i just like these scenes okay

Descendants 2

Okay , hear me out people, I’m finally watching Descendants 2 and Mal and Evie are soulmates and I will punch whoever says the contrary. Are you going to tell me that the fucking beautiful scene of this two singing to each other and dancing and being all lovely and supportive is not what a nice relationship would do?!

Like come on! They have way more chemistry than Mal and Ben, He’s a nice guy and all, and yeah Mal is in love with him (or something like that) BUT YOU CAN’T DENY THAT EVIE IS FUCKING IN LOVE WITH HER OMFG I WANT TO HUG HER POOR CHILD


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I’m not used to jeopardizing beautiful friendships like this and turn it gay, I respect them, I believe that this kind of bond can happen but I just can’t look at them as just friends I just can’t and I’m so sorry people but I’m drowning in feels, THIS SHIP IS SAILING THANKS TO MY OWN TEARS

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I know that if Disney would be a little bit more supportive on LGTBQ+++ Stuff this would be sooooo gay or at least bi or whatever just MAKE IT RAINBOW! I MEAN, this could be the most beautiful, supportive, loving and caring relationship of the New Generation Disney and this would show the little kids that it’s okay to be who you are and true love exists and and and and just UGHHHHHH MAKE IT RAINBOW I’M SO MAD AND HAPPY AND SAD BECAUSE THIS SHIP IS NOT REAL AND WITH SO MANY FEELS PLEASE HELP ME, I’M HOOK…see what I did there ;D

Okay, someone out there with gif making skills should make a gif set comparing ghost Miranda in 3.02 climbing out of the ocean and on to a ship with Anne in 3.10 climbing out of the ocean and on to a ship. I just love the juxtaposition of those two scenes (and it seems intentional, they’re both shot in a very similar way). Like, the season begins with a sad pale ghostly dead woman boarding a ship and shouting voicelessly, then ends with a very much alive woman boarding a ship and furiously stabbing fuckers left and right

okay but is ‘i know her face but not her name…i don’t know the movie’ the dude version of when a wlw is asked about her celebrity crush and she just says ‘chris’ then lets the interviewer fill in the last name for her like ‘yeah! that one!’

okay when I first watched the show I remember seeing the scene with the camera and just being so shocked like….. This is a main character? Are we supposed to like him or not? Because that was so weird and disgusting. And then so many people brush it off as “Oh he’s never had friends so he doesn’t know any better” like…. Okay…. But let me just say you don’t need friends to have fricken morals and even still Jonathan knew what he did was wrong, he felt guilty and when the girl (I’m having a brain fart on her name) saw him developing the pictures he immediately took them down /because he knew it wasn’t something he should have done/ and I’m not sure or not but like did he ever even apologize? If I remember correctly he did one of those “well I’m sorry but"s and basically tried to tell Nancy to completely brush it off, she should just forgive him despite the fact he just did something creepy and illegal and just overall perverted. And like okay that one scene where she says how she was starting to think he wasn’t a pretentious creep and then he flips around and goes at her saying how he thought "she wasn’t like every other girl” and like honestly? The completely ignores who Nancy is and pushes her into his own version of her he made up in his mind, how can you ship her with someone who does that??? And also that whole “not like other girls” thing is so completely misogynistic and just every single thing about that scene reminds of those creepy dudebros who feel entitled to everything and have major victim complexes. Like literally everything about Jonathan just gives me Bad Vibes and like I feel like the show never acknowledges the bad things he does, they just kinda push it off as “well he helped fight the demogorgon so really he’s a good guy” like okay but that doesn’t disregard what else he’s done. He had no real character development or redemption, it was all just swept under the carpet

okay but like hear me out. i need a kastle scene in the near future where they just got out of a near death situation or they’re just being emotional (like always), and frank reaches out to karen, then pulls back, then puts his hand on her cheek, searches her eyes for something and when he thinks he found it, chokes out her name like in the waterside scene. just her name. and she puts her hand over his and whispers back ‘i know’. and they do the forehead touch thing™. or hug. because their relationship can’t be described in words, but in gestures and feelings.

