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D E F I A N C E   I S   F E M A L E

Tess Asplund defying a march of 300 uniformed neo-Nazis, Sweden

Lucie Myslíková standing up to a neo-Nazi demonstrator, Czech Republic

Ieshia Evans making a stand against police brutality, Louisiana USA

Saffiyah Khan defending fellow protestor Saira Zafar at a far-right rally, UK 

Unknown woman standing up to police in a prodemocracy protest, Chile

On a random note, I think one of my absolute favourite gifts you can get in Persona 5 are the Ceiling Stars/Star Stickers that Yusuke gives you after you go to the planetarium together.

Like. That was just… so goddamn… cute??? 

Yusuke gave Akira the stars.

It’s really cute in my head okay??? I melt a little every time I see them up in the bedroom….

chowder hcs nobody asked for
  • fucking instagram famous
  • does live shows like twice a week and people actually watch it
  • he mostly posts selfies and dog pictures, people follow him for the cuteness and stay for the positivity
  • he got lost in the woods when he was a kid and instead of staying where he was he just started walking and crossed state borders while doing so “the girl who loved tom gorden”-style
  • is a sucker for conspiracy theories, aliens are real but they just wanna be friends … don’t be mean .. they’re curious, they don’t wanna take over our planet, dex, stop
  • nobody ever sees him work out??? how does that boy stay fit??
  • wants to learn cooking so badly, but he once burned pancakes so badly that they had to throw away a pan and since then he has to be under supervision while in the kitchen
  • loves nursey patrol, because nursey gets affectionate and talks about how much he loves his friends and that’s like chowders favorite thing to do so it’s a win-win situation
  • he kissed everyone on the team at least once, he just gets excited okay, he loves people a lot, make platonic kissing a thing 2k17
  • (farmer finds it cute)
  • ALSO farmer, he loves her a lot, lets talk about that
  • he had no idea about volleyball but once he met her he watched the entirety of haikyuu and read the wikipedia page so he knows(tm)
  • they went on a date in a nice italian place and woke up a town over in onesies none of them owned before the next day, when asked what happened chowder just smiles and looks into the distance
  • boi can hold his liquid, he only drinks with friends but he doesnt really feel it??
  • speaks swedish fluently for some reason
  • backpack-hoarder(tm), why wasnt one backpack enough?? why does he need fifteen?? reasons, just let him be
  • also t-shirts.
  • has pinterest and always pins cool diy projects and never does them
Ladies Night

Summary: You and Lance have a ladies night.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: nothin’ but fluff here

A/N: Just trying to shake off my writers block. I hope you guys like this!

“I’ll be at the bar down the road if you need me.” your boyfriend of 3 years says after you just got done telling him what you were going to be doing tonight.

“What? Why? Stay home with me!” you exclaim adding a pout to your lips.

Lance scoffed. “Y/N, I’m not gonna stay home with you and watch you have a ‘ladies night’. That shit sounds boring.”

“Who said you were just gonna watch me? You can join in too.” you smile but Lance still holds a blank face.

“Yeah… no.”

You frown. “Why?”

Lance sighs and runs his fingers through his non-gelled hair. “Because, Y/N. That’s girl shit and I’m a manly man and manly men don’t do girl shit like that.” he says. “I’ll be at the bar, see you when I get home.”

“What’s next?”

You smile and start rummaging through the bag that was next to you. “Well I got these face masks from Target earlier and I was gonna try them out.”

You hold out the different types of face masks to Lance and he scans them over. “I want whichever one you’re gonna do.”

“Hmm.. this one is a cucumber one and it says it’s soothing and calming for the skin and this one is a charcoal paper mask. It says it detoxifies and cleans pores. Oh and-”

“That one, I want that one.” Lance cuts you off as he snatches the little red and black pouch from your hands. “Gotta clean my pores.”

You stifle a laugh at your ‘manly man’ of a boyfriend who was reading the ingredients of the pouch, the skin between his eyebrows creasing as he murmured the words.

“Water… aloe vera… leaf juice? What the fuck?” he scoffed and shook his head before continuing. “Charcoal powder, green tea… witch hazel?” he looks up at you. “Umm… I dunno about you but I’ve seen The Blair Witch Project, number one and two and I don’t fuck with witches so…”

“Not that kind of witch, babe.” you giggle. “In this case, it’s used to treat blemishes.”

Lance sighs. “Dunno what you’re talking about, this face has no blemishes.” he pats his cheeks with a smirk and you roll your eyes.

“Anyways…” you hum, reading the directions. “gently unfold mask and apply to clean skin.” you pause and look over at Lance. “You got clean skin?”

“Yup. Do you?”

“Mhm.” you go back to the directions. “Adjust around eyes, nose and mouth, smoothing to fit the curves of your gorgeous face.”

