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I put off watching Haikyuu for the longest time cos the screenshot used for the stream just looked too weird to me - long necks, big eyes, eyes too wide apart etc. The picture used of Hinata reminded me of a shark (though sadly not a lucifer dogfish specifically)


Okay, confession time… Initially I didn’t want to watch Haikyuu because I…. didn’t like the art style??? Was I crazy?? I was just so used to super moe anime I guess because I CERTAINLY FUCKING LOVE IT NOW.

Oh and speaking of the lucifer dogfish, that part in the anime is really funny but there’s just something about that scene in the manga that makes me particularly giggly.

I think it’s Hinata’s expression lmao

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what's your favorite deancas scene?

oh my god okay I LOVE the scenes where they get all grumpy with each other and bicker like an old married couple. you know where cas is all “deeaaannn” in that exasperated tone of his and dean is all protective over him and calling him stupid bc he could’ve gotten hurt or is about to get hurt or smthn. so I gotta say, the scene at the diner in 12x10 may be my favorite (although, I love like asldkhg all of them ofc)

[x] just look at them!!!! with their own little silent language and everything. cas is all “dean pls, i had this handled” and dean is just “shut up cas, you ain’t keepin’ me outta this.’ and i just!!!!!!!!! love them!!!!!

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so andi mack season 1 finale...

okay. say that the 13th episode of andi mack, the original season 1 finale, included the official coming out of cyrus goodman where buffy asks cyrus “do you like andi”. disney channel was gonna air it incase the show got cancelled (yeah right). when the show did get renewed for a second season, they decided to end the season on episode 12 which is just as great cuz um hello that big scene where cyrus looked back at jonah was pretty much all i can think about right now. this is actually pretty smart of disney. the storytelling might just flow better with cyrus’s sexuality storyline picking up steam in the second season. and it’s better for a story to take it’s time rather than rushing it. 

i think the 13th episode will be the season 2 premiere where suddenly andi and jonah gotten together, buffy notices cyrus is jealous, and she pops the question. but all that probably is too fast and soon into the new season. idk. 

i’m not on board with bex and bowie getting married. i think it’s too soon. assuming bex and bowie never really talked in the 13 years since andi was born, i do think it’s a little fast for bowie to ask bex to marry him. i mean you heard bex, bowie is unpredictable. bex and bowie’s relationship before bex got pregnant probably wasn’t close. and maybe that’s why bowie never found out about andi. 

jonah broke up with amber. this was coming from a mile away but i’m just glad it happened. but i bet we haven’t seen the last of amber at least for now. maybe andi, cyrus, buffy, and jonah will eventually go to the high school with amber.

and also a part of me feels that amber actually did care for jonah. i mean why else would she wear that bracelet? it’s probably been months since she took that bracelet. why is she still wearing it? maybe to her, that bracelet was the one present she actually liked from jonah. even though that present wasn’t for her. and jonah was the one person that, for whatever reason, liked her. 

and finally…oh my goodness. when they say andi mack saved disney channel, they are not joking around. disney channel used to have a television show about a talking dog who had a blog. they currently have a show which is basically an icarly-youtube ripoff called bizaardvark. i actually saw the first episode on youtube and, in my opinion, it was kinda horrible. especially after watching almost a full season of andi mack. but anyway…

to season one, a phenomenal one. can’t wait for more. 


SKAM balloon squad x Brooklyn Nine-Nine opening credits (boys / girls squad)

one of the many many MANY things i loved about the wonder woman movie is how it had every little hint of trudging along that born sexy yesterday path and it just…… didn’t.

diana was this beautiful, powerful woman who knew little to nothing about the casual customs of humankind, and it would’ve been so easy for her to fall victim to the trope where the girl’s innocence is used as a tool for her to be deemed as “sexy” and “desirable” under the male gaze. like that scene where she was on the boat with steve. i loved that scene so much because diana wasn’t clueless about sex, she KNEW about it and how it’s both for reproduction and for pleasure. the situation wasn’t set for some really sexualized scene where diana wonders about what it is and steve has to show her, and that was just really refreshing to watch. i was so relieved when it didn’t happen, and my relief just says so much about films where a girl is some otherworldly creature or scientific creation, because more often that not, the innocence and quaint ignorance of these female characters get sexualized.

