i just liked the juxtaposition of both characters

I know I complain about Lapis a lot, both in design and character, but you know what? Her design is actually alright. I like the huge juxtaposition of how small and skinny she is yet she’s incredibly powerful. HOWEVER her palette is awful. The neon cyan skin colour is just such an eyesore and not anything like the Lapis gemstone. I think something more similar to her night palette looks better.

Here’s an edit of my colour scheme compared to the original.

Bless you tumblr dash.

@pepperbox just rebageled the entire dialogue with Keyleth where Percy says #deep stuff like “I live as long as Whitestone lives. This place is the human soul…to lose a place like this would ruin everyone.”

and then the very next post on my dash was @geekywanderlust rebageling “I’m Percival Frederickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo the Third and this is Jackass” *jumps into a hot spring with a container of raw sodium.*

afjdklasjfdklsajflkdasjfld the juxtaposition how are both those posts about the same character and yet both entirely accurate

The 100 3x07 - Okay then!

So 3x07 is an episode that I have been anticipating for MONTHS. I have theorised and theorised and in the end? Nothing really blew my mind. I think that is more to do with the fact that my (and Meg’s) over analysis of EVERYTHING leading to this episode has meant we literally did not leave a stone unturned, than the fact that the episode wasn’t interesting.

It was certainly very good. There were some very memorable moments, but my feelings on a couple of the big things are very ‘in the middle’. Because of that, I’m ditching the pros and cons this week, and I’m just gonna talk it out!

I also plan to write a separate post about Clarke, love, and her arc so far this season. Hopefully I’ll get that out today as well.


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