i just like to credit properly


Please get Mark to see this.

I’m well aware that you know it’s important to credit creators. This goes for photoshop and art alike (etc) . I really hope you saw that my thing with Tom Brady and Tyler was used and not credited (as far as I know, please correct me if it was). I just want to reiterate something.

In my book, it is never okay to use someone’s content without direct permission from them. It is okay, however, if this content includes the person using it and is credited properly. Example: Markiplier fanart being used by Mark and Mark only, so long as it’s credited.

I saw Tyler defend someone who stole my art, saying they only wanted to share it. This is wrong. You need direct permission from an artist to use it.

Please, advocate something like this in the community, and please please please, at least give me credit. I am mad by principle. You cannot excuse theft in anyway. 

Edit: I’m not mad per say. I’m dissapointed. I understand Mark has good intentions and I understand he likely forgot. Just principle here.

edit 2: For those who aren’t aware, mark has seen this! just leaving it up. :P

PROJECT: Welcome Back, Wang! -- ENDED

Hello, Ahgases! In case you didn’t know, Jackson will be coming back the 25th and his birthday is the 28th! In honor of these things, GOT7SNET will be hosting a project to spread the love and appreciation for him and anyone is welcome to participate (including those who don’t make content or aren’t members of this network). So feel free to use this project to celebrate Jackson’s birthday, encourage him to feel his best, appreciate him, and give him a warm welcome back! This project begins today, March 23rd, and ends on April 23rd.

To participate:

  • reblog this to spread the word
  • use the tag “Welcome Back Wang” on any content contributing to this project
  • make sure to properly credit content that isn’t yours (like if you’re compiling gifs that aren’t yours or using a fancam that isn’t yours to make a gif)
  • and, of course, continue to support Jackson and the rest of GOT7!

If you don’t make content, you’re free to even just make text posts or compile gifs/videos/photos/etc with proper credit that links back to the original owner. Anything dedicated to Jackson is encouraged and welcome in the “Welcome Back Wang” tag!

I hope lots of you will join or at least reblog this to spread the word!

This project has ended. Thank you so so much to those of you who participated!:

@iget7 , @biasjacksonwang , @visualdarkness24 , @darkthebluekitty , @jinyoungsbum , @jjacksonsgirlfriend , @got7arrived , @rapnamjoon and @the-princejinyoung ! (if someone contributed and wasn’t mentioned here, please say so!)

You can find their lovely contributions to this project here! Thank you again to participants and those who spread the word ♡

Minhyuk - would start singing cutely for you because he doesn’t want to see you sad. He would tell you that he misses you too and he promises to see you as soon as he’s back in town. “Don’t you worry y/n, you will get tired of me once I’m back.. now don’t be sad, give me a smile please?” 

Wonho - would get his face really close to the camera and tell you very seriously to not cry because he might start crying too. Then he would be all cute and fluffy, telling you about his day and asking you about yours to distract you. “I miss you too baby~ I wish you were here with me…” 

Kihyun - would tell you that he feels the same way and that next time he’s away he hopes that you could come with him. He would tell you that he’s thinking about you a lot but he doesn’t want you to be upset. “I’ll be there soon and I will give you plenty of hugs and kisses!” 

I.M. - would immediately make silly faces to try and make you laugh because it would break his heart to see you cry. Then he would realize how much he misses you too and end up being sad himself. “Awww I want to be there with you y/n. I miss you so much, I hate being away from you..”

Jooheon - would be very adorable (hugging a stuffed toy and saying that he imagines it to be you) and would end up making you miss him more and feel even lonelier. He would be very apologetic when he sees he made things worse. “I’m sorry babe, I miss you too you know? Please don’t cry…” 

Hyungwon - would tell you how he much he wants to cuddle you right now, how much he wants to kiss you and just hold you close to him. The call would be very long because neither one of you wants to say goodbye first. “I’ll be back very soon y/n. I always miss you. No more crying okay?”

Shownu - would be thoughtful and ask if you are eating properly and getting enough sleep. Then he would say something like ‘I’m not sleeping well because thinking of you keeps me awake’ which would make you giggle. “I have to go now but just text me if you need me okay? I love you.”


Warning: Contains slight smut

Genre: Teacher x Student

UPDATE: I was stupid and made the girl 17 so I made her 18 which is legal now because JB is 23 in this. I will fix this in my previous chapters. Please tell me any writing organization suggestions because this is my first time writing a fanfic and I barely write in school so this is really unorganized I feel. I know there are tons of grammar mistakes but I am so lazy! I am so sorry. I will try to take the time to proof read before publishing. Enjoy that hilarious picture of JB.

