i just look illegal

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal


my fav part of the series is when someone says something  fucked up to ginko and theres a few moments of silence while he looks at them with a tired expression

+ another doodle i didnt want to post separately:

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I had the silliest idea for a stormpilot/kylux high school au

So like imagine that it’s yearbook time, and of course Finn and Poe get Cutest Couple. But also, Hux and Kylo get Power Couple.
They’re pissed off because, “We are NOT a couple!!!”
So it’s time to take pictures for the yearbook. And Finn and Poe take the cutest pics. Super lovey dovey, smiling, laughing. Doing fun and cute poses, like Poe giving Finn a piggy back ride and Finn carrying Poe bridal style.
Hux and Kylo begrudgingly go. They keep grumbling about how they aren’t even dating, why does everyone keep saying that? All their pictures are them glaring at each other or bickering, standing at complete other sides of the frame.

When the yearbook comes out, Finn and Poe’s page is super cute and is adorned with hearts and sparkles. All their pictures are pure and adorable. It’s so clear how much they love each other.
Hux and Kylo’s page is mainly of them looking as passive as possible, but they’re completely shocked to see a couple pictures of them holding hands, and laughing together, Hux leaning with his head on Kylo’s shoulder, and looking like a real couple.
Phasma is Evil and sent in photos she took of them when they weren’t paying attention.

A Minseok Exo’luXion appreciation post

They know exactly what they’re doing when they give him sleeveless outfits

I mean look at those arms


Rumor has it, that Kim Minseok can kill you just by looking at you.

Oh shit…

Yep. I’m dead.

Oh good cute pose, we deserved a break from…

Oh jeez minnie. Keep your clothes on.

I said ON!


Aw how can I stay made at that?

BREAKING NEWS: This just in, Kim Minseok’s profile is just as perfect as straight on. God save us all.

I’ve decided this outfit should just be outright illegal cuz he looks so good I actually can’t breath.

Nope. Just nope on this one. He’s no longer allowed to sing because he just murdered me.

Wow. He is doing those stripes a favour. Boy looks fiinnnne.

I feel uncomfortable about how fast he goes from sexy to adorable. Its giving me really mixed signals…

Needless to say, this concert was a gift to Xiumin fans everywhere. 

today i finally felt i had enough energy to sketch some stuff for myself

modern au bak

he likes to jog in tiny shorts and do yoga in crop tops and wears komui’s giant gross shirts at home

he also pushes his hair back with infuriatingly cute frog and bird shaped hair clips that komui buys for him because they are both disgusting

i suppose i will let this be accompanied by my previous tweets as well


SG1 Meme: Characters (7/7) | Jack O’Neill


You are my quinque.

anonymous asked:

Yeah not a lot of bad posts on the tag lol so that's a relief. Also age isn't a big deal so I don't know why it's causing such a problem. I always thought the cadets were around the age of 18-21. Anyways, has there ever been a model or actor who you see Keith and shiro as?

ur lucky you missed majority of the war lol but that aside INTERESTING QUESTION! can’t think of anyone for keith rn but I can totally see hideo muraoka as shiro…..he’s illegally beautiful just look at him 


@jccaylen the ocean is the biggest cockblock ever

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen no ? just fly over here bby we’ll finally be together

- - -

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen late night skate?

@jccaylen @kianlawley​ you know i’m always down

- - -

@jccaylen i feel like getting naked

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen together ? i’ll be over in a bit

Guys, listen.

I found this on twitter and this far I haven’t been able to find a source, so if anyone has even the slightest clue of where is this from, I’d gladly appreciate it.

Older Atsushi wearing punk clothes for @intra-fiducia! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Probably I didn’t do him justice, but I still hope you like it ;3;