i just listened to it again in full and i

this has been an interesting flight back so far

i got stopped at security and tested bc something showed up on the scanner as being inside my ass / back pocket. security dude asked me if i had anything shoved in my ass. straight up to my face asked if he needed to do a full cavity search. which he didn’t. i got scanned again and nothing showed up.

on the flight the lady next to me was looking up toy yorkies for sale in miami and crying quietly over the pictures while the dude on my other side watched Hellboy and listened to metal at the same time.

then i’m getting coffee just now on my layover and the lady’s voice sounded super familiar so i just mentioned that to her and she said “yeah i sound like michael cera, right?” “oh….no, i don’t think so” “yes i do. have a nice flight.”

what other weird things are gonna happen??

The wind picked up and carried pieces of you back to
me again. It whistled a song I used to know, you are
better than the worst thing to happen to you
. There
were days that I wore this fact like a second skin,
but lately I feel like I’m trying to shed it. I have a
mouth full of paper cuts from all the letters I wrote
you but swallowed instead of sending. My mouth
feels so crowded with all the words you wouldn’t
listen to. I swear everybody keeps staring, waiting
for the next time I’ll detonate just to see what kind
of art can be salvaged from the mess. I want my
insides to stay on the inside this year. I don’t have
any more blood to spare. This body was my home
long before it was ever a harvesting ground for
odes to you.
—  TIME BOMB, angelea l.
sentence prompts ➝ the civil wars
  • ❝I don’t want to stay.❞
  • ❝Do you ever listen?❞
  • ❝Please forgive me.❞
  • ❝You’re just lonely.❞
  • ❝Drink up, baby.❞
  • ❝Give me one night with you.❞
  • ❝It’ll all be over soon.❞
  • ❝Have you got something to tell me?❞
  • ❝You’re like a mirror, reflecting me.❞
  • ❝I just wanna take care of you.❞
  • ❝Do what I say and I’ll make you okay.❞
  • ❝I miss the way you wanted me.❞
  • ❝Did that full moon force my hand?❞
  • ❝Don’t go. Please don’t go.❞
  • ❝Why are you so far from me?❞
  • ❝I don’t want to hurt you.❞
  • ❝I’ll kiss you again between the bars.❞
  • ❝You’ll always be the one that’s standing in my way.❞
  • ❝I wanna give up, but I won’t.❞
  • ❝There’s no reasons, no excuses.❞
  • ❝Just don’t go without me.❞
  • ❝Can’t live with you or without.❞
  • ❝Say goodbye and don’t look back.❞
  • ❝I’m going to go home.❞
  • ❝Give me a chance, I’m beggin’ you.❞
  • ❝Oh dear, never saw you coming.❞
  • ❝I’ve been awaiting for you.❞
  • ❝I never meant for this to mean a thing.❞
  • ❝Don’t say that it’s over.❞
  • ❝I could get over you but please don’t ask me to.❞
  • ❝Haven’t you seen me sleep walking?❞
  • ❝You better wait with me.❞
  • ❝Don’t take that sinner from me.❞
  • ❝All your perfectly delivered lines, they don’t fool me.❞
  • ❝How long will I have to wait for someday?❞
  • ❝Let me in the wall you’ve built around.❞
  • ❝Your mouth is a melody I memorize.❞
  • ❝I don’t love you but I always will.❞
  • ❝Eternally, I’m broken.❞
  • ❝Give me the burden, give me the blame.❞
  • ❝In my arms is where you are to be.❞
  • ❝You’ve been lonely, too long.❞
  • ❝Tell me that you’ll always be true.❞
  • ❝You’ll always be the only one.❞
  • ❝You’re still the best thing that never happened.❞
  • ❝Where she walks, no flowers bloom.❞
  • ❝I just wanna hold your hand.❞
  • ❝Oh, why don’t you keep drinking?❞
  • ❝I know you wouldn’t hurt me.❞
  • ❝There’s so much I’m dying to tell.❞
  • ❝Sometimes I can’t tell where I am.❞
  • ❝Try to convince me that I’m not drowning.❞
  • ❝You had me fooled for a while.❞
  • ❝Stop saying those sweet things you know I like to hear.❞
  • ❝Don’t you let me lie here and die here.❞
  • ❝I don’t want to talk right now.❞
  • ❝The killer in me is the killer in you.❞
  • ❝Looks like you made up your mind.❞
  • ❝Why do you keep looking out the window?❞
  • ❝You only know what I want you to.❞
  • ❝There’s a note underneath your front door.❞
  • ❝I’m a dead man walking here.❞
  • ❝Oh, aren’t we a pretty, pretty pair?❞
  • ❝Look what you have done.❞
  • ❝That’s the least of all my fears.❞
  • ❝I just want your arms wrapped around me in this moment.❞
  • ❝I don’t have a choice, but I’d still choose you.❞
  • ❝All the king’s horses and all of his men couldn’t tear us apart.❞
  • ❝Where’d you learn to lie the way you do?❞
  • ❝Who could do without you?❞
  • ❝The less I give the more I get back.❞
  • ❝Meet me in the garden where the weeds grow tall.❞
  • ❝All that he really wants is someone to want him back.❞
  • ❝I wish you were the one. Wish you were the one that got away.❞
Either you tell him, or i will

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Part 4 // Part 3 // Part 2 // Part 1

Then my lovely patience ones, the part 4 is finally done! Again Im so sorry that it has taken so long! I have actually no idea where this is going or where my imagination is coming from (god’s biggest mystery). The last episode was just amazing, plain and simple, and i can’t wait until the next episode.. shit this series have me whipped. Anyhow i hope there isn’t that much misspellings in this one, but it’s probably full of them! I have also listened to your tips and made more paragraphs! One thing before i’ll shut up, i will update all my old imagines every now and then, when i actually have some time!

