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What's something you love seeing in fics/something you don't see enough of but really wish you did?

1. I love LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE Sectum Sempra Scars Angst. I see it quite often but can never get tired of it, I love it when Harry reacts and Draco just reassures him that it’s okay, that it’s in the past. Give me all the variations, idc if I’ve seen this trope 7000 times.
2. Love the idea of either of them getting a tattoo/piercing and the other being obsessed with it.
3. Love love love SOULMATE IDENTIFYING MARK STORIES! I’ve read them all. I wish I was joking.
4. Adore accidents that leave them bound to one another and thus they have to spend lots of time in each other’s company for a while, but then they realize they like each other.

Thank you for asking! x

okay but i LOVE that the 7 for 7 video is so much of a fuck you to those arseholes who were saying that jackson should leave the group. like they purposely have seven parts joining together, purposely mention how much got7 doesn’t exist without all 7 of them and how they won’t have to any other way. it’s 30 seconds and there’s so much unity and togetherness and

i just love how much got7 love each other.

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what do you think of the album? i've been seeing so much negativity on it and i'm just like less hyped you know :(

personally, i think the album is great. they look amazing, i can’t stop listening to all the songs, and we’re breaking records left and right… i’m pretty happy with everything ;u; 

and yeah, there’s been some negativity surrounding the comeback… remember that bts are artists, and they’ll continue to grow and experiment–that’s one of the reasons i love them in the first place. you can’t be expected to like everything they try out, and that’s okay! it doesn’t make you less of an ARMY. don’t feel bad about liking the album or disliking the album, just continue loving bts and that is enough ♡

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Band of Brothers ships and their "love languages!" We were talking about them in class today and I immediately thought of this. For example, my professor's mother's "love language" is giving gifts. Another's could be physical touching (i.e. hugs or leaning on one's shoulder). What are theirs? Harty and Frill are also appreciated :)


  • look, nix is like… incapable of saying things outright, okay?
  • he’s famn good with words. he can talk his way around almost anyone, but when it comes to just saying, “i love you”
  • nope. can’t do it. cannot compute.
  • so instead he gives gifts. he has a lot of money, and gift giving is much easier than saying things and meaning them. so, he lavishes the people he cares about with nice presents.
  • with his wives and sister, it’s easier, because they like expensive things. jewelry is impersonal, but all it really takes.
  • dick is… simpler. much, much more difficult.
  • he doesn’t want expensive presents, and won’t accept them. instead, nix has to look deeper. old photos of the two of them. letters left in places he knows dick will find them. books he’s sure dick will like, or tickets to the latest movie he’s been wanting to see. all things he knows will make dick smile.
  • dick isn’t verbal about his affections either, but he shows it through action.
  • just the way he looks after the people he cares about – the way he makes an effort to help them whenever he can, to personalize himself with them, to do favors without being asked or expecting anything in return.
  • when lew comes home and finds the bed made, or dinner prepared, or that dick has folded his laundry… he knows he’s loved.


  • lip is very much an action sort of lover. he shows how much he loves someone by taking care of them.
  • when he loves someone, he gets protective over them. he knows speirs doesn’t need protection, but that doesn’t mean he won’t move heaven and earth for him.
  • he does anything he can to keep speirs comfortable and happy. he’ll make dinner, clean up, give massages, and set speirs a bath when he’s had a long day.
  • speirs, on the other hand, is a very physical lover.
  • when he wants to show he’s possessive over something, he’s willing to say it, but mostly he’s physical. his demeanor radiates possessiveness – when he loves something, it’s his.
  • he won’t hesitate to swoop in for surprise kisses or pull lip into his chest while they’re watching a movie. he just likes having him close, so he knows where he is and that he’s safe. he likes feeling lip’s heartbeat against him, sharing their body heat, allowing their closeness to consume them both.
  • it makes speirs feel safe. more than anything, he wants lip to feel the same way.


