i just like to credit properly


Please get Mark to see this.

I’m well aware that you know it’s important to credit creators. This goes for photoshop and art alike (etc) . I really hope you saw that my thing with Tom Brady and Tyler was used and not credited (as far as I know, please correct me if it was). I just want to reiterate something.

In my book, it is never okay to use someone’s content without direct permission from them. It is okay, however, if this content includes the person using it and is credited properly. Example: Markiplier fanart being used by Mark and Mark only, so long as it’s credited.

I saw Tyler defend someone who stole my art, saying they only wanted to share it. This is wrong. You need direct permission from an artist to use it.

Please, advocate something like this in the community, and please please please, at least give me credit. I am mad by principle. You cannot excuse theft in anyway. 

Edit: I’m not mad per say. I’m dissapointed. I understand Mark has good intentions and I understand he likely forgot. Just principle here.

edit 2: For those who aren’t aware, mark has seen this! just leaving it up. :P


¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯ -  Meh? just doodles trashy trash

Couldn’t draw properly,too much stress this week. so i did this instead.Is it practice or lazyness?  let’s say it’s comfort zone. \⍩⃝/

Dunno if it could be useful for someone and plz, don’t take this like super seriously, it’s full of anatomy mistakes.i don’t pretend to be good but if u use it  that might be kyote if u credit meh! 8A8

if u have any question, plz feel free to ask. that’s funny how im just putting this shiet here and don’t say anything.like lol.this is poses,expressions and bye.

Things I really liked about Spiderman Homecoming
  • I don’t know if it was properly representative of Queens, but at least it wasn’t a 100% whitewashed Queens
  • The love interest was black, and portrayed as popular and desirable, and was smart enough to be captain of the academic decathalon team.
  • Spider-man cries.  Several times. Not just at the peak-drama moment, but when he’s disappointed, or scared, or lonely
  • Aunt May taking care of him in all the little ways
  • Peter Parker’s T-shirts
  •  All the times it was clear that he hero-worships IronMan, but is actually more like Captain America
  • Captain America cameos
  • Pepper Potts
  • The villian’s loyalty to people under his protection
  • The second post-credits scene
  • The accuracy of two nerds just geeking out constantly

And the #1 thing I absolutely loved about this movie: Michelle

BTS Reaction - You Moving In Their Lap

Request:  BTS reaction to you sitting on their lap and keep moving around and accidently (or not lol) turn them on (in public) 💕 i love your blog sm ahh

A/N: i felt extremely dirty writing this so you’re welcome

P.S: the scenario is the same for every member so i ain’t describing it every single damn time

P.P.S: i apologise in advance that this is super sloppy, i was really tired and wanted to upload for you guys <3

Kim Seokjin

You, Jin and all the other boys were sitting around a table cluttered with pizzas in a restaurant after the group’s dance rehearsal. “Come sit in my lap, jagi!” Jin would pat his thighs invitingly. After you plopped down in his lap, you’d swivel around to face Namjoon, your ass grinding against Jin’s bulge releasing a gasp from him. “Pass me a slice of pepperoni, Namjoon?” You’d ask. As you reach for the slice, your ass would slowly slide up Jin’s legs. He struggles to contain a groan, hands clenched around your waist, trying to constrain you to stay still. He’d whisper through gritted teeth:

“Y/N… Please, keep still.”

Y/N: What for?


Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

Kim Namjoon

You’d grind in Namjoon’s lap purposely just to drive him crazy. After looking at him with a sly smirk and lustful eyes, you’d move your hips up and down his legs, rubbing your behind against his erection. He’d immediately know what you were trying to do, heaving a large sigh, he’d take your cheeks (on your face) in his hands and yank your face towards his, muttering aggressively:

“I demand you stop tempting me to fuck you on top of this table in front of everyone.”

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Min Yoongi

He’d contort his face and a moan would linger his lips as you’d purposely bounce in his lap. He’d get so undeniably frustrated with you that he’d have to excuse himself to the bathroom and when he’d get back, you’d tilt your head and beam an innocent smile. He’d sit down beside you then cup his mouth around your ear and mumble:

“Just you wait until we get back. You’re going to pay for this.”

Originally posted by yoonseok

Jung Hoseok

He’d try his hardest not to look phased by how you were unintentionally rubbing against his front, flashing a big smile. But each time you moved in his lap, his brows would scrunch and his mouth would start watering. As soon as you were all leaving, he’d pull you aside and say:

“The way you wiggled on my thighs gave me all sorts of ideas. I deserve a reward for how hard I contained myself.”

