i just love china line


i still think about boysbe a lot


Why did Chenle join NCT or SM at all for that matter? Trust me I’m not complaining in the least lmao,I can’t even begin to imagine NCT without our screaming dolphin but he was already a well established soloist in China who was making BANK,so why would he join a group in Korea?

I love...

his dancing skills.
his ability to motivate his members.
his eyes.
his acting skills.
how he can be blunt at times.
how greasy he can be.
how fluffy he can be.
his singing.
his smile.
when he’s healthy.
when he’s happy.
the 3 moles that go unnoticed on his face.
how he’s not too buff or skinny.
that he can rock any hairstyle.
how enchanting he is.
when he gets lines.
that he is pursuing his dreams.
how caring he is.
I may not know him personally, but I’ve fallen completely head over heels for Wen Junhui. I’m weird, huh?

7teenjunhui  asked:

Hiii. Me again but I was just thinking that not enough people love china line and I'm a huge fan of all china lines don't ask why bc I don't know too lol but whenever I try finding imagines on them I have to look for like 3 hours before I find one and I wanted to know if you loved and appreciate china line. Can you also do a china line (of seventeen) reaction where their s/o tells them they love and appreciate them. THANK YOU AND KEEP DOING AN AMAZING JOB

Hello again! Sorry this took me so long to get to; things have been pretty hectic for me! 

And I have a lot of love for the China line tbh! I’d say Minghao is one of my bias wreckers, and I have a lot of affection for Jun. It makes me sad that China line doesn’t get as much attention, because I genuinely believe that they’re lovely, talented guys. I understand that it can be a little hard to stand out in a group of thirteen, especially as a foreigner (who has to learn a new language, nonetheless), but I hope that they start getting more recognition soon <3

And sure!

Jun would be a bit taken aback at first, but in a good way. He’d probably be used to playful teasing and flirting with his s/o, so to hear such a frank admission of affection would surprise him. I imagine he’d be a little awkward with it, and he’d probably pull his s/o in for a tight hug. He’d say a very sincere thank you, still feeling very humbled by their s/o’s words. Then, he’d shower them with kisses, telling them how wonderful they are.

Minghao would definitely get blushy and hide his face. I feel like his self-confidence isn’t the best, so hearing his s/o express their appreciation for him so genuinely would warm his heart up so much. Once he stopped screaming internally, he’d give you a very quiet and gentle ‘thank you’, and a kiss on the forehead. Afterwards, he wouldn’t stop thinking about what their s/o said, and how lucky he was to have them. His shy smile would stay with him for hours. 


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When you text Minghao to ask if he’d teach you how to spin a pen

(I saw that one video from one of their fan meetings where he did that cool pen spin thing, and it always kind of amazed when I see people do stuff like that. I’m trying to learn how, but I just kind of twirl it in a circle. Really slow. Like really REALLY slow)

honestly i really love how hoshi is so caring and considerate with the other members especially the chinese members and how they’re still in the verge of learning the language and not completely fluent yet like he’s been like that since predebut years and he still hasn’t changed and still points out that china line is still learning new korean words and it just makes me really happy this is one of the biggest reasons why i love kwon soonyoung hiNT HINT u should too

srsly china line is so presh and adorable 

they’re just ughhh u cant help but have a soft spot and hold them dear to ur heart

if i have to tell all the things they’ve done imma combust from the feels

and today yixing freaking yixing finally went home

and add in the feels

yesterday,kris got mad cuz the securities made him took another exit so he couldnt greet the fans. he said it was his job and they were waiting for him.he signed tons of things and drove slow to greet and accepted gifts

yesterday, luhan got pushed and squished yet he told the securities to check on the fans and dont push them and apologized for not taking VIP exit cuz he didnt want them to wait for nothing

yesterday, tao signed lots of things,accepted fan gifts and greet everyone nicely w a smile

and today, yixing told fans not to upload preview cuz his flight might got delayed,so the fans wont wait for him at the airport and if they miss their reunion dinner cuz of him,he ll feel bad .but he might miss his fam reunion dinner too but he thought bout the fans 1st TT.TT

i dont mean anything but u rlly never get these types of fanacc from the other members,it’s mostly china line that pick up fan’s stuff,help them when they fall,go against the rule and sneak fan gifts and r the most acceptable when it comes to gifts,get angry w securities when they push the fans while they got pushed hard,wave and smile,talk to fans,care bout the fan’s well being and express their concern bout safety,bout how long they wait and their financial situation

i love all the members but just saying that china line will forever have a special place in my heart because i feel appreciated for what they’ve done even to the smallest thing or things that might negatively affect them,but they do it anw :)