i just like watching him talk

a conversation between me and a ‘in his 40′s’ co-worker

him: what kind of car is that? *looking at my shirt* 
me: chevy impala 67
him: *looks at me impressed because i know something about cars*
me: i know it cause it’s from a show.
him: *looks at my bag that has a bobby pin saying ‘balls’
me: also from supernatural, the car and that man is a character on it. 
him: i watched like three episodes when it first came out. 
me: eleven years ago. *i said shutting my laptop, which also has a sticher of ‘sam&dean’ name. 
him: don’t tell me that’s their names?
me: … yeah. i’m pretty fandom-ish today. 
him: *chuckles* i saw the blonde one on another series sma-
him: … yeah. he’s a good actor. 
me: HE IS. 
him: i see he’s your favorite. 
me: yEP. 

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From your witty responses, it seems you (jokingly?) ship kickthefire and dartyn. :D Don't leave my boy Phil out, who will you ship him with if not Dan? :P

jack garratt lojeoriajweorijawer bc i’m still rly certain phil had a small crush on him last year and their combined creative energy would be like,,, culturally transformative. also jimmy, the dude who was def obsessed w him back in 2012 as evident in this awkward af interview where he only talks to phil and calls him cute, and dan basically just silently watches them talk lol 

onceuponagoddess replied to your post “okay so I’m watching the EW Reunites BTVS full length video, and I’m…”

omg that pissed me off too! i was like its season 5!! and i also kind of hated how they talked about the premise of the show like i know about the show already just show me the cast!!!

don’t get me started on how the guy said “omg so like Spike went to get himself a soul so that Buffy would like him yay!” that’s really oversimplifying what wend down in season 6…

justanothercinemaniac replied to your post “okay so I’m watching the EW Reunites BTVS full length video, and I’m…”

I’m a little frustrated by the experts too, but I will say technically she said four years in I think (which makes sense because Dawn was beginning of season 5).

No, she didn’t. She said, “one of the biggest twists was the introduction of her sister Dawn in season 4.” I know because I couldn’t believe she had made such a huge mistake so I listened to that bit twice. 

They are clearly NOT experts on the show, just a bunch of people they rounded up to do the video and who probably did their research on the internet instead of watching the show. 

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Phillip Defranco talks about the whole Gabby and Ricegum drama, and gabby told him about it a little. If you wanna watch it he kinda goes a little in depth about it if you want to know everything that happened. It's the first thing he talks about in the video too...

i’ll definitely check it out, i just wish he would own up to what he did and stop acting like a child

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How do you find the type of guy who is willing to have mind blowing, romantic sex like you described in that one post? I'm a virgin and I know I can choose to stay that way but I want to have sex with a man, at least once..But I don't want it to be like the other sex you described, cervix pounding and degrading and giving him an orgasm without him returning the favor. Honestly that kind of scares me and I want to avoid it at all costs. How do I find a guy willing to give/have great sex w/o kink?

Honestly it’s just about luck

But men who don’t watch porn are better, because then they don’t expect you to act like a porno. Unfortunately most of them watch porn. :/

There’s no “guaranteed signs of a good man” but not watching porn, actually mentioning women who he looks up to and respects, he talks about women as if we are people and in contexts outside of sexist remarks or rating women’s bodies like sex objects…

The less misogynistic things he does in general, the better

Like a man who says things like “My mom is so great because of her X accomplishment” or who maintains a decent friendship with his sisters or if he is actually able to be just friends with women, is probably closer to viewing women as human beings than dudes who only talk about women in terms of dating, have zero respect for their mothers, and would never consider a woman as a friend.

I would also try having conversations with a guy about what kind of sex he likes. Like if you are dating, ask him about sex while you are on a date.

Check his reactions to how you talk about sex. And if you’re seeing lots of red flags, don’t keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, trust your instincts.

