i just liked them a lot okay

Tythan Rant.

As most of you saw Ethan’s post last night about tythan, you can understand what this will be about. It makes both of them uncomfortable with all of the NSFW stuff and I don’t blame them. We all promised to keep this ship pure and not turn it into Septiplier. Please keep it like that. We don’t want to ruin the friendship between Ethan and Tyler. It’s okay if you ship something but please keep it out of their tags. We can’t stop people from creating fan art, but just watch what you put out there okay? I know there aren’t a lot but there are enough to make a difference and make them uncomfortable. This is coming from a tythan shipper. I’m not saying don’t ship them, just be careful with what you ship. Keep this ship pure and don’t push it to far. Down push it down their throats. Like I say about every ship, if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. Don’t throw a fit about it. Tythan was a great ship but now it’s sinking because of all the NSFW posts.

Again, I’m not telling you to not ship it just be careful.

No laughing Matter

This is a Haikyuu! fanfic.
The manga/anime and all the characters doesn’t belong to me.

This is just some silly pre-KageHina fanfic but I hopy you all like them.

“I wasn’t laughing!” nr 6 (Pre-KageHina, hope thats okay)

Word Count: 1919

Summary: Kageyama and Hinata being stupid dorks who don’t know they are in love with each other. That’s all tbh.
Warnings: This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling
Based on this prompt from anon:

“Ha! Got it!”

Hinata grinned as he returned the serve back to the Setter who stretched his hands out to catch the ball.

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things that are okay:

not liking mon el

not liking karamel

shipping something else

thinking karamel is problematic

things that are not okay:

sending chris wood hate because you don’t like mon el

tagging your anti-mon el and anti-karamel posts with “mon el” and “karamel” to annoy shippers

calling karamel abusive and, through this, minimizing actual abuse

acting as if your interpretation of karamel as abusive is supported by their canonically consensual and reciprocal relationship and thereby minimizing real abuse (there. if you want to think it’s abusive, fine, just don’t shame fans for shipping it and act as if your interpretation is canon and fact)

forcing your opinions onto the actors and other fans 

condoning mon el’s mother’s actual abuse toward him (she hit him and then locked him in a cell and I saw people cheering her on)

(okay also, this one is not actually that bad but when I go in the karamel tag and see people calling him maggot-el, mayonnaise, and manhell, I throw up a little in my mouth. if you’re going to name call a character, don’t put it in the tags).

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I like how every time Zack and Trini fell on each other, it wasn't like "then they gazed into each other's eyes, knowing that this was true love", it was just like, Zack laughs because he knows he's cute and Trini gives him a look of Gay Disappointment.

OKAY BUT THESE TWO ARE LITERALLY BEST FRIENDS, THEY BONDED A LOT DURING THE MOVIE??? aside from them falling on top of each other a bunch of times, he was the one who realised that trini’s not into guys and it’s just!!!! ATTRACTIVE BFFLS WHO KNOW THEY FINE, RISSSSSE

*breathes in*

okay so

if you’ve been following me for about a month you probably remember me talking about working a lot and being tired


I was helping our neighbors move


our new neighbors moved in while I was on vacation so I didn’t officially meet them


my mom sent my sister over to meet them and they’re just awesome

even though most of them are boys they’re cool and easy to talk to and

*breathes in again* THEY LIKE NINJAGO

they are the ONLY people I’ve EVER mEt in real life who likes ninjago (with the exception of a 5-year-old I see at church sometimes) and we can just make ninjago jokes and chatter about ninjago stuff AND THEY LIVE NEXT DOOR

*breathes out* thank you God

Confusion (RWBY AU Snippet)

“Okay…” Ruby stared at the small cat in front of her that looked an awful lot like a miniature lioness. “You know, when you guys sent me a message saying you got enchanted by an evil witch, I was kind of thinking Blake would be the one who got turned into a cat.”

Looming over both of them was a huge, black dragon with amber eyes. 

“But… I guess… this is okay too. I mean… we just get the witch, and you’ll change back, right?”

The dragon - Blake - gave a low rumble of what Ruby thought was approval.

“So…” Ruby sighed. “I guess you can help, but I’m not sure what Yang can do. I mean she’s a cat. A little cat.” Ruby’s eyes twinkled. “A super cute and cuddly cat that I just want to pat and - ouch!” Ruby hissed. “Did you just bite me?”

Apparently, Yang did not enjoy being called cute.

“Come on, Yang. You’re a little cat, what are you going to… oh.”

Yang had transformed into a giant cat the size of horse that was made of fire.

“We can work with that.” Ruby scratched the back of her head, idly waving her arm around until the flames on her sleeve went out. “Now, we just have to grab Weiss.”

