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Is anyone out there in internet-land healthy? Like, truly healthy? No mental or physical ailments? A perfectly functioning body and mind?

I am unsure if I know anyone that doesn’t have some health issues. I know a few people who have sporadic illnesses. They get to live most of their lives without too much trouble. I used to be healthy in grade school and most of high school. I got really sick my senior year. I didn’t know it then, but that is when my narcolepsy began. I try to look back on those healthy times and remember what it was like not to be tired. Sadly, I can no longer imagine it. It’s like one of those memories you can almost visualize, but the closer you get, the foggier the image becomes. It’s like your dad saying he likes that movie… “Ya know… with that guy that does the thing. THE MOVIE WITH THE GUY! C’mon, you know the one!” All of my memories of health are exactly like my dad’s movie recollections.

I have no idea what healthy feels like anymore. I wish someone could describe it to me, but I’m not sure it can be expressed in words. What does running full speed feel like? Or trying to jump as high as you can? What about chasing your dog around the yard and actually catching him? (Although Otis is surprisingly quick for a loaf with stumps and Usain Bolt would have trouble catching his wiggly butt.) What does energy feel like? What does waking up refreshed in the morning feel like? What does thinking without brain fog feel like? What about adding two numbers together without a calculator? What does driving feel like? What does meeting a new person in a public setting feel like? Or being nervous talking to a pretty girl you’ve never met? Telling a joke in front of a crowd and getting a laugh? What about taking a group of friends to Denny’s at 2am because it is the only thing open? How does it feel to live? What does a boob feel like? 

I probably shouldn’t have ended on that one. 

Being ill for over 15 years has robbed me of remembering these sensations. I can’t even properly miss them anymore because it feels like they never happened. I know they are all things I’ve done. But if I still have any memory of them, I can only see them like scenes in a movie. The sensation of actually experiencing those things is completely lost. 

A long time ago my fantasy was being a famous comedian with a loving wife, living on a farm where I raised corgis. My best friends and parents would be my neighbors and we’d eat waffles and bacon every morning. Vegan bacon for Katrina. 

Now my only fantasy is just being healthy again. Sometimes I play this cruel game with myself where I think about what I would give to be healthy. A foot? An arm? My hearing? My vision? A boring life where none of my dreams ever come true? 

Sometimes I think about what I would give to be healthy just for one day. And if I was healthy for a day, what I would do with that privilege. 

Most of the time I imagine I would catch the first flight to Florida and spend the day with my best friend, Katrina. She is my favorite person. The most loving platonic relationship I’ve ever had. I haven’t seen her in person for quite a while. We skype every week, but it isn’t the same. If I had one healthy day I would definitely head straight to her. 

In that day, after the world’s longest, squeeziest hug, we would go to Disney World and ride all the rides. See all the attractions. Eat all the junkfood. And as the sun sets, we would rush to the beach so I can see the ocean for the first time. I’d put my arm around her and watch the sun dip beneath the horizon. 

Since Katrina is a lesbian, she knows all the best gay clubs. I know I’m straight, but I’ve been told that gay clubs are far superior to the straight ones. I’d probably have a much better time dancing with all the bears. Bear and bear enthusiasts seem to really love me. They’ve been some of my biggest fans ever since I became popular on tumblr. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so hopelessly straight, because no single group has made me feel as pretty and desired as the bear enthusiasts. I’ve had trouble meeting ladies in my situation but there seem to be a gaggle of gays ready for me if I ever stop being pegged at 0 on the Kinsey Scale. 

I digress. 

As my day of health begins to wear off, I figure I would just snuggle with Katrina and watch episodes of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix. We both really love that show and I can’t imagine a better way to wind down from Disney World, sunsets, and bear dancing. 

I know I’d have to come back to reality, but I feel like with this new experience fresh in my brain, I would be able to refresh my memory on what being healthy is like. I could go back and live in those memories when times are tough. Maybe I could just imagine that day right now. Pretend those are actual memories. Use them as some sort of placebo memories. I don’t know. 