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Why do you ship Kiibo/Iruma? Just curious~

That’s a good question because I’m quite surpised myself by how much I ended up liking them ? More generally how much I ended up liking Miu, too, but let’s stay on topic.

  • I think my first pull to this ship was the comedic aspect of it. It’s a funny ship. They are both a little awkward and all over the place, you have this weird ‘maintenance’ scene, and then Kibo being jealous of a computer and it’s funny. Bonus for the fact that it doesn’t parasite the story. It’s there to enjoy, but you don’t get over-emotional speech in the middle of trials, you know ?
  • But when I think about it a little deeper, I enjoy what I find ? I enjoy the way they are somehow different but similar. I enjoy that Kiibo is a robot who is doing his best to be human, whereas Miu is a human who sees herself as ‘augmented’, and part-machine almost.

I also like the side material ? I don’t consider it canon, but that’s still cute. Like, whether it’s in the anthology…

… or in the Board Game in the Bonus mode…

… they encourage and support each others, and set the other straight ? They also clearly enjoy the other’s company, which is nice because they both tend to be ostracized by the rest of the class for their weirdness.

  • Finally the fanwork, whether it’s fanfics or fanarts, have been really cute and has taken these characters seriously so that’s really a ride I’m in for the long haul I think ~

Watching Inside Out again and I just…

I mean. The idea behind it is really cute and the movie is pretty endearing.

It’s the execution that drives my inner perfectionist insane.

Joy, Anger, Sadness and Fear as core-emotions, okay. They make sense, they are major emotions.

What in the world does Disgust have to do there? Disgust is… such a random emotion. Especially considering that far more superior emotions like Love, Friendship and Family are reduced to being… islands. Wtf.

And like, that would be okay if you were to tell me that it’s Riley-specific. That’s how she operates. But what ruins it is when we look into mom’s head and dad’s head and then get the post credit scene and literally everyone and even the animals are steered by the same emotions. The same five emotions.

I just… That could have been thought through better. Sure, you don’t want like ten different emotions in the headquarters - though technically you could have gone really specific and had two dozen different emotions in headquarters because it doesn’t really take place there anyway. So… why not give us giant-ass major emotions like Love and Friendship as actual emotions instead of weird… islands?

I love the concept, but they could have thought it more through and done more with it, instead of cutting themselves with limiting themselves to those five, random emotions for every person ever. *frowns*

And yeah, I know I’m totally over-analyzing, but I just can’t help it. *sighs*


I don’t usually complain like don’t get me wrong


All of them were fucking fantastic but it just annoyed me that the pitch and sync of the mics kept messing up for rapline and the camera work was hhhhhh


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Hi! I'm writing a story and so far all the scenes have been relevant in moving the plot forward. But now, I think I need to write the small boring details (that people prolly don't like to read anyway) in order to explain how point A got to point B. Do I really have to or can I just time-skip that part and explain stuff later? So my main question is: When is it okay and not okay to time-skip?? Thanks!

 There are two great reasons to time-skip, in my opinion. The first is to cut the chaff. If the potential scene in question adds nothing to the plot or characters, it can easily be axed and summed up later.

 The second reason is to create mystery. If you’re at point A at the end of a chapter, and the next chapter starts at point B, then it begs the question of how did they get there? Then you can fill it in with flashbacks, or even dialogue, to reveal bits and pieces as they became relevant.

 Example 1: They arrived in Hyder after a long, arduous journey. Nothing had gone terribly wrong, yet there had been several minor incidents along the way. Not least of all was the bear they had crossed paths with, largely due to Jim’s lack of navigational prowess.

 Example 2: They walked the streets of Hyder, keeping their eyes peeled for trouble.

 “See any brown, furry beasts, Jim?”

 “Fuck off, Sam! I don’t care what you say, it wasn’t my fault.”

 “Sure Jim. Sure it wasn’t.”

 How you present a time-skip is up to you. If you use flashbacks or the like, you can do it in pieces or all at once, depending on the feel you’re going for.

