i just like this colour scheme okay

Being married to Draco would include...

• A huge wedding
• Like, there’s more people there than you’ve ever met in your life
• Moving into Malfoy Manor together, taking over the estate
• Waking up to Draco’s messy blonde hair and deep voice every morning
• “Good morning darling.“
• Draco trying to make you breakfast in bed on many occasions
• Him always dropping something and burning something else
• Lying in bed all day, just talking and cuddling
• “I can’t believe I actually got to marry you. I never thought you’d agree.”
• “I love you Draco, of course I’d agree.“
• Him being really overprotective of you
• Not wanting you to go out by yourself because he’s afraid of what people may do to you when they realise you’re a Malfoy
• You convincing him that you’ll be okay
• “Babe, come on, I have a few good hexes up my sleeve, and I’m literally only running to the shop. I’ll be fine.”
• “I just don’t want you to get hurt. I love you and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if it was because of me.“
• Catching him sat alone, staring at at the Dark Mark on his left arm, subconsciously rubbing it as if he can simply erase it
• "I hate it, Y/n. I want it gone, it just reminds me of everything I did wrong.”
• "It’s fading, look. It’s fading now, and one day it’ll be so faint you won’t even know it’s there anymore. Everyone makes mistakes, Draco. It’s okay. I’m here for you and I love you, please remember that.“
• Lots of cuddles
• Draco loves having you in his arms as much as he can
• He also loves kissing you
• Like, really loves kissing you
• And other things too
If you know what I mean
• You finding out you’re pregnant and smiling so wide as you stare at the test
• Running to Draco and jumping into his arms
• "What’s got you so happy today?”
• "I’m pregnant!“
• Draco being so shocked
• But also so happy
• Him swinging you around the room in excitement before realising that it’s probably not that good for the baby
• Kneeling down to talk to the baby growing in your stomach
• "Hey baby, it’s daddy here. I can’t wait to meet you, I’m going to love you and your mummy so much. Be good, okay? I’ll see you soon.”
• Being the most overprotective husband and father ever
• Like if you thought he was overprotective before, it was nothing compared to this
• Bringing you food and doing everything for you so you don’t have to move
• "Draco I can barely see the bump yet, I think I’ll be okay making my own sandwich.“
• "I just want you both safe.”
• Decorating the baby’s room
• Draco going overboard and decking the room out in every single baby-related thing he can find
• Not wanting to find out the gender before the baby is born so keeping a gender-neutral colour scheme
• "Draco this is beautiful!“
• "Only the best for my little baby.”
• Him freaking out when your waters break
• “Draco calm down, it means the baby is coming.“
• "The baby is coming! The baby is coming! Oh Merlin! The baby is coming!”
• Telling Draco to sit and calm himself down whilst you grab your bags
• Arriving at St Mungos and Draco finally coming to his senses and helping you into your hospital room
• Draco seeing some blood when the labour starts and nearly fainting
• The nurse trying to send him out of the room
• Him refusing to leave you
• You grabbing his hand and nearly breaking it
• Draco screaming
• The baby finally being born and Draco being the first person to hold him/her
• "S/he’s so tiny.“
• Draco sitting beside you carefully
• You leaning your head on his shoulder
• Smiling at the infant as s/he curls his/her hand around Draco’s thumb
• "Look Y/n, we made a person.”
• "Yes we did, and s/he’s perfect.“
• Taking the baby home to show them their new room
• "I can’t believe we have a baby. I love you so much.”
• "I love you too.“
• Being the happiest family ever

Concearning Exo-CBX's 'Ka-Ching'
  • Ka Ching is like SM went;</b> "What are songs I, myself have produced that are good? Ah yes the 'Lookie' was a true bob, but this is EXO i need something big... 'Louder' I mean sorry 'Lotto' yes, now downgrade that and sprinkle some Irene and Yeri up on that shit. Alright and to top it off...Shinee.... retro SHINEE is my jam okay but not the music,,, just the over saturated colour scheme. Okay good? Let's go."
  • SM *after demo*: </b> "A Japanese song I love it!"
  • SM worker: </b> "Sir I thought this was their comeback???"
  • SM: </b> "Nah man throw it at Japan. But because EXO is all about that Chinese and Korean promotion... make sure the Japanese song is 30% English okay? Okay. :)))"
  • I'm not trying to hate on the song or the group, this is for comedic effect only plz don't be upset </i>

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Are you taking prompts? If you are could you please do one where Fitzsimmons go shopping between season 3 and 4, and Fitz complains the whole time. And maybe they bring Daisy to try to cheer her up. Thanks!!!

