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Chat: (Talking to Ladybug via communicator) You’ve been really quiet for like, five minutes… Oh, I know why you’re angry! It’s because I went with Queen Bee, isn’t it? 
Ladybug: Chat, put Queen Bee on the communicator. 
Chat: …Really? You want to talk to- Okay, bye. Whatever. ( Barely audible conversation ) 
Queen Bee: Hello? 
Ladybug: Whatever you do, do not let Chat leave that room under any circumstance! 
Queen Bee: Actually, he just left. He said he was goin’ for a walk— 
Ladybug: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

I find myself coming back to you every so often. I can be doing okay and then it hits me— this need to talk to you and try again. I always think that maybe you’ve changed or that I’ve changed. It’s never the case. We’re the same. Complete opposites. So why do I still feel this pull to you?
—  10:07PM// like oil and water
peter parker x reader drabble // dating

IDKIDKIDKIDKIDK I HOPE PEOPLE READ THIS. THESE ARE SUPER CUTE AND FLUFF AND I’M HELL PROUD OF THEM. Make sure you message me for a request if you want! I wanna continue to make these.



• the first time was so awkward. you wanted to cuddle him you had no idea how to ask Peter. he didn’t know where to put his hands or anything..

•"w-where do i put my hands Y/N…“

• "do I move closer or like do you move closer pete…?”

“just come here.”


• “Yeah, okay, pete. ‘Accidently’.”

• “iM serioUs i-I-”

“Just hold me, Peter. I’m just messing with you.”

• you’d cuddle ALL THE TiME. sometimes you’d fall asleep and he’d have to wake you up.

“You were snoring…sorry”

• lots and LOTS of hugs.

•you’d hug more than kiss. he’d hold you for like 20 minutes straight.

• “let’s stay like this forever.”

• “perfectly fine with me.”

•he’d be moody sometimes because hed have lack of sleep due to being, well, spiderman. he wouldn’t be that rude, but he’d be a bit grumpy and would just want to cuddle you and sleep.

• “ugH”

• “what now, Pete?”

• “im.so.tired. I literally hate EVERYTHING

• "That explains your mood, come cuddle then.”

•he’d try and get into everything you are. movies, books, and every TV show you’re into.

• yet he’d be so confused????

•he finally tells you that he’s spiderman, and you freak out a little more than he expected..

• “wHA- you’re…hOW..all this time.wHY DIDNT U TELL ME PET-..”

•" bABE pLEASE relax I’m okay. May is in the other room!“

•"p..Peter this is im…your literally..holy shi-”

• he just shuts you up by kissing you lmao

•aunt may LOVING you.

•every time you’d come over she’d give you such a big hug

•lmao when she accidentally caught you and Peter making out

• “guys, do you wait Thai? I burnt the lasagna ag- wHAT THE FU?”

• “wE weRe jUs- noThI- iTS noT whAT yOu tHi-”

•"this is why I like the door OPEN!“

•Peter highkey being nervous around you half the time

•you guys were just a shy and awkward couple

• you’d catch each other staring half the time and both would get red af

• stuttering was VERY VERY common

• sometimes he’d be way to nervous to hold your hand but he’d end up doing it while avoiding eye contact with you (sO CUTRIEIFIF)

• someone would be like, “you guys are so cute.” And both of you would blush madly.

• he’d ALWAYS rub your back. especially if you were sad or had a stressful day. you wouldn’t even have to ask, he’s just do it.

• playing with his hair. he LOVES IT

• he’d play with your hair too and say how much he loves your hair even tho u hate it

• basically he sees no flaws like he’s so pure

•PDA was not your thing, Peter wish he would have known before

•"hey cutie" he’d try to kiss you at school and you’d turn away, blushing.

•"oh.“ he’d get all sad and you’d instantly rEGRET IT bc he’s so cute and innocent

•"o..shit, no no no nO, Pete I just don’t like PDA.”

•"aww. my precious little bean.“

• nicknames for you include: bean, babe, baby, cutie, love, angel, bEAUTIFUL, sunshine, (any kind of nickname u have???), and "my gIRL”

• nicknames for him include: pete, penis parker (it was only okay if YOU called him that. everyone else can fuk oFF), spidey, hot stuff, bug boy, web boy, babe, and cutie.

• when he knew you were embarrassed he’d lightly tease you but proceed to hug you while you hide your pink face in his chest.

• “your laugh is so cute!”

•"peter, sTOPPP. I’m embarrassed now..“

• "aww! oh, my god you’re literally the cutest thing ever especially when you blush. i-i lobe you so so much..just like, wow..come here, Y/N.”

• “you teasing me makes it so much worse.”

•the pUNS

• "hey pete..are u a fruit?”

• “…Y/N.”

• “cuz u would be a fINE APPLE”

• “ur a keeper…”

• he’d compliment you every chance he got

• “you’re literally so beautiful.”

• “i-i don’t know why you like me but holy fuck you do you’re so gorgeous and -”

•  “you’re beautiful too, Pete.”

• “shi- i meant you’re um…handsome i dunno”

• the first i love you happened accidentally, but you both meant it.

• “Peter, you know I love you but I just want you to be safe out ther…FUCK”

• “did you just…oh my gOD”

• “o fUCK, I’m sorry pete I-i didn’t I mean I don-”

• “it’s okay. i love you too, dork .”