“See, even the face mask pouch thinks my face is gorgeous.” he beams.

You let out a little laugh and shake your head once again. “Close eyes and relax for ten minutes. Remove mask. Tingling? Yes, it’s working.”

Lance’s eyes shoot up to meet yours. “Tingling?”

You nod. “That’s what it says.”

“Like… it’s gonna burn my face or something?”

“I don’t think that-”

“Sweetheart, I love you and all but I don’t think I can do this. You see, what attracted you to me was my looks and-”

You interrupt him. “It wasn’t your looks, Lance.”

You see the gymnasts mouth curve into a smirk. “Oh yeah, that’s right. It was my huge-”

“Personality!” you exclaim before he could finish his sentence. “It was your personality, jeez.”

Lance lets out a loud laugh, rolling onto his side on the floor and you roll your eyes again. This man would be the death of you.

“Alright, alright, stop laughing and let’s put these on.”

“Did she really?” Lance questioned as you painted his nails with a clear coat.

“Yup.” you pop the ‘p’, also nodding.

“Wow…” he muttered. “I can’t believe Janice fucked a married man who had kids.”

“Mmm!” you hum, sipping your drink. “And get this; she’s married with kids too!”

Lance gasped. “No fucking way, are you serious?”

“Mhm.” you nod.

Janice was the ‘new’ girl who you worked with you and recently you had found out that she was screwing another one of your coworkers who was supposedly happily married with children. 4 to be exact.

“How’d you find all this out?” he questioned as he leaned over to the little coffee table you had in the living room to take a sip of his drink.

“The coworker she was screwing - David – his wife came in and flipped her shit. She was like ‘I can’t fucking believe what a pig you are, screwing your coworker, blah blah blah’ and he was like ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about honey, please let’s just go outside’ and he went to grab her hand but she did this matrix move and was like ‘you don’t know what I’m talking about? Really? You’re gonna play fucking dumb? Who the fuck is Janice, David? Hmm? Where is she?’ and everyone else was just watching. We were all giving each other looks like holy shit this is some good stuff. I think Marcos videotaped the whole thing.”

“Oh my god.” Lance’s eyes were wide and you finish up his right hand, now moving to his left. “And where was Janice? Did she get fucked up?”

“Oh honey,” you say. “the bitch got lucky because it was her day off. But when she comes to work on Monday she’s gonna get the ass whooping of a lifetime because David’s wife said she was gonna come again.”

Your boyfriend raised his eyebrows and let out a puff of air. “Jesus, the people you work with are crazy. All I work with is teens and the only drama I hear is ‘oh my god, Jennifer totally bought the same exact top as me, I can’t believe she’d do that’.” he says the last part in a high pitched voice, causing you to laugh. “Please keep me in the loop. I wanna know if Janice gets fucked up by David’s wife. She sounds like a boss ass bitch.”

“She is.” you agree. “And don’t worry, I will.”

You go back to focusing on painting Lance’s nails when the front door opens and in comes Hope. “Hey, I saw Lance ‘The Fucker’ Tucker was home but I decided to come in anyways and-” she stops dead in her tracks when she looks up and sees you painting Lance’s nails while Lance is drinking his alcoholic beverage. “What the fuck?”

“Hey Hope.” you hum.

“Hey sugar tits.” Lance smiles at your best friend.

You look over at her. “You do have some sugary tits.”

“I… you… what the fuck is going on?” she stutters, eyes going from you to Lance.

“Ladies night, don’t fucking ruin it.” he says.

Hope looks at you and you shrug. “You heard him. Don’t fucking ruin it.”

“Ew. You guys are weird.” her nose scrunches. “I’m just gonna go.”

“Okay.” you nod. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow… lemme just…” she pulls her phone out and aims it at the two of you.

“Are you taking a picture?” Lance asks.


He quickly poses, head tilting to the side as he smiles and you laugh. Hope takes the picture and looks at it. “Ben’s not gonna believe this.”

“Send me that picture!” Lance calls out just before Hope shuts the door. You and Lance look at each other before going back to what you were doing previously. “Anyhow, let me tell you about this girl I threw up on at a frat party in college.”

“Lance, that was me.”

“Oh yeah…” he hummed. “So anyways…”

A/N: Tell me what ya think! Also I’ll edit laterrrrr, gonna eat some tacos :)


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summary - logan has a lot of work to do and patton just really wants to go on a picnic

pairing - logicality 

word count - 865

warnings - this is literally the fluffiest fluff i’ve ever written 

a/n - yes. yes i did look the puns up on google. 

also, i might make a second part with them actually going on the picnic? idk leave some feedback if you’d wanna read it 

tagging - @ace-anxiety-sanders , @pointless-blog-name , @lampisimportant , @pippa-frost , @jinxed-unicorn , @starrykid

Patton finds his way into Logan’s room one morning, smiling and elated and wielding a woven, beige picnic basket in hand. It’s early — far earlier than Patton would usually start his day, but today is it. The weather is beautiful—it’s sunny and warm with a bit of a breeze and no chance for rain—and it’s a weekend, which means Logan won’t have any classes to teach. It’s the perfect conditions for a picnic for the two of them, and Patton’s not about to take no for an answer.