I usually like to wrap up everything I write with a bit of optimism. Sometimes that is harder than it seems. If you are one of those blessed with health and you are wondering what to be thankful for tomorrow, perhaps tell people you are thankful to be illness-free and full of energy. Run really fast and chase a dog. Use your jumping skills to hop a fence. Drive to Denny’s and order mozzarella sticks. If you have a partner, maybe (with consent) squeeze a boob. Report back to me and tell me how it went.  

I will be thankful for Katrina. She is a huge light in my life. Her smile is infectious and whenever I see it I end up smiling as well. She always makes me laugh. We can talk for hours and it’s never enough. We usually have to force each other to end the skype calls and return to our regularly scheduled lives. And even when I am a huge bummer, she still loves me just as much. She accepts me at my happiest and at my bummeriest. So many friends have faded away. Not understanding my illness. Not wanting to put up with the sadness that can surround me at times. In the years that I have known Katrina, our friendship seems to only grow stronger. In sickness and in health less sickness. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. Friendship seems too small a word to describe what we have. (It’s possible we even invented a brand new word to describe our relationship. Which is super corny and mushy and no I will not tell you what it is.) And to all those men out there who think you can’t have a platonic friendship with a woman, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Best “friendzone” ever.    

I am thankful for my friend Ryan. I sometimes go into hermit-mode and may not talk to him as much as I should, but he is always super understanding and doesn’t make me feel guilty for being absent sometimes. He’s always awake at the same weird times I am, and is great to talk to when things are lonely. Our love of technology and scifi has bonded us. He is amazingly generous and my parents love him like another son. He is family as far as I am concerned. I hope that I start feeling better soon so he can visit once again. 

I am thankful for Otis. He was such a serious puppy. I called him my little emo-corg. He was still cute as a button and I loved him to bits, but I was worried my little moody corgi would mope around forever. But eventually his ears perked up and he grew into this wonderful, mischievous, goofy dog. I know I don’t play with him as much since I’ve been in declining health, but he always comes downstairs to check on me. Thankfully my dad is more than happy to throw his fox for him to chase around all day. I can’t prove it, but I sometimes feel like Otis knows what’s going on with my health and does his best to take care of me in his own way. 

And I am super thankful for my parents. They have supported and loved me from day one. They always believed me even when some of the doctors had their doubts. They took me back in when I had to drop out of college. They have never seen me as a burden and they enjoy my company even when I am at my brain foggiest and can’t speak. I’d probably be dead without them and I’m not sure a thousand thank you’s could adequately show my gratitude for that. I love my parents very very much.   

All-American Girl- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: While studying abroad in London, you meet Tom and the two of you fall in love, but both of you are hiding a secret. Tom doesn’t tell you that he’s a famous actor and you don’t tell him that your father is the President of the United States.

Word Count: 1700

A/N: So I just watched “My Date With the President’s Daughter” again and I absolutely love that movie (even though it’s just a little Disney film). The president in this is whoever you want it to be. It was not written with Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, or even Washington in mind. Please keep politics out of this. Thank you and enjoy.


“Beautiful day, isn’t it, Tess?” Tom asked his dog as they began their afternoon walk. Tessa was bouncing with excitement. A smile was present of her face as she trotted on the sidewalk. Tom was smiling too. He was finally home and he could finally relax, which, at this moment, is hanging out with his dog.

He lead Tessa down the familiar path to the local park. Tom’s happiness was cut short by the familiar ringtone of his manager going off. He sighed and took a seat at a nearby bench before taking the call.

“I’ve only just gotten home.” He told his manager. His brain raced to keep up with the dates flying at him. He cut his manager off from running on about future plans, “Look, we don’t know what we’ll be reshooting, so there’s no way we can already be planning reshoots.” Tom stopped and looked over at Tessa, who began to growl as she spotted a group of birds not too far away. Before he could distract her, Tessa took off, dragging the leash behind her. “I’ve got to go,” Tom said, hanging up his phone and chasing his dog.

“Tessa!” Tom shouted as he ran behind her. As the birds flew away, something else caught Tessa’s attention. She turned and maneuvered her way over to where you were sitting. You let out a surprised yelp as the dog suddenly jumped onto your lap and took a bite of your sandwich.

“Tessa!” Tom scolded as he finally caught her. He picked her up with one hand, using the other to grab the sandwich dangling from her mouth. You sat speechless, staring at the dog in disbelief. Behind Tom, you could see your bodyguard begin to step closer to you. You waved him off and turned your attention to Tom.

