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how do you make your subtitles???

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Imagine Vlad getting stuck in Russian, like he can’t figure out how to stop and every time he thinks he’s finally switched back to English nope still Russian

Imagine that it used to be a really common thing back in college and Jack found a way to help kick him out of it, like with tongue twisters and speak patterns that force Vlad to use non-Russian sounds.

Imagine sometime during season 3 Vlad get’s stuck int he language for the first time in twenty years and he just kind of pterodactyl screeches and tries for days to kick himself out of it but he fails.

So then Vlad’s standing so irritably at the Fenton’s door, and when Maddie opens up Vlad just grimaces and asks for Jack. and she stares at him and just starts laughing because she knows

So Vlad’s just sitting in the Fenton home like a petulant child with Jack trying so hard to get unstuck from his language issues with Maddie trying and failing to stifle her uncontrollable cackles. he makes all these rude nasty remarks and basically vents his frustrations while no one can understand him.

And then in walks Danny.

And Vlad just shuts up. Dead silence. Lips have be glued together. Maddie tries to get him to make remarks and respond because Danny’s just staring at them all like they’re crazy but Vlad absolutely refuses to speak. He will not have this being used as fodder in their witty banter. Until something happens, like he stubs his toe trying to walk around or Jack does something or what, and he swears and then its just like a cascade of vulgarities and self loathing comments and Danny’s just fucking rolling on the ground laughing through the tears

Eventually Vlad manages to get unstuck, but before he leaves the house Jack just walks over and comments, in Russian, on something Vlad had said, and Vlad just goes fucking white.

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WHY DON’T YOU LIKE HOMECOMING?!?!?! (It’s one of my favorite episodes of Season 3 :P)

Oh no! I’ve started a discourse! Hahaha, I’m evil!

Okay, first, BtVS Season 3 is my favourite season. So I had a difficult time picking five episodes I disliked, because I loved all of them apart from Dead Man’s Party and Gingerbread (which is not surprising). So I did in fact like Homecoming, a found it a fun episode.

That being said, I just found the episode particularly cheesy. I’m not big on cheese, unless the writers are aware enough of their writing to make fun of themselves. The technology they used to find Buffy was soooo faulty, and the Russian assassins that Buffy sort of kind of killed? Plus, Cordelia was INCREDIBLY brutal (this was before Cordelia became my favourite character mind you). Cordelia had the habit on BtVS of making some awesome progress, and then regressing backwards. And I was still in Buffy sympathy mode at the time and couldn’t stand Cordelia’s attacks. Like, the girl had just killed the love of her life, been attacked at her party by her family and friends, and had to make up for all her classes…the things Cordelia said was uncalled for. *biased with my love of Buffy Summers remember ;)*

Then again, Buffy did call Cordelia a “vapid whore” so I guess they were even lol. And they had an amazing moment at the end where they connected. I hoped they would be buddies after that, but I guess not. *thinking of The Wish and all the girl talk they could have had* *coffee had sooo much potential*

  • J.D.: yeah, but we're filling them with "ich luge" bulets
  • Veronica: ich luge...what?
  • J.D.: my grandad scored them in world war II. they contain a powerful tranquilizer. the nazis used them to fake their own suicides when the russians invaded Berlin. we will use them to knock out Kurt and Ram just long enough to make it look like a suicide pact-complete with a forged suicide note.
  • Veronica: okay...that sounds fake but okay

okay so my dad didn’t speak English, like, at all. and once upon a time when vhs were dying and dvds were pricey he used to pirate films at home, for our own entertainment. so this is the 2001 movie that’s supposed to be “Pearl Harbor” of course but since my dad spoke Russian and Polish only, he wrote the title phonetically. i mean, the way he heard it. let alone he couldn’t decide so there are two versions: “Pel-Harbo” and “Per Herbo”. I just found a box filled with those cd-roms and died a little bit at this one haha

Russian Roulette (Prompt #7)

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Requested by anonymous:  7 with Isaac? /  Can u do number seven with Isaac?

#7:  If you wanted my attention you didn´t have to go through such extremes.

A/N: Okay, so this got veeeery long. But I felt like the situation needed that. Summary: You have a pack meeting and Isaac decides to do something stupid to impress you. The outcome of that action is quite painful. Enjoy and thanks for requesting! 

“So, just to sum this up…”, you begin while the others look at you reluctantly. “Chris Argent knows some Russian hunters who want to meet two of us in an empty storehouse because they could have some information about that beast?”

Scott blinks at you, amazed by the stupidity himself . “Ehm, yes. That’s about it.”

“That’s absolutely ridiculous”, you state. “You might’ve forgotten this but hunters actually hunt werewolves. They probably just want you dead.”

