i just like this quote from him though

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Yuuri is in the kitchen when he hears Victor call it out in question. They had just finished up supper and Victor had cooked so Yuuri was in the kitchen washing up the dishes to return the favor. And he’s just standing by the dishwasher, humming idly and wondering if Victor has picked out a movie for them to watch or if tonight is going to be a night where they watch game shows featuring Victor yelling out the answers that can actually be correct on occasion. It had been a long day at the rink and Yuuri even wonders if maybe they’ll have a nice glass of wine before bed.

So, Yuuri is just minding his own business, not thinking twice when Victor calls out his name. He hums back, expecting a question or statement about leftovers but then…

“What’s yaoi?”

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You say you don’t like what I became. But I’m just the result of what you did.
—  A no more heart-broken girl
I have to trust that you don’t hate me. I have to believe that you knew me well enough to understand that I wouldn’t do this to you, to us, unless I had to. I just have to spend a little bit of time thinking about me for a while, and I’m sorry if that hurts you. It hurts me too. It hurts to notice that when the word “love” just barely escapes my lips, you bolt away as though it stings. I’m sorry that I make you feel this way now. I’m sorry that you can’t look at me anymore. I’m sorry that we can’t sit at the same table like we used to. I’m sorry that you can’t tell me how your day is going anymore, or what it is that’s got you looking so sad. I’m sorry that I can’t be here anymore. Because it aches. But let’s just be stronger because of it. Okay?
—  🖤
‘I’m not sure if you loved him right’ she mumbled, head down, hidden by long blond hair, secretly hoping I hadn’t heard her accusation. But I did.
'Why so?’ I asked, trying to keep myself from frowning, even though I felt irritated, just a little.
She turned her head towards me 'You loved him like he was the one, with the love you reserve for your knight in shining armour.’ Naivety was shimmering through in her clear blue eyes.
I smiled sadly 'That’s because he was the one, he was my knight in shining armour. It’s true that we didn’t last forever, but what I had with him was something you can only experience once in a lifetime. When with him it felt like the sun had just exploded above my head and the earth was falling out of the solar system into nothingness. But it felt right, damn it felt more right than everyday I had lived before him.
And though you may not think of him like a knight in shining armour, I think he was. But mine didn’t have a white horse or perfect manners. He smoked, drank, cursed, basically destroyed himself, but he made it seem okay because of the smile he gave me and the look in his eyes when he was with me.
Don’t ever tell me I loved him more than I should have, if anything I didn’t love him enough.’
—  Confessions

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Because of the Heart he was knocked out of the sky, probably severely injured, lost his hook (which at the time he believed was the only thing that gave him worth,) and ended up trapped alone on a barren island for a thousand years. Of course he's afraid of it.

I mean, talk about trauma. Your boy gets stuck on an island for a thousand years because of some stupid Heart. Has to entertain himself by, like, telling stories to little coconuts. His only real confidant is this tiny tattoo that’s literally him, just smaller. I’d freak too. 

On the flip side, I think it means a lot that later on, Maui accepts the Heart. More than that - he asks Moana for the Heart. Asks her for a chance to right the wrong he committed so long ago. 


Well, because Moana asked him to. 

Denzel is Cloud & Aerith’s Symbolic Child

Every time I see Denzel I always want to discuss his importance to Cloud and Aerith and their love. It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep, so I want to do that now.

Physical aspects are the first thing we notice about a person, and when I look at Denzel all I see is Cloud and Aerith. 

I mean, can you blame me?

Cloud’s blue eyes, Aerith’s brown hair… Just a coincidence, right? That’s what I used to tell myself. But when Advent Children Complete was released and we were given more backstory for Denzel, my thoughts changed. 

The father having blond hair while the mother has brown hair… Pretty similar to Cloud’s blonde hair and Aerith’s brown hair. But it could be just another happy coincidence.

Oh, and his parents names? Abel (エーベル) and Chloe (クロエ)… I think their acronym would be “CA”, right? By now, you hopefully catch my drift. Denzel’s parents names are coincidentally the same initials as Cloud and Aerith.

Both Cloud and Chloe have “C” as the first letter in their name. Whereas Abel and Aerith both have “A” as the first letter in their name. Even the Japanese versions are similar to the Cloud and Aerith counterparts.

(Cloud) ラウド - Chloe  (ロエ) 

  • Their names share the “  / ku“ sound in Japanese.

(Aerith) アリス - Abel  (ーベル)

  • Their names share the “ / e” sound in Japanese.

But believe it or not, that’s not  where the symbolisms end. If you look at the family photo Denzel has of his parents you’ll notice something pretty interesting, too.

In the bottom right corner of the photo you’ll see the blurry silhouette of a small bouquet of white lilies. 

