i just like red okay

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Can everyone tell their favorite emo Keith story?

Pidge: Literally any time he says “you just don’t understand” in his broody emo voice is my favorite

Keith: That’s supposed to be sarcastic.

Hunk: There was one time we were all decorating cookies and all of his were either black or red, or, get this, black and red.

Keith: I just like those colors okay? and the rest of you were hogging all the other frostings

Lance: He sent me “rawr XD” and I threw away my phone.

Keith: That was also supposed to be sarcastic.

Shiro: He asked me to do his eyeliner once and showed me a picture of Gerard Way as a reference.

Keith: .. Okay, I have no excuse for that one.


Keith and Red

It’s me. Keith.Your buddy. It’s me! Keith, your– I am your paladin! I’m bonding with you! Hey! 


in case you haven’t noticed, i’m weird. i’m a weirdo. i don’t fit in.
something is very, very wrong with me. there’s this darkness in me, that’s overwhelming sometimes and i don’t know where it comes from.


“Are those gloryspren?”

“No, bridgeboy,” Adolin said, once more wearing that obnoxious grin. “They’re fashionspren.”

Kaladin is Kaladone. He has a blond boy problem.

Based on this: “A tidbit on Adolin. Hm… In Book Three, he will finally get to wear an outfit other than a boring Kholin uniform.Knowing you all, you’re going to read WAY more into that than I intend. But there you go.” (Source: WoB.)

It was either this or a havah, I’ve got a feeling Dalinar would disapprove of both.


what if kitty todoroki


the real reason Tex wouldn’t be able to fucking stand Felix: he’s a jock. her soft spot is reserved for nerds, dorks, and geeks. 


Here ya go ya filthy animals

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This may sound kinda rude, but why do you only use red to sketch?

short story: i like it

long story: it starts from like traditional sketching where red is a really good base colour, like its not very overwhelming to most other colours so you can use it as an initial sketch layer and its very easy to go over with another colour (i usually like a darker red or a blue, depending on what im planning to do with the sketch),, but its also quite striking on its own so if you do like the sketch then you can leave it that way

also when i want to draw clean lines i like to use layout paper and then a regular black pencil, and layout paper is kind of like a more substantial tracing paper, and red is very visible through the layout paper and, unlike if you had had a greyscale sketch under the layout paper, your clean black lines dont get confused with the grey lines underneath

below you can see the initial red sketch with the darker red refinements of the sonny/pete sketch i did yesterday, and also the cleaner lines i did on layout paper afterwards (i wasnt happy with the sketch at this point, so took it into photoshop for another refined layer) 

also i have a red sketchbook i started this year, where all the sketches in it are just red, which i decided to do because i wanted to practice filling space, and chose red because i had a nice new red pencil, and love how red looks less scrappy than pencil, and all the sketches come together and flow nicely and the red brings them together as one whole page but doesn’t overwhelm the individual drawing,, i mean DOESNT THAT LOOK COOL????

now, digitally, the choice of red was just initially transferring the technique, like “oh red looks nice on paper, lets do some of that here” but now i really do think that its a good choice,, and to prove my point i edited some of the lil bennys from earlier

black is just a lil plain and bland, yellow is always hard to see and very easily overwhelmed, pink is too loud and overwhelming, blue is probably my second favourite but you cant draw in blue without bringing sadness to the party, and then theres red! soft, good, not overwhelming, easy to get depth of tone, very visible but not dominant, doesn’t evoke any particular emotion so its very versatile (unless of course you use a very harsh red and really try to bring out the anger of the colour and what not), just pure and good and nice

SO PLEASE, people who made it to the end of this long long red nerd out, GO FORTH, TRY RED, HAVE FUN


Please stop making countdowns until underage idols turn 18. That is disgusting and creepy.

Did I mention my abigail design?


“ahh Jemma Redgrave, she’s a fine looking big woman isn’t she? a big darling!” 

