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I hate you │7

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summary:  You can’t hold back your feelings for the fuckboy and neither can he.
member: Jeon Jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, romance, angst
word count: 5k
warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook
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The softness of the blanket hugged your whole body, making you sink deeper into the warm mattress. You didn’t remember the last time your bed felt so comfortable. The feeling was quite strange, but comforting at the same time, helping you forget about what had happened the day before, not that you remembered much of it. You stretched out your body and slowly opened your eyes.

“What the fuck?”-no wonder the bed was so comfy, that’s because it wasn’t yours, just like the blanket you were wrapped up in, or the room you were so happy to wake up in just a few seconds ago. What happened, why were you here, who brought you? All the questions were wandering in your brain, not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time.

“Okay, breathe, Y/N, just breathe”-you tried to calm yourself down, while carefully looking around the room. You didn’t want to make any sound, to make yourself present just in case that someone who brought you here was still in the apartment.

You took off the blanket, causing the sudden shame and embarrassment to stiffen your body, at the sight of the only remaining clothes you were wearing: a black lace underwear and a baggy white T-shirt that didn’t belong to you. You sighed heavily, covering your mouth from shock and once again looked around just to see a glass of water and a piece of paper lying on top of the nightstand:

Take the pill for your headache, I’m gone for the groceries. Don’t leave before I get back, we need to talk-Jungkook

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I literally wrote this at 2 am while I thought about how much I love Tom anyway enjoy this xo

also CRED goes to @peterandchurros (LOVE YOU AVA, FOLLOW HER) and this post

Italy was so different than home, you thought. Or maybe you had just been home for too long - you weren’t used to change. But, when Tom asked you to join him on his Homecoming promotional tour, you couldn’t say no. You weren’t homesick - it was the opposite, really. You had always had a curious nature, which is why you downloaded an app to help you pick up on a few Italian words, just to get you by. You had learned the word for food: cibo. The word water: acqua. The word for direction: direzione. You learned common words for conversation so you could interact when you went exploring. You were packing a bag with essentials to do exactly that today.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to wait until you’re done?” You felt guilty every time you’d go somewhere without Tom, considering he was the one who invited you. He’d always say he didn’t mind, it made nights for you both special. Because, no matter how tired Tom was, nights after a long day were his favorite; nights were when he had you all to himself.

“Darling,” he’d playfully roll his eyes, “don’t be ridiculous. I don’t want you to get bored sitting alone, or even have you sitting at the interviews. You’d be too close yet too far away.” You rolled your eyes at his dramatics, smiling as you walked up to him, draping your arms around his neck. “You’re very pretty, you know that right?” You’d shrug.

“I’ve been told once or twice,” you smiled, leaning up slightly to kiss him. You smiled into it when you felt his arms tighten around your waist, lifting you slightly.

“Ahem,” you both pulled away from each other, looking at Harrison standing at the door. “Sorry, lovebirds,” he walked over to Tom, patting his shoulder. “Laura’s waiting for us downstairs, interview starts in an hour.” Tom nodded, his shoulders slouching. “I’ll wait for you outside of the door, just hurry.” Tom nodded, turning toward you with a small smile.

“Have fun for me today, alright? We’ll do something tonight. Maybe you can find somewhere for us to eat? Dinner date?” You smiled widely, nodding as you pulled him for one last kiss, until tonight. “Love you, baby.” Tom walked over to unplug his phone from the bedside table, kissing you on the cheek on his way out. You sighed contently, picking up your bag and grabbing your phone. You double-checked to make sure you had money and a water bottle, after checking you grabbed the keycard and headed out.

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Lost Years


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

A/N: Sorry it’s been so long! Hopefully you like this part! Also I’d like to know whether you want this story to continue or not. And if you’re feeling extra helpful, maybe you can suggest what you want to see happen next in this little series. I’m not promising I’ll write what you request but I’d appreciate it! Thank you and again, I hope you like this part.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 2,822

Warning: fluff

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Heart Breaker

Jensen breaks up with you thinking you had cheated on him, however, you were actually pregnant. The reader tries to hide but gets discovered, then moves to make sure she doesn’t get noticed at all. When Jensen finds her he tries to get her to come home.