AN ~ my 4K paper is out of the way and we need some fluff so here we are… took a brief detour through some Static Quake feels but it’s all from a very hopeful hurt/comfort/fluffy place.

Read on AO3 (~1200wd)


“Jemm-aaa,” Fitz moaned.

“Yes Fiiiiitz,” she said, mimicking his tone without turning to look at him. She ran her fingers down some corduroy and grimaced, regretting the unpleasant texture.

“Why not go back to that yellow one back there?” Fitz proposed. “We both liked that one, right?”

“We both liked it,” Jemma repeated, “but we didn’t love it.”

“It’s a curtain!” Fitz blurted. “What is there to love?!”

“Fitz! I intend to have as many windows as humanly possible. Whatever fabric we choose today will be within our field of vision at all times. We have to love it!”

“It’s lemon yellow! It’s not like it’s offensive to the eye! Unlike that white and green cheesecloth monstrosity-”

“Alright, alright!” Daisy stepped in between them, making a ‘T’ for ‘time-out’ signal with her hands. “Fitz, why don’t you go check out… TVs or something. There must be some new LCD curved screen 3D AI 2-point-0 model or something to argue about with the poor fifteen year olds.”

Fitz scowled. There was no such thing as AI television and he’d never heard of a 2.0 model, but he got the feeling that was not Daisy’s point. Well, anything to get him out of another second of this inane curtain shop.

“Run along then!” Daisy insisted. “We’ll meet you at the ice-cream place after.”

Fitz glanced at Jemma, who begrudgingly gestured toward the door. His face lit up, beaming.

“I’ll buy you curly fries,” he offered Daisy with gratitude. She smiled briefly.

“I’d like that.”

As he bounded away with the enthusiasm of a Looney Tunes character, Daisy sighed heavily.

“I’m sorry,” Jemma apologised. “We were supposed to be trying to cheer you up.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” Daisy said with a shrug. “You two are pretty cute actually. And I love that you’re picking out curtains when you don’t even know the colour scheme of your house yet.”

“Rustic, but go on,” Jemma deadpanned, and Daisy’s lips twitched upward again, and she tried to figure out whether Jemma was joking or not. After a moment, her humour faded a little.

“I just… I miss it,” she explained, grasping at straws to describe the feeling. “All this couples stuff, y’know? Lincoln was the first guy in – in a long time that I’ve actually been able to, like… imagine myself with. In the future. Stupid daydreams and stuff, you know, like taking the kids to a holiday house at the lake. I don’t know why. I’ve never had a holiday house on a lake. Been to one, once, but that’s about it. It just seemed like a nice thought. And now…”

She ran her eyes up the row of curtain clothes beside them. It wasn’t as visceral as grief, this sorrow she felt. It wasn’t the loss of something real. It was the loss of a dream, and one she wasn’t even sure she truly wanted, but it still hurt, and she wondered if Jemma could understand that.

Jemma put a hand over Daisy’s, drawing her attention with a gentle, concerned gaze. Daisy had tears in her eyes now; her lips trembling as she finally expressed something she hadn’t quite grasped before.

“I just don’t know what the future’s going to be anymore. I mean, I know I never did, but I thought I could make my own before and after watching that – after seeing him –“

Jemma wrapped her arms around Daisy, as if she could hold her together by the sheer force of her love. Daisy clung onto her for dear life as, in the middle of the isle of corduroy and calico curtains, a tidal wave of emotion crashed around her. She held onto Jemma like a rock in a storm until she felt the worst of it pass.

Jemma felt it too.

“You can still make your own future,” Jemma promised, a reassuring whisper in Daisy’s ear now that the height of the crisis was over. “Always. And you will always have us - Fitz and me, and Coulson, and May… As long as you want us, we’ll be here. Probably longer. Okay?”

Daisy wasn’t sure if it was okay. She wasn’t sure if anything would ever be okay again. She wasn’t sure why she was here, buying curtains, when she could have been across the way messing with new phones. She wasn’t sure why she was in this building at all, why she continued to let Jemma and Fitz and the others into her life when her future just felt like death. But she clung to Jemma a little longer, soaking up the honesty and rawness and love and trying to make herself believe Jemma’s words.

Before Jemma could get suspicious – Daisy hoped – she pulled back a little and smiled. She wasn’t completely off the hook, judging by Jemma’s ever-scrutinising gaze, and so she tried not to look too desperate to get away with it.

