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Hey there, I was wondering why you were against porn? I'm not upset by that because I'm similar. I hate when I follow someone and then they post porn. I immediately unfollow. It just makes me really uncomfortable and nauseous. 😷

Hi! Porn is really uncomfortable for me 😭 I’ve had two boyfriends in the past who were absolutely addicted, and despite me saying that them watching it made me feel uncomfortable, they continued and it really hurt. Why are my feelings, as the girl you’re supposed to love and commit to, less important than you busting a nut at a screen? I’ve also cammed in the past when I was low on money and wow…. a lot of men really expect a lot and don’t want to give a fair payout.

I believe we’re really programmed to just BE okay with
-the way the porn industry treats women
-our partners “needing” to watch it
-being a “psycho insecure partner” if we prefer our partners not watch it
-sexualization of groups of people who don’t want to be sexualized

Those are just a couple of examples

Anyway I’m not anti-kink or anti-masturbation or even necessarily anti-sex work. Just anti-porn. I’ve experienced literally being less important than porn and I know that other women have experienced that too. Makes me sad.

Day In LA- Cameron Dallas Imagine

Okay this one is for anon, hope you like it! If you want one just request and I can promise that I’ll have it out! 

Request: Can you do an imagine about me and Cam? He takes me to a whole day trip in LA. We live so many adventures and the day is so magical. Then, under the stars, he ask me to marry him saying the most beautiful things I could ever heard. I know this is hard but I’m sure you’re going to do an incredible job. Thank you. A lot of love 😘

You and your boyfriend Cameron had been dating for almost two years, and you were visiting him in Los Angeles. Even though you lived in California, you still lived on the other side of the state, the side without the hustle and bustle or traffic, in a more peaceful city.

Today your Cameron had told you that he was going to show you around LA, a  way of showing you what you’re “missing.” You got to Cameron’s apartment and walked in with the key that he had given you. He came out of the kitchen and greeted you with a big hug. “Are you ready for today, it’s going to be awesome!” 

The two of you walked towards his car and he started the engine. “So where are we going?” You asked. “That is for me to know, and you to find out.” He said as he backed out of the driveway and began driving. As he continued driving you saw a road sign that said Universal Studios. You had heard of this place when you were a kid, but had never thought of going there now.

“So stop number one is Universal Studios. I used to go here all the time when I was a kid. I thought why not take my beautiful girlfriend here?” He said. You walked through the park stopping at the different attractions and shows that were going on at the time. By three o’clock the two of you had gone on so many rides that you were sick, so Cameron decided that it would be good to go to stop number two for the day. 

After a short drive, Cameron pulled up to Venice Beach, a place where you had heard about when some of your friends went here on spring break, but had actually never been yourself. Next to the actual beach was the boardwalk, something that had reminded you of the boardwalk in New Jersey where you had grown up. 

After walking on the boardwalk, Cameron told you that there was one more stop on your LA adventure. The sun had began to set and the sky soon turned dark, the stars were shining bright. You pulled up to the hill and Cameron took your hand in his and started climbing the hill. Once you reached the top the Hollywood sign lit up in the distance. “Woah.” You said your eyes glued to how the sign lit up the sky around it. “I know.” Cameron said.

You turned around to see Cameron when you noticed he was on the ground. It took your a minute to register but he was down on one knee. “Oh my god.” You barely whispered.

“Y/N, to start off I just want you to know that I have never loved someone as much as you, and I can’t imagine my life without you. We have so many memories together and I want to continue creating memories with you for the rest of our lives. You’re the girl that I want to grow old with, the one that I know that we’re truly meant to be so let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” 

Throughout Cameron’s speech tears began to form in your eyes, you loved him so much. “Of course!” You said as he stood up. You leaped into his arms and he hugged you tight. You sat together cuddling looking at the busy skyline of LA, maybe you could get used to this city. 


*long but worth it I swear ;)*

Niall - His birthday

“Hey princess.” your adorable boyfriend said looking at the camera. “Hey my Irish knight in shining armour.” you giggled waving at him. “So how are you?” “I’m great, how’s tour so far?” “Ain’t the same without ya.” he smiled. “But you’re coming here anyway so it’s gonna change.” “Niall.” you stopped him. “What’s wrong?” “About the tour….” you said as you held your breath. “Yea you’re still coming right?” he asked a his smile started to fade away. “I.. I can’t” “But why? You promised!” he said scratching his blonde hair. “Turns out that my break starts next week not this week, and I couldn’t skip school ‘cuz I got a lot of exams this week and if I do, the teachers are gonna fail me.” you said frowning. “Okay.” he replied short. “Please don’t be mad, I’m sorry.” “It’s fine, nothing’s coming up anyway, you can visit on the next stop.” he replied a bit pissed. “I’m so sorry Niall, I’m gonna make it up to you I swear.” “Tell the teacher that you have to go on a vacation ‘cuz school stressed you out.” “I can’t baby I’m sorry.” “Can’t you come at least 3 days? Like be here tomorrow?” “I can’t Niall, I swear I’ll come if I could but I can’t. It’s not that simple.” “Yeah whatever.” he replied looking away. “But I’ll be with you next week?” “But not tomorrow.” he cut. “What’s with tomorrow anyway? Why Niall? I told you I can’t!” you said raising your voice. “Nothing, just miss you a lot.” he said as you saw his eyes started to get watery. “I gotta go, show’s starting, talk to you later.” he said wiping his left eye. “Okay, good luck, I love you.” you said smiling at him but he looked away. “Ya love ya too.” he said looking back at you then hung up. 

