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Can I just say...

I see a lot of people saying that the gay community ruined “shipping” because of the whole septiplier/tythan/whatever but, a lot of the time it isn’t actual gay people doing the shipping (at least not the ones who take it too far, anyway).

It’s people who fetishize and obsess over gay men (Or just the concept of being gay) and say things like “I’M SINNING” or “omg I’m so going to hell for drawing this.” But, in real life, don’t support gay people all that much. They just use the idea of two gay people to fangirl over, making gay people out to be hypersexual, pervy people.

On behalf of the gay community I just wanted to let you guys know, if you see this, though there probably are gay people who ship septiplier/tythan, from what I’ve seen and experienced, the hardcore shippers are mostly hetrosexual people who have little respect for the gay community. Please don’t think that because the ship is gay that we are the ones responsible for it. There are so many shippers I’ve encountered who say they don’t even support gay marriage but put gay characters (Or in this case, straight people who they obsess over) in overly sexual scenarios to make themselves feel good.

I just hope you don’t think it’s us creating the problem. I’m so tired of my sexuality being a tool for straight people to get off on.

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i'm pretty sure that you usually envision ktbas as a webcomic; do you think it could be a series of novels? or is the visual element too important to the story? i really liked your short story about harriet and roan meeting, obviously. how would you feel about other people forming their own interpretations of what harry, dick and the gang look like?

naw i think it could absolutely be some books. i like visual gags too much tho, idk how to communicate humor thru just words on a page omg… i mean like, im bad at using words to communicate feelings, but in a visual medium u can communicate that with faces or body language instead. which is nice

i obvi have a heavy idea of the main cast in my head, but it would be nice to see how other ppl would interpret descriptions without like, my art being there to shape the bounds of their features…. i always liked the line “sunlight that seemed to dance daringly upon [his] crown but became soiled by having the gall to try” to describe his nasty boy hair. and his eyepatch has been a placeholder for something cool for all of three years. and i dont put enough effort into clothing design. so ITD BE…. INTERESTING to see wat ppl do with all that

10 characters I wished were real so I could date them. Part One

10) Age of Youth: Park Jae-Wan: Every single drama I’ve seen Yoon Park in I’ve hated him lol. But this is the first time he has played a decent character for me. I loved him in this. I have no idea what he is saying in this gif.

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8) Healer: Seo Jung-Hoo: I literally picked him because of this scene. He kept cuddling with her and I was like “oh my gawd!” I want one! I honestly like Bong-soo too.

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7) Descendants of the Sun: Yoo Shi- Jin: No list is complete without him lol. He was perfect….just perfect. I fangirled so much watching this drama. Should I apologize or confess? JESUS! That nearly kicked the wind out of me. lol

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6) Uncontrollably Fond: Shin Joon- Young: UGH! I loved this character so freaking much. OMG! That confession scene was AMAZING! He said some pretty amazing things as well. Chiillleeee he honestly could be number one the more I think about it. I mean KIM FUCKING WOO-BIN!

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5) Cheese In the Trap: Baek In-Ho: I didn’t read the web-toon so I can’t share the anger for the show being all about him. However, by the end of it I stopped shipping him with Seol and started shipping him with myself lol.

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Okay so… I’ve just checked the Terumob tag and, well, I’ve seen peeps arguing over the one-sided love thing and, omg I want you to know that it wasn’t my intention to show some kind of  toxic relationship between them!!. It’s just an idea, something I wondered like, what if teru *thinks*… what if he *THINKS* his love is unrequited? I never said it actualy was!! NNGH, I never wanted to kill teru either… I just thought it was a very romantic idea. Mob is almost forced to notice how much he loves Teru too over this disease issue. Happy endings are my favorite thing!!

me and rhys have been talking about this and i’m probably just gonna put what he said in this too but basically it’s about buzzfeed and how there really isn’t much for gay women. you’ve probably already seen the multiple posts i make about it lmao.

basically all the quizzes are like “we know your taste in men” and variations of that. they don’t seem to have a consistent idea about anything because one week they’re like omg so queer!!! and the next they’re publishing articles about how bisexual women aren’t gay enough and they have to choose either being “fully gay” or straight.

they seem to pander to and capitalize on only white gay men most of the time and there really isn’t anything for lesbians/bisexual women/pansexual women.