“now I always think that Jemma looks like she’s being embraced by a midget wearing nail polish there” *laughter* …“she’s being embraced by Imelda Staunton”..


p.s ^ Notable appearance by Louise Delamere who played Colette in Holby city, who I shipped so hard with Serena I can’t explain. And yes that is Rupert Giles s h o o k e t h. Did I mention the film also stars Charlotte Church??

*All quotes by director Craig Ferguson and some other producer dude*


I heard you like AUs in your AUs???? 

MC Hates Bugs


     Yoosung ran towards you as a shriek rang through the house. He slammed open the door, breathing heavily. 

     “W-What’s wrong MC?” Yoosung peeked into the room to see you cowering on a chair. He followed your eyes to see a tiny little bug, so tiny it was barely visible. 

     “Yoosung! Please! Get rid of that bug!” You screamed at him, flinching as the bug moved a little to the right. Yoosung let out a sigh of relief before tentatively reaching out with a tissue with a trembling hand.

     “You’re s-scared of the bug too?” You stared at him with wide eyes, and he turned red. 

     “W-Well I just don’t like them, okay? You shouldn’t be scared about bugs! Y-You were in the apartment with a bomb remember?” He was bright red as he impulsively grabbed the bug, flushing the tissue away. 


    Zen jumped up at the sound of your yelling, the script flying everywhere as he searched for you. He found you standing in a corner, pointing at a small spider on a wall.

    “Zen, please do something about that.. thing.” You were visibly trembling a little, and Zen grabbed a magazine, rolling it up.

    “W-Wait! Don’t kill it! I’d feel too guilty…” Zen glanced up at you with widened eyes, and began to laugh.

    “Hahaha, MC you’re too cute~ I’ll get a cup and some paper, just wait.” He then ran to the kitchen for a cup, and using a random old script for paper, he trapped the spider. He took it outside, and while you watched,  he freed it in a bush. After he dropped the spider, he turned to the window you were watching from and smiled. 


    Jaehee and you were cuddling while watching a movie, when you turned your eyes away from the screen, body suddenly tensing up. .

    “Are you alright? Do you feel sick?” She put a hand on your forehead, checking for a fever.

    “Jaehee, t-there’s a bug…” You said, pointing at a tiny black speck on the wall.

    “It’s much too high for bugs to be here MC, it’s probably some dust that got stuck on the wall.” Jaehee sighed a little, and gave you a reassuring smile, lightly kneading your tense shoulders.

    “JaEhEE IT MoVEd” You nearly shrieked, backing up into the couch. Jaehee got up and stepped towards the small speck, and laughed.

     “MC, it’s okay, it really was just dust. The wind must have made it move a little.” Jaehee held up the little ball of black fluff, and decided to do a through cleaning as soon as she could.


     “What do you mean, a fly? That was a real thing?” Jumin stared at you doubtfully, while you nodded with teary eyes. He followed you to the living room, where a fly was buzzing around. At first glance, Jumin was mesmerized by the bug he never saw. 

     “So this is a fly… It’s quite like a butterfly…” Jumin looked at the fly, trying to study it. But the fly clearly didn’t take to kindly to his gaze, and nearly barreled headfirst into Jumin’s nose. Jumin instantly panicked, grabbing the bug spray and totally drenching the room in it. 

     The two of you couldn’t go into the room for weeks,,, 


     You called out for Seven, not taking your eyes off of the spider hanging on a shelf. Immediately, you heard a clattering, and a few pitter patters. A few seconds later, Seven skidded into the room, almost tripping, while heroically holding up a rolled up magazine. 

     “I’ll save you from the bug, MC!” He cried out, and whacked the spider off the shelf with strange sound effects. Your fear completely disappeared, and you couldn’t help but giggle as he proudly held up the magazine. Your smile dropped off your face when the spider began to crawl on the floor, and Seven began to panic. He grabbed the magazine again, and scooped up the spider. You watched, frozen in fear, as he ran to the door and tossed the magazine out. Slamming the door shut, Seven laughed a little before frowning. 

     “I had to throw away my sword…”   

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