You turned your cam off and called Liam, “Hey Liam.” “Hey Y/N! How did it go?” he asked. “He. Didn’t. Suspect. A. Thing!” you said excitedly. “That’s great! So our plan’s still going right?” “Hell yeah!” “What was his reaction?” he asked. “Well he’s pissed, that’s for sure, so prepare to face pissed off Niall.” “Ah, this is going to be hard.” he giggled. “By the way, thanks for helping me with this.” “Yeah sure no problem!” he giggled as you heard someone shouted, “ HEY Y/N! ARE YOU AT THE HOTEL YET?” “Sushhh Lou! Niall could hear you if you talk like that!” “Yeah Louis, way to ruin the plan.” another voice said. “Hahah hey Lou, Harry?” “Yeah it’s me love. Are you at the hotel right now?” Harry asked. “Yeah, plane just landed this morning.” “Y/N, you’re on loud speaker.” “But Niall…” “He’s on stage for soundcheck with Zayn right now.” Liam replied as he continued,”Y/N, just wanted to make sure, you’re staying at my room right now, am I right?” “Liam don’t take other people’s girlfriends, that’s cruel!” Harry giggled. “Haha yeah, I’m with Sophia right now.” “Okay, you’re staying there ‘till tomorrow. Do not go out of that room when Niall’s back I repeat, do not go out of that room. Because his room is right next to ours.” “Aye aye captain.” you said smiling at Liam’s cuteness. “When are you going to the stadium to talk to the fans as we planned?” Louis asked. “Well, Sophia said that if we go to the stadium as planned, Niall will know ‘cuz not all fans knows our plan and if they spot us, they’ll tell Niall and..” “I understand, so where are you going to talk to the fans?” he asked again. “We’re going to talk to them in the ballroom at the 5th floor, the one near the swimming pool.” Sophia cut overhearing your conversation with the boys. “Yeah, we reserved the whole room.” you continued. “When are you going to do it?” “At 5 ‘till 8 pm, tonight, that’s before you guys finish soundcheck.” “No, our soundcheck finishes at 6.” Harry said a bit panicked. “Don’t worry, we can work something out. What if you needed more time?” Liam asked again. “We can continue tomorrow morning, around 9 ‘till 3 pm, before the gates open.” you replied. “We’ll handle it baby, you and the boys go find the cake.” Sophia said smiling at you. “Yeah we can totally do it.” you said nodding to her. “Okay then.” “Does Zayn know about this or?” “Yes he does! That’s why he’s with Niall right now!” Louis replied laughing. “Oh yeah, okay, anyway, see ya later!” “Bye! Good luck!” Liam shouted. “Bye! You too!” “Bye babe! Bye Y/N!” he continued. “Bye!” Sophia said as you hung up the phone. “So, our plan’s going great so far.” you said as you sat on the edge of the bed, followed by Sophia. “Yeah, did you bring your camera?” “Yeah I did.” “I brought mine too, in case you forgot haha.” “That’s great! We could use two cameras!” you said smiling at her. “Yeah.” “Have you talked to the fans yet? ‘Cuz if I’m the one who tweeted about it, Niall would find out right away.” you said a bit worried. “Oh no worries, I did, through a twitcam actually, my first twitcam ever. I did it with Liam last night when Niall was sleeping.” “That’s great! Thank you so much!” you replied hugging her. “Anything for my best friend.” she hugged back. The two of you were getting closer each day since you spent a lot of time shopping or going out together when the boys are on tour. You waited ‘till the time came as you and Sophia went down to the ballroom around 4:45pm. You walked in with her when you saw that a lot of fans showed up earlier than you thought. “They’re here!!” one of them shouted, followed by the rest of them shouting, filling the room. “Ssssshhhhh….” Sophia said gesturing the fans to keep quiet. “Go on.” she continued looking at you. “Thanks baby.” you said smiling at her as she nodded. “Okay, so, hi! You guys know who we are right?” you asked the crowd and they giggled. “Anyway, this plan of ours is top secret so you guys can’t talk about it the moment you left this room until tomorrow night at the concert okay?” “Okay.” the crowd replied all at once. “Haha great! So let’s get started!” you said as you and Sophia took your cameras out and went into different ways. “Sophia, you start from the left, I start from the right.” “Sure!” she giggled. The two of you walked towards the crowd that were sitting on the carpet floor of the ballroom, “So, say anything you want for Niall okay? But keep it short.” you stated as a group of little girls giggled and nodded. They said their birthday wishes for Niall and you moved on the the next group of fans. Sophia did the same. It turned out that the two of you finished recording all of the fans that you still had 20 minutes to spare. “Hey Y/N, we should say happy birthday with the fans, so not only us and them but all together!” Sophia said and you nodded, “That is a great idea!!!!”. You ran outside the ballroom and called one of the hotel staff that were walking by and dragged him to the room. “Guys, we’re gonna do one last thing! Everyone please sit down and..” Sophia instructed as she told the crowd to do everything that she had in mind. “Soph, here.” you said as you hold the staff’s arm. “Great! Would you please record us?” she asked. “Sure miss.” he replied, taking the camera off Sophia’s hand. The two of you did it, with one take. You thanked the fans for showing up and treated them with the amazing food form the hotel. “Remember guys, don’t mention this to anyone, please.” you reminded. “Yeah! Don’t worry Y/N!” one of them shouted. “We’re gonna do a twitcam tonight and tell you the plan for tomorrow.” Sophia added, meanwhile…