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Park Jimin

A whirlwind of thoughts would go through his head when he saw the way your ass popped out of your dress every time you’d stroke his dick gently when you’d reach out to grab a piece of pizza. After you knew what you were doing, you’d test him even more by teasingly twirling your tongue around the tip of the pepperoni topped delicacy while looking deeply into his eyes. He’d clench onto the sides of his chair, throwing his head back and release a sigh. 

“The things you do to me, Y/N. I can’t wait to get you alone.”

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Kim Taehyung

Tae wouldn’t be able to help himself, the second you’d start grinding in his lap. He’d pick you up, carelessly showing your ass to the whole restaurant and take you to the men’s bathroom. He’d slam you against the wall in a toilet stall, ripping your dress off, he’d gaze at you up and down in your lingerie and smirk, saying:

“I couldn’t resist you, baby. You could glance at me and I’d want to fuck you senselessly.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jeon Jungkook

Even if it was just accidental, Jungkook would be furious that you’d even think to tease him like this in public. Unlike Taehyung, as much as he’d love to fuck you unconscious, he’d wait until you’d get home so he could make love to you properly.

“When we get home, I’m going to fuck you so hard as punishment for daring to play with me like that.”

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I do not own these gifs, credit to owners!

PROJECT: Welcome Back, Wang! -- ENDED

Hello, Ahgases! In case you didn’t know, Jackson will be coming back the 25th and his birthday is the 28th! In honor of these things, GOT7SNET will be hosting a project to spread the love and appreciation for him and anyone is welcome to participate (including those who don’t make content or aren’t members of this network). So feel free to use this project to celebrate Jackson’s birthday, encourage him to feel his best, appreciate him, and give him a warm welcome back! This project begins today, March 23rd, and ends on April 23rd.

To participate:

  • reblog this to spread the word
  • use the tag “Welcome Back Wang” on any content contributing to this project
  • make sure to properly credit content that isn’t yours (like if you’re compiling gifs that aren’t yours or using a fancam that isn’t yours to make a gif)
  • and, of course, continue to support Jackson and the rest of GOT7!

If you don’t make content, you’re free to even just make text posts or compile gifs/videos/photos/etc with proper credit that links back to the original owner. Anything dedicated to Jackson is encouraged and welcome in the “Welcome Back Wang” tag!

I hope lots of you will join or at least reblog this to spread the word!

This project has ended. Thank you so so much to those of you who participated!:

@iget7 , @biasjacksonwang , @visualdarkness24 , @darkthebluekitty , @jinyoungsbum , @jjacksonsgirlfriend , @got7arrived , @rapnamjoon and @the-princejinyoung ! (if someone contributed and wasn’t mentioned here, please say so!)

You can find their lovely contributions to this project here! Thank you again to participants and those who spread the word ♡


As promised, here are some scans from the Odin Sphere Complete Guide book. Please don’t upload these onto any image hosting websites. I’d like to keep these on tumblr. A few of these didn’t turn out so great, but I will try fixing them in the near future. Feel free to use these for edits or icons if you want. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated!

Compilation Posts

i’ve noticed that it’s become a trend on here for compilation posts to start circulating. what i mean by a compilation post is the op is collecting a variety of gifs, screenshots, and photos to make a sort of “list” about whatever topic they choose. this may be a “sexy jimin” post or a “savage yoongi” post, but no matter the topic a lot of these posts are using stolen and reposted work

how do you spot when something is stolen? @jjeonguk wrote a great post about it here. some of the tips include gifs being different sizes and/or styles, being watermarked with a url other than op’s, and being tagged with things like “bts smut” just to get their post into as many searches as possible.

reposters in general really piss me off, but thankfully most of the time once they’re called out they stop and/or the community bands together to make sure the stolen work isn’t being reblogged. but these compilation posts are popping up on my dash quite frequently. i never see anyone calling them out, and i never see people questioning if it’s stolen. plus, they’re getting thousands of notes. whole blogs seem to revolve around generating these kinds of compilation posts full of stolen content, and people keep letting it happen

here’s an example of what these posts with stolen content look like:

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PSA for gif makers

It’s great that we’re in a new era and Seventeen has fansigns, along with fancams that are released for fans to see their cute interactions. But lately there’s been an influx of fancam gifs on tumblr that are not properly credited―some are from fansites that don’t even allow gifing―on our dashboard. 

