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Confessions (Elliot Alderson)

word count: 2, 075

summary: Y/N spends the night at Elliot’s apartment which leads to a confession. 

dedicated to: @pandalandalopalis

a/n: I LOVED WRITING THIS SO MUCH?? ELLIOT DESERVES SO MUCH LOVE??? Also, two updates in one day AND I wrote this one in like three hours. I just loved this idea so much! (Re-named the one-shot because it sounded better and fit the story)

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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I honestly don't understand why Snafu didn't say good bye to Sledge I mean their relationship had evolved so much since they first met and obviously they shared such a deep connection so I don't get why he just got off the train without telling Sledge that he was in love with him because he clearly was I'll never get over this it's so unfair

anonymous asked:

Fuck anyone who even thinks in the slightest that it's okay to be rude or condescending to Elliot right now. What he's going through isn't for attention, it isn't fake. He is seriously grieving. He doesn't need to feel any worse about anything right now. He needs love and support and if someone who follows him doesn't want to give that to him then you don't deserve to follow him. Loss is really fucking hard. It's even harder when it's someone that you are incredibly close with. So just fuck off.

thank you so fucking much i love you

So, uh, I just did a quick tally of my requests and I have

1 Lucia

1 Elliot

2 Barba

And I don’t know how many Sonny. I love him as much as everyone else, but I’m a little worried about getting bored writing for one character. Please send in some more requests for variety!

last night I was talking to susie about the cats we’ve had in the past, and it transpires that when I was first learning to walk independently I was greatly aided by the cats (Tom and Elliot) who would let me hold their tails, so I was walking around the house with one tail in each hand (if you don’t think that the image of a child been lead round the house by two cats is the sweetest thing I don’t even know why you’re following me). My Grandpa (susie’s dad) had been really worried about the cats trying to get me when I was really little, but little Bethan rather enjoyed curling her toes into their fur. (Which is perfect, bc that’s what I liked to do to Star, and is what I intend to do with the new kittens asap) 
We were talking about how Tabby is her cat, and in the past she’s mentioned that Brambles was her cat, and I was like “is Tabby the first cat that’s rlly yours since Brambles” and we got on to how Tom and Elliot were more into my dad and me, and I was like “that’s ridiculous I was like 3 when they died, how could they have been mine” and?? They must have been the most patient cats in the World, bc they would let me pick them up round their tummies and would sit in my toy pushchairs so I could take them for walks around the garden. At that time I also had a toy car that I could sit in and was peddle powered, and Susie said that the only thing she could remember them not being down for was being shoved into the boot of that car. Honestly, that is the tightest shit I can think of, that must have been so adorable 

  • ELLIOT: I think I'm Lia's soulmate. Because a lot of reasons.
  • ELLIOT: But, I think she wants kids, and I don't want any. I don't think I'd be a good dad, because of past trauma. And I just... I know she'd love kids. I don't want her to give up a dream for me.
  • ELLIOT: And I want to find where I came from.
  • HEAVEN: Again, really fucking cute! Have you told her you think your red strings are connected?
  • HEAVEN: Well, she is a neonate nurse so I’m guessing that could be a thing. Sweetie, you need to talk to her. Why would you not be a good one? I think you’d be amazing. You love so much, how could you not?
  • HEAVEN: Mmmmm I mean I guess I could understand that but do you really think that’s a good idea? What if it's not how you picture it to be?