 Your class is going on a field trip to visit a college and guess which teacher is the chaperone! Jaebum. After the intense make out session a month ago, you began spending more time with Jaebum and getting to know him more. Even though Jaehyun was always with you guys when you went out to buy groceries or have small dates, it was better because it would prevent Jaebum or you from kissing each-others cheek or showing any signs of affection for each other in public and risking your relationship. Although you wanted those displays of affection, you didn’t want to get caught and neither did Jaebum. If you got caught, you would not be able to graduate, Jaebum would be jobless, and your faces would be on local newspapers for the scandal… none of you wanted that. For the past month, every time you went out with Jaebum or the two times you slept over at his house, you told your parents you were sleeping over at Irene’s or Wendy’s or you were hanging out with them. Sometimes, You would tell them you had a group project with Jackson to work on at the library so they would think your working on school things. But actually school was the least of your concerns because JB would help you get it done quickly so you could hang out. It probably would be better if you told Irene, Wendy, and Jackson of your new relationship so they would go along with your plan in case your parents ever found out you were lieing, but you didn’t think it was a big deal because it had only been a month and it was working just fine. Last Saturday, you, Jaebum, and Jaehyun went to the bowling alley and you went in fear of getting caught by someone in school. Jaebum told you that all the high schoolers were partying and drinking on a Saturday so they wouldn’t be at the bowling alley. That relieved you a bit because you knew he was right. Your school was known for their parties.

Because of the constant fear of getting caught in public, you guys had been spending the majority of the time on his couch and watching horror movies while eating all the possible junk food. You would both be snuggled up on the couch and twice you fell asleep on each other with the warm blankets tightly wrapped around you two. Although these moments happened and you slept over twice, you weren’t his girlfriend. He didn’t label it yet. You haven’t gotten intimate with him yet besides sweet kisses and a seldom makeout seasion when no one was around (such as Jaehyun). You weren’t sure what the relationship was. It was friendly and you guys were getting to know each other more. Nothing really changed in you and Jaebum’s relationship besides being more open with each others feelings, spending more time together, and talking about more vast subjects. He told you that you looked pretty every time you came over and you blushed each time. These new compliments made you happy. You started having more in-depth conversations with him about almost anything. You talked about your past crushes and embarrassing moments like when you accidentally went to the boys bathroom then dropped your phone in the toilet and he would laugh in your face and call you an airhead. He made fun of you but you still liked it. He would tell you his embarrassing high school stories to make you feel better. Today, Jaehyun was at his friends house and you finally had alone time with JB. He showed you his senior yearbook and his senior pic was too good to be true.

“ Well damn. You looked too good senior year. All the girls must’ve chased you”

“I mean yeah they did. I spent time with a few girls but no one was as fun as you”

You slapped his knee. “Oh come on! Stop being so cheesy”

He smiled at you and said “No really! Some of them wouldn’t even admit if they farted! At least you do!”

“Is that what you like about a girl? One that admits her farts?”

“Well no but you’re honest and I like that about you.” he said as he tucked a hair strand behind your ear.

How can he be so perfect? He can go from talking about farts and then being sweet.

“I like you.” & You quickly pecked his cheek.

“You are so fun to be with and I’ve been having a lot of fun these past few weeks.” he basically giggled and continued, “I sound so cringey and awkward”

“It’s okay I’m cringey and awkward too” you said as you set down the yearbook on the table and snuggled close to him on the couch.

“I want to sit next to you on the bus to the field trip” he whispered in your ear while his arms were wrapped around your small body.

“Sorry I told Jackson I would be sitting next to him.”

“JACKSON?! He is the biggest gossiper in the school! Your friends?”

“Yeah but I won’t tell him about us.”

“I am okay with you telling your friends as long as you trust them.”

So were you guys dating you thought to yourself
He continued talking, “Have you told your friends about how you attacked me in the teachers lounge?”

You turned bright red and internally screamed.

“I forgot that you knew about that…”

“Of course I would know! It happened to me!” JB chuckled.

“What were you thinking when if happened?” you said as you looked up at him and saw his dark brown eyes staring back at you.

“Honestly, I thought it was the best kiss of my life. I found you attractive since the beginning of the first semester but I knew I had to get those thoughts out of my head. But recently, I stopped giving a shit because when you became my babysitter I started really liking your personality as well as your pretty little face even more. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it.”

His last line sent electricity through your body and your eyes softened when you looked at him. He is the sweetest man alive. His ex was crazy to leave him. But you were still unsure what your relationship really was with him. Did he consider you a girlfriend? He never told you.

“When I saw you, I didn’t think you were great but then you emailed me extra credit and this may sound stupid but that’s when I started finding you hot because thats when I started paying attention to you more. All the girls in our school thought you were hot before but that made me fall for you. I jus felt like you gave me extra credit randomly and I was weirded out but then I stared looking at your face more.”

JB laughed hysterically and spit a bit on your face!

“You spit on me! Quit laughing! What’s so funny?”

“Sorry! It’s just so funny! Extra credit really makes you happy and attracted to me doesn’t it?”

“No! I don’t know how to explain this properly! It probably wasn’t even the extra credit! I probably just looked at you and thought “oh he’s hot!” It was a random observation!“ You said to him while your face turned red.

"No it was the extra credit”

You gave up arguing and tickled him to make him shut up. He just laughed more and more and then his phone rang.

He got up to answer it in the kitchen and came back to the living room.