We would like to just take a moment and remind everyone that there are certain rules when it comes to editing fansites: 

(!!!!) If you are unsure whether a fansite allows gifing or not, please refrain from doing so. They did not give proper consent, therefore, the answer is always a no. 

What you can do: 

Ask for permission (It’s really simple: 안녕하세요! 출처를 밝혀주면, 움짤 만들기 가능해요? which basically translates to Hello! If I give you credit, is it possible to make gifs?) 

When you receive permission: 

Credit properly

Linking in your caption directly to the video or directly to the fansite (official fansite or Twitter) is giving proper credit. Follow their rules. If they don’t allow logo cropping, don’t crop the logo. Simple as that. 

Fansites work hard to take quality pictures and videos to share with us. As they are uploading live previews, they are also our connection to the boys for every event, especially to international fans. It’s concerning and unfair to them if they never had a chance to address the rules, and just because you see that other people are making gifs from a fansite, does not mean that it’s automatically editable. When you gif from a fansite that you’re not sure is editable, and give credit in your caption, it does not mean that it’s acceptable or editable in any way. The best way to be sure is to confirm yourself. Please give them utmost respect, ask them directly because 99% of the time they will reply, and follow their rules.

Minhyuk - would start singing cutely for you because he doesn’t want to see you sad. He would tell you that he misses you too and he promises to see you as soon as he’s back in town. “Don’t you worry y/n, you will get tired of me once I’m back.. now don’t be sad, give me a smile please?” 

Wonho - would get his face really close to the camera and tell you very seriously to not cry because he might start crying too. Then he would be all cute and fluffy, telling you about his day and asking you about yours to distract you. “I miss you too baby~ I wish you were here with me…” 

Kihyun - would tell you that he feels the same way and that next time he’s away he hopes that you could come with him. He would tell you that he’s thinking about you a lot but he doesn’t want you to be upset. “I’ll be there soon and I will give you plenty of hugs and kisses!” 

I.M. - would immediately make silly faces to try and make you laugh because it would break his heart to see you cry. Then he would realize how much he misses you too and end up being sad himself. “Awww I want to be there with you y/n. I miss you so much, I hate being away from you..”

Jooheon - would be very adorable (hugging a stuffed toy and saying that he imagines it to be you) and would end up making you miss him more and feel even lonelier. He would be very apologetic when he sees he made things worse. “I’m sorry babe, I miss you too you know? Please don’t cry…” 

Hyungwon - would tell you how he much he wants to cuddle you right now, how much he wants to kiss you and just hold you close to him. The call would be very long because neither one of you wants to say goodbye first. “I’ll be back very soon y/n. I always miss you. No more crying okay?”

Shownu - would be thoughtful and ask if you are eating properly and getting enough sleep. Then he would say something like ‘I’m not sleeping well because thinking of you keeps me awake’ which would make you giggle. “I have to go now but just text me if you need me okay? I love you.”

Sirius being jealous would involve...

A/N: this was requested by @ridd-ik-ulus. I am so sorry dear /: It’s actually pretty lame, but I guess I am getting drained after writing so many Headcanons about the same subjects. I do hope you enjoy it a bit though!

Source of gif - which is unfortunately no real source, but I couldn’t find the original poster. If it’s yours, tell me and I credit you properly!

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No Matter What.

Request from @iknowyouwuvme:Steve x csa victim reader where she’s triggered and Steve finds her and she reveals the truth and he accidentally confesses his feelings while comforting her.

Note: First of all I would just like to apologise for the delay in posting this! I never want my requests to take this long to get to you but life has been rather hectic lately! Changed it a little - just in regards to how he confesses his feelings so I hope you still enjoy it.

Steve x Reader

Words: 2,259

Warnings: A little bit of violence and mention of kidnap…think that is pretty much it to be honest!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You had been awake for half an hour now, your vision having focused properly just mere minutes after you came out of the forced sleep you had been put into, and yet still you can’t figure out where you are. Nothing about the room around you seems familiar in any way – you certainly weren’t in Stark Tower that much is obvious just by the uncomfortable feeling that is beginning to make your stomach knot itself up.

The last thing you remember is meeting up with Steve for a coffee; it was your usual Monday morning thing to do - mainly because you would be hungover from the weekend of partying you had just done and he would be wanting to sober you up being ever the gentleman that he was. Then you had gone your separate ways, he headed for the park to go on some ridiculously long run with Sam while you set off on your three block walk to Stark Tower to start your day…everything was just as it should have been.

