i just look illegal

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal


loumauve replied to your postwho wants to send me prompts for sanvers drabbles…

sometimes i think about how much of a nerd Alex is and about how Maggie loves that about her, but between the two Maggie is probably the gamer, so sanvers + gaming? idk

“I honestly can’t believe how into this you get,” Alex says, dropping down onto the couch beside her girlfriend.

Her girlfriend who doesn’t even look away from the TV, doesn’t take her hands off of the controller, continues to tap one of the buttons furiously while the bald guy on the TV chokes someone into unconsciousness.

“And It’s actually kind of scary how good at this you are.”

Maggie smirks, nudges Alex’s shoulder with her own. “Why scary?”

“You’re literally just killing people. Really well.”

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A Minseok Exo’luXion appreciation post

They know exactly what they’re doing when they give him sleeveless outfits

I mean look at those arms


Rumor has it, that Kim Minseok can kill you just by looking at you.

Oh shit…

Yep. I’m dead.

Oh good cute pose, we deserved a break from…

Oh jeez minnie. Keep your clothes on.

I said ON!


Aw how can I stay made at that?

BREAKING NEWS: This just in, Kim Minseok’s profile is just as perfect as straight on. God save us all.

I’ve decided this outfit should just be outright illegal cuz he looks so good I actually can’t breath.

Nope. Just nope on this one. He’s no longer allowed to sing because he just murdered me.

Wow. He is doing those stripes a favour. Boy looks fiinnnne.

I feel uncomfortable about how fast he goes from sexy to adorable. Its giving me really mixed signals…

Needless to say, this concert was a gift to Xiumin fans everywhere. 


SG1 Meme: Characters (7/7) | Jack O’Neill

today i finally felt i had enough energy to sketch some stuff for myself

modern au bak

he likes to jog in tiny shorts and do yoga in crop tops and wears komui’s giant gross shirts at home

he also pushes his hair back with infuriatingly cute frog and bird shaped hair clips that komui buys for him because they are both disgusting

i suppose i will let this be accompanied by my previous tweets as well

anonymous asked:

It's currently illegal in Louisiana to distribute or promote communist ideology.

what the fuck really? 

ok i just looked it up myself and it is illegal there was a law instituted in 1962 about it holy shit i didnt kno there were still so many overt anti communist laws like that around anymore like.. where are all the liberals crying about free speech now

speaking of more subtle stuff the anarchist bookstore near where i live was having a talk by some author about the alt right and it was being hosted by antifa and i went to it with my gf and there were a ton of cops, like 10 or more, outside of the bookstore, (which is really small) for no reason taking pictures and trying to follow people when they left, like cops down almost all the streets next to it and apparently they were there the day before and tried to get them to cancel the event cause they thought it would “attract protestors” or something (yeah right) 

Tagged by Mr Tinkles @pureren and again, I will break the rules not tagging anyone or writing new questions because I’m this evil lmao fight me.

Disclaimer: Whenever I see Tessa tags me in this things I’m like “yay, another tag game by Tessa” and then I read her answers and I always laugh because her answers are big and interesting to read and then I write my dumb short answers with “lol” and “xD” and “hahaha” and that’s all xd

1. What kind of highschooler are/were you?
I was… the girl who everybody liked because “too pure and nice for this world”. I remember once a classmate told me I was the only “lady” in the class and they also chose me as best classmate lol I was like “wtf, I don’t talk to anyone but you still choose me, thanks thanks but I don’t deserve it because I didn’t do anything”.

And most of my friends was from another class and they know I’m quiet and “cute” until I have confidence and trust in people and I’m literally the chibi who wants to fight everybody when they call me chibi. ¿? I talk a lot… and I’m super dramatic ahahaha. I was the Ice Drama Queen before Elsa, excuse me.

2. What’s your favourite poem or quote? A line that stuck with you?
I have a lot. I’m always using quotes from The Simpsons or Disney movies and basically my sister is the only one who gets it and complete the dialogues if there are dialogues lol

I’m not good at remembering poems so… And I’m not sure if I have a favorite line, because I like too many. But I’ll say Annie’s “I just want the weak, who do get swept along with the flow, be considered human too” is one of my favorites because I felt it. I consider myself weak too, in the way I interpretate that quote lol And now is in my sidebar, yes.

3. What’s a mundane special talent you have? (Small stuff like being able to make dragon origamis or being good at rhythm games idk)
I’m really good at not make any sound when I walk so basically my mom always jumps scared because she “didn’t see me coming” or she “didn’t feel me / my presence” or whatever you call it. Hours ago she scold me because she saw a reflection in the mirror and when she turned out I was there staring at her lol

4. What would you describe your aesthetic as?
Snowy things lol Winter, snow, snowflakes, snowdrops, ice, colors related to this things, etc. I told you, I’m obsessed with them ahaha That’s why my friends calls me “The Ice Queen” lol Not because I’m a person with cold heart.
(Basically, I always like characters related to ice or crystals so Annie got a point there lmao). I could marry Shirayuki Mizore if I can but I love too many characters and I can’t pick only one plus they are fictional *sobs* (Insert another reason of why I didn’t watch YOI: because everybody was talking about it and I was jealous because I saw a lot of things related to ice and blue-ish things and I was like NO NO THAT THINGS ARE MINE!!!! *dramatic Tamaki pose*) Hello, I’m super jealous.