Why does that matter? Because Nomura has admitted that lilies, or flowers at all, are an Aerith-thing:

Nomura: “With Aerith, ‘flowers’ have been her image throughout the series. Before Crisis was the same. But this time I wanted to take a little risk at something different, and used white and blue to bring to mind the sky and clouds. Although she still has flowers on the designs of her shoes.” ~Crisis Core Ultimania

With “flowers” being apart of Aerith’s image, it’s strange that the flower she alone is associated to (the white lily) is randomly included in the photograph of Denzel’s parents… who happen to share similar names… and looks as Cloud and Aerith.

But could the physical traits, names, and lilies be just coincidences? Details the creator’s never intended? 

I doubt it. 

And the reason I say that is because Nojima made the connection between Cloud and Aerith and Denzel years ago. 

The first indication we had of the bond between Cloud, Aerith, and Denzel can be found in “On the way to a Smile: Case of Tifa”. In these chapters, Cloud tells Tifa that he believed Aerith had brought him Denzel. 

Quote 1:

Cloud: “Denzel had collapsed in front of Aerith’s church. That’s why I thought Aerith lead him to me.” (Case of Tifa)

This was reiterated in the later revision of Case of Tifa from 2009:

Quote 2:

Tifa: “Hey, do you remember what you said when you brought Denzel here?”

Cloud: “What did I say?”

Tifa: “A lot of things. Even if I opposed it, you would bring him back with you. I could just feel it.

Cloud: “That…”

Cloud was making a face like a kid who thought he would get scolded. (Case of Tifa: Revised)

Quote 3:

Cloud thought that Tifa would oppose. Even so he wanted to bring him back. Tifa wanted to know the reason, though after he was actually brought back those questions were lost somewhere during the time she was taking care of him.

The above citations proves that Cloud was going to bring Denzel back with him without Tifa’s approval, disproving any ideas that Cloud viewed Denzel as a child for him and Tifa. But you’ll also notice in quote 3, Tifa wonders what Cloud’s reasoning is… We find the answer on Tifa’s profile page in the 10th Anniversary Ultimania, which tells us exactly why Cloud wanted to bring Denzel back with him:

Tifa’s complicated feelings continue even in AC, two years after Aerith had departed the world. This was due to the fact that Cloud, succumbing to the notion that Aerith’s death was his fault and condemning himself, construed that Denzel was “the child which Aerith brought here” and took care of him. In addition, Cloud had also gone away to the church that Aerith had been in.

The thing which she is unable to hide in her irritation towards Cloud is the fact that he isn’t merely dragging the past around, but because that reason might perhaps be related to Aerith.

AC: Upon knowing that Cloud had been residing in Aerith’s church after leaving the place they had been living in together, her expression becomes complex.

Cloud’s reason for bringing Denzel back was Aerith… which caused “complicated feelings” in Tifa and made Tifa “irritated”. So even Tifa knows that Cloud only brought Denzel back because of Aerith instead of wanting a family with her.

Still,  some people argue that none of this matters because Aerith didn’t “actually” have any involvement in Denzel’s arrival at the church. ACC, however, disproves that quite well.

In Advent Children Complete, Aerith leads Denzel, Marlene, and other Geostigma infected people to her church. She may very well have even called Denzel on the phone towards the end of the film:

(In their room at the 7th Heaven Denzel and Marlene witness the explosion that “kills” Cloud.)

Denzel: He’ll come back. He said that he would.

(The phone rings. Denzel picks up the receiver and looks happy, but only gasps gladly.)

Denzel: Let’s go!

Marlene: Mm!

(All over Edge phones are ringing. Denzel and Marlene run through the streets, joining other children and some adults, all running and laughing. Moogle Girl meets Denzel and Marlene and they run hand in hand until they reach the church.)

But when they arrive at Aerith’s church, the “moogle girl” says this to Cloud:

Moogle Girl: It’s like she said: “Wait here and Cloud will come back.”

This is proof that Aerith can lead the living to certain places. So if she could do this, then nothing suggests she didn’t have involvement with leading Denzel to Cloud.

 But now we have to figure out why Denzel initially meant so much to Cloud.

