i just like using insults like that sorry

I know people hate kakasaku but why so much hate in the tag these days? Like cmon she’s an adult so is he it’s not creepy unless you ship it while she’s young and MAJORITY of us only ship it when she’s older because i agree it’d be nasty if she was young. That’s just wrong. So insulting us like that is super fucking rude. Grow up and think straight.

Well, I finished watching Dragon Ball GT

I know I’ve been ranting a lot about this show the last two or three days. And I’m legitimately sorry to any fans of GT I might be upsetting. I’m not used to spewing this kind of anger and frustration at something. i’m really not. I try to never rant on things like I’ve been doing, I try to be civil and fair. But… something about this last saga, and just this whole show in general now, really… really… offends me. Like, it doesn’t just anger me. It doesn’t just frustrate me. This show, and especially this ending just legitimately insults me as a lifelong Dragon Ball fan.

I have another long, passionate rant in me. I’d be typing it out right now. But honestly, I’m tired and bitter and it’s getting late and I just want to go watch something good from this franchise to remind me why I love Dragon Ball so much. I can’t take being so mad and so unhappy and unsatisfied at something from this franchise I love with all my heart. It just… hurts.

If I don’t write up my final word on GT tonight, I’ll do so tomorrow. But until then, to try and sum it up for anyone who cares to listen:

Forget about what I said about the Super 17 Saga being the worst. The Shadow Dragons Saga is THE WORST saga in all of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball GT is the worst Dragon Ball show. It’s an insult to the franchise in almost every way and deserves to be hated. Screw GT. Screw GT and everything it stands for. Nothing can make me happier now than knowing it’s now completely and utterly irrelevant and the furthest thing from canon as possible. I thought I’d give it a pass for the Baby Saga, but now that I think about it… even THAT story wasn’t all that good. At least it doesn’t excuse how awful the show is overall. Honestly, the only thing it’s accomplished is making me appreciate the original Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and especially Dragon Ball Super a whole lot more. I never want to watch this show again.

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Hi, I don't know if I'm supposed to ask this. I've never been sexually attracted to anyone before, regardless of gender. I've heard girls see celebrities and say they'd 'tap that'. Is that what sexual attraction is? How do I find out whether or now I'm asexual. I've felt for quite sometime that I am, but then I feel like I'm insulting the asexual community by saying I'm asexual just because I've never been with anyone before. Sorry if that was confusing, I'm a mess.

Yes, that’s pretty much sexual attraction.  However I’ve heard asexuals say things like that too because that’s a common way to express your appreciation for an individual’s looks in today’s society.

As for knowing if you are asexual, there’s no sure-fire way to know.  However if you feel that asexual is the right term for you, then by all means use it!  You are not insulting the community at all, because I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of asexuals who question their asexuality.  This is okay, and you can call yourself asexual even if you’re not sure.

Also, this question was perfectly fine!  Don’t ever worry about if you’re supposed to ask something.  It’s what we’re here for!  We want to help you!

~Mod Elise

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Jeongguk was actually insecure abt his nose for a while so like....... it's like that quote where it says smth like people take years to learn to love parts of themselves they hate but it takes one minute to tear it all down or whatever idk im just super protective of him... ik it's like 'stop babying idols they're grown and can protect and defend themselves' but like...... no... not in this type of situation

exactly and like not to be corny and super over protective but like…how in the world is that a lighthearted joke like??? not to mention like in general big nose has been used as an insult against me personally like ofc its gonna rub me the wrong way why wouldnt i be mad about it?

like not to be that super sensitive bitch but im sorry my guy, it is just not funny or cute. 



She’s absolutely nice with fans, polite, patient and respectful, even if she knows we’re not here for her. People in twitter are being very rude right now, and insult her ! It’s not acceptable. You are rude, you are an a**hole, i’m very sorry that Bob could’nt stay for taking pics with you or even talk to you but maybe he is too polite to go by himself and doesn’t want to unplease you ??? He’s doing A LOT for the fans, but with this ^^^ i’m not sure he’s gonna do the same mistake ever again. 

YOU SHOULDNT TREAT HER LIKE THAT. Arryn deserves respect. Bob too. He is human just like the rest of us. They freaking need to sleep, stop harassing them fo being human being. It’s rude and give them an awful image of the fans. 

Respect, that’s all they ask 👍 Think before complaining about yourself. And grow up. Bob is here for you, do not make him regret this decision and the next … 


My name is Tanya and I’m from Bulgaria (it’s okay if you don’t know the country, nobody really knows it) and i really like making new friends. I’m 14 and i speak Bulgarian, English and right now I’m learning French.
I draw and write a lot of stuff.
I watch a lot of series like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Riverdale, Dexter, Hannibal ect.
I watch anime too, and i am really into yaoi.
My favourite music is all of it, i can literally listen to everything, but i mostly listen to Hollywood Undead, David Bowie, the Smiths, pink Floyd, Ed Sheeran….
I really like serial killers documentaries.
My favourite cartoon is Rick and Morty.
I listen to podcasts, all kinds.
I’m a virgo.
I guess i can be really mean, but that’s just because I’m used to insulting people, so sorry in advance.
I love to watch all kinds of stuff and i love it when people tell me new stuff.
People IRL don’t really like me cause I’m kinda mean and look like a meth addict, i swear i can be friendly, sometimes.
Overall, i would really like new friends
My tumblr is otakufangirlowl (I’m cringing, i have this tumblr since sixth grade)

