i just like the way he moves

you know what i hate is that canon has shown us how on point regina’s reflexes are. robin has first-hand witnessed it. there’s a pretty high chance regina could’ve stopped that crystal or moved out of the way, and robin must have known that, but he still jumps in front of her. no thought about it, he’s just like, “i got good reflexes too, and they say protect regina.”

or even yet, there was thought about it, and he still decides “it’s the wife, take no chances” and dives. what kind of idiot. so pure and full of love. why do i do this to myself

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Could you possibly do an image where the turtles react to their S/O dancing and I then in middle of the song they do a dab or some popular dance move? Thank you!


When he sees you pulling the Moon Walk in the middle of the lair he just stops what he’s doing and watches, chuckling and smiling to himself at how friggin’ adorable you are being right now.  He might take a sneak pic, but then go on his way and let you continue your jam-out session.

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Hoo boy, the Shuffle really gets him worked up, and not like hot-and-bothered kinda worked up, like, he wants to dance too!  Maybe a little jig or a a twirl with you, but then he’d go on his way.  You make it look easy and fun!  It’s surprising to him.  He definitely records it if he can, but other than that he just laughs and watches you.

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When he sees you start pulling the Single Ladies moves he definitely grabs a camera.  It is the most adorable thing he’s ever seen, apart from you of course, but he can’t help but chuckle and gush at how cute you are.  It’s rare to see you jam out this freely in the lair; he can hear his brothers chuckling in the background as well and tell them to hush so they won’t disturb you.  

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Oh boy, when you did the Gungnam Style he immediately joins you, no question about it.  If he gets the chance to boogie with you he won’t let it slide. PARTAAAYYYY

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2. “Nope, I absolutely refuse to touch that.” ??

I’m so sorry this took so long anon. Thank you for asking! x

This is number 2 on the first sentence prompts series I’ve been working my way through.

Title: Jason’s Sunday Morning

“Nope, I absolutely refuse to touch that.” Jason tucked his hands under his arm pits and shook his head.

“It’s not so bad once you get used to it,” Evie said.

“Look it sticks to your fingers!” Mickey lifted his hands in the air and pieces of green slime flew off across the table.

“Aunty Serena, I don’t like this,” Jason looked over at his aunt as he slowly moved away from the table.

“It’s just slime Jason,” Serena reminded him.

“It’s sticky,” he said with disgust.

“Its fun,” Mickey beamed.

Jason let out an impatient sigh. “I usually sit here on Sunday mornings and read my magazines. This is very inconvenient.”

“Why don’t you go sit with Bernie?” Serena suggested.

“Because there are more children in there,” he replied.

Serena sighed and smiled at her nephew. “It’s just for a few hours while Fletch and Raf are finishing their shifts,” she said. “Then I promise we can do whatever you want.”

Jason eyed her curiously. “Anything?”

Serena rolled her eyes. “Within reason.”

Jason pursed his lips. “What if I wanted to watch Doctor Who and QI with Bernie?”

“I’m sure she’d enjoy that,” Serena smiled.

Jason pointed his finger at her and fixed her with a hard stare. “And you won’t distract her with kisses while QI is on?”

Serena laughed at that and nodded. “I’ll try my best.”

Thanks anon! I hope you liked it :)

I’ve always been fascinated by the evolution of Aaron’s court and prison experiences. I can’t help but think about the previous times we’ve seen Aaron inside. He’s always been cocky, aggressive, had an attitude, until his stint in 2015. When he was in there for something he didn’t do. He became suicidal, he was a mess. And I can’t get over how, heartbreaking and gut-wrenching as that scene was with Cain, I wasn’t nearly as shaken up as I was today. There’s something about seeing his environment within the prison (as opposed to just being out with visitors) that makes everything feel tenuous, like one wrong move and your whole world is going to break.