 “Good morning!” He chirps brightly, skipping over to the chair Logan’s currently occupying. His boyfriend is hunched over a stack of papers, focused and driven as he works, and though Patton loves his concentration face—lip between his teeth, eyes narrowed, brows furrowed in thought—he sets the basket down and puts both hands on the back of the chair, leaning down to nuzzle at Logan’s neck. “What’re you up to, my dear?”

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HEY!!! consider commissioning me while I look for some steady work!!! (reblogs appreciated 💖 💖 💖)

I’m tryna save up for my annual texas trip in july and then hopefully moving out in late summer, and while im trying my darndest to get a steady job, i def need some more immediate income

I think i hit all the points on this very messy quick sheet, but def hmu if youre interested or have a question!!!!

email me at tealdragon44@gmail.com or DM me on tumblr or twitter!!

lucky-nagisa  asked:



also i lied about there being no WoH they’re in here

first up we have the crack AU me and my friends made up: Instead of a killing game, it’s an Uno tournament. If you lose, you’re out.

I forgot how to draw Komaru orz

Next up we have the Naegi sibs strangling Junko

Why did I draw them like rotisserie chickens? I dont know

Next we have a shitpost I made in a skype call. Make of it what you will.

everyone is alive except peko

i really don’t like komaeda but i shitpost about him anyway

me and my friend on flockdraw (hey look it’s that one nagisa)


I was in a Skype call trying to draw with my left hand and my friend and I made up a story…Kotoko is trying to shoot Nagisa (why? Idk) and jataro is trying to backstab Nagisa, Komaeda is trying to stop them and Masaru is gonna jump on Komaeda. Also Hinata is crying.

This is just a draw your squad meme lmao



(I spelled literally wrong smh)

Kelley was never combative, but he seemed drawn to passionate souls…. Something in him liked a fighter, and he enjoyed the role of counselor that gave these heroes strength and rest.
—  1/∞ reasons why DeForest Kelley is actually Leonard McCoy (From Sawdust to Stardust)
When you try to like your notp so you dont seem otp-ist

“Ok let’s try to just look at the pictures ok?Maybe they look cute together”

“wow…..they….um…..look…something i guess”

*reading notp fanfics**they kiss*
Me:*shudders* ”NOW YOU SEE THAT’S SO UGH-”

tries to like notp pics but couldnt help thinking“how do people even ship them?”


what do you mean they look ‘so in love’ with each other?????

whisper’ wadafuk’ for the 191279319313089392382 times that day as I scroll down in my notp tag

*judging with a shipper friend when some notp shipper said their ship is the “realest “ *

*tries to be happy/fangirl over notp* *gives up cuz it’s not working*

*question life choices*

since another ao3 ship stats post has come out for this year, once more im thinking about how difficult the race factor is to account for accurately

for example, does an anime ship really count as asian x asian ship, much less a japanese x japanese ship, when most people write them as generic nondescript american or a poor half-assed attempt at what they imagine to be japanese without proper research. ((for example, before you ask yourself does x anime character like to listen to tswift, you gotta ask yourself is x anime character even the type to pick up and listen to foreign music heavily in the first place. stuff like that often goes unconsidered))

considering this is a post about english-language fandom for a predominantly english-language site, we can throw out japanese rep and ask ourselves how helpful or meaningful this is to japanese diaspora. to this, i think i can generally say it’s really not helpful at all

and that’s a layer that can likely be replicated at least to some degree with the k-pop fandom and other fandoms i can’t recall right now

what’s the point of the character being poc if they’re not written as such within fandom in the first place? is a thought that comes back to me every year when that post comes around

this website makes jokes about calling everything gay (“x is gay culture” “if you do x you’re gay” etc) but honestly being gay is such a unique, uncommon experience. you grow up feeling isolated from your peers, not understanding why you’re different. in a lot of cases, you dont conform to gender roles, either, which makes you a bigger target for bullying. growing up hearing your identity, an innate and unchangeable part of you, being the butt of so many jokes and seen as the worst insult fucking hurts. having basically no one in the media to look up to, who you can relate to, and the few people you do have your parents talk down. your parents, the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally, dragging the few people who share your sexuality simply due to that one factor.
honestly just existing as a gay/lesbian person in this world is an incredible act of bravery, even in the most accepting of places.

