i just like to make impacting gifsets

I rlly wish y'all would stop mentioning 13RW it’s doing nothing but triggering me and making me sick nonstop every time a screencap, gifset, or just seeing the names or title of the show crosses my feed. I don’t even see y'all discussing the reality of what it’s like to attempt suicide or be depressed. I don’t see y'all giving voices to the ppl actually dealing with this. All I’m seeing is ppl talking about a ship they coulda had if Hannah didn’t commit suicide or ppl mentioning what characters they hated or loved or “X character deserved better!!!” or stans making fan edits a gifsets for some Clay x Hannah ship and whatnot. Like, this show seems to have had about the same impact as a CW Gossip Girl type of show, like if they took the graphic suicide and graphic rape out, it would make no difference in stan culture or stans of the show in general. All I see is normies treating this show like any other teen drama. It’s disgusting and feels like a mockery of the reality that ppl go through, especially since there’s literally a fandom for a show like this…..


send me your celebrity crush and I will make you a gifset:

“I would like to be somebody young people, young girls, can look up to. I just want to give them a new way of looking at things because I remember how young I was when I would watch these shows. I would be so sad if a six-year-old was watching TV and was like “Oh, I must have to be like that to be successful”. And that’s what these kids are thinking. We’re the ones, whether we admit it or not, that have a really big impact on these kids. Not that I’ve ever necessarily aimed for that, but I guess recently I feel more of a responsibility.”

tori kelly for anonymous ♡