i just like their pretty faces ok


Ok, so I’m not freaking out that they sleep next to each other ok, not true, maybe a little (since what? hasn’t this already been established as canon with the whole osananajimi thing…)

…but I did squeal a bit over how Sorey is just subconsciously inclined to face or turn in Mikleo’s direction no matter what the circumstances are.

And I’m pretty sure it’s the same way around cuz the only reason I can think of that Mickey is not facing Sorey at the moment…

…is because he wasn’t sleeping at all.

Sorey was out like a light but Mikleo just happened to casually wake up with Rose yelling not even a foot away? Ya rite…

I’m aware Seraphim don’t need sleep so I’m onto you Mickey-boy…

Ufufufufu… x3

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The new samurai jack looks interesting but ive never watched any samurai jack before so i decided to watch it from the beginning. Im 6 episodes in and Jack constant varying "wtf" and "im uncomfortable" reactions/faces crack me up so much. Especially the second ep where he just looks shocked and silently uncomfortable pretty much the entire time and all the awkward silences too.

honestly, episode 2 has his best ‘what the actual fuck’ faces, like this one

he’s just. sitting in a club, talking to archaeologists talking dogs. ok jack. keep it together man. this is you life now.

Nursey Doesn’t Know He’s Bi

Shhh just hear me out ok. buckle up your seatbelts and let’s talk about this doofus of a boy who doesn’t know that he likes boys.

  • Derek doesn’t know what it is about William that makes him enjoy being around him, even if they drive each other crazy.
  • William doesn’t know why this boy won’t just let him live his life and keep his pretty face to himself. It goes to show you that the one boy who William develops a crush on ends up being straight as hell.
  • But there’s just something about him that gives Dex hope.
  • Maybe it’s the way Nursey brings him coffee every Thursday morning before they go to English 111.
  • Or the way Nursey cant help but smile every time Dex walks into the room
  • Or how about whenever Dex gets tired and really just wants to listen and not talk, Nursey will gush for hours about this novel he is reading.
  • Dex loved spending time with Nursey and hell he’d fallen in love head over heels for this boy, but he kept reminding himself that Nursey was straight.
  • Nursey didn’t know why being around Dex was so easy. 
  • He memorized Dex’s coffee preference (cinnabon creamer and two Splendas) and brought it to him every Thursday.
  • He didn’t know why when Dex talked to him, his cheeks started to warm up or his hands would get sweaty.
  • Nursey had no idea why longed to touch his fiery red hair and stroke it until Dex fell asleep in his lap.
  • The only other person he felt this way about was Maggie…who he ended up dating for a year.
  • Holy crap…he…likes???DEx????
  • Nursey suddenly freezes and all external noise just stops
  • He likes? Dex? What? HOw can this be? he had only liked girls or found girls pretty before. Like sure he’d seen pictures of like Chris Evans abs and been like wow id like to like a shot of vodka off him, but who wouldn’t right, Shitty?
  • Shitty: Chris Evans is a beaut
  • Lardo: Shitty isn’t the one to talk about normal str8 boy stuff with
  • Nursey: *hits the blunt faster and harder*
  • Nursey had to take this all in and process it holy crap what was this.
  • When he finally came back to reality, he knew what he had to do.
  • He marched his way across campus to the Haus where Dex was busy trying to get Betsy to run again.
  • He walked in the kitchen and saw Dex with his red baseball cap on backwards and in blue jeans and a tight white shirt with grease stains on it and he could barely breath..
  • Dex heard him walk in and looked up from where he was working. “Hey Nurse,” he smiled, “how’s it going?”
  • Nursey walked over to him and planted a sloppy wet kiss on Dex’s chapped lips and prayed to God.
  • He broke away and Dex was all starry eyed and trying to figure out what happened.
  • Nursey just nodded, “Yup…im definitely bi.” He turns and starts to walk out of the kitchen. 
  • Before leaving, he throws his head over his shoulder and says, “Dex. Dinner? At 8?”
  • Dex nodds, “yeah…totally…that would be like…chill.”
Viktor’s Love