X     X     X

In the capital of the Kingdom of Atlas, Her Royal Highness Weiss Schnee sneezed. How odd. A chill ran down her spine. That little sneak Ruby - her favourite mercenary for handling odd jobs like slaying dragons and killing werewolves - was most likely up to something again, something Weiss would surely be dragged into.

The last time Weiss had gone with Ruby, Blake, and Yang, she’d found herself on the run from a acidic blob roughly the same size as her castle. That had not been a good day. 

And then, right on cue, there was the shimmer of magic, and Ruby’s voice filled the air around her.

“Oh, Weiss…”

Damn it.

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I want a scene where Emily like pretends to be serious about the rules against fraternization or whatever and pulls Luke and Reid into her office and just like makes them think they're in a lot of trouble and then when they stat freaking out she's like "Jk but that's what you get for not telling me" or something.

“You know that inter team relationships aren’t allowed”


“Okay. There’s only one thing I can do then…”

“High five!”

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How can Elliot love if they are an aromantic? Also can we have that bed in the video to use?

childofsin asked: I know tons of people probably have already asked but, is Elliot still technically an aromantic?? If he’s with Matt and they’re together is it just a pure lust relationship?

Yes, Elliot is aromantic. They don’t feel romantic love for anyone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t care for others. Some aromantic people are repulsed by romance and have no interest in dating, and others are okay with being in relationships, like Elliot. Matt knows they could never feel the way he does about them, and honestly expected nothing out of the confession. He just… Needed to say it.

Though they’ll never fall in love with Matt in the ~traditional sense~, Elliot does still care a lot for Matt.

Also I’m still debating on giving out the bed, if I do then I’ll let you guys know.

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for the 'i want anons' thing: i feel like i'm the odd one out. i feel like i can't be in a relationship because i can't stand to be touched by my s/o unless i've known them for a long time before dating them. idk it just makes me really depressed and then i cry.

aww don’t feel bad nonny! i’m actually like that in a lot of ways! not everyone is comfortable with the same things and that’s okay 💕 do what you’re comfortable with, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!  and i feel like any s/o who’s worth being with, would understand your feelings and you support you! 


Okay, so the newest episode of Steven Universe made me re-evaluate Navy’s character a LOT, particularly her behaviour in Hit the Diamond. Originally I thought she was just flighty and oblivious, but like…

I think it was an act here, too. I think she knew DAMN well our Ruby didn’t belong with the rest of them and something was up, but she smugly pretended otherwise because…Idk, she thought they’d gain more information by playing along? Or maybe she’s a true Agent of Chaos and she just wanted to see how things would play out? I’m not sure, and I’ll def rewatch that other Rubies episode to see how I feel about that, but man I just don’t buy this lady at all anymore. “What a turn of events!” no longer sounds like like anything other than SARCASM to me. What do y'all think?

you know what? i love boys. i know there’s a lot of praise surrounding bisexual girls who always say how much they love women, and as great as that is, bisexual girls loving boys is just as good. boys can be soft and lovely and warm and i love them. sometimes the same amount i love girls, sometimes less, and sometimes equally, but no matter what, i still like them. shoutout to other bisexual girls who don’t feel as if they’re as worthy in the LGBT+ community when they like a boy.

Comfort Sentence Starters

Adjust pronouns as necessary.

“It’s going to be okay.”
“You don’t need someone/something that toxic in your life.”
“Trust me, I’ve been there.”
“You can rise above this.”
“I’m here for you.”
“You deserve better.”
“I can’t stand to see you this upset.”
“Think of it this way: it could have been a lot worse.”
“I’m just glad you’re okay.”
“You can rise above this!”
“Do you need a hug? You look like you need a hug.”
“What can I do to make you feel better?”
“It’s not the end of the world, remember that.”
“You don’t need them.”
“I will always be on your side.”
“We don’t have to talk about it, but when you’re ready…I’m here.”
“Do you need to vent?”
“You did the right thing.”
“You’re so much better off without them.”
"Someone like you shouldn’t cry over someone like them.”
“Smile for me, please?”

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to your friends, family members, and partners regularly about their right to set boundaries, even ones that inconvenience you.

We absolutely live in a hierarchial abuse culture where people can and do impose their will on each other in a million tiny ways. A lot of people just expect it - they’ll make choices according to the assumption that you, too, are invested in controlling them to whatever degree - because unless you consciously make a point not to be, it’s possible that you are.

In a healthy relationship people ask for consent often - “Do you want to do this? Are you comfortable with this? Is there anything you think we should change about this plan?” And then, they clarify that negative answers are totally normal and okay.

