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Hak is not a Nice Guy™: A rant by me

**Note: I apologize in advance if this comes across as angry and vitriolic, but I really like Hak a lot. I think he’s a wonderful leading man who genuinely cares and respects Yona in ways I so rarely see in popular media, so to see him being criticized for not being a Nice Guy™ really, really grinds my gears and I felt it necessary to say something. So… yeah. 

So I go on a manga reading website to read AnY, and in one of the forum I see a great big jumble of bullshit masquerading as a forum post. I’ll spare you guys most of it, but I screenshotted the part that made me livid because, especially for the anime but also for the manga, I see the same sort of reasoning ALL THE TIME.

Not only is this just…. super gross generally, but it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of Hak as character. Hak is not a Nice Guy™ who is caring for Yona with ulterior motive of “Oh, if I just stick around long enough and remain hopeful, someday she’s gonna fall for me, right??” No. NO NO NO NO. That is not Hak. That was never Hak. He is not here at Yona’s side hoping and waiting for the moment that she’ll someday love him, and it sure as  hell isn’t the reason he’s still there after all this time. Does he love her, and did he try to make such apparent to her originally? For sure. Does he believe if he just remains persistent, she’ll someday love him back? No. Nooooooo. NO. 

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you know what i love about my dirk gently ships? i love the character dynamics so much no matter whether they’re romantic or platonic. literally i just ship the characters in every way possible and even though i have a bias towards writing romance in my stories i would equally sell my soul just to see them all best friends forever. brotzly? could be hella gay, could also be a beautiful example of soft and emotionally validating male friendship. faranda? badass adorable gfs or badass adorable bffs, both good! bart and ken? either the cutest (and weirdest) damn couple in the universe or the beautiful hilarious pure male/female friendship we’ve all been waiting for. amanda and the rowdy 3? either wholesome polyamorous goodness or wholesome found family goodness. there are no wrong ways to ship anyone!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I only watched ep 4 now and I noticed that Jung Jung and Eunki were sitting together while watching the other teams and they seemed so close and adorable together I’m crying ;-; #otp

(also Hyungseob’s reaction to Euiwoong lifting his shirt lmfao he had a “that’s my boy!!!” kind of look lol idk if I’m only shipping them atm bc they’re from the same company or what but that was cute)

Regarding the m/m situation in Andromeda, I think the thing that bothers me the most is that Liam can’t be romanced by broRyder.
It’s a repeat of the romance situation with Garrus. Only FShep is allowed to romance him, but you can’t tell me that Garrus wouldn’t want to be with a male Shepard.
Garrus’ love, admiration, affection, devotion and even obsession sometimes is the same for MShep than it is for FShep. Their moments together is full of heavy feelings and emotions. They have all the ingredients needed to have a romance. But they’re best friends. Garrus is MShep’s bro, right? And bros don’t have romantic feelings for each other and they don’t fuck together. Says who? Idk, other bros? It’s like this unspoken rule. Male players would definitely see Garrus differently if he could romance MShep. Maybe he wouldn’t be your bro anymore, your best buddy who always has your back. He would be that ex best friend who has all those unfortunate feelings for you. That’s uncomfortable.

So yeah, that’s the reasoning, I bet. And it’s happening again with Liam. I am not far in Andromeda so NO SPOILERS please, but from the beginning he takes on the role of your bro. He has faith in you, he tells you he’s there if you need him, he understands your feelings. You can confide in him and show how vulnerable you are just like you could with Garrus…
But no homo, basically.

So that’s what is annoying me, because the greatest thing about those friendships is that the male protag is allowed to be sad and angry and show all his feelings to his male best friend who listens, accepts, understands and helps him.
It doesn’t mean anything about their masculinity, it doesn’t threaten anything. That’s in theory because in reality the bro mentality is exhausting. It can genuinely hurt men of all sexual orientations.
Now imagine the shame if men want more than just friendship from their best friend? If their feelings evolve and there is love blooming?
The bro mentality makes them think there is something wrong with themselves, because why would they want that? They’re not supposed to want it! And how dare they imagine the possibility?
It’s fucking toxic to think like that, but we’re all the result of the society we live in.