There’s sadly no fool proof way to guarantee a dude won’t be awful at it. :/

And you don’t need to have sex to live a fulfilled life. Like honestly 90% of sex with men is terrible, so you aren’t missing much. There are tons of cooler and more interesting experiences in the world than having sex with men. So if you can’t find a guy you have sexual chemistry with, don’t sweat it, your life doesn’t need to include this to have value.

Chivalry Isn't Dead

“You better snatch her up before someone else does!” Steve warned Bucky.
You were about to walk into the kitchen when you heard this.
“Steve, I can’t tell her now. I’m waiting until the moment is right.” Bucky sighed, nursing a cup of coffee.
“Bull! You’re just a wuss!” Steve teased him, only half-jokingly.
“I’m not a wuss.” He groaned, knowing Steve was kinda right.
“Just ask her out, you big baby.”

You backed slowly away, your heart sinking, knowing it wasn’t you they were talking about. Why would it be? Bucky could score any girl, and lately he hasn’t hung out with you like he used to, watching movies and training together. You missed him, ridiculously, but it seemed he didn’t miss you.
So you walked to your room, head down.
You bumped into Bruce, who was rushing to the lab.
“Oh! I’m so sorry!” You apologized, helping him pick up his papers.
“No problem, Y/N.” He sighed, his papers now a mess. “Do you mind helping me out in the lab today?”
You had nothing else to do, and before becoming an Avenger, you assisted Cho in her lab work. And you needed a distraction desperately today.
“Sounds like a plan!” You grinned.

As you entered the lab, you saw Bucky head out with his motorcycle keys in hand.
‘Well, I guess he’s going to ask whoever she is out.’ You thought, signing internally.

You kept yourself busy in the lab all day, and at seven in the evening you flopped down in the living room to watch your favorite TV show, missing Bucky by your side.

Steve walked in and sat on the couch beside you.
“How’s it going, kid?” He asked, looking at you curled up alone.
“Could be better, how about you?” You wanted to evade the question, but Steve knew you well.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m just worried about Bucky, he’s so distant towards me lately.”
“Oh, he’s just… busy.” Steve half-lied.
“Yeah, busy enough to be gone all day, and to train with you everyday, when he knows I’m his training partner!” You exclaimed, slightly, upset that he’s probably with the girl he loved.
Steve knew that you were upset, but it wasn’t his place to tell you what was going on. He was loyal to Bucky, but he considered you to be the little sister he never had. He hated seeing you sad.
“I’m sure he’ll come around, Y/N, don’t worry.”
As soon as he said that, Bucky walked in with his hands behind his back. Him and Steve exchanged a glance.
“I have to go, Y/N. Talk to you later.”
“Alright.” You said, seeing the smug grin on Bucky’s face, knowing that something went right today for him.
You looked back at the TV screen, not being able to look at his perfect face for one more second.
“What do you want?” You said, annoyed.
Bucky was taken aback, what did he do?
“What’s wrong?” He said, walking up to you, hands still behind his back.
“You are what’s wrong, I thought we were friends! And you’ve been ignoring me for weeks!” You stood up, and pushed his chest.
He caught one of your hands and held your wrist.
“I’m so nervous around you, all the time, Y/N, and I thought if I gave myself some time away, I would be able to sort through my feelings.” He took a deep breath, “But doll, I am still so nervous, and my heart races around you, I’m so afraid that-”
You cut him off, putting a finger to his lips.
“Please don’t ignore me any longer, Buck.” You whispered. “I can’t take it.”
He moved his metal arm from behind his back and pulled out a simple pink rose.
“I plan on doing more than that, doll.”
He leaned down, placing his hands on the small of your back and kissed you.
You gasped, your eyes fluttering closed. Bucky smiled against your lips.
When he pulled away, he gave you a perfect smile.
“I’ve been waiting to do that for a while.”
“Really?” You smiled back.
He took your hands and gazed down at you.
“Of course, doll. I couldn’t handle not being around you.”
Your heart raced, and you hugged him tight. He put his lips against your neck as you tousled your hands through his hair. Soon that led to making out, he picked you up by your ass and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he carried you to his room. You left hickeys on his neck all the way there.

