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An: so a random fic, i just love the idea of a jealous spencer, and yeah. Enjoy.
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Jealousy. It didn’t take you being a profiler to see it clear as day on your boyfriends face, as you walked into the police station for the newest case, serial murders and kidnappings, the lead police officer had his eyes on you, all of you, spencer didn’t like how the man watched you walk, the natural swing to your hips, his eyes not leaving your ass as you walked in the box of files and evidence in your hands. You smiled back at him when he broke the line of sight the man had on you, now walking close to your back as you entered the room your team had been given, setting the box on the table. The officer entered his shoulder hitting spencers as he passed to pause by your side, leaning close to you asking pointless questions. This was gonna be a long case.

“Okay so, we have his comfort zone close to the deepest part of the woods, we need to search through there and we’ll find more victims or the people he’s keeping hostage.” You smiled always loving how good spencer was at geographical things for cases.
“Do you know how large that area is? That could take days, they could be dead by the time we find a trace of them” you frowned turning to look at the officer who had been far to cozy with you
“462 sq ft” you turned back to spencer
“Sorry what?” You laughed to yourself
“The area is 462 sq feet, home to deer and Fox’s, brown bears, and currently is able to be traveled through easier then any other time of the year, if you are quick and good at finding signs of human life it should take your team 3 hours, where while it’ll take me and my team here an hour maybe.” You looked at him eyes narrowing as a smirk crossed your face, he was jealous, a big green…well hazel green eyed monster.
“Okay i know you are some smart nerd boy but my team is good we know this area better then some book freak, i mean i bet you are quick with everything aint ya, books, math, the ladies who pity you enough to spend the saddest two minutes on bed with you” you saw spencer face change, he was angry but you saw the hurt in his eyes, standing you walked quickly in between them hand pushing the fuck boy away from spencer, seeing spencer jealous was fun at first, seeing him hurt and angry was not,
“Listen to me, you jack wad, spencer is smart and funny and amazing, you wouldn’t be able to pull any woman into bed you haven’t paid, and i can tell you this, spencer has an IQ of 187, can read over 20,000 words a minute, and all the brains he has he can make me do what you could never do, he can make me smile and laugh and makes me feel like i am the only person in the world, but he can also make me scream and beg him to never stop, he is everything you will never be.” Turning you smiled up at spencer a look of pride on his face.

The case was closed unsub caught, you stood next to spencer clearing off the evidence board, stopping you turned to him
“You know i love you right, only you, no dumb jock cop who peeked in highschool will change that” he sighed turning to you
“But some other guy could, some genius who makes you laugh and also found the cure to schizophrenia and developed the pill to stabilize depression, he could sweep you away because he was smarter and funnier and-” you stopped his ramblings your hands grabbing his jacket pulling him down to kiss him, pulling back
“No person who cured depression or schizophrenia, will ever make me feel the way Dr. Spencer Walter Reid, genius with 3 Ph.D’s and 3 BA’s, the man who can make me laugh, and make me feel the happiest when my mind closes in on me, the man i would take 50 bullets for, no one will ever be what i need, no one but you” you smiled seeing him blush slightly, pulling him down again deepening the kiss, his hands holding your waist pulling you close to him
“And i will never want anyone else because you…make me feel like i could take down any one, i love you…so much…”

Mary and Sherlock are standing outside of a small pub after he had a little fight with a stranger.

Mary: Sherlock, it’s pretty obvious to be honest. Don’t you think?
Sherlock: I have no idea what you mean.
Mary: -points to his bleeding nose- Well you just got in a fight.
Sherlock: Things like that happen. Differing opinions. Humans are like that, Mary.
Mary: -laughs quietly and shakes her head- Sherlock…
Sherlock: What? -rolls his eyes, facing her-
Mary: I’m sorry to tell you this, but you can’t hide it anymore. You just fought with a completely random man. And why? Because he was rude to Molly.
Sherlock: That is not true…. -looks away, pressing a tissue against his nose-
Molly: -comes over to both of them, faces Sherlock- Oh my god. That looks horrible! You should go see the doctor.
Sherlock: -sighs loudly and looks away-
Molly: -looks at Mary, then back to Sherlock-
Mary: -shrugs-
Molly: Sherlock your nose is bleeding. It may even be broken. This could be serious.
Sherlock: I won’t go to the hospital for it.
Molly: -sighs and bites her lip- At least, let me check it. Okay? I want to be sure that it’s not broken.
Sherlock: …Okay. -nods and shrugs slightly-
Molly: -smiles softly and nods- Alright. Just give me a second. I have to get my jacket. -leaves-
Mary: You know for a fact that it’s not broken, huh? Well have a nice evening with her, Sherlock. -chuckles and gives him a cheeky smile-

So some of you know I run a tabletop Fallout Equestria RP on Saturdays, and I was adding some tweaks to a random NPC generator I was scripting when I realized that maybe some other avid RP’ers would benefit from it.

So I was just wondering if anybody likes the idea of me making a sort of ‘pony creator’ program that people can use to generate reference sheets of their OC’s. It’d also generate a top-down view of the pony for use on sites like Roll20 or whatever else people use. I’d plan on hundreds of mane and tail styles, all extremely customizable. Import your own cutie marks or make your own in-editor, add props you find online or such like that.
On top of that, I was thinking of ways to script a ‘generator’ that’s highly customizable, and can pop out random NPC’s to populate your RP worlds based on parameters you set.

It’s of course super alpha-alpha, but what do you guys think?


jaspar fave things 0/? 

‘you’re not only a youtube sensation, you also happen to be my roommate, so i sometimes forget i’m living with someone so incredible’


We go where no one goes

We slow for no one

Get out of our way”-x, x

ENFP and INFP characters (part 1, because tumblr sucks.xD (part 2)) for the amazing @gakuenkaoru.:3 Ne-explanation: Listen to the song and imagine the lyrics to be about our Ne (and Fi).x3 We go where no one goes in our minds, sometimes so fast that no one can follow.xD But no one can stop us, and we know that we always have a home there.:)

Anne and Paul both knew “How fair the realm, Imagination opens to view”, and both knew the way to that happy land. There the rose of joy bloomed immortal by dale and stream; clouds never darkened the sunny sky; sweet bells never jangled out of tune; and kindred spirits abounded. The knowledge of that land’s geography…“east o’ the sun, west o’ the moon”…is priceless lore, not to be bought in any market place.“-Anne of Avonlea

So thank you, my dear, for our wonderful trips above the clouds, to Neverworld and beyond, for always supporting me with your truly kind and compassionate words, and brightening my life with your presence.:’3<3<3<3 And special thanks for your heart-warming and highly detailed comments/tags (you know what the xNFP-heart desires.xD) on my personal posts, making me feel heard and appreciated.:’)<3<3<3

HEY THERE GUYS! So this is a little experiment :D it’s just an idea that popped into my mind and it should be a little ‘thank you’ for you guys! The winner will be chosen by a random generator. That means: The chances are the same for everyone, it doesn’t matter if we are mutuals or not!!! So I really hope you cupcakes like this little something!



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