i just like to credit properly


Please get Mark to see this.

I’m well aware that you know it’s important to credit creators. This goes for photoshop and art alike (etc) . I really hope you saw that my thing with Tom Brady and Tyler was used and not credited (as far as I know, please correct me if it was). I just want to reiterate something.

In my book, it is never okay to use someone’s content without direct permission from them. It is okay, however, if this content includes the person using it and is credited properly. Example: Markiplier fanart being used by Mark and Mark only, so long as it’s credited.

I saw Tyler defend someone who stole my art, saying they only wanted to share it. This is wrong. You need direct permission from an artist to use it.

Please, advocate something like this in the community, and please please please, at least give me credit. I am mad by principle. You cannot excuse theft in anyway. 

Edit: I’m not mad per say. I’m dissapointed. I understand Mark has good intentions and I understand he likely forgot. Just principle here.


¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯ -  Meh? just doodles trashy trash

Couldn’t draw properly,too much stress this week. so i did this instead.Is it practice or lazyness?  let’s say it’s comfort zone. \⍩⃝/

Dunno if it could be useful for someone and plz, don’t take this like super seriously, it’s full of anatomy mistakes.i don’t pretend to be good but if u use it  that might be kyote if u credit meh! 8A8

if u have any question, plz feel free to ask. that’s funny how im just putting this shiet here and don’t say anything.like lol.this is poses,expressions and bye.

PSA for gif makers

It’s great that we’re in a new era and Seventeen has fansigns, along with fancams that are released for fans to see their cute interactions. But lately there’s been an influx of fancam gifs on tumblr that are not properly credited―some are from fansites that don’t even allow gifing―on our dashboard. 

We would like to just take a moment and remind everyone that there are certain rules when it comes to editing fansites: 

(!!!!) If you are unsure whether a fansite allows gifing or not, please refrain from doing so. They did not give proper consent, therefore, the answer is always a no. 

What you can do: 

Ask for permission (It’s really simple: 안녕하세요! 출처를 밝혀주면, 움짤 만들기 가능해요? which basically translates to Hello! If I give you credit, is it possible to make gifs?) 

When you receive permission: 

Credit properly

Linking in your caption directly to the video or directly to the fansite (official fansite or Twitter) is giving proper credit. Follow their rules. If they don’t allow logo cropping, don’t crop the logo. Simple as that. 

Fansites work hard to take quality pictures and videos to share with us. As they are uploading live previews, they are also our connection to the boys for every event, especially to international fans. It’s concerning and unfair to them if they never had a chance to address the rules, and just because you see that other people are making gifs from a fansite, does not mean that it’s automatically editable. When you gif from a fansite that you’re not sure is editable, and give credit in your caption, it does not mean that it’s acceptable or editable in any way. The best way to be sure is to confirm yourself. Please give them utmost respect, ask them directly because 99% of the time they will reply, and follow their rules.

Stefán Karl / Robbie Rotten fan accounts on instagram are really great, but can y'all not post other people’s art on there without getting permission first? And credit the artist properly, too? Its… really not fair to the artist for ppl to just steal and repost their art, and sometimes Stefán will like that stolen art and how would that artist ever know? How would Stefán ever know who drew it? Like… it is not hard to ask permission, to source things, and honestly I’m super disappointed bc I’m seeing a lot of art being ripped off tumblr. Please stop that. Art theft is never OK.

Imagine being Negan's daughter and taking care of Dwight after he gets the iron because you love him but it doesn't sit well with Sherry

(Sorry if this isn’t smut :( I just had a terrible case of writer’s block for this one and couldn’t integrate smut into it properly -_- so i just took it out …Yay to angst? Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Ps. Once again i’m so sorry for no smut :( Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

Ever since you met Dwight, you had harbored a crush for him and couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Although, he was married, you had actually enjoyed seeing him as such a caring and loving husband. He had done everything for his wife, Sherry, to keep her safe, well fed and not to mention to himself. You envied her for it for the longest time and had desired to have someone like that in your life, or simply him.

However, no matter how your feelings grew for him by each day that passed, you never had any intention of breaking them up, but that wasn’t the case of your father.

He had a thing for Sherry and had tried to convince her to be his wife on multiple occasions and when the opportunity finally came she ended up agreeing but the cost of her husband getting the iron.