Cloud wanted to help Denzel not only because he saw Denzel as someone Aerith brought to him, but because Cloud viewed Denzel as a way to redeem himself for failing to save Aerith. Why did Aerith’s death affect Cloud so badly? Because Cloud’s guilt stems from his romantic love for Aerith:

Cloud searched for help from Vincent by such question, and Vincent, who carried the heavy past in the same way, said that he had never tried.“ ~ FFVII Anniversary Ultimania 

The above quote states that Cloud’s guilt for Aerith is the same as Vincent’s guilt for Lucrecia… But Cloud’s love is further proven in the following quote:

Terra, speaking to Cloud: “So when you find him, what are you going to do?
Will killing him bring back the woman that you lost?
This isn’t in any way to honor her memory.
To take your love for her and turn it into hate? (World of Final Fantasy)

So while Denzel might not be biologically his and Aerith’s, the bond between Cloud and Denzel was conceived through Cloud’s love for Aerith regardless

It’s Cloud’s love for Aerith that is the main component in why Denzel means so much to Cloud… and that is why I view Denzel as a symbolic child between Cloud and Aerith. 

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(1/2) Related to your recent post: I swear, sometimes I feel like Kubo must often be thinking of an earlier version of YOI that was much more focused on the Yuri/Yuuri rivalry, a version we never saw, because she always focuses *so much* on their relationship in interviews, and how they constantly fuel and drive and feed off of each other, and seems to especially talk about Yuuri practically being fixated on some kind of strange 'sometimes friends sometimes rivals' intense connection there...

(2/2) and I’m always just like ??? Literally where was that on screen?! We saw *none* of that, Yuuri hardly gives any thought to Yuri over the course of the show at all- even Yuuri and Victor’s VAs responded to a question about what their chars. think of Yuri with something like ‘I don’t think they really think about him much at all to be honest’. It’s just such a weird dissonance between how she talks about the connection between Yuri and Yuuri, and how they were portrayed in the show

I love this conspiracy theory 

Seriously though, you’re so right, anon. And so is @angryfishtrap with what they say here

This dissonance is part of a series of oddities in Kubo’s interviews and how she talks about canon. Sometimes it feels like she’s describing a completely different series, and it’s particularly apparent when she’s talking about Yurio. 

Contrast how Sayo conceptualized YOI from the very beginning (as far back as 2010) to be about the bond between a Japanese skater and a foreign coach, with how Kubo seems much more focused in the (in canon one-sided) rivalry between Yurio and Yuuri and how she keeps dismissing the importance of Victuuri moments.

And it’s not simply that Sayo had just this vague concept by the time she met Kubo. Kubo herself said that Yuuri and Victor’s concepts (roles in the story and personalities) had already been created before she came into the project. They were the whole starting point. On the other hand, Kubo created Yurio. It’s not that much of a stretch to say she would be particularly attached to him. 

“(…)But after our first overseas research trip, the very first character I came up with was Yurio. Now that I think about it, the influence of anime from the latter half of the 1980’s pulsates strongly within me. Since that time, I’ve kind of liked brazen/cheeky characters with blond hair and blue eyes. So, since I was getting my hands into an anime original, I felt that I might as well go back to my roots and revive the characters I loved back then… In some ways, Yurio was born from entities that had become like my own flesh and blood, so he was very easy to write.” (x)

Kubo also keeps drawing attention to the Yuuri-Yurio rivalry and talking about it like it was the core relationship of the series when that’s really not what was shown on-screen. I’m reminded of when Yuri on Ice was first announced, it was said to be “the story of the two Yuris”, so much so that people interpreted the title to be about the both of them. But watching the series, not only is the title theory proven wrong in episode 4, but you quickly understand that Yuuri is the protagonist (even with Yurio + Victor being main characters too), and while Yurio is important and they do influence each other, Yurio is much more focused on Yuuri than vice-versa. Consider how Yuuri reacts in episode 4 when Yuko is giving him updated on Yurio.

He’s barely interested. And it’s not like he doesn’t care about Yurio - he clearly does - it’s just that, well Yuuri has more things going on in his life to worry about than his self-proclaimed 15 year old rival. According to Kubo though, he shouldn’t have. 

To me, these two quotes from Kubo say everything about her view on this (x):

“I had a hard time drawing the relationship between Yuuri and Yurio. Especially Yurio, I think he’s easy to grasp as a character and I was sure he would become popular, but for the same reason it was difficult to make him unpredictable. I wanted to depict him and Yuuri as rivals, however figure skating is mostly a battle against yourself, a sport where you fight to pursue your personal best, and after their direct confrontation in episode 3 they also become physically separated, so I was careful about the balance when making them think of each other.”

“(…)It was for the purpose of reinforcing the fated connection between Yuuri and Yurio, and to consequently cause the viewers to want to cheer on Yuuri in the Grand Prix Final. However, at the same time the bond between Yuuri and Victor became deeper and deeper, and as I couldn’t really find enough place to put the spotlight on the rivarly with Yurio eventually Yurio stopped moving inside my storyboard, to my surprise. In that sense, I had to struggle to depict Yuuri and Yurio’s relationship until the end.” 