“Niall! What’s wrong mate?” Zayn asked hugging his friend. “Nothing.” “Don’t be upset! It’s not her fault that her school sucks.” “Yeah.” “Cheer up mate!” Zayn smiled tickling him. “Zayn, stop, I’m not in the mood.” he mumbled. “Awhh Niall, baby, sweetie, don’t be sad, we’re all here for you.” he giggled as he pinched Niall’s chin and made him smile a little. “There’s that smile.” he laughed.

“I miss her a lot Zayn.” “I know, but you’re gonna see her next week right?” he said trying to sound as natural and as clueless as possible. “Yeah, can’t wait that long.” “You can! Come on, let’s go bowling with the lads!” Zayn said trying to cheer your boyfriend up. 

You went up to Sophia and Liam’s hotel room to start editing, “I’m gonna do the twitcam now if that’s okay?” she asked sitting beside you on the bed. “Sure Soph!” you replied still elated about everything. She turned the cam on and started broadcasting with you sitting beside her. “Hello, so we’re gonna tell you guys our plan in….. 15 minutes? When everyone’s here.” Sophia said smiling at the camera. You edited the fan videos as you waited with her then you opened twitter and you read people talking about it. “SOPHIA! LOOK!” you said handing her your phone. “What? No!!!!!” she said she turned her cam on again. “Guys guys guys! For those of you who didn’t show up today, don’t worry! Just send the video to my email, I’ll tweet it later, but I don’t think we can use all videos, probably 1-3 from each country okay? Please don’t tell Niall! Don’t trend this! He cannot know!” she said reassuring as the two of you read the fans tweeted a yes, and a sure, even they tweeted their friends to keep quiet. Sophia talked to them and you smiled and talked a little then opened her email and it nearly crashed since she got more than 1,000 emails per 5 minutes! You didn’t know which video to use so you came up to the camera instead,”Guys, we just got more than 2000 emails now and we don’t know what to do.” you said, waiting for the fans to come up with something, and a few minutes later, a few of them did. “You guys could pick randomly from each country.” Sophia read out loud. “That’s not a bad idea, but you guys didn’t write where you’re from.” you said opening the emails. “Umm, we’re gonna make a new email then and you guys resend it and add where you’re from in the message okay?” you asked. “They said yes Y/N.” Sophia smiled. You made the email and told them right away and you got more than 5000 email right away. “Thanks guys! Please don’t be sad or jealous if we didn’t choose yours, it’s randomly picked.” you said frowning. “Yeah, we apologise in advance.” Sophia added. The fans were really supportive, all of them said yes and you said your goodbyes and turned the cam off. You and Sophia spent the rest of the night editing and picking videos together, then Liam came in, “Hello hello, how are my girls doing?” “Your girls?” you asked laughing. “Sssshhhhhh!!! Niall’s outside!” he reminded. Sophia stood up and hugged his hubby, kissed him all over his face. “Get a room.” you giggled. “This is our room.” Liam said looking from Sophia’s shoulders. “Haha touché.” you giggled. “Where am I going to sleep tonight?” you asked. “You’re gonna sleep on that bed with Sophia.” he replied. “How bout you?” “I can sleep on the sofa or I can always go to Harry’s. He’s sleeping with Zayn but I could fit in, Louis’ keeping your moody boyfriend distracted for the night.” “Okay great, thanks.” you said as you stood up and hugged him, then sit back and continued editing. “I’m gonna go swim, good luck geeks!” “Wait!” Sophia cut. “What is it babe?” he asked before changing his clothes. “Record yourself saying wishes and all, and also please record the boys? Give it to us later, or tomorrow morning okay? Before the show!!” she continued. “Sure.” he replied kissing her then left the room. The two of you went crazy all night and luckily, finished the project in time. You slept at 2:30 am and woke up at 8 that day, Liam woke the two of you, “Rise and shine geeks! Today’s a big day!” he smiled as he gave you his phone. “About time.” Sophia mumbled as she took your laptop and started editing again. You were still editing when you heard voices from outside, “GREAT JUST GREAT!!” “Niall, what’s wrong?” “LEAVE ME BE!” he shouted slamming the door. Liam went out then went in with the boys right after. “What’s going on?” you asked worried. “Nothing, we acted like we forgot his birthday that’s all.” “Haha awhhh.” Sophia giggled. “Did you get the cake?” “Yep, save and secure ma’am!” Louis said smiling. “Great! I’ll give the video to the tech later!” “No! Don’t! I’ll do it!” Harry said stopping you. “Why?” “Niall? Backstage? Show?” he replied. “Oh yeah! Haha!” you laughed. The boys left the room and went to Niall’s to prepare for the show. 