“Hey do you want to pick up Jaehyun with me?”

You nodded your head and drove with him.

“I am pooped out from laughing”

“Maybe if you stopped laughing you wouldn’t feel that way.” you said in a harsh but playful tone.

He drove seriously but he put his hand on your thigh a couple minutes in the drive and looked up at you an smiled. You were happy today.

You and JB walked up to the door and knocked and a woman opened the door.

“Hello Mr. Im! Oh Y/N! What are you doing here?”

It was Irene’s mom and then you remembered Irene saying she moved to a new house last week. How come you ended up at this new house? Why did she coincidentally have to have a younger brother who was friends with Jaehyun? Irene’s mother called Irene to come down stairs.

“Y/N is here to hang out Irene!”

Irene came down the stairs looking confused.

“Y/N? What are you doing here? You didn’t even call!” Irene said while smiling .“But it’s okay!”

You came up with a quick lie.

“Oh sorry Irene I just really needed to talk to you! Then I ran into Mr. Im. He is here to pick up his kid because he was playing with your brother right?” you said in a shaky voice

“Yeah.. Hi Mr Im I hope your having a good Wednesday. ”

After the awkward conversations and greetings, you said farewell to Mr. Im and tried to keep a distant between you and Jaehyun so he wouldn’t spill the beans that you knew each other. You quickly went to the kitchen and JB understood you wouldn’t be able to be with him for the rest of the evening. You hung out normally with Irene. Now, you finally slept over at Irene’s without lieing to your family.

“Y/N, you randomly came over. What did you need to talk to me about?”

You started sweating profusely and you looked down at the ground.

“Well you see… I trust you…”

“I trust you too Y/N.”

“This secret might freak you out…”

“YOU’RE PREGNANT?! IS IT JACKSON?! HE HAS ALWAYS LIKED YOU! I knew you guys were meant to be..”

“Ummmmmmm. I am not pregnant..I have been getting closer to Mr. Im because JB I’ve been his sons babysitter and right now we are getting to know each other. I am not sure if we are dating, but he told me he liked me.”

Irene looked like she shitted her pants.


You laughed at her reaction but you couldn’t help but think of what she said about Jackson. You explained to her how it happened and how it’s only been a short time so far and you weren’t even sure if it would last if JB never stated you were his girlfriend.

You decided to bring up Jackson again.

“But what did you say about Jackson?”

“Oh that was a secret. But I can tell you it now. Jackson likes you and he has since 9th grade. But are you gonna tell him about JB? It would break his heart. Plus he is gossipy so who knows how he will take it.”

“I am not so sure if I should tell him. He would never try to expose me or hurt me so I don’t think he would gossip such an incident if he found out about JB and me because he has always cared for me. I have always thought of him as an older brother.”

“He is gonna hate Mr.Im”


You sat next to Jackson but someone was very close to you on the bus.. Irene and JB sat together to keep a watch. You texted JB and told him the updates and he didn’t want Jackson to like you anymore. He wanted Jackson to move on from you. He was scarred Jackson would snatch you away.. He really has gotten to like you but he didn’t ask you to be his girlfriend yet. He wanted to ask you if you would be his girlfriend soon because he had grown very interested in you and wanted to try being in a relationship again. You were young and 18 and he wanted to be with you and see how it went. But he didn’t want to take advantage of you and ruin your high school career. He didn’t wanna be selfish and satisfy his own needs. He wasn’t even sure if you wanted to date him. But he has plans to ask you if you would be comfortable dating him.

You fell asleep on the bus but your head ended up on Jackson’s shoulder. Mr. Im was quick to notice.

“No cuddling or heads on shoulders while sleeping” he screamed across the bus and all the couples stared angrily at him.

Jackson barely had a chance to talk to you during the bus ride because you kept sleeping. He was a bit sad.

“Y/N let’s go on the college tour together!” Jackson said excitingly

JB was in a separate group from you and Jackson. He clenched his fist and got a bit jealous. But he let it go because Jackson was still your friend and you weren’t even dating him. But today you looked so pretty to JB that he got jealous of Jackson because he got to see your beautiful face.

The trip was boring and finally it was lunch time.

“Jackson I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay! Have fun” Jackson said and laughed loudly.

You giggled and walked towards the restroom area until you felt a hand cover your mouth and drag you to a closet. You were about to scream when you heard JB’s voice.

“It’s me”

“You scared the living day lights out of me. Where is this?”

JB turned on the lights and it was the janitors closet.

“Wow the college janitors closet! Way better than our high schools” you said sarcastically.

“Sorry I just wanted to talk” JB said as he kissed the side of your lips.

“How’s Jackson?”

“He’s good and he’s not even showing any signs of liking me. I feel like Irene doesn’t know what she is talking about”

“Good I don’t want him to steal you from me.”

“Why would I even leave you? You’re soooooo hot” you said in a mocking tone. You weren’t lieing but you wanted to tease him.