“Fated connection” is really not something that was there in canon. At all. But Kubo seems to think this was a thing, and she says she struggled to keep depicting it until the very end. She really wanted them to be rivals, but it really wasn’t happening in canon. Yurio thought it was, but he’s 15 and angry and hurt over Victor leaving and doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions. But Yuuri? Yuuri is fighting himself and people’s expectations of him. And even for Yurio, later we have characters like JJ and Otabek that do a much better job at being a rival to him than Yuuri ever did.

It’s very interesting to think about the Victor part though because yeah, even in canon, Victor is constantly overshadowing Yurio when it comes to what Yuuri is thinking about. Meanwhile, Yurio is very much focused on Yuuri (and Victor). Let’s look at episode 4 again. When the assignments are out for the Grand Prix events, Yurio doesn’t ask for his own, he asks for Yuuri’s.

Yuuri meanwhile? Doesn’t ask about Yurio at all. He does think about him briefly when learning they will face-off in Russia…then immediatly focuses his attention on Victor. 

And then you have Kubo saying things like this

“I wanted viewers to remember “Hasetsu” as a place where Yuuri and Yurio could spend some carefree time” (x)

“I believe that, beside Victor, Yurio’s existence was also important in strengthening Yuuri’s feelings that he couldn’t end like that” (x)

“From Yuuri’s point of view it looks like Yurio suddenly has this new friend Otabek, and I think that he’d probably get really frustrated realizing that even if he’s not on the rink anymore Yurio will still be able to make other friends and rivals. Halfway through the story I often thought “Katsuki-san, aren’t you disregarding Yurio a bit too much?” (LOL)” (x)

So yes, it really feels like Kubo was much more interested in the Yuuri-Yurio dynamic and in Yurio overall.

I’m still 100% convinced that episode 12 was changed from what it was originally supposed to be. We can’t really know how those changes came about and why. But considering Sayo is a very busy person, considering Kubo has said she struggled with episode 12 the most to get scenes “right”, and considering episode 12 has that ridiculous sudden focus on the Yuuri-Yurio relationship to the point where it becomes the driving forces for Yuuri to decide to keep skating (contradicting Yuuri’s entire monologue during his FS btw), and everything Kubo has ever said in interviews about Yurio and the Yuuri-Yurio relationship…she was probably heavily involved in that episode, yes.


“Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch8
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and though you got a rocky start, he’s not actually so bad. And if he’s not so bad, then maybe his older brother isn’t either. 

Prol. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | [x]

Jungkook gives you an encouraging nod when you hesitate at the threshhold of Seokjin’s kitchen. The memory of a completely distraught Seokjin is still fresh in your mind, but Jungkook’s gesture heartens you and you follow him inside.

“Hi kids!” Seokjin greets the two of you.

“Y/N’s here to mooch more food,” Jungkook announces as he sets a stack of food containers on the counter.

You elbow him as you also set down the stack you’re carrying. “You invited me here!”

Seokjin chuckles. “Does that mean your family liked the food?”

“Did we! We all ate twice as much rice as we usually do.” you admit. “Grandma told mom to not cook any more and to just get food from, and I quote, ‘the handsome barbecue man who’s sweet on our Saren.’”

Seokjin bites his lip, his cheeks tinged pink. “You’re free to do that, if you’d like.”

“Weeeell…” You shrug. “We’re not going to marry off unnie for food though.”

He splutters, the blush spreading across his entire face. “I wasn’t asking for that!”

Jungkook leans close to you and stage-whispers: “He was kinda hoping though.”

“Yah!” Seokjin scowls. “Both of you sit down and shush if you know what’s good for you.”

The two of you comply, but not without exchanging amused looks. Seokjin takes a pan off the burner and distributes the contents between a food container and a platter, serving the platter on the counter.

You and Jungkook reach for the dish at the same time and yelp at the same time when Seokjin swats your hands with the oversized chopsticks that he’s using to stir food. He clucks his tongue. “Are the two of you savages to be using your bare hands?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes and mouths his older brother’s words dramatically, but still takes two pairs of chopsticks and hands you one.

You pick up a strip of fishcake dripping with sauce, sniffing experimentally. “My mom usually stir-fries these.”

Jungkook already has his mouth full of fishcake and vegetables. “Yeah, but this is how noona likes to eat fishcake. It’s good this way too.”

Taking his word for it, you pop the fishcake in your mouth and immediately take more, giving Seokjin a thumbs-up with your free hand. You and Jungkook clean up the platter while Seokjin fills the food containers and stacks them together.

Seokjin serves fried mandu next. You bite into one; it’s perfectly crisp and seasoned just right. “Your cooking skills are too much! I really don’t get why unnie would–mmf!”

