i just like their music

Modern AU where the losers club love watching Stranger Things and Richie keeps insisting that he looks just like Mike but the other losers are like “Nope I don’t see it” and it INFURIATES Richie like nothing else

so, like:

mccree finds out that hanzo actually loves halloween, its something that hanzo discovered after leaving the clan and being on the run, its a time of year where he can be anyone & satisfy his huge sweet tooth, so mccree devises a plan to seduce hanzo with halloween things. 

the major one being his rendition of “casper the friendly ghost” by replacing the lyrics with stuff about hanzo, and he calls it “hanzo the unfriendly ghost” because he’s not gonna beat around the bush about that - hanzo isn’t mean per se, but he isn’t friendly. other lines in the song include: “the most beautiful ghost around” “likes to fright adults and children alike” “cowboys he has a heart of gold” and everyone is just like omg this is never gonna work. they especially believe this because mccree is t e r r i b l e at singing - it does not stop him.

so it works. and hanzo’s all heart eyes over this buffoon who keeps singing this stupid song, but its the sweetest and most wholesome gesture hanzo has ever received while being courted/wooed. and he insists that mccree continue to sing the song to him whenever he wants even after they get together. mccree takes time to make up or improvise other songs so hanzo can have a whole playlist.

sometimes I wonder what yall think about my hamilton


“"oh dear evan hansen’s lighting and set design is so simple omg!1!!!”“ like?? bitch where ?? the lighting and set design of dear evan hansen is one of the most complicated, intricate, and innovative that has ever been on broadway.


But we’re a million worlds apart..


I will never, ever, ever get tired of ONE turning shonen expectations on their heads. I love the way the two panels on the left set everything up for a giant go-all-out battle of psychic powers between Shimazaki and Mob… 

…and then the next few panels have Reigen just walking straight up to Shimazaki and punching him right in the fucking face. 

And the only way he could do it, was because he doesn’t have any psychic powers at all. 

dunkirk is the kind of film you sit on after you see it. at first you’re like, yeah that was a good film. it was a different kind of war movie. then you leave the theater and you start thinking about it, all your favorite moments, the ones that made you bite your nails off. you think about the message and what christopher nolan is really trying to get across with the way he directed it. and then you realize that it’s actually sort of spectacular. because you were in the film. you weren’t just hearing a bunch of dialogue, knowing what someone was going to do next. you were basically living it. between the music and the acting, you were feeling what they were feeling. long story short, if you were unsure of dunkirk at first: sit on it. i guarantee you’ll see the beauty in it. 


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


okay but the ending to the @bmc-switched-au would be really nice??