Steve was on his way to the kitchen to grab a snack and almost got ran over by a Bucky who was completely consumed by you.
“I guess the rose worked.” Steve mumbled. “Chivalry isn’t dead!”

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I was tagged by the lovely @princekangchani thank you for tagging me :)))) we should talk one time!! :) 

Rules: Answer the eight questions and then write eight new questions of your own

1. Who is currently ruining your bias list?

MINGHAO & hwiyoung i got into seventeen only like 2 weeks ago and,,,,, minghao just sjdkbjsakbuabd :((( the more i learn about him the more i love him his martial arts makes me so speechless…i watched that video so many times whenever he gets screen time or T A L K S wow i lsajdasdnja heart eyes everywhere plus he can be cute but thEN HE LIKE SWITCHES COMPLETELY AND I JSUT?????

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2. What was the last thing you searched on youtube?

how to fix water in ear phones…my left one doesn’t work anymore sadly rip

3. What’s your fave meme?

in general?? hmmm….idk this is the only one i could think of

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4. Fave OTP?

2jae!!! listen they’re so cute and youngjae is finally accepting jaebum’s love.. jaebum literally took youngjae under his wing and they shared a bed for the longest time and developed such a cute relationship… even though back then jaebum had a bad temper, youngjae was patient,, WHENEVER JAEBUM EVEN LOOKS AT YOUNGJAE HIS SMILE IS SO BIG LIKE HOW CUTE IS THAT,,once youngjae leaves the dorm… the drought begins 

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5. Favorite picture of your bias?

any bias,,, this will take a while to even pick one and there’s infinite pictures shduisdhs hold on


6. If you married your bias, do you think you and your bias will truthfully get along?

(ima pick youngjae for this question)

tbh, yes… we would make each other laugh with our dumb jokes we’d be the life of the party lolo jk no one gets my humor and my jokes suck ashdbd plus there’s coco (as i said i really love dogs) so we would take care of her together and go to parks and do other cute things.. i dunno i feel like we’re kinda similar in some ways :’) This reminds me of that mini “ interview “ they had about marriage and stuff and youngjae said he would try to make her laugh with his weird faces and humor… youngjae is such a positive beam of light and i would want to make him as happy as possible n take care of him ;-; And since he’s very sensitive i would make sure he always knows that he’s doing his best and to have confidence in himself wow this question made me emo

7. Fave girl group and why?

Blackpink!! When they first debuted they snatched me instantly i loved their style and music!! they’re queens,,, just wow i needed a badass girl group in my life after 4Minute…

8. Where is your safe place?

My room I guess! I always feel safe since all my stuff is in there and I’m always in there lmao,, 

My questions!

  • 1. Have you ever fallen for a movie / tv character? If so, then who?
  • 2. Fave disney princess?
  • 3.  What is your ideal type?
  • 4. What was the most recent group you started learning about? What snatched you?
  • 5. What song do you want to hear live the most? (if this is too hard then top 5 lol)
  • 6. Who is climbing your bias list rn? Why? 
  • 7. Fave rookie from 2016? (there were so many im so sorry they’re all so talented)
  • 8.  What was your last dream about?

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I never liked the idea of Will’s dad being a jerk, (like he is in ALL fics) I always thought he was just a guy that didn’t know how to express his love for his son in more open ways, after all Will never talked in a bad way about him, and even some of the things he loves are things his dad taught him.

I ended up joking over twitter that his dad was Ron bc they share many hobbies and the way they live, and well a joke led up to this…(Hannigram are still on the run tho  but Ron doesn’t watch tv and lives in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t know/care his son-in-law is a serial killer) 

Hannibal will never let Will live down that his dad accepted him officially, Will regrets it so much

Bonus (how do you know what human meat tastes like wtf?!?!)

