i just look illegal t shirt

Glaive out of armour


Nyx likes wearing tight shirts, or nothing at all (“which is illegal Nyx what are you a nudist?”, “Luche, I’m going to elect to ignore your stupid question.”). Clothes that make him feel better about the way his body looks and the way people (women or men, he doesn’t care) look at him. It’s this self-consciousness of it all, he’s never had much confidence in himself growing up, but knowing that the looks he can receive from certain people, those sort of looks, make him feel better about it all.

Just a little bit.

In the summer, he’ll wear short sleeved shirts, patterns across the front or back, or those lose sleeveless shirts that show off his body under the thin material and when he stretches in the sun. He owns a pair of khaki chinos and only wears them when he’s going out somewhere nice, a party or a celebration with a friend. He enjoys formal casual day to day wear, button shirts and tight trousers, suit jackets over a V-neck shirt. Calming shades of blue and grey on white.

In winter, he’s normally in large puffer coats and fluff padded boots. He’s always wearing some sort of beanie or cap, a scarf that covers his neck (he likes being warm, and hate the feeling of chapped lips) underneath it all he can get away with odd socks and bright yellow shirts (because even indoors he’s wearing a baggy jumper or a hoodie) showing a little madness in all the frozen weather.

Underwear? What is that? Everything’s free flowing when you’re not in your Glaive uniform.


Crowe isn’t a dress kind of woman, the wind running between her legs make her uncomfortable, and there’s far too much maintenance required to keep her legs hairless all throughout the summer (she do it when it’s needed, when it suits her, but she sees so many of those mole rats of models with their perfect legs and faces, not a hair out of place with that strange open mouth thing they do – she’s jealous, a bit, sort of, she’s hot too and she knows that). She prefers shirts and trousers, shorts when she’s feeling brave (and when she wants to brave waxing everything, dear God it’s painful sometimes) she likes shirts with the lace backs or see through parts, feeling sexy and mature when she can walk around feeling confident in her own skin.

In winter, she huddles down, Barbour coats that end at her waist, thick scarves (some of them are glittery or have tassels she knots together when she’s bored), she wears tights if she’s braving the shorts (which is a rarity) but prefers her tight trousers and tall boots to get her through the snow and black ice.    


Libertus doesn’t care what he wears, as long as it’s comfy, or reminds him of home. He’s a backpack for work, printed t-shirt and shorts all day (and even in the winter, he’s immune to it and Nyx is convinced his friend was abducted by an alien) kind of guy. His leather jacket a staple for everyday with the added embellishments he’s still got as mementoes from Galahd. Most of his clothes are thing he can also wear around the home, easy to move in but conservative (he’s not like Nudist Nyx), buttons done up, sleeves down. He can dress up when needed (with help from Nyx and Crowe over a bottle) but will descent down to the depths of fashion fopaux with the addition of socks and sandals to his daily

(Credit to wyrm-eater, it was all their glorious idea)

Libertus also, once upon a time, had a partiality to fanny packs. Colour faux leather they were both a nuisance and useful, but when Luche had enough of looking at the abomination so close to Libertus’s junk and Crowe threatened disownment (“You can’t disown me! You’re my sis.”, “Fight me. I can, and I will with that thing around your waist.”) he stopped, much to the amusement of many.


Style is consistent with Luche, only the best names that he can find (we’re talking $200 just for a thin summer jacket, they all think he’s insane until he wears it and oh dear god he’s hotter than normal) work for him. He’s got this thin natural model look about him and just between him and Crowe it makes it so easy to go shopping together (they just bring the seasons top picks from a fashion magazine (it didn’t matter which) and shove Luche into everything they see in it until a certain shirt and a certain pair of trousers or shorts just works). He likes the weight of long jackets and their deep pockets, the rolled-up ends of certain cut trousers or the way he can roll up the sleeves of a button up and just feel better about it.

In winter, it’s much the same, scarves and deep leather gloves, he pulls out a pair of military like boots when the snow is thick enough to come up to his ankles (it’s a death trap snow don’t be fooled by the fluff)


Crop tops that say “I’d tap me” or “Redheads are better in bed” with terrible neon Ray-Bans (pink or green, he’s got a yellow pair but those are his favourites). Hot pants (it’s hit and miss whether they say “Grope my Glaive”, “Satisfy your sword” or “Explore my Void” – they’re a womens pair and no one gets how he fits into them) that end just a little too close the curve of his arse and perhaps he might endeavour to pack a little ‘something something’ in the front just to see Luche gawk and scowl the entire day. Flip flops or trainers that are about to come apart, mismatched socks with small ladybirds or cute penguins on the side (“Tredd, what are those?” “They’re mooses. Meese? What’s the plural for moose?”, “For God’s sake.”).

In winter, he’s the complete opposite. He’ll put on a pair of trousers(!), fastens up his shirts and finally pulls out something black (for summer Tredd there’s no such thing as black) from the back of his overflowing wardrobe. Everything else is just thrift shop buys. He covers his hair with reindeer hats, or polar bears. Finds as many Christmas themed jumpers as he can (which were purchased every year with increasing concern for his sanity by everyone) and wears them every day, all the time (to the point that the one day he forgot to put one on the entire Glaive group panicked, even Luche, and stole Libertus’s one for him).

Okay. I’m joking, although the idea of Tredd wearing such an abomination to piss Luche off amuses me.