“I think she is right”, Kira sighs. “This screams trap.”

“It definitely is one”, Scott admits with a slightly desperate expression. “But do we have a choice? We need every piece of information we can get.”

You sigh, rubbing your face. This conversation runs in circles. Like every conversation you had about this topic in the last few days. It depresses all of you. You can see it in their eyes. Kira is scared, probably worried about Scott, Malia not as fierce as usually, Stiles doesn’t stop with biting his lip, Liam’s blue eyes are constantly widened, Lydia stares into nothingness and Isaac stands there like a stature, not moving at all. The nervousness lies in the air, you can practically grab it.

“Is it worth to risk our lives?”, Stiles asks darkly.

“Maybe. We are endangered anyway. And until now we were pretty successful with beating up some hunters”, Scott reminds us.

“God, I can’t believe you are actually thinking about this!”, you exclaim, glaring at him.

“I need to make a decision, Y/N. And nobody needs to go except for me. I can do it alone.”

You can sense Kira’s growing pain. Every girlfriend would suffer if her boyfriend wants to do something life threatening and stupid like this. One werewolf against who knows how many hunters? This cannot work.

“You shouldn’t”, you say for the last time. He shoots you an apologetic look that expresses everything. You can’t win this time. You shake your head in anger and disbelief while you fold your arms in front of your chest and look to the side. In this moment you catch Isaacs gaze. His expression startles you. There is a rebellious sparkle in those blue eyes. Your heart skips a beat. You already know what he will do.

“I will go with you, Scott”, Isaac says and your heart sinks even lower. Scott and Isaac? Do they want to drive you crazy?

“You don’t have to, Isaac”, Scott objects, obviously as happy about his suggestion as you are.

But Isaac doesn’t want to give in. Whatever makes him want to do this, it must be very persuasive. He even manages a reckless smile. “Count me in.”

None of them cares that your heart already aches.


Your pulse races as you sit in the car with Stiles. Waiting. Waiting. It starts to feel like an eternity. You don’t turn your eyes away from the storehouse. The jeep is hidden behind a wall but you still have a pretty good view of the front door. And in your opinion they are in there for far too long. Stiles looks just as tense as you are. He keeps drumming on the wheel and the constant tapping annoys you.

Your grip on the first aid kit gets so tight that it starts to hurt but the pain distracts you from the horrible pictures that fight their way into your head. Just as you are about to take a deep breath to calm yourself you suddenly hear a loud bang.

Your head snaps up and you stare into the darkness breathlessly.

“What was that?”, you ask Stiles, your voice far too high from the evolving panic.

He is about to answer as the front door opens with a pang. And Scott comes out, supporting Isaac’s weight. Oh no, that doesn’t look good at all!

“Go! Go!”, you scream in Stiles’ ear and he reacts immediately, letting the engine of the old jeep roar. The tyres squeak as he makes the car shoot forward on full speed. You throw yourself to the door on the other side and rip it open before the car reaches the two werewolves. Isaac is obviously not capable of doing anything anymore but Scott seems to be okay. He jumps into the car, taking the groaning Isaac clumsily with him. Some guys are screaming behind them in the meantime. They come nearer and sound very pissed off. That’s a natural sign for Stiles to make a U turn and take flight in an astounding speed. You had no idea the jeep has this in it.

But your main concern is directed towards Isaac, who is lying on the back seat now and looks very pale. Painful moans escape his mouth while blood gathers around his stomach. Good thing you thought about this beforehand and covered the seats in sheets. Scott is cowering next to him between back and front seat and catches his breath while he turns back to normal human.

“What happened?”, you ask him, much calmer than you thought possible because inwardly you run wild.

“They brought guns”, is the simple answer. “Can you fix him?”

There it is. That’s what you do. When others freak as soon as they see blood or bad injuries, your head becomes cool and you get to work. That’s what Deaton taught you and that’s what you do to help the pack: vetting them. Fixing them.

You take another look at Isaac’s wound, already opening the first aid kit.

“I guess, but I need space”, you order. Scott understands. He climbs to the passenger seat and turns around to observe what you do while Stiles is still busy with rushing through the night.

“Just one bullet?”, you ask your patient. At least he is not unconscious.

His eyes focus on your face and he nods. Sweat breaks out on his forehead.

You take the paper towels, push the shirt up and start to clean the wound. You have to do it fast. They heal quickly and you need to get that bullet out of there before that happens, otherwise this will be excruciating for him.

“God, I knew this was a stupid idea!”, you complain.

“Yep…I shouldn’t have played the hero just to impress you…”, Isaac agrees, nearly in a whisper. But you still understand him and totally forget your nursing for a second. Instead you turn to him and stare at him incredulously.