Request: Anon(s)

When is part 4 of the hvitserk imagine coming? That story is great! You should make more parts, not only 4! 😊😊😍😘❤

Are you writing a part 4 of your hvitserk imagine?

Warnings: you should now me by now, if it’s Hvitserk, it’s smut. NSFW

Wordcount: 4,000 exactly :)(:

I remember how angry he was when he got back home and we really started to argue.

“I won’t tell him Hvitserk, i won’t risk it.” I had told him with teary eyes.

He tossed a pottery vase into the wall next to me - made it shatter to a million pieces. For the first time he had actually scared me.

“I don’t care about it, he can’t kill me he’s a cripple! I can protect myself y/n.” Never have i seen him so angry before, never so violent.

“Don’t underestimate him…” I had warned as i gripped onto his chin, making him face me. His mouth letting out heavy panting.

“Either you tell him, or i will”. His words spoken through gritted as his hand took a hold around my wrist, squeezing it - chest raised with every breath.

“Then i will deny it. It will be your word against mine, Hvitserk.”

A single tear ran down my cold cheek, leaving a burning trail behind. He had let out a breathless laugh, as he looked at me with a clenched jaw and lips pressed into a firm line. Nodding, he had let my wrist go before pushing past me with his shoulder and walked out of the room with heavy steps, slammed the door behind him. I had closed my eyes shut and sunk down to my knees, and let the rim of tears go, as i bursted out in sobs into the cold, dark room.

I had avoided my love for almost a week after that, leaving into the woods before he could get a hold of me, taking another way home from the market so i didn’t stumble upon him. My mother had also noticed the change in me, making her worried. She had told me multiple of times that Ivar came by, and didn’t quite grasp why i had turned my back at my best friend.

I’m cursing Ivar for thinking he could claim me in such a way, like i was some sort of object to be owned! It pained me to the bone marrow not to be with Hvitserk, but i know the pain would be even greater if his brother should take his life - take him away from my arms forever. It was better this way, i tried to tell myself.

Petting the little brown and white kitten, i let the soft fur slip trough my fingers as i stared out on the grey fjord - my bum resting on a large moss covered rock. This was a reserved place, so far away that people rarely bothered to come to it. I couldn’t understand how everything had turned so fast on it’s head, from happiness to sorrow in just a day. The wind blew, carrying the sweet smell of ocean and making my hair dance around me. Familiar steps came closer, and i pressed my eyelids together not really wanting to talk to someone right now. A broad man sat down next to me, an arrow in his hands.

“You have become a rare sight y/n. Has something happened?” Ubbe’s voice called for me and i turned to look at his blue eyes.

“No. I just needed some time alone, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Taking his big hand in mine, i tried to get my voice to sound as sincere as i could.

He nodded, pressing his lips tight into a firm line. I couldn’t tell if he believed me or not.

“Well, we all miss you. The day’s just aren’t the same without your presence to lighten it up, and i think both Ivar and Hvitserk especially agrees with me”.

I furrowed my eyebrow at him as my fingers absentmindedly stroked the sleeping kitty in my lap.

“What do you mean?”

“Both of the idiots has grown more grumpy, Ivar in addition more angry, and i know by the fact because they have been asking around for you. I think Hvitserk misses his hunting partner”. He told and smiled at me.

Of course Hvitserk misses his “huntingpartner”. I returned a warm smile. I knew for sure that i wouldn’t be able to stay away from him. He is a to big a part of me, he is my one true love, and if we had to stay hidden then so be it. Ubbe leaned back on his elbows - looking forward.

“Come and eat supper with us then, y/n?”

“If it will shut your nagging, then fine”. He chuckled at my answer, before returning to a calm silence, only the whispers of the sea around us.

“I bet a sack of coins you wont hit that seagull.” He used the tip of the arrow to point at the bird floating undisturbed out on the water a good distance away. Turning to look at him over my shoulder i saw the smirk prominent on his face, before i snapped the thing out of his hand and reaching for my bow. Taking my aim and releasing.

I told Ubbe i were going on a hunt to collect tomorrows dinner, and that Hvitserk could join me if he cared to - meeting me at the our spot. I didn’t really plan on hunting, his sack had more than enough coin to buy the dinner instead, but i needed to see his brother again.

The pond in front of me was calm enough to mirror everything around it, only a drop from a leaf disturbing it - growing bigger circles at the seconds. The forest felt alive, giving soft noises from every corner. Dew on the grass wet my feet as i remove my shoe, and receiving a tingling feeling. Singing from the birds fills my ears, making me smile. Fingers pulling on the treads that keep my body covered, and pushing it of. Stepping out of the last piece of fabric prisoning me, i got completely naked - i got one with the forest. Footsteps inching closer to the pond until there was no more ground to step on. Letting the sweet air of forest fill my lunges i dive into the water, penetrating my reflection.

The cold water surrounded me and everything went silent for a moment, like i left everything and all behind. Swimming up to the surface again, i broke trough it - pushing my hair back at the same time, welcoming the air back into my body.