Checking in can sound like, “Hey, you know I love doing X but if you ever don’t want to you know that’s okay, right?” It’s paying attention to nonverbal cues that someone is uncomfortable and giving them an out - “You don’t seem excited about this party, I want you to know it totally won’t be a big deal if you’d rather not.”

In a healthy relationship there’s a huge difference between “no” and “you shouldn’t have asked”. “No” is normal and expected and it’s assumed that sometimes it will be the response. There’s an intentional effort not to punish each other for not always giving each other what you want.

Normalize “no” in all your relationships. Seek it out! Give people extra opportunities to say no! And accept it. Recognise that it’s a good sign when your loved ones feel safe enough to not agree to things they don’t want out of fear of your reaction.

Just - check in. I don’t care what kind of relationship it is, don’t assume people know it’s safe to say no to you unless you remind them and show them regularly. Making space for healthy boundaries is one of the most important things to communicate with the people that you care about.


i wanted to put happy things in here but apparently the only things i doodled in my last absence were tired and sad kids… oops

“I don’t play around that often
When I do
I’m a freak
So you’d better believe
I like it rough

Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my
Get undressed
Taste the flesh
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my

- “Flesh” by Simon Curtis

So… Well, this kinda happened. Because I love galra!keith and dark!shiro/Champion. Okay and I love purple and pink hues and close-ups and smut and aaaah!

There are just not enough fanfics where both of them are Galra… It’s always Shiro having a split personality, so it’s more like Keith and Kuro. And it’s just not the same. I’d write some myself, but - as you may have noticed - my English sucks. So I’ll confine myself to drawing galra!sheith stuff. A lot of stuff actually. Like a shit ton of it. :D

okay but can we talk about Alex and Lena for a bit

  • Alex and Lena bonding over science because they as sUCH HUGE NERDS 
  • and Kara and Maggie make fun of them a lot 
  • Maggie just looks over at Kara like ‘i cant believe we have to compete with science for their affection’ even thought they know its not true but just
  •  Alex and Lena being dorks. 
  • Alex asking Lena about her work with the isotope and how she was able to inactivate not only the isotope but the virus itself like!!!??!
  • Alex not only had access to ridiculously advanced technology at the DEO, but she was also working with her mother who is also a huge nerd, and they had information from the fortress of solitude 
  • Lena just goes ‘this is a piece a cake i luv science’ and did it in like probably less than an hour
  • Lena tryna be all secretive about it but one look at Kara’s pout and she tells Alex everything
  • Lena being Alex’s go-to for future science problems and they work together a lot
  • Lena giving Alex exclusive looks into the stuff she’s working on and Alex giving Lena some ideas for future technology
  • Trading technology w/ each other
  • Giggling over Maggie and Kara’s attempts at using science pick up lines
  • Also, coming up with increasingly complicated pick up lines that only the two of them really understand
  • except that one time Eliza was having dinner with the four of them and Alex has a particularly dirty one that makes Eliza smack her bc ‘Alexandra that is yOUR SISTER’S GIRLFRIEND AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS RIGHT THERE’
  • just, Alex and Lena bonding over their love of science (and Kara ofc)

me, watching the next episode’s previews and seeing hansung climbing into yeo wool’s bed:

i don’t like doing this but i’m going to make that post because i want there to be a post that isn’t from someone w/ a raging hateboner for either

as a southeast asian woman, the thing gigi did hurt. “asian eyes” is a very loaded topic bc it ties in w/ stereotypes and yellowface and all that ugly stuff. it’s obviously wrong and the right thing for her to do would be to apologize and admit what she did was wrong.

the thing zayn did was not any better. yes zayn is asian like me. but besides the whole “a person gets a pass bc they’re dating someone of that race” (i don’t want to open tht can of worms rn), zayn has no place speaking in what gigi did.

the asian community is large and very diverse (and sad to say, still very divisive bc of the intra issues tht include colorism, classism, and discrimination within the whole community). the asian eyes issue does not really affect zayn because this is an issue that’s tied to southeast/east asians. it’s the same way desi issues would not affect me. so in turn, like i would have no place to speak about being called a terrorist, zayn has no place to speak about the thing w/ asian eyes. 

i still love them both but what they did was wrong and hurtful to a group of people and that does deserve some calling out and people in that group are allowed to feel what they feel. this doesn’t mean they are inherently bad people, it just means they did something messed up and it shouldn’t be defended. 

also discussing this topic, ppl needn’t bring up past mess ups because that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual topic at hand and it’s v obvious ppl who do so only do it to fuel the fire.

i wanted to make this post bc asian issues esp across different cultural and ethnic groups are v nuanced and many people don’t seem to understand that. also i wanted it coming from a genuine place, not just from someone who severely dislike either zayn or gigi or both.