“Seriously? If you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go through such extremes!”, you snap, because this is so ridiculous and dumb and you are taken aback because you would never have believed that someone like Isaac liked you.

He blinks at you while you continue your work, grabbing the scalpel. His eyes widen a bit as he notices the sharp instrument.

“What should I have done instead?”, he asks you, partly to distract himself from what’s about to happen.

You roll your eyes, concentrating on the wound again and not on him. “Taken me out on a date? I am gonna get the bullet out now. Bite in the sheet, or something”

Isaac does but his scream fulfils the jeep as you get that stupid thing out nevertheless. In the last moment by the way, his skin already grows back together. After that he isn’t really capable of talking for the rest of the drive. He is just lying there, controlling his fast breathing, shivering a bit. It’s quite the same with you.

You are relieved as you arrive Scott’s house. Nobody followed you. This nightmare is over. You could be angry but you are just too tired. They are alive. That’s all that counts.

Isaac gets up with another moan as Stiles’ jeep stops in the driveway. He looks at all the blood with slight surprise. Then he looks back at you and his gaze softens at once.

“So…about this date…”, he continues, somewhat shyly.

You laugh. Unbelievable! He got shot and all he cares about is that date.

“We will talk about this tomorrow when you are not confused from the blood loss but I think you earned it.”

A smile spreads on his face before he lets Scott lead him to the house.

What a night.

I was just thinking.

In Cap 2 Bucky/Winter Soldier speaks Russian. And apparently it’s bad.

But what if the goons he was working with are “fluent” in Russia, but it’s like really, really bad Russian. Like, they took a class or used Rosetta Stone just enough to ask where the restroom was. Hydra was like, “Okay. You’re good. You can now work with the Winter Soldier.”

So Bucky/Winter Soldier tries talking to them in Russian, but they don’t get it. So he dumbs it down until it’s really, really bad Russian and the Hydra goons finally get it.

And that’s why his Russian is bad in the movie.


With some great tags from my Psychonauts post (btw that sale lasts until like??? december 1st I think??), I forgot to mention some cautionaries.

I wouldn’t advice you to play psychonauts if you:

- Are easily nauseated by swirly- illusionist type stuff (a lot of the transitions to levels/loading screens are that)

- Have trouble with reality/are sensitive to surrealistic situations

- Are uncomfortable with the g**sy slur (Raz is Russian and refers to his family as such. Whether or no Tim Schafer was okay to use this word in his game, not my place to talk, just know it’s there and that’s how it’s used)

- Are triggered by gore/animal death (The last few levels contain a bunch of raw meat, like butcher stuff, and suggest animal death; context)

- Are sensitive to body horror (okay lets face it, not every character in the game has a cute face like Raz; Bobby is p fucking scary looking and the fish monster is really really gross)

I should’ve mentioned that in the post, but I was just really excited.

Tony Stark- Be Okay

You’re coughing now, horrible, loud sounds. Like you’re choking on glass.

“I’ll get us out of here,” Natasha slams her fist against the door but it doesn’t move. She tries again but the result is still the same. “You need medical attention or you’ll bleed out!”

“Nat, it’s okay..” You strain to catch your breath, really not liking the way your chest tightens when you try to breathe. “We’ve just gotta.. gotta..”

Natasha’s at your side in a flash, hands hovering over the large wound in your side. She curses in Russian and meets your eyes.

“These people really want you dead,” She tries to lighten the mood, you can tell and you appreciate it, but when you laugh, it hurts so you stop. “Sorry.”

You shake your head, hating the way your toes and fingers begin to go numb. “Don’t be. But just.. tell Tony to stop being an idiot, okay?”

She nods solemnly, keeping her face blank as she leans forwards and hugs you, careful to avoid touching the gash. She then pulls back and smiles lightly. “You won’t be forgotten, (Y/n).”

You snort tiredly. “That’s what.. you say now.”

Natasha sniffs, wiping the tears out of her eyes as she stands and faces the door. With a swift move, she lands a kick to the middle and it caves in. She gives you one last fleeting glance to tell you that you’ll be okay, but your eyes are closed and you’re not breathing.

Tony’s smile falters when Natasha steps off the jet alone. Without (Y/n).

“Natasha,” Tony’s quick to stop her on her way to the medical room. “Where’s (Y/n)?”

Her eyes are what give it away. But Tony can’t believe it as he stumbles back, gripping the wall as he holds back a cry by covering his mouth.

“She wanted me to tell you to stop being an idiot.”

Tony laughs without meaning to, but smiles and nods. “Yeah. Thanks.”

Natasha places a hand on his shoulder lightly. “She loved you.”

“I know,” Tony closes his eyes and has to lock his knees to keep them from giving out. “I loved her, too.”

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