Ok I have to get to work so this is gonna be rushed af and incoherent and all but like can we just take a moment because

Like Yuuri being precious smol innocent sinamon roll as always, just happy to finally stand by everyone and share food and drinks and all, ever so grateful that he’s come this far, and met the love of his life in the process, which he couldn’t even get the nerve to talk to before. But we now know that’s not true because he basically declared his love via interpretive dance. Exhibit A:


Ok so it goes without saying that this is where Viktor fell in love. He’s just like omg this quiet meek guy is not what he seems like at all and by god just marry me already. And THEN, this darling little Katsudon goes on, after they’ve already parted, goes on to perform Viktor’s very own Stay Close to Me:

WHICH I’M PRETTY SURE VIKTOR INTERPRETED AS SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: I haven’t forgotten; please come back to me, please be my coach. Look how well I skated this piece, just for you. This is me proving I’m worthy to skate with you as my coach.

Which leads me to this. Viktor’s priceless reaction:

Because like, ok. Imagine being Viktor. You share this amazing night with this guy and you fall in love at first dance basically, and it’s just so so great because again look at how much FUN they’re having together and the way they’re smiling at each other and it’s like Viktor says in this episode, love and life were something he’d ignored for far too long. But here comes Yuuri to change all that. 

And now imagine, showing up at that hot spring. Like tada here I am! Aren’t you glad! And Yuuri freaking the fuck out. And Viktor thinking how endearing that is because aw he’s shy. 

Aw he’s embarrassed from everything that happened when they were drunk

Aw he just needs to open up his walls and he’ll be the same guy he met on that night. 

If you ask me I think this explains Viktor’s boldness throughout the series. Because it’s like he’s been in love all. this. time. and he’s just going around assuming Yuuri is the same way. The whole ‘let’s sleep together’ and ‘be my boyfriend’ and ‘tell me all about yourself’ at the beginning isn’t just Viktor being a cocky bastard. It’s Viktor being in love. In complete and absolute love. 

And it sort of explains the whole Eros thing too. Because it’s not just on a random whim or even the fact that Viktor wants Yuuri to step out of his comfort zone. It’s because he KNOWS he’s more than capable, because he’s SEEN it before. 

Which he follows with something along the lines of ‘you’ll show it to me soon, won’t you?’ 

Which basically now I’m gonna interpret as Viktor trying to get Yuuri to understand that what he did on that night was a hell of a lot more seductive than Yuuri himself might even realize, and if he can control that, then it’ll be the hook line sinker that’ll get him to finals. 

Also a bit of revenge since, I’m assuming this was probably the first time Viktor was ever caught off guard. I mean seeing Yuuri doing things like that was probably enough to catch anyone off guard. And so maybe this whole time Viktor was just trying to get even, trying to prove that he could seduce Yuuri just as much as Yuuri had seduced him (and not exactly in the sultry way).

And I just. I’m so happy. 

Please excuse my rambles. I’ll try to edit this after I get home.

sleepy sex

warnings: swearing, smut.

