i just like playing with fonts

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can you do a tutorial on your fonts? :)

Sure! I’m assuming you mean the text on my gifs; I’ll make a list of tips since there isn’t really a specific set of steps, but there are certain things I pay attention to when I add text.

Unless it’s part of the image (example), you don’t want the font to be overly large. I find some people when doing a simple “text across the center” thing tend to up the font size and make it super bold to make it easier to read and then it just kind of gets in the way. For readability, I highly recommend increasing the tracking (letter-spacing) instead.

Tracking is the space between each letter. It’s located here:

Increasing tracking helps readability immensely. Below is 0 vs 300:

It’s easy to go overboard with the special effects (warping, etc.) because they’re fun to play with, but keeping it simple is best. You sort of don’t want your text to look like it came straight of out the free word art in MS Word.

Adding a stroke (outline) to the type can work in some cases, but many times it looks outdated instead. For the most part I recommend:

The most important thing is just to choose your image. Some images/scenes just don’t take well to text due to how much is going on in it.

I don’t recommend using more than 2 fonts. Generally, a sans serif font pairs well with a script (cursive) font. If you use serif with a script, there can be too much going on. But as always, it just depends. Some fonts go well together and some don’t. You can read more specific tips about font pairing here.

Convert to Smart Filters turns your type layer into a Smart Object so you can add filters like Blur without rasterizing the layer. This is useful because if you decide to edit the text, you don’t have to start over. Just double click the layer and it’ll open up an editable file (a .psb). Make your changes and save. It’s helpful for effects like this; I edited the text on that a few times, but I didn’t have to retype it each time and rasterize again to add the blur effect.

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Um... Can we get clarification for what happened between you and scotchtapeofficial? I'm kinda utterly confused as to the whole thing...

motherfucker wanted 2 buy a bunch of dnd stuff despite never having played the game before in he got damn life

and THEN he goes and says “o ya i spent like 20 dollars on a shirt that said ‘smegma’ today in the SEGA font bcuz that’s funny”

like, yeah that’s funny enough to be reblogged, but not something funny enough to wear on ur fuckin chest in public BUD

PLL 7x13 Hold Your Piece - thoughts (confirmation Charlotte is alive in this episode?)

Overall, a general step up from last week’s episode which was one of the worst of the series. Still disappointing, and I still want to know when the love letter to the fans begins.

We started off interesting and then it went straight to filler. Ffs.


The Hanna doll was creepy! I loved that. And cutting into the doll was a clever interpretation of appendix. Even I didn’t think of that Hanna, nice!

Making Aria, out of all the liars, be the tech genius was definitely fan-service to the Aria is A theorists. And I love that the writers did that. They respect the fans. It’s the final season and they want to satisfy everyone; Aria won’t be A, but it’s about time they showed Aria be stronger than usual (both physically - pushing Sydney and also in terms of how smart she was by planting the GPS tracking chip in Sydney’s bag).

I like that Sydney got some clarification but my gosh - will we ever find out who was the fourth person to the picnic in 505?

I’m going to cop hate for this. But I LOVED not having Alison around. I’ve always been a firm believer that this show started going down once Alison came back alive, mainly in season 5. With just the simple absence of Alison, it felt like a good old season 3 or 4 episode. And I loved those vibes. I love seeing the group of 4 without Ali, sometimes.

Yvonne dying honestly shocked me! It happened out of nowhere! Good job writers, for shocking me. I definitely knew it was coming, I’m not shocked that she died, but more so the way and time she died. One second she’s confessing how happy she is, next second, literally, she’s gone. I really felt so terrible for Toby.

Fury and Spencer. Get absolutely lost. Couldn’t care less. I can’t believe how much time they wasted playing ping pong. I understand fillers. But THAT much is just stupid.

I liked that short, cute Spaleb scene. “I like how easy that was”

Caleb helping with the board game.. thank god. If they waited until episode 9 to enlist Caleb, I would’ve been so frustrated. At least we can get some sort of satisfaction that the girls are somewhat trying to beat the game.

“Hey Loser” … try harder AD. Sounds like a threat the kids on the playground use. And stop using the Spongebob Squarepants font, please!

The final scene had me so so so disappointed. I initially thought it was a betrayal scene - Fury is working for AD! They had him in black, with gloves, an A package, everything! But no. It was him as a police officer opening a package from AD. Bummer. I would’ve LOVED a betrayal there (Fury working for AD).

LUCAS MADE THE BOARD GAME. I still stand by this. It’s what PLL does - they make the characters fall in love with each other (not literally in love) only for a massive betrayal to happen. Right before Toby was revealed as A in 312, Spoby hooked up. Right before Ezra was revealed as “A”, Ezria spent the entire episode together. And now, right before Lucas is going to be revealed as working for AD, Hanna says all that lovey-dovey stuff about being a great friend. It’s a normal tactic used in TV: let the character confess their love so that the betrayal is even more shocking.

I can’t help but think that AD gave Spencer a soft/easy task because AD is Spencer’s sister (a Drake). I mean, the writers went out of their way to highlight that Spencer got it easier. Maybe this is important.

The finger is surely Rollins’. 5 years later??? It can’t be Jessica’s. I think this is the beginning of AD revealing what the girls did.

Can I get a hell yeah for no new characters!! It’s almost like the writers learnt their lesson from 712, yet obviously they didn’t because this episode was made months ago. But still. No new characters = at absolute least 4/10 on my scales. Hence last week got a 2/10, and didn’t even get a reactions post like this. My screen did not get a brick through it tonight because Addison wasn’t in it. Thank god. My screen is safe.