Jensen and Reader

Angst, accused of cheating, depression, breastfeeding, sweet fluff

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           When I was with him, I was always on cloud nine. We had been together for three years, then suddenly one day, he breaks up with me. He never explained or gave me a reason, just shattered me completely. I was at home that day, finding out the most amazing news, I was pregnant. Jensen would be thrilled or so I thought, I never got the chance to tell him.

           Instead I was packing my bags and leaving my life behind. The worst thing though, Jared, Misha, and Mark stopped talking to me. Vicki was the only one who kept in contact with me after everything. She never understood why it happened, it was so random. So, I moved to Dallas, I found a little ranch with a couple horses. It wasn’t much but it was home, something I had lost along the way.

           I didn’t tell anyone about the pregnancy, so I just went through the pregnancy alone. I found out I was having a girl, and I was ecstatic. I was eight months pregnant when I was spotted by Gen at a store, I was picking out things for the nursery and she saw my huge bump. I saw her walk up to me with a questioning look on her face. I sighed “It’s Jen’s, I never got a chance to tell him” I started crying and got out of the store as fast as I could.

           Once I got home, I sobbed until my eyes hurt, that’s when the calls started. Now they wanted to talk? I turned off my phone and decided to get a new phone number tomorrow, right now I was starving. So, I grabbed my food for the night, and vegged out on the couch. I knew it was a matter of time before they would find me.

           I did the only thing I could think of and sold the farm, I packed up my truck and loaded the horses on the trailer. I had left a note with the realtor to give if one of them came around. So, I left Texas completely, I went to Nebraska. I found a beautiful little farm that I could settle in nicely. I was about a week overdue at this point, and I was never more scared in my life.

           I had a sweet older gentleman helping me with the chores, and feedings of the animals. I woke up this morning not feeling well, so I left a note on the door asking him to watch over the animals while I went to the ER. Once I made it, I knew I was in labor, they got me settled and the contractions started growing closer and closer together.

           Once it was time to push, I found every ounce of energy to push. It felt like a lifetime of pushing, until I heard her cries. They placed her on my chest and I fell in love already, she had his eyes and dirty blonde locks. I missed him so much but she’s my connection to him, she was amazing. I decided on Ava Rae y/l/n, she was beautiful and she was mine.

           I was in the hospital for three days, and then we could go home. I carried her into the house and took her to my room. I put her in the bassinet and laid down for a nap, I woke up to hearing her crying. I looked at the clock and knew she needed to be fed, I got comfortable and watched her with amazement. Once I knew she was fed, I burped her, changed her and then put her back down.

           I heard a knock on the door and hesitantly opened the door to see Dave, my ranch hand. “The misses made some meals for ya” “Thank you so much” “She was happy to do it, and a gentleman came by and dropped this off for ya” I grabbed the letter and opened it up. I knew the hand writing, but he didn’t deserve a chance. “I know it’s none of my business, but he looked like a man who lost something very important”

           I made him a cup of coffee and explained what had happened over the course of what had happened. I could see the sadness in his eyes, he could also see how I still felt about Jay. “You should talk to him, I’m not saying take him back but that little one needs a momma and daddy.” “Your right Dave, I should at least talk to him” We said our goodnights and I sent Jay a text to come back around lunch time.

           Lunch time came quicker than I expected, I had made a small lunch and waited for him to knock. I waited all day, and he never showed. It came to about ten at night when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see him with a bouquet of pink roses, I scoffed and walked away leaving the door open for him to come in.