“What are you doing?” The oh, so familiar voice asked, and i couldn’t help but let a smirk grow on my face. My back still facing him, i answered.

“Im taking a bath. I bet your mother would like to have clean guests at her table later.”

I turned over my shoulder to look at him, he didn’t disappoint. He was standing there with a bow draped over his broad chest, arms crossing over it. The angry face i had last seen was no longer to be found, but instead replaced with the cocky one i loved, and hated.

“I thought you said we were going on a hunt”, he said looking at my pile of clothing and lifting a hand.

Turning towards him i swam closer until i was a good meter away from him, my hair floating around me like a h/c shield - covering my chest.

“I can’t go on a hunt now, Im all wet.”

I saw my carefully chosen sentence ignited something in him - something lustful. Licking his lips he pulled a hand trough his hair, looking at me rather amused. Squatting down i swam even closer until i could touch him.

“How do i know you’re not the Huldra?” He asked daringly, crooking an eyebrow at me.

Looking up at him seductively, i rested my upper arms on the grass as i lifted myself up and leaned closer to his handsome face.

“It’s a chance you have to take.” Whispers falling out of my mouth.

I saw him closing his eyes and closed in with a hint of pout on his lips. Taking this as a chance to make some mischief, i waited until he was nearly an inch away, before i flipped my fingers right under the surface - sending a splash right onto his face. Kicking my feet, i pushed myself backwards, a smirk prominent on my face - eyes still lingering on him as he grimaced, slightly in shook of the action. He quickly recovered, giving me a warning glare while pointing a finger at me.

“You’re gonna regret that, you little tease!”

I giggled and bit my lip as he hastily stripped of his clothing. To my surprise, he dived without warning. I lost my sight on him, starting to grow a little nervous. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist before pulling me under - making me close my eyes and draw a sharp breath. His lips met mine, making me return it. Breaking the surface again, we also broke our kiss. I lifted my legs to lock them around his abdomen, just as his hands gripped on to my butt - pressing me closer.

“Im so sorry, love. I should never have acted that way towards you.”

Words so sincere i couldn’t help but kiss him again. He moved so his long legs could stand on the ground, keeping us steady. My slender fingers traveling through his scalp, knotting into his hair. Greedy hands kneading on my skin as both of us became more fierce. Lifting me up so i was hovering over him, my mouth went agape - giving his tongue the chance to explore mine. He was my drug and my body needed him, there was no use in resistance. His tongue smooth as it danced along mine, tasting a sweet trail of water on it. Growing more eager myself, i let my sloppy kisses trail over his cheek and down to his neck - needing more of him.


A small moan, my name baked into it, rolled of his swollen lips - making me more greedy of his skin. His member competing with my own eagerness, as i felt it pressing against my thigh. Taking a pause from his neck i looked down at him once again, meeting his devouring gaze. I could almost smell the testosterone of him - just the reaction i had wanted. Letting my fingers skim down his abdomen, feeling every muscle hidden under the skin - until i reached his member and taking a hold of it. A hiss pressed out of his gritted teeth as he shut his eyes.

“A little impatient my prince?”

A seductive voice putting him in a trance. I bet if it weren’t for the water, he would be leaking with pre-cum. With a smack from his lips he opened his eyes, sending me a warning look not to tease him. He simply didn’t have enough patience left for my games. But neither had i. Letting my hand gently stroke him a couple of times i leaned in close to his ear.

“I need you now, i need you to fuck me senseless.” Whispering into his ear and gently pulling at his earlobe between my teeth, giving a little moan.

This was enough to spill the rest of his remaining self control. A rough grasp on one of my buttocks to keep me in place, as the other went to place himself in front of my entrance. Trapping my bottom lip with his teeth, sucking on it - as he pushed in, earning a gasp from me. Using my weight to slide completely on to him, he stretched me out - leaving no space unused.

He gave a rough thrust, sending my heavy head back followed by my wet h/c hair - a naked chest flashing at him. It didn’t take long for his mouth to leach on to my breast, sucking on my nipple. His hard thrusts made the water surrounding us stir. Rocking my hips to meet his, i was assisted by the hand on my butt - pushing me downward.

“Harder Hvitserk, harder, don’t stop!”

He didn’t answer, just groaned - following my command. My fingers moved to his back to hold myself steady from his slamming, fingernails digging into his flesh. Biting down on my nipple harshly, i let out a loud shriek as my fingernails scraped down his back - receiving an animalistic growl from him. The pulsating feeling started, spreading from my core, sending a hammering sensation all over my body and my muscles started to tighten.

“Open your mouth.” He demanded as he let my breast go.

I did as he told and he attacked my lips with his. My innocent whimpers and moans making me sound so fragile in his strong embrace, turned him on like crazy. The heavy panting of his, mixed with tiny moans, fanned over my face.

“Fuck you’re wet y/n! God’s you feel so fucking good!” He said, words pressed out trough a clenched jaw.

Placing his hand on my upper back, he closed the space between us, holding me close.

“Never leave me Hvitserk, promise me.” My weak voice told him as my breathing was getting irregular - the pulsating getting stronger, signaling that Im close.

His thrust was getting sloppier, the same as his kisses on my neck. He couldn’t keep on much longer, not when Im clenching around his member like this.

“I promise y/n, never.”