“Our choices matter, Daisy,” Jemma repeated: fiercely, stubbornly. Daisy thought of Lincoln, and his choice, and the way that wound was still bleeding inside her, but she looked around too, and thought about FitzSimmons, and how they were here making cute domestic choices about their cute, domestic future, because it was the one they were determined to have. If these two could make it, after all they had been through, maybe – maybe - she could too, after all.

She smiled again, for real this time, and only then did Jemma relinquish her intense attention, turning back to the materials around them.

“Now, in the smoothest segue ever,” Daisy began, wiping tears off her face as she gestured with one arm back the way they had come. “’Speaking of choice,’ I think the yellow curtains were great, but you should also consider maroon, especially if you want pale walls. And you should get sheer white curtains too, for when you want to let the sun in. Which will be always.”


This time, it was Jemma’s turn to smile. It was soft at first – quiet, like a private joke, like a stolen smile in a fabric isle in a precarious point in all their lives – and then it broadened as familiar footsteps and a voice that filled her with joy re-entered.

“Daisy!” he was calling. “Daisy! They’ve got a remote control helicopter demonstration in the mall. You and me, death battle for curly fries.”

“Um, excuse me?” Jemma scoffed. “I’m your girlfriend now, I get first helicopter death battle privileges.”

“Sorry, I thought you’d rather get some towels monogrammed,” Fitz replied, just as stubbornly, before a grin broke out on his face. Jemma rolled her eyes.

“You and Daisy can go first,” she conceded, “but I’m playing the winner. And we’re not getting monogrammed towels.”

“Yeah, Fitz, save something for the wedding why don’t you?” Daisy prodded. “You guys keep stealing all my gift ideas. I’m stuck between a rice cooker and a welcome mat.”

“Having an entirely separate device to cook rice is silly.”

“But more efficient,” Fitz pointed out, “if you’re already using your pot for something else.”

“Just use the microwave!” Daisy advocated.

“Of course you would say that, you cook everything in a microwave. You’ve probably never turned a stove on in your life!”

“I’ll have you know, microwaving’s supposed to be healthier because –“

“Because? Oh we’re going to take on the super-genius biologist with pop science now? Pray do tell.”

They left the corduroy and soon even the lemon-yellow curtains behind them and wandered down the mall, bickering all the way.

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Okay so I was wondering if you could do a hc for the gang renovating the Curtis house?? (Like interior design?)

-Since Ponyboy is The Artist he chooses the colour scheme for the house and they all just go along with it, especially since Soda kept insisting they do everything in Bright Orange
-Soda is allowed to chose where the furniture gets placed and he actually does a pretty good job
-Darry’s on manual labour, moving, lifting, and carrying things as well as making sure no one dies
-Two-bit helps Darry ‘Surpervise’ and helps Ponyboy with the painting for a bit, until he gets bored and puts paint in Pony’s hair and Darry tells him to get lost
-Steve helps Darry out with moving things and placing them where Soda says too. He only dropped, like, 12 things which,,, well, it’s better than if Johnny or Ponyboy were trying to do that. 
-Dally mainly pokes fun at Soda’s furniture placement and trips Steve while he and Darry are trying to move something, but does actually help get some work done. 
-Johnny also helps Ponyboy with painting but also hangs around to do any odd job someone needs help with, mainly helping carry things. 