“Are you ok?”
“Do I look like I’m ok?!”
It was 1.30am and you were cuddled up with Dan in his bed, having just finished watching Spliced on his laptop.
Dan laughed and closed the computer.
“It wasn’t even THAT scary,” he teased as he got up to put it on charge at his desk.
“Yeah, ok, maybe not, but it was fucked up!” You exclaimed, pulling the duvet up over the lower half of your face so you could still shoot Dan disapproving glares from across the room.
“Yeah, it was pretty fucked up,” he agreed, climbing back into bed. He reached for you but you stopped him.
“What?” He asked.
“Why do you do this to me?” You continued with your glare.
“Do what?” He asked, incredulous.
“Make me watch horror movies before bed! Now I’m not going to be able to sleep! And I blame you entirely.”
He laughed at that.
“Oh, baby girl, it’s ok, don’t be scared, I’ll fight off the monsters for you,” he teased, holding your face and squishing your cheeks like a child.
“Don’t patronise me, you fucking spork. No, get off me. I don’t cuddle people who rob me of sleep. Daaaaannnnn,” you whined as his arms slid around your waist and he rolled you on top of him, hugging you to his chest.
“It’s ok baby girl, Daddy’s got you,” he teased.
“You’re not my Dad!” You imitated the meme and Dan laughed.
“Excuse me? Stop trying to take over my title as meme king, thanks. Besides,” his voice lowered but the smirk remained. “That’s not what you said the other night.”
You rolled your eyes at his obnoxious wink and punched him softly in the shoulder.
“Ow!” He complained.
“Oh please, it didn’t even hurt,” you rolled your eyes again.
“Yeah but it’s the thought that counts!” He replied, pretending to look hurt.
You just laughed and rolled off him again, before cuddling into his side. His long arms went around you automatically, and his lips pressed to your forehead in a tender kiss.
“I thought you said no cuddling-” you felt him smirk against your skin.
“Shut up, consider yourself lucky that I’m a charitable and forgiving person.”
The laughter made his chest rumble and you felt it hum against your own.
“I’d consider myself lucky even if you weren’t a forgiving person,” he murmured softly, the loving line making you smile.
“You know why?”
“Why?” You asked.
“Because nobody else can manage to trip over a crack in the cement, land in the bush by the sidewalk and somehow let go of your ice cream in the process and have it hit the window of a passing car.”
“I’m glad I am a constant source of amusement for you.” You mumbled sarcastically into his chest, but you could feel sleep creeping in, not enough to shut off your brain entirely, but enough to make you you close your eyes, and feel tired and warm and safe. And happy.
“You are incredibly amusing. My favourite time was probably at Peej’s party, with the lemon incident. Ooooh, maybe not, I think the time we went to buy the Halloween pumpkin, that’s a clear winner. Although-”
“Shh, I’m trying to sleep here.”
“How convenient.”
“Shut up.”
“Ok fine.”
You lay in silence for a while, drifting towards sleep but never quite getting there. The frustrating kind of dozing because you just want to sleep but can’t.
Eventually you sighed and checked the time. 3am. You groaned inwardly and snuggled back into Dan. He stirred.
“You ok?” He asked sleepily.
“Yeah, just can’t sleep,” you whispered tiredly.
“Hmm, me either.” He yawned, rubbing your arm affectionately.
You tilted your face up slightly and kissed the exposed skin by your mouth in reciprocation of his loving gesture. Except the area of skin was Dan’s throat.
A small sound of pleasure escaped him.
“Stop that, you,” he smirked down at you.
“Sorry, that wasn’t intentional,” you replied.
“Actually,” he continued with a little glint in his eyes, “that’s not a bad idea.”
“When is sex ever a bad idea?” You asked as he rolled on top of you this time.
“Never, not with you anyway,” he grinned, kissing you softly before tugging down the collar of your shirt so he could attach his lips to your collarbone. He continued moving down your body, tugging off your underwear and tossing it aside. He let out a barely audible groan at the sight of you, before spreading your thighs and ducking his head between them.
Dan was a very attentive lover, and he was always a giver. He loved going down on you, and would ask if he could, every time you got intimate. And he was exceptionally good with his mouth. You often teased that it was because he talked so much, but now, as he licked up your folds and sucked your clit into his mouth, you were forever grateful for his silver tongue. He knew exactly how to make you elicit the sounds he wanted to hear, how to make your fingers grip the sheets or his hair, how to make your thighs spasm and hips buck up into his mouth. He had unrestricted access to your control centre, and he could make you react however he wanted, just with his mouth. That was scary, and exciting, and right now, insanely pleasurable.
Dan could sense your orgasm approaching, and with a smirk, pulled away from between your legs. He pulled off his shirt and own underwear before reconnecting your lips. You could feel how much he wanted you, the precum dripping onto your stomach was more than enough of an indication. He reached into the drawer for a condom, rolled it on, and positioned his body over yours. He looked at you expectantly, albeit a little sleepy, and you nodded your consent.
Low, soft moans spilled from both of your lips as Dan slid into you, inch by inch, and he kissed you again. Your movements were slow and gentle, the rolling of hips, eyelids fluttering shut, lips parting to let out the occasional moan. There was no need to speed things up, not tonight, as you placed sleepy kisses along Dan’s shoulder and neck. It was a long and pleasurable session, a change to your usually more kinky sex, but this was a time to enjoy each other. You gazed at his face lovingly, admiring his cheekbones and lips and baby freckles, your fingers gliding slowly up his spine, making him shudder.
“What’s wrong?” He whispered, noticing how you were staring intently at his features, trying to memorise every freckle.
“I just love you a lot,” you whispered back. He smiled, and kissed your shoulder.
Minutes later he was bringing you undone, this time with soft caresses and gentle kisses and thrusts that made you both moan with each one. You watched Dan hit his own high, an experience you always felt you didn’t deserve to witness, because he glowed angelically, and the sounds he made were so desperately melodious, you felt as though your heart could explode in your chest from the gratitude of even having him in your life, let alone being in a relationship. As he disposed of the condom and collapsed next to you, he barely managed to whisper “I love you too” before he was asleep.


ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah

Ok I know I know
I said feline was the last but I just couldn’t get this idea out my head
Meet the new tentacle lover and is pretty much a tentacle himself
Tentacle hybrid
His tentacle tail can transform
So can some of his limbs XD
He is actually an old oc I made along time ago but I only drew his face but I liked his look and decided make him a tentacle lover XD


jian + kisses

let’s talk about: isak’s lil dimples

i feel like we’re not talking about isak’s dimples enough… i mean LOOK  at them??!!??!?!!?

have U ever seen anything so pure? i want to poke his dimple!!! 

i mean… it’s pretty self-explanatory why this beautiful human ruined a relationship and got the man of his dreams in return.. who could ever resist a face like that???

ok so maybe his dimples aren’t those hole-y kind of dimples maybe they’re smile lines or something i dont know i’m not a fucking doctor  BUT like wow… i’m enamored by those lil dimples.. (and not to mention the little eye crinkles that follow it) 

someone just… protect him PLEASE @Universe don’t ever hurt my son,, those dimples are worth millions 

his dimples know what’s up (ft. Tthe Gay Scarf)

bonus: snakesak killing us all with Those Dimples™

another bonus: mr. dimple makes an appearance around his owner’s (very handsome) boyfriend


#shit shit shit shit shit fUCK ok  #do you think she noticed  #ok wang so there’s still time to recover you got this  #come on tHINK you’re the woLF DOG  #omg what if i just pretend like im brushing dirt off my outfit?? perfect  #that’s a totally reasonable reason to be next to her face right  #nice  #oooOOO ill just lean back and look to the side  #bitches love it when you look to the side  #yES oh my god brilliant  #she’ll never suspect a thing  #wang so more like wang sMOOTH amirite  #4th prince of goryeo 1st prince of motherfucking stealth  #and they say wook is the smart one get on my fucking LEVEL  #ok can i look back at hae soo now  #hae soo is so pretty  #i love her so much 

Spellbound [Jungkook]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff; (borderline not really smut)
Word Count: 7518
Description: Summoning a demon had probably been a mistake on your part, but what have you ever done to deserve such an annoying demon anyways?


What had started out as a joke had gone very, very wrong. Why you had agreed to this in the first place, you couldn’t even recall anymore. And, in the moment, you really couldn’t care less, because —

Excuse me?” You frowned at the face in front of you, mouth slightly agape, expression taken aback. “What did you just say to me?”

“I said you must be pretty stupid to think this protection ring is strong enough.”

You glared at the boy, the demon — whatever he was — in front of you, crossing your arms tightly, and he raised his hands, palms facing you, in surrender. “Look, no need to look at me like that! I’m just saying,” he kicked at the fine dust on your wooden floor, breaking the circle and stepping out carefully, tail coiling slowly behind him, “You should invest in something stronger if you want to actually hold a demon. Salt,” he began, squatting down and dragging his index finger through the fine grains on the ground. “Is a myth.”

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Alright, but let’s say Klance were to happen in season 2 (or beyond), I want to see the show work on turning Lance’s attention away from flirting with female aliens to showing an interest in Keith. Like there has to be something that changes his behavior that he himself can’t see but the others can. 