It ached your heart to hear him scream in agony as your father was the one punishing him for leaving and stealing. You had tried to voice your disagreement, tears rolling down your cheeks, but it was only met with your dad glaring at you, telling you to shut it and stand back.

In the end, half of his face had melted and he had lose consciousness from the all the pain. Although, Sherry had cried as well, you couldn’t help but resent her for making him go through such a punishment.

You thought to yourself, what kind of wife is she to let him be in such pain and then to leave in the arms of another man. You hated her even more with each passing instant.

You didn’t care that she had no choice, that’s not how you saw things, to you there was another choice, if they wanted to leave they should’ve never came back.


As you were a med student, you always helped the doctor with the patients and took it upon yourself to take extra care of Dwight for his short recovery.

He was laying on the stretcher, unconscious and you took your time applying whatever was needed for his face to heal.

As you looked at him, you couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of him having to go through such a punishment.

Feeling so bad, you couldn’t leave him alone and had decided to stay by his side until he gets better.

You sat in the chair near him and feeling as if he needed some comfort, you reached your hand to hold his. You brushed your thumb over his hand occasionally and thought about how the things would go on.

Slowly, you felt your eyes getting heavier and you drifted to sleep.

He opened his eyes, with much difficulty on the burnt side, and noticed a slight weight on his arm.

He turned over, seeing you snoring so peacefully, strangely made him smile. He then touched his face and guessed you were probably the one who had taken care of him for the night.

Although, he would’ve wanted to thank you personally, he thought that it was better to let you sleep. Slowly, he sat up but it ended up making you open your eyes.

Quickly, you pricked your head up and started asking him if he was alright.

“You’re awake? Are you ok? Do you need anything?”

You had gotten up on your feet trying to prepare for whatever he needed but he simply shook his head, chuckling to see you so worried.

It had been the first time he had smiled since the past few days and it stunned him to feel this way. He instantly stopped and sat near the edge, preparing to leave.

“No, i’m fine…When is your dad coming in…He has job for me right…”

You remembered what your father had said about what he had to do and you quickly helped him to get ready.

“Yeah…Actually…He’s waiting for you in his room…Here let me help you…”

He nodded quickly and took the clothes you handed over. You turned around to let him change, pretending to look for something.

As he got done, before he could leave, you found the medicine and turned around to put your hand to his chest to stop him from getting up.

“Wait…I have to put on the cream first…”

He tried to deny and avoid you as you approached your hand, saying he’ll be fine. Luckily, you managed to put a hand to him to stop.

You applied the medicine, gently and carefully, making sure it wouldn’t hurt him and that it covered enough for it to heal properly.

As you did, he felt grateful for you and seemed to forget about the possibility of your father walking in.

“Alright…All done…”, you said with a bright smile to him. You just wanted to cheer him up as best as you could before seeing your father.

Looking down to his feet, he mumbled, “Thanks…” and stood up to leave.

“You’re welcome!”

As he got to the door, you then reminded him, “Oh, I forgot! Dwight, you’ll have to come back here by noon after lunch and later before going to sleep…to reapply…”

He turned to look at you before walking out and you showed him the medicine. He smiled back at you and slowly nodded in agreement.

As you had told him to, he later made his way to your office and let you take care of him once again.


It made you happy to see him back and gradually, as days would pass, you and him would have a little chat while at it.

You grew to know him more and slowly, he felt comfortable enough to confide in you. He let himself go with you and despite who your father was, it didn’t seem to matter as he understood that you knew how to keep a secret.

Eventually, those parts of the day became his favorite,as he would always find his smile for a little while before going back to doing his job, slowly it became more than a 3 time visit per day.


One afternoon, you were waiting in your office for him as usually, but as you looked at your watch, you noticed it was way pass his time.

It worried you but at the same time, you thought that he might simply busy with his work.

Not wanting, to seem like you didn’t care if he came back or not, you took the bottle of cream and walked out to look for him.

You searched through the halls, the kitchen and even in the lounge and still couldn’t find him.

You walked your way back out to find him elsewhere but suddenly heard your name being called. You turned around to see Sherry, glaring at you slightly and crossing her arms.

“What?” You asked, in the most polite tone you could muster up with her around.

She got closer and replied, “Let’s go talk in more quieter place…”

She walked passed you and obviously waited for you to follow. Although, you were reluctant, you couldn’t help but wonder as to what she had to say to you, especially considering you both never really talked much before.


You followed her and she lead you to the stairs where you couldn’t be seen or heard by anyone.

