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“There’s been a bit of a sad moment for her. She’s sitting on a car, waiting for everyone to come out, and she’s clearly been upset. The guys come out of the building and Harley turns around and kinda just wipes away the tears and is suddenly happy again. I was just like “Oh god, she’s hurting so much but she’s making a joke.”
That is so what women do. It’s like, women totally do that for the sake of not making it uncomfortable for family members, to like, put on a brave face for their kids. I watched my mom, I watched so many women in my life, and it’s just like, they will swallow all of that and just… Women are tough, man.“

- Margot Robbie

SENDRICK CHEMISTRY MADE BECHLOE HAPPEN. Look at them!! Anna was there looking at Brittany like she was thinking about attacking her and then went “fuck it! lemme bite your face!!” LOL

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Look at them!!! Those are total genuine smiles!! These are more Sendrick than Bechloe, tbh. 

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BUT LIKE I KNOW THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS IRL. I’m just glad that bechloe is possible because of Sendrick. 


#Alec lightwood proud af to see his sister kicking ass and taking names #just look at his face #he’s like boy you asked for it #stupid mundane thinking you can take my sister in a fight #hahahahahaha #you didn’t even last 10 seconds #that’s how far out of your league she is #and then you look at Izzy #turning with a smile to look at her big brother #and Alec’s smile and subtle head shake of ‘Izzy that was too easy’ #it’s beautiful really #watching them have this moment in between looking for Jace #now I need a scene where Jace and Alec are both present #and smiling all cocky at the sight of their sister kicking ass

My favorite thing about Lexa is that whenever Clarke challenges her, she just gets really really close to her face. Its like she is asking “you sure you want to test me?” and Clarke always looks a little flustered because she knows Lexa could totally kick her ass but she’s also kind of turned on? Clarke is like “Oh shit I should not have said that, wow she’s really pretty, wait what?” and I feel like Lexa knows she has this effect on Clarke. So she steps closer with a dual purpose of dont test me but also now you’re thinking about kissing me.

@lackadaisycats​  I think it goes without saying, I admire the brilliant artist that is Tracy J. Butler, her characters, her humor, and her storytelling skills. What also goes without saying is I can’t really support her financially, no matter how much I’d love to shower her beautiful potato face with dollars. I go to her shop every couple of days just to yell ‘TAKE MY MONEY’ at the Lackadaisy volumes and throw a bunch of random papers at my screen for the dramatic effect. Sigh.
What I can do, however, is to encourage each and every one of you, dear watchers, to get acquainted with her work at Lackadaisy.com and support her like I wish I could.

Tracy, if you ever get to see this, Merry Christmas

(Yes yes, I chose this scene for selfish reasons. If you thought, even for a second, that it smells morafenish, it’s because it does.)

“Baby, just ignore him. Please, let’s just go.” You’re between Sam and another man, with two hands on Sam’s chest. The other guy is just as big as Sam.

The situation has escalated in record time.

The man eyes you up, then down, making the point that Sam can’t stop him from looking at you any way he likes.  He turns to Sam and grins, “I bet I could make her squeal like a pig.”

“Shut your mouth.” Sam spits as his fist connects with the man’s face in a single, fluid motion. One quick punch and the asshole is holding his nose as blood streams down his shirt.

Next thing you know, he’s running full bore at Sam. 

Your dive bar date night has officially turned into an all out brawl. 


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I know we’ve moved on some and we now have the glory that is 109 but… you guys look at his fucking face here! Look at the way he looks at her when she glances in his direction. 

Fucking kills me every time I looks at this. I know they were not in a good place here but he still looks at her with the same hungry expression. Only here there’s this tinge of desperation to it. He knows Ginny is not happy with him and he don’t like it!

Just I’m never gonna be over this moment. I pray we get another red carpet moment with these two next season. A lot of people were talking and saying for the ESPYs and that would be amazing! Could you imagine these two walking a carpet together, happy and just soaking up all the attention. Pictures separate and together, Mike’s hand on Ginny’s lower back as he guides her down the carpet. 

Like I don’t even care if they only go as friends… just give me this!

Give me happy Mike and Ginny working a red carpet together! ❤❤❤

“Please, don’t do this, Beth,” you beg, trying to work on the knots binding your wrists and ankles.  “I won’t tell anyone.  Your secret is safe-”

“My secret will be safe once you’re my mindless slave, little boy,” she interrupts, closing the oil bottle with a snap.  “One look at my jiggling tits and you’ll be mine, just like every one of my other servants.”

She comes around the corner, her massive breasts cupped in her slender hands.

“You’ll be mine, and they’ll get bigger.  Then this town will be mine and they’ll get even bigger.”  A dreamy look hazes her eyes for a moment.  “I’ll be a goddess and rule this planet.”

The ropes are too tight, the knots too secure, and now she’s standing in front of me, a look of triumph on her face.

“Now watch, little man, as my jiggling tits take your will and make you mine…”

And with those words, her oil-slicked tits drop into view, jiggling heavily.  In an instant, I saw only her, my vision tunneled on her bouncing breasts, and I remembered no more.