He started speaking in a serious tone, “Listen Y/N, I want you to myself. I dont want Jackson to have you. it has only been a month of me and you spending more time together but I want you, I want to dat-”

Before he could finish his sentence you grabbed him by the collar and kissed his soft lips. You have been staring at them since he dragged you to this closet. You trailed wet kisses down his neck then collar bone, and finally down his chest. This was your answer to him and you have been waiting for him to state that he wants to date you. JB was flustered and surprised. You left sweet butterfly kisses as you traveled down. This is your first time acting somewhat dirty and going a bit lower than he expected. He pulled you back up and looked into your eyes with a hungry look and tugged on your shirt and you took it off quickly, realizing what he wanted. He saw your red lacy bra and smirked. He slammed you against the closet door and started kissing your cherry Chapstick lips. He stuck his tongue inside your mouth and the sloppy sounds filled the room and he moved his lips to your neck, biting and sucking on your weak spots that you didn’t even know existed and leaving hickies. Your body was on fire. You were squeezing your legs together and you could feel your panties were getting wet and you haven’t felt this good in your entire life.

“JB.. Oh my god…” you whimpered.

“You don’t realize how much I want to be with you.” he said against your neck and you felt his hot breath against your skin.

You couldn’t believe you were getting intimate with Mr. Im and you felt bad for basically attacking his lips again, but he wanted it too. That made you feel better. He actually wanted to date you and it made you happy.

He made his way down to your boobs and unhooked your bra. He looked at them hungrily.
“You are so beautiful. I cant believe this” he whispered.
He grabbed one mound and as he was about to put your nipple in his mouth, your phone rang in your pocket. He disappointedly kissed your chest and let you take the phone call. He had a look of annoyance. You were annoyed too. Who could possibly be calling? You were just about to get it with JB in a janitors closet but someone had to ruin it.

“Hello?” you answered in an angry tone.

“Y/N where are you?” Jackson said in a fake worried tone.

But Jackson knew where you were.


“Oh I am in the bathroom! I told you right Jackie? I’ll be out soon!”

You started getting wearing you shirt but JB sadly looked at you and put his hand on your hips and lightly kissed your lips. Even though it was so light and quick it made you excited. This was the first time JB and you did something so dirty and you loved it. This was the beginning. He actually liked your personality and didn’t use you like your past boyfriends. Everything was perfect. But little did you know… Jackson just found out your little secret relationship.

imkeicam  asked:

Hey. I just wanna ask. Can I translate and fandub your comic? I will share it in YT with link to your tumblr of course

Thank you for liking our work so much. This has been asked by multiple people already so this goes to everyone:

Yes, you can dub our comic if you want, just make sure to credit us properly, preferably with links to our tumblr like you said. The same thing goes for translations. <3


As promised, here are some scans from the Odin Sphere Complete Guide book. Please don’t upload these onto any image hosting websites. I’d like to keep these on tumblr. A few of these didn’t turn out so great, but I will try fixing them in the near future. Feel free to use these for edits or icons if you want. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated!

Birth of The Four Holy Beasts Theme
Birth of The Four Holy Beasts Theme

Birth of The Four Holy Beasts Theme / Himekawa’s Possesion Theme

(Digimon Adventure tri. - Shoshitsu OST)

Best song in tri. so far.

Credits to its author.

(I ignore who the artist is and the real name of the song. I just named it like that to make it easier to recognize. So, please if anyone knows who the artist is or the actual name of the song, do let me know to properly give credits and name. Thank you.)

Ok so! I just chatted with @thatweirdasiankid and cleared some stuff up! I just want to lay some things down:

Not all of tumblr is aware of the dynamics of the art community. It’s really easy to see a piece of work you like on another site and repost it without thinking of the consequences. However, if someone tells you to properly credit or take it down, you should probably listen.
A lot of artists post their work to advertise their skill so they can make money to help pay bills. Reposting without permission and a link to the artist’s page can take away a lot of opportunities for them. (Personally some of my commission money goes towards my groceries)

Calmly going back and forth between reposter and artist can help clear things up and spread proper art appreciation on social media. This requires both parties to cooperate and be understanding. BUT note how I did mention reposter and artist. I love ya’ll so much and I seriously appreciate all of you who stand up for my work, but all I need is you to provide me with a link or name of the reposter. I kind of want to handle things myself from now on to avoid other events like this. It is my work, I’ll fight my own battles from now on.

I hope that all makes sense! Thank you! 💙

this here and now with you is how - an mmfd fic No. 21

First of all, lovely anon, thank you for asking.  It’s been a long six months of me trying to write anything, and your ask gave me a direction to go in, so ta very much. I think this is a much happier concoction than my usual fare.  I hope that’s what you were hoping for.

In the interest of full disclosure “she’d start an argument in an empty room” isn’t mine.  I heard it on telly and it struck me as exactly the way Finn would have thought about her, so I’m borrowing it.  As soon as I can remember which show it was, I’ll properly credit.

I cannot state loudly or often enough just how vital @how-ardently is to you seeing any of this.  She is amazing and I couldn’t do it without her. If it turns out that no one else likes this thing, I will be forever sustained by the little gleeful noises she made during our editing session. Erin gives great squee.