She turned to look at you and with the same smug expression and attitude, she said, “I’m really thankful for what you’re doing for…Dwight…It’s really kind of you…”

Although her words were thanking you, you could tell she wasn’t truly sincere and that she simply did it as if she was forced to. You didn’t want to say anything to her back, as you didn’t want to waste your time and simply nodded.

You wanted to keep looking for Dwight so you tried to walk pass her but she held your arm back.

“But…You need to stop…He can take care of himself…Accept that…”

It stunned you to hear her and you just couldn’t stay silent. You got your arm out of her grasp and glared at her back.

“No…i’m the medic here…I take care of my patients…”

She shook her head and took a more concerning tone to talk to you, acting as if you were her child.

“It doesn’t matter…I’m catching on to you and your dad soon will as well…just imagine if your dad…were to find out that his only daughter has a thing for a traitor…”

Her attitude confused you and you simply asked, “Are you blackmailing me?”

“I’m just warning you…Step away from him…”

You scoffed and looked away from her, putting your hands in the pocket of your white jacket. You then treated her as the child back, just as she had been with you.

“Thanks but I don’t need the warnings from a woman who is simply fucking my dad every night…You’re not my mom…Besides I enjoy taking care of Dwight…and i’ll keep doing it because you wouldn’t ever do it again…So yeah go tell him, I don’t need your help to deal with my own father…”

She suddenly got quiet and you could tell she only got angrier. You moved slightly away from her and stopped to say, “Besides i’m sure he’ll understand…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…In case you didn’t get that, i’m talking about you being a traitor as well and how it’s fine that you’re fucking my dad…Next time don’t ever forget your place here…”

Suddenly, you felt your arm being held and yourself turned around. She had slapped you a few times before you tried to put a stop to her and get the upper hand.


She started yelling at you and suddenly heard her name being called by a familiar voice, Dwight’s. He grabbed her and told her to stop.

“Sherry! Stop! Calm down! Stop it!”

She tried to get out of his grasp and suddenly he simply ended up letting go, making her land against the wall.

He stood in front of you, shielding you from any further harm.

“Sherry, just stop…She’s just doing her part here…”

She kept moving forward towards you and him and simply talked back.

“Her part? You go see her everyday! Even on hours when you’re supposed to be out working! Don’t think I didn’t notice! You can’t just say she’s doing her job!”

He got mad from her comment and just couldn’t take what she was saying about you and him. He thought she just didn’t have her place to say things like that anymore and raised his voice back.

“So what? What does it matter to you? It’s none of your business…You shouldn’t be caring for me anymore! Especially not after this…”

He pointed his scar and as he held onto your arm behind him, you could feel him shaking.

“Every day I have to wake up to this…Being reminded that this is the price I paid for you and me to survive…for you to be with another man…You think it makes me happy?! It doesn’t! I feel like shit! But Y/N…”

He turned to catch a glance at you, and everything about him had seem to soften. He stared back at her and continued, “At least she tries to make me feel better about it…Everyday…I can tell she tries her best to make me smile and laugh…to keep my mind off of it…Everything she’s doing…she does it because she cares…If you really loved me…then you should feel happy that I can feel some joy at this point as well…but clearly you’re just selfish…”

She was in disbelief from the words that came out of him and just couldn’t find anything else to say. She glared at you and back at Dwight before walking pass the both of you, all while a few tears had rolled down her cheeks.


As she left, Dwight turned to look at you and stroked you cheek, in hopes to soothe out the redness from the slap.

You winced at the feeling but still couldn’t help but blush. He noticed you and feeling somewhat responsible, he instantly apologized.

“I’m sorry for that…”

“It’s fine…it doesn’t hurt that much you’re just stroking my cheek.”

“No silly…I’m talking about Sherry…”

“Oh…well that too, it’s okay…I followed her…What was I expecting?”

Your comment made him chuckle and he just thought you were a little too adorable to be this oblivious and casual.

“You’re really too kind Y/N…It’s hard to believe your Negan’s daughter…”

He tucked your hair and taking a deep breath, he cupped your face. He looked you in the eyes and you noticed him getting watery.

“I-I’m really sorry for that…You didn’t deserve it…And I…I probably don’t deserve someone like you…But I can’t help it…You just make me so much happier…”

As he said that, his lips crashed into yours, making you close your eyes and hold on to hims tightly. His lips moved around, making yours react back to him and you felt yourself being turned to be backed against the wall.