But then there was a van, a dark one you remember that much, and before you could even consider defending yourself a pair of arms had taken a hold of you as something sharp was driven into your neck.

At the very memory your hand travels up to the particularly sore spot on your neck. Obviously whatever it had been was enough to render you unconscious for an extended period of time because as you looked towards the only window in the room and saw that night had fallen already.

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imkeicam  asked:

Hey. I just wanna ask. Can I translate and fandub your comic? I will share it in YT with link to your tumblr of course

Thank you for liking our work so much. This has been asked by multiple people already so this goes to everyone:

Yes, you can dub our comic if you want, just make sure to credit us properly, preferably with links to our tumblr like you said. The same thing goes for translations. <3

Birth of The Four Holy Beasts Theme
Birth of The Four Holy Beasts Theme

Birth of The Four Holy Beasts Theme / Himekawa’s Possesion Theme

(Digimon Adventure tri. - Shoshitsu OST)

Best song in tri. so far.

Credits to its author.

(I ignore who the artist is and the real name of the song. I just named it like that to make it easier to recognize. So, please if anyone knows who the artist is or the actual name of the song, do let me know to properly give credits and name. Thank you.)

Pillow Fort

Originally posted by nellaey

Request ; Could you possibly write a Sirius Black x reader and they build a fort in his bedroom and it’s super romantic and cute and finally confess their love for each other?💘💘💘

Pairings ; Sirius Black x Reader

Warnings ; My english, FLUFF.

A/N ; If you find mistakes feel free to correct me because you’re learning from your mistakes and i want to improve my english because they suck.Hope you like it love, I tried my best. Gif’s not mine credits to the original owner.

Also I really don’t feel well about how it ended, i found the kiss scene crap because i didn’t know how to describe it properly as i haven’t any experience and i don’t if it is believable enough

Word Count ; 1.228

You had just arrived at Potters’ house in Godric’s Hollow, you hadn’t told it to James and Sirius anything because you wanted to surprise them but unfortunately they weren’t at the house.  You were waiting for your friends for over an hour and you got bored so you decided to go up to Sirius bedroom and do something entertaining.

When Sirius walked into his bedroom he found it a total mess. Pillows, blankets and illuminations were everywhere. His bed wasn’t there anymore, just his mattress. Plastic sticks, glued to the floor by magic, were keeping some blankets in the air above the mattress. And then he saw you. You were at his bathroom, singing with your wand as a microphone.  

“Y/N! What the hell are you doing? And when did you came?” he caught you off guard and you jumped when you heard him.

“Hey, Siri. I came about 2 hour ago. I got bored waiting for you and prongs and decided to build a pillow fort! Wanna help?”

He gave you a questioning look. “A what?” you couldn’t believe what an idiot he was. Yes it was a muggle thing but the words describing it perfectly.

You started walking towards him. “Oh Merlin! You don’t know what a pillow fort is? Let me explain it to you really quick. IT’S A PILLOW FORT!” you literally screamed at his face and then hugged him because you had to see him for more than two months.  

He hugged you back and put his head on your hair. He always loved how they smelled, chocolate, old paper and rain. If it was able, he would live inside them.


It was already ten at night when you and Sirius finished. It took you one hour to build your fort because Sirius was doing idiotic things and when James saw you two doing it he just laughed and left. He didn’t even help a bit when he saw you struggle because Sirius wasn’t taking it seriously.

“Come on Y/N/N, let’s lay because merlin I’m so tired.”

“Why are you tired padfoot. You didn’t help that much. You just kept messing everything.”

He mimicked you but then he pulled your hand and you both fall on his mattress. You stayed in a comfortable silence for a while. Then he got up closed the lights and open the illuminations which were all around your little fort.

When he came back at the mattress you put your head on his lap and he started playing with your hair is he always was doing. “I used to do this kind of fort things with my dad before he died. It was out thing and we talked about everything. He wasn’t that much at home and it was good to have him all my own for an hour or more.” You didn’t talk about your father that much after his death. Sirius knew that and he never brought it out if he thought it would uncomfortable for you.

But now you had the need to talk. Not just about your father but for everything.

He looked you deep in your eyes and smiled at you. “Y/N love, you know, the people we love and who loves us never truly leave us, and you can always find them in your heart.”  

“So, you’ll never leave me?”

“Love I would never leave you. I would die for you, yes. But even then I wouldn’t have left you.” You truly loved Sirius for years and you knew that he loved you too but in a more platonic way that you wanted him to.

