i just like this colour scheme okay


So like you know how everyone calls Torbjorn the Ikea dwarf?

This is cool and everything but i just wanna point something out there.

Look at his colour scheme: Red, Yellow (tints) and black. 

Wanna know what has a Red, Yellow( tints) and, black, also comes from Scandinavia, and is heavily associated with building?

Yes i am aware that Lego is from Denmark ( hense why i said Scandinavia as opposed to Sweden).  

Case in point: we’ve been getting Torbjorn all wrong,he isnt the ikea dwarf.


Okay friends! I made some icons! You can view them below the cut, or on my new icons page! If you like the icon but you want it in a different colour, just message me and let me know, it’s super easy to change!!

Also if anyone has requests for icons, just send me an ask! I’ll do HP ones only. Make sure to include what/who you want, and a colour scheme! Bonus points if you submit a screenshot

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New theme! Well, I say it’s new, but it’s just a redesign of my previous theme essentially. This theme’s called Heliseum, and almost a year after my first Guren theme I still have Guren on my blog, because he’s #1 always.

Why does my header look suspiciously like the old one? Because I’m too lazy to design a new one, but the sizing was wrong so I just remade the old design.

I also darkened the colour scheme a bit! The music is from the God Eater anime OST, and all the songs are by GHOST ORACLE DRIVE.

Please let me know what you think, okay?