You finished your video in time and took a shower then went straight to the stadium with Sophia. “What time is it?” you asked panicking as the car stopped in front of the gates. “Relax, it’s 2:45.” she replied. The two of you walked to the gates when a group of fans stopped you,” Y/N, Sophia! Hey!” “Hey! Didn’t i see you yesterday?” “Yes you did omg you remembered!” they shrieked. “What’s up?” Sophia asked. “Well, we made this and we copied it, around 10,000 papers so when we put it up together the whole stadium floor will form this letters.” “Happy Birthday Niall.” you read. “That’s crazy ! Crazy amazing! I’d never thought you guys would do this! This…This is amazing! Thank you so much!!!” you said hugging them. “We gotta go though, we’re still going on as plan okay?” Sophia added. “Yes! See you guys!” they replied excitedly. You went into the stadium and met Harry on stage, soundcheck, “Harry! Here!” you said as you gave him the disk for the video. He nodded and ran backstage. You went to the far right seats on the floor, where Niall wouldn’t suspect a thing. You waited there with Sophia, talked to fans and so. Finally, the time had come, the show. The show started as usual, Clouds for the opening, then the boys went on stage, and all of them knew where you two were, except Niall. Then the time came, the middle of the concert, where the boys go backstage to change. You and Sophia climbed the railings, helped by security, and ran to backstage as fast as possible. “Niall, I’m going to take a wee if you don’t mind. In the meantime, would you please tell us what do you think about this concert in 17 words?” Louis asked as he ran backstage with the boys. “Sure.” Niall replied smiling. Everyone knew that he was still pissed about everything, but it was amazing to know that he came out with a smile and tried to be as happy and as excited as possible on stage. “This… Is…One…..Of….The…” 

Before he knew it, the lights were all out, pitch black. “Hello?” he shouted through his mic and the crowd were so quiet he felt like he was the only one there. “Anyone?” he asked again. No reply. Then the giant screens on stage lit up as he turned around, still figuring what was going on. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL…..” the sound of the speakers emerged. The video was turned on and pictures of him from when he was a baby, till now began showing, even his weirdest, most embarrassing videos. Then the video where he took his glasses off like he’s James Bond,“Wait, no one was there when that happened.” he said and everyone giggled, still watching the video.

The video kept rolling as you, Sophia, and the boys prepared the cake backstage. It started with the fans videos from all over the world where they said their best wishes for Niall, then the boys one by one, starting from Harry, then Liam, Zayn, Louis, followed by Sophia, then you. “Hello my Irish knight in shining armour.” you said in the video, he was shocked,”Happy birthday! Look what we made you! Well, you’re looking at it now!!” you giggled, “I miss you so much, the fact that I had to lie to you about this hurts. I love you. I hope that you have a great year ahead, hope we can still be together, hope the fans support gets you to places, hope that you can be a better person even if you are one!” you smiled as tears starting to fall of your face. “I….I love you so much, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it.” you said wiping your tears. Niall saw the whole thing and shred to tears, even though he was on stage, in front of thousand of fans. Then the crowd, as told, took out the paper and held it in the air as he read it, the one’s on the tribune seats took out their glow sticks, “Let’s sing it together shall we?” Liam shouted as he came out again. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR…” they sang as one by one came on stage with you at last, holding the cake, “DEAR IRISH KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOURRRRR!!!!” you shouted, as the crowd continued to sing, “HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY, TOOOOOO, YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!” “Happy birthday Nialler!” the boys said as they ran towards Niall and hugged him followed by you and Sophia. Sophia hugged him and then your turn. He looked at you, wiping his tears off, still couldn’t believe that his girl, his everything, his world was there, standing in front of him, on his birthday. You walked with the cake, he ran towards you,“ Make a wish!” “You are my wish.” He replied wiping his tears away then blew out all the candle and took the cake, giving it to Louis. He ran back to you hugging you, lifting you up, twirling, “Princess!!!!! You came!!“ he shouted. “Hey dork. Surprise!” you giggled, kissing him on the nose. “GUYS, THIS IS A CHILDREN’S SHOW!!!!! HELLO???” Louis shouted. “Haha get a room you two!” Harry added. “FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE!!!!! RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW!!!!” Niall shouted at the top of his lungs while holding your waist. The crowd screamed and cried as they saw that sweet moment on stage. #IrishKnightInShiningArmoursBirthday was trending right that instant even though the show were still going. You hugged Niall one last time and you came off stage, helped by security. You and Sophia moved and sat at the VIP section right in front of the stage where Niall was standing. You could see that he was so happy, touched, he couldn’t hold his smile, his laugh. The show went better after that, he was funny, he joked a lot, he played on stage like never before. He sang with the boys happily. He were so happy we even took a stool and sat on it in the middle of the stage, “This is for you guys, all of you, thank you.” he said as he strummed his guitar. He sang as the crowd swooned from left to right and sing along. “Niall, we’ve never heard that song before.” Harry said after he sang it. “I just made it, it’s for everyone here who made this happen tonight. Thank you!!!” 