“The war is at its beginning. What are we going to do pads? I don’t wanna loose you, James, Remus even Peter. You’re my family and I won’t be able to leave without having you beside me.”

“We are gonna fight love. For a better future. For our better future and for our kids’ future.” He hugged you tightly. You knew that his brother was going to be a death eater once he would leave Hogwarts and that’s why he didn’t felt really good to discuss around this theme. So you changed it.

“So you want children?” you said and you looked up at him with a light smile. He would be a great father. He whispered something really quick and you didn’t catch it but you heard something about yourself.

He looked at you. Of course he wants to have children even though he is really young to think about it properly he knew he wanted. And he wanted to have a family with you. But of course he wouldn’t tell you. He didn’t want to frighten you. “I would love to have my own family. Not now, but one day sure.”

He took your head away from his lap and you moaned like a baby because you were pretty comfortable there but then he laid beside you and cuddled up with you. You loved the way he cuddled. He wanted you to face him and your faces were so close that his lips were inches far from yours and you were able to feel his breathes. It was like kissing him without kissing him. You could taste the cherries from his lips without touching them. He always smelled like cherries. The first time you realized it you thought that he actually had eaten some and you told him where he found them because you wanted too.

“Do you want kids, love?” he asked you and you could feel the air leaving from inside you because of hoe low and harsh his voice was.

“I want. I want yours.”

“What?” he looked at you surprised. Oh no, you told it out loud. You had that bad habit of telling your thoughts without realizing it.

“Um, nothing forget it Siri let’s sleep.” You tried to look at the other side because you were sure that your cheeks were red. You could feel them burning and you couldn’t face him. You couldn’t believe that actually let it split out that easy. He didn’t let you leave.

His hand was at your chin and he made you looked him in his eyes. His wonderful gray eyes that you could see the whole night sky in there.

“Y/N, look at me. There’s nothing to feel ashamed of. And actually I wouldn’t mind having your kids as well.” He had that little smirk while he was speaking and then he pulled you even closer than you were.

Your lips were literally milligrams away. You couldn’t stand this so you did it. You kissed him. His lips so soft on yours. At first only your lips were touching and dancing on their own song. You finally had tasted the cherries. Then he put his hands on your cheeks and he made it more intense. He was moving slowly because he didn’t want to cross any line but you had already crossed it. You moaned a bit when his tongue touched yours. We couldn’t breathe.

You broke the kiss for a while without looking away from each other’s eyes. Then it was you who putted your hands on the back of his neck and locked your lips once again.

“You taste like cherries as well.” He smiled at you and he closed his eyes to sleep without leaving you from his hug .


Stop reposting other peoples’ art without asking persmission, creditting them, properly linking back to what they specify that you link back to, or making sure that people know that you didn’t make the picture. Hell, just don’t repost an artist’s work period, honestly. It’s so damaging to them. Their art is their livelyhood, and you had nothing to do with its production. Getting views, likes, or profit from the work of an artist who you don’t even take the time to research is just the shittiest thing ever.

This even goes for fan art or fetish art. I don’t care if you think that it’s “for the fans so it belongs to the fans.” Yeah, it’s for the fans, but belongs to the artist who made it. Not you. And fetish art is just as valid as every other art form, so taking and reposting that without permission is just as shitty. If you run an art appreciation blog,fan blog, fetish blog, or whatever, bro 99.99% of the time the piece you want to repost has already been posted by the artist on this website already. Fuckin’ reblog it from them.

Support artists, not theives.


symmetra icons

LIKE OR REBLOG IF YOU USE; credit is not needed but appreciated (sombrasmaker if you’re using these for twitter)

Ok so! I just chatted with @thatweirdasiankid and cleared some stuff up! I just want to lay some things down:

Not all of tumblr is aware of the dynamics of the art community. It’s really easy to see a piece of work you like on another site and repost it without thinking of the consequences. However, if someone tells you to properly credit or take it down, you should probably listen.
A lot of artists post their work to advertise their skill so they can make money to help pay bills. Reposting without permission and a link to the artist’s page can take away a lot of opportunities for them. (Personally some of my commission money goes towards my groceries)

Calmly going back and forth between reposter and artist can help clear things up and spread proper art appreciation on social media. This requires both parties to cooperate and be understanding. BUT note how I did mention reposter and artist. I love ya’ll so much and I seriously appreciate all of you who stand up for my work, but all I need is you to provide me with a link or name of the reposter. I kind of want to handle things myself from now on to avoid other events like this. It is my work, I’ll fight my own battles from now on.