And finally. This episode, for me, almost confirmed that Charlotte is alive. I haven’t seen anyone else say this which is surprising me because it’s the very first place my mind went. Like, instantaneously my mind went there. Sydney said there’s an Anonymous Donor paying for Jenna’s surgery. Ummmmm… last episode, Jenna literally told us that Charlotte agreed to pay for another surgery for her eyes! I pray to god Charlotte is not AD but she could just be an anonymous donor without being AD, if that makes sense.

And wow, the promo for next week!! No way are we actually going to find out who killed Jessica in a random, non-finale episode. I don’t expect to get solid confirmation. We won’t hear the explicit sentence “X killed Jessica because Y”. We will find out more clues, but I am 98% sure we won’t get solid confirmation. It’ll be another Sara Harvey. Heavily implied it is someone, but not 100% confirmed. (But all the clues will point to Peter. He’ll be the one this reveal will base around.)

Overall.. 6.5/10. For the final episodes, I’m still somewhat disappointed, but it was a step up from last week. I can’t give it more than 7 because we missed our queen Mona. 

Okay so because I have a legit problem, I went to see Cursed Child again today and it got gayer since the last time I saw it I cannot believe

So you know Act 3 Scene 14 where they’re in their dormitory and Scorpius is telling Albus about how he thought of him to keep the dementors away? Well in the two performances I’ve seen before, they stayed on their separate beds but today, Scorpius moved to sit on Albus’s bed

He sat all up against him so their sides were completely touching and told him that thoughts of him were what guided him through the darkness like I’m sorry but it was the most romo thing I’ve ever seen in my life

and if that wasn’t bad enough I shit you not later in the play (during the dreaded Act 4 Scene 14) Albus legit leant right into Scorpius with this huge sappy grin on his face and boOPED SCORPIUS ON THE NOSE. LIKE HE JUST BOOPED IT. LIKE HE COULDN’T RESIST AND LIKE IT WAS THE MOST NATURAL THING IN THE WORLD LIKE HONESTLY I THOUGHT THEY WERE LEGIT ABOUT TO START PICKING OUT FONTS FOR WEDDING INVITES RIGHT THERE!!!!?




One of three Keyblade wielders who played a pivotal role
in a historic clash more than a dozen years ago.
To save a friend, she cast herself into the realm of darkness,
never to be seen again.

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Do you have any ideas about how the Volturi members handwriting would look? I'm just really into handwriting

Aro’s handwriting is fancy and swirly to the point of illegibility. If he writes you a note, you’re going to be guessing 50% of its contents. 

Caius has rushed, cramped handwriting. It’s very angular and not all that pretty. 

Marcus’ handwriting is sprawling and loopy and thin. It looks like he hesitates before writing each letter, and it’s true– he totally does. Because his spelling has never been great and he’s thoughtful in general. 

Sulpicia has practiced, calligraphic handwriting. She’s aiming for a combination of legibility and “damn, that’s pretty.”

Athenodora has what we’d call ‘mad scientist handwriting’. Or ‘doctor handwriting’, if we’re putting a nice spin on it. She just wants to scrawl everything down as fast as possible. 

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hello, at the beginning your graphics and gifs are really pretty! can you make a tuto or just explain how you make graphics, plz? ♥

Hello, thank you so much for your kind words :’) I made one graphic tutorial before (you can see it here). I will try to explain more about how I make my graphics and give some (hopefully) helpful tips!

I’ll be using these as examples:

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hi :) I was thinking about starting to type my uni notes as I'm finding it super time consuming handwriting them. So I just wanted to ask if you have any tips for starting to type out notes and if there's any specific way that you set out your notes? x

Hi! Thanks for asking! I’d actually advise that you play around with different styles and find what suits you! 

  • Because typed notes are so much easier to move around, you can even change your mind halfway through doing the notes and shuffle things into textboxes, or make things flow into two columns, etc! 
  • If you run out of space you can always make more somehow, like changing the font sizes, the arrangement of text, etc. so it’s really flexible compared to handwritten notes in my opinion. 
  • The other thing is that it’s so much better for perfectionists - I’ve read heaps of studyblrs who have said here and there that they start a whole page again if they make a mistake! It can seriously get so time consuming. 
  • One thing that people don’t really think about when they’re deciding the format is whether or not you’ll be printing the notes out. If not, then you can spread the information out as much as possible so that it’s easy to digest. 
  • If you’re printing and you’re only making short dot points, you might want to arrange the information in two column format so that you can save paper. 
  • Make use of tables as well - when you handwrite notes, you might get to a particular cell where you need to write a lot of information and it ends up coming out messy and hard to process. If typed, you can simply adjust the column width. 
  • Make use of colour - just like you would with handwritten notes. Like paper notes, make sure you don’t go crazy with the colour schemes, because it’s time consuming to change colours all the time. 

  • If you’re using OneNote, you can literally start typing anywhere, so it makes it easier to arrange information in a way that makes sense to you. 

  • Personally, my typed notes for diseases are all in table format - it just makes everything so much easier to look up quickly. 

Hope that helps! :)

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ok sorry if you got asked this before but.... how do you style your headings? i tried some tutorials and they never seemed to work out so i decided on asking the lord and savior of code tutorials aka u <3

I don’t think I have ever seen a tutorial for this, but everyone uses these small headers these days. I’m sure everyone has a different way of making these, but it’s pretty easy, and this is how I do it: I just start writing the code as if I’m only making a code for a fancy text. Then I put a border around it and voila. I realise this is too broad, so I will explain it as well as I can.

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EDH Deck Tech: Nekusar, the Mindrazer

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we’re looking into EDH at a very friendly Group Hug, euhm…I mean Group Slug deck: Nekusar, the Mindrazer.

Now you all might know that I love making people draw cards