  • babe has a lot of physicality to him, but he’s very verbal about his affections.
  • “this is gene! gene is my boyfriend! i love gene so much!” he’ll spout of variations of this any time, any place. he’s like… the world’s most loving broken record.
  • he also will give gifts any time he sees the opportunity, and do little favors to express how much he loves gene…
  • he’s a love fountain, tbh
  • but more than anything else, he expresses his love through his words. he’s no master wordsmith, but at least he knows he always means what he says.
  • gene is a little less confident expressing his emotions through words. he’s 200% an action guy.
  • it’s little things he’ll do, like have a bottle of water ready for babe after he works out, or absentmindedly feeding babe something by hand. he verges on a bit of physical affection – he loves to run his hands through babe’s hair or dust the occasional kiss on his face – but for the most part he expresses his love through little things.


  • webster is a poet, a writer, and a wordsmith. how do YOU think he expresses his affections?
  • he’s not the type to just blurt out how much he loves lieb at random. he likes it to mean something – so he’ll seize every meaningful opportunity he gets.
  • look, webster likes to make dramatic declarations. the amount of verbose, poetic love confessions he’s made could fill BOOKS. he’s a drama queen and proud of it. 
  • liebgott, meanwhile, is such a physical person that it’s almost ridiculous. he’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from webster. he’s no master with his words, but he sure has no qualms about expressing himself through touch.
  • he’ll grab webster at random. his biceps, his hips, his face – nothing is off-limits. when he wants a kiss, he’ll go for one. when he’s feeling possessive, he’ll tuck an arm around webster’s shoulders and pull him in.
  • (liebgott also has a weakness for cuddles?? he won’t ADMIT it, but he’ll snuggle up to web whenever he feels like it and just pester him until he gives in and pulls him close.)
  • they’re exact opposites at expressing their affection, and it can lead to a lot of miscommunication – but they work it out.


  • george luz is a fast-talking dork
  • the problem isn’t that he doesn’t know how to express himself – he doesn’t know how to shut up. he says a lot of things without thinking, so it can be hard for the people he loves to know when he really means it.
  • he’ll profess his love all the time, but when he really means it, joe knows. his face gets serious, his eyes go solemn, and there’s a vulnerability to him that is rarely seen. anytime he looks up at joe like this and says “i love you,” joe feels like his heart is going to explode.
  • joe, meanwhile, is the sort of person who shows his love through wordless gestures.
  • he does favors for people. if he notices something is broken, he’ll fix it for them. if he knows george has to run an errand after work, he’ll do it for him before he gets home. he’ll make george a snack when he’s hungry, and give him a massage when he’s tired before urging him to bed.
  • (joe also shows his love through protectiveness. he tries to encourage the people around him to take care of themselves – and when they don’t, through stubbornness or idiocy, he’ll do it for them.)


  • harry is very verbal about his affection.
  • he’ll proclaim his love for kitty at every opportunity. to anyone, anywhere, whenever he can, but especially to kitty.
  • when he sees that she’s feeling down, he’ll pull her close and whisper all the things he loves about her. when they’re twined together, unable to get any closer but still not close enough, he’ll gasp out how he adores her. he’ll throw a casual “i love you” over his shoulder and think nothing of it.
  • what’s more? kitty’s exactly the same way.
  • she’s a bit more reserved – she won’t go on and on to her friends about how much she loves harry – but she does adore him. she loves him more than anything, and she’ll tell him every chance she gets.
  • they’re the “i love you more” “no, i love YOU more couple,” and they don’t even cringe over how mushy romantic is it.


  • physical affection mixed with fond insults
  • they both speak the same language, tbh. it’s why they’re such a great match.
  • bill is definitely a physical kind of lover. he shows his feelings through touch, through arms around shoulders, hands on waists, mouth on lips, necks, and chests. when he cares about someone, he’ll touch them to prove it.
  • he also has no problem with saying it outright.
  • the people he really cares about, he’ll tease them. “ya fuckin’ idiot, be more careful.” “you’re really a dumbass, you know that?”
  • fran is also physical, and loves showing off her physicality
  • but when she has really strong emotions, she’s not afraid to vocalize them.
  • she’s communicative, because that’s the best way to be. it prevents misunderstandings, and people from being stupid because they don’t get what she’s saying. she’s a straightforward person.
  • but, when she really wants to show her love, she won’t hesitate to just sit down in bill’s lap and plant her lips on his – no words necessary.