Taehyung x reader

You’ve admitted your feelings for Taehyung, you’ve broken up with your boyfriend, and now there’s only one thing left to do. Tell Tae.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

A/N omg it’s finally finished! I had no idea people would actually read and enjoy this when I started it. Thank you so much for reading, liking and giving me such nice complements on the series (I live for those!) I will be making another series, I just don’t know when yet so look forward to that sometime in the future!

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I said "I love you" to my boyfriend today for the first time and I was #shook because I thought I'd made him uncomfortable and I was crying (he didn't notice, we were hugging and I was just tearing up silently) until he said "I love you too. So much" and squeezed me in an even tighter hug and then I REALLY started bawling and I'm like "Genuinely? You're not just saying it to make me feel better?" And he held my face and kissed me and said "I was waiting to see if you felt the same way" ❤❤

Oh my goddddddd this is the sweetest thing ever omg!! Congratulations you two!! Congrats!! I’m so happy about this you have no idea. That was a huge step and it was received so well. I’m so proud of you omg. You’re the best! Congrats!

Random thought I just had to share...

Okay… Random idea for a fanfic or something after a conversation during Cards Against Humanity…. Kind of gross but… Jaal is unfamiliar with humans… Imagine him waking up next to femRyder after that feminine issue starts… He’d think she was dying and freak out omg

Cards Against Humanity gives some random fanfic ideas and headcanons. But I just imagine him freaking out over small things like that.

Also, how would he react to snoring? Or if he were to play a round of Cards Against Humanity lol

Still need to get the Mass Effect expansion of CAH

Hello, my dear!

Oh, yes. You know. That video. Just the one I’m sTILL FREAKING OUT OVER 10 HOURS LATER. Omg. I just… I’ve watched it so many times and I spent the entire time I was out today thinking about it, but I still have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Like,

WHO DECIDED THAT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO START WITH THIS SCENE?? Because we need to have some words about the condition of my heart and the way you can mess with it.

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ON WHICH NOTE: Why does this JJ Project transition exist??? Because this is too much for me as well!

And how am I supposed to handle the fact that Jinyoung’s eyes stay closed all through his underwater scene… up until Mark puts his hand on his shoulder and does his line, and then Jinyoung’s eyes open???

AND THEN THERE’S OUR SUNSHINE BOY BEING A TOTAL HERO!! I can’t deal with the way he slams his arms back before the scene where he goes to break the glass and SAVE JINYOUNG because it’s like he’s going “Nope! That’s it! You’re coming out now!” AND THEN HE JUST GOES TO SMASH IT!

AND TALKING ABOUT THIS SCENE! Does anyone else see the way it looks like Youngjae sucks in a breath and jolts forward as Jinyoung sinks under the water?? Almost like he’s coming alive or… something??? What is this supposed to be??


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“I could kill them.” Nigel said. He snapped his fingers. “Just like that. Gone. Snap their shitty little human necks.”

“They don’t deserve to die because I lost my job.”

“They made you sad. I think it’s a fair fucking price if you ask me.”

“Well, I didn’t ask you.” Adam shifted his box. All his projects he’d started at the company. It was odd to see so many hours of his life fitting neatly inside a cardboard box.

“Why the fuck did you summon me, anyways? This is a perfect opportunity to show you my power and you got me on a damn leash like some sort of fucking dog, Adam.”

“The spell said ‘eternal devotion’. The reasons behind my actions seem fairly self explanatory.” Adam looked to Nigel from the corner of his eye, watching how Nigel managed to take a left turn in the busy road without even looking.

“Fucking here for cuddling when I could be ripping those bastards throats out.” Nigel growled, the sound reminded Adam of something bestial. His teeth were even bared. “What the fuck are you smiling about? You were a mess ten seconds ago.”

“I like that you’re angry for me.”

“You like me being pissed?” Nigel laughed, a loud bark that had him hitting the steering wheel twice. “Fucking strange you are, darling. And this is coming from someone who’s been to Hell.”

Adam shrugged, hugged his box closer to his chest. He wanted to ask about Hell, but Nigel seemed adamant to not answer a single one of his questions.

“No one’s ever been angry for me before. Only Harlan. And my dad.”

Nigel sighed. He lit a cigarette, letting go of the steering wheel entirely. The car took the next turn all on its own.

“Humans are fucking morons, Adam.” He blew out a perfect smoke ring. Adam rolled his window down. “You’re too good for them. They’re just too stupid to see you.”

“Intelligence doesn’t effect eyesight, Nigel.”

“Don’t be a smart ass.”

Adam smiled.