He giggled as he and the boys continued singing their songs. The show went a lot longer than usual and he tried not to keep looking at you every time he sang another song or when he walked by, but he couldn’t handle it, he loves you too much. You knew that he was going to see you through the show, that he was going to smile or tease you from stage, you knew. You made a sign in a big piece of carton. Liam saw it first then told Zayn all about it, then Louis told Harry, Niall was still clueless till Liam turned his body around, “Niall, look!” he said pointing at you and your big sign. “There’s more.” he read then smiled. “OH MY GOD Y/N WHAT DOES YOUR SIGN MEAN?” Louis asked bursted out laughing on stage. “NIALL, YOU LUCKY LAD!!” Zayn added. 

But what they didn’t know is that the phrase “There’s more” meant something else. Niall just stood there, smiling at you with his adorable grin, “There’s more.”


The Loft




“I need to talk to you.”

I say bye to Matt, as Gilinsky pulls me away by my wrist,walking us towards the crashing waves hitting the shore. //

We continue walking after he lets go of my wrist. He walks a little faster than me, considering I’m buzzed and he’s pissed.

After walking far away from the boys, losing sight of them and the fire pit in the distance, he finally stops walking.

We both sit down, close to the shore, staring at the waves. I hear the water slowly crashing against the sand, and the wind is barely blowing into my hair. I can almost taste the salt water. The moon is reflecting off the water, illuminating the night.

“I’m tired of pretending,” he says to me, still looking out into the water.

I look at him with confusion, even though I know damn well what he’s talking about.

“What are you talkin-“

He interrupts me with turning his face away from looking at the water to look at me, cupping my face in his hands, pulling me into a kiss. His soft, plump lips kiss me harder than I’ve ever been kissed before, yet so gently. We sit still, our lips still connected for a second longer, not wanting it to end.

He releases from our kiss, letting on hand fall off my face, and tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear.

I still love when he does that.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t feel anything,” he says softly, rubbing the side of my face with his thumb.

My heart skipped two beats when he kissed me, of course I felt it.

I reach to grab one of his hands to hold, we’re sitting facing each other with crossed legs.

“Jack, I feel everything. I want you just as bad, okay? But you know-“

He interrupts again to say,

“Then what’s stopping you? You can have anything you want. You could have all of us at once, literally. Of course I would fucking care- I mean you don’t know how bad it fucks me up seeing you with Matt- but at least I would have you, too. That’s all I want. I want you. I want every single damn part of you, (Y/N). Even if that means that Matt has you, too. You have no fucking idea what you do to me.”

I see him look down at our hands, fidgeting with the ring he gave me.

Still speechless, I try to think of how to respond.

“I’m afraid, okay? I see the way girls look at you. You win them over just by looking at them; I don’t want to be like the rest, I know that-“

He keeps interrupting me.

His eyes immediately look up and his eyebrows furrow.

“You’re the opposite of the rest, babygirl. Let me tell you something,” he moves to sit behind me, holding me, letting me lay my head against his chest.

He continues, “While you were gone, I tried. I tried to feel the same for other girls, none of them were you. I went days without sleep, not knowing where you were, who you were with; it fucking killed me. I was constantly so high on drugs, to the point where I was numb. All I wanted was you.”
I stand up, and pull him up by his hand.

“You have me, you’ve always had me. Why do you think I can’t fall asleep without you?”

He looks at me, and pulls me in for a tight hug.

I wrap my hands around his body, gently moving my hands up and down his back.

I let go of the hug, and we start walking back to the boys slowly.

I start to shiver again, and he notices.

“Are you cold? Come here-“

He wraps one arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him as we continue to walk. He reaches out to hold my hand while saying,

“Sorry, I’ll never be able to get enough of you,” he lets out a small laugh.

“Don’t ever apologize for that again, got it?”

He nods.

I feel the high wearing off as we walk in silence. We start hearing and seeing the boys yell as they run to get in the water from the fire pit.

I look at Jack with excitement in my eyes.

“Go ahead, have fun, babygirl,” he says smiling at me.

I look at him and take off my big t-shirt I was using as a cover-up, and lean up to kiss him once more.

I say, “Love you,” without giving myself permission to say it.

I see his eyes widen from the words that just came out of my mouth and his jaw drop a little into a small smile, and he says, “love you more,” as I run away from him into the water with the other boys.

