hypocrites can hop the fuck off my family, cause there’s a problem there when you don’t.

And anyone else that thinks they have the potential or just wanna be a royal, I’ll consider you, just inbox me.