Back by popular demand, Ghoul Hide week!
November 9-15 2016

Violence and gore is allowed and encouraged, as is anything you would like to portray, but you must tag them accordingly.

If you would like it to be recognized on this blog, give it the tag #ghoulhideweek2016

You can use any medium, be it art, music, writing, crafts, cosplay, ect

We hope to see lots of wonderful works like last time, If you have any questions, just send us an ask!

Graphic by @necroesthe


As promised, here are some scans from the Odin Sphere Complete Guide book. Please don’t upload these onto any image hosting websites. I’d like to keep these on tumblr. A few of these didn’t turn out so great, but I will try fixing them in the near future. Feel free to use these for edits or icons if you want. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated!

Ok, here are all of my Gumball Headcanons from my RP blog
  • He doesn’t like to be pet or just in general be treated like a housecat. He thinks it’s embarrassing for a twelve year boy to be “cute”, he’d much rather be “cool”. 
  • Gumball purrs occasionally. Usually at the most awkward times possible. 
  • He’s smarter than people give him credit for. He even managed to outsmart Bobert at one point. (The Bet.) He just needs to be properly motivated. Problem is, it’s really hard to motivate Gumball.
  • He has a giant stash of makeup hidden in his bedroom. (I’m basing this on “The Limit” where he buys a bunch of lipstick due to it being discounted.) 
  • Both Gumball and Darwin can see ghosts, having each been one for a brief period of time in “Halloween”. 
  • Ever since the events of “The Signal” he gets nervous whenever the TV malfunctions, but he has no idea why. 
  • He has a bit of a fear of being forgotten due to the sheer amount of times people have tried to get rid of or replace him. That’s why he’s always trying to put himself in the spotlight. It’s something he could probably relate with to Rob if the two ever actually talked and became friends. 
  • Gumball is technically immortal from the time the show starts until the time the show ends. (He doesn’t age, things happen to him like his head being blown up but this still doesn’t kill him…) he can still get hurt, but it heals itself really quickly. Once the show ends he and his classmates will be allowed to actually grow up, if they don’t just fade out of existence entirely due to their being no show. 
  • He has a sneaking suspicion that the world is not what it seems, but he’s in such deep denial over it that he pushes away all the evidence. He just doesn’t want to believe that it’s true.

Sorry there are so many! I tried to send you my text post with all of these on it, but I couldn’t for some reason. 

Hello!! It been a long times since I uploaded. Let just say I couldn’t get used to my laptop so I switched to my iPad for this artwork! :D
I just randomly thought about teddy bear day and Delirious which was a couple of day ago.

This isn’t really a H2OVanoss for me but it might for other.

So thank you for those who still follow me, is able to likes it, and others that take the times to repost this artwork. I really loved to see the notification pop up on my phone.

Please properly credits me and don’t repost onto a different websites.

I’ll eventually come back! Buh bye! (^_^)/

The artwork © Femaleninja101
YouTuber persona © H2O Delirious & Vanossgaming

PSA: Missing Credits

Good afternoon / evening / morning dears <3

I would just like to announce an PSA that most of the pictures I post here, I do NOT claim them as my own! Each picture has its own amazing photographer and beautiful model! I know I and my admins get most of these pictures from different image sites who do not properly source them!

Please please please if you know which photographer / model for one of the pictures I posted here, please email me asap at zettaiiryouiikii@gmail.com !!!!! Or if you know the photograph is yours and would like for us to remove it or source you, please shoot me an email as well with proof or your portfolio / tumblr / facebook!

My Admins and / or I will edit / remove the offending picture at your request given we have proof of your ownership!

Thanks again dears and hope you all have a good day  ٩꒰๑• ³•๑꒱۶  

zayn & perrie: the timeline

hello, so i honestly don’t know what this is… it starts from when they first met until now. it’s just pictures, instagram screenshots, tweets, etc. basically anything involving zayn and perrie, including both families and some friends. it’s extremely long, but i think reading it from start to finish might help people appreciate their relationship. i’ll add to it whenever something happens. xoxo :)

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I’d like to make a formal apology to PurpleEyesWTF because when I made the “I’m at Soup” clip, I thought I was just making a different version of an already existing popular meme. Because of this, I didn’t properly credit them, because I just thought “everyone knows this skit, so I don’t need to credit them.”