So yeah, I believe Andromeda had this great opportunity to say “You know, it’s okay to have feelings for your best friend and it’s okay for him to have feelings for you too. It doesn’t change the core of the friendship or your dynamic in a fight. We’ll make him available to you, we’ll give you great romance content and show your relationship with him can be beautiful.”
An opportunity they should have taken before already :/

do u ever think about how pure and unconditional vmin’s friendship is? like they’ve literally had each other’s backs since day one and they are just so good to each other in the best ways possible. like despite the teasing and playful arguing, their friendship roots so deeply from encouragement, admiration and just the pure love that they give each other and with all that, they have built such a strong home base for one another and it’s so hard for me to comprehend and grasp because it’s probably one of the purest and most loving things i have ever witnessed. they are each other’s support systems and homes and it’s so clear how much they care for each other and how mutual their love for each other is. like they have the kind of friendship where they sit so comfortably in each other’s lives because they have this mutual understanding of what they are to each other hence the iconic soulmate moment that occurred and neither of them will ever have doubts about feeling any less because when it comes to being in each other’s lives, they are always on the same wavelength. they are so important to each other and so mutually attached to the hip that it’s so odd to think they didn’t know of each other all those years before? it’s moments like ‘my savior’ or ‘i hope our friendship lasts forever’ or ‘jimin and friends’ or ‘i only have you’ that make me believe vmin are a forever thing because even they can’t imagine their lives without each other now.

Riverdale thoughts

I will admit, Bughead fans, that at first I was very confused. I read a lot of Archie comics in my life and I had gotten use to the idea of Betty, Archie and Veronica being trapped in a forever love triangle. I loved Jughead’s character as he was. I didn’t think of him as Asexual then, he had romantic parts at some points but mainly just wasn’t that into Love and that was okay. People are allowed to not be interested in romance. When I heard of Jughead’s character coming out as Asexual in Zdarsky’s reboot, it made sense to me, and I loved it. It would even be totally fine if Jughead’s character in CW’S Riverdale turned out to be Asexual..he could still have true feelings for Betty. But I don’t believe they are writing it that way. 

When I first started watching Riverdale, I was immediately blown away by the fact Archie had truly never felt romantically for Betty, and was a little pissed. I also adore the friendship between Veronica and Betty, and I immediately saw their bond ignite on the show. I was seriously confused as to how this show was going to make it possible for Betty and Veronica to maintain a close friendship, and both get Archie somehow?? Isn’t that what happened in Archie’s love situation? BUT THEN 

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Is it weird that I kinda would like to see Felicity and Samantha being close friends in season 6 (assuming they’re both alive and well)?

There was a speculation post floating around (i cant remember by who) a couple of weeks ago re: William and Samantha, contemplating what could happen in the aftermath of them being wrapped up in everything that’s happened:

-If Samantha died and the subsequent Oliver the single parent storylines,

-if Samantha doesn’t die and possibility of she and William coming to Star City because a. Obviously being apart from Oliver doesn’t keep William safe, Samantha’s had the misfortune of seeing that twice already, better to stay close to Oliver to keep William safe. B. Let William and Oliver spend more time together.

The person who wrote that post said Samantha alive+they’re in Star City seems like the better option since it allows some dad!Oliver storylines, without having to commit to needing to have William involved in all storylines.

I kind of agree with that. It would let the show have dad!Oliver, but also have the freedom to treat William like baby Sara/John Jr ala “where’s baby Sara/john jr? Oh s/he’s with Lyla they’re safe”. “Where’s William? Oh, Samantha took him to visit her family in [insert DC city here]”.

Anyway, so if that happens, yeah. I’d like their to be some Felicity and Samantha friendship. First of all, if Olicity’s on track, I’d see Samantha being like “if she’s going to be my son’s stepmother, we have to have some sort of relationship”.

Plus, Felicity really should have a female friend. I think even Emily has said so in interviews, hasn’t she?

We had some glimpses Sara and Felicity friendship in season 2, but it wasn’t really expanded on and then Sara died/came back to life/went off to Legends, and really since season two more emphasis has been put on Oliver and Sara’s friendship (which isn’t bad, I really love the two and the sort of platonic soulmates place they seem to be at these days).

There were some moments of Felicity and Laurel friendship here and there, especially in season 3, but it more so felt like Felicity was just there to be a sympathetic sounding board/superhero cheerleader for Laurel. Again, not bad, but still their friendship could’ve had more to it. And I’m forever salty that there wasn’t any Laurel+Felicity talking about Quentin/Donna and joking they could become stepsisters. Such a wasted opportunity!

We sometimes get glimpses of Felicity and Lyla friendship, which I love, I mean if I were to pick favorite possible Felicity lady BFF of them all it’d probably be the Sara friendship in season 2, but with Lyla as close second. I’m sure a lot of why we don’t have more Lyla and Felicity friendship is because the show only has Audrey but so often, but sometimes (especially this season) it feels like if Audrey was bumped up to full cast member (or more frequent recurring than she currently is), we’d see more of them actually being friends and not just “here’s a crisis, Lyla’s working with Team Arrow”.