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Honestly I don't understand how BTS has so many amazing songs. The past three albums have blessed my ears, and it's super hard to choose a favorite song from each; much less to pick a favorite album or even song! Idk, I just really, really love and admire BTS and their abilities.

okay meeee ;-; i really love this album and all of their albums and them and im a mess D”:

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Would you mind doing a Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them prompt between Newt and Jacob: "Newt she just doesn't see the love you have for her". Newt: "the heart wants what the heart wants and hers wants Percival" where y/n is in love with Percival but doesn't know her best friend Newt is in love with her (I know you don't feel like you know enough about percival graves to write about him so hopefully this is different if not that's okay. Thank you! <3

Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if this is a bit short, I wasn’t too inspired for it TOT

Originally posted by kittycheshirestuff

As the two men walked, a silence fell over them. All after the word Y/N was mentioned.

Jacob knew how much Newt cared for her, and how much it also pained him that she didn’t recognize it or see him as more than a friend.

“Newt, she just doesn’t see the love you have for her” The man told his friend in an attempt to break the uncomfortable silence. “You should tell her”

“I don’t think that’s smart” Newt shook his head nervously, terrified of the idea.

“Why not?” His friend couldn’t understand that behavior.

If Newt loved her as much as he seemed to do, why not act on it? Why not give it a chance to be happy with her?

“Because she can’t control her heart, just like I can’t control mine” There was a deep sadness reflected in the Brit’s eyes.

“But you love her!” Jacob passionately said, always the romantic.

“The heart wants what the heart wants” Newt sighed saddly. “And hers wants Percival” 

Jacob turned quiet, realizing that there was something more to Newt’s painful infatuation. The two men became troubled as they didn’t know what to do about it. 

Her love for Percival was too strong, and even if Newt were to address his own affections that wouldn’t change her feelings. 

One can’t tell the heart what to do.

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I can't believe you actually have a list of 'boundaries' when you choose to run this blog to 'help' people!!! I also can't believe you pick and choose which asks to reply to. I genuinely had nothing, no-one, i reached out to you thinking you would even just reply with a simple response and months later still nothing. Only now have i realised you actually set boundaries to your asks. Unbelievable.

Okay. So. I have a few points I would like to make here.

1. Yes I have boundaries. How would you feel if people were messaging you details about all the traumas they’ve been through, how it makes them feel, etc. It takes a toll. Especially after so many years of doing this. I am not equipped emotionally (or educationally) to help you guys with this stuff all the time. I love what I do here so much, but it’s triggering, and it’s hard. Boundaries are important in every relationship, even if they are unspoken. Even licensed psychologists, counsellors, and psychiatrists have boundaries which they will generally talk about with their clients. Also. I feel like my boundaries are pretty reasonable?? Like..they’re not really all that far fetched tbh?? (link to the boundaries if anyone is interested) 

2. Sometimes a question with a seemingly simple response may not be so simple. If I don’t know how to answer a question I try and do a lot of research so I can be sure that I’m answering accurately and only giving out good, relevant information. This can take a lot of time. Even when I’m not looking things up questions can still take an awfully long time to reply to. And at the same time I’m also trying to study full time, write a thesis, have a social life, and look after my mental health. I don’t spend all my free time on here, and I do take a lot of breaks because that is what I need. I don’t reply to every single question I get.

3. When I don’t answer it’s not because you don’t matter. It’s not because I don’t care. I genuinely care deeply about every single person who follows this blog or asks me questions. Like I’ve said, I just simply cannot get to every single question.

4. I’m sorry I didn’t get to your ask. There are a lot of asks I don’t get to. Some of them because I don’t have time, some because they are just too triggering, some because I haven’t been on the blog for a while. It’s far from ideal but I’ve received a lot of messages the last couple months while I’ve been having a break and, unfortunately, I won’t be able to get to all of them. Currently this is how many asks there are in the inbox…

If you tell me what your message was I can try find it and tell you why I didn’t answer it. And hey, maybe tumblr ate it? I don’t think anything can be achieved by you messaging me so passive-aggressively. If you are truly that concerned about your mental health then you need to go to an emergency room, call/text a helpline, or reach out to a GP/therapist. I am not here for emergency help. I am, in all honesty, here out of the goodness of my heart because I care about helping others who have been through trauma. I don’t have to be here.