“I am so sorry, miss. She’s never done that before.” Tom stated, awkwardly looking down at the half eaten sandwich in his hand. His eyes shifted to yours and he felt his heart skip a beat. His head was pounding so much from his impromptu cardio that it took his mind a moment to register that he was staring. He blinked several times as you smiled softly at him.

“It’s okay. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway- they put too much mayo on it.” You replied with a laugh. Tom felt himself getting sucked back into his thoughts. You were American, now he felt even worse- what if it was your first day in London?

“Let me get you another one.”

“Oh no, it’s really fine-”

“Please, I insist. It’s the least I can do.” He said. He placed Tessa on the ground and held her leash firmly in the same hand that held the sandwich. He held out his free hand to you, “I’m Tom.”

“Y/N.” You replied. He lead you to the same sandwich shop that you had stopped in earlier that day to grab your lunch, which now was Tessa’s snack. Lucky for Tom, the small shop didn’t have a problem with pets who were not service animals- that or they recognized him and let Tessa’s presence slide. You and Tom (and Tessa) sat outside as you both ate your lunches.

“So, where in America are you from?” Tom asked you, before he took a bite of his sandwich.

“Currently, my family lives in Washington D.C. We just moved there in the past year.” You said, choosing your words wisely. It was refreshing for you to meet someone who had no clue about your current status as a member of the First Family; it was even more refreshing that it was an intriguing, cute British guy around your age.

“Oh, I’ve been there. It’s great. The White House is massive and the Washington Monument is bigger than I expected.” He laughed lightly.

“Yeah, it’s all really neat. Lots of history there.” You replied, “How many times have you been to America?”

“Quite a few. I do a lot of work in Atlanta, but it takes me all over America, so I’ve been to other big cities like Los Angeles and New York City too.”

“Really? What do you do?”

“Oh, um,” Tom’s mind went blank as he struggled for a quick, believable answer. He didn’t honestly want to give away the only thing keeping him a normal person to you, “I’m an assistant on movie sets.” He mentally sighed in relief.

“That’s incredible- do you get to travel all around the world? Or just to America?” You asked.

“All over the place, but mostly in America, though I did just come back from a job in Canada.”

“Canada’s so beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve always thought it was one of the prettiest countries. Well, apart from America, of course. With my dad’s job, I sort of have to keep America first.”

“Does your dad work for the government?” Tom asked innocently.

“Yeah,” You nodded, mentally adding ‘something like that’ to the end of your response.

“What brings you here then? If you love America so much, why are you across the pond?”

“I’m studying abroad at Royal Holloway University, London. It has a very good international studies program that reflects Georgetown University back home.”

“Wow, it sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate.” Tom smiled at you in admiration.

“Well, my father really wants me to pursue a career in international studies, but I’d much rather do philosophy.”

“I think either way you go, you’ll do fantastic.” He stated.

“Thank you,” You blushed. The conversation was cut short when Tom’s phone rang again.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’ve got to take this, but I’d really like to see you again. Could I get your number?” He asked, as the two of you stood from the table.

“Sure,” You replied, quickly writing your cell number down onto a napkin with the pen you carry in your purse. As you gave it to Tom, you saw your bodyguard once again, but this time he was giving you a warning look.

“I’ll call you later. It was nice meeting you, Y/N.” Tom said as he grabbed Tessa’s leash.

“It was nice meeting you too. Thank you for lunch, Tom.” You stated.

“Anytime.” With that, he left and answered his phone. You left as well, wondering just how long “later” would be. To your surprise, it would mean just three hours later.


(Three months later)

You sighed as you placed your last sweater in your suitcase. You zipped it up and placed it next to its twin suitcase. There was a knock on your door and you opened it to see your boyfriend, better known as Tom. He smiled and planted a kiss on your lips.

“I had to see you before you leave.” He said, making his way into your apartment.

“I’d be upset if you didn’t.” You laughed as you closed your front door. When you turned back to him, you registered that he had a duffel bag in his hand. You looked at it skeptically, “What is that for?”

“Surprise! I’m coming with you.” Tom smiled and your heart raced.