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Honestly, I think you'd look super cute just a little bit pudgier too! Seeing your shirts getting more snug around a squishier middle, maybe seeing your thighs bulging out a little through the legs of shorts, just seeing you getting bigger and softer would be SO SO SO adorable tbh! <3 <3 <3 <3

omg this is definitely one of the best messages i’ve ever gotten, it’s so nice to get this kind of support from people ^w^ i’d love my body to look like that too, the idea of my pudge showing through clothes a bit more is so lovely to me~ we’ll see how the weight gain goes~

I'm a gay Black woman and let me just say...(BISMUTH)

This whole “how dare they paint a black-coded character like this and omg so racist, look at the stereotypes!” Is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel like some people are just too sensitive about things. Like, some people claim it so much without realizing that, (and this is going on the idea that they painted Bismuth evil *i don’t really think so*) POC characters can be painted in many different ways just like NON POC. If a POC is God forbid anything but perfect, people think it’s racist and stereotypical?

I have a black main character (she’s so cool) who is an anti-hero and very violent, but that’s because of her PERSONALITY, not because of something dictated by the color of her skin. And you wanna know why it’s by personality, because another character who’s also black is completely opposite; she is a sweetheart who should probably be wearing a flower crown, but sometimes she’s a little too emotional and trusting–WOW A CHARACTER THAT SOUNDS LIKE REAL PEOPLE?

Meanwhile, I have a white character that’s evil, another white character that isn’t bad or good and just lives life to his happiness.

I have a Vietnamese and a Spanish heroic duo who are both boys and happily in love with each other.

But literally, for the people on tumblr, I or any other fictional work could have 1000+ positive representation of a said group and beyond, but the moment we have ONE black coded character who is even remotely morally ambiguous, it’s RACISTTTT.

Good lord. (Wouldn’t pass it up on ppl thinking I’m not black because of this lol)

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Controversial shipping asks

  • Ship that is unpopular but you still like: 💘

Kent x MC. Every day I cry by how unpopular it is. I think I’ve talked far too much about why I love this ship already omg but I’d have no idea how to find all those old posts orz PROPS TO ME fjaksldfjakl. I’m gonna make it short for the sake of my own sanity since I feel like if I keep ranting about it it’ll become my mantra or something lmao. 

These two are absolute dorks, they start off with nothing but misunderstandings and pain originated from nothing other than that. But once deus ex Nhil comes along and memories begone they get a second chance in a way that uses amnesia positively, giving them the opportunity to get to know each other again? and basically let their guards down at uncertainty as they slowly realize they were both idiots. 

They literally like each other from the very start but can’t see that because of their own pride and roundabout way of dealing with their feelings and like!!! even then they keep hanging around each other ‘cuz they’re feelings are so strong. And as they go along, patching up those old arguments they both learn and become better people in a way they don’t make the same mistakes twice? and also respect each other? and push each other to follow their dreams? I need to stop omg.

@mildlymaddy :)

@niallerby buried in vegas omg. i can also see crackfic where they wake up in vegas and think they accidentally committed a murder. like maybe they wake up and harry is just gone and there’s blood and dirt everywhere and they have to find him. turns out he’s trying out this new beet juice cleanse where he harvests the beets himself to be more in touch with the earth. maybe this is based too much on the hangover. but idc.

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’ Hmmm. Could you read it again? ’

Send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;


my opinion on;

character in general: i used to think bokuto was a weird character. i thought he was gonna be like an air headed jock and not care about anything but sports and be super hyperactive, but like DAMN, he was so much more than that!! he’s a dedicated captain, a good friend, encouraging, and a team player in the end. i ended up really liking him in the end uwu
how they play them: omg so what i just described is just the surface level of their bo. they take bokuto to the next level, and like really analyze and consider how bokuto is in the series and applies their own ideas and interpretations to get their muse, i really like their take on bo, it’s realistic and understandable to me.

the mun: so i don’t know too much about them but they have been really chill to write with and talk to on occasion. i would love to get to know kiev more!

do i;

follow them: yes
rp with them: yep!
want to rp with them: yes!
ship their character with mine: we do have lovely ship together!

what is my;

overall opinion: a great interpretation of this character. would like to know the mun more. really good rper and chill partner to write with!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

oh gee how did this happen

So (over!!) a hundred people are following me. I slaved away to build this little block castle of fanart and fanfiction, only to realize I had sealed myself inside it, with no way out but to destroy all I had worked so hard to—okay I’m kidding. This was just a cute, silly idea.