Jungkook shoves an entire mandu in your mouth. “Eat some more, Y/N, go on.” You glare at him, but chew the mandu anyway.

“Why Saren’s running away from me?” Seokjin gives you a small smile, his hands preoccupied with forming more mandu. “I’m only good at making food and I’m very bad at showing my love. Just ask Jungkook.”

“Hyung!” Jungkook sighs, frowning at you. “Now you’ve done it, he’s going to mope again.”

“I’m not moping,” Seokjin denied. “And anyway, I’m glad Y/N’s talking to me about Saren. It rather feels like I’m being given the benefit of the doubt.”

“Heh.” You stick out your tongue sheepishly. “To be honest, I was really suspicious of you for a long time, but I don’t think you’d act the way you do if you didn’t really care about unnie. Besides, there’s Jungkook…”

Jungkook stares at you, his eyes round with questions and his cheeks stuffed with mandu.

“You can’t be so bad if you’re his hyung, right?” You shrug. “And anyway, he’s a decent fellow, so he wouldn’t vouch for you just because your brothers. So I think… you’re probably alright.”

“Y/N!” Jungkook mock-shivers. “What’s with you? You saying such nice things creeps me out.”

You glare at him. “Just accept it and stay silent.”

Seokjin glances from you, to his younger brother, and back again. “Y/N, why don’t you stay for dinner? I’ll just cook some of the bulgogi real quick.”

You perk up, about to agree, but Jungkook says: “Okay, but make sure to cook a lot… because I don’t want to go hungry competing with her for food.

You pout. "Well, if you’re going to make fun of me…”

“Jungkookie!” Seokjin shakes his head. “It’s the first time you bring a girl home and you tease her about her appetite? And I thought I was awkward…”

The two of you gape at each other and turn back to him, bursting into protests.

“Seokjin-oppa, I think you’ve got it wrong…” You wave your hands in dismissal.

“Hyung! Must you make everything weird?” Jungkook slaps his palm against his forehead, groaning.

“Oh? Why are the two of you so shy?” Seokjin looks genuinely surprised. “I thought all this time–”

“Y/N, I’ll help you bring these home.” Jungkook grabs both stacks of food containers. “We’ll take the car. And maybe never bring it back–let’s leave him stranded here, because my hyung’s embarrassing and should be kept away from society.”

You scramble off the seat as well. “Thanks for the food, Seokjin-oppa, and bye!” The two of you rush out of the kitchen, leaving the older brother to mutter about how the baby bunny is such a late bloomer.

Once outside the restaurant, Jungkook laughs a little too loudly. “Sorry about my hyung, he’s always been awkward like that.”

You laugh as well, but it came out as nervous breaths. “Nevermind that, he was just trying to get us back for teasing him about unnie. Thanks for the invite–bye!” You try to snatch the food containers from him, but he hides them behind his back.

“What are you doing? I’m driving you home.”

“You don’t have to, it’s not that far–”

“These are really heavy though.” He jerks his head to where the car is parked beside the restaurant. “Come on, let’s go.”

You trail after him, hoping that your heartbeat, which seemed to be thundering to your ears–won’t be audible in the confined interior of the car. That Seokjin-oppa’s really too awkward. No wonder he can’t get anywhere with unnie.

Sassy Stark Pt.2

Pairing: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, a bit of Cap, Nat, Vision and Sam on the side

Warnings: Some angst, mention of a character death

Word count: 1,100

A/N: This is part 2 of this series - beta’d by the beautiful @fandommaniacx. I love writing dad!Tony and this might seem a bit like filler (which it sorta is I guess) but it gives a whole lot more inside into the relationship of the two main characters. 

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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The little bookshop on the corner had been your safe space ever since you moved to New York. You came in practically every day and yet fell in love with it over and over again each time you visited.

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I think the moment you acknowledge that you actually miss someone is the same moment that you can begin to move on. You have got to quit acting like you’re fine and just give yourself a chance to heal. You owe it to yourself
—  Quit trying to make him miss you back though

SummarySakura’s words die in her throat as the man’s eyes shoot open, and the coldest red irises she has ever seen meet hers. She is hit by a wave of terrifying certainty about two things right then – that she knows these eyes better than any other and that, if he wanted to, this man could stop her heart with just a look. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 7 – Prompt: “The Past”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. You will be squished by a Susanoo wielding demi god if you are found plagiarizing.

Warning:Spoilersfor pretty much everything up to NarutoGaiden.

Canon-Compliance: Takes place during the Blank Period.

Fanon-Compliance: Takes place several years before An Inch ofGold and Unplanned.