Dinah has more of a connection with Diggle, Rene, and Curtis, and we haven’t seen too much of just her and Felicity being friends. The most was I think Felicity giving her the mask and expressing believing in Dinah. Which goes back to Felicity The Superhero Cheerleader.

We have been getting more and more Felicity/Thea, which, YAY! I love them together. But even so, their friendship is kinda framed within a sisterly bond (not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s great, honestly), and framed around Oliver ala future sisters-in-law sort of way. Their friendship only came to be after Olicity had commenced (of which I count season 3’s year long Olicity angst to be. So even though we saw some Thealicity friendship at the end of season 3, it revolved around Oliver).

This season also had Alina, and the whole Felicity having a friend outside of team arrow was nice, but who knows what’s going to happen with her+Helix next season or beyond?

Felicity should have just a full on close female friend, and I’m kinda liking the idea of it being Samantha. Is that odd?

Sure, there’d be a bit of “okay, but this still revolves around Oliver” like with Thea, but I feel like that wouldn’t be so bad in Samantha’s case.

Plus can you imagine the awkward moments and lulz at either Felicity or Samantha being like “….is it weird that we’re friends?”, or Oliver himself being like 😳😬 at them bonding?

Both times we’ve had Samantha involved in Team Arrow stuff, she and Felicity have shared moments together. Why not expand on that if Samantha has more of a presence in s6? Bonus if in their initial bonding one of them (probably Felicity) makes a joke about it being the first time they’re talking without William being in danger/talking about anything other than Oliver.

Gracevas in 4x04

Let me just say, first of all, that I love Grace and Zoe’s friendship so much. I am so glad their connection wasn’t abandoned, and am so grateful so see them on screen together all the time. It a really good thing to show, that a friendship like theirs, after what they have been through, is possible. They are the Bro-tp I never knew I’d love so much!

And second of all, I loved the way they danced around the fact that Grace and Zoe had slept together before in this episode. I think it probably a good thing they didn’t mention it out right, since it would pull the focus away from Grace’s story and rock the boat too much. But I’m so glad Zoë and Grace had that moment where they looked at each other, knowing what they had done the year before. I’m glad their intimacy wasn’t totally forgotten or buried.

But with that said, know that I am so on bored with the way things are between them. I may always be a little bitter about what might have been, but I am also so happy with the way things have turned out with Rasha, Jonah and their own friendship. Go Gracevas!!


seven friendships [1/7] the gangsey, the raven cycle

What she didn’t realize about Blue and her boys was that they were all in love with one another. Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.

On good Christian friendships between men and women

This is to all those teens, or young adults, or siblings, or parents who may be reading this: It is important for young men and women to be friends with one another, without you or anyone hinting that there’s some kind of underlying romance.

A quick anecdote: I spent Christmas away from my family – the first time I’ve ever done so. As such, many of my local friends took pity on me, and generously invited me to their family gatherings. One of such friends was a guy I know from church choir; and I took him up on his offer because he’s a good friend, I needed something to do for Christmas, and I was excited to meet his family.

When I told this to my parents – my dad, especially – everyone insinuated that there was something between me and my guy friend A.J. There is not. In fact, A.J. and I have had discussions to this effect – we appreciate each other’s friendship, but we’re not looking for anything else. It was only after I told my dad that A.J. was dating someone (another friend from choir) that he finally relaxed.


Men and women should be allowed to be friends without anyone insinuating that there’s something more to it. Constant pressure for you to look at all your guy or gal friends as potential dates is unhealthy. It might force you to see something that isn’t there.

This isn’t to say that you couldn’t have a guy/girl friend that you DO have a crush on. I’ve hung out with plenty of guys in the hopes that we were on the road to something more than friendship. Probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but I digress.

Even still, just because your friend/brother/sister/son/daughter spends a lot of time with a person of the opposite sex, please don’t insinuate that it means that they’re interested in each other. It’s entirely possible that they are, in which case, your comments will only make them more self-conscious. And if they’re not, it only makes it more awkward when they have to explain to you that they’re only friends.

If you think that your loved one’s friendship with anyone is unhealthy, by all means, step in. But, if you trust that person to choose their friends wisely, to have healthy platonic relationships, then why badger them about romance, when that’s not the intent?