In my bathing suit, I run into the crashing waves, finding the other boys.

They all scream my name after seeing me, and we all start throwing each other in and out of the water. Cam puts me on his shoulders, and Johnson gets on Matt’s shoulders as Johnson and I start fighting trying to see who will fall off first.

This has got to be the most fun I’ve had in forever.

I fall into the water and Cam catches me. I burst into laughter a long with the other boys, realizing that I am so happy here, with these boys that have drastically changed everything in such a small amount of time.

We all get out of the water, seeing the sun being to rise.

They offer to get a hotel if I want to stay the night, but honestly I just want to go home with my boys.

We start walking back to our parked cars, looking at the beach one last time.

Gilinsky, not soaking wet like the rest of us, sees me by his car and walks over to open the door for me.

Before getting in, I realize that I’m only in my bathing suit and I’ll get his seats wet.

“Wait, do you have an extra towel or something for me to sit on? I’ll get the seat-“ I begin to say before he interrupts me, once again.

“Don’t worry about it, I can get it cleaned tomorrow,” he says before shutting my door with me inside and walking over to get in.

We sit and wait for the other boys to get in their cars when he sees me cold again, even with my blanket on.

He reaches back and pulls his shirt off in one fast movement, and hands it to me. Leaving him shirtless.

“Won’t you be cold?” I ask before taking the shirt out of his hand.

“You know I don’t get cold often, plus we have a long way back and I don’t want you cold.”

I blush and put the shirt over my head onto me, then re wrap myself in my blanket.

He starts the car and begins to drive away, along with the rest of the boys.

After being in the car for about 30 minutes, the sun begins to rise more, bringing light blue and pink colors to the sky.

I look over to Jack and we make eye contact. He just smiles at me before looking back to the road.

I put my legs across his lap as the sun makes it all the way to its peak; it’s almost 7 a.m.

We finally arrive back to the loft, and get out of the car. We all pack into the elevator and go up.

When we get inside, we find the house wrecked. There’s broken glass everywhere and I step on a piece as soon as we open the door.

I scream and jump realizing there is a fucking piece of glass in my foot.

Gilinsky picks me up bridal style instantly, and says, “What. The. Fuck.”

Nash says, “I locked up before we left, I swear.”
The boys all look at each other, giving confused and angry looks.

Jack walks with me still in his arms, into the kitchen. He clears off the counter that is topped with broken glass and food thrown everywhere to set me down.

“Someone go get the first aid kit,” he says. Sammy walks to the bathroom and gets it, bringing it back.

While Matt takes the kit from Sammy, then taking care of my foot, Gilinsky finds a note and reads it aloud,

“If you don’t give us what we want, she’ll be gone by tomorrow.”

Matt stops taking the glass out of my foot immediately to look at all the boys.

I can see the pure rage in their eyes, as they look at me with that protective look they all have.

“What the hell does that mean? Are they talking about me? What the-“ I begin to question when Jack says,

“I’m taking her upstairs. Call someone to clean up all this shit. I’ll sleep in her room.”

Matt and Johnson say at the simultaneously, “we’ll all take shifts outside her door, two at a time.”

Wait, this is serious.

Nash and Cam get their phones to make some calls.

After Matt finishes wrapping and fixing up my foot, Gilinsky picks me up again and takes me upstairs.

He walks us into my room, and lets me down when we see that my room is spotless?

I go into my closet, changing into clean clothes and put my messy hair into a bun.

I can see him getting more tired by the second, and I say to him,

“You don’t have to-“

He interrupts me for what seems like the tenth time in the past 12 hours and says to me in a serious tone,

“You’re fucking insane if you think I or any of the boys are going to let you sleep alone.”

 - - - - - - - - - - - - 


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They know you better than anyone else

“(y/n), let’s go get pizza” Sam yells from across the room as he rummages for his keys and gathers the rest of the guys.
You get up and walk over to the front door as you all promptly leave.
In the car, the guys are discussing toppings and dealing with money gathering
“(y/n), let’s share a pizza, I know you don’t eat much” Sam suggests, you agree. “What do you want, pepperoni? Oh man let’s get meatballs, yo I’m so down for that. You down?”
“Uh, you know what maybe I’ll just get my own” You say
“It’s cool (y/n) we don’t have to get meatballs, let’s get like ham or something”
You laugh politely, “no seriously I don’t want to ruin your fun, I’ll get my own”
“Aw come on!” Sam says then stops as he hears Nash scoff then laugh it off, “what’s up, Hamilton?”
“Dude she’s a vegetarian” Nash announces and the car goes quiet.
You smile to yourself for a moment then Sam breaks the silence
“Man who the hell is supposed to know that!” He jokes
Nash snickers then scoffs again, “(y/n) I’ll buy you your pizza, get whatever you want” 

“Hey woah, who are they from?” Cameron asks as you enter his house holding a bouquet of flowers. 
“Um, (y/bf/n) bought them for me” You explain before sneezing twice. 
“That’s awkwar-” Cameron stops as your boyfriend walks in behind you, “-really sweet of him.” 
You laugh then sneeze again, putting the flowers on the kitchen counter, “I’ll put them in water later, thanks again (y/bf/n)” 
“Uh, (y/n), do you want something for your eyes or something, they’re a little bit red” Cameron asks.
“Oh um, I’ll just go to the bathroom, I’ll be fine” You say, turning and scurrying down the hall towards the bathroom.