           I heard Ava crying, so I went to check on her and I knew automatically she was hungry. I picked her up gently and grabbed a blanket to cover me up while we talked. It was a tense silence, neither of us knowing what to say. “Why are you here? You broke up with me” “I know and I will never be sorrier with how things happened” “Why did you? I was always faithful and always by your side” “I thought you were cheating, I saw you pulling away and thought the worse” “You couldn’t talk to me? Instead, you dump me when I needed you most”

           “When Gen came over that day and told me what was going on, I broke right there, I sobbed the whole day at how I treated you. I tried calling and tried tracking you down, but it was no use” Once Ava was done I fixed my shirt and patted her on the back. I walked over to him and put her in his arms. “Jen, I want you to meet Ava Rae”

           He smiled a watery smile and looked down to see this little human being we both had created. “Y/n please come back, I miss you, actually we all miss you. I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you and this little one.” I sat on the couch and just cried, I was absolutely broken and the walls came down. He sat down next to me with Ava in his arms. “I missed you so much Jensen” “I missed you too honey, please come home” “I would love too”

           He kissed me, just like he always had, there was no time lost. Over the next week, we had everything packed and ready. I put the ranch in Dave’s name, and he was happy that we had fixed things. I did hear him threaten Jay that if he pulled that stunt again he would be castrated. I hugged him tightly and thanked him for the help, and he just reminded me that I was the daughter he never had.

           We packed and headed back to Austin, I was ready to be home, ready to be around the people that I call family.


Love takes time, and love takes work.” Read from right to left. 

Had to vent and get some stuff out of my system and Ruby/Sapphire seemed like a good go-to. I don’t know how much of this makes sense entirely, but I was just going with the flow. 

Was jamming to Famy - “AVA” while working on this.

This world is primal, my grinding jaw
The headache pill the necktie on my bedroom door
My conscience burning, my eyes are too
Cuddled up with a heart condemned I should love you and I swear I do 

Chris Evans Imagine

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Chris drove his car as calm as possible. Today was the day his so will meet his new baby sister. Leo has been talking about her since you all found out that you’ll be having a daughter. He always says how much he’ll lover and protect her, but sometimes these things can change when he kids see their new sibling. While you were giving birth to the new baby Leo was back home with your parents, both you and Chris knew that the hospital would be too much for him. So you both asked your parents to watch him, Leo wasn’t happy about that, but still understood why. 

“Dad, are we almost there? I really want to see mom and my baby sister” he jumped around in his seat. Chris looked back for a second and then back at the rode just as the hospital showed up. 

“We are here” Leo was now even more happy. When walking to the room you were in Chris gave Leo some ground rules. 

“We both have to quit when we go in there. Your sister might be asleep an your mom is very tired” Leo nodded but there was really no need for all the rules, Leo already knew what he could and couldn’t do. Chris stopped himself when he saw how Leo already knew all he was going to. “Ready bud?” Chris looked down at his son who was nodding an slightly dancing around, when the door slowly opened Leo walked in first. 

“Hi mom” he said seeing in on the bed with his sister in your hands. His first thought was to run and jump, you could see it in his first half step, but then he stopped himself. 

“You can come closer” you said seeing how Leo was standing by his fathers legs, he wasn’t so sure if he could move, he was too afraid to scare his new sister, but after your encouragement he moved closer and with the help of Chris he was now on the bed next to you. “Leo, meet your sister, Ava” he smiled watching how his sister moved her little hands. Chris kissed the top of your head and watched his two kids interact. Ava slowly opened her eyes and looked right at Leo, 

“She’s looking at me” Leo said in a quit voice looking at you and Chris. “She’s so pretty” he wanted to touch her cheek put stopped himself, but he did lean in to her and whisper. “I love you and you can have my Ber-ber” he smiled looking at his little sister. What he said shocked you and Chris a little bit. Ber-ber was his toy bear, he got it when he was just born, it was given to him by your dad and he loved that toy very much, he didn’t let any one touch it, sometimes not even you and Chris, so him saying Ava can have meant Leo truly loved her and there was no need to worry about their relationship. Now you already see they will be best friends. 

Chris and Leo stayed with you for a long time, but it was time to leave, the night was slowly falling. Leo was supposed to be going to bed by now. 

“Okay bud, it’s time to go home.” Chris said getting off the bed and extending his arm to Leo, but he was not ready to leave. Leo moved closer to you and Ava, he even placed his arm around you 

“No, I want to stay with mom and Ava” you looked up at Chris, this was breaking your heart, you wanted him to stay too, but that wasn’t a good idea. 