“No?” He questioned.

“No, you can’t come with me.”

“But why not?” He dropped the bag and placed his hands on the sides of your cheeks.

“You can’t. Just no.” You shook your head. “Why would you even want to go to America with me?”

“First of all, it’s Thanksgiving, which is a big deal in American, so I want to celebrate it with you. Second of all, I want to meet your family since you hardly ever speak of them. And finally, why would I want to spend four days by myself in London when I can tour Washington D.C. with you?”

“Tom,” His hopefulness stung you. You had gone months without telling him your true identity and it was starting to eat you up. “I’m sorry, but you can’t come. You don’t want to meet my family, especially my dad.”

“You say that like your dad is the president or something.” Tom joked. When you grimaced at his comment, his smile vanished. His joy turned to confusion, “What? You can’t be serious-” He paused, reading your facial expression of remorse. He pulled away immediately as he connected the dots. He exclaimed, “Your dad is the President of the-”

“Sh!” You cut him off by placing your hand over his mouth. He was terrified, but what other reaction were you expecting? You knew it would be far from a simple surprise. You slowly removed your hand and spoke, “Yes, my father is the President. I didn’t tell you because I appreciated how you treated me like a normal person. Back home, I’m this dainty, perfect young woman, but, here with you, I’m myself. I’m a college student who enjoys eating chocolate while wearing sweatpants and watching Friends.”

“Wow.” was all that he could make out. He took a deep breath as his eyes ran over you, trying to reassure himself that you were still you.

“Please, Tom, don’t be mad at me. I was afraid.” You pleaded and he shook his head, making worry overcome you.

“I’m not mad, just surprised.” Tom said, making that worrisome feeling in you lessen. “I can’t say I’ve been particularly honest with you about my life either.”

“What do you mean? Are you going to tell me you’re the Queen’s grandson?” You asked.

“No,” He laughed, “I’m not a personal assistant. I’m Spider-Man.”

“Tom!” You let out an annoyed groan, “I was being serious.”

“I’m being equally serious.” Tom said, “I’m the actor who plays Spider-Man in the recent reboots. I’m sort of a rising star.”

“Okay, that makes me feel less bad about not telling you.” You mumbled sheepishly.

“We’re ridiculous. Both of us lied to each other about being famous because we don’t want to be seen as just famous.” He smiled down at you as you blushed in embarrassment, “I am going with you to America, though I think you’ll need to properly prepare me for meeting the president.”

You smiled at him, before discussing the proper etiquette when meeting the one of the most powerful world leaders.

I watched Justice League today and I enjoyed it. It was a fun movie :)

I love Barry so much (but I didn’t doubt I would), Diana is still my Queen, Arthur just looked hot as hell, Victor was also totally badass and Bruce was this grumpy old man that regreted bringing them all together.

And sorry, I saw way more Superbat in this than Bruce/Diana what should have been a thing, right? (I thought I read something about that)

I mean just Bruce’s “I don’t not like you” in this special voice, it almost sounded like the “I hate you” from the Lego Batman movie and this was totally a love confession.

And when Diana talked about Steve and Bruce talked about Clarke … they were both sad that their boyfriends were gone.


So if it wasn’t obvious enough from the gifs, I am definitely Moa.na in this situation and all of you lovely people are her parents because honestly that is how I feel and what this moment means to me entirely. And just the thought of how emotional all of this makes me? Am I even making sense? Who knows but let’s get the ball rolling here.

I wanna start this off by wishing one of the most fantastic movies in my life a happy ONE YEAR anniversary. It’s wild to realize that a year ago from this day, this movie came out, my daughter appeared on the big screen, and I just fell I love once again with Dis.ney magic. Of course, the day before the movie came out, I made this blog. I’ll keep the story short but I was super excited for this movie, super excited to be writing as Moa.na, and now here I am. Still here, still crying over this kid. And let me just say that it has been… It’s been such an incredible year. Not without its shortcomings or hardships, and believe me most of this year tried to beat the crap out of me, but I’ve made it. I haven’t been on a muse without randomly disappearing since I first started four years ago, and that just means a lot to me when it comes to her. Because believe me I never thought I’d get this far.

