i just like the way he sits

dunkirk is the kind of film you sit on after you see it. at first you’re like, yeah that was a good film. it was a different kind of war movie. then you leave the theater and you start thinking about it, all your favorite moments, the ones that made you bite your nails off. you think about the message and what christopher nolan is really trying to get across with the way he directed it. and then you realize that it’s actually sort of spectacular. because you were in the film. you weren’t just hearing a bunch of dialogue, knowing what someone was going to do next. you were basically living it. between the music and the acting, you were feeling what they were feeling. long story short, if you were unsure of dunkirk at first: sit on it. i guarantee you’ll see the beauty in it. 

Today in ‘Scorbus is real’:

- Scorpius got so excited when Albus was sorted. He started flailing a bit and just grinned at him.

- There is now mutual hugging as the boys walk off after the third year train ride (they both put their arms round each other).

- Scorpius’s voice cracked when he said “hello” the first time Albus hugged him, like he was flailing about it as it was happening.

- And at the end of the library scene, when Albus said “I can do this without you, but I want you there” he put both hands on Scorpius’s shoulders, just the way he does in the edge of the Forbidden Forest scene, when he says “you’re my best friend”.

So that all happened. Stay tuned for tonight’s edition of 'sitting on your best friend’s lap is NOT a good way to convince a girl you fancy her, Scorpius’. If current trends continue, it’s going to be a wild one.

the boy who was like an older brother to me,
got mad at the world and left home.
now he lives with his girlfriend,
and it’s just the two of them. alone.

a singer i used to know, 
who sang out songs built with pride,
just passed away.
he committed suicide.

the church I grew up in,
is growing smaller and smaller.
we sit in neat little rows,
as we watch the stacks of bills grow taller.

my friend told me her parents fight,
shouts echo off her walls every night.
there’s no way they are the same people,
that would be overjoyed when I would spend the night.

i’m beginning to see,
that growing up isn’t all about,
bills and houses and money.
a lot of it is revealed to be,
watching people change, leave, and go,
and wondering what happened to everything around me. 

growing up, i’ve grown to know,
is about feeling like a stranger,
in the places you used to call home.
it’s seeing people for who they really are,
broken and bruised,
always following the dark side of their heart.

the people who always told me
to never behave this way,
have abandoned those truths and did it anyway.
things they warned me to avoid,
have overcome their minds,
shaking their beliefs like too much noise.
convinced hope is something they cannot find.

My two cents on Supercorp.

Today was a weird, disappointing day and while no one involved handled it properly, I’m not quite ready to give on on the cast. 

Lena and Kara are just friends, no matter how much we all want to think otherwise, and they were singing a Season 2 recap where their (Lena and Kara) growing friendship is very prominent. 

On the other hand, the way they so blatantly disregarded a huge chunk of their fans with laughter and ignorance wasn’t cool. They should know better. I hope someone sits them down and tells them what they did wrong and I hope it’s Chyler. 

It seems like Jeremy has apologized, even if his apology wasn’t perfect, he apologized and maybe he’ll do better now. I know that many people have already made their point that this was terrible and if I was him, I’d feel like shit tonight. And that’s not a feeling that goes away easily, trust me.

Before now, I saw Melissa as the biggest supercorp supporter but I can see why she wouldn’t be. With all fandom’s, the toxic voices are the loudest and we all know how much hate Mon-El gets. Say that you want about him, but Chris Wood is her boyfriend and most of his hate comes from Supercorp fans. I get why she would be upset with us.

And boy, and don’t get me started on the Karamel fans delighted with the situation and belittling the feelings of others.

And the fans didn’t help the situation, but I suppose in the end, we never really do. I’ve seen so many gross, rude, toxic Supercorp fans that it makes sense the cast would dislike us. It’s painful, and it hurts, but that’s just what social media has let us become. It’s given everybody a voice to be heard, and it’s easiest to hear the hateful ones. 

But, I think the cast understands what they did wrong. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’ve all looked at social media today and seen what’s happening. I can only hope that they will do better next time, and that’s all I really want. 

This is just my thoughts on the situation, but I’ve looked up to the cast for so long that I don’t think I’m ready to jump on Canceled Party just yet. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

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JM scolding TH when he left JK to do the dishes alone and saying "you used to pretend caring about JK" on broadcast got me thinking fam.. like he was actually mad and im not saying v/kook dont have a close friendship but like maybe moments like TH sitting on JK's lap and saying "you're mine" are borderline fanservice idk like most of their moments are initiated by TH imo. JM defending JK was so nice tho like he doesn't care about the cameras if he thinks something is wrong haha

I mean I don’t want to take away from tae/kook moments, but I can see where you’re coming from and why you see it that way? personally, i think that taehyung is just a natrually clingy person, but sometimes (like the moment you’re talking about) it does seem kind of awkward or unnatural. And I agree, I love when jm takes care of or defends jk. I love supportive bfs so much ahha. 