AN: Better late than never! You guys can decide for yourselves how much if this short series is something that could have happened, and how much of is my personal head canon. Also, I kind of went to town with the SasuSaku bits here, because I firmly believe that they have a loving and active married life.

As a medic, Sakura is probably more prepared for the various symptoms of pregnancy than the average woman. She has studied the theory, administered prenatal and postnatal care, and has even delivered a few babies. At first it was only under the watchful eye of her mentor, but since she and Sasuke have been travelling to more remote villages, it’s an occupational hazard.

Her first trimester is about what she expects – it’s actually easier.

Morning sickness isn’t as bad as she worried it would be – in fact it’s not so much morning sickness as random-moments-in-the-day-sickness. Even then, it’s more gentle queasiness than anything else. There are only two mornings she spends with her face buried in a nearby bush, while Sasuke holds back her hair.

There are a few of her favorite foods that she can’t even think about without feeling nauseous. Still others cause her bizarre, desperate cravings she never experienced before. (Tomatoes! She can’t get enough tomatoes!) And she has to pee a lot more often, which Sasuke is equal parts amused and irritated by depending on how much it delays their travel plans.

And good gods, she thought she was done getting pimples!

But what she wasn’t expecting were the dreams.

From her studies and conversations with other expectant mothers, she’s come to anticipate the nonsensical, the silly or even highly sexual. What she ends up experiencing within days of confirming her condition is bleak, eerie and a little depressing.

In the beginning, her dreams have a reoccurring theme.

Whenever she closes her eyes, she finds herself walking along a beach. The tide is always out, leaving a vast and barren expanse of sand and shallow pools of water. The sky is always grey and foreboding, bracketed by cliffs in the distance. The detail in this place is staggering, despite the fact she’s never spent much time on this seashore.

Or any seashore, really.

Konoha is landlocked, and even her experiences during the war didn’t give her much time to enjoy the coastline. Travelling with Sasuke, they have occasionally been to places like Kumo where beaches are more common, but never with express recreational purpose.

If there had been, she would never choose such a grey and dismal one as the one that plagues her unconscious.

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lil-cubone asked: vision or star-lord

Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.

the finale of car boys got me kinda sad and reflective


i really appreciate nick and griffin’s sense of humor and improv storytelling

griffin especially, his content and essence means a lot to me, and is really inspiring. i feel like i have a lot in common with him, at least in terms of his car boys/monster factory/rose buddies/mbmbam raw goofiness vs his adventure zone sincerity and care. he is constantly creating things, but nothing is wholly serious or wholly goofy, he has an interesting brand of a little of both, and the degree to which each portion is portioned varies depending on which series it is, but its always recognizably him. i would know a griffin mcelroy quote just from the way its worded, and im not just talking about the amount of “boy”, though that’s a big part. 

idk. i’m not gonna claim that the mcelroys are flawless angels because they aren’t and they would hate if people called them that. they’re just human beings. but i’m allowed to be inspired by human beings right? looking at the sheer volume of griffin’s prolific body of work just in the last two or three years alone is impressive. he had been writing for polygon and recording mbmbam every week for a long time, but around 2015 he started doing monster factory, car boys, mbmbam, polygon game overviews, the adventure zone, and in 2016: rose buddies, griffins amiibo corner, coolgames inc, the mbmbam tv show, the nuzlocke of pokemon y, and most recently peacecraft.

there’s so much that he does and it all has a certain standard of quality. and most importantly, he achieves that standard of quality on a weekly basis, for each of those shows. 

whether or not you like him or think he’s a perfect angel, that’s impressive. 

and inspiring.

it makes me want to work hard to be creative. i want to make things that i can be creatively proud of and i really have to thank griffin mcelroy for being the role model that he is. he’s not perfect, but when he fucks up, he works on it and strives to be better. all the mcelroys do. when someone pointed out his Lup voice could be a little transphobic, he took it extremely to heart and worked on it, and came back the next week with something natural and better. he didn’t include a trans character for leftist brownie points, he did it because he’s very genuine in everything he does, and he wants to represent a character that he feels is important. if he was doing it for uncaring “i’m so good” points, he wouldn’t have listened to that criticism. but he did, because he wants to do a significant part of his audience justice. 

i appreciated car boys and i appreciate griffin’s passion for what he does and the commitment he has to constantly learning and improving. this all means a lot to me. i know im rambling but i dont feel like editing this. 


This scene… Ginny is hurt, upset, jealous, annoyed because Mike prefers chatting with his ex-wife, his ex-wife who was supposed to be, I quote (from 1x02), :

‘‘ a pain-in-the-ass,
who’s just hellbent on ruining my life
even though we’re no longer married.
She wants me to go through my things,
you know, before she sells them.
What she really wants to do
is get back together with me

to talking to Ginny about what happened last night, so she’s feeling like the “almost-kissing” thing meant nothing to him (even if she said everything was good, I can’t help but notice that she’s really bothered by this)… Ugh, my two stubborn babies…

Yeah I don’t buy this.