I hope that all makes sense! Thank you! 💙


You’d been thinking about it for days, trying to find the right Internet tutorial to help you learn the piano. Lucifer’s grand piano in the middle of the club had pretty much given you the musical bug. Yet you hadn’t found one which made the whole thing seem easy.

Now, however, you were sitting at the piano, letting the fingers of your right hand move across the keys, playing some simple tune that you knew.

‘You know,’ said Lucifer, and before you knew it he was sitting beside you, playing the accompanying chords to the song, ‘I could always teach you how to play properly. It would, however, mean a lot of time together.’

A small smile slipped onto your face as you turned your attention towards him. ‘I think that sounds good,’ you said. ‘Thank you.’

He shot you a smile before taking lead of the piano, playing a simple piece but making it sound beautiful.

‘Well then, no time like the present,’ he said when he was finished. He then took your hand and placed your fingers on the correct keys.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).

If I had a dime for every time people tweet about 5H in those “unpopular opinion” threads misjudging them, I’d be rich tbh. Every single one of those threads always say something like “LM is better than 5H” or “5H are overrated” to an extent where it shouldn’t even be considered an unpopular opinion anymore. People just like to include them on these as a result of bandwagon hate. A truly unpopular opinion about them would be a comment where they get positive recognition. FACTS ONLY. Otherwise you wouldn’t read these type of comments on every single thread.

First… Yes, people may prefer LM & that’s okay. But it’s simple, there’s no reason to add 5H if you’re going to give LM credit. Plus, you know what’s even sadder? More than half of the ones who tweet “LM >>> 5H” actually sleep on Little Mix. They don’t care about them at all, unless it’s to bring up their name to drag Fifth Harmony… smh, both deserve so much better.

Allow girlbands to rise properly, stop comparisons when there’s room for everyone to shine.

Second of all, it’s 2017 & some people at this point would not being able to tell why they hate 5H, they just enjoy hopping on the bandwagon. I understand when someone doesn’t like the group  (it’s not for everyone) or when the music is not their cup of tea but when stan twitter like to trash talk them because it’s “trendy” it’s quite telling.

Many act like 5H is that group with “shitty songs” when the label’s restrictions musically, are not their fault. Unlike the majority of artists they’ve had to fight hard for their creative rights.

Many like to call them out for their dancing when half of the other millennial acts are not demanded to pull a single move on stage. Even when they’re not the best dancing group out there, don’t diminish excessive amount of hours spent in rehearsals building choreography & formations. Also twerking is not a sin & let’s not pretend like certain haters don’t pop their booties out to WFH or their faves’ hoe anthems.

Many take them for a bunch of untalented women who need to dress “slutty” to sell when a) their X factor auditions are receipts enough to acknowledge they CAN sing & b) about the sexist & double standard bullshit, I won’t go there.

Many perceive them as this plastic manufactured band when in the words of one of its members, they’re not unreachable dolls you can’t relate to. It takes one interview to see they are lovely & charismatic celebrities; the variety in their backgrounds & the representation they provide are aspects that go unnoticed at times if people focused too much on the term “manufactured”. Yes, they are indeed but any mainstream act is a manufactured product just like them. Ask Hollywood & the industry if not.

The old stereotype that for being a pop group means there’s something wrong with them is the reason why many won’t give them a chance & jump on the bandwagon straight ahead.

It’s 2017 & people (esp on Twitter) have in mind a general misconception of Fifth Harmony & throw them so much shit when those girls don’t deserve any of that. All they do is spread a message of loving/accepting yourself & the person next to you. They are such nice hardworking women with great voices.

I’m not saying everyone need to stan them, all I’m saying is that if someone is dragging them as an unpopular opinion– on the contrary– it’s quite common. Stop following the bandwagon & judge them truthfully.

anonymous asked:

Hi I just followed your blog and got inspriation from it. But I'm unclear as to how to use your prompts. Can they be used as a starter and crediting you of course. Or are they used to spark the mind to create something based on the prompts. I feel so silly for asking this but I wanted to be sure that I am utilizing your blog properly. Thank you

For fanfic/just tumblr writings and personal practice or whatever: they can be used as a starter, or in anyway that you like so long as you credit me for the lines I came up with if you use them.

For original writing for your novel/short story/publication etc, please don’t use my words. Take inspiration and put the various ideas into your own words and create what you like from them that way. 

And it’s not silly, thank you for asking <3