i just love cam a lot okay

First dinner back home - super simple meals are my favourite! I just sautéed some onion and celery in a big pot with some spices, threw in water, a can of diced tomatoes, rice, potato and a whole lot of other veggies along the way. Let it boil/simmer for awhile until it resembled this. Enjoying my big bowl with nutritional yeast and pepper, yum yum! Inspired by my favourite youtubers, Cam and Nina (check them out please). Also, I’m loving the light at the moment! 7pm and it’s still light, yes :)

My first day at work was okay, I got through the five hours anyway. It felt weird going back, everything felt different, odd, new.. almost like my first day. I got the hang of it after an hour or two. I almost didn’t make it though, I felt so ill this morning, I had to force myself to eat three slices of fruit bread as I ran out the door to go, or I knew I’d pass out from hunger/lack of energy at work. Maybe it’s all that raw cake, chocolate and ice cream I’ve been eating over the last few days (totally worth it though).

I finished work at 4pm to my relief and got coffee with my best friend Anya. It was nice seeing her again after three week, yet bitter sweet because she’s leaving in two weeks to Germany (to live for 18 month for her missionary), and going she’s to Sydney tomorrow for a week. I’m trying not to think about her leaving me.