“Sweetheart, me and Ava will be home tomorrow.” you tried to convince Leo to go home “How about you go home and get her room ready, you can put out her toys and make her bead. I bet she’ll like that” you saw a small spark light up in his eyes. He jumped off the bed. 

“Okay, me and dad could make you something to eat oh I can make something for Ava, like a drawing, no something better, like a toy or something” Leo kept mumbling ideas as he made his way to the door. Chris looked back at you and Ava, then leaned down giving you a kiss 

“I love you” he said to the both of you. 

“I love you too” your both amazing boys walked out the door leaving you with your daughter. Your life turned out much better then you expected. You had an amazing family where everyone loved each other. Looking down at your sleeping daughter you let out one single tear, happy tear. Everything was just perfect. 


Ava snaps: You better treat her well, Nicky! Especially since Max really really likes you. You’re all she talks about non-stop, at work, off work, when we all hang out. You’re her first love, so be good to her!

There’s an awkward silence at Ava’s words. Ava swallows nervously. Her words had come off harsher than she’d intended, and she realized she’d said too much. Maxine looked mortified while Nico Jr looked down at his shoes.

Maela sudden: Now when did Teresa find the time to make these delicious chicken wings? Huh? Just when?

Nico Jr patient: Ava, I really really like Max a lot too. She’s all I think about. I’m glad I’m her first love-if that is the case. Max hasn’t told me that…yet.

Ava insists: Well you are her first love, whether she’s said it or not. Look! She’s even wearing her nicest outfit! Max NEVER wears that outfit except on special occasions. Right, Ingrid? Max never wears her cat skirt unless it’s important!

Ingrid awkward: Well, um…yes…that’s true…it’s Maxine’s special skirt…

Maela sighs: Max, your friends are determined to embarrass you. They didn’t pick up on my chicken wing subject change at all. Oh my. I’m not sure how to save this conversation, to be honest.

Nico Jr cool: This is an important occasion, so Max was right to wear her special skirt. It’s important when her boyfriend meets her friends for the first time.

Maxine embarrassed: Excuse me, everyone.

Maxine gets up and runs to the house.

Ava mumbles: I better go join her. I need to change into my swimsuit.

There’s another long awkward silence after Maxine and Ava leave. Maela decides to break it with the first thing she could think of.

Maela cheerful: So! Ingrid. Tell us about the baking contest you’re in!  


What’s in My Bag: Author Edition

I was tagged by @ghost-coven to reveal what’s in my writing bag. So here we are! Click on pictures for captions.

Not Pictured

  • Yellow folder with notebook paper (you can see the outline of it in the picture of the bag)
  • Earbuds
  • Teal tumbler for iced coffee and water
  • Phone, wallet, and keys
  • I also usually have my bag of writing instruments (highlighters, a score of pens, tiny Post-Its, etc.), but I left that at home

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So i was just listening to Famy - Ava which was the song that played in the background when Stiles saw Derek's initials at the start of S5...And IDK fam I just started getting really really fucking emotional because the lyrics are just so beautiful and reminds me of them so so much like "TWo oceans inbetween us and I wait for shore" and "My conscious burning my eyes are too cuddled up with a heart contempt does she love you and I swear I do" Yeah, just really touching even if unintentional.

Aw I just went and listened and I really like it. If they thought about the lyrics at all they were proooobably intended for Scallison (even though that’s a little odd and messed up considering Kira was right there…) but it works so much for Sterek and especially for a miserable Stiles missing the hell out of Derek. I mean…

I’m sorry to any St*lia people but I could in-detail analyze this, like “follow me through this empty dream, I’m sleeping next to someone new, my conscience burning…”?? Or how about “I’m such a coward, these wretched things I do…” This is not a happy person (in a happy relationship) thinking these things. This is someone missing the hell out of a person who’s moved on, who’s settled into an unhappy situation –– “I wait for shore, there’s a gate I see, there’s a way for me// now this one sits here and whispers things to me”… They’re stuck in miserable relationship with “this one” but they’re just waiting, waiting to cross those oceans, to make it through that gate, to find the way to the thing they really want.