Honestly, whether Nygmobblepot goes canon or not, I’m going to watch Gotham regardless. But, tbh…it seems just odd that they would make a huge deal of Os coming out to say he loves Ed. Remember, nothing in this show happens for no reason. How many parallels and how much foreshadowing have they done in the past???

Look at one obvious one. Edward killing Kristen Kringle’s bf because he was abusing her. (Let’s face it; he was in the way…period.) and boom! They were in a relationship a short time later. Oswald had Isabella killed because she was in the way. If this is truly a parallel, doesn’t that mean Isabella was out to hurt Ed? I mean, she kinda already did by making herself look now EXACTLY like K.K…that was just plain WEIRD.

How many parallels have their been? I mean really? And foreshadowing galore? I’m not ready to give up hope for this ship yet. However, the entire show is amazing and the whole cast is fan-bloody-tastic!

you know what makes this moment so amazing?…..poppys face….I mean look at the shock on it she never realized that branch was in love with her since the whole adventure he’s been acting grumpy and some what rude but to her shock branch LOVES her like loves her romanticly and all this time her true love has been with her the whole time…..and just know she finally realizes it….some one unlike creek……….loves her

Mary and Sherlock are standing outside of a small pub after he had a little fight with a stranger.

Mary: Sherlock, it’s pretty obvious to be honest. Don’t you think?
Sherlock: I have no idea what you mean.
Mary: -points to his bleeding nose- Well you just got in a fight.
Sherlock: Things like that happen. Differing opinions. Humans are like that, Mary.
Mary: -laughs quietly and shakes her head- Sherlock…
Sherlock: What? -rolls his eyes, facing her-
Mary: I’m sorry to tell you this, but you can’t hide it anymore. You just fought with a completely random man. And why? Because he was rude to Molly.
Sherlock: That is not true…. -looks away, pressing a tissue against his nose-
Molly: -comes over to both of them, faces Sherlock- Oh my god. That looks horrible! You should go see the doctor.
Sherlock: -sighs loudly and looks away-
Molly: -looks at Mary, then back to Sherlock-
Mary: -shrugs-
Molly: Sherlock your nose is bleeding. It may even be broken. This could be serious.
Sherlock: I won’t go to the hospital for it.
Molly: -sighs and bites her lip- At least, let me check it. Okay? I want to be sure that it’s not broken.
Sherlock: …Okay. -nods and shrugs slightly-
Molly: -smiles softly and nods- Alright. Just give me a second. I have to get my jacket. -leaves-
Mary: You know for a fact that it’s not broken, huh? Well have a nice evening with her, Sherlock. -chuckles and gives him a cheeky smile-

… “There’s just one thing that’s been on my mind since I’ve come here” He mutters, his brows furrowed as he looks over at her.
“Yeah?” she asks looking up at him as she lays on her back.
He scans her face intently, before settling on her lips that quickly capture him in a trance “You’ve been waiting like I have, right?”
She looks at him, his stare paralyzing her. “Every night.“
He whispers a curse to himself before rolling over and pulling her body up by her shirt and slamming his lips against hers.
“Wha-” She mumbles as he interrupts her with his familiar lips that she welcomes, smiling contently at having him close again.
He pulls away too soon for her liking to stare into her eyes that earns him a whimper from her lips. “Anything change?”
Immediately, she softens her glare, a short chuckle leaving her lips before she looks at him truthfully “Not a damn thing.”
A grin spreads across his face as he scans her face and caresses her lips with his fingers “Good” he mumbles as he rewards himself with her lips again.


Having just read the TFA script, I thought all you Reylo trash shippers would like to know: later in the above sequence, it is confirmed; he actually did touch her face. I can’t post the script for copyright infringement reasons, but after the trooper says they need more troops, the script reads something like, “Kylo turns to Rey, HIS HAND STILL ON HER FACE.”

BOOM. There ya go. 

Revels in the trash that is Reylo…

Okay, I was re-watching bay window and noticed something…

Okay, first of all, they both look like they really wanna lean in… I mean, Riley literally looks away to fight the urge… and Maya’s just sat there waiting for it to happen

Then they both dramatically turn away (presumably to stop themselves) and Riley’s face is literally like “I should have done it…” 

Now look at Maya’s face. She’s like “well shit”. It thoroughly looks like she actually expected something to happen but nah (:/) poor Maya 

RIGHT. My theory is that Maya thinks Riley will never look at her like that (definitely spoken about this before, like a whole fucking essay) and she needs confirmation that they’ll always be together in one way or another…

Now: Riley’s response 

When Maya looks away again, Riley looks so fucking disappointed… as if she wants Maya to mean that in a not so heterosexual way. Deep down, she thinks that Maya will never see her like that (again, stalk my blog for that essay) and so all she can do is hope…

So basically, both girls are oblivious af and it’s adorable.

bonus: If you look at the that last part again, it looks like an ordinary couple just having an ordinary conversation

but then again every conversation they have is like that so