Onion seems terrified, something tells me he was running from something instead of just breaking in as usual.

Props to his VA, he’s making me feel bad for Onion just from those noises he makes.

“Oh that’s just Onion, he’s a known criminal. Law can’t touch him though, they know not to mess with someone like him.”

Yeah that was not at all the shape we saw before.

This is bad

I totally get this.

No, seriously, you might think Doug’s reasoning is pretty weird here, but we all want our superstitions to be real, even if they would be dangerous for us.

I remember reading a good quote about it in one of the JDATE books, something about humans wanting to be right about the monster in the next hallway even if it were to eat them.

Sheesh guy, you don’t have to try so hard.

This is a pretty cliche and known plot for an episode in a cartoon show. Parent doesn’t think he’s cool enough for his kids, so he tries to impress them. They did a good job with this one though.

Or maybe I just really like this character.

It’s okay buddy. Connie’s badass enough for your entire family.

You can afford being the silly dad. Someone has to.

It was the way you looked at me. It wasn’t just any kind of look though. It was with passion, as if I was the only thing you could see. You looked at me like I’m the only thing that matters.
That’s when I knew, if we left each other we both would be fucked.
—  @broughtyouthebands // we’re falling in love and no one can stop that
Too Silent to Sleep

Flint/Hamilton Week:

Day One: Why You Love Them
Theme: After the Reunion
Quote/Song: Light - Sleeping At Last

~Notes: Well, I don’t ship this as hard as other things in this show, but it’s enough that I felt like participating. I’ll be doing short one shot fics for this, just little snippet things. God help me if any of them try and expand like my stories normally do. I did the best I could with the theme, and took inspiration from the song title.~

Read on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10779510

Flint couldn’t sleep. Not simply because everything around him was strange, though it was, stranger than it had been for him in a very, very long time. He was used to strange and unexpected, it came with the life of a pirate. What he wasn’t used to was the silence, the stillness.

The moon was bright outside his window and Flint turned his head to watch it. It wasn’t the same as when he was at sea, it was…too steady.

“Are you all right?”

Flint tensed, glancing over, relaxing when he met blue eyes and he forced himself to smile.

“I’m fine,” he mumbled, sighing.

“I know it’s not easy, I know you left everything you’ve know for most of your life behind,” Thomas said quietly, shifting so he could watch Flint in the moonlight.

“I don’t know if it can just be over for me,” Flint admitted. “It’s not that simple, it’s…everything…”

Thomas sighed, resting his head on the pillow again, watching Flint’s hands moving restlessly atop his chest.

“Do you want to go back?” he whispered and Flint looked at him, his face genuinely surprised.

Flint sat up, pushing the rough blanket back and swinging his legs over the edge of the small cot, gazing at Thomas, who lay on his own cot across the small room.

“Everything I’ve done, the last twelve years,” he said quietly, his hands gripping the edges of the cot. “I did everything…because I thought you were dead. I didn’t believe…when he told me you were alive…but you’re here. You’re alive. We’re both alive…as hard as it is to walk away from the life I’ve know, you cannot think I would even consider walking away from you. Not again. Not after everything.”

Thomas smiled softly, ruefully. “But you miss the sea,” he said softly. “The sea is in your blood.”


“I’m only telling you that you have a choice, if you want it…I have no doubt you could escape from this place in a moment if you chose to…I heard the stories over the years of the notorious Captain Flint. This place has it’s share of former pirates,” Thomas grinned. Flint sighed, shaking his head with a smile.

“We’re leaving, in a week or so,” Flint nodded. “We sure as hell aren’t staying here for the rest of our lives.” He made a face at the thought. “Maybe, if you’d like, we could go somewhere…and run a small merchant ship…far away from pirates, from Nassau, from the Caribbean. Perhaps we’ll go to Greece,” he chuckled.

Thomas smiled, nodding. “I’d like to leave this place,” he said. “It hasn’t been harsh, but it is exceptionally dull.”

“That’s settled then,” Flint grinned, a spark in his eyes. “We’re breaking out.”

“Come here,” Thomas chuckled, shifting further against the wall. Flint’s grin faltered for a moment before he stood and crossed the room and carefully tucked himself into small space, allowing Thomas to drape the blanket and an arm over him.

“Now,” Thomas said. “Go to sleep, so you have your rest and can get us out of here.”