Just imagine the point Lance starts to feel something for Keith, maybe when they begin working together to lead Voltron in Shiro’s absence (where he’s not dead but taken by the Galra) or when Keith opens up to him more because of their mutual teamwork. What if while this is happening, Lance starts to flirt with alien women less and less? Like he doesn’t even notice it, but unlike before when he’d spit out pick-up lines and drool at the first sight of a pretty female face , now he’ll see one and just think to himself, ‘Oh ok, she’s pretty, I can totally respect that.’ But that’s it. 

Plus it’s even funnier ‘cause Hunk and Pidge notice this to a freakish degree! I can totally picture Hunk going, “Oh great, there goes Lance about to hit on another alien girl again,” when they come in contact with a new alien race. But then he’s hella surprised when he doesn’t? This once smooth-talking crusader  is so unfazed, he just goes with something like, “Oh, hi! My name is Lance, we’re the Paladins of Voltron and we are here to help.” And Hunk and Pidge can’t understand if it’s ‘cause he’s trying to take leadership or what but it’s freaky?? 

And of course one of them would go, “You didn’t…try to flirt with her at all??“ to which Lance would automatically respond, "No…why would I?” with feigned unawareness. “Well!! ‘cause you do that every freaking time!” Pidge would interject annoyingly. And what’s to say Lance wouldn’t just blink rapidly, all confused and go, “Huh….do I? I mean I guess I did but, I dunno. I guess you can say this man matured into his big boy pants, you know what I mean?” *finger guns* (still being Lancish). This happens, of course, until minutes later he’s asking for Keith.

Like this is the subtle inserts of klance moments that I need. 

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Ok so I feel like shite (life has pretty much punched me in the face) and honestly, this is the purest blog evER. I have this huge grin on my face just reading these sweet asks and your replies. I just wanna give you the biggest hug *hugs through the screen*, thank you for being just a nice person in general. ❤

OKAY LETS HUG IT OUT RIGHT NOW!! I WANT TO GIVE YOU THE LARGEST HUG IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! i don’t know what’s going now but i love you and i am a person you can come to for anything! i am so happy i can be a reason your smile!!! <3 i just ughhhh i wish there was something i could do to make you better!!!!

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I just had a super cute thought
  • Saeyoung would type things like “I love you” in the personal chat to you but never sends them
  • One day he actually does though and kinda freaks out
  • You’d both become blushing messes but Saeyoung more so
  • “S-Saeyoung..?”
  • *Muffled whimper* he hid in his jacket
  • You go over and hug the ball of jacket that is Saeyoung
  • He kinda peeks out of his jacket and his face is pretty much the color of his hair
  • “Aww Saeyoung it’s ok”
  • *Another whimper*
  • You pull the jacket off of him and hug him to make him feel better even though he’s trying to resist
  • “Are you good?”
  • He nods grumpily and gets back to work even though his face is still bright red
  • You go to lie under the covers and kinda have a fangirl moment for a little bit
  • You were amazed that you kept your cool for that long tbh

Ok I think that’s enough but honestly I love this idea a lot

I am Saeyoung trash he’s so CUT E


taehyung: ok how far do u think i have to throw this wad of paper for it to land in her hair and for her to notice *attempts to throw piece of paper at you that has his confession in it*

jungkook: *holding 3223 notecards* a-are you an ang-gel bec-cause you *shuffles notecards* a-are…ee *drops notecards on the floor* yOU’RE JUST REALLY PRETTY OKAY BYE *dashes off and hides somewhere*

yoongi: i GOT this guys *shrugs coolly and walks up to u* “what’s up, yoongi?” “fuck.” *him nervously patting his hands on his pants and looking away and trying not to blush* ugh flustered yoongi will be the death of me “i like u” UGH HE HAS THAT LOOK ON HIS FACE LIKE SO SOFT AND SQUISHY AND OML HELP 

hoseok: *doing extremely awkward moves because he’s nervous* “hoseok r u ok” “yeah, yeah” *being super boyish and blowing up his cheeks trying to calm down to confess* “are you sure…” “yeS OKAY I JUST LIKE YOU.” then u looking shocked and him whispering “i like u” again anD UGH 

