i just love dancing movies

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Hi!! Could I please get a ship with got7 and bts? I'm about average height, really really long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I'm very shy and insecure. I'll never be the one to approach, you have to approach me. But once you really get close to me you'll realize I'm super dorky and weird. I easily get emotional and I'm a touchy person. I love music, singing, dancing and movies and I'm just a hopeless romantic. I can get so energetic and loud when I'm hyper too lol Thank you 💞

In BTS I ship you with Park Jimin!

- Jimin gets emotional quickly so he’d mostly understand when you need time for yourself or when he needs to be your shoulder to cry on. He’d always support you mentally and physically with whatever you’re doing. 

In Got7 I ship you with Mark Tuan!

- Mark would love to surprise you with romantic gifts every once in a while and really try to be the most romantic boy you’ll ever be with. Some rainy days, you’d jump around the house together, singing your favorite tunes together at the top of your lungs.

Love, Youngmi~ xx