Since most of y’all found me through my kid!Fatal post (or at least, that one has the most notes, for now—OMG people you love my shetpost don’t you?), and because everyone seemed to like the mini blue raspberry so much, I decided to draw more of him to thank you. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to color him as well. And y’know, it wasn’t. The castle of blocks on the other hand… whose bright idea was this anyway

I have an idea for another short comic starring kid!Fatal, so that’s a thing that might happen, but this will have to be enough for now.

*furtively sets up giant flashing neon signs leading @fatal-error-blog to this picture*

Uh I mean

Fatal belongs to @fatal-error-blog :)

And this version of him is based on the Momma CQ world by @alainaprana

To both of you, my followers, and everyone else who has liked, reblogged, and said such nice things about my work: you make me smile and sometimes have little excited freak-outs. Thank you all so much! <3

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Omg you followed me!!! I'm freaking out 😱😱 you have no idea of how much I love your blog

REALLY??? OMG this is the best message ever… I’m so flattered you like my blog, seriously… I just can’t with how sweet this message is, because I never get this kind of message? And this is so sweet… Also, I think I read on your blog that you’re from Colombia, right? Guess what? Mi familia es de Colombia también y yo viví en Barranquilla por 4 años, que loco todo…
But seriously, Imma stop talking now bc I get too excited!

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OMG Siri no, you know that this is like my one weakness. I love sleep deprivation fics and with everything going on with all three of them right now this would just be perfect. What have you done!!! I have ideas forming for fic for this already, damn you. This is what you had planned all along, you’re an evil genius. 

As for pairing, well obviously Robron because that is pretty much all I care about right now, and of course there would have to be some Liv in there too. Oh and maybe throw in a few random villagers, Bob, Pete. I am loving writing random villagers into my fics right now too.

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Okay your blog is pure Magic and one of my favorites ever!! And bc I'm also 1000% obsessed with Star Wars I just wanted to ask if you have any Han/Leia headcanons to share or anything bc I Live off of them!!! I hope you have a nice day too bc you're amazing!!

OMG thank you so much! I hope you’re having a great weekend! As for the headcanons, let’s see:

  • Han convinces Leia to play strip Sabacc during their trip to Bespin; Leia accepts the challenge and by the end of the game Han is naked and she is still completely clothed
  • I really really like the idea of them having a private, very simple wedding in which Leia is already like four months pregnant and glowing 
  • Han asking Leia after they marry if this finally makes him a prince
  • Leia replying that she doesn’t even want to know what marrying a scoundrel makes her (even though in reality he is a nice man)
  • Han, a few days after learning that Leia is pregnant, joking that the Falcon always hits its targets, and that he is no different
  • Han and Leia, telling a bedtime story for little Ben, aged 3; Han detailing everything, and Leia correcting him every now and then, like no, Han, I’m pretty sure the pilot didn’t kiss the princess in that garbage chute and no, Han, I don’t think the princess would have jumped on the pilot when she saw those mynocks
  • Han and Leia, talking late at night during the trip to Bespin, and Leia hears for the first time the true stories behind Han’s bloodstripes
  • During their journey to Ord Mantell, before ESB, when Han and Leia are sitting in the cockpit together and Leia says how much she enjoys staring at the universe before them, how she likes to think that one of those bright lights is the light from Alderaan, and Han can only stare at her and think that, teasing and joking aside, she really is so beautiful
  • Leia after Bespin, impulsively throwing away most of her white clothes, and silently challenging everyone who notices her colors to say anything
  • Leia calling Han ‘General’ in bed after she finds out that he has joined the Alliance, and Han only ever calling her Leia
  • Leia telling Han that Darth Vader is her biological father, and Han staring at her for a moment before saying, “This changes nothin’, you know”
  • Leia kissing Han’s cheeks, nose, chin, mouth after that, because he really, really is such a nice man

Was it all a dream, or did my sky boy truly have the heavens inside his chest? Was it a miracle? Maybe, or maybe miracles are simply truths we cannot comprehend. But I think you were a miracle, in your own little way. My child of light, my comet-catcher, my star-shaper, my alchemist of agony and awe. You were beyond me, just out of my reach: a horizon, a black hole. For what happens when you stare at the abyss and the abyss stares back, but instead of staring down, you’re looking up? What happens when the abyss is more than just that: what happens when oblivion is not an idea, but a person? I think I know what happens now, but I won’t tell. How could I? Some things may always be too much for words like ours. Just let them be.