Much love and thanks to @bitchy-broken for some pertinent information, mainly pickled onions and Peugeot 205’s.  Turns out, Finn’s favourite is Dawn’s favourite too. Who’d have thought! Thank you darling girl. xo

The title comes from the Cure song, This. Here and Now. With You. from the album 4:13 Dream. 

I haven’t tagged anyone, save to thank those who helped, because interest seems to be waning and I don’t wish to assume.

I thank you for your interest. xo

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A Problem

Or: Dorian Pavus and his struggles with the dreaded L Word. 7k-ish, spans pretty much all of Shield Raised. I… think I’m remixing my own fic. This is odd. (Also, marvellous as the “Mark as reading light” idea is, I’ve seen it in a couple of places and it is in no way original. It just seemed really enjoyably silly.)

“Didn’t know you had tattoos,” says a quiet voice, as Dorian’s unbuckling his sleeves and scrubbing, trying to get blood from the fight off his skin. Normally he’s matter-of-fact about the whole thing - he’s never been squeamish - but it’s somehow got through the leather. Blood and arm hair: never a good combination.

He looks to his side and sees the Herald - Gal - watching him with interest. He glances down, at the marks and glyphs on his arms. “Ah, no. Sigils, for focusing spells. Not like yours.” He brings the counterglyphs and a healing spell to mind, and wipes them away with a press of his hand. “They’re closer to… magical warpaint.”

Gal nods, and sits a few feet away, but close enough to be called next to him. “Interesting. Makes sense.”

Dorian senses the curious looks he’s getting, his skin prickling, but when he looks, Gal’s polishing his breastplate. The silence stretches, and he wonders why it’s quite so easy, and so comfortable, considering he’s only known the man a matter of days.

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Okay I really liked The Judas Contract. Like. All of it. ALL OF IT.

I mean, yes, there are some parts that could have been better but all in all? Happy with it.

Got me my Dickkory moments and they are frickin’ hilarious. And DC didn’t screw them over in the end of the film so happy fucking days. LET MY CHILDREN BE HAPPY.

I’ll probably actually “review” it properly later. But just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Word to the wise if you’re irked about Joey though… wait until the end of the credits. *peace sign*

Now, excuse me while I binge on the Dickkory scenes again bc i is trash for them.


First of, just to be clear let me tell you guys that I don’t certainly hate Furuya. Its just that, with the happenings in the recent chapter, I don’t know if Furuya’s character is a progress or regress?

In the recent chapter of DNA 2, we can see Furuya’s internal monologue about the ace duty. Let’s start with how he praise Sawamura’s pitching.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it that this is the first time he praise Sawamura’s pitching at the end of the game considering his aloof personality? when I read this, I feel proud of him. I said to myself that he really is changing for good but then this happen.

I was surprise. I honestly don’t know what to think, don’t know what to feel. I don’t know how to interpret this coming from him. Does this mean that all this time he didn’t think Sawamura as his rival for the ace number? I hope not. Or is his confidence that great and think that he is better than him all this time? I truly hope not.  Anyway, its interesting that Yui thinks that Furuya is acting tough(lol).  

Let’s talk about his internal monologue about ace duty “according to him”.

Its interesting to note that both Furuya and Sawamura considers the team when pitching (pitching for the team) but with different approach. According to Furuya’s monologue, being ace is someone who brings victory to his team. IMO, this is an arrogant definition of being an ace. Let’s not forget that baseball is a team game. You can’t play it by being alone and most importantly you can’t bring victory by being/playing alone. Its truly good that he want to pitch for the sake of the team and I give him a credit for that however  its undoubtedly that he stops seeing everything else. Is he starting to be self centered brat?

Honestly I was truly hoping for Furuya to self destruct in this practice match just like what happen with Sawamura in his yips arc. Why? IMO he needs to struggle to properly develop his character. From being a starting member(1st string) in act 1 to obtaining the ace number, its like it was given to him in a golden platter. Both Miyuki and Coach Kataoka spoiled him. Seriously, I feel sorry for Furuya for being a plot device. 

Anyway the way he is now, there’s no way he can catch up to Sawamura much more to be the ace this summer. There is so much to fix with Furuya and first in his list is to gain control. He also need to gain stamina though even if he has stamina he needs to learn how to pace himself if he doesn’t, his stamina is useless. Most especially his breaking balls is way too sloppy to use (they break too early).

In any case, I think we don’t need to worry for Sawamura. He knows his wrongs. He knows he is still lacking. He will surely be harder on himself again and certainly he will improve in a best way possible. We can look forward to his majestic improvement. He will surpass our expectations to him.

All in all, its really good game for both Furuya, Sawamura and the team . At the very least we finally know what Furuya is thinking in the last few chapters. 

