i just love breakfast food

Mickey waffles from the Pepper Market located in Disney’s Coronado Springs.

Headcanon Time!!!!

totally NOT because im super hungry right now

- Hunk is a big guy and that is 73% Lance’s mom’s cooking fault

- Lance misses his homefood but more specifically, he misses the spices. what do you mean theres no llajua for the green goo??? next time I’ll cook!!!

- Lance can cook but the food looks like its been in a space crash, tastes  incredible though. if keith hadn’t been sure about his feeling for the blue paladin, this just confirmed it undoubtedly

- Pidge hates cashew anD HOW DARE YOU TRY TO PASS CASHEW BUTTER AS PEANUT BUTTER…….they know the difference so dont even try. Lance stop! brazilian nuts dont make the cut either

- Shiro cant stand spicy food, but his son Lance spent the day cooking and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t finish his plate. He had no problem whatsoever when his other son Hunk cooked

- Hunk is an excellent Chef Pâtissier. he makes the best cake. made peanut cake once but it mysteriously disappeared of the counter, next time he’ll ask the mice to guard the goods, totally gonna make the klance wedding cake

- Keith makes a mean sandwich, by which I mean you can defeat a zarkon army using it as a weapon because of how hard the food is. yeah he cant cook for shit and will probably die of starvation if locked in a fridge…

- Allura is intolerant to corn, so 63% of Lance cooking is out of her menu, however, peanut are great!!! geez and there she thought Pidge was exaggerating more like underappreciated the precious

- Coran = Garbage, he will eat anything, except if Keith made it, then its FreeHairProductDay™

- Since Coran has a steel stomach, you can’t rely on him to know if the food is edible, is it toxic or just bad? will you risk your life?

- Can Pidge cook? the world may never know, however they’re great at grocery shopping

- While Hunk can improvise with any ingredient, Lance is very picky about what he uses in his recipes

- No one lets Allura cook because the one time she did, the team was on dishwashing duty for 2 days, they swore never again…


Dinner selections at Boma located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.