Hey @not-impala, Happy Birthday!  Lots of love your way today from your SPN Family!

You looked up as Sam came through the door, a smile on your face before you could help yourself.  He was wearing a suit and tie, not too different than when you were on cases and he dressed as a fed, but this time there was no case - you were just at the bunker.

“Hey, Sam,” you greeted him.  “You’re looking dashing.”

Sam gave a little smile, glancing away from you so he didn’t just start grinning like a maniac.  “Hey, Y/N,” he said softly, walking toward where you were sitting at the table in the library.

“What’s the occasion?” you asked, genuinely curious as to why he was dressed up the way he was.

Sam leaned forward, putting his hands on the table across from you so he could look straight into your eyes.  “I’m going out to dinner tonight,” he said seriously, eyes not wavering from yours.

Your stomach sank slightly, disappointed that Sam would be showing off that handsome suit to someone else at dinner, probably some pretty girl that would match him well.  “Have fun, then,” you replied, looking back down at your book quickly so he couldn’t see the slight disappointment in your eyes.

“Go on, Y/N, you need to get dressed so we can go,” Sam said, standing up straight and looking at his watch.  “Our reservation is in 25 minutes.”

You looked back up at Sam, confusion on your face.  He chuckled a bit, throwing you a bone.  “It’s your birthday, and I plan on taking my favorite girl out for a nice dinner.  Now scoot, and put on that pretty blue dress that I know you love.”

Your stomach was doing flip flops at his words, shocked that Sam had gotten all dressed up and made a fancy dinner reservation, just for you.  When you still hadn’t gotten up, he reached around the table, lifting you out of your chair and pushing you toward the hall door, swatting your butt to encourage you to move.

You covered your butt with your hands, looking back at him over your shoulder as you went.  When he was out of sight, you let yourself do a small happy dance - even if this wasn’t explicitly a date you could sure hope it ended like one, right?

Happy birthday from @just-another-busy-fangirl


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

the signs as john mulaney quotes
  • aries: hi, I'm very gay, and I'd like a few dollars
  • taurus: I don't look older, I just look worse. honestly, when I'm walking down the street, no one's ever like "hey! look at that man!" I think they're just like "woah, that tall child looks terrible! get some rest, tall child! you can't keep burning the candle at both ends!"
  • gemini: I'm really sorry about last night, it’s just that I'm mean and loud. it probably will happen again
  • cancer: I have had a very long day. I am very small... and I have no money... so you can imagine the kind of stress I am under
  • leo: some babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
  • virgo: when I was a little boy, I was more like a 67-year-old gay man that's kind of over it sexually
  • libra: everyone get out of my way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds
  • scorpio: I'll keep my emotions right here, and then one day, I'll die
  • sagittarius: sometimes, he will watch a movie on TV, even though he already owns that movie on DVD. pointing this out to him confuses and upsets him
  • capricorn: cars were pulling up and looking over to see who just did that piece of shit move, expecting to see a 100-year-old blind dog who’s texting while driving and drinking a smoothie. instead they see a 28-year-old healthy man, trying his best
  • aquarius: I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating saltines for like, 28 years, and then I walked right out here
  • pisces: in terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroine
Shit the Foxes said on talk shows
  • Neil: So Kevin comes in at like 1 in the morning, brand new tattoo on his face, and he's drunk as hell but he's making this surprisingly coherent speech about being the deadliest piece of the board, and I'm just sitting there not saying a word because I don't know a thing about chess.
  • Dan: There's a video on my computer containing cuts from every single time Andrew sent a ball flying into someone's head set to the Donky Kong theme song. It's two and a half hours.
  • Allison: Neil has this thing where bad things happening to him are like a matter of fact. Once, he and I met up for lunch, and when the bill came he asked if he could pay me back later because he got mugged on the way over. As it turns out, what I mistook for Neil being a picky eater was actually Neil trying to eat without upsetting a shallow stab wound.
  • Renee: I don't drink alcohol because you can't account for what you'll do when you're drunk. Though sometimes that turns out fun. About a year ago we found out that Matt knows how to sing Sweden's national anthem backwards by heart, and that was hilarious. But on the other hand I've had Allison and Nicky competing on who can break a glass with their voice at three in the morning, so.
  • Matt: Kevin is definitely seems like everything in his life is about Exy, but get to know him and you realize that he has plenty of interests, it's just that he has no concept of doing things in moderation. So it's less a stick up his butt and more like, I don't know, a pool noodle or something.
  • Aaron: Neil doesn't have a concept of money, a fact which on any given day swings between hilarious and flat out tragic. He refused to pay $15.90 for new pants but said he'd pay for my med school if I stopped making fun of his new haircut. To be clear, both of these things happened in the same conversation.
  • Nicky: I love God, I do. He's always in my heart. But I guess God has abandonment issues because every time I see a commercial for a McFlurry I can just feel him testing me.
  • Andrew: The thing about the Foxes is that the stress level on any given day can fluctuate so wildly you get whiplash. One day you're getting yelled at for not blocking a shot, the next you're getting yelled at for "obstruction of justice" or whatever it is the Feds call it when you remind them that they can't come in without a search warrant. Why Wymack does this willingly is beyond me.
  • Kevin: On the one hand, the Foxes are much less organized, not to mention a smaller team. Every game, we're at an almost immediate disadvantage. On the other hand, Ravens are contractually forbidden from Irish coffee. So overall the decision isn't hard.