• seungcheol would have proposed using his minions for help. by minions i mean the members bc they have to listen to their leader and eldest hyung lol
• anYWAY so he’s been like literally planning it for the longest time but u don’t notice that he’s slowly chipping away at it secretly without u knowing bc the second he met u he had a feeling u would be the one :333
• then one day he kinda just disappears to who knows where for the entire day and you thought he was kidnapped and was so close to calling the police when the members came to you and dragged you into the pledis building.
• they gave you to their hair stylist and designer and you didn’t know what was happening but went along w it anyway bc the looks on the boys’ face looked serious so you stayed where you were instead of screaming and flailing around trying to get away.
• afterwards, you looked beAUTIFUL and the members dragged you into this hella dark place and then suddenly the room lit up and it was so beautiful with all these decorations everywhere and standing in the middle of it all is choi seungcheol your amazing boyfriend :):):):):):)
• the second he sees you his jaw like drops bc he told the stylists to get you dressed up but he never knew you’d look this good osmdosnxicnsincid
• and when you approach him in caution he gets really nervous bc hE DOESNT THINK HE CAN DO THIS U LOOK TO FABULOUS UGH
• “you look… beautiful, wow.”
• then you two would have a lovely dinner together and danced the night away but your lowkey still confused bc what’s this all for ??????
• then at the end of the night he distracts you with something and when you turn back around to face him he’s on one knee with a ring shown to you and your heart just s t o p s
• “y/n, for the past few (months or years), you’ve made me the happiest man on the planet. I can’t possibly think of how my life would be like without you in it. You make me laugh, you make me cry and I love you so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to be the father of your children, the one who shows you off to all my relatives, the one that gets to spend eternity and forever with you. Y/n, would you make make me the luckiest man in the universe, and be my wife/husband?”
• when it came to planning for the wedding seungcheol was more into it than you were lmao
• you had a feeling he’s been planning it way before he proposed bc the second the two of you met up with the wedding planner he just started rambling on and on about what he wanted the wedding to be like
• “okay, so I’ve been thinking maybe we can use this as our colour scheme.”
• “oH and I went window cake shopping already and I saw this reALLY PRETTY CAKE”
• then you’d whack him in the head and tell him to slow down bc this whole thing was something the two of you had to do lol
• but seungcheol was really cute about it all, he constantly asked for your opinion on everything to do with the wedding and he made sure you really really love it otherwise if iT WAS A REALLY TO SHORT HE THROWING IT AWAY
• the wedding of the century if you ask me
• everything was flipping perfect the venue was beautiful and YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL
• everyone was there like your whole family and his whole family and all your friends and all their families like half of the people there you didn’t even know buT IT DIDNT MATTER BC THE ONLY PERSON YOU NEEDED THERE REALLY WAS UR SOON TO BE HUBBY COUPS
• then the wedding bells ring and the music begins to play and as seungcheol is watching you walk down the aisle he can’t help but c r y bc this really was it, he was gonna be yours forever :3333
• couldn’t stop staring at you throughout the whole ceremony and the celebrant had to like repeat himself a lot just coz he was too busy staring at ur entire face to hear anything he said.
• cut the celebrant off as he was in the middle of saying ‘you may kiss the bride’ and just kissed you bc he’s sO EXCITED AND SO HAPPY THAT YOU TWO ARE GONNA BE FOREVER AND EVER
• tbh father/husband!coups would want fifteen million little coups and y/n’s running round and u think he can’t handle it buT HES TAKEN CARE OF 12 FULLY GROWN BABY KINDA
• “okok fine, lets have one kid.”
• “actually, two.”
• “nope, three.”
• and when he found out you were pregnant with your first child he was the happiest man in the universe and immediately began naming the baby.
• during the preparation for the baby he bought everything like evERYTHING and it may seem like it’s no big deal but that’s where you’re wrong.
• he freaking bought EVERYTHING for BOTH GENDERS
• you just casually come home from work and see diapers, toys and other baby necessities for both genders jejdjdie
• and every night and every morning, seungcheol lays his ear on your stomach, listening for the heart beat of ur unborn child and he talks to it and it’s the cutest thing in the world
• “if you’re a boy, you’ll grow up to be just as big and strong as your daddy, and as kind and sweet as your mommy/daddy.”
• “if you’re a girl, you’ll be just as damn beautiful as your mommy/daddy and just as good with the bros and the chicks like your daddy.”
• and ofc u whack him on the head because haha no hoe he’s yours for life
• will literally give you EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IF YOU ASK FOR IT BC IF UR CRAVING IT ITS FOR THE BABY AND HE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF BOTH OF HIS BABIES pretty much seungcheol would run to the ends of the earth and back just to satisfy whatever it was you needed :3
• after nine long and fun months, it was finally time to give birth to the baby!!1!!1!
• not gonna lie he was a complete mess when you told him your water broke like he was running everywhere and doing nothing productive and you like yelled really loudly at him to just take you to the hospital because tHIS BABY IS COMING AND YOH DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS
• but seriously he was the most supportive husband ever, he held your hand while you were giving birth and kept whispering encouraging stuff to you whilst you were in pain and you honestly couldn’t have done it without him.
• “you’re doing so great, baby. just a little more. im so proud of you.”
• cried incredibly hard when he first held your baby, because this was a start of a whole new chapter for you two. and he couldn’t wait to get started :3
• cried and screamed when you first started walking
• pretty much what happened was he was working on some rap lyrics then he felt a tug on his foot and thinking nothing of it he looks down and says “not now, daddy’s working.” And he like pauses and stares at your child and stares at where he or she just came from and like thEY WALKED
• when he first heard them talk he cried then you cried then the baby cried then he screamed then you screamed then the baby screamed
• first word was mommy but seungcheol is always changing it telling people they said daddy first like uM nO
• “who are they?”
• “where are they from?”
• “who are their parents?”
• “how old are they?”
• “when do I get to meet them?”
• coups reaction when finding out you have a lover ^^^^
• continues to take you out on dates as often as he can and always sends you mushy texts just to keep that fire going
• when you two get old, he STILL has the same personality as before. though his greasy moves don’t come too often as he’s too sore and tired to do it. But he does constantly remind you of anything that was EMBARASSING or sexual in your relationship and your like BABE STOP PLEASE MY EARS ARE BLEEDING
• life with seungcheol is gr8 he’s a gr8 husband, gr8 father and gr8 soul mate for life.
• “y/n, I promise to always be by your side until I die. You’ll be the first to know all my secrets, and I’ll never keep anything from you. I would do anything for you and will go out of my way to keep that beautiful, heart warming smile on your lips. I promise to support you in everything you do, to love you through thick and thin, to never leave you and the future babies coming ;;;;;). but seriously. This is a day I will cherish in my heart forever, the day where everyone is present, a day when you become mine forever. I love you.”