Things the YoI fandom should be worried about:

Art theft (remember, reblog don’t repost unless you have express consent from the creator and you credit properly)

Making sure to tag things properly so people can choose to avoid things they don’t like

Things the YoI fandom shouldn’t be worried about:

Policing other people’s content and making lists of “bad” or “naughty” creators and spreading those lists (which just encourages harassment, whether intentional or not)

somevoiceovers-original  asked:

stand-in, I am a representative of the channel SomeVoiceOvers, sorry, I had posted a video with your comic, without your permission, but now I would like to ask for the authorization to properly do the fan dubbing of your comic with the due credits that I already put in the description

To be honest, your video was the main reason I set up the rules for Stand-in. (Actually dubbing without a permission is not the worst thing for me)  

So I would just say, you’re allowed to dub it only if you follow the rules:

(and by this time, I’ll make it clearer.)

The point is, even if you have my permission for dubbing, your dub will be reported and the permission will be withdrawn once you break the rules.

Since your dubs are almost all single units and having voices, Stand-in comic may be not a good choice for you.

(By the way, I’d like to apologize to my friends who speak Spanish. Even though there are indeed many Spanish dubs without my permission, the one which upset me most was Portuguese. The problem is not about the language people use, but about what they’ve done.)


You’d been thinking about it for days, trying to find the right Internet tutorial to help you learn the piano. Lucifer’s grand piano in the middle of the club had pretty much given you the musical bug. Yet you hadn’t found one which made the whole thing seem easy.

Now, however, you were sitting at the piano, letting the fingers of your right hand move across the keys, playing some simple tune that you knew.

‘You know,’ said Lucifer, and before you knew it he was sitting beside you, playing the accompanying chords to the song, ‘I could always teach you how to play properly. It would, however, mean a lot of time together.’

A small smile slipped onto your face as you turned your attention towards him. ‘I think that sounds good,’ you said. ‘Thank you.’

He shot you a smile before taking lead of the piano, playing a simple piece but making it sound beautiful.

‘Well then, no time like the present,’ he said when he was finished. He then took your hand and placed your fingers on the correct keys.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).

PSA for gif makers

It’s great that we’re in a new era and Seventeen has fansigns, along with fancams that are released for fans to see their cute interactions. But lately there’s been an influx of fancam gifs on tumblr that are not properly credited―some are from fansites that don’t even allow gifing―on our dashboard. 

We would like to just take a moment and remind everyone that there are certain rules when it comes to editing fansites: 

(!!!!) If you are unsure whether a fansite allows gifing or not, please refrain from doing so. They did not give proper consent, therefore, the answer is always a no. 

What you can do: 

Ask for permission (It’s really simple: 안녕하세요! 출처를 밝혀주면, 움짤 만들기 가능해요? which basically translates to Hello! If I give you credit, is it possible to make gifs?) 

When you receive permission: 

Credit properly

Linking in your caption directly to the video or directly to the fansite (official fansite or Twitter) is giving proper credit. Follow their rules. If they don’t allow logo cropping, don’t crop the logo. Simple as that. 

Fansites work hard to take quality pictures and videos to share with us. As they are uploading live previews, they are also our connection to the boys for every event, especially to international fans. It’s concerning and unfair to them if they never had a chance to address the rules, and just because you see that other people are making gifs from a fansite, does not mean that it’s automatically editable. When you gif from a fansite that you’re not sure is editable, and give credit in your caption, it does not mean that it’s acceptable or editable in any way. The best way to be sure is to confirm yourself. Please give them utmost respect, ask them directly because 99% of the time they will reply, and follow their rules.

zayn & perrie: the timeline

hello, so i honestly don’t know what this is… it starts from when they first met until now. it’s just pictures, instagram screenshots, tweets, etc. basically anything involving zayn and perrie, including both families and some friends. it’s extremely long, but i think reading it from start to finish might help people appreciate their relationship. i’ll add to it whenever something happens. xoxo :)

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Imagine being Negan's daughter and taking care of Dwight after he gets the iron because you love him but it doesn't sit well with Sherry

(Sorry if this isn’t smut :( I just had a terrible case of writer’s block for this one and couldn’t integrate smut into it properly -_- so i just took it out …Yay to angst? Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Ps. Once again i’m so sorry for no smut :( Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

Ever since you met Dwight, you had harbored a crush for him and couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Although, he was married, you had actually enjoyed seeing him as such a caring and loving husband. He had done everything for his wife, Sherry, to keep her safe, well fed and not to mention to himself. You envied her for it for the longest time and had desired to have someone like that in your life, or simply him.

However, no matter how your feelings grew for him by each day that passed, you never had any intention of breaking them up, but that wasn’t the case of your father.

He had a thing for Sherry and had tried to convince her to be his wife on multiple occasions and when the opportunity finally came she ended up agreeing but the cost of her husband getting the iron.

It ached your heart to hear him scream in agony as your father was the one punishing him for leaving and stealing. You had tried to voice your disagreement, tears rolling down your cheeks, but it was only met with your dad glaring at you, telling you to shut it and stand back.

In the end, half of his face had melted and he had lose consciousness from the all the pain. Although, Sherry had cried as well, you couldn’t help but resent her for making him go through such a punishment.