349 kotoko utsugi icons

character name: kotoko utsugi
series: dangan ronpa: another episode
amount: 349
icon type: formatted


i made these for my rp blog and i still use them kind of but? sharing is caring. if you plan on using these make sure to like/reblog this. pleeease don’t tell people you made these yourself… i will find you.

i made only one artpiece in this that’s used as an icon, so if you’re an artist and see your work here and don’t want it here, contact me and i’ll take it down!

MAAAJOR TW FOR SEXUAL ABUSE, although for the most part it’s just her looking absolutely horrified, know that… that’s a thing.


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enfperks  asked:

Hey so I'm just getting into astrology now and idk where to begin! Whenever I look up the astrology tag it just confuses and frustrates me. Are there any tests I should take? Posts I should look at? Blogs I should follow? Thanks so much for you help 😄

sorry for the late reply! 

You should first and foremost get your natal chart calculated if you haven’t already, astro.com is great and astro-charts.com can show you some more insight such as your chart pattern. which aspects you have the most of, etc. 

you should also check out my beginner tag! It’s posts that i think would be helpful to a beginner into astrology 

 some blogs that i recommend would be @airmom, @ninthhousemoon, @astrologyalien, @astrology-addict, @aesthetics-astro, @ascendingvenus, @astrawrlogy, @ayyries, @ayat-the-aquarius, @astrolocherry, @zodiacale, @cutestrology, @starlilium, @dorkycancerian, @airmom, @wizkhalibra (and more) 

  • Taken from personal experience.
  • YoonMin Shippers: very sweet very nice very lovely like I have no bad words for these people how are they so nice literally all fics of their otp is angst angst angst how are you not rolling in rage
  • TaeKook Shippers: very dirty but try to be low key about it but then just blow up with all the bottled up thirst and go on kinky one shot rampages but also really weird in the best way possible
  • NamJin: calm as fuck, secure with their ship like really mature and idk why, I respect you but I don't understand you
  • VHope: oh my god dirtiest people you'll ever meet but they have 0 shame, yeah they read that one shot of v calling Hobi daddy while being fucked in a public restroom with Jungkook in the next stall and they're proud of it
  • YoonSeok: super laid back when expressing their love for this ship their tags are either 'oh they're so cute' or 'omg they looked at each other' //idk how you survive because I rarely see any quality YoonSeok shit so I give you props for sticking to your guns// well shut me the fuck up yoonseok is sailing nowadays hold onto it while you can
  • JiHope: you're either a sadist or the sweetest cinnamon roll because I've seen you guys blushing and getting flustered over Jimin just grazing Hobis thigh but then going off into your own fantasy of 50 shades of JiHope, some of ya'll are nasty.
  • JiKook: idk why but most people I've met that ship JiKook hard also ship Jimin with everyone like they want a BTS sandwich with Jimin in the middle but at the same time they're very loving and pretty much adore their ship but say anything about "lol Jungkook ignores Jimin he hates him" and they'll be serving your head for dinner
  • VMin: oh man these guys are the funniest, they can be dirty but it mostly consists of pervy jokes and their favourite moments between their ship are when the two are bickering or jokingly insulting each other they're down for pretty much anything
  • TaeJin: Kinky af and it scares me how quick you can go from sweet to horny
  • JinKook: you guys are cute af, sure you can be nasty like the rest but you're genuinely happy just watching Jin dote over Jungkook and it's the sweetest thing ever and you deserve every ship moment that happens because you guys are the real cinnamon roll

anonymous asked:

Hello again, I'm that Daichi anon :D Good luck with your exam^^ And yes, I was referring to the first panel. Idk either, maybe it was because I have a thing with that kind of super focused/concentrated face, ahaha :3 (and I cracked up with your tag about miya twins being kise, it was even funnier remembering all of them have the same pretty, idol-like image)

Hello daichi anon! Always happy to see some daichi love <3

Thank you loads!! - I’ve still got 9 more exams to go so my responses are going to be periodically delayed :3

But speaking of super focused/concentrated faces, yea I have to agree with you, they look dashing just before and after they nail a spike. 

I also really like noya doing his tongue thing right before he nails a receive:

and speaking of these two, look at them being super adorable with ryu and asahi in the latest chapter:


(regarding that comment about kise vibes, haha thank you for reading my tags :P; honestly, i wouldn’t be surprised anymore if the miya twins start pulling classic moves of other teams now that they’ve done it >.< )

hey.. so i won’t be able to write for a few days.. there was a matter haha but it doesn’t really concern uall, so.. yeah. but i’m not emotionally up for writing rn so please do understand. i’ll try to get back writing as soon as possible.

21 sept 17

-mia, your awkward and shy patootie writer-nim