Sorry if that was a bit messy, but I hope it made sense.

-Winter xx

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daestopiaa (if youre still doing the url thingyyy^^)

Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: I’m so proud of the gloriously punny Daestan my youngest and first child has grown to be. No matter how fierce and famous and fantastic she is, she will always remain my smol sweet Sudi bean, my tiny child, a cute kitten I will get scratched by and hissed at just to risk petting them once, I LOVE YOU–

I love Sudi a ton okay and it’s really icky, it’s so icky, she probably hates it lol but TOO BAD, it’s hard not to like her?? Her face is so precious? Her hair is fantastic?? I love her smile. I die. She once made me cry like a ton, I kid you not, I put my phone down and just cried a lot lol I love you Sudi and all y’all probably think I cry a lot, I don’t, just…

Originally posted by samtomydeanwinchester

I just know really nice people and @daestopiaa is definitely one of them ♥

ILY SUDIIIII pls don’t hate me for being so icky k byeee

Send me a URL

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Hey there! Could I ask for some headcanons for Levi (probably your MOST requested character) Headcanons for what he finds physically attractive in someone? And I mean the whole feeling hot just when you see them sort of physical aspects. And is it alright if it's for a male s/o? If not gender neutral is fine. Thank you!

Haha, Levi is the most requested character but I’m okay with that. Mod Spookzz loves him to pieces and he’s the easiest character for me to write, so it’s all good. 

Anyways, I’m really sorry anon, but I don’t think I can answer this question. :( Since this is a reader-insert blog, Mod Spookzz and I really try to keep physical descriptions out of everything unless someone is asking us something specific (like if he likes eyes or lips more, etc). I’m really sorry. ;u; We want to be as inclusive as possible if that makes any sense? If there is something else you’d like to see, feel free! I just don’t think I can do this one and I wanted to answer just for future reference. I apologize again!

so I’m in two creative writing courses this semester and we had to write flash fiction for one of them and???? I’m worried about my classmates????????? yall okay over there??

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Everyone is like Omg I looove DNA and I am like it's okey but I kinda like more Run and the songs in that period. Literally all my friends just looked at me like I was stupid or something and says "Don't you support Bts anymore?" And I do support them but I kinda like the older songs a little bit more. Btw how are you mommy, it is long time since I have talked to you 💚💚 Æ anon

I don’t know who said that every comeback should be praised more than the last one. I like DNA, but it won’t feel like “BS&T”. And that…is okay. I love and support the boys, but that doesn’t mean that I should love every song they release.

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hope im not late to the party but uhh- ya know that gay struggle™ where you fall for a straight girl? Okay so imagine the emotional torment of that but just fuckng heightened: basically, I have feelings (romantic ones) for my bisexual friend who only sees me as a friend. I have told her I liked her, and she never really reciprocated my feelings just kinda was like "oh okay" and now I am overwhelmed by FEELINGS every time I see her (which is all the time since we're so close) so, thoughts?

Hey love!

That sounds so tough. I think if she’s not showing any interest or doesn’t want to pursue a relationship, it’s best to get over her. It won’t be easy but it might be for the best. I’ve made some previous how-to’s here and here (they might help, not exactly pertaining to your specific situation but it’s worth a shot to mention them) so you can check them out. It’s going to be difficult but I know you’ll come out on top! Remember, if you’re good friends, communication always reconciles any awkwardness. Sending you lots of love.