You thought to yourself, what kind of wife is she to let him be in such pain and then to leave in the arms of another man. You hated her even more with each passing instant.

You didn’t care that she had no choice, that’s not how you saw things, to you there was another choice, if they wanted to leave they should’ve never came back.


As you were a med student, you always helped the doctor with the patients and took it upon yourself to take extra care of Dwight for his short recovery.

He was laying on the stretcher, unconscious and you took your time applying whatever was needed for his face to heal.

As you looked at him, you couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of him having to go through such a punishment.

Feeling so bad, you couldn’t leave him alone and had decided to stay by his side until he gets better.

You sat in the chair near him and feeling as if he needed some comfort, you reached your hand to hold his. You brushed your thumb over his hand occasionally and thought about how the things would go on.

Slowly, you felt your eyes getting heavier and you drifted to sleep.

He opened his eyes, with much difficulty on the burnt side, and noticed a slight weight on his arm.

He turned over, seeing you snoring so peacefully, strangely made him smile. He then touched his face and guessed you were probably the one who had taken care of him for the night.

Although, he would’ve wanted to thank you personally, he thought that it was better to let you sleep. Slowly, he sat up but it ended up making you open your eyes.

Quickly, you pricked your head up and started asking him if he was alright.

“You’re awake? Are you ok? Do you need anything?”

You had gotten up on your feet trying to prepare for whatever he needed but he simply shook his head, chuckling to see you so worried.

It had been the first time he had smiled since the past few days and it stunned him to feel this way. He instantly stopped and sat near the edge, preparing to leave.

“No, i’m fine…When is your dad coming in…He has job for me right…”

You remembered what your father had said about what he had to do and you quickly helped him to get ready.

“Yeah…Actually…He’s waiting for you in his room…Here let me help you…”

He nodded quickly and took the clothes you handed over. You turned around to let him change, pretending to look for something.

As he got done, before he could leave, you found the medicine and turned around to put your hand to his chest to stop him from getting up.

“Wait…I have to put on the cream first…”

He tried to deny and avoid you as you approached your hand, saying he’ll be fine. Luckily, you managed to put a hand to him to stop.

You applied the medicine, gently and carefully, making sure it wouldn’t hurt him and that it covered enough for it to heal properly.

As you did, he felt grateful for you and seemed to forget about the possibility of your father walking in.

“Alright…All done…”, you said with a bright smile to him. You just wanted to cheer him up as best as you could before seeing your father.

Looking down to his feet, he mumbled, “Thanks…” and stood up to leave.

“You’re welcome!”

As he got to the door, you then reminded him, “Oh, I forgot! Dwight, you’ll have to come back here by noon after lunch and later before going to sleep…to reapply…”

He turned to look at you before walking out and you showed him the medicine. He smiled back at you and slowly nodded in agreement.

As you had told him to, he later made his way to your office and let you take care of him once again.


It made you happy to see him back and gradually, as days would pass, you and him would have a little chat while at it.

You grew to know him more and slowly, he felt comfortable enough to confide in you. He let himself go with you and despite who your father was, it didn’t seem to matter as he understood that you knew how to keep a secret.

Eventually, those parts of the day became his favorite,as he would always find his smile for a little while before going back to doing his job, slowly it became more than a 3 time visit per day.


One afternoon, you were waiting in your office for him as usually, but as you looked at your watch, you noticed it was way pass his time.

It worried you but at the same time, you thought that he might simply busy with his work.

Not wanting, to seem like you didn’t care if he came back or not, you took the bottle of cream and walked out to look for him.

You searched through the halls, the kitchen and even in the lounge and still couldn’t find him.

You walked your way back out to find him elsewhere but suddenly heard your name being called. You turned around to see Sherry, glaring at you slightly and crossing her arms.

“What?” You asked, in the most polite tone you could muster up with her around.

She got closer and replied, “Let’s go talk in more quieter place…”

She walked passed you and obviously waited for you to follow. Although, you were reluctant, you couldn’t help but wonder as to what she had to say to you, especially considering you both never really talked much before.


You followed her and she lead you to the stairs where you couldn’t be seen or heard by anyone.

She turned to look at you and with the same smug expression and attitude, she said, “I’m really thankful for what you’re doing for…Dwight…It’s really kind of you…”

Although her words were thanking you, you could tell she wasn’t truly sincere and that she simply did it as if she was forced to. You didn’t want to say anything to her back, as you didn’t want to waste your time and simply nodded.

You wanted to keep looking for Dwight so you tried to walk pass her but she held your arm back.

“But…You need to stop…He can take care of himself…Accept that…”

It stunned you to hear her and you just couldn’t stay silent. You got your arm out of her grasp and glared at her back.

“No…i’m the medic here…I take care of my patients…”

She shook her head and took a more concerning tone to talk to you, acting as if you were her child.

“It doesn’t matter…I’m catching on to you and your dad soon will as well…just imagine if your dad…were to find out that his only daughter has a thing for a traitor…”

Her attitude confused you and you simply asked, “Are you blackmailing me?”