I met his blazing gaze, blue intense eyes staring right back at my e/c ones. And there it was, that one final push that send me into a heavenly rush. My body started to shake uncontrollably as a loud gasp emerged from me. I lost focus on everything, the same with my ability to speak or think. I swear i shut my eyes so close i was starting to black out, or at least see stars. He gave his last thrusts, shoving deep into me, as he gave in himself with a long sweet moan into my shoulder.

Im amazed about the fact that he has strength enough to hold me up after this, because i had none, resting my head on his shoulder. I heard his heavy breath starting to calm down, as he stroke my damp smooth hair, gently kissing my neck.

“I don’t think you’re the Huldra”, he chuckled, as i regained enough energy to look at him.

“And why not?”

“Because then you would have killed me a long time ago.”

He laid a soft loving kiss on my sore, swollen lips.

“Well, there is still time..” I teased him with a giggle, licking my lips.

We got back just in time for supper. I playfully raced him to the table, trying to cover the “hiddenlovers” look.

“Y/n, always a pleasure”, queen Asluag said in a solemn tone.

“The pleasure is all mine my queen.”

I looked down at my feet, giving her a polite nod. I knew i wasn’t her ultimate choice as daughter in law, so i didn’t need to behave more wildling than she already thought i did. It seemed like she accepted my greeting by nodding back, a smile tugging at her big mouth, couldn’t tell if it was fake or not.

The main hall was warm and cosy, quite inviting, with a delicious scent in the air. I my hair was in a beautiful braid, traveling down my neck. It was mostly there to cover up the purple bruise formed as Hvitserk’s mouth. The idiot didn’t remember we where eating with his family afterwards, he was to deep into his pleasure to even think that far - to caught up in the moment. My hunger where gnawing at my bones, filling my mouth with water.

“Please my son, and y/n, sit down.”

I followed Hvitserk’s lead, quite nervous to make a mistake around his mother, afraid she would judge me. He pulled out the chair next to Ubbe, telling me to sit down, before doing the same.

“Y/n, my dear eat, it looks like you are starving, and you must be. A hunt is quite energy taking.”

In the corner of my right eye i saw him holding back a smile at what his mother said, making me kick him in the leg, reminding him who where in the same room as us. I hadn’t dared to look at Ivar yet, before now. He had a blond girl next to him, Margrethe i think Hvitserk said her name was, holding her hand as she fed him. The poor girl looked like a trapped doe, wolf circling her. Ivar met my eyes and i gave him a warm smile, in which he returned as usual, but his stare switched over to his brother next to me - turning cold at the second.

“It’s so nice to see you again y/n, you’ve been a hard woman to find these last days.”

Ivars teasing voice reached me as i took a bite of my soft bread.

“Well, it looks like you’ve found someone comforting you in my absent.” I mockingly said, hinting towards Margrethe. His brothers started to laugh at my snappy comment, as he did too. The uptight and tense feeling seemed to disappear piece by piece, and it finally felt normal again, like i didn’t have to look over my shoulder all the time.

“I have to say y/n, you’re skin is glowing! Your mother must be feeding you well.” Asluag spoke to me.

“I can tell you it not only food that gives her such glow, mother.”

I turned to look at Ubbe with big eyes. He had a smirk hidden behind his ale cup, winking at me. Blushing like hell i playfully shoved him as the rest only laughed, only Ivar’s didn’t last long.

“You should all be married, and soon. Ubbe you should have children.” Their mother trying to start a serious conversation.

“And i probably already have”, her oldest responded making both me and Hvitserk snicker.

“Im serious!” She tried to say while suppressing her own laughter.

I found the theme of conversation quite awkward to take a part of, so i did what i could do - i played with the mush in front of me, turning deaf ear.

“So you loved Ragnar when you married him? And he loved you?”

Sigurd’s question where building a heavy tenseness around the table, causing me to turn my attention towards him. I could feel my boyfriend stiffen up a little ext to me, feeling the same pressure as me.

The queen wiped her mouth before turning to her son quite stern.

“Of course i loved him!” She almost yelled.

There was a silence, and not a good one, where both mother and sone looked at each other. Then Sigurd decided to speak again.

“Some say that you bewitched him.” He stated simply, turning away form his mother’s cold stare.

Hvitserk stopped with his spoon mid air at his brothers words, as i nearly choked on my ale - growing big eyes. This was definitely going to turn worse if he didn’t stop.

“What is wrong with you?” Ivar called out for his brother - jaw clenched.

“Nothing is wrong with me, i just want to know if she had loved anyone except Harbard. You remember Harbard don’t you?”

Sigurd turned his attention to me, Ubbe and Hvitserk. The situation was so uncomfortable i nearly had problem breathing through the thick, tense air. I felt Hvitserk’s hand on my thigh, trying to calm me. I flicked my eyes at him, before meeting Ivar’s ones. My eyes almost pleading him to stop this, to remove me from this place.

“Of course she has loved someone else. She has always loved, me.”

Ivar obviously heard my pray, trying to lighten the situation with his bright smile.

“Isn’t that right, mother?”

She returned a kind smile to her son as she nodded. Ivar’s answer didn’t fall in taste for Sigurd, as i watched him forge an even greater annoyance.

“She just feels pity for you, that’s all.”

The situation was just getting worse and worse, and nobody where going to stop it. Ubbe’s and Hvitserk’s nervous, heavy breathing infected mine, as i started to look everywhere else than what was happening in front of me.