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What is the best Cyborg design or how do you rank Cy's previous designs

*rubs hands together* OKAY ANON YOU’RE ON. Yet again, shoutout to my friend @triblast28 for helping me find pictures of various Cyborg designs. 

Okay listen. The more robotic he looks, the more I hate it. He gets clunky and like hardly anything distinguishes him as Victor. That being said, nothing quite rivals his 2003 animated design, imo. The colour scheme is great and it’s the most innovative outside of grey and light grey (which is what…all his other designs tend to do). The blue being this see-through like material is a real nice touch, and I like that he still has some human bits to him. He’s functional, and maybe I’m just a nostalgic baby, but this is the Vic I love looking at in terms of design. Best Vic design, hands down. 

I love Vic in the 2003 comics. He’s fucking fantastic (FIGHT ME). He personifies leadership, maturity, and one look at him and you know you can trust him to save your life (and go for ice cream later). Again, he has enough of a throwback to his NTT design without the tackiness, and he has human parts that make him look like a human. I mean, Victor’s struggle with his humanity (or lack thereof) is a constant internal dilemma, why the fuck would he be designed to look more robotic than human when all he wants to do is…well, go back to being himself before the accident that made him? I imagine all the parts he engineers he would want to resemble a human more than a robot. Anyways, one of my favourite parts from this comic is when some of the core four walk in on him cleaning his parts, and he’s just a head. It’s just such a great moment for me, idk. 

I hate the N52, that’s no secret, and yeah I am still a bit pissed they took away his Teen Titans origin (nothing quite compares, imo) but this design was actually not bad. I do like that they tried to add more human elements to him, but it also looks like he’s just in a metal body suit, lol. So, idk. Not bad, but not great, either? 

Also born of the N52, this design is not…horrible, but I really just hate those glowing red bits. I appreciate that he’s mostly robot but still resembles a human body, but…it doesn’t do anything for me, either. 

Ah, Rebirth Cyborg. Did that stupid red square get…bigger and more obnoxious? It just looks tacky, okay? Like, he’s all silver and then there’s the PUSH START button, like the ones you find in an arcade. Take it away, maybe add something more than just silver, and this wouldn’t be a bad design. But here we are. 

DCAU, now we’re getting into the ‘he looks more like a robot than a man’ designs with this. It’s…………….not bad. The red button is a bit more downplayed, there’s less shiny tin can with the muted grays, but somehow…it’s still lacking. He looks like an old Sega console became a Transformer (sounds cooler than it looks, sadly). It’s not his worst design, but he tends to blend and again, the red buttons just don’t help it. 

NTT Victor Stone is a fucking treat, let me tell you. Also, fuck you Wolfman, I ship him with Sarah Simms no matter what you wanna say they were in love shut the fuck up. Okay, I actually cried reading his backstory with his father and mother, and how he finally came to forgive his dad and find friendship with Gar, as well as a place among amputated kids and Sarah. It’s so heart-wrenching and wonderful. That being said, his costume? It…….did not age as gracefully as his story did. It’s tacky and very 80s. Like Terminator but way, way, way worse in every way. Although, as bad as this design is, it’s…actually not his worst one. We’re gonna get into those…….now.

Maybe I lied when I said the more human he looks, the better. This took his 2003 design in 2008 and shat on it in the worst way. I really can’t explain why it became suddenly so ugly, I just hate looking at it. That’s not Vic; it’s just some dude in a metallic shiny suit. Maybe it’s all the unnecessary bits and bobs that look like they serve no function and are therefore just useless ways of making it look more intricate than it needs to be idk. 