Flint chuckled and nodded, leaning his forehead against Thomas’ as he took a deep breath. The feel of Thomas beside him again, the rhythm of his breathing and his heartbeat, slowly lulled Flint to sleep, a deep and dreamless sleep, the most restful he’d had in years.

Fluffy date with 2p!Axis and 2p!Allies at aquarium!:

America/Allen Jones-
Allen had been the one who’d suggest you go, and you agreed, thinking he’d be on his best behavior. You were wrong. It was fun, at first. Until Allen bet some kid five bucks that he could swim in the shark tank and get out. So after you stopped him from stripping and explained yourself to security they kicked you out anyway. But not before he stole you a few pieces of merchandise.  
China/Xiao Wang-
You didn’t know that simple fish could lead to so many sexual innuendo’s. And honestly you didn’t need to know. But after you corrected him the day went well. He let you explore and joined you in petting the sea creatures. It turned out he was just as interested in them as you were.  
England/Oliver Kirkland-
He’d be so eager to spend the day out with you. While he was a little nervous around some of the larger creatures he loved the petting tanks. You both ran around, trying to lead the other to various exhibits. You took pictures with all the stand in’s and models. And before you left he secretly bought you matching t-shirts.  
France/Francois Bonnefoy-
You’d have to drag him in. Eventually when he accepted that he was going, he’d turn it on you. His thoughts being that if he was here he might as well make it difficult for you. Each time you bent over he either slapped or pinched your ass. He’d turn every phrase he could into something dirty. If you correct or snapped at him too harshly he’d go quiet. He didn’t actually want to ruin your day, and you knew that. To make up for it he’d get you a shirt, something corny and involving love.  
Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
Ideal date. He lets you run around and read everything to him. He points out the fish and turtles he likes, even insisting he should get one. Many jokes about him and hermit crabs are shared. And after you two hear that otters hold hands so they don’t float off, he grabs yours. He doesn’t let go the rest of the day, fearing you’ll float too far.  

He’d been a little opposed to the idea of going to such a public place for a date. But when he’d floated the idea of the aquarium to you, your face had been so bright. The day mostly consisted him losing you and struggling to keep up as you ran around. He let you look at every thing for as long as you wanted. Though he did act a little pissy when you wanted him to pet some of the animals in the touch tanks. He refused, and you may have sunk his hand in anyway. And you’re ninety percent sure he hissed.  
Italy/Luciano Vargas-
Oh god. Okay, I’ll be honest. Worst idea ever. Even though it started off pleasant enough the day took a dark turn. You end up getting kicked out because he asked every single tour guide what the different fishes tasted like. Even the great white sharks which Luciano was, and I quote “Sure he could get a piece of if they just let him in the damn tank.”
Japan/Kuro Honda-
Also an ideal date. He let you run around and tell him all the fact on the plaques. He sketches the fish he thought interesting as you ogled. He purchased many of the pictures and assorted items from the gift shop, wanting you to remember the day.

Cross Marian #5 Anime vs. Manga


This is basically a rundown of the DGM anime, covering how TMS Entertainment villainized Cross Marian in the anime. 

Cross has this rep. as an inhuman psychopath, which is more suiting reputation for Winters Sokaro. 

I can only guess the anime is responsible for 70% of this. The other 30% may just be people who read the manga, but lack reading comprehension. This covers the former. All my other writings on Cross cover the latter. lol Please, check those out as well -all located in my blog.

Screenshots and manga panels are used to illustrate differences. Updated with Hallow as well. So lets begin. Hope you enjoy the read.

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Rp Snippet: Purveyor’s Office

“I… sent him on a minor mission of sorts. Nothin work related! I wanted him t'see a bit more o’ what’s out there. So I poked a few old contacts an gave him a little vacation from here.”

"That…is actually an interesting idea, perhaps he will find something he likes more, as detrimental as that would be for Kurel considering what he just did.”

“I do hope he finds somethin out there he likes. …I want Saeris t'choose this place as much as we have, but that takes the risk o’ him no’… I think in the long run he’ll choose Sunspire though, an it’ll be his choice.”

“What if he does not?” Mavas asked curiously. “I am biased myself in thinking he will choose Sunspire, but, for the sake of argument. Would you leave? Kurel, the Port, everything, for him?”

That was the question wasn’t it? What would happen if Saeris did choose a different life over Sunspire. There were lots of things Saer could find he enjoyed and bring those things into the port, but there were also plenty of things that required goodbyes and traveling to faraway places.

Places the Heir of Sunspire could not follow…

“A few weeks ago when I was plannin his vacation I’d fully intended t'go with him if he chose somethin else. Lot’s happened in a few weeks though. I’m… Its a big decision.”

One he really hoped he wouldn’t have to make, but secretly might have settled on a decision. Now he only wished Saeris would hurry on home.

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