“We all feel pity for you. Do you think y/n is kind to you for any other reason?”


My head harshly turned to to him, big nervous eyes meeting his gaze, begging him to stop. I could feel Ivar’s anger growing, spreading all over the table. Suddenly i felt like i had switched place with Margrethe, that i was now the doe. There was no turning back when Ivar was angry, you just had to ride the storm out. I saw Sigurd smirk, finally gaining the response from his brother he wanted.

“Did you really think that she loved you, Ivar?”

I saw Hvitserk give his brother a warning glare, telling him to stop right now. But Sigurd was determined to continue this.

“She is already fucking our brother.”

It felt like i just blacked out, the words hitting me straight in the face. I drew in a shaky breath before opening my mouth, but Sigurd stopped me.

“All those hunting trips. You didn’t really think they where actually just hunting? No brother, Hvitserk have been screwing y/n since the dawn of time. You’ve just denied it Ivar, turned blind to it.”

“Sigurd!” His mother yelled fiercely at him

“You can’t prove shit brother! Don’t be jealous because she actually has more in common with me than you!” Hvitserk said, slamming his fist on the table, giving his brother a death glare.

“I saw the two of you in the wood’s. Riding you like her life was at stake.” He paused.

“Why don’t you remove your braid from your neck y/n, or are you hiding my brother’s mark there?”

I bit my teeth so hard together i could swear they would break. I looked at Ubbe who was watching me, his blue eyes shocked. Sigurd leaned back in his chair, proud of his accomplishment, as he wet his lips - biting on his thumb. Ivar’s stare burned into me as i looked at him. He was only seeing red. Nose flaring with every breath and clenching his jaw, he started to pull himself up. His eyes where long gone from mine, but locked with an intense hatred on his older brother behind me. I saw his hand gripped around his hunting knife, knuckles turning white - Ubbe noticed too.

“Brother sit down.” Ubbe said standing up, trying to calm him.

Ivar was only focused on Hvitserk, but the same applies for my lover. They where staring intense at each other. Ivar started to climb over over Ubbe’s. He laid a hand on his brother trying to stop him.

“Let me pass.”

His words spoken trough gritted teeth as he killed Ubbe with his eyes, making sure he saw the sharp, cold knife in his hands - as he slammed it down on the wooden table, aiding him to drag himself closer.

“Hvitserk, y/n.”

My shaky eyes looked at my caller.

“Leave now.” Ubbe said, scared of what his youngest brother might do.

I gripped around Hvitserk’s arm, pulling at him - but he was steady as a rock, still staring at Ivar.

“Hvitserk, please!” I said, trying to make him move.

Ivar were climbing over my chair and was soon close enough to slash at Hvitserk.

“Hvitserk!” I yelled, i could hear my pulse pounding.

Finally he moved looking at me and taking my hand, as he pulled me towards the door with large steps.

I could hear Ivar crawling after us, but the speed at our feet was simply to fast for him.

No matter how gruesome it must sound, i was actually thanking the god’s they made him a cripple at this moment.

Cause i dare not think what would happen if he did catch up with us.

hah okay so part 5, or?

INFP gothic
  • Oh, were you talking to me? Sorry I wasn’t listening
  • *hungover* Please don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me. Just leave me alone to die.
  • *in a bad mood* Life is just as meaningless as death tbh I don’t give a shit anyway.
  • *in a good mood* I love literally every single person ever. Everyone deserves to be happy! But mostly cats
  • Okay here’s a thought/Imagine that/What if
  • Oh my god this is the ugliest little creature I’ve ever seen. Look at it. It’s so miserable. I love it with all my heart.
  • *actually cries when laughing too hard*
  • What was that? Yeah I stopped listening again sry
  • I’m so sleepy and tired, I’ll go to bed at like 9 p.m. *is 3 a.m.* Fml
  • Alternatively - *sleeps some full 10 hours* *wakes up even more dead inside*
  • I don’t think this is appropriate. Please don’t do it, don’t- Ah I guess I’ll just pretend I don’t know you
  • I actually don’t care about my looks at all~ *spends at least an hour picking outfits/putting make-up every day*
  • I’m just gonna ignore the person I like until they notice I like them. Works every time.
  • *secretly into bdsm or at least very kinky* I’m 100% pure and I’m shaming all of you sinners
  • Listen - I don’t want to offend you, I’m SORRY in advance, okay here goes. Again I hope you don’t take this personally I’m rly rly regretful that it has come to this situation. Okay yeah I’ll spit it out - I don’t think purple is your color.
  • *Has an existential mid-life crisis at 21* Everything is sunshine and rainbows!11!!!
Actual text exchange with my best friend
  • *talking about the Hamilton/Trump thing*
  • Her: I knew nothing good will come out of Hamilton!
  • Me: *rereading for like a full minute*
  • Me: Please do not talk to me ever again. Now go to your room, listen to Hamilton, and think about what you've done!
  • Her: I'm just preparing for the day Trump will read all of our conversations!
  • Her: GO TRUMP 😍😍😍😍😍😍

well idk why i literally always cry when girls kiss or love each other on tv but not when there are m/f romances! i guess it’s just bc it’s so sad actual sapphic girls don’t get enough representation! i’m a good ally! that’s why i’m full body sobbing that someone changed the pronouns in this cover of “Samson” and listening to it over and over again!