However, at the moment, the animation that myrobotlandlord made, as well as the animation that kineticsquirrel made currently has more views than the original clip, and nearly as many views as the episode of Code Ment that the original clip comes from.

I fear that the actual people who MADE the jokes aren’t getting the credit they deserve, whereas I, the guy who just parroted the jokes, am.

I’ve added a link to the original episode of Code Ment to my post, and I hope PurpleEyesWTF, as well as their fans, aren’t too cross with me. I really hate content theft, and it’s really embarassing to see myself accidentally perpetrate something I actively work against.

Can anyone help me?

Apparently i was a stupidhead when I first started here on tumblr and no one told me about the reblog button so when i wanted to share something and they didn’t have a “source: @….whatever” that means I gave them no credit at all and tediously copy and pasted and saved images then posted them…I thought that what everyone did!

So i tried to go back and cite my source for someone  (one of my ultimate aspie sheroes) and i idk how to just reblog the aspie valentines thing and how to delete the one a made like last year…two years ago? when I had no idea what I was doing?

did I just make things worse! ahhaahh uguhguhguhg.

help plz!

I just want to not be a stupidhead and cite properly!

I did not make the “I would leave the house for you…ect. aspie valentines!”

@neurowonderful   did because they are awesome!

Draw your squad like this

For the person who drew the base: I’m so so so so sorry, I forgot the name of your account and I can’t give you the properly credit. Sorryyyy :(

Random headcanon: I really like the idea about Kuukaku being Yoruichi’s best friend since they were a kids (apart from Kisuke ofc) and idk, between those three, Yoruichi probably is the grumpiest in the squad, so I picture Kukaku mocking her until she lose the patience, and of course, there were days when Kisuke joined her too just to see Yoruichi’s funny reactions.

Insane Neko Atsume Stuff

Someone on Reddit made a spreadsheet charting information about all of the cats, the toys they like, how many fish they give you for each toy, and so so much more. And when I say there’s more I mean there’s MORE. Whoever made this put an extreme amount of dedication, effort and addiction into this. Seriously, this is worth checking out if you want to put your Neko Atsume frustrations to rest (although I can’t guarantee it will fix your emotional problems concerning Tubbs). 

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WumnRdzVXxuMbnE-VhcafZQ6zJ_2fWtMrvGOTpESa9g/edit#gid=945483623

The Reddit page (just in case I get attacked for not crediting properly) https://www.reddit.com/r/nekoatsume/comments/3sbgce/i_made_a_spreadsheet_charting_fish_income_for/

You’re welcome.

PSA: source and provide credit for writing that isn’t your own!!

for your edits, for your instagram captions, for your blog descriptions. i can’t believe i need to say this, but when you’re using words that you didn’t come up with (lyrics, poetry, etc), please credit the creators properly.

if you’re taking from a well-known source like shakespeare or troye sivan, just including the creator’s name is fine. but lesser-known writers and poets don’t have that kind of recognition, so please please include a link to the original content when using their work.

thank you.

  • 100x100
  • Includes Bucky Barnes and Chris Beck icons
  • Please like or reblog if you save any
  • No need to credit me, but don’t repost/claim as your own
  • Check my icon page to download them
Hannibal Rewatch: 1x03

Season 1, Episode 3: “Potage”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Looks like this is just a straight-up live-blog this week, so I hope you’re feeling chronological!!1! Ok let’s do this.


GJH kisses the top of Abigail’s head like 20 times before we even hit the credits, which is something I hadn’t noticed until just now. I mean to be fair, the first time I was a little distracted by him staring at her next to a dead deer intoning “EATING HER IS HONORING HER. OTHERWISE IT’S JUST MURDER,” like the totally chill dad he is. *shakes head grimly*

Oh fffasdkfjadffaf I was not prepared to have to deal with this again. GAMS McDANCY, just wandering outside his cute little house in the world’s teeny tiniest excuse for jimjams, outside in the fresh fall air with the light of the sun on his body. Fuck this.

Alana is also not prepared for this, but luckily the smile works for her about as well as this navy plaid coat does, damn.

In other news, how BRIGHT season 1 looks now, christ alive, and despite the beautiful gold of the trees the weather looks positively mild. I love genufa’s idea that later on when we’re in the dark of the forever winter, the reason why the snow never melts is because Will & Hannibal haven’t slept together, and once they do the winter will end.

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