namjoon: “r u the square root of 2 because i feel irrational around u” u screaming at him for being so cheesy “no y/n i was sERIOus” “wait what” “i like u??” u getting shy and screaming internally because he’s actually looking at you with suPER LOVING EYES WHICH IS NOT OK NOT NOT OK

seokjin: taking u up to the rooftop and having lunch with you while looking at the sky and confessing to you gently and romantically leaVING YOU SPEECHLESS LIKE IS THIS A MOVIE ?? 

jimin: taking 3 years to talk to you at least once but his hyungs forced him to go up to you *awkwardly walking up to you while biting his lip cutely* “sooo y/n how’s the weather?” (hyungs hissing at him from behind) “it’s nice” “okAY SO I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE YOU” *talks faster than yoongi’s raps then runs away* 

  • shion: nezumi, i'm glad that you exist...
  • nezumi: ...
  • shion: and i'm glad that we met...
  • nezumi: ....
  • shion: i love you, nezumi
  • what nezumi wants to say: *shion if i haven't met you i'd still be an asshole and i'd never know all these feelings, i'd be just a loner and probably would die soon, since that day we first met, you saved me, you were always there by my side... a-and i've got to say you have quite a pretty face, i mean the best i've ever seen, and i have strong feelings for you, like, what i mean is... DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH OK... shion, i...i love you too*
  • what he says: shion, i have to go, this is goodbye, may we meet again someday, hasta la vista baby

Wade was certainly not looking like his usual pretty face but honestly, with his line of work, it wasn’t very often where the male was actually looking his very best but this was different. This wasn’t a planned fight that he could just walk away from with money in his pocket. Two days MIA without his phone was a bit of a blur. It was only when he had gotten into a massive fight did he come to his senses. Well - because he had to. It was fucking stupid really but he couldn’t press charges against people he didn’t know or remember. Even if they had robbed him as well. With bruising around his cheekbone, a split lip, bruising around his eye and topped off by stitching on his forehead, ‘lucky’ was an understatement… And that was just the injuries people could see… (lucky nothing that kept him in the hospital longer than he wanted to be there.) Wade seemed a little distracted as he looked over a small photograph, an old one - hardly seen better days…

Feeling eyes on him, the male looked up, “What?” He asked before realising that they may have been staring at so he rolled his eyes and looked back at the photo mumbling, “It’s not as bad as it looks.”

Little Meta no one asked for:

(like that’s new for me)

Ok so I’m giffing icons for no real reason and I come across this gif I have saved

And I noticed something that I haven’t before: 

Fox. Doesn’t. Panic. 

Someone just died in front of her. Literally, two feet in front of her a kid dropped down dead with a blade embedded in his face. We see the others panicking immediately and starting to flee looking a bit like panicked cattle tbh and Jasper’s calling the warning of grounders, pretty damn panicked himself. But Fox remains calm- surprised and shocked, to be sure, but calm. She backs away from the body, she keeps herself by the tree, protecting at least one of her sides (whether intentionally or not is up for debate), and scans the forest in front of her. Nervously, but intentionally. She doesn’t panic, she doesn’t turn tail and run haphazardly away like most of the others. 

She remains calm, assesses the situation, and handles it accordingly. 

Honestly, I had to do a little double take because like, I love my girl but she’s seen as so nervous and timid in Mount Weather that I realized I’d unintentionally fallen into a pattern of seeing her like that. And she’s probably more like that after the mountain given what happened to them (and her in particular) in MW, but she clearly wasn’t always like that. She was clearly once someone who was calm and collected and in control of at least herself. 

jitterkitten  asked:

ok so i've been meaning to tell you for a while (sorry, nerves!) but i absolutely love your Magnus design?? plus i'm pretty sure i've watched your "elvish is not dorky" video over 30 times just cause it's so sweet and Magnus' lil blushy face makes me so happy every time i see it :)

Gosh! Thank you so much, haha :D I also like my Magnus desgin, oops