Tin can? 90s Tin can. That’s what this is. Thanks, I hate it. 

GladOS, is that you? Wheatley? Oh, I’m sorry; wrong game. (it just looks like an exo suit wtf is this shit). 

Is that Cyborg? Yes, it is, but you wouldn’t know looking at him. Cyberion is what he goes by. Anyways, the design itself reminds me of something from Mass Effect, and it’s ranked low not because it’s a bad design; just a bad one for Victor. 

I don’t think this one needs an explanation. :) 


New theme! Well, I say it’s new, but it’s just a redesign of my previous theme essentially. This theme’s called Heliseum, and almost a year after my first Guren theme I still have Guren on my blog, because he’s #1 always.

Why does my header look suspiciously like the old one? Because I’m too lazy to design a new one, but the sizing was wrong so I just remade the old design.

I also darkened the colour scheme a bit! The music is from the God Eater anime OST, and all the songs are by GHOST ORACLE DRIVE.

Please let me know what you think, okay?

Chapter Fifty-Two


Life is very stressful at the moment, I’m very busy, I rarely have time to come on here but somehow I’ve managed to finish the chapter that I started writing about a month ago. So here you go, enjoy :) And, as ever, I’m so sorry it’s been so long.

As Harry opened the door, Emmy felt the musky smell of an empty house hit her. She glanced at him, wondering if he smelt it too, if it sent the same shiver down his spine as it did hers, but he merely strode inside, tall and chill, not concerned in the slightest. She glanced behind her, at Edward and Claire. Edward smiled reassuringly, sensing her nerves, and gently ushered her after Harry with a hand at the small of her back. She had no choice but to step inside.

Some grit crunched beneath the heel of her shoes as she stepped into the hallway. It was large, with a staircase that led upstairs and a large double doorway that opened onto an enormous kitchen. But everything was covered either in white sheets or thick layers of dust. It was all so empty and lifeless. She shivered.

Harry was looking around, his face expressionless. Edward and Claire watched anxiously – they had been the ones to receive the “suggestion” from the Queen and Prince Charles, more of a demand, that Harry and Emmy move into Nottingham Cottage, the house in the grounds of Kensington Palace. The reason? “You’ve been married several months now” Elizabeth had said. “We thinks it’s time you got a proper house of your own, not just that little apartment you live in.”

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OKAI so here it is. The whole thing took me about a whole day to get it and it killed my wrist… but…it was worth it. but Jesus I think I was blessed by CQ because I have never draw hands as good as I did in these!! Like Idk how else to explain it! Seriously shocked me…

So now for a bit information and stuff. From top to bottom we have…
Binary!Sans belongs to @7goodangel.
(ON A SIDE NOTE! I almost forgot! Binary doesn’t have a cannon colour scheme! So I just gave him I colour so that he didn’t seem like the odd one out. I DO HOPE YOU DON’T MIND! qwq I apologize if this is an issue.)
Broke!Sans belongs to Mwah. (I’ll write about him below)
Trojan!Sans belongs to @joshiepopop.
R00t!Sans also belongs to me.
Error!Sans is of course @askerrorsans or @loverofpiggies.

Oh and there is also technically Ink!Sans in this to, as a puppet.
They belong to @comyet.

So there.. a small collection of glitchy… dripping and broken Sans…

If you wanna know WHY and WHAT Broke is um.. Keep reading button…

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Thoughts on Suicide Squad as well as the initial fan reaction:

- I’d like to say overall I don’t understand everyone’s complaints about the look for the squad.

- Aesthetically, it makes sense that Boomerang, Enchantress, Harley, Croc and El Diablo look the way they do, i.e. rugged and roughed up with bandages, tears in clothing, duct tape on their jeans, etc. The biggest complaint I’m seeing is that these characters look “cheap” based on their clothing choices. Now let’s be clear on a few things, being a career criminal, psychopath, or killer ain’t no glorious money making job. El Diablo is a former gang member, Croc faces stigma on a daily basis for his criminal activity, his appearance and past as a carnival member, Boomerang was raised in poverty and was also a performer who faced stigma from his audience, and Harley is a woman who suffers from her own form of psychosis and is a social outcast after her actions with the Joker. Furthermore, she isn’t much of a criminal since she has always had a conscience, and every criminal action she used to take was reinforced by the Joker and her feelings for him, often overriding the guilt she felt. Enchantress is a bloody dark arts witch, nuff said. They ain’t making mega $$$ any time soon in their careers as villains. They aren’t Lex Luthor. So looking roughed up makes sense in contrast to the other characters such as the assassins and military personnel who all look very refined.