I never expected many of the things to happen on this blog to well, happen on this blog. From all the friendships made and lost, to all the crazy shenanigans and just so much more. It’s something that I won’t take for granted and won’t forget either. And all the followers? I’m just simply blown away all the time. The last time I made a bias list was six months ago and I had hit past 450 (but focused on the 420 bit because I’m your local meme queen). And now I’m past 820 and just. Wow. It really means a lot to have all of you around, like truly it does.

I’m doing my best to tone down the sappiness levels because I could go on and on about how grateful I am to all of you, and since it’s also Thanksgiving, it seems even more appropriate for me to just give my continued thanks.

But I’m going to cut my Oscar speech here to just let you all know how much you all mean to me. Every single one of you are amazing and bring such lights to my dash. Thank you for sticking around this blog. Whether you’ve been here since around the beginning or a newcomer. Thank you for giving me and my version of Moa a chance.

And Moa.na, although you are a fictional character, thank you for helping me find out who I truly am. Or at least, continue figuring out that part of me.

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I remember so clearly the feeling I got in the theater when Kylo Ren took off his mask for the first time. I was so delighted I wanted to punch somebody in the arm.

geez, there’s so many dispute about my post with “any ship is a good ship”.
Why do we do shipping, people? Because it’s fun!  Because we feel like it! Do we do it because we want to hurt somebody? 
ANYTHING can affect on  ALREADY SICK person. So let’s forbid the horror movies to be shown, or any movies, cause, like, WHO KNOWS. 
If a piece of art affected on person and this person started to do something illegal or immoral it’s because this person. was already. sick. and needed medical care. 
People, who are trying SO SO SOOOO HARD to…convince me that NOT ALL shipping are good are just ridiculous. I mean, why? Do you even need that? It’s just an opinion of an artist. In my own blog. 
All you need is a little love, tumblr. And a hobby. I think, my pots AFFECTING BADLY on you. 

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reddie for the otp ask please !!

of course anon! i love my gay boys

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
- This is a tough one - but I have to say Richie, even if only for the fact that he’s the dom… The thing is, he starts off sounding like that, but once he gets into it, it’s all over.

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
- Again, Richie. It was The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - which is an emotionally-provoking movie, and he shoved Eddie off the couch for snickering at his tears. Eddie just climbed back up and snuggled back into Richie’s chest, causing Richie to put his face in Eddie’s hair as if he could block out the sad parts of the flick. (He really cried because he wished he had parents that loved him as much as Timothy’s loves him, but he “didn’t wanna be a little bitch and say anything about it while Eds was trying to enjoy the movie.”)

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
- Eddie. Though usually pretty meticulous, we all know our boy is still a certified gay dumbass that doesn’t even know forks can’t go in the microwave. When the microwave starts smoking, Eddie screams for Richie who comes bounding into the kitchen, yelling “DID YOU PUT A UTENSIL IN THE MICROWAVE?” “YEAH, WHY? WHY’S IT DOING THAT?” “FUCK!” And that’s how they destroyed their very first kitchen appliance together. Richie took a polaroid of Eddie looking downcast at the microwave (now on the floor) to commemorate the occasion.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
- Richie, and every time Eddie threatens to bite his fingers without fail. Eddie tried it once, though, coming up behind Richie while he was sitting in His Chair watching something, but ended up just getting fingerprints all over Richie’s glasses and Richie licking his hands. “Ew! You’re so gross!” “You weren’t saying that last night, Eddie Bear.” “That changes nothing, you’re disgusting here and now.”

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
- Eddie. Like Stan, Eddie is often pretty cold - a feeling he hates. Richie isn’t exactly like Mike, he’s not always warm, but he’s not always cold like his boyfriend either. On nights that Richie annoys him, while they lay in bed, Eddie will pull over the entire comforter to himself, meanwhile pulling up his legs and putting his cold feet on Richie’s back. “CHRIST, EDDIE!” Richie usually hisses, and it just makes Eddie laugh.

Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
- Eddie. He’s a sucker for The Bachelor as well as America’s Next Top Model. Richie would’ve joined, but they couldn’t hold his attention long enough. For three consecutive days, Eddie sat on their living room couch with his eyes glued to the screen. “Tyraaaa! Yes! Oh my god, you tell that bitch.” Eddie would clap, eyes never leaving the T.V. “I hate to say it, but you look exactly like your mother right now.” Richie said on the third day. Eddie immediately turned the television off and got up. “You know, suddenly, I don’t wanna watch anymore.”

