i just love brienne

Not having it.
  • Season 6 script: "Tormund stares at Brienne because he's never seen a woman like her."
  • Kristofer Hivju: *wants to tap that fine ass*
  • Gwendoline Christie: *clutches Oathkeeper, scowls*
  • GoT PR Season 7: "Here's a picture of Tormund leering at Brienne!"
  • Gwen: "I just LOVE this pic Helen Sloan took of me holding Oathkeeper!"
  • Fan at SDCC: "Say something nice about Tarthbane!"
  • Gwen: "No."
  • Fan at SDCC: "Here, hold this Tormund doll!"
  • Gwen: *gives it the "talk to the hand" pose, no smile*
  • Anyone at all: "Here's a chance for you to say anything at all supportive of Brienne getting together with Tormund!"
  • Gwen: "Not interested."
  • Anyone: "But, Gwen, why can't she...?"
  • Gwen: "NOPE!"

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why do you ship jaime/brienne? do you think they are going to be endgame or just a lots of wasted moments on screen?

oh boy. wow okay, i just love them?? this is gonna be a super incoherent mess of both book and show canon, so sorry in advance lmao.

jaime and brienne are just so good for each other. they challenge each other, they change each other, they grow together and separately because of their relationship. they are constantly pushing each other to be better. they tear down each other’s walls and then build each other up again. they balance each other out so well. naive, honorable, good brienne and damaged, arrogant and experienced jaime?? like wow, goodness. 

they teach each other so much. jaime shows brienne how knighthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and shatters a lot of her naivety about the world. brienne originally thinks so much in black and white. jaime killed the king, so he’s bad. renly danced with her, so he’s good. but jaime helps shift her perspective on “good” and “bad” because he’s such a morally-grey character (one of the reasons i love him so much). brienne teaches jaime about the value of true honor, not the bullshit he was fed in king’s landing, but real strength and dignity. something that you have to find inside yourself, not something you put on like a mask when it suits you.

one of my favorite aspects of their relationship is the idea that “things aren’t always as they seem.” jaime and brienne both have these concrete ideas about the world and other people that completely shift because of their relationship. jaime originally calls her things like “wench” and “ugly”, etc. because 1. he’s an asshole (lol) and 2. that’s all he saw at first. but big, strong, “ugly” brienne turned out to be so soft and “astonishing”. in the same way, arrogant, selfish jaime finds himself constantly putting himself at risk for this girl he barely knows. saving her from being raped by the bloody mummers, jumping into the bear pit to save her, etc. jaime becomes someone who saves people, rather than hurts them. brienne does that, and jaime changes her as well. brienne only saw jaime as a “kingslayer”, an “oathbreaker”, a “man without honor.” but then she learns the truth about the sack of king’s landing when he opens up to her - because jaime wants her to know this, wants her not to think so terribly of him, her of all people. jaime doesn’t want brienne to think of him as “the kingslayer” but as jaime. and after that, he is always jaime to brienne, and it crushes my soul. 

brienne names his sword “oathkeeper” and vows to save sansa stark in his name. not just because she wants to save sansa, but because she wants jaime to be proud of her, because she wants to “find his honor.” she can’t bear the idea of failing him. brienne dreams of jaime fastening a rainbow cloak around her shoulders and shouts his name in her sleep. she’s constantly wishing that he hadn’t left her. and jaime finds himself defending brienne even after they’re separated. he yells at men who call her “wench” and insist that her name is brienne. it’s a complete turnaround from how they originally saw each other. they’re no longer “the wench” and “the kingslayer” to each other, but jaime and brienne. two imperfect, messy humans who care so damn much about each other even if they don’t want to. no matter how much they could say they don’t, the prove themselves wrong with every action they take.

do i think they will become canon? as far as i’m concerned they already are. they have a meaningful relationship that’s extremely important to the story, and that matters whether they get married and have babies or not. (but god i wish they would). i’m terrified that jaime is going to die before the thing is done, either while he kills cersei or saving brienne. but even if they don’t become “canon” in the way you mean, their scenes will be by no means wasted. show-runners and writers don’t just throw a bunch of shit into a show and waste screen time on things that don’t matter. everything we’ve seen on game of thrones and in the asoiaf books so far has had or will have a major payoff, including jaime and brienne. will they live happily ever after? i’m not sure (though i hope). but their arc will absolutely come full-circle by the time the show/books are finished, that i can guarantee. it’s all leading up to something big!

i probably left out about 1000 things, but i don’t really do like “research” meta, i just spew my feelings all over the place and hope for the best lmao. basically i just really love jaime and brienne. they’re one of my favorite ships of all time and arguably one of the best ships in game of thrones/a song of ice and fire (and like, all media, tbh). they’re so good and i want to die because of it!!!!!

I feel like I am the only Jonsa shipper that does not believe they are going to happen. 