- Croc’s Look: another complaint I’m seeing is that Killer Croc doesn’t look enough like a ‘lizard’. Let’s get real for a second, he’s not a lizard he’s a man, a man who from the time he was born suffered a disease that impacted his skin and has progressively gotten worse since. Occasionally he’s also taken experimental drugs that made him transform even more so into a lizard. He doesn’t always have a tail or is 9 feet tall, and he can look more human than lizard from time to time. Who knows he may be currently in recession concerning his disease or at this point in the DCCU he just hasn’t reached that point yet that he gains a more feral appearance.

- Harley’s Look: Now the only criticism I agree with is that, she is definitely overly sexualized in her current outfit. Like what the heck is up with those shorts. If there’s a valid explanation for them such as body positivity or empowerment, then okay. But any sexual objectification has got to go. To say that the red and blue colour scheme isn’t ‘Harley’ is crap. She’s worn those colours before. She’s currently wearing them in the comics. So stop with that none sense that this isn’t Harley, just because it isn’t her classic red and black look. If it was the jester outfit I would have laughed. If it was her Arkham City get up I would have loved it, but obviously we wouldn’t be getting that exactly. We are seeing a Harley without the Joker. A Harley that’s on her own doing lord knows what. She’s highly unpredictable, especially when Joker isn’t there and I’m interested in seeing that. Only other thing I wish she had was her giant friggin’ Mallet!

- Katana’s Look: is utterly fantastic. Straight up pulled right out of comics. She looks like she could kill a man with just a stare, me likey.

- Rick Flagg Jr.’s Look: Generic but quite honestly his look was always pretty generic to begin with as a military type of character. Not too impressed but I didn’t expect much in that department really.

- Deadshot’s Look: is amazing, especially with his mask and eye scope. Is it on a different eye? Yes but for fucks sake, you have an issue with them changing which eye he uses an eye scope for, really???? There’s constructive criticism then there’s straight up nitpicking. Friggin’ Marvel changes ENTIRE CHARACTER ARCS, to suit their plot or for favouritism to certain characters *ahem* TONY STARK & SHAFTING BLACK PANTHER FOR SPIDER-MAN. I don’t see y'all rioting about that. Also complaints about his armour, Dead shot is a mercenary assassin who can fire a bullet across an entire city and still hit his target. His look suits that. A marksman doesn’t need a full load set of body armour. He needs a good spot to shoot from and the ability to engage in long range and close range combat, and he has that in spades weapons and armour wise. Also FYI, most people when firing weapons aim for the torso, which is the spot protected by his suit. He even has a marksman logo on it which acts as a psychological marker for enemies to shoot there first in his most armoured location, instead of shooting him in the head, that’s why characters like Batman used to have a glowing yellow bat symbol on his chest. I’ll also play devils advocate here, did y'all think that Marvel’s Hawkeye, Black Widow, or Fury’s outfits look like they offered any armour protection from the battles they engaged in? Especially when they are being fired at by plasma cannons and crap, let alone bullets? LOL NO.

- Slipknot’s Look: man they actually made slipknot look cool and not like his usual extreme BDSM self in the comics. I like his look in the film and I’m looking forward to seeing him in action.

- Concerning Costumes: SHOCKING NEWS COSTUMES CHANGE DURING FILMS?!!! To state that this is the final looks for each of these characters would be false. They are definitely the costumes that will be in the film, but as seen from set photos they won’t be the ONLY costumes in the film. We know next to nothing about the plot for the film and as to specifically why these characters look the way they do. I’m only making inference based on the fact that this is what David Ayer and the rest of the cast has constantly stated was the vision for the film.

- Concerning Themes: is it dark? - my answer is yes. Will there be fun or jokes? - I’d say yes as well, I mean come on look at how much fun Harley is having! Hell enchantress is even having a good time despite her grim demeanour! And you know Harley will have funny moments.
Is it realistic? - to a certain degree maybe but it’s still a comic book movie with one magic user, a man with reptilian skin, and another man who can use pyrokenisis (El Diablo FYI). In general, I love the fact that their looks seem to be representative of the character’s current states mentally, physically, financially, as well as their indicative social status and criminality within the DCCU. There’s a lot going on here that’s really interesting and I wanna see where they go with it.

- Diversity: this is the first comic book film with a leading ensemble cast comprised of a 5 out of 9 characters with ethnic representation. Furthermore there’s a 1:3 female representation ratio within the core group, which quite honestly hasn’t been seen in a comic book ensemble film yet. Give the film a chance and show your support, doesn’t matter if you are a DC Fan, A Marvel Fan, A comic book fan, or just a fan of popular media.