Who laughs more during sex?
- Eddie. Aside from laughing at usual things, like Richie putting his arms in an awkward place or bucking his hips up too hard, sometimes Richie will gently slide his hand down Eddie’s side (Eddie is extremely ticklish) and he’ll just burst into giggles. Sometimes sex doesn’t even occur, it just turns into a shirtless tickle fight.

- RICHIE IS THE LITTLE SPOON BECAUSE HE LIKES TO BE HELD AND MADE TO FEEL SAFE also if he’s not then Eddie will hog the covers. If Eddie’s upset, though, Richie will gladly assume the position of big spoon until his boy wants to take back over.

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Hiya! what are your thoughts on the prequels?

Mixed feelings like probably most people.

I grew up being the target age for watching them in theaters, so as a kid they were FANTASTIC. Except that I genuinely really do H A T E JarJar and even as a kid HATED that character SO MUCH. I actually think the first movie is pretty entertaining if I skip the parts with too much Jar Jar dialogue. I actually like the set up that Anakin is just this kid and Padme is significantly older than him - psychologically with Anakin it makes sense that he’d be in love with this idolized version of a woman for all these years. It just reflects a man who they show now in the comics – one who thinks back on and continues to idolize the memory of his dead wife. Living most of his life in her absence is sort of his curse.

The second movie is a bit dry at parts, but I thought the set up for the clone troopers was interesting enough, and I loved what they George with the Jedi Council and Senate in the Prequels. That’s probably my favorite aspect – that these corrupt structures were in place, and that Anakin was so dedicated to “justice” in a way that ended up being a BAD thing – because he didn’t have the mental clarity to question those things and know when they were leading him astray. Blind allegiance to a moral compass not directed by constant moral questioning and critical thinking and perspective checking can lead to dangerously black and white, extremist thinking. I loved that the Council/Senate was using these clone troopers like cattle, rather than seeing them as people – it’s funny how a lot of antis don’t see the corruption that started the Empire is rooted in the “good guys” and their morally questionable choices. The Empire could never have existed without the choice by good people [like Obi-Wan] to use innocents who are essentially brainwashed SLAVES as fodder for war. Anakin and Padme’s love story is pretty cheesy and sometimes hard to watch, but I’ve come to appreciate what George was trying to do as I’ve gotten older. They’re both kids who were placed with expectations far too great on their shoulders from a VERY young age, and so there’s an aspect to both of them that never quite grew up. And they’re both victims of the broken system they want so desperately to believe in.

RotS is my fave of the three, and is the general fan favorite. I love the mythological feel it has – the tragedy of a character like Anakin. I think Padme could have been written better, and I don’t like a lot of her arc in this film. She was SO strong in the first two movies, and I felt she was done an injustice in this film a bit. She has a few good moments, but a few AWFUL ones, too. I don’t take issue with Anakin being the one responsible for her death though – I think that’s fitting, and I don’t necessarily see it as a useless “fridging” like some fans do. I think that part of the narrative makes sense and is not bad writing. What I didn’t like is the idea that she died of a “broken heart.” I wish George had just let her die of… asphyxiation and the stress that did on her body as she is going into labor. I guess he wanted that “fairy tale” feel though… I guess. Either way, I see it as Anakin being responsible for her death, and I think it’s a fitting part of the narrative and makes sense.

I loved the way he and Obi-Wan tragically faced off. I loved that Anakin was this jealous child, who’d gotten caught up in a web of childish deception. I loved that Anakin was convinced he was doing everything out of love and honor, when he was just fooling himself. It’s so relatable. We as humans convince ourselves in twisted ways that we’re doing the right things – and especially when we’ve clung to a cause for so long [for him the Council and the Republic] that when those things start to fail us, we are heartbroken [with the Council] and we desperately cling to the remnants of those things to feel like we’re not losing purpose [as he clings to Palpatine and the Republic despite the obviously morally questionable things he has to do to remain loyal].  I love the way RotS sets up that things are all about perspective, and that it’s easy to get caught up in a game you don’t know you’re playing when it comes to politics and morals. It’s easy to be played by others. It’s easy for the youth to be used like pawns by those at the top.