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the more I think about it, the less and less sense it makes for Terra to be one of the Darknesses in KH3 because like

in literally every moment after Xehanort possesses him we see Terra fighting back. in the Graveyard, in Radiant Garden, and now in darkness limbo as 0.2 showed us, ten years later, we always see Xehanort struggling to control him. why?

because he can’t.

at no point can he fully, 100% smother Terra’s influence.

the only time Xehanort and Terra seem to coexist “peacefully” is during the Apprentice-Xehanort arc – during which time their hearts were sealed and memories presumably lost.

and considering this series is constantly stressing how intelligent and farsighted Xehanort is I just can’t imagine he’s actually stupid enough to count Terra among his 13 when he knows full well by now that Terra is a force to be reckoned with. Terra would require far too much focus and effort to maintain a hold of, because a) IT DIDN’T WORK TWELVE YEARS AGO AND IT DIDN’T WORK TWO YEARS AGO SO WHY WOULD ANYTHING HAVE CHANGED, especially when b) we’ve seen that Terra’s only gotten stronger and more confident since BBS?? and c) I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: Terra was impossible to control with Xehanort’s whole heart inside him. attempting to control him with only 1/13th of his heart is just? asking for failure? I mean really?? why don’t you just carry around a ticking time bomb while you’re at it man

about last night (m)

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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: enemies to lovers | explicit smut, fluff and angst

length: 15k

summary: you had promised yourself; if you were to ever hook up with that asshole park jimin, it would be just a one night stand.

a/n: dis was a monster to write im so tired. i stayed up until 12pm to finish this and now its finally done :) also how does every new fic i write get dirtier and dirtier?? idk. 

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Was Ben Franklin, by your standards, a good founding father or a bad one? All of them had good intentions I know but the whole freedom for all really only applied to white males (and in some cases still does if you sit up and look). I know you have said you have a degree in this so I figure you'd be the best stranger to ask.




look i’m always imagining how lance and keith’s first kiss might happen because it could go a MiLLiON different ways? 

  • they’re sitting on the couch having a staring contest and it’s already been a minute but keith doesn’t even look close to blinking, and lance is just like “fuck it” because he looks gorgeous and amazing and stupid with his wide eyes and eyebrows practically in his hair trying to not blink
    • keith has his hands pressed lightly to lance’s chest to keep him from getting too close and blowing in his face because he’s not about to let him cheat 
    • but lance just surges forward and crushes keith’s hands between their chests and kisses him 
    • at first keith is like “woah” but it only takes him a second to start kissing him back
    • but then he starts to giggle because lance’s lips tickle a little and he’s just like “lance, stop” 
    • lance is like “hm? why?” in between two kisses that are nearing keith’s neck because he has no chill
    • “because,” keith says, but there’s laughter in his voice. “i was trying to look at you.” 
    • (he was pretty much using the staring contest as an excuse to stare at lance without worrying about getting caught) 
    • lance pulls back and registers this. and then he kisses him harder
  • or like, after a sparring session, they’re both really worn out but lance is just looking at keith, who’s pretty sweaty and gross like he is, and can’t help himself 
    • except he misses and gets keith’s chin instead 
    • he’s too tired to feel embarrassed tbh, but he pulls back and frowns a little and is like “oh, sorry. i was aiming for your mouth” 
    • keith just smiles a little and wraps his arms around his neck and kisses him right on the mouth
    • “like that?” he asks. 
    • lance, dazed and in love: “um, yeah. that’s good.” 
    • keith nods sagely and leans back in for another kiss
    • later they lay around in keith’s bed staring at each other because they’re extra and in love  
    • keith, about lance’s horrible first aim: “i thought you were the team’s sharpshooter"
    • lance, smirking: “maybe i just need a little more practice” 
  • this is going to get long if i keep going but basically their first kiss could go any way and i love it i love them 
  • thank youUU
Through the Years (Part 7)

Summary: Through mysterious circumstances, you find yourself exchanging letters with a man who lived 70 years in the past.

Word Count: 1,463

“Through the Years” Masterlist

A/N: Guys, this is one of my favorites. I’m loving it so far!

