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okay listen I’m really shitty with words but like bear with me.

so hi, im mint. if you’re reading this you probably follow me which is really neat and you’re now one of over a thousand which is a lot. (like wow who are you people)
I never liked making long posts but this is very important to me so lets start from the semi beginning

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The game of our lives (Sam Drake X Reader)

Yes, that title is about the best one I could come up with at midnight… It was either this or ‘Because she gave a lot of fucks’ because… Well, she swears and that’s why…uh… Just go and read the original prompt from @missdictatorme haha (also… I’m kinda breaking what Overwatch can do in this story but shut up, it’s my story haha I’m also kinda bending the actual prompt as he’s not really chucking grenades but he’s chucking little balls of explosives but hey lol)

Fair warning: quite a bit of swearing is in this in English as well as Hungarian Soo… That was fun to write haha

“Oh, for… COVER THE HEALER FOR FUCK’S SAKE!” Was the line that blasted through Elena’s speakers trough all the gun fire and explosions that caught Sam’s attention.

Within seconds, he was sitting by her listening to the voice losing her mind as she would die over and over again. “GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU HACKER PIECE OF SHIT!”

Sam bursts out laughing at that one as the word ’DEFEAT’ flashes across the screen and the voice through the speakers just keeps on going. Eventually, they slip into another language, one Sam doesn’t recognise.

“BASSZÁTOK MEG A KURVA ANYÁTOKAT!” Came the screech through the speakers. At this point, Sam is assuming that it’s even more swearing, he just carries on laughing.

She continues on with a few more angry mumbles under her breath and finally sighs, almost making whistling like a kettle while letting out steam.

“So… Uh… Who’s your friend there, Elena?” The voice inquires in a much calmer tone as the game signals that it’s looking for another match.

“I’m Sam, hi!” He chuckles as he grabs for the controller from Elena’s hand. She hands it over just as the hero selection screen pops up. “Oh wow, you’re on the enemy team…” Sam can hear the eye roll in her voice.

Chuckling to himself, he comes up with the perfect plan to make her swear even more. To hear her getting flustered with anger again.

He scrolls straight to his main, Junkrat, well, when I say ‘main’, it doesn’t particularly mean that he is good at him, per say, but he’s pretty much the only character he can play. Video games are not really his thing, most of the time.

So with a small smile, he locks in on Junkrat and they wait for the countdown for the match goes down. 

“Temple of Anubis, huh?” Sam mentions. “This might actually work in our favour here…” He trails off and chuckles slightly.

“Sam, whatever you have planned, I swear to god, I’m going to sucker punch you into oblivion if you even kill me once this match.” The almost silent threat comes from the voice.

“Well, Miss Grumpy-Pants, may the better team win!” Sam chuckles yet again as he blindly starts firing onto the first point, his team being the defensive team.

After the first few explosions, the voice bursts out swearing yet again. “DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE? OH MY GOD, I HATE THIS GAME!” But she’s chuckling, she’s starting to enjoy it now, she’s stopped caring, especially after the previous 5 matches lost. 

She just laughs as she gets killed by sams bombs over and over again, with her colour language scattered between each burst of laughter.

It makes Sam’s stomach do flips, the way she keeps on coming up with new, even more riddiculous names than the ones before. He finds it adorable.


“Nine companions. So be it.You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.”

inspired by [x]

AU ideas

mostly for humour tbh

  • I arranged a flash mob at your venue and I was the only one who stayed to clean up the confetti. 
  • You found my lost cat on your morning jog and now you’re standing at my doorstep sweaty and shirtless with my beloved cat and it’s all very attractive. 

  • Jane Austen inspired AU

  • You keep targeting me at bumper cars and I’m getting annoyed.

  • We’ve been dating for a while, and I want to invite you over, but you just told me you’re afraid of snakes, and I have (at least) three snakes. (Bonus points if the snakes are named after other characters)

  • You took my virginity in high school and now you’re divorced/widowed with a kid.

  • Everything is exactly the same as normal, but for no apparent reason, halfway through the fic, one of the characters turns into Morgan Freeman and no one really cares.

  • You’re leading the first manned mission to Mars and I’m a Martian. 