I feel sick to my stomach watching it, but I’m also glued to the screen. In some ways he’s stronger now than he’s ever been before. He came in happy, with something to look forward to when he got out (the first time he’s really had that). The way he handles himself is bound to be more careful, and I’m fascinated with the choices this new mature Aaron is bound to make, knowing he’s about to spend a year in there and knowing that by the end of it he needs to be as intact as he was when he came in.

my favorite thing i’ve learned in college is that way back in ancient china there was this poet/philosopher guy who wrote this whole pretentious poem about how enlightened he was that was like “the eight winds cannot move me” blahblahblah and he was really proud of it so he sent it to his friend who lived across the lake and then his friend sends it back and just writes “FART” (or the ancient Chinese equivalent) on it and he was SO MAD he travels across the lake to chew his friend out and when he gets there his friend says “wow. the eight winds cannot move you, but one fart sends you across the lake”

i was sitting on my couch, in tears, and my dad, an Old Liberal, sits down next to me and he says

‘i know i can’t say anything that will make any of this better, but i want you to know that, in 1980, when i was 18 years old, i watched the country elect ronald reagan, and i was just as devastated as you are now. it felt like everyone had gone insane. my friends and i joked about moving to canada or japan or england, just like you are with your friends. i was angry then, and i’m still a little bitter now, but I got through it. we all did. donald trump is not ronald reagan, i know, but if i can get through it, so can you.’

anyway that soothed my hurt a miniscule amount, hope it soothes you a bit

Ok but you guys remember how in his first day of competition, Yuri’s thoughts just keept going back and forth to Victor, to the reactions he may be showing, what he would expect him to do or try in the moment. YURI’S ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO PLEASE VICTOR.

And after it ends, he just can’t seem to wait and see his reaction, like a small child wanting to be praised.

But the thing is that there’s a really brief scene in his second routine, where the camera focuses on a detailed sequence of steps and then, seconds later, Victor is shown smiling.



EACH AND EVERY MOVE LOOKS SO FLUID. And Yuri’s skating in a way for this not to go unnoticed, because he knows Victor will like it.

Then we get to see Victor, and his current smile just turns into one filled with fondness and affection AND I JUST CAN’T DEAL WITH HOW ADORABLE THIS IS… BECAUSE HE KNOWS.

He knows all those steps by heart, he knows every little perk, trick, and art behind each movement. He knows Yuri’s changing part of the routine by following a distinct pattern of jumps, but whether or not he approves of that, he gets that Yuri is still trying to please him, just like the first time, and no other than Victor would have been able to figure out the words being said through such actions at that moment because he’s the one who created the routine.

Victor understands Yuri’s urge and restlessness to improve, because he has felt the same way countless of times, he’s been lecture by Yakov in the past for the same reasons, trying things that might seem reckless. And he knows that Yuri has not forgotten what is that he wants from him, what he is expecting from his performance. Yuri is greatful, he is so greatful for all what Victor’s done for him, he is repaying that with his skating, and that final smile shows that Victor knows.

The Sweetest Protector (Newt X Reader)

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@2heures requested:  Could my request be that one of newts beasts harms the reader and he freaks out and lots of fluff please !

Hopefully I was able to fully answer your request! :D

Warnings: Fluff. So much you might die. Read with caution. PS–this is more of a drabble, I guess? Not sure how proud I am of this story, but if you like it, give it a heart… Because I can be self-conscious about my stories ;-; (i’m a sad person, okay? okay.)

Newt was in all of his glory, as he jabbered on and on about all the beasts he loved and adored. You could see just how passionate he was about it just by how he moved. His hands constantly moving, the way he smiled, all the way down to how he was standing.

“You see, my dear,” he said enthusiastically. “Dragons are actually quite intelligent creatures. You can tell when they’re thinking hard when their pupil’s dilate.”

You watched this man that you had let yourself grow quite fond of, showing you a picture of a dragon that he sketched. “And how intelligent are dragon?” You asked, smiling at the man, who was rubbing his hands in excitement.

“Very!” He exclaimed. “It’s just that dragons have a very different way of learning. Look here, see how I noted in my journal that this particular dragon is very acute to sound? It’s like dragon’s are most intelligent in their strongest field, be it hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing.”

You gently tugged at Newt’s arm, and he looked down at you curiously. “Hello, what’s wrong?” He murmured, taking the book out of your hand and tucking it under his arm.