Anyway, I think the Prequels get more shit from “OLD FANS” than they deserve. Sure, the Prequels have some faults, but the overall narrative arc, character arcs, and the myth and lore it contributes to the greater universe of Star Wars is fantastic in my opinion. I’ve gotten even more appreciation for the Prequels now that the Sequels have come out. And I never hated Anakin as much as the FanBros™ did. I always thought his character was an awesome take on who Vader really was under that mask. I’m glad to see that reflected in Kylo/Ben’s character, too, and I can’t wait for the poetry they play in the Sequels through him [and the other characters]!

EDIT: The main issue I take with the Prequels is that some of the dialogue is just REALLY BAD and George needed someone else to help him direct the actors. He’s known for giving awful feedback to actors, and even the big name actors seemed to struggle under the lack of direction.

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my 2018 drarry aesthetic is Harry and Draco all snuggled up next to each other ("We are NOT being domestic, Ron, shut up. We're just cold, as all people tend to be in winter."), watching muggle movies. Draco loves the ones by Wes Anderson and Harry loves watching Draco watch them because he still hasn't got over how priceless Draco's facial expressions are even though they've done this loads of times before

Omg. Yes. I love muggle movie buff Draco. Yes yes yes.

(Send me your 2018 drarry aesthetics just for fun bc I love hearing what you guys have to say)

best friend!tom holland x reader

warnings: none, just tom being tom lol

requested by: @dancing4girls​

summary: a headcanon about being best friend with tom and playing his character’s love interest in a movie

a/n: hey, so this is my first request and i hope y'all enjoy it, feedback is appreciated (and please, let’s remember that i’m brazilian, so english isn’t my first language)

p.s.: thank you so much for the 17 likes on “why do you love me?”!!! y’all are awesome

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I was tagged by several lovely folks to do the last sentence WIP thing.  Post the last sentence of your WIP and then tag the number of people for each word in the sentence.  I’m probably too wordy for that, but here you go. From my post-CACW fic where Peggy bequeaths Steve a few home movies:

His breath caught.   It was Tony, obviously, though so young, all eyes and hair, but his tongue was held in his teeth, fixed just so, the way he still did sometimes when he got so deep in some problem or project.

I’m not sure who has done this now, but I’ll tag @shetlandowl, @captainneverever, @laireshi, @kiyaar, @festiveferret, @robintcj, @ashes0909, @sarah-has-blue-eyes, @saralhylor, @laudatenium, @xtaticpearl and @viudanegraaa.

Hi, hello, my name is Destiny !!

So I’ve tried making friends on here a few times and I’m trying again :))

I am 17 and I live in the US. I’m looking for an internet friend, Im basically down to text, facetime, anything you’re comfortable with!

Recently I’ve felt the need to rant and just talk to someone about any and everything, I’d love to have someone to just talk to and I would love to return the favor and hear about their day.

I love art, movies and MUSIC so much. I can go on all day about my favorite artist, album, or movie and I love hearing about other poepl’s taste. Also, I’m a senior in high school so I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life, hopefully sooner than later which I’m sure many can relate.

Basically I’m looking for anyone 16-19 how’s looking for a friend to talk to for longer than a week (because that’s usually how long these have lasted for me :/ ) I’m hoping I can make a real connection with someone.

We can message through my tumblr or imessage :)

Cliche [Holiday] Requests

If you know me you know that I can be quite the Grinch over the holidays. Not because I want to, although that’s a whole other story. But there is one thing that can get even me into the spirit and that is - cliche movies. Not only Christmas movies, but also the Disney Channel movies which is basically as cliche as it gets.

But that’s not always so bad, is it? We all roll our eyes at cliches, but we all secretly love them. Just look at all the coffee shop AUs, soulmate AUs, fake dating AUs. It’s all so typical yet we love it so much.

So for this holiday season, I want us all to celebrate with the cliches we all pretend we hate.

Think of the most cliche scenario, be it from a Christmas movie, a Disney Channel movie or an AU from tumblr and send it over and I’ll write a short story. It doesn’t have to be connected to the holidays, just make it cliche. Do your worst! The more cliche the better!