dan is a good and lovely person pass it on

kubo-sensei confirmed that yuuri bought both rings which honestly makes sense but it also means that sometime between the ring-buying and the ring exchange yuuri not only brought victor to the steps of a cathedral but also handed him one ring and then took victor’s hand to put the other one on him like

i mean victor must have just been experiencing one big long internal scream for that entire half hour as he realized what yuuri was doing (yuuri knew. exactly. what he was doing) but there’s also a possibility that they… talked? about what was about to happen? 

and i actually…. i honestly think they may have breached the topic before spain. nervously, tentatively, shrouded in uncertainties (”do you think we’ll still be together years from now?” “i hope so. i’d like that” or even jokes, like, watching a movie “haha imagine if that were our wedding”), but enough that when yuuri turns to victor and both holds out one ring and asks for his hand so that he can put the other on while this may have come about sooner than they even expected, they know. it’s not out of the blue.

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

wow this is like textbook abuse. 

breaking into her apartment? ✔️ going there when she doesn’t want to see him? ✔️ trapping her in a place she can’t leave to force her to talk to him? ✔️ saying things like “i have to do this before I lose you forever” and guilt tripping? ✔️ making excuses for things he does over and over? ✔️ promising he’ll be better when he never actually tries to and expects to just be forgiven? ✔️

what a great feminist show s2 became,,,

Headcanons for Percy’s favorite Disney movie are based on the assumption that he Loves the ocean. Cool, fine. But then why would his favorite movie be The Little Mermaid? A movie about a girl who doesn’t like being in the water, who dreams of getting away from her family and home and being independent, and in the end chooses to leave the ocean permanently, to the point she even isolates her daughter from part of her identity? Doesn’t really make sense.

And Finding Nemo? As a kid that can actually talk to sea creatures, I think it’d be hard for him to watch because it’d be so inaccurate and he’d just end up annoyed, especially when specific sea creatures are portrayed as mean. Idk, I can almost see an argument for this but I just don’t think it fits as well as others.

But Moana? It’s about a girl who loves her island and her home. She loves her people. But yet? The sea calls to her. She connects to it. Even with all the love she has for her island, she feels the tug of the sea. She always finds herself back at the water’s edge. And I just think Percy would relate to that. To her love for her family and the ocean.



A major reason why Viktor is so captivated by Yuuri at the banquet is because, from his perspective, Yuuri is happier to have lost than Viktor is to have won. Viktor is at the top of his game but feels like there’s no savour to it, no real satisfaction - but Yuuri, who just came in last, is smiling and dancing and laughing and (seemingly) having a fabulous time in a way that Viktor never has, even when he was younger. He’s watching this guy talk Yurio into a dance-off and pole dance with Chris without the slightest bit of shame or hesitation, and he’s thinking, What the fuck does Yuuri (who’s incidentally super hot) know about skating - and about life - that I don’t? So he approaches him, nervously at first but with increasing confidence, and soon gets so caught up in the moment that he starts having fun like Yuuri is, too. Viktor won the Grand Pix and didn’t feel like he’d done anything new, but dancing with Yuuri? That made him smile, and he’s all lit up and wondering what else Yuuri can teach him that he didn’t know and trying to work up the courage to ask -

- and Yuuri goes and asks Viktor to teach him.

And in that moment, when Viktor gasps and the whole world rearranges itself, it matters to Viktor, not just because he’s attracted to Yuuri and at a professional loose end, but because he thinks that Yuuri sees something in him that he doesn’t see himself - and more, that Yuuri, as just evidenced by their dancing, has the unique ability to make him see it, too. Viktor has never had fun at a banquet before, but the man who just lost the Grand Prix has made him feel more alive than any of his medals ever did.

Which is also why, from the moment they meet again in Hasetsu,Viktor repeatedly fails to understand how Yuuri’s issues with anxiety and low self-esteem are intrinsically tied to his belief that he’s a poor skater: because the Yuuri Viktor met at the banquet didn’t care that he’d lost. Over and over again, Viktor tries to push Yuuri into not caring about the outcome because his formative impression of Yuuri is of someone who responds to losing by going out, having a wonderful time and seducing the fuck out of the person who did win, i.e. as someone who emotionally handles loss better than Viktor handles winning. So when he sees Yuuri get nervous before a skate, he’s not being callous in bluntly reminding Yuuri that he might lose or what could go wrong: he’s trying to parse the disconnect between the anxious Yuuri in front of him and the Yuuri he remembers who didn’t give a fuck when he actually did lose. He’s trying to say, albeit clumsily, “Once this is over, you won’t care if you lost; you’ll bounce back and do your own thing, so accept the worst case scenario now and move on from stressing about it.”