In a world so full of lust and “friends with benefits,” if you or anyone you love has a very healthy, platonic, Christian friendship with a person of the opposite sex… why question that?

(Note: this is also applicable to LGBT+ people; just change the exact wording to fit the general message. WE ALL NEED HEALTHY CHRISTIAN FRIENDSHIPS!)

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honestly tho i'm surprised there aren't more chikariko shippers. like after all the pleading for a canon f/f relationship and here we get an "i love you" and just... *crickets*

I agree with the sentiment, but still people can ship who they want to ship.

I suspect some people don’t like it because they feel like Riko kind of got in the middle of Chika and You’s friendship (and possibly more-than-friendship). I’m not saying that the people who don’t ship chikariko all think this I’m just saying I got this impression that some do.

And while I don’t want to get into a debate with anyone….I think Riko didn’t ever meant to do such a thing intentionally. And it was also Chika herself who decided to spend more time with Riko.

In the end we just have to respect each other’s ships and try to get along, yeah? Most non-chikariko shippers I know aren’t like, vehemently hateful of the ship, they just…don’t ship it. And that’s fine by me ^^


Things that annoy me about the KomaHina and HinaNami debate: The fact that everyone keeps reading Hinata and Nanami’s relationship in DR3 Despair arc as strictly romantic when it could very well also be read as platonic.

SERIOUSLY, the thing that really gets on my nerves is the fact that I don’t see many people looking into Hinata and Nanami’s relationship as friendship (for the record, I’m a hardcore KomaHinaNami shipper, I’m okay with any combinations involving these characters, platonic or romantic, I love it ALL I JUST WANT ALL OF THEM TO BE HAPPY). IT COULD be friendship, it could be romantic, was it ever actually confirmed???

Was it?


The only thing we have EVER had confirmed in this entire series apart from Sakakura’s crush on Munakata (HELLA) as well as Yukizome’s (and possibly, Munakata’s crush on Yukizome), is Izayoi and Andou, who are like the ONLY couple we have ever had confirmed in this entire series to be in a relationship (not including Sakura and her boyfriend, but hey, that doesn’t stop me from shipping her with Aoi).

Everything else has been either hinted at or implied but hey, even that sort of thing can be interpreted as something else unless actually confirmed by the creators. For the very same arguments you get against m/m and f/f ships of characters being brushed off as “they’re just friends”, you should be able to use that same argument for m/f ships too.

And really, it should be an option, since it IS possible for a boy and a girl to be friends (friendship can be just as important you know). Idk man, it just really strikes me as heteronormative to instantly interpret an m/f pair as romantic only, ESPECIALLY in a series such as Danganronpa when the amount of actually confirmed canon ships can be counted on one hand.

Remember what Nanami said before she died (RIP MY SWEET GAMER GIRL YOU DIDN’T DESERVE THAT), she loved EVERYONE and that she just wanted to PLAY with Hinata.

As far as I can tell you, for Nanami, it was never anything romantic (maybe it could have developed into something more, but we’ll never know considering what happened). She was just happy to have friends. She opened up so quickly when she was told she could make friends by playing her games with others. She cherishes her friends so VERY much that it just HURTS SO MUCH to be put in such a position.

Losing a friend could hit anyone just as hard as losing someone you love in a romantic sense. Keep in mind that Nanami was like Hinata’s only friend at the time too. Otherwise, he was on his own.

JUST…think about it.

headcanon requested by @mikeywheelxr: ‘sorry lol this was too long for asks. but anyways, awesome!! tbh i see some negative stuff around sometimes about a will/eleven friendship, like people they remind each other of their traumas so they don’t like each other and all that. so if you’d be willing, just some headcanons for a more positive view on their possible friendship could be cool. also, not everyone agrees with a gay will, but if he was, coming out to eleven would be a cool thing considering she doesn’t have any preconcieved ideas about love aside from what she learned from mike and the boys.’


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totaleclipseoftheblart  asked:

7,11,24,32,47 :)

Thanks Chase!!! :DDD

7. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

No I have trouble being awake for one hour straight

11. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?

I would certainly hope so! I’ve never been in a relationship and it’s not something I take lightly. I’m not really into short term fling things. 

24. What ARE you looking forward to?

Seeing my friends again!! I love them

32. What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?

A straw for drinking thai tea, God’s gift to us all

47. Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?