  • There’s an Anti-gay rally over there, do you want to make out and piss them off?

  • Finding Nemo!AU

  • I’m blind and mistook you for my mom when I was getting off the plane. Why didn’t you say anything when I hugged you??

  • Same thing as the Morgan Freeman AU but instead it’s Shrek.

New Rhink video! Inspired by this amazing vine post.

Reflections on a Trip Around the Sun

I know my fellow writers will understand why this is such a long post - for the rest of you, please bear with me.  :o)  And I am tagging this the way I am because most of this pertains to my JLY family, who have made this year so good for me.  I know some days we don’t have enough time to go through the entire dashboard and we only check certain tags…and this way I can share with the people who have come to mean a lot to me this past year.  And I have a feeling that many of you can relate to some of what I have to say.

Every year on my birthday, I used to do a post reflecting on the past year and the hopes I have for the coming year.  This was a blog on a different site, one I don’t even use anymore.  I always found something positive to say - up until last year.

Last year I didn’t even have the heart to try to post something.  I spent most of the day home by myself, with only a couple of quick birthday wishes from family members.  We didn’t go out to celebrate at all.  It had not been a great year to begin with - I was not in a good place and couldn’t bring myself to write anything.  This year is so much different for me, so I am doing my birthday reflection again.  

The first couple of months after my last birthday were still not great - but that all changed when I went to see Jersey Boys in June.  It was like a switch had been flipped.  The story of the movie itself inspired me, and I had to learn all I could about the actors, especially the one who played Frankie.  His performance moved me…and the more I learned about him, the more inspired I became.  When I started following John Lloyd Young Friends on Facebook, I discovered many like-minded people who had also had similar reactions, and we bonded.  We REALLY bonded.  It was like having the sisters I never had, and we’ve all been through so much together.  We all support JLY and each other in everything, and it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before.  

Since June, there has been so much growth in so many areas of my life.  I’ve lost 25 pounds and am still working on more.  I’ve gone back to finding the positives in life and working toward my dreams.  I had all but given up on finding an editor for my first novel and getting published, but now I’m halfway through the editing process and looking forward to being published very soon.  I’m well into writing the second book, with the main character inspired by JLY.  I started working on poetry and songs and singing again.  

And just as important - I have found a group of friends through all of this that are true friends, who really care.  I had been hurt by “friends” in the past, and it’s so good to have people in my life that I support who are also happy to support me as well.  We are always there for each other, and they have done so much for me that I get emotional thinking about it.  I hope to return the favor, and also pay it forward to others.  

To cap it off, the trip to LA helped to inspire me more in so many ways.  I’m looking to find a better job so I can take care of things around here AND be able to travel to see JLY perform and see all of my amazing friends more often.  I miss them already and it’s been less than two weeks since I’ve seen them.  I want to be at more shows and get together with the girls whenever possible.  Even though we chat all the time, there’s nothing like being with them in person.  And being there to see JLY perform some of his original songs motivates me to get more serious with my songwriting.  I want more chances to be inspired by my favorite performer in person - even though I can’t make it to all of the shows and events, I want to be there to support him whenever I can.  I am now not only inspired to keep going - but to take it to another level and really push for my dreams.  I am stronger than I ever thought, and have confidence that I can accomplish more than I thought possible before.

I’m sending a sincere and heartfelt thank you to JLY and all of my JLY sisters - because of you I have hope for the coming year that even more positive things can happen, and faith that they will.  And because of the adventures I had in LA and at Sterling’s, I now know that beautiful things can happen in my life.  I am so grateful to all of you. xoxoxo

Now…if you made it to the end of my post without zoning out, thank you as well. :o)  I promise that there won’t be any posts quite this long again for quite a while, other than one celebrating when my book finally comes out.  You know I am always here for all of you as well - and I encourage you to make your own reflections when your birthdays roll around. I know so many of us have stories like this about the positive changes that have happened in our lives since Jersey Boys came out in theaters.  I’ve heard a few of my friends’ stories - but many of you are newer JB/JLY friends, and I would also love to hear your stories. Reflection is good for the soul…and I want to support all of your dreams too.  Here’s to an even more amazing year ahead - for all of us!