I am sure not looking forward to the J*nerys shippers’ gloating though. 

The importance of Jaime and Brienne

Usually I try not to get too caught up in shipping wars, but I just get so angry when people insist Jaime and Brienne don’t love each other.

There are so many romantic stories out there that feature a beautiful girl who learns to love an older, ugly, scarred or damaged man - but how many stories feature a beautiful man who learns to love an ugly woman?

How many of those heartwarming stories about ‘beauty being on the inside’ apply to women? How many stories tell women they’re worthy of love and romance no matter what they look like, that their beauty comes from inside them anyway? When you’ve got the gorgeous Gwendoline Christie playing her, it can be hard to remember Brienne really is ugly. It’s not that she’s just unconventionally attractive or pretty if you squint. Physically, she is ugly. She’s too tall, too big, too strong, too mannish, with missing teeth, disfiguring scars, blemishes, an ill-set face and drooping lips. People recoil when they see her. At first sight she is monstrous and she has been persecuted all her life for her appearance.

And yet, the most beautiful man in Westeros falls in love with her.


Because she is kind and strong and loyal past the point of sense. Because she is selfless and courageous and unwilling to compromise on her moral integrity. Because she is pure and innocent and naive and idealistic. Because she has endured immense pain and suffering and abuse and never once let it taint her. Because she represents everything he once wanted to be. Because she represents everything he could be. Because she sees him for who he really is. Because he would risk his life to save her. Because she would die to protect him. Because what she looks like doesn’t matter. Because in his eyes, she is beautiful.

This is the story of a handsome man who falls in love with an ugly woman. This is the story of a woman whose worth and desirability comes from her personality, not from her appearance. This is the story of a woman whose beauty is found within. George RR Martin himself said that the story of Jaime and Brienne is like Beauty and the Beast with the genders reversed.

So no, I will not accept a platonic reading of their relationship because this particular love story and all the messages it endorses are simply too important. Jaime and Brienne are in love. End of discussion.

i like 75% believe that sansa will just be killed off at the end of tonight’s episode of game of thrones for shock value-slash-‘THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR EVEN IMAGINING FOR A FLICKER OF A SECOND THAT YOU COULD BE AS IMPORTANT AS OUR MALE HERO’ narrative punishment

GoT s7 Meme

I saw that @anidlebrain made a post about this and at the end said consider yourself tagged, so why not?

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A character/characters you hope gets more screentime - Gendry, Brienne and Podrick (just because I love Podrick)

A character you’ll miss - Margaery!

One death you would like to see - Baelish! (Can he die already?)

One death you would hate to see - Gendry, Brienne and Tyrion

A storyline you like - Ramsay finally getting what he deserved

A storyline you don’t like - Cersei blowing up the sept killing Margaery and Tommen (She did technically kill him)

A pairing you hope to see more of - Jon/Dany, Arya/Gendry and Jaime/Brienne

Something you would like to happen - Okay I’ve had this in my head for a while but I want Tyrion to be standing in front of the Iron Throne surrounded by Lannister guards and Cersei standing there with that stupid smirk on her face and Jaime standing looking at his brother worryingly “You’re alone, give up Tyrion.” Cersei would say, only for Tyrion to smile at Jaime to reassure him he’ll be fine, we all think he’s going to die but instead the dragons break down the wall and scare the crap out of the guards and Jaime and Cersei stare in shock as Daenerys says “He is not alone.” then Tyrion smiles and climbs on Viserion only for him to say to Jaime “Remember how I said I wanted a dragon on my nameday? Well I’ve got one now.” and they fly away on the dragons. Other than that. Gendry and Arya reunion and also Jon and Arya reunion (cause it’s been too long!)

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If it weren’t for him, none of us would be here. All of you would be meat in the Night King’s army. And I’d be a pile of charred bones just like Mance. The crows killed him because he spoke for the free folk when no other southerners would. He died for us. If we are not willing to do the same for him, we’re cowards. And if that’s what we are, we deserve to be the last of the free folk.

how to annoy me

butt in a thread about brienne of tarth and say “how dare you call brienne ugly! she’s gorgeous!!!”

l am Jaime/Brienne trash, aren’t we all, but watching Tormund Giantsbane attempt to flirt with Brienne in yesterday’s episode made my night.

I just want a really lovely scene with Jaime and Brienne at their wedding and jaime is only focusing on brienne, from the way she tugs at her awkward dress to those big fidgeting hands of hers, and all he’s thinking is “so this is love?” And Brienne is just wondering why he’s staring. She almost thinks he’s laughing at her, because he is laughing, but not in a mocking way. She asks him what his problem is and he just replies, “I love you” because that has always been his problem, he loves her.

I really want Titanic-esque level loving here. I just want my sweet baby Brienne to be happy with a man who is slightly shorter than her and I can’t wait for when Tormund tries to steal her in the traditional wildling style courtship and for her to suplex him.