i just liked the quote and all of the kissing ok


“She loves you, you know,” says Peeta. “She as good as told me after they whipped you.”

“Don’t believe it,”Gale answers. “The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell…well she never kissed me like that.”

i keep reading things on twitter like “omg ashton kissed bryana on the cheek and she didn’t even smile” and “ugh she looks so bored in this picture even though she’s with THE ashton irwin ew” and then i imagine like if my boyfriend was famous his fans would literally want to slaughter me bc 99% of the time im throwing things at him or ignoring him the moral of this story is whY DONT U FUCKING RESPECT HER SHE IS A HUMAN BEING AND ASHTON LOOKS ALL SMILEY WHEN HES WITH HER SO STOP BEING LAME. for all you know she could be like 100000% head over heels in love with him but not want to be all pda bc evidently some “"fans”“ can’t handle band members having a relationship like what arE you doing u don’t control him

like u don’t have to like her just don’t be a dick ok ???

I just had the best dream ever.
Ok so for some reason I had Taylor Swift added on snapchat and I accidentally snapped her a stupid pun or something and I was like oh shit I just sent Taylor a dumb pun oh no no no. But she responded and laughed at it and we started talking then she was like ok bye I have a concert
Next thing I know I’m at said concert like omg yay it’s Taylor! Then there’s this after party and I’m sitting with my friends and Taylor shows up and we laugh and have a good time then as she’s leaving she kisses me and I was just so shocked that I woke up but I went back to sleep because I wanted more lol
Then we went on a date, though I can’t remember where, I think there was a tennis court. It was amazing but then I woke up because I realized… I’m 5'4", a trans man, not all that attractive, and not very physically fit and Taylor deserves like a god tbh. Nice while it lasted though.