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Fenhawke 12.“I just want you to be happy”

I’ve done one version of this that you can read here!

She laughs, her cheeks flush red, and her eyes drop to the table as she tucks hair behind her ear. Such a simple gesture. She’s speaking again, an elbow moving to the table, her jaw resting against her knuckles. Her other hand is on the table as well, fingers fidgeting with the drops of condensation on her mug. As he speaks, her eyes never leave his face. When she listens, she gives her full attention. She centers on that person, makes them her world. Fenris sits across the table from her, watching as she continues to speak to Anders.

Anders leans forward toward Hawke, his hands moving in time with his words. There’s energy there, excitement, and a humor. One that makes Hawke smile, laugh, and keeps her bright and happy. Her eyes light up, and she shakes her head at some terrible joke. The grin never leaves her. Fenris looks down at the table, at all the little nicks and cuts in the wood. This is what he wanted, wasn’t it? For her to move on, to be with someone who could give her everything.

It hurts more than he expects, when he sees Anders’s hand reach for hers, taking gentle fingers away from where they fidget. Their hands knit together for a moment, before Hawke slips hers away, hides it in her lap. Anders seems undeterred, murmurs something that makes Hawke shy. Her eyes finally slip from his, cast their net across the others, land on Fenris. She holds this gaze only briefly before she drops it.

She seems quieter after that, less likely to feed into Anders’s energy. He watches as she sinks into melancholy just from looking at him. Fenris pulls coin from his pocket, throws it on the table as he rises from his seat and leaves. He’s surprised when Aveline rises as well, leaves the Hanged Man with him. “I am more than capable of walking myself home,” Fenris tells her.

“I’m sure you are,” she says. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“What?” He doesn’t break his quick pace, eager to be at the mansion and away from all others.

“What’s your goal? With Hawke?” That makes Fenris falter only slightly in his steps.

“I – ah, I have no goal. I want… I want her to be happy.”

“For the love of… the two of you are just pathetic. You know she said the exact same thing to me about you? What a crock of shit. Grow up and talk to each other. Maker’s breath,” Aveline sighs. “Give the rest of us some peace from the agony you two are throwing at each other.”

“If she wants to be with Anders-”

“She doesn’t want to be with Anders. She doesn’t want to be with anyone. She wants to be with you.”


Original request: Hello! I was wondering you you could write one where the reader and Dean are married and Dean like to watch her doing normal everyday things and every time he sees the rings he just smiles and kisses her hand??

A/N: Basically just Dean smut in the Impala. I might have written this while listening to Disney songs on piano most of the time and now I don’t think I can go back and listen to them again. Also, it’s not necessary to read the previous parts, this can completely stand alone. Part I & Part II & Autumn (Part IV) & Winter (Part V)

Word count: 2,245

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, first full fic smut (AKA I had no idea what I was doing), swearing.

Crazy - by Gnarls Barkley

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You smoothed down the skirt of your dress with a sigh, the leather of the Impala rubbing against your skin as you leaned back in your seat. Usually you loved being in the front of the seat, as, even after getting married to Dean, you would still sit on the back just out of habit. But now you wished that Sam was here instead of you.

“C’mon, Dean, are you seriously going to be mad over me getting out the information from that guy?” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest as you finally turned to look at him.

“Oh no, I’m just mad you practically accepted going on a date with him because of that,” Dean grunted, keeping his eyes on the road. “Not that you aren’t, I don’t know, married or anything.”

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im in my college town visiting @inquiryandbloodlust and i casually run into my queeny former japanese teacher and im SO SO SO GRATEFUL i was able to just seamlessly snap into a japanese conversation because he also introduced me to some new faculty member and we chit chatted about tokyo and urban planning and florida and like

idk it’s just so nice when you know someone who you cant really have full interactions with and then a huge gap of time passes before you see them again and you’re competent in their language and are able to reveal quirks of your personality and pick up on their’s and it’s just overall a shocking, rich, full experience compared to how you remember them.

im rambling but long story short i still haven’t lost my japanese.  probably because i listen to j-music every day and keep up with my girls on facebook but im just elated that i was able to vogue through that situation like i midkey hope that sensei nows that he’s responsible for my competence in/ reintroduction to that beautiful language 

Lyra and Pan

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

 A quick drawing of Lyra and Pan because I’m listening to the trilogy again. Well, I set out to draw Will first, but then I added Lyra and she sort of took over.

I think the audiobooks for His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, is the only full cast audio book I actually love. Usually, I don’t because I find most of the voices just wrong to the characters. But in these books everything is spot on.                                                                                                                                            


You always call me full of regret
You want me to save you again

All these years, the days go by
I’ve seen you fall a million times
Everybody makes mistakes

It feels so hard to watch you hurt
From the pain, a lesson learned
This is how you find your way

It feels so hard, I’ve been there too
Sky so dark, no way through
Stories only scars can tell

I’ve go so much love for you, my friend
Ride or die until the end
But only you can save yourself

You just have to listen, listen
I hope that you know
Listen, listen
I won’t let you go
I wish you I could save you from the pain you’ve been through
And all I can tell you is the best thing to do
You’ve gotta listen, listen
Listen, listen
Listen, listen
To your heart

Listen, listen
Listen, listen

Listen, listen 一つだけ [Only one thing]
Listen, listen 信じよう [Let’s believe it]
降り止まない雨などない [There is no rain which doesn’t stop falling]
And all I can tell you is the best thing to do
(You gotta)
Listen, listen
Listen, listen
Listen, listen
To your heart

To your heart
Listen, listen
To your heart

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you don't have to do it if you get too many requests or aren't inspired, but my name is clem and my bias is ten!!