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

nico cant take a break

someone: do you still ship klance?

me, internally: I love the dynamic of Klance and I love writing the ship. It was my first ship in the Voltron fandom and my first Voltron Klance fic Bonding Time is still my most popular. But it’s a constant frustration, because the more Klance content I reblog, the more anti blogs and art and posts are recommended to me. Because so many Klance fans are antis, and so Klance is associated with antis, which is so sad because I don’t want to be associated with such a toxic side of a fandom and I know many other Klance shippers don’t either, or don’t see the harm in anti arguments because they support Klance, and they’re defending Klance, so it must be okay, right? I hate that so many antis who ship Klance are also Lance stans, because I love Lance but I do not appreciate the iterations of Klance which make Keith out to be little more than a prop to support and lavish love upon Lance when he needs it - forget Keith’s feelings and character development, he’s from Texas and loves knives and making terrible decisions LOL. I hate the “there can only be one” mentality among so many Klance fans, who will go out of their way to bash other ships in order to make Klance the only “safe” and “non-problematic” one. I hate that the argument “because it’s not Klance” has literally been used when one shipper was asked why she didn’t ship or like Hance, I hate that people label Pidge/Lance as problematic even though Pidge and Lance have great potential as a couple and their age difference is the same as Keith and Lance’s, and most of all I hate that antis who ship Klance (…which is most if not all of them) claim other ships that “interfere” with Klance like Sheith or Shance or Shklance are pedophilia and unhealthy, when they are neither. I hate that antis who ship Klance will go so far as to attack other shippers with slews of hate, death threats, give them labels using words they do not even understand, and worst of all invalidate the experiences and trauma of actual CSA victims in their quest to make Klance the one true pairing. I hate that Klance fans have attacked the creators and voice actors of the show in the same way, I hate that @bext-k has been treated so horribly here on tumblr and then been told she couldn’t defend herself because her bully was a minor (a minor, but not a toddler, someone who is perfectly capable of not being an asshole and whose age does not make it okay for them to say the things they said). I cannot stand the Klance meta posts that analyze the heck out of every interaction between the two of them, and at the same time ignore much more meaningful interactions between characters like Shiro and Keith and deny that there could be anything more than friendship between them. It isn’t that deep, I’m sorry, it just isn’t, and it’s embarrassing to see how far of a reach Klance fans make sometimes in order to make their ship as canon as possible. And look, to a degree, I get it. I love Klance. But I do not love the way so many Klance shippers have broken apart this fandom and created spaces so toxic that CSA victims’ voices cannot even be heard without being shut down, mocked, and insulted. I do not love the way I now I have to check every unknown blog’s description before reblogging a post from them to make sure they don’t say “shaladins get out” or “stinky anti” there. I do not love the way that adult antis claim they are protecting minors and then turn around and reblog nsfw fanart of Keith and Lance, two characters who they apparently see as minors, even going so far as to tag it with things like “yaoi” or “this is so sinful” or something equally insulting. I do not love the way antis gaslight and guilt-trip, I do not love the insidious mob mentality that leads to people feeling afraid of not thinking the way other antis do. I do not love the all too prevalent fujoshi culture found among Klance shippers - have you ever noticed that the overwhelming majority of Klance shippers are teenage to twenty-something girls? Whereas all of the queer guys I know of in this fandom are multishippers and/or ship Sheith or Shance. Why don’t we acknowledge that? Why don’t we acknowledge that queer guys, whose relationships we are writing/drawing/analyzing and fangirling about, have an opinion here, and that their opinion maybe, just MAYBE, matters more than ours? In Hypable’s Battleships poll, this was literally proven - way more guys voted for Sheith than voted for Klance. But Sheith is the toxic relationship. Uh-huh. Right. Okay. Even though they’re both adults and have shown each other nothing but love, trust, and respect. This is what infuriates me about so many Klance shippers. The willful blindness to even acknowledge that other sides, other ships, may have merit. And of course this isn’t all of them, I ship Klance and I know many others who do and who don’t share this mentality that makes me so sad and upset. But there are a significant amount of Klance shippers who do. Why can’t there just be a dialogue? Why can’t antis be people who may not like Shaladin ships but understand that this is a fictional show, people are entitled to their opinions, blacklisting tags/blocking users/not looking at content you don’t like is a valid option, and words like pedophilia and “go kill yourself” should not be thrown around as lightly and frequently as they are? I wish we could. I really wish we could. And I also wish I could ship Klance as much as I want to without constantly being reminded of all the hate spread by people who call it their OTP.

me: yep haha ofc klance will always be close to my heart!


All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.