i just love cappie like so much

I colored one of the panels in my Merman&Captain AU manga:D

The whole thing is not uploaded yet, (except some doodle-like pieces in my sideblog.) Anyways, happy Yuuri makes me happy too:) Hope you have a nice day~
Okay. (Rant)

Today I wanted to watch a bunch of animation memes.
When I looked up “Animation meme” on Youtube, all I got were those “Animation meme cringe compilation”.

These videos have been on my mind lightly, and i’ve finally had enough.
Most of these videos are made by young kids, for FUN. If you’ve made one of these, and your excuse was “Oh, it’s just for laughs” That does NOT matter.

You take someone’s work without asking and call it garbage. What if the kid who made the animation finds out that their work got put in a cringe comp? They would get upset, and discouraged from doing anymore animations, and at worst case scenarios, people go to their channels and harass them.

They are YOUNG KIDS.
They are HAVING FUN.
I don’t care if it’s self insert with Sans or something, they. are. having. fun.

Plus, them animating at such a young age will give them more experience and skill. Sure, you may think it looks bad know, but who knows! Maybe those kids will go on to make the next Gravity Falls!
But not if they are discouraged and give up on animating, because they are too scared of being harassed and made fun of.
The only way it would be bad is if they are like 10 or under and making straight up porn.
But if they are just having fun, even if that means self insert of oc x canon, in the end they are kids doing what they love.