“Can you show me a dragon?” You asked innocent.

Newt bit his lip, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Ermmm…” He fumbled. “Well, I guess Ophelia can be seen… It’s just that… Well… Um, she’s not the most tamed right now, you see.”

“Ophelia? You actually have a dragon? I was expecting you to say no!” You awed, watching Newt awkwardly avoiding eye contact. “I thought you said they were too dangerous!”

Newt rubbed his hands to keep himself distracted, from your weirded out gaze. “Well… I never said I DIDN’T have one… It’s a Scottish Ice Back! It was alone!” Newt pleaded, looking guilty and blushing bashfully.

“Newt. You have to show me. You’ve been going on and on about how amazing dragons are, and I want to see it!” You told him, reaching out for his hand in a comforting manor.

“Wait, you’re not mad at me?” Newt asked curiously, scratching his head.

“Why would I be, silly?!” You laughed, smiling up at Newt.

Newt looked a little a taken back, but smiled a sweet smile at you none the less. “Alright, let’s see her.”

Newt never let go of your hand as you made your way to one of the many world-like exhibits. You actually were surprised he was holding your hand, actually. He could be extremely shy around you, and he often avoided eye contact and especially stuttered, if you smiled at him. He was usually quite clumsy, and often made a fool out himself when around you. Like once he fell off a chair and ran into a wall, all in the course of a few minutes. It was ridiculously adorable, the way he got all flustered up, bashfully stealing glances at you, forgetting what he was going to stay, and always smiling.

“Ophelia?” Newt said softly. He was looking around big rocks covered with snow.

You were a bit nervous, not going to lie. You scooted closer to Newt, which made Newt extremely aware of the 3 inches of air space between the two of you. He seemed to grow a bit nervous too, but more from the close physical contact. “Where is she?” You whispered, almost not daring to breathe.

“She’s shy,” Newt said, ruffling his hair away from his eyes.

The two of you were practically sneaking now, searching for this dragon. “This is intense,” you murmured. You closed the gap between the two of you, fully freaked out by the silence.

Newt was more fully freaked out that you were now basically hugging him. He kept drumming his free hand on his thigh, nervously looking down at you. “You know… I don’t know if this—err, the best time… T-to tell you, but… I wanted—”

Newt was cut off by you placing your hand on his mouth. His face turned a tomato shade of red, but you were too busy to notice. “Look, Newt!” You hushed. You jerked your head to the left.

Newt looked to see a rather large and fat dragon watching them. She was completely white, blending in perfectly with the snowy background. Newt let go of your hand, and slowly walked up to her. “Don’t worry, mummy is here, Ophelia,” Newt chided softly, looking lovingly at the ice dragon.

Ophelia nodded in a majestic way, and slithered closer to Newt. She circled Newt and snaked her head against Newt’s hand affectionately. Newt sighed in contentment, and began to pet her. “That’s right, mummy is here for you,” Newt murmured.

You watched Newt pet her, and felt a tinge of jealousy. How was he so good at this?! You walked up to Ophelia and held out your hand. Newt took your hand and faced it palm down. “Palm down, Y/N,” Newt whispered to you.

Ophelia looked at you and then made a noise like she sneezed. A weird sort of mist shot from her nostrils and engulfed your hand. The first thing you noticed was that your hand felt like it was in an ice box. Then it felt like you were touching dried ice with your bare hands. The next thing you knew was your hand was burning. You looked at your hand, which was trembling. “Newt!” you squeaked in shock. Your eyes filled with tears, as the burning grew more intense.

Newt looked at your hand and then said sternly, “Ophelia! That is no way to act! I’m sorely disappointed in you! You should be ashamed of yourself!” He crossed his arms, glowing down at the dragon.

“My hand, Newt!” You whimpered in pain.

Newt took your cold hand and began rubbing frantically. “The one cure for this is friction, Y/N,” Newt explained rapidly.

Your hand slowly began to gain feeling again. Your hand was still twitching out of control, but at least it wasn’t hurting anymore. You were completely speechless. “Bad girl!” Newt shouted at Ophelia. “Very bad girl! Don’t ever do that again!”

