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This new Mary Lambert music video dropped a few days ago and I haven’t seen anyone talking about it but it’s amazing and super catchy and super gay (both the video and the song) and more people need to be talking about it!!!

Please watch this video I promise you won’t regret it

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So maybe S4 is undercover at this fancy dinner where they're trying to get clues about a strain. But then they almost get caught and as a way to distract the guards, Fushimi grabs a violin from a musician and performs a really difficult piece, which not only gets his team out of trouble but maybe it helped for them to actually obtain the information they needed (like say the info was written down or something). I dunno, just thought the world needed more musically inclined!Fushimi xD

I like hidden talents!Fushimi, like just imagine him having all these secret skills that no one knows about because he’s normally too lazy to use a lot of them and he doesn’t think they’re very useful so he never talks about them. So maybe he knows violin because Kisa briefly enrolled him in lessons because it meant she could drop him off at the instructor’s house for a few hours while the maid was busy so Kisa didn’t have to like actually take care of her son for a while, like that’s just crazy talk. Fushimi actually enjoyed the lessons though and because he has a good head for memorization he never forgot how to play, in fact every now and again he’s played on his own just to practice. Maybe Totsuka briefly got into a violin hobby before Kusanagi made him give it up because the horrible screeching sound was bothering everyone and keeping Mikoto awake. They hid the violin but Fushimi found it and ended up smuggling it back to the apartment where he would sometimes play in secret when Yata’s not around. He takes it with him when he moves out but rarely plays in Scepter 4 because even in his own room the walls of the dorms are too thin to muffle the noise to his liking.

Then one day Scepter 4 has to go to this whole fancy dinner as part of a Strain investigation, like the Strain is a high-powered executive type who’s secretly using his powers to fund illegal activities. There’s supposed to be a big criminal deal going down at the party and Scepter 4 needs to infiltrate in order to get enough evidence to catch the guy. Fushimi is sent in with a few members of the alphabet squad, Munakata and Awashima are outside with the rest of the troops preparing to move in on Fushimi’s word. They all have fake IDs and Fushimi hacked into the party’s security systems in order to get them on the guest list. At first things seem to be going well, everyone mingles with the partygoers while trying to get close to the Strain. They’re all wearing wires, hoping to record the Strain saying something incriminating. Maybe a couple of the alphabet boys are disguised as waiters too and that’s where they get in trouble, like Hidaka gets a little too eager when he gets the chance to serve the Strain wine and spills the drink, the Strain looks at him all suspiciously because he doesn’t remember having a tall guy like this as a waiter. Hidaka’s trying to stutter out a cover story when Fushimi sighs heavily, rolls his eyes and strides up to where the musicians are playing soothing dinner music for everyone. He grabs a violin and immediately starts playing this amazing piece that makes everyone, the Strain included, turn and look. While the Strain is distracted Kamo slips in to clean up the wine Hidaka spilled while also smoothly pickpocketing a bill of sale for illegal goods from the Strain’s pocket.

For the rest of the night Fushimi ends up as the violin player and eventually the Strain himself comes up to praise Fushimi, saying he didn’t realize they’d hired a prodigy and suggesting that he’d like to hire Fushimi to play at future dinner parties. In discussing this the Strain also lets drop a couple important pieces of evidence, specifically the names of the criminals he’s been working with (mentioning that they will be his guests at the next party) and Fushimi just immediately puts down the violin and whips some knives out of the sleeve of his suit because that was all he needed, thanks. Afterward Munakata is praising Fushimi for his excellent work on the mission and that’s when the alphabet boys who were there all come running up super impressed by Fushimi’s violin skills, like who knew Fushimi-san could play violin. Fushimi tries to shut them up but it’s too late, Munakata has heard and is now intrigued and of course can’t wait for Fushimi-kun to demonstrate his secret skills to the force at large, perhaps as his skill for the annual year end party. Fushimi clicks his tongue and denies ever playing violin, those idiots had too much wine that’s all.

i made a dumb schmoopy playlist for my bf bc he was feeling bad and now that i’ve sent it to him i’m all embarrassed


“A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless”

”Enough. Hamilton is right”

“But sir, do we not fight for freedom?“


hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))

please consider

so i knew hamilton was short but i never realised just how short?

so like after seeing that i googled the same for jefferson,,, naturally