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“I came to party on my own, dear.” You blinked and finally made your way in.

note: YO I GOTTA TELL THAT I WAS V EXCITED FOR THIS. I had this plot for a while and I was expecting to use it some day and AAAAAAH THIS DAY HAS COME MATES. So, if you ever have the time, please listen to the song that helped me to write this tale for you (and I hope you enjoy the story). Geez, I may even write this again and make a full scenario. Please tell me if you liked it because I loved writing this one 

length: 1k words

SOLO DANCE // you&bias + all i wrote

Dancing. That’s all you needed.  

You’d had a tough week – and tough was a fluffy cute word to define the five days that just passed. Saturday, however, wasn’t going to be the same way; your plans were clear and defined: a club, some drinks, music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Mainly because you have never focused to much on preparing yourself for parties, that day you were quite inspired. On your eyes a smoky black shadow and a perfect eyeliner made your gaze much more deep; a dark red lipstick transformed your lips in a piece of art – even you, with your entire optimism, did not have a clue that you could look so extraordinary.  

You managed to fit yourself inside a short cotton black dress; simple and, at the same time, glamorous. Two friends of yours, when spotted you wearing such a uncommon piece of garment, asked how could you look so intensive. You had your charms, you know.  

“Clem, this is odd.” Your friend said.

“Dear, I am ready to take all the stress of my body.” You answered.

“And your clothes too, I guess.” Another one spoke up.

“You are” you made a movement that was supposed to look like a sexy dance. “Impressed.”  

“I may be, actually.” She replied, causing the trio to laugh.

Few things in life could calm your hear down, but two of them you would have that night. Your friend’s company – the number one on your ‘things that I can’t live without’ list – was extremely pleasant; you formed a trio: the sexy, the nerdy and the hardworking. You considered yourself the latter, but your friends kept teasing, claiming you were the complete combo of beauty and effort. Clubbing, on the other hand, wasn’t something you quite enjoyed; you actually only cared about the loud music. How you controlled your body and how it flowed with the beat – oh dear, that was incredibly amusing. Your hips moving exactly in the sound of the notes, as you were the personification of each melody. How perfect you were when it was about dancing.

On your way to the club you started to daydream about the previous nights you’ve been there. The same club, the same faces. You knew all the employees and even became friends with the owner (and, well, this was completely good for you). The bartenders and the dancers also knew your, they were always entertained by yout dance moves and how gorgeous you looked. Suddenly one of the girls inside the car with you touched your shoulder; you three had arrived.  

“We should make out with someone tonight.” One of your friends said.

“I came to party on my own, dear.” You blinked and finally made your way in.

You found yourself moving in the rhythm, not losing a note of the melody and keeping your body in motion. It was so fulfilling and great; you could not express how glad you were. Dancing was your own manner to show your true colors, was your way to release yourself. You felt, sometimes, few hands touching either your waist or wrists, but before they could go any further you removed them, continuing to dance alone.

That was until someone provoke you.

A hand came again, running on your backs, making you feel goosebumps. You turned your body, still rhythmically, in an attempt to put the other person away from you. But then you got surprised; the boy came closer and held your hands, firmly placing them on his neck. He began to move his body according to yours movements, not afraid of being rejected. His lips found your colar bones, and then your neck, and soon your cheeks. At the same time that you wanted to stop all that, you desired to keep it going. He was as good as you when it comes to dancing; the boy was persuasive, yet so sweet. His lips finally met yours, and then you could not do much about it.

Something inside you made the will to feel him increase; he was evoking something you had never felt before. His kiss was so aggressive, as he wanted to possess your body and soul; his hands started to change placed on your body, going up and down and giving you the feeling that he was a border, trying to keep you close to him and protected. You were on your way to cross the line. That line. That was the moment when you pushed him, finally being able to see his face.

Oh dear, how your desire got bigger after that. He was incredibly handsome, his features so delicate and so majestic; he looked like a character brought to life. He was perfect – and perfect isn’t enough to define him. The boy, though, didn’t seem very interested on staying far from you.  

“Hold on, mate.” You yelled so he could listen to you. “I don’t need nobody in my zone.” He smiled at you.

“I can see that.” He shrugged and kept coming closer; you stopped him once again. “I want you.”

“I know you want me, but I do not care.” You gazed him; the boy seemed quite focused on getting close to your body. “You can cool it down, son. I just came here to dance.”

“A solo dance?” He inquired, giving you the most beautiful smile you had ever seen. You just nodded, you were not able to say a word. “That’s a shame.” He made a sad face – still cute, though. “Will I have the pleasure to know your name, at least?”

“Clem.” You said.  

“I am Ten.” He smirked. Without noticing you released his chest; your hand was not stopping him anymore. Ten managed to hold you in his arms, kissing you again. You couldn’t deny how good that felt, but making out wasn’t your objective that night. You pushed him again, but now it was in gentle way. “All right, I’ll stop.” He raised his hands in defeat.

“Ask about me around.” You said, walking away and increasing the distance between you too. “I would love to see you again, Ten.” Your final words came out as a whisper, but you hoped he had read your lips.