Considering I’ve never told Anyone that I liked them Ever i’d say that’s a hard yes. I’m too worried about ruining friendships!! I’m just like… i love this friendship and on the off possibility that she actually likes me back and doesn’t hate me after i told her that it’s highly unlikely that the relationship would last and that means that i’d have to break up with her at some point WHICH MEANS that we’d have a big fight or smthn and our friendship would be ruined forever so both outcomes are bad!!!!!!!!!!! But at the same time i want a gf to love u feel????


i know that there existing more about 1000000 pictures of sergio and iker, but these are my favorites. it’s not, because sese is crying;and i’m sure there are enough pictures with iker in which sergio is happy and smiling. no, i love these pictures so much because it shows how deep their friendship really is. and how..emotional it is, although without description. they know each other about 9 years now, had so many ups and downs together. euro 2008, world cup 2010, lost clasicos, winning copa del rey and la liga, euro 2012. and then this emotional cl semi final happend, they all fighted with all they had but it wasn’t enough. sese was captain and he believed so much that they could make it; that they would win la decima in 2013 like he promised. but they didn’t made it and he broke down after the game. iker was there for him, even if he didn’t played; comforting him because he knew that sergio would need him now. i’m sure that he was proud, that sese was the captain today. because he did everything what was possible, fighted so hard. they may have lost, but it showed us this perfect friendship and how close they are - despite of all the drama who may were and is going on at real madrid. of course you can say that this is just a speculation, but i think, these pictures speak more then 1000 words.

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What do you think or Natsu Gray and Erzas relationship? Do you think they could possibly end up with one another?

Honestly, I love Natsu, Gray and Erzas friendship with one another. They’re all impulsive, destructive morons when they’re around each other. I like how Erza plays this motherly figure to both Natsu and Gray and they look up and admire Erza’s strength. You can see throughout the anime/manga that they all have saved each other multiple times and speak fondly of one another. Its just an innocent, but intense and caring, friendship to me. 

Shipping wise, I can’t see Natsu or Gray ending up with Erza. Erza’s love for Jellal is practically canon and Gray and Natsu have Juvia and Lucy. I think when Natza or Grayza have moments you can see that they’re not really romantic but on the sibling caliber. That, and Natsu and Gray are scared shitless by Erza. Honestly, how can you date someone who scares you? Plus, Erza does a total 180 around Jellal. Going from scary amazon woman to innocent and shy. Its so cute IMO. And honestly as far as Natza goes Natsu and Erza are basically the same person and Natsu canonly tells Erza that they are the same.

So no, I don’t think they’ll end up with one another they have a strong sibling bond and thats as far as that’ll go. 


Some people may say that these characters are just too gay, what with all those hugging, sharing of plates, sharing of blanket, but who cares? I mean, isn’t this the kind of friendship that most of us, if not all, are hoping to have. It’s not about the physical intimacy, but more about the quality of friendship. 

Humans have the tendency to prejudge, particularly those in a boy-boy friendship as gays because of their closeness. Perhaps, we’re just not used to seeing two good looking guys be like that with each other.

I’m sure this kind of relationship exists in real life, this kind of friendship is definitely possible in real life.

I just love them both. :)



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Gift Fic: Relationship Envy


Rated: T+

One Shot

Relationship Envy

Requested by: @beaxnalu

Modern Cuddly NaLu

NaLu continuance to One Last Push (Linked Here) the Gajevy fic for CapAlean2

Natsu was staring again.

He didn’t know why, but he felt if he stared long enough he’d understand how they all got together.

Gentle and small Levy with rough and big Gajeel.

Violent prone and loud Erza to the more pacifistic and quiet Jellal.

Obsessive and loving Juvia to reluctant and icy Gray.

…Lisanna and Bickslow made more sense as a couple to him. Then again, he had dated the youngest Strauss. They both traded between mature and silly, having a give and take.

He hated that he didn’t know how to approach the topic with Lucy.

“—and Juvia explained that’s what she and Erza are planning to help Gajeel.” Lucy was quietly explaining Juvia and Erza’s plan to help Gajeel purpose to Levy.

Purpose…. Gajeel, the freaking socially constipated Gajeel was purposing to Levy, yet he, Natsu, couldn’t find the damn courage to ask Lucy out.

“—su? Are you even listening? Natsu?”

“Huh…? Yeah, Luce?” Natsu was finally drawn out of his head. He watched as the blonde scowled at him.

“You weren’t listening.” She commented dryly. “I want your help with setting things up for Levy and Gajeel.”

Natsu nodded. “Course I’ll help, Luce. Levy is my friend, and Gajeel’s my cousin.”

“Good. I’m happy for them… I know she’ll say yes.” Lucy smiled lightly at the idea of her best friend getting engaged.

Lucy was honestly jealous of her. The blunette was getting to move forward with the love of her life. Yet, Lucy was still stuck in the here and now, completely single.

“Ya know what, we need a movie night! Like the old days!” Natsu exclaimed. “Especially since it’s just us while the others are doing… couple things!”

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hi there, can you recommend any underrated anime you've seen this past decade (2010+)? thank you!

HELLO ANON yes yes I can! Here are 3!

1) Gin No Saji/Silver Spoon

This is by Hiromu Arakawa who wrote the super famous FMA! It could NOT be more different in terms of story though - it’s grounded and real and so, so funny…as in her classic sense of humour shines through and you fall in love with the characters just as you do with FMA. It’s about a boy who goes to farm school in Hokkaido. As much as I love FMA, there’s something so beautiful about simple stories with no fantastical element to them and this is no exception. Definitely would recommend this one.

2) Tsuritama

This is slightly bizarre but it’s so bright and sweet and summery! Very endearing and cute. Not sure it would count as underrated in the sense that it seemed to have a small following on here but definitely not as large as the likes of the big sport animes or FMA/SNK etc! The colouring is super vibrant and it’s odd but you can’t help but love everyone. The soundtrack is adorable too! Check it out on youtube.

3) Sakamichi No Apollon/Kids On The Slope

*grabs ur face* son u better sit your ass down anD WATCH THIS ANIME BECAUSE LIKE. IT IS PROBABLY?? MY FAVOURITE ANIME OF ALL TIME???!!! (k i have several favs but this one is just oh boy don’t even let me take a sec)

As in I can watch it again and again over and over and over and I fall in love with it anew every time my god it is thE MOST. BEAUTIFUL THING. I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE??!! THE OPENING MAKES ME CRYYYYY as in the opening line translates to “what should I do? I forgot what I was like before I met you,” AND UGH IF THAT IS NOT THE MOST RELEVANT THING TO THIS GODDAMN STORY IDK WHAT IS

It’s about a high school boy called Kaoru in the 60′s who moves to Kyushu and he’s smart but a bit of an outcast? He struggles to make friends yeaH TYPICAL AF but then by chance he meets Sentarou who looks like a huge-ass class delinquent but he has a literal heart of gold and they become friends and i just?? CRY?? EVERY TIME??!!? omg there’s this one scene where they get drunk on sake together and some guy remarks “oh you two need to cherish each other you guys look like such good friends, and unlike love affairs friendship is for life” and basically this anime is all about falling in love with your friends (whether platonically or romantically) and then like uGH MY GOD. FRIENDSHIP, SO MUCH FRIENDSHIP despite hard times and loneliness and chasing girls sdhjshfhgfff *froths at mouth* also the ending will absolutely wreck you in the best way possible like i have tears in my eyes even thinking about it hfsjfhsfff SO> GOOOOOOD. I GOT MY DAD TO WATCH IT TOO AND HE WAS OBSESSED. THEY R ALL MY CHILDREN this show took 20 years off my life and my heart swells 48574987598 sizes thinking about it

I have many feelings about kids on the slope! Sorry lol with anime I tend to watch the big popular ones but the 3 I’ve given you above are less so and very, very beautiful in their own right! Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of titan slaying and sakura petals and 5 minute monologues given by 16 year old boys with the bodies of 25 year olds with ridiculous rainbow hair but yes we all need a break from that sometimes. 

WHOooo this was long I apologize and sound horribly unprofessional but i have many feelings about anime and I hope you enjoy!!

Brother's Best Friend (Part 3)

Hi! Were at part 3 of this little story now. Thanks to everyone who reads, likes, and reblogs!! Love you all :) 


Part 1

Part 2


Best Friend’s Blog



“Did you tell him?” Ashton asks while hugging you.

“Yup, he has no idea.” You step back amd smile.

“Let’s get going then?” He grabs your hand and you nod, beginning the walk to his car.

The morning had went by extremely slow, and ever since last night with Luke, you felt like he was going to pop out at any moment and catch you two. Ashton opened the door for you and then shut it when you were inside.

“Where are we going?” You ask when he gets in the car.

“It’s a surprise!” He smiles excitedly before pulling out of his parking spot.

“That’s such a cheesy, annoying thing that guys say to girls constantly.” You tease.

“Well, I’m an annoying, cheesy person.” He says, turning to face you and scruching up his face.

“Greeeeat.” You mutter sarcastically, making him gasp in offense. You laugh and grab his hand that was resting on your leg.

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