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P.1.Okay so today I called him and said let's hang out.He gladly agreed and asked where.I said he chooses and hang up.A few minutes later he comes up at my house with a fucking SHREK mask on his face¿Whitout a word,he took my hand and ran off to our park.He then took off his mask and said:"You wish you had a boyfriend like me".Then he proceeded to get from his car some nice blankets and food💕I asked him why was he suddenly so cheesy and if his mental state was okay.

P.2.“I just have a question.Do you hate me?"I said no and why would he think that, then he said"Then why aren’t you in my sheets rn"I was ready to smack him but he laughed and grabbed my arm and looked deeply into my eyes and said "If I was Shrek would you love me?"I said no."My god I was worried you will.I didn’t wanna kiss you in a mask."I was confused for a sec but before I knew it he kissed me!!!Turns out my other friend told him about my feelings to him??About 2 months ago??HE KNEW

Whenever shrek is mentioned I just die omg. But I’m glad you both know how you feel about each other 🖤

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What I meant by the whole Sasuke didn't really have a father figure I meant he didn't really have a proper father figure. I'm honestly not sure if this only happened in the anime but wasn't Sasuke's father the type of father that doesn't show too much affection? Didn't Sasuke feel abit neglected but his mum reassured him? I think there's a word for people who love you but they just don't show it I think Sasuke took that from his dad.

“What I meant by the whole Sasuke didn’t really have a father figure, I meant he didn’t really have a proper father figure.” 

→ Okay, you blatantly repeated yourself. Secondly, you said, and I quote, “Sasuke doesn’t know too much what a father figure is and should be like.” All of a sudden, you changed your stance and claim to have stated that he didn’t have a proper father figure. Anyway. While he did have issues with his father, he always knew what it is to have a father. Furthermore, I could argue in the same context that as someone who experienced neglect by your father, you should know how hurtful it is and thus, you should rather avoid such an outcome with your own daughter. 

“I’m honestly not sure if this only happened in the anime, but wasn’t Sasuke’s father the type of father that doesn’t show too much affection?” 

→ I have both read the manga and watched the anime. Sasuke’s relationship to his father wasn’t the best in the manga, yes. Further, I can honestly tell you that the manga is simplistic in its message and doesn’t beat around the bush. So if Kishimoto wants to show that Sasuke didn’t have a proper father figure and was thusly affected by it, he will elaborate on that without much beating around the bush. Sasuke’s situation with his own father isn’t comparable to his rather neglectful behaviour when it comes to his daughter. Fugaku was dismissive of Sasuke, for he wanted him to be as overachieving as his older brother; Sasuke is entirely absent from Konoha and fails to display any sort of long-term affection in regards to his family. Having said that, I’m sure he loves his daughter. 

“Captain, please,“ she begs. "We both just want the best for her.”

A low growl rises in the back of Olivia’s throat. “You and I have opposite definitions of that word,” she snarls. “I like mine better.”

I just. Mom!Olivia is…I always knew she was Mama Bear (she’s my character, of course she’s going to be that trope) and would rip the galaxy apart for her kids. But she’s surprising me in this story with her utter ferocity. I like it, but she’s a little scary.

Peach: Instead of baking a cake like I normally do, I’ve decided to cook something a little different! I hope you enjoy it! It’s squid!

Mario: Mmm… I can smell it from here!

Mario: This doesn’t look like a squid, it looks like a human… wait a minute…

Peach: AAH! What have I done! I swear she was just a squid when I found her… I didn’t know!

Mario: Next time, just stick with cake… Okay, Peach? You’re good at cake. Don’t try anything other than cake. I’m begging you.

You know what I find funny? That there was a point in time where you had a best friend and you literally told them everything and now they don’t even text you to see if you’re okay or even text you period. It’s just weird how time changes things.

  • Livvy: and now for a gay update with Kit Herondale
  • Kit: getting gayer
  • Livvy: thank you Kit
steven discovers the internet

Steven: Aw, there’s so much cool stuff they have for us online!

Peridot: Oh yeah?

Steven: There’s some really neato artwork of us all, and some writing as well! Say, what is a ship?

 Pearl: Seriously Steven, you don’t know what that is? It is a craft designed for water travel.

Lapis: Even Peridot knew that.

Peridot: Yeah, even I knew that!

Steven: Oh, okay. 

Steven: It does not look like that, but okay.

I was actually in a writing session at the time and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone that I got it. So my agent and manager called me and uh- and I kinda like shouted with them on the phone then I walked back into the room and they were like, ‘are you…. okay’, and I was like, 'yeah my uh- my friend got a job and it’s just really good.. so’. And they were like, ’….okay cool’.
—  Harry on where he was when he received the call about getting the role of Alex in ‘Dunkirk’
  • Nick: I was just wondering, have you seen a film that's not a rom com?
  • Harry: Yeah.
  • Nick: Yeah! [both laugh] Okay just checking, just checking. 'Cause I have a list here of some of your favourites-
  • Harry: Yeah, I thought [Dunkirk] was a rom com then I got on set and I was like... "So... so, where's the rom and where's the com?"

Okay but, I don’t think people appreciate kissing enough. Like, you’re just sitting there with someone and transferring your energy to each other and it’s so beautiful. In that moment, it seems like all your worry just melts away. There’s no school, no work, no priorities, it’s just the two of you in the moment. Stop fighting, just kiss.

Hamilton: Alright, so you and I are married.

Burr: We are not married.

Hamilton: Relax, it’s just pretend.

Burr: I don’t wanna pretend.

Hamilton: Scared you’ll like it?

Burr: Okay, if we’re married, I want a divorce.

Theodosia: Are you two like this all the time?

Eliza: Yes, they are.