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SUPER MARIUS-Y, YES NOT OKAY, MAX (then he talked to Noirtier so I am!!! but it wasn’t clear if he told him about the poisoning? Or ANYONE about the poisoning? MAX THIS IS IMPORTANT …also did Edmond just kill an old woman by proxy, like…I remember hating her in those first chapters too but stILL EDMOND

At least Maximilian doesn’t have any barricades nearby?

Valentine is entirely vindicated in that scene, imo - she’s the one echoing the watchwords of the novel: wait and hope. It’s not just that she’s right and immediately proven so - she’s symbolically right, which is even better.


#actual puppy waverly earp 


Todoroki Shouto vs. Hero Killer Stain


One Year of the 100: Favorite Female Character → Lexa

#that moment when you realize that there were so many signs in the first lexa scene #signs that she was the commander #that look she shares with gustus #the references to the commander #the way she tries to play the innocent and scared girl #now it’s all so obvious

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babe i'm not a native english speaker can you pls write it what jeremy said in that video i didn't understand anything lmao

long transcript:

fan: i’m your boyfriend

jeremy: oh - oh! okay!

fan: (laughs) really? 

jeremy: i mean i - i don’t know! i mean, are you? i don’t know, i don’t know (smiles)

fan: the internet ships keith and lance like nothing else

jeremy: (laughs) that i DO know. uhhhm, so here’s what we’re gonna do: so you’re going to be playing keith in this scene, as you know. uhh, and you’re gonna hear 3 beeps that go beep, beep, beep, and that’s where your first line is. second is my line, then next line is this, so you’re just gonna be watching, uhh, your character. obviously, you know who the character is so, you know - your boy. watch him on screen. here we go

fan: and your boy

jeremy: (smiles) yeah

fan: (laughs)

[3 beeps and they start keith and lance’s “saving shiro” scene in episode one]

jeremy: NIIIIIICE, good stuff! would you like me to sign some of your, uhh, voltron stuff here?

short transcript:

jeremy: lauren if you’re listening i just told everyone klance is fucking canon 

I convinced my friend to go see IT on this fine Halloween and this was her post-movie car ride reactions:
  • It was only 5 minutes in, but a small perfect child had already died and I wanted to as well 
  • It’s crazy how those effects made the clown’s eyes go in 2 directions…WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT WAS THE ACTOR WHAT THE FU CK IN G W H AT
  • Why don’t they all just use guns? No I don’t CARE they’re children, give them guns!! Give them more guns!!
  • Don’t give that Richie one a gun though. He’d accidentally shoot everyone and then himself 
  • Where are these children’s PARENTS your children are PLAYING with a CLOWN
  • Who let these kids say fuck. They’re all 4 years old. Why didn’t Georgie get to say fuck? I feel like Georgie had plenty of reason to say fuck. 
  • Stan looked like he was ready to die in literally every scene…why are you screaming, what did I say wrong
  • okay but?? Sorry, if my friend gets stolen by the clown, she’s the clown’s now. I ain’t going into no sewers. You fucked up, not my fault 
  • Why didn’t they just send Mike and Bev into the sewers? They’re the only ones who get shit done. They’re my favorites. 
  • Wait I’m confused about something…is Eddie gay? Because…I think someone should tell Eddie he’s gay 
  • I don’t care about your dumb love triangle. The only love triangle I want is Mike Hanlon, love, and appreciation
  • Henry Bowers literally killed his dad and no one can call the police because he WAS THE POLICE. Does that make Henry the new police? I don’t want Henry to be the new police. Oh wait HE’S DEAD. Mike is the new police. I’m okay with that. 
  • Why was Ben afraid of eggs. Stop laughing. Dude, I said stop laughing I don’t understand, why was he afraid of eggs? I said STOP LAUGHING

“Show me instead." 

i say this every time, but seriously… read @tyranttortoise‘s Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady. this latest chapter is one of only innumerable reasons why it is forever in my top favorite fics, period.

… and talk about seeing fireworks with a kiss. <333 honestly red is my eternal weakness, and i’m not even mad about it.