Though the thing they want is probably off with someone new (Braeden, who Derek left town with), leaving Stiles hopeless and “cuddled up with hard contempt//Does she love you? I swear I do.” It’s just… it’s an awesome song but it’s so tragic, and it’s so perfect for Sterek at that point in the series.

(But then… the more I analyze the lyrics, the more upset I get for Kira if this song was intended as a Scallison moment, because she’d be the unwanted placeholder in that scenario. That poor girl, she deserved a lot better.)

[Oh, and song and lyrics links for anyone who wants to read for themselves]

My name is Ava, I’m 17 from London, England and I have posted here a few times but with a lot of people conversation eventually fizzles out and it feels kinda forced…. so I’m just not gonna say too much so there’s still stuff to talk about but enough so potential friends get a feel for me yo! I speak English and enough Spanish to have a conversation, and enough french to make myself sound a bit silly…

So i am pretty studious, i actually love learning and I’m doing online astrobiology (basically aliens) courses as well as doing AS level chem bio physics and maths at the mo hahhhaha i promise i am interesting tho!

Apart from reading random science books, i do like to indulge in random cute YA books, one of my absolute favourites is simon vs the Homo sapiens agenda!! Did i mention I’m really gay?? Just thought I’d put that out there 👌🏽

As for music, i love everything. Elvis to paramore to Elliott smith the the cure…. recommend me anything and i will probably love it lol!! I dont watch a lot of tv but i love Skam, stranger things, Degrassi, riverdale and rupauls drag race :-)

Also i love art and poetry and being a bit spiritual sometimes when i slow down to appreciate the world, but a lot of the time i forget. Hopefully, to whoever is reading this, we can become friends and be a little part of each other’s lives, and make each other’s days a bit better ? :-)))

ALSO i have a pomeranian and he’s my baby u will get photos of him!

If i sound vaguely interesting to u, tell me a bit about urself !! Hmu @ avatrue01@gmail.com

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So I saw that you're a fan of angst and I love some great drama too. I'm kinda curious how angsty each of the routes will be. Can you rate the angst level of each LI on a scale of 1-10? 😆

Good question!

Hm… some of it depends on choices made by the MC. There will be some angst in most routes anyway, because it’s a drama/action sort of story, but I didn’t want it to be too much if people didn’t want that!

If people go with it though…

These are just guesses, because things might change as I write the stories in the future!

Adam/Ava = 8/10… oh yeah, it’s up there!

Nate/Nat = 6/10

Felix/Farah = 4/10

Mason/Morgan = 7/10

Love Triangle = 9/10 :D

(Except for possibly Book Five, where some of them are edging off the scale…)

But, even with some angsty moments, there will be lovely romantic moments and fun too! It won’t all just be drama- you can actually enjoy the romance and being in love with the vampires :D

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

Christmas With The Mikaelsons - Klaus Mikaelson


Warnings: Squeal inducing fluff. Klaus and reader have twins, is that even a warning? They’re a boy and a girl. Reader can cook, is that a warning???? Are any of these warnings????

Pairing: Klaus x F!reader

A/n: I’m a sucker for family Christmas time

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You were making Christmas dinner when you heard Klaus come home. He had been out getting the kids their Christmas presents while you made dinner. He joked at the beginning of the day that you were a very good housewife, to which you hurled a yam at his head. But now that he was back maybe he could watch after the kids so you could cook in peace. Right now, Ava was taking her nap on the small loveseat in the kitchen while Josh drove around a matchbox car with a polly pocket on the top. But you hated worrying about them while cooking four different types of food and talking to your sister in Mystic Falls the whole time about how she was still sitting in traffic near the airport.

“Hello, love.” Klaus pecks your cheek. He was holding Josh, who still held the matchbox car tightly in his little chubby fist.

“Hello, mama.” Josh says.

“Hello, Joshua.” You kiss his forehead before continuing to mix around the mashed potatoes.

“I’m sorry I’m not there to help, Y/n.” Your sister says sadly into the phone.

