i just love em

you have no idea how much i love and enchanted i am seeing hob performing on stage especially when he’s half singing and half rapping like!! the fact that most of the time he holds his mic with his left hand even though he’s right handed and how he has his forefinger under his nosie and how his voice gets low and raspy, but so smooth and flowy, seriously that’s so sexy and yet so sweet as well, what an unusual combo?? and how he closes his eyes and just gets so into the beautiful lyrics and sometimes his lips just tug at the corner because he’s smiling while singing or if it’s a serious song he would frown and that is so endearing!! like his passion and love for performing keep spilling and i could really feel how much he loves being on stage. forever and a day won’t be enough honestly when i start talking about that beautiful guy but really, he is so enchanting and hypnotising on stage i can’t look away, his beauty, love and passion are so absolutely mesmerizing. in short, i love hoseok :(((

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I second the notion lass is a beautiful person. Even i'm hard pressed to pic a fav of her and Raine. Both are lovely people. I just wanna shake their hands n tell em that as their breasts jiggle from shaking their hands ;.;

Congratulations, you gave me an idea for a future drawing.

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I'm curious about the reason why people picked their usernames. Why did you pick yours and if your fans have any funny/interesting stories on how they go theirs, I'd love to read em.

Mines just me old high school nickname with my middle name :p Stevo ace

hinata has a first-years only sleepover and natsu sees yamaguchi and absolutely has to use her star stickers <3