Tredd is actually a very ‘casual wear’ kind of guy. Jeans and lose shirts, jumpers that fit around his wrists and hips just right. He loves the feel of their warmth in the winter and how he looks with them on in the summer, rolled up so people can see the leather bracelets and wrist bands in support of certain charities, and that highly tasteful watch he’s had for the last six years (“No, I didn’t steal it”). Light colours and a few deep reds and blues tone out his wardrobe and he doesn’t add much in the winter except for a thicker coat and a little more constitution. He’s a fan of thick woolly socks in and the smell of his girlfriend’s perfume on his beanie and scarf, although he doesn’t admit that last part openly.  

(Tredd just likes to dick on Luche, this is a thing now [crack ship?] and I will take it to my grave)


He likes his long shirts and jumpers, skinny trousers with simple designs that originate from his birth home and warm colours. (He’s got an entire second wardrobe filled with Ackkan jackets and Bandhgala suits). When he’s going out for the night he’ll don a freshly ironed shirt (never wear white on a night out is his fashion motto so the lightest he goes are pinks or baby blues), watch on the left wrist and ring on the right hand. He always looks classy and rich when he’s sat there in the bar with a bottle before him and his small crowd of fellow Glaive. He’s casual with his clothes, bits of home he’s comfortable to keep. In the winter, it’s much the same, although his style has improved to a slighter Lucian city tone. (Luche was quick to help him, without compromising the man’s individual style, finding him clothes stores and tailors that would provide him with long robes and baggy sleeves he wanted.) Embroided work that crawls up his back and over the shoulder of his coats and jackets. He wears scarves sown by the girls in the Glaive, orange and green colours that he can’t seem to stop picking up.


Axis is very… unimpressive with his sense of style. He’ll wear what he likes, when he likes, and how he likes it – sensibly of course. But there’s moments of character that spark through the seemingly dull exterior, the peek of bright yellow socks under his jeans. Or the blue and orange scarves and the slip of his shirt over a belt buckle that oddly looks like a comic hero symbol. He’ll wear dark long sleeved shirts and jeans, fingerless gloves and black shoes most days, comfortable to go out them at night as well.


Through the year he wears his polo shirts, tight in the sleeves to show off his more… physical attributes, he’s comfortable in most clothes and is wardrobe ready for waking up and wearing whatever he wants (he’s even got a kilt somewhere, Tredd picked it up as a joke and Sonitus remembers that night so fondly he doesn’t dare throw it away). Blues, pinks, greens; colours and shades don’t seem to bother him as long as they work with his skin tone (he’s even found purple doesn’t look half bad). Baggy trousers (not the ones that hang so low you can see his underwear Luche might have a heart attack), ripped jeans and cotton trackie pants with white trainers or converse style shoes.
in the winter, he sports the same black ribbed coat every day, a think dark scarf and snapback. His hands are in his pockets, he always forgets his gloves, too and from work and even though he denies the cold there’s still the rise of condensation as he breathes.

okay liSTEN. Hunk cuddling all the paladins.

  • it starts with lance falling asleep against him in the Garrison. Just dozing off against his shoulder after long nights of studying. Hunk just leaves him there and continues reading.
  • next is keith, who curls up between hunk and the back of the couch, one hand curled in hunk’s shirt. shiro comes in to mention training and hunk just “sHHHHH. i’m pretty sure it’s illegal to move when there’s a cat sleeping on you.” and shiro is just ???? but doesn’t question it.
  • Pidge just falls asleep curled up on Hunks chest like a tiny little kitten. Grumbles when hunk moves so obviously no moving. 
  • and then there’s shiro. who has a nightmare and is wandering around the halls in the middle of the night. Runs in to hunk and they start talking. and then shiro fucking falls asleep leaning against the wall and hunk just quietly freaks out like “what do” so he just scoops Shiro up bridal style and carries him back to his room. and he tries to put him down but shiro has latched on so he curls around him. Shiro dosen’t have nightmares for the rest of the night.
  • and all of them just feel so safe when hunk hugs them? like he may be the softest and gentlest but he’s so warm and strong and safe and it feels so nice being held by him.
  • just. Hunk holding all of these poor scarred children.

I have said this so many times. And I will keep on saying it. A bit of kindness and respect can go a long way my friends. We have all been in a relationship with Taylor for years. Some of us 10, some 8, some 5, hell maybe even a few months. But we all share that same relationship we have with Taylor. The love and respect for a friend/someone we look up to and admire. I don’t think it is quite fair to throw years of a relationship out the window just because you do not share the same viewpoint. And I mean if you think about it, when you look at the bigger picture, look at everything Taylor has done for us, the fans over the last 10 years: 13 hour meet and greet, pulling illegal u-turns in a busy intersection to follow a fan and say hi to them just because they were wearing one of her tour shirts, saying hi to them at restaurants and various places while out and about, going to their house, inviting them into her homes, sending them gifts handpicked by her, face timing them, donating money to their cause, meeting them before and after her 2 hour shows, finding them at awards shows, helping them with bullies online, helping them through a rough break up online, the list can go on and on. What I’m trying to say here is this: Taylor has always had our backs and has always showed us the utmost respect. She never drew a line with us, because she is just as excited to meet us as we are to meet her. She loves and respects us. She thanks us endlessly time and time again for supporting her in every way. All I’m saying is, that kindness and respect should be returned.