“No, it’s fine. You’re stuck in traffic, you can’t control that.” Freya steps in at your side to start cutting up the spices that will go on the chicken. You smile at her.

“Kol misses you.” You put the mashed potatoes into the serving bowl and placed it on the island with all the other food. Freya seasoned the chicken and then pushed it to you to put in as you talked about old christmas memories with your sister.

“You’re not going to guess who I saw at the store yesterday.” Your sister says into the phone. On the other end, you hear traffic start to move and you sigh a little out of relief.

“Who did you see at the store yesterday?” You ask as Ava tugs at your pant leg.

“Alex!” Your sister exclaims on the other side.

“Go get them ready, I can do this.” Freya whispers, shuffling in front of the stove before you can stop her.

“Thank you.” You whisper back. She smiles.

“You’re joking! What did he say?” You ask as you pick up Ava and motion for Klaus to follow you.

“Nothing, he just stared at me the whole time.” She talks quickly into the phone about her ex-boyfriend.

“Talk about creepy.” You sit Ava down on her changing table.

“I know right? Hey, I’m getting out off the traffic, I’ll be there in a few.”

“See you soon. Love you.” You open Ava’s closet.

“Love you too.” She hangs up the phone and you finally put it down, pulling Ava’s dress out of the closet. She had a few, Klaus loved spoiling her just a little too much.

“This one?” You ask as you hold the dress out. You loved having this little break in all the busy to just choose a dress for your baby girl. Ava shakes her head. You pull the other one out.

“Dat one!” Ava reaches for it. It was a dark red frilly dress with a little white overcoat.

“Alright, this one it is.” You quickly get her dressed but you take a little longer than you probably should securing her hair in little pigtails atop her head. You let her where her necklace, hoping she won’t break it.

By the time your sister arrived, and you and Klaus finally got Josh into his clothes, dinner was already done. You got dressed quickly and did you hair as best you could before you headed downstairs. Everyone was sat around the table, your kids in their booster seats, already eating mashed potatoes and chicken. You take your seat beside Klaus.

This was going to be one hell of a dinner and if they didn’t like your food, there’d be hell to pay.

Honestly, I think about that anon who told me the way I write Gar made them develop a crush on him, and like. Just wow. My love for a character really bleeds through my writing and if I make others feel it, too, then I’ve accomplished something as a fanfic writer.

hi! i’m a new Ava’s Demon sideblog that’ll make speech bubble-less edits of ava’s demon panels!! for my first post i’m gonna just throw over my old stuff here :y

not sure how many people remembers the “ad-without-speechbubbles” but as much as i so would love to tag them in this post they’ve seemed to have deleted D: however, i still think their edits are wonderful and ofc they will be here too!!

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are feeling okay, love bug? -Michael

Aah no but I’ll be fine. I got better because I got to see ava. I mean, I see her every day but she makes me so happy and makes me forget about everything and I get out of my head?? Did that make sense? I don’t know, I just love her so much. She just seems so perfect. Honestly, I love everything about her. Especially her smile. I think I’m in love with her smile. It just makes me so happy. And I sound really creepy but im too tired to care. Ha. And honestly, I love you so much too. You’ve always been there for me and it makes me happy. And well, I’m depressed right now but I always get like that at night but I’ll sleep and I’ll be fine tomorrow… Hopefully?? I don’t know. Yesterday was weird and I kept thinking up ways to kill myself and that’s all I could think about. And I wrote a note and stuff for all of my friends so they wouldn’t feel bad. And I texted lots of people telling them how much I loved them because I was going to go through with it so WHOOPS But that’s OK I guess because I’ll just tell my doctor when I see him/her so I can get all of this fixed and behind me. I honestly want to be happy and I’m sick of being like this. Its going to be hella cold tomorrow so I’m going to die but on the bright side that means I get to dress all warm and snuggly. Gaaah Love you babe!

Jeffrey’s Hill (M) Part Eleven

SUMMARY: “Don’t go to Jeffrey’s Hill,” he warned. “A lot of shit goes on there. Even the police ignore crime reports that surface from there.” You rolled your eyes. “What is everyone so afraid of?”  