So like you know how everyone calls Torbjorn the Ikea dwarf?

This is cool and everything but i just wanna point something out there.

Look at his colour scheme: Red, Yellow (tints) and black. 

Wanna know what has a Red, Yellow( tints) and, black, also comes from Scandinavia, and is heavily associated with building?

Yes i am aware that Lego is from Denmark ( hense why i said Scandinavia as opposed to Sweden).  

Case in point: we’ve been getting Torbjorn all wrong,he isnt the ikea dwarf.


anonymous asked:

Let's be real: you make really pretty things. Any hints and tips as to make pretty things too? Like I just asdfghjkl when I go into photoshop and the stuff I make just never looks good enough. Lil help?

Hey there! Oh man, thank you so much. I am nowhere near an expert - I try. Well, basically the two things I do (and you could too) is to 1. read tutorials. Loads of it. Tumblr is your friend. And 2. practice. I do a lot of these two, over and over again. It’s a brilliant and fun way to get started, because not only you get to learn to do graphics just like those graphic makers you admire and love, but you also get to learn a few tips and tricks over time. Practice makes perfect. As you keep doing the same things, you learn to memorise the routine and get started with being creative about your graphics. That said, I’m not a professional designer. I don’t touch up faces for magazines or create adverts. I only make graphics for the web. So anything I say here is only pertaining to that.

Here are some tips I would recommend for designers on Tumblr and the internet: 

  1. Learn the basics. Find out what a brush is, how to use free transform, where are the blending options, how to use tools, and so on. There are many free online tutorials on and off Tumblr that can help you with that. 
  2. Stock up your resources. I save a LOT of fonts, brushes, PSDs, textures, gradients, and stock photos. This saves time when you need to find something, and especially when you have that idea floating around your head, you can go straight to your folder and pick out that picture or font that you are looking for. Be sure to be organised. 
  3. Keep with trends. Fonts, textures, everything, comes and goes. I’m sure graphic makers would remember the light leak obsession back a year or so ago. If your graphic is in trend, people like it. 
  4. Look for inspiration. I personally follow a few graphic makers so that I can look at what they come up with. It gives you inspiration and you can try to duplicate that look on Photoshop for practice. 
  5. Google is your best friend. If you aren’t sure how to sharpen gifs, Google it. If you want to find a paper texture, Google it.

Some advice I have (these are just some things I picked up along the way):

  1. Use HD pictures as much as possible. 
  2. Sharpen things. And also brighten them. 
  3. I find that if I contrast graphics more, they look prettier. 
  4. I love gradients - they can provide contrast, change your colour scheme, or even just add a new layer to your graphic.
  5. Using shadows and strokes is a good way to make your text pop out from a messy background.
  6. I tend to only use basic colors for fonts - beige, white, black, maroon, things like that. Not pink or green. 
  7. If something looks wrong, don’t be afraid to re-do, or amend it.
  8. I know this doesn’t apply to every situation, but don’t be afraid to improvise on the graphic, on the spot. You might be surprised that it sometimes turns out okay.
  9. Don’t be afraid to explore tools and techniques. I’m only touching on the surface of things. 

Some resources to take note of:

  1. Follow yeahps, photoshopbabe, and chaoticresources
  2. My tutorial tag.
  3. Typography tips.
  4. Colourlovers - an excellent website to find good colour schemes.

Basically that’s about it! Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just saw your post about your mum's crocheting. It looks wonderful and I'd love to buy something! However, my stomach dropped when I saw "rainbow for neurodiversity". Are you guys trying to reclaim rainbows? As a neurodivergent I think it'd be great to have some sort of color scheme or something, but as a lesbian, I don't think rainbow is the right choice, or any of the pride colors. Maybe just multi-colored, like the set you posted.

I don’t think that autistics are trying to “reclaim” rainbows. That implies that something has been taken from us. I think it’s okay for both the autistic/neurodivergent community and for the lgbtqai+ community to both use the rainbow colour scheme. To me it’s similar to (and just as acceptable as) the autistic community using the infinity symbol, even though the Métis community has a long history of identifying with and using the same symbol.

Similarly to how I am pleased that two aspects of my identity are expressed through a similar symbol (the infinity symbol), I’ve heard from quite a few autistics who use the rainbow as a way to show pride in their neurotype as well as pride in their sexual/romantic orientation and/or gender identity. Of course, this is all my opinion, so I’d like open this up to lgbtqai+ autistics (and other neurodivergent people) if anyone wants to give their thoughts.