5. What do you think are the most important traits a person can have?
Kindness. I’m not really good at picking people traits because I know a lot of people with different traits even ones I say like “I don’t like it” but I like them anyways lol I’m too weak. I easily love people even if I have a hard time trusting in them x’D

6. What are your favourite scents?
Ehh… Vanilla, when you turn off a candle, Colognes for babies lol I actually love the smell of babies and kids ;u; I love kids. I suck at remember the things I like when people asks me the things I like >:c

7. What hobbies or extracurricular activities have you participated in in your life? Any you were particularly good at?
When I was young (I’m old already) I tried ballet ¿? I always liked to dance and do presentations in school’s aniversaries lol Once for the english class I had to sing Hakuna Matata with two friends and I was Simba. Doesn’t have too many lines in that song but my evil friend made me say some random bugs names or things that rythms with Hakuna Matata. The teacher liked it a lot and she MADE US DO THE DAMN PRESENTATION IN FRONT OF OTHER RANDOM CLASSES AND I REMEMBER MY COUSIN TRYING TO HIDE HIMSELF WHEN I WAS IN HIS CLASS AHAHAHAHA.

8. What “otp things” make you weak in the knees and smile like a fool at your phone while everyone is throwing you concerned looks from the other side of the bus?
First… Everyone is always looking at me like that because I’m always saying and doing dumb things. Not so long ago an anon told me I’m “a boob” and I didn’t understand it so I had to google it and I laughed because.. yes. I’m super clumsy and dumb, like.. remember I come from the past, aka january 2017.

OTP things… I don’t really call OTP to ships that aren’t canon lol My first ship was Usagi with Seiya from Sailor Moon x’D I never liked Mamoru for her and I didn’t understand Seiya was actually a girl when I was a child but whatever xd my first ship was a female x female lol And I really love when Seiya teases her calling her Odango… so let’s start with a cute nickname. Half.. “I’m being annoying calling you like this” half “but I like it for you”.

I also like when person A use person B’s appareance for jokes lol //I actually enjoy when people tease me for being short lol but shhhht!//

“Remember when you said -insert what person A said trying to imitate voice and expression’”.

When one of them is kinda possesive lol “You are mine”. I like jealous people, I don’t know if this is good.

If one in the ship is shy or tsundere…

I’m trying to remember some ships I like that aren’t anime ones lol Agh, I’m so bad at explaining myself and you make me do it in english… *sobs*

9. How would your otp confess and kiss? (*hiding the notepad* this is absolutely theoretical and definitely not stored for further use….)

I don’t know why kdramas came to my head with this question but I really hATE how they make the kiss scenes last like.. 10 minutes and from all the possible angles e_e

But I’m a trash for this kisses where is one of them who just… do it and then both are like “MAAAAAHHHH?????!!!” and random reactions while both are red. If they are dramatic, I’d love it more. Like WTF YOU JUST DID??! *hits the other with a bag, book or whatever it has in the hand or close*

The first kiss where they are like staring at each other and kissing again at the next second without anything more are boring lol

10. What aus based on real movies or shows are your favourites? (like disney aus, atla aus, mr and mrs smith aus, etc.)
I love Disney AUs because I love Disney but the character must really fit for me to like it lol I also like reencarnation AUs beCAUSE I CRY I MEAN, I REMEMBER THE KDRAMA ‘GU FAMILY BOOK’ AND I START TO CRY BECAUSE AOKSNHFIDUHUAGDS.

I also like a lot this… when the characters change bodies so basically they have to live in each other and is super funny to see lol //Insert the kdrama Secret Garden. It sounds like I’ve seen a lot of them but actually not lol//

I’m a trash for the AU where there’s a girl hiding her genre and acts as a boy lol MULAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN AND Ouran are my faves, of course.

High School AUs too lol they are like.. too common but I love them. (College ones are meh, tho)

I also like musical AUs but basically they end being like.. Disney AUs because too many songs lol

I don’t remember more? I’ll read the answers of the other people you tagged later lol I’m super picky but actually basic and with no experience reading fanfics because I’m too lazy to read things that are too long.

11. What’s best: Sleeping in freshly washed bed sheets or eating warm bread thats right out of the oven?
Ehhhh… I’ll pick sleeping in freshly washed bed sheets because I never make/do my bed ahahhahaa. (Damn verb, I’m not sure which one to use in this sentence lol)



But seriously was I the only one squealing at how much more they seem to value each other? No matter the form. Even when Chat was somewhat incapacitated Ladybug listened to his input and valued his contributions. And when Marinette helped Juleka get the pictures he immediately praised her for her compassion and stood beside her. Help me these cutie patooties will be the death of me!!

I would like to take this moment to scream at the top of my lungs,

I had the silliest idea for a stormpilot/kylux high school au

So like imagine that it’s yearbook time, and of course Finn and Poe get Cutest Couple. But also, Hux and Kylo get Power Couple.
They’re pissed off because, “We are NOT a couple!!!”
So it’s time to take pictures for the yearbook. And Finn and Poe take the cutest pics. Super lovey dovey, smiling, laughing. Doing fun and cute poses, like Poe giving Finn a piggy back ride and Finn carrying Poe bridal style.
Hux and Kylo begrudgingly go. They keep grumbling about how they aren’t even dating, why does everyone keep saying that? All their pictures are them glaring at each other or bickering, standing at complete other sides of the frame.

When the yearbook comes out, Finn and Poe’s page is super cute and is adorned with hearts and sparkles. All their pictures are pure and adorable. It’s so clear how much they love each other.
Hux and Kylo’s page is mainly of them looking as passive as possible, but they’re completely shocked to see a couple pictures of them holding hands, and laughing together, Hux leaning with his head on Kylo’s shoulder, and looking like a real couple.
Phasma is Evil and sent in photos she took of them when they weren’t paying attention.


You are my quinque.