As you walk back towards the guys, you stop where you can’t be seen and listen in to Cameron explaining your allergies.
“Man it’s cool, it’s just Roses that’s all.” Cam says, “Look here’s what you have to do aight, okay, you get her Daisies. She’s never liked being conventional, I think roses was a bad move okay, but it’s cool man, it’s chill, you just get her Daisies, they’re her favourite flower, she’ll love it. BAM.”
You hear your boyfriend laugh, “man thanks. I’m such an idiot”
“It’s cool, I’ve know her since she was four, takes a lot of training to get used to that mess” Cameron jokes and then laughs, “go get her tiger”
Your boyfriend laughs again and you smile to yourself, walking into the living room to join them 

“Let’s go to Six Flags whilst we’re in San Fran guys” Johnson suggests as you and the guys plan out your magcon dates.
“Nah” Gilinsky says immediately
“Man come on!” Sam exclaims
“I don’t know man, it’s kind of old news” Gilinsky continues
“Old news? Man who even are you anymore?” Johnson jokes
“What do you think (y/n)?” Sam asks you
“I- um” You begin to say, embarrassed of your extreme fear of heights and anything that came with them.
“(y/n) doesn’t want to go because I don’t. Right (y/n)?” Gilinsky turns to you
“Yeah” You laugh shyly, “that’s why”
The guys pause for a moment then Johnson shakes his head, “fine whatever, we can just hit the beach.”
The guys all get up and head for the kitchen, Gilinsky stays with you
“Thanks.” You finally say after they have all left
“Yeah course kid” He says, “I know it embarrasses you, but honestly you got nothing to worry about.”
You smile, “I’m so glad you have my back man”

First dinner back home - super simple meals are my favourite! I just sautéed some onion and celery in a big pot with some spices, threw in water, a can of diced tomatoes, rice, potato and a whole lot of other veggies along the way. Let it boil/simmer for awhile until it resembled this. Enjoying my big bowl with nutritional yeast and pepper, yum yum! Inspired by my favourite youtubers, Cam and Nina (check them out please). Also, I’m loving the light at the moment! 7pm and it’s still light, yes :)

My first day at work was okay, I got through the five hours anyway. It felt weird going back, everything felt different, odd, new.. almost like my first day. I got the hang of it after an hour or two. I almost didn’t make it though, I felt so ill this morning, I had to force myself to eat three slices of fruit bread as I ran out the door to go, or I knew I’d pass out from hunger/lack of energy at work. Maybe it’s all that raw cake, chocolate and ice cream I’ve been eating over the last few days (totally worth it though).

I finished work at 4pm to my relief and got coffee with my best friend Anya. It was nice seeing her again after three week, yet bitter sweet because she’s leaving in two weeks to Germany (to live for 18 month for her missionary), and going she’s to Sydney tomorrow for a week. I’m trying not to think about her leaving me.

Secrets - Nate Maloley

This is for @angelmunoz1, thank you for requesting, I really hope you like it💜

I stared out my bedroom window as Cameron jogged down the stairs and into his car, starting it and driving down the street. I loud out a long breath. Thank god he’s gone. I went downstairs before pulling on my shoes and heading outside, walking down the street. Nate texted me this morning to come over, but I had to wait for Cameron to leave so I didn’t have to deal with the interrogation, and I wouldn’t have to lie to him. Cameron and I have always had a really close relationship, and told each other everything, until now. He had no idea I was dating one of his closest friends, and I didn’t want him to. I hated lying to Cameron, but I didn’t feel like I could tell him something like this. So for months, I’ve been doing this behind Cameron’s back.
I showed up at Nate’s, and knocked lightly on the door. He opened it really quickly and I smiled as he pulled me into his arms. I took my shoes off and we walked into the living room and sat on the couch.
“Did Cameron ask about anything?” he asked. I shook my head.
“I waited until he was gone to leave,” I added.
“Whatever, let’s forget about Cameron,” Nate smiled.
“I love your smile,” I whispered.
“Mines nothing compared to yours,” he said as he kissed me. I happily kissed back.
“What do you wanna do today darling?” he asked. I shrugged.
“I don’t care, I just like being with you,” I grinned.
“So cheesy,” he winked. I shrugged and giggled.
“How about we watch Netflix and order Chinese food?” he asked, I loved Chinese food.
“Nathan, you are a god,” I chuckled. He stood up to call the restaurant while I scrolled through the movies on Netflix. There was a knock on the door.
“Nate!” I called.
“Babe can you get it?” he called, I stood up and trotted over to the door, opening it. My mouth dropped, Cameron was standing in front of me.
“Y/N? he asked, shocked. I swallowed the lump in my throat.
"Is everyone hanging out and I wasn’t invited?” he asked.
“Uh..no,” I said.
“So you’re here alone with Nate?” he asked. I nodded slowly. His jaw clenched.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to stall.
“I came to get my xbox controller back, but now I think I’ll do a little more than that,” he said as he gently pushed me aside and walked into the kitchen.
“What the fuck!” Cameron screamed. Oh my god. I panicked and ran to the kitchen, where Cameron had Nate up against the wall.
“You’re fucking dating my sister?” he asked. Nate looked terrified, but nodded.
“Cameron stop!” I screamed as it looked like Cam has about to hit him.
“Stay away from her,” Cameron said as he let go of Nate and shoved him back. Cameron turned to me and I shook my head at him.
“Fuck you, Cameron Dallas,” I sneered and I locked myself in Nate’s bathroom, waiting for Cameron to leave.