there was no scene where diana wondered about what sexual pleasure is like, there was no scene where diana reveled in the malicious attention male characters subjected her to, and there was no scene where diana had to strip naked without a care in the world. yes, there was that one scene where diana almost took her cloak off in the middle of a store, but the way the scene was handled lacked the way the male character would so often look a little too intently at her and her body, and only showed steve being embarrassed of how she thought her armor was considered something the common people in world war 1 england would see on the daily.

and really i guess what i’m just trying to say here is that having a female director handle a woman-lead film is just so strikingly DIFFERENT from how it would be had a male director took reign of it. there wasn’t a single strand of oversexualized fan service bullshit for the “male viewers”, and diana’s character wasn’t some one dimensional cookie cutter trope. it was just a superhero movie with an amazing superhero lead. nothing more, nothing less.

well, it’s not just a superhero movie, it’s the best superhero movie, but that’s a post for another time.


One Year of the 100: Favorite Female Character → Lexa

#that moment when you realize that there were so many signs in the first lexa scene #signs that she was the commander #that look she shares with gustus #the references to the commander #the way she tries to play the innocent and scared girl #now it’s all so obvious

Okay Rocket’s implants are not just little bits of metal sticking up through his skin. Look real close if your eyesight allows it. You can see the outlines of something under his skin. It’s a thick horizontal piece coming off the main metal piece in the middle.

I looked again at the little medical scan you see in the lineup scene. The implant shows up. It’s some kind of rod with pieces wrapping around the front and acts like collarbones, which gives him actual shoulders. You can see these pieces if he’s without a shirt or wears a neckline that shows them.

Similar was done for his lumbar spine, hips and pelvis to give him a more bipedal stance. Even his neck, elbows and knees have mods.

So here’s Rocket standing up.

Here’s a regular raccoon standing up from the same angle.

And here’s the skeleton of a regular raccoon.

Rocket wasn’t making shit up when he said he was taken apart and put back together over and over again. His arms and legs were literally pulled out of their sockets, taken apart and put back on.


Important scenes of Mon-El (aka scenes that antis ignore) 2x04 “It’s not your parents’ fault. It’s not even Krypton’s fault. Okay?, we shared a star, that’s all”.

say what you want about klance but the reason i started watching voltron was because i saw the “we did it. we are a good team.” scene posted by a mutual and i was like, “oh sweet, there’s a canon gay couple.”

Okay but on a serious note, wayhaught is some of the best wlw representation I’ve ever seen on tv. We get these soft girlfriends that actually know how to kiss, we get plenty of scenes, we get sex scenes where they ask for consent (which is fucking rare), emily just throws in scenes to make us happy (cheerleading scene) and the actresses and writers actually give a shit about what happens to them. On top of this, the show is actually good. The storylines are interesting and the humour is incredible and I actually like every single character on this show (again very rare) and I don’t get bored watching it. They’re so invested in this show and their roles and we need to keep this show going, otherwise it’s going to be cancelled and this rarity on tv is going to disappear. So please watch this show live if you can, tweet a shit ton about the show and make some noise, because after seeing a show such as sense8 be cancelled, I know it’s always a possibility and unlike sense8, it doesn’t have a multimillion dollar company backing it.


So exboyfriend!Joshua’s voice message plays while Jun looks over old letters from him, and then currentboyfriend!The8 finds the letters???

EDIT (after multiple replays): Jun went to find Joshua in room 1013 and left a note for The8, idek anymore


Instead of moving to defend herself, Rey closed her eyes. Ren hesitated, confused by her actions. A long moment passed in which Ren sensed a change in the air, a change in her. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Alan Dean Foster 

But like, i can’t really be the only one that considers “The Fortuneteller“ the second (or third)* most anti-kataang episode of the show?

(*Number one is without a doubt “The Ember Island Players“, number two or three, depending on my mood is “The Southern Raiders”)

Like, it’s an episode that dedicates 22 minutes and 43 seconds of it’s 22 minute and 59 second run-time to showing the audience how Aang’s crush is jut that: a crush.

It isn’t even subtle about it:

Her name is Meng, which is phonetically nearly identical to Aang, AS THE SHOW ACTUALLY TAKES TIME TO POINT OUT TO YOU (“That rhymes with Meng!“) and she’s two years younger then the object of her affection.