When sending requests send them like this: pairing + (fandom - not necessary +) scenario + which movie/AU it is

Here are the fandoms I mostly write for:

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
  • Captive Prince
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Servamp
  • kpop (Monsta X, B.A.P, Day6, EXO, BTS)
  • my ocs (not a fandom but I at least wanted to mention them haha)

When it comes to the ships, keep two things in mind: 1. I don’t do reader insert and 2. Under no circumstances will you be judged by the ship that you send. Don’t request the most popular pairs because you’re afraid that you’ll be insulted - you won’t be. I reserve the right not to write if I particularly dislike a ship but that rarely happens so don’t worry. There will be no ship wars, I won’t allow it.

Side note: feel free to send these until January. The Orthodox Church follows a different calendar and since my family is Orthodox, the holiday season doesn’t end in December for me cx

So request away!

(and please reblog, even if you don’t want to request someone else might)

Do you ever just cry because you start to think of your childhood & think of all the things that you love most? I cant help but cry when I think of Narnia. It brings back such good memories. I think of how happy it makes me & how nothing could ever compare to it. Those books/movies have done so much for me. C.S. Lewis was so brilliant & we get to thank him for the beautiful masterpiece he created until the day we die. I will never get over Narnia. It will always be alive in my heart. Forever.

i just watched coco, it was really good!!!!!!!!! its good to see pixar is picking up on its feet. time to listen to Remember Me everyday. i noticed disney or pixar movies usually come out during the thanksgiving weekend but it would’ve been more fitting to release it around halloween and dia de los muertos (although that would’ve been harder since halloween wasnt on a weekend). in addition! for some reason miguel and hector’s dynamic kinda reminds me of carlitos and enrique from Under the Same Moon

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The Dark Crystal isn’t creepy at all if you’re older than 5. My gf promised me a creepy movie and I was sorely disappointed, so don’t get your hopes up like I did. It is pretty weird and imaginative tho, so it’s still worth watching. The puppets are great (mostly) and the sets and designs are all really cool to look at. It’s just not as creepy as promised.

i dont think id survive if it was, thanks for the heads up!


I went to see CoCo yesterday and I get there and it was a Wednesday close to 4:10 pm. So maybe not a lot of people will be there. I get into the theater and sit down with my snacks and drinks. The trailers for kids films roll through and I was excited to see the Incredibles 2 trailer. Then two families walk in and take their seats. I went by myself because my friends were at work. It’s sooooo hard being 26 years old with friends who have jobs too. I loved the movie. The story and plot were fantastic. I was entertained throughout the whole movie. I loved the music. I was dancing along to it in my seat. The jokes were very funny too. I also cried twice during this film. I knew it was going to happen I just didn’t know when. I was blown away on how great the animation was. I loved all the bright colors plastered on dark colors while Miguel was in the afterworld. I also loved the spirit guides in this film. I really want a spirit guide. I want a giant cat/ griffin one like in this film. All and All I really loved this film and I am seeing it on Saturday with my friend. I give this film an A plus. If you have the time to go see a film go see CoCo. 

Dont you just LOVE those friends who have never seen said movie or played said videogame and you show it to them and they have zero interest and never bring it back up again. Then BAM you bring it up a year later and they claim to know all about it and love it and they found it all on their own and have known about it for years.

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if we were dating i would bake you stuff for now reason at all. i would and take you to the movies and hold your hand over the armrest. and i would make dumb grand romantic gestures and talk about how wonderful and beautiful you are all the time. and i would be just a general mess around you like this ask is lol 💕

I’m ..,.., crying.,,.sm.,.. Uhhhh I raise u this: we can bake together Bc I love baking (sidenote I can’t cook for shit) also yup 10/10 holding hands I support that

I really just love coming up with school Headcannons for Richie since it’s canon that my boy is smart and get straight A’s.

Like does he excel in French? Of course my dude!

How about Spanish too? Hell yeah man if you want!

What happens when a teacher announces a group project? All heads turn to him!

And guess who was fucking valedictorian? Bitch you guessed it!

Anyway, my boy was smart as hell and I kindly ask you to not erase that! Please and thank you!