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Steve stopped mid-step, forcing you to move past him and close the door. He was completely solid, unmoving, eyes darting everywhere as he took your semi-empty apartment. You tilted your head and gave him a curious look before you remembered.

He lived here. This was his home.

His eyes teared up again. “It’s—” His voice broke before he gave a breathless laugh, loaded with the sadness inside him. “It’s so different, but it’s still the same.”

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Omg omg. Peter and yn really like each other but they're both super oblivious, and two of the avengers (Steve and Bucky preferably, or Nat and Clint) team up to get them to confess to each other?

“This sucks,” Bucky announced. “If I have to sit through another movie night where (Y/N) and Peter just stare at each other, I’m putting myself back in cryo.”

Steve chuckled. “Sure you will. They’re just kids, they’ll work out that they like each other eventually.”

“I’m a hundred years old, I don’t have time for “eventually”.“

The blond soldier rolled his eyes. "Well what do you propose we do?”

Bucky grinned secretively. “Luckily for you, I have a plan.”


You clutched your laptop to your chest as you made your way down the corridor towards the common room. Looking up, you noticed Bucky walking towards you, looking like a man on a mission. You thought nothing of it, until he smoothly put his arm around your shoulders and turned you to walk in the opposite direction with him.

“Um I was going that way,” you said in confusion, gesturing over your shoulder as Bucky walked you towards the research room.

“Plans change sometimes,” he replied mysteriously, holding the door open for you. You walked in, still very confused.

“Okay…so is there a reason why you’ve kidnapped me?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow. Bucky wheeled a computer chair over and sat backwards on it, resting his chin and arms on the back.

“When are you gonna tell Peter you’re head over heels for him?” he asked bluntly. You frowned.

“Never, because I’m not?” you responded, trying to sound casual.

“Doll, you can’t lie to save yourself. He’s a good kid, you could do worse.”

You sighed, sitting down with your head in your hands. “Exactly. He’s too good for me, Buck.”

Bucky frowned, wheeling his chair over so he could wrap an arm around your shoulders and give you a gentle squeeze.

“No one’s too good for you, kid. You’re amazing, and Peter’s probably complaining to Steve right now that he’s not good enough for you either.”

Your head shot up, your eyes wide with alarm.

“What the fuck is Steve telling him?”

Bucky raised his hands in surrender.

“Don’t panic, I’m sure he’s being subtle!”


“So, you wanna date (Y/N).”

Peter looked up in surprise from the web shooters he was working on to see Steve leaning in the lab doorway, arms folded and a concerned expression on his face.

“I don’t know what you’re t-talking about,” he mumbled. “(Nickname) just sees me as a friend.”

“But you don’t see her as a friend,” Steve observed, raising an eyebrow. Peter sighed.

“That obvious, huh?” he asked bitterly, sitting down behind his workbench. Steve frowned slightly, pitying the young boy.

“I’m sure she likes you too. If you’d only tell-,”

“I can’t!” Peter said loudly, before wincing at the way his voice cracked. “(Y/N)’s too good for me, Cap, she’s just too good. You don’t get it.”

“What, because I’m old?” Steve joked, chuckling. “I’ve known (Y/N) since she was nine years old, Peter. I know when she cares about someone, and she definitely cares about you.”

Peter looked up at him, doubt in his eyes. Steve shook his head, smiling slightly.

“If you don’t believe me, ask her yourself. I have a feeling she’s on her way.”

Peter frowned in confusion, before he heard your voice carrying through the corridors and his face lit up. Steve grinned at him smugly, stepping out of the doorway so it was clear, just as you skidded into the lab.

“Peter, hi!” you blurted out, wincing at your high-pitched voice. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

He cleared his throat nervously, trying to ignore both the way your sentence sent his heart racing, and the thumbs-up Steve was giving him from behind your back.

“Well um, here I am,” he replied lamely. You took a deep breath.

“Okay well um, I wanted to ask if you would like to go for pizza tonight? As a date?” you added out of nerves, worried that you weren’t being clear. Peter’s jaw dropped, before a grin spread across his face.

“I’d love to,” he replied. You beamed at him.

“Great! Well, I better go…I’m supposed to be helping Tasha translate some files…”

You hurried from the lab before you could embarrass yourself, and almost bumped into Steve and Bucky. Both of them were grinning smugly at you.

“You can both shut up,” you warned them.

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i love the way you draw max bc honestly it looks like he has the w o r s t posture

his spine is weighed down by all the force of the hatred that fuels his body. or he just hopes if he slouches enough he’ll straight up disappear into his hoodie

lowkey tho i used to have this teacher in elementary school that if she saw us slouching she’d jab us in the back or sides to make us stand/sit up straight and david would totally take that approach

for about a week bc at some point a kid is gonna end up biting him or smth