There was a knock on my bedroom door.
“Go away,” I said from my bed.
“Y/N, open the door,” Cameron said.
“No,” I said.
“Why?” he asked.
“I don’t open the door for assholes who want to ruin relationships,” I said simply.
“Please, I want to apologize,” he said. I opened the door and stared at him,waiting for him to talk.
“I over reacted,” he said simply.
“Yeah you think?” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.
“The classic Y/N eye roll,” he laughed, trying to lighten up the situation, but I just stared at him.
“I’m sorry I got like that, I just get so protective over you and I don’t want you getting hurt,” he said,
“That’s not an excuse Cameron! I love Nate and you should accept that I’m happy! We tell each other everything, and I didn’t tell you this because I knew that you’d act this way, what if you’ve ruined everything, what if Nate leaves me because he’s terrified of my idiotic brother?” I screamed.
“I’ll talk to him. I was just surprised, and angry. I don’t want you to grow up, and if you were to get hurt it would kill me, I do want you to be happy, and I don’t want you to think you can’t tell me anything,” he said calmly.
“You didn’t need to act like that,” I said.
“I know, I realize what I did was stupid. Just please forgive me, I’ll go talk to Nate. I don’t wanna lose my sister,” he said.
“You’re not gonna lose me, you acted like a total asshole, but I know that’s not who you are. Go apologize, everything’s fine,” I said.
“Okay, but if he hurts you, I will beat him up, and I won’t be sorry,” Cameron said. I couldn’t help but crack a smile.
“Oh Cameron, you’re too protective,” I chuckled.
“Well, that’s what I’m for,” he said as he lifted up his sleeve, revealing the tattoo on his arm that said “My sisters protector” I lifted my sleeve up as well, revealing mine which said “My brothers keeper”, we had gotten them together about two months ago.
“I’m sorry I was stupid, but I want you happy, and if Nate makes you happy, you deserve to be with him,” Cameron smiled.
“Thank you Cam, I love you lots,” I smiled as I hugged him and ruffled his hair.
“Love you too, sis,” Cameron laughed.

Later that night, I called Nate on FaceTime. He answered and showed off his cute dimples.
“I had a talk with Cameron, everything’s okay, he just wants us happy,” I said.
“Good, in that moment I literally thought he was gonna kill me,” Nate laughed.
“So did I, I’m sorry that happened, he’s just really protective,” I sighed.
“It’s a brotherly thing. I knew he was doing it to protect you, I have no hard feelings against him,” Nate said.
“You’re so considerate and cute,” I winked.
“I can’t wait to show you off to everyone now,” he smirked.
“Me neither,” I winked.
“Y/N! It’s late, get off FaceTime with lover boy and go to bed,” Cameron said from outside my door. I laughed.
“I’ll let you go,” Nate said.
“But I love you,” I pouted.
“I love you too, but you need to sleep,” he said.
“Beauty sleep,” I giggled.
“Not like you need it,” Nate said.
“I’m gonna puke,” Cameron said from the door and Nate and I both burst into fits of giggles.
“Okay, goodnight baby,” Nate said.
“Goodnight Nate, I love you,” I said.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth


When Cameron Post’s parents die suddenly in a car crash, her shocking first thought is relief. Relief they’ll never know that, hours earlier, she had been kissing a girl.

But that relief doesn’t last, and Cam is soon forced to move in with her conservative aunt Ruth and her well-intentioned but hopelessly old-fashioned grandmother. She knows that from this point on, her life will forever be different. Survival in Miles City, Montana, means blending in and leaving well enough alone (as her grandmother might say), and Cam becomes an expert at both.

Then Coley Taylor moves to town. Beautiful, pickup-driving Coley is a perfect cowgirl with the perfect boyfriend to match. She and Cam forge an unexpected and intense friendship–one that seems to leave room for something more to emerge. But just as that starts to seem like a real possibility, ultrareligious Aunt Ruth takes drastic action to “fix” her niece, bringing Cam face-to-face with the cost of denying her true self–even if she’s not exactly sure who that is.


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