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Your mom and my mom are a lot alike. Mine uses my birth name as a type of insult much like I saw in your post.. but anyway I just wanted to say that you're so much more than you're being reduced down to in that home. When we constantly hear that we are "lazy" or anything adjacent to that it can be hard to continue telling ourselves that it isn't true. But it's not, Sam. People like your mom and my mom don't understand. Be strong and prove her wrong man

Thank you for taking the time to send this. Im sorry your mom is like this too. I just dont get why my mom acts like this, shes unreasonable and doesnt listen. I dont even mind her using my birth name i just wish she didnt yell at me all the time.

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Scum, why are you "scum"? You seem moderately nice, maybe a bit irritable, but well within the tumblr norm. What's with the belittling oneself?

Ooh, I’ll need to work on my irritability. I think thats just outside stress slipping onto here. Sorry about that.
But! It’s mainly a play off of my main username that I use for quite a lot of accounts. There’s a movie series I like and the main bad guy I really, really, liked. Well, one of the insults in the movie was “You ____Scum!” And since i lile negative names, it stuck and bam.
I like it a lot as a nickname! I’d rather be called that then my real name (just online). But I never view it as an insult or anything like that?
That’s…still a bit confusing, isn’t it? orz
Scum just has a nice ring to it! It’s not an “I hate myself I’m scum” thing, it *uuused* to be a weird “Haha, I am scum since i like this character so much, ahuehuehue”, but now since I’ve gotten used to being called that, I just view it as a nickname more than anything. Since I’m just a tad bit over that character, I don’t really connect it to that anymore.

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You guys are free to not like the ship as much as you want and find their age gap problematic. But you shouldn't call it pedophilia. It's been explained to you why, and if you continue to use it then it shows that you don't actually care about the morality here and are just trying to use the heaviest word possible to insult people that ship things you don't like. And a fandom is not your safe space, I'm sorry. If anyone feels "triggered" learn to use your blacklist or fucking leave.

lmfao how about you fucking leave if you can’t take criticism of your pedo ship. this is the kind of bullshit Dictionary Definition tactic used in all circles of social issues when shit people want to derail conversations. an adult romantically/sexually pursuing a minor is abusive because the minor is still mentally developing. that’s true whether the minor is 10 or 17. the only reason you don’t want to call it pedophilia is because you don’t want to confront the fact that you like seeing this kid and this adult dating. guess what no matter what you wanna call it it’s repulsive and no amount of euphemistic shield words changes that. fandom is not YOUR safe space where you won’t be subject to criticism for your shitty actions so if you can’t deal with that maybe go back to your circlejerk of anti sjw friends who’ll pat you on the back for sending an anon message where you scarequoted the word triggered.

The Boy in the Space Jacket

Pairing: Phan
Genre: angst
Word Count: 1,100-ish
Warnings: homophobia, bullying, mild bruising/bleeding, one swear (oooh what a rebel)
Prompt: Could you make a fic where Dan and Phil are in high school and Phil gets bullied and Dan stands up for him? -super-phan-locked
*I’m sorry I switched the people I read the prompt wrong*
Disclaimer: This isn’t real (obviously- Dan and Phil are kind of grown men). I am just a lame little teenage girl who likes to write fanfiction. Also the bullies are made up people because I didn’t feel like insulting some YouTuber by making them the bully (although I could have used some abuser like Alex Day or Jason or Sam Pepper… hmm…). Also this is all based around how American schools are because I know nothing about England’s school system except that they’re called “years” or something.
(Wow, world’s longest disclaimer.)

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How do Cules not understand that winning this El Clasico is such a big deal to us?

Like you guys have seem what we’ve had to go through already this season, a horrible coach that completely drained our players, made our midfield disappear and constantly insulted our players, we lost 0-4 to you at home, we were so embarrassed of our club at the end of the year

And sure Zizou gave us hope, but we knew he wasn’t a miracle worker, we say that he couldn’t fix all our problems in such a short time, so yes, this clasico was very important to us

To defeat Barca on their own ground, after a 39 matches streak without losing, against a Barca team that’s very strong and very good, after everything we’ve been through the first half of the season, of course we’re fucking ecstatic about it, of course we’ll feel like we just won everything

I don’t get it why that girl uses “lesbian” as insult, I mean yeah that other girl is pretty awful but….it’s not like leSBIANS are awful! I mean it’s not like it really MATTERS to me or affects me at all ahahah I’m juuust sayin’ y'know that’s pretty mean to….lesbians…..The poor things but I’m not one I just think you should use o T H e R word lesbians are good people I don’t kNOW MANY okay I’ll shut up sorry