“I’m just warning you…Step away from him…”

You scoffed and looked away from her, putting your hands in the pocket of your white jacket. You then treated her as the child back, just as she had been with you.

“Thanks but I don’t need the warnings from a woman who is simply fucking my dad every night…You’re not my mom…Besides I enjoy taking care of Dwight…and i’ll keep doing it because you wouldn’t ever do it again…So yeah go tell him, I don’t need your help to deal with my own father…”

She suddenly got quiet and you could tell she only got angrier. You moved slightly away from her and stopped to say, “Besides i’m sure he’ll understand…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…In case you didn’t get that, i’m talking about you being a traitor as well and how it’s fine that you’re fucking my dad…Next time don’t ever forget your place here…”

Suddenly, you felt your arm being held and yourself turned around. She had slapped you a few times before you tried to put a stop to her and get the upper hand.


She started yelling at you and suddenly heard her name being called by a familiar voice, Dwight’s. He grabbed her and told her to stop.

“Sherry! Stop! Calm down! Stop it!”

She tried to get out of his grasp and suddenly he simply ended up letting go, making her land against the wall.

He stood in front of you, shielding you from any further harm.

“Sherry, just stop…She’s just doing her part here…”

She kept moving forward towards you and him and simply talked back.

“Her part? You go see her everyday! Even on hours when you’re supposed to be out working! Don’t think I didn’t notice! You can’t just say she’s doing her job!”

He got mad from her comment and just couldn’t take what she was saying about you and him. He thought she just didn’t have her place to say things like that anymore and raised his voice back.

“So what? What does it matter to you? It’s none of your business…You shouldn’t be caring for me anymore! Especially not after this…”

He pointed his scar and as he held onto your arm behind him, you could feel him shaking.

“Every day I have to wake up to this…Being reminded that this is the price I paid for you and me to survive…for you to be with another man…You think it makes me happy?! It doesn’t! I feel like shit! But Y/N…”

He turned to catch a glance at you, and everything about him had seem to soften. He stared back at her and continued, “At least she tries to make me feel better about it…Everyday…I can tell she tries her best to make me smile and laugh…to keep my mind off of it…Everything she’s doing…she does it because she cares…If you really loved me…then you should feel happy that I can feel some joy at this point as well…but clearly you’re just selfish…”

She was in disbelief from the words that came out of him and just couldn’t find anything else to say. She glared at you and back at Dwight before walking pass the both of you, all while a few tears had rolled down her cheeks.


As she left, Dwight turned to look at you and stroked you cheek, in hopes to soothe out the redness from the slap.

You winced at the feeling but still couldn’t help but blush. He noticed you and feeling somewhat responsible, he instantly apologized.

“I’m sorry for that…”

“It’s fine…it doesn’t hurt that much you’re just stroking my cheek.”

“No silly…I’m talking about Sherry…”

“Oh…well that too, it’s okay…I followed her…What was I expecting?”

Your comment made him chuckle and he just thought you were a little too adorable to be this oblivious and casual.

“You’re really too kind Y/N…It’s hard to believe your Negan’s daughter…”

He tucked your hair and taking a deep breath, he cupped your face. He looked you in the eyes and you noticed him getting watery.

“I-I’m really sorry for that…You didn’t deserve it…And I…I probably don’t deserve someone like you…But I can’t help it…You just make me so much happier…”

As he said that, his lips crashed into yours, making you close your eyes and hold on to hims tightly. His lips moved around, making yours react back to him and you felt yourself being turned to be backed against the wall.

how to properly repost artwork

listen i’m getting really tired of seeing uncredited art on here. it’s like my biggest pet peeve. here’s a little guide to help ease my stress. THIS is how you repost art: 

Step 1: if the artist has a tumblr, reblog it from them. don’t repost. there is no reason for it, you just want notes and you look like an asshole. 

Step 2: if they do not have a tumblr, ask permission. DM them on twitter or email them or whatever. if they don’t respond or say no, don’t repost it. 

Step 3: if you have asked for permission and they say yes, give proper credit. i don’t mean saying “credit to the artist.” that is not credit at all. type out their name or username or whatever they go by and LINK TO THE ORIGINAL PIECE. it’s not that hard. if you have the piece, you can link to the original very easily. it helps the artist get more attention which is a very important part of reposting.

Step 4: if you do not know where the original is or who the artist is DON’T REPOST IT. clearly it was already reposted somewhere and the artist is probably suffering from that. find the artist and complete steps 1-3 if you are reposting. 

i feel like all of this should go without saying but i have been seeing a ton of improper reposting lately and it is driving me crazy. and really all of this applies to all original works. if someone is creating content for you please show them respect. if you don’t it just makes you look bad and it discourages creators from making more content for us to enjoy. please if you see this, credit properly from now on. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm sort of making a blog just for the Pete/Sonny ship. And I'd like to use some of your art for the avatar and some of the background. Of course I'll credit you! I'd just like your permission!

of course you can!! this tiny sonny and i are excited to see it when its ready :)