Your brother sounded grave. “The power of the Chimera.”

GENRE: violence, angst, a little bit of humour (because it’s me) and the occasional tonsil-hockey.


PARTSintro | 1  | 2  | 3  | 4  | 5  | 6  | 7 | 8  | 9 | 10 |  11  | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

AUTHOR’S NOTE: things get a lil’ more fucked up in this part of Jeffrey’s Hill–there’s some character development *wink wink*, badass Chanyeol, more fucked up shit from Ava and yes, it’s only going to get more dramatic. 

and before anyone asks, I do not know how long JH will last, I’m trying to fit as much as I can into a chapter without giving too much away, so we’ll see. But I hope you’ll still like it, no matter how long it is! (don’t you fuckin’ smirk at me you pervs)

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It was your safe haven, far away from your mother and the disastrous household. There was just something about the waves, calm, serene when they felt like it; bold, destructive, dangerous when they felt like it. The beach to you was freedom and you’d never grown tired of it.

But you also had your heart broken at the beach for the very first time, at the age of six.

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The Beach House 

Chapter 3

This story is based on a movie I saw a few years ago and loved.  I hope you will enjoy reading it!

When fate is involved, can Emma and Killian change their destiny so their love transcends time and space to give them their happy ending?

Rating - T

Chapters 1-epilogue can be found on AO3 and on FF.NET

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Emma and Mary Margaret were sitting on a bench in front of Bayside Marketplace enjoying a quiet lunch.  They tried to meet several times during the week as the hospital she worked in, Bayside General was very close to the University where her sister taught.   Where they met depended on several things but today they both wanted to enjoy the sunshine so Bayside was the perfect place to sit.  They could sit on a bench and if they faced west they could watch people scurrying here and there as well as watch the cars and buses zip past.   They could also turn and face east where they could see the many colorful boats and yachts out on the Bay.   Opening their lunches and starting to eat, Emma held her face up to the sun, “Hmm,” she hummed, “70 degrees on Valentine’s Day.  Living in Florida is a beautiful thing.”

Mary Margaret smiled slyly, “Yes it is.  We are sitting here in the sun and most of the country is buried under several feet of snow. I’d say that deserves a toast.” She picked up her bottle of water and tapped it against Emma’s.

Emma took a drink of the cold water and a bite of her sandwich, “So, where is David taking you for dinner?”

Her sister smiled, a dreamy look on her face, “The Peacock Café.  It was rated as one of the most romantic restaurants in Miami.” She stopped and took another bite of her sandwich, “There are supposed to be lovely gardens to eat in if it isn’t too cool outside but they also have inside dining.  I’m excited. What about you?  Do you have plans?”

“I have to work, “Emma responded, “But that’s ok. It’s not like I have a hot date for Valentine’s Day anyway.”

“Emma, when are you going to let yourself love again? How long has it been since Graham, a couple of years at least?”

“No, not that long, it’s only been a year or so but you know why I pushed him away?”

“I know what you told me, but was that the only reason?”

Emma sighed, “Graham is a good guy.  I just didn’t feel those butterflies.  And …”

Mary Margaret rolled her eyes, “But…”

Emma put her hand on her sister’s arm to stop the interruption, “No, don’t tell me those butterflies aren’t real because I see them in your eyes every time you talk about David.  I want that.  I want what mom and dad had,” she stopped and swallowed the lump in her throat.

“I know sis, I miss him too,” Mary Margaret said quietly.

Both sisters got lost in their thoughts for several minutes. Emma and Mary Margaret weren’t sisters by birth but in every way that counted, they were. They had been together for almost as long as they could remember.  Emma’s parents, strangely enough, named David and Mary, had been best friends with Mary Margaret’s parents, Leo and Ava.  Their fathers had met at the University where Leo taught English and where David taught Biology.   Forming a close friendship, they introduced their wives, who also worked together at the local hospital, and all quickly became fast friends.  The couples tried for many years to have children but neither were so lucky and had just about given up when both women discovered they were pregnant within days of each other. Before Emma had officially moved in with the Blanchard’s she had felt just as at home there as she did at her home.  

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