What you did not see, though, was a grin on his face and: “I’ll look for you, Clem.”

Reid being held hostage is so terrible yet so hilarious because his face only ever looks fed up and tired like just look at this kid:

“Really? Again? Are we really gonna do this today?”

“Listen I can only bench like half a kilo, can I at least put my arms down? I don’t even have a gun and look, I cut my finger like seriously I’m not even at my full capacity today and lemme tell you know, my full capacity is weaker than a newborn kitten.”

“Oh wow a gun never seen that before”


*Sighs* nevermind.

imagine after Everything is Over, after their lives have finally quietened into some much needed normalcy, John catches Sherlock silently tearing up at the most mundane things: John passing him a cup of tea; John listening to him play the violin; John renting a bundle of DVDs and asking “Bond Night?” 

The first time it happens, John’s stomach drops at the sight of Sherlock’s fierce blinking. “What’s the matter?” 

Sherlock swallows and shakes his head. “N-no, nothing, I’m fine- just- just- I never thought-” 

Sherlock closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens his eyes again, they are over bright, but he is smiling. 

Just this,” he whispers. He reaches forward and takes hold of John’s hand, squeezing once. 

John’s heart is full. “I love you,” he says. He squeezes back, and then pulls Sherlock closer into a long kiss. 

They have this. Just this. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how old I am in technology years lately so here’s a bit of reminiscing for you kids in the form of stuff you’ll thankfully never know the pain of

  • having to rewind cassette tapes. you want to hear your favourite song again? no just clicking <<. nope, you gotta manually rewind that shit and keep hitting play to see if you’re at the beginning again.
  • like listening to your own music in the car? back in my day we had to bring a bag full of CDs and swap them out in our portable CD players. if the car went over a bump, the CD would jump in the player and the music would skip. eventually the CDs would get wrecked. I killed so many CDs thanks to all the moving around I did as a kid.
  • stifling the dialup tone when your parents were in bed. want to sneak online? good luck. I had the modem squeezed between my legs, with two pillows pressed on top of it, and still. crrrrrRRRSSSHHHHHHHHHHH
  • fucking. homepage wars. hacking was a lot easier back in the day thanks to no one knowing shit about security and nerds like my generation quickly learning more than the web developers did. this resulted in carnage if you owned your own webpage. it was commonplace for different groups to have wars and constantly hack each other’s pages and deface them. you could trust no one. you leave for five seconds and suddenly your state of the art homepage and all its lit wordart graphics has been replaced with a plain text message insinuating something about your mother.
  • an entire room in your house was dedicated to the computer. it was called the computer room. it was filled with wires you were constantly tripping over, and thanks to the fact you were on a desktop, there was no battery life. you better get used to tripping over your power cord or rolling back in your chair and ripping it out of the wall, therefore instantly shutting off your computer, because it’s going to happen multiple times a week my guy.
  • “get off the internet, I need to use the phone” “how long will you be?” “only a couple of minutes” *two hours later*
  • I’m pretty sure it was messenger that had this, but basically if someone ignored your message for too long you could send them graphics that would hijack their entire browser and pop up on the screen. they were huge and would sometimes make the screen shake and I heard rumours that some of them could even make noise.
  • this is one that’s near and dear to me because I spent like 60% of my childhood in a car but handheld game consoles didn’t have built in lights. I remember playing Pokemon on my big purple GameBoy as it got dark, holding the screen closer and closer to my face, and eventually having to resort to quickly jamming the buttons when we passed under a streetlight. I remember when the GameBoy Advance SP came out with a built in back light and I lost my fucking mind.
  • *is two seconds away from finally downloading a picture online that’s been downloading for 15 minutes* *someone picks up the phone downstairs* *internet disconnects* *download fails* *why must you hurt me in this way*
  • writing everything you wanted to say online in the raw html code because it didn’t do it automatically. fine if you just wanted to make things bold or underlined, a lot more annoying when you wanted to add an image or bullet points or something. no such thing as a quick rant.

this is really long already so I’ll stop here but long story short it was a dark time and you all should grab every technological advancement you can with both hands and never let them go. for the sake of my childhood self, nose-to-screen with a GameBoy. do not let them go.


This are just my thoughts don’t get mad please 🙏❤

Since i listen to Jk solo “begin” i started thinking about how much he liked the movie begin again 🤔, i know the song is about the 6 members but… my jikook heart just don’t let me 😥😣

So in 2014 they had 2 days free because of chuseok and both Jm and Jk stayed in seoul *cus jm said his parents went to see him* but he didn’t spend the full 2 days with them.

In the gifs you can see he meet the members cus Tae ask him what he did🙄

I didn’t know why Jk was so excited about the movie *but in the log he said it’s not about what he did it but how he enjoyed the time* so it fit he was so happy cus he saw it with Jimin and of course they liked cus the movie is about music and love😄

I just feel that Jm really help Jk on knowing who he was and what he wanted cough *jimin* cough … everytime i listen to the song 😢 i just think about how he want to cry instead of him, he want Jm to smile with him and fly with him 😢😢😢

If you ship jikook since long ago you can tell he started to change since the danger era *at least for me* 😅 So in my heart Jk wrote begin about Jm. When i saw the title i just thought about this moment… and i said that if the song had a line about “again” this was about jm and it has it 😣 that was all for me 😍 something happend while they were watching this movie and everything “begin” that day 😉 get it 😉