Like, it all but rubs in our faces how it’s superficial:

(It even plays the same music.)

Then it has them using the same technique in an attempt to flirt:

Meng: “Hey, Aang. Don’t you think that cloud looks like a flower?”

Aang: “Hey, Katara, don’t you think that cloud look like a flower?”

And getting dismissed.

Then the object of their affections shows complete and utter disinterest:

(Because, they aren’t actually interested at all.)

And so on.

And then this happens:

Meng: “You don’t like me, do you?”
Aang: “Of course I like you.“
Meng: “But not the way I like you.”
Aang: “Oh, I guess not.”
Meng: “It’s okay. It’s just really hard when you like someone, but they don’t think of you that way.”

Aang: “I know what you mean.”
Meng: “She’s beautiful, by the way.”
Aang: “Huh?”
Meng: “That Water Tribe girl. I can see why you like her so much. She’s sweet, she’s a bender and her hair seems so manageable.”

Aang: “Don’t worry. You’re going to meet a great guy who’s going to completely fall for you. I know it.”

And it’s just… such a GOOD and PURE scene? and such a good message to send to children? “You don’t like me the way i like you and, while it’s hard for me, that’s okay.“ What a wonderful thing to put in a children’s cartoon! Especially considering that we live in a world where “first-love-is-forever” is the norm.

I thought that those 16 seconds where Katara actually seems to consider him in a romantic light were there just so that they could milk the will-they-won’t-they for all it’s worth. I thought that there was just no way anyone could spend all that time telling one story, sending one message only to completely disregard it in the end. (aaand looooooool @mini-me what a fool i was, chakra opening rock anyone?)

Like, honestly, the first time i watched this episode I was completely convinced that this scene was foreshadowing the ultimate resolution of Aang’s crush on Katara: Aang realising that it’s one-sided and displaying emotional maturity and self-awareness. And giving his blessing for Katara to pursue other people.

Instead, the poor boy regresses completely, forces a kiss on her and is then rewarded for it by the narrative.

Okay so we can all agree that Wonder Woman (2017), Dir: Patty Jenkins was a goddamn masterclass in storytelling, especially with the inversion of male-coded language. The “No-Man’s Land” scene gave me chills and every time they played her theme song I wanted to get up and roar. 

But I wish they’d taken it a step further. I wish Ares had been a woman. Maybe, like Diana, she was always the daughter of Zeus, an Amazon sent to free her people. Maybe she was Hippolyta’s firstborn. But she wasn’t satisfied just hiding away from the world, she wanted to make men pay for what they did to her people. It would explain why Hippolyta was so reticent to let Diana learn to fight, lest she go down her sister’s path. 

And it would totally work as a Big Reveal because with people’s basic knowledge of Greek mythology (which was kind of Christianized in the movie anyway) and some clever writing, the audience would assume, like Diana, that Ares was a man. 

It would also be so much cooler as a fight, because instead of Condescending Mustache Man smirking, “You have so much to learn,” Ares could have held her hand out to Diana like so many Amazons had before her and said, “Please. Let me teach you. We can rid this world of men and make it like Themyscira. We can go home.”

I just think it would be so much more compelling, and so much harder for Diana to refuse one of her sisters - her only true sister - who claims to be trying to make the world over into the paradise where Diana grew up, than some mustachioed asshole rying to rip the world apart. 

It also totally shatters the second-wave feminist idea of “women good, men bad,” which is touched on when you see Diana’s rage and Steve’s gentleness, but never really driven home.

If you’re going to subvert male-dominated language, go all the way. Make Ares a woman. 


“you win if there’s a change in hyungsik’s face” ; part.1 ailee vers.
{ivy vers.}

OKAY i just had an idea for a scene where bucky gets out of the courthouse after the trial and he’s walking through the sea of reporters and sam and natasha are pushing everyone out of the way but then in the distance he can see a teenage girl with, like, a ‘free bucky barnes’ sign who darts through all of them and, before anyone can stop her, she hugs him as tight as she can 

first, he’s frozen, staring straight ahead because he just got through a trial that forced him to see everything hydra made him do and this girl probably saw so much of that and she still believed in him

so no one knows what to do, and people are moving to pull her off but then bucky wraps his arms around her and gently hugs back and that ends up being the iconic shot that ends up on the cover of a bazillion magazines and papers the next day