Ophelia seemed to sense Newt’s displeasure and slithered slowly away in shame. “It’s okay, Newt,” You intervened.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Newt said. He looked almost in tears, having to yell at Ophelia and then having you hurt. He was such a sensitive man with a heart of pure gold. Newt did a daring thing, and slowly wrapped you in a hug. “Are you okay?” He asked breathing in your sweet scent.

You nodded, tears spilling down your cheeks. You were a little frightened, you weren’t going to lie. You were glad Newt was there and knew what to do. You were especially glad for his warm hug. “Let’s go back up, and then come down to visit Ophelia again a little later,” You comforted Newt.

Newt nodded and said upset, “I’ve never yelled at my babies before. I feel horrible.”

You rubbed Newt’s back, and murmured, “It wasn’t your fault, Newt. You were just protecting me.”

Newt still looked a little upset, but he smiled a small smile at you. The two of you began to walk back, and Newt asked timidly, “Can I hold your hand again?”


Here’s some food for thought – Mary could’ve faked her death and John could be in on it.  Like the Abominable Bride, she was a dead woman walking who needed to make her death count. She faked her death the first time, but died shortly after anyway at the hands of someone she knew. John knew of the Bride’s state before Sherlock did in TAB –  could John be hiding something here? Not that he’s a villain, but that this is all chess and he had to move the only way he knew how? The end of The Six Thatchers mirrors The Reichenbach Fall, except it’s Sherlock going to therapy over John leaving, and John going… on a mission without Sherlock’s knowledge? What a mirror that could be. This whole thing could’ve been planned. Sherlock thinks John is off playing “hide and seek” but really he’s taking down a network. And before he left he had to make Sherlock doubt him. Just like how Sherlock told him “I’m a fake” before jumping. He even left Molly a note to give to Sherlock. 

That’s what people do, don’t they? Leave a note.

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This will forever be my favorite Onho gif set because
1.) Look how Onew shyly touches Minho’s back until he notices and moves his arms
2.) Onew’s like “I’ll just put my hands here” and Minho’s like “Nope, bring them ALL the way around me, hyung!”
3.) The way Minho pats Onew’s hands around his stomach
4.) Onew looks so content to be back hugging Minho


Can you believe this is the moment Even decides he’s going to kiss Isak? The way he looks him up and down and reads every emotion on Isak’s face knowing just as well that Isak wants him to do it? 
Can you believe the way his jaw clenches, the way it looks like he’s swallowing, how scared he must have been, how he smiles fondly and his eyes light up as he decides he’s going to kiss him, but how much he was psyching himself up like? It’s time! You can do it! Just move in closer, a little at a time. 
The way he arches his neck, the way he moves in fragments almost like he’s being as precise and careful as possible, like this is going to be it! I’ve been trying so hard to do anything I can to even just talk to this boy I saw on the first day of school and now here he is. 
Then we have Isak who is staring at the ground, completely frozen as this boy, this tall, funny, insanely handsome boy who had stared him dead in the eyes as he was dancing moves in. Can you imagine how nervous Isak was, the butterflies in his stomach? But how badly he was just like ! please ! do ! it !
BUT can you believe Even was slow, waiting to see if Isak would object, waiting to see if he was comfortable, not just forcing himself on Isak?
Can you believe that Even Bech Næsheim did all that, went the extra mile to do THAT, to really think about every single move he made, and still be just as nervous, just as scared, because yes he is Extra Even, cool, collected, Even who seems to exude confidence, but he’s also Even who has internal issues, Even who is just as terrified because he could easily be rejected, he could easily be mistaken, he could fumble and embarrass himself, but he decides to do it anyways because this may just be the only time he can, especially after what he saw with Isak and Emma? 
He needed to make a move now, or he was going to lose him. 
And so he does, he leans in, he moves close, and grapples with those last few seconds right before he’s about to kiss Isak, right before he’s about to finally do it, and then- 

                                         can you b e l i e v e

You know what hasn’t been talked about?