What Viktor doesn’t understand is that, not only his fundamental view of Yuuri based on a single night of deeply uncharacteristic behaviour, but that Yuuri doesn’t remember it. Even once Viktor realises that Yuuri’s extroversion and drinking at the banquet are anomalies, he still thinks he’s able to allude to its significance in a positive way: remember that time you lost the Grand Prix final, had an utterly wonderful evening with all our friends and seduced me into becoming your coach? That’s Yuuri’s worst case scenario, and from Viktor’s perspective, it turned out great! Why on Earth would Yuuri be afraid of something that spectacular happening again? It doesn’t help that Viktor has no personal experience with that sort of confidence/anxiety issue in the first place, which means he has a poor ability to gauge when he’s pushing too hard, but the whole time, Yuuri’s missing memory is the elephant in the room. Viktor never refers to the banquet directly because, when Yuuri fails to bring it up, he logically assumes that Yuuri is embarrassed, not that he’s forgotten it altogether, and without knowing this vital piece of information, all his attempts to remind Yuuri that you failed and something new and wonderful came from it are interpreted by Yuuri as you’ve failed before and could fail again.

And I just.


Multilingual Nico though
  • Like I have this hc that Nico knows like 9 languages
  • There’s a new, really young camper who’s native language is Korean and can only speak a little English. Everyone’s like “Oh no, how we gonna explain everything???? Nico just rocks up and speaks to them fluently 
  • People are like???? When??? How???? 
  • And he’s just so casual about it “When I was figuring out how to shadow travel I ended up in a lot of places ya know” 
  • “Do you watch anime subbed or dubbed?” “Neither, the dubs are normally wrong so I just watch it in Japanese” “Uhhhh…” 
  • He likes a lot of foreign punk bands pass it on
  • Him and Piper have conversations in French to annoy Jason
  • Frank can sort of follow along (He’s Canadian guys) and his Grandma also taught him a little Mandarin so they try and chat in that and it’s just funny
  • He overhears Leo talking about how pretty Calypso is in Spanish, or cussing out his project that just won’t work and he’s there like… “You know I speak Spanish right?” 
  • Percy feels superior because Nico can’t speak fish but he’s just “Yeah, it’s not my type” 
  • Will loves it

all the boys // panic! at the disco

I feel like at some point there was like, a radio talk show about sports and they’re discussing the Stammi Vicino duet and who wore the costume better and people are calling in to vote about it, and it’s pretty close but Victor is winning by a little bit.

And then they get another call and the talk show hosts don’t even have a chance to get a word in before the caller is like, ‘Yuuri, the answer is Yuuri. Yuuri looked the best in that costume, honestly do you people who voted for me even have EYES, Yuuri looked so amazing and that shade of blue is just beautiful on him and did you see how great his ass looks in that outfit? No? I invite every last one of you to watch the gala performance again and pay special attention to Yuuri’s ass because it is truly a thing of beauty-’

And then the line suddenly cuts off and in the background there’s a sound of scuffling and someone saying ‘give me the phone victor oh my god’ and then the background voice comes on, ‘I am so sorry about him, he’s drunk,’ and hangs up.

kevin never specified anything here so im just thinkgin andrew stayed awake with him all night watching over him, just talking to him from the bottom bunk, casually, while the others slept. and even though he would never admit it, andrew was worried af bc he couldn’t protect kevin during the match, but he knew kevin was FINE, so he started saying things like: “what if he had broken your hand again that would have been fucked up am i right? oh shit kevin what if he ripped if OFF” 
kevin that night until 6 AM: