i just love all the characters so much. this frickin show

Okay, so I love Voltron. I really, really love it. Do you know what I love best about it? 

Princess Frickin’ Allura 

She’s this badass, space-alien princess, who’s strong and determined, but shows weakness and despair. She can be cute, she can be funny, she can be too harsh on people, too stern and too pushy but still cares about everyone so deeply. She’s been through so much, but she never stops fighting and never loses hope. 

She’s just such a wonderfully fleshed out and developed character, with such very human, er Altean, strengths and weakness. 

And it really pisses me off that I almost never see this amazing woman talked about in the fandom. And the only times she ever seems to be mentioned is as one half of Shallura. 

Can we just stop ignoring her? Can we give her a spotlight all to her own? Can we give her, her frigging lion already?