The fact that on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Boyle went from being in love with and obsessing over Rosa to accepting the fact that she didn’t like him that way and remaining a genuine, trustworthy, and caring friend. There wasn’t a focus on being put in the “friend zone” or anything. He just accepted it and moved on appropriately. I love that.

I’m almost two days past Christmas. Naturally. I tried doing an entire comic the day OF and halfway through i was like ‘i aint finishing this, no way’ so i just took a portion of it to try and crank out real quick. So I guess above is a sneak peak to something that may or may not be coming your way sometime soon. i have so many things left unfinished, its embarrassing 

as for a tiny bit of explanation, this is at a point in my comic where an akuma traps them in this magic circle via a mistletoe sprig unless they kiss, not that you can tell because i omitted the setting/bg so not much context would be needed. also i, like everyone else, enjoys the idea that anyone laying the moves on Chat just stops his brain from working, despite how suave he acts.  i also like marinette/ladybug taking the initiative, though since chat isn’t exactly brainwashed here i think she would keep it to a tame kiss on the forehead. but the face grabby thing she did in dark cupid is still a must for me. i dont think shed be able to help it, especially since chat would definitely be the one to fret over where it wold be appropriate to kiss marinette in this situation lol

Let’s talk about Tendou for a bit

So we’re getting a bit more Tendou in S3 E2 and this is nice because Tendou is one of the more… interesting characters.
In the manga he was one of the first ones I truly managed to despise (at least for like ten chapters).
A lot of it has to do with the eyes, but also with the way he holds himself. His face is weird, he mocks his opponents at every turn, he’s got a Very Strange sense of humor and loyalty, and his posture always seems wrong, somehow. His neck is usually at an angle, he just feels… off.

And the anime takes that little factoid and runs with it.

Haikyuu’s animation is usually very, very smooth, you see. Tendou’s is not.

Dude is a twitchy bastard. He moves erratically when he’s not actually playing. And watching him this episode, combined with the voice, it took a while for me to put my finger on what it is that makes it so unnerving.

The swaying, the twitching… you usually see that sort of thing in zombie movies. His animation is basically that of a horror monster.

I mean, obviously he’s being set up as the antagonist for the next episode. He is the ‘guess monster’ after all, but I never realized you could put that level of detail into the way you make a character move.

Okay, I’m spazzing out a bit too, but can we talk about that garage scene?

It was just… phenomenal. My biggest concern was that this was going to happen.

Victor had it right, his leaving would have been the biggest thing to effect Yuuri and we all know he went about it the wrong way. Even he knew it the moment after he said it.



Calling Victor out on what bullshit that is. He broke down into a blubbering mess, it’s true, but it’s also just the dam breaking from all the pent up nerves.

Yuuri’s so aware of himself too. He explained WHY he was feeling the way he was feeling.

This scene was so important because it wasn’t the typical ‘beg him to come back’ bit, like I dreaded when they finally made the move to use the trope. No.

It was Yuuri snapping back, even in the middle of a meltdown, because he knew what he needed

and instead of bottling it up,

he told Victor, helping him to grow as well. 

Which lead to a great moment of personal and mutual growth with each other.

It was handled so, SOOOO well. It could have very well gone the stereotypical way but it didn’t and I’m soooo happy they did. They shattered my heart expectations yet again;


One of my favorite things to come out of the Shattered World Crisis story was Amy supporting Knuckles on their adventure to restore the Master Emerald and save Angel Island.

Throughout the story we see Knuckles getting down, feeling incompetent, and even coming close to giving up, but Amy’s optimistic trait shines brightly as she’s able to pull Knuckles up and help him continue moving so he can save his home.

Just having these two together on a serious and emotional adventure like this that shows us different sides to Knuckles and having Amy support him all the way is one of the things that I really love about the comics.

he’s like a cigarette in my idea. i’ve lit the cigar once and everytime i do, i get more addicted. everytime i stop and look at him, i want to get to know him better. the more i get addicted to the cigar, the more i fall for him. i suddenly realize i’m at the point where i’m so addicted to the cigar that there is no way out. i’ve fallen so deep in love with him that it’ll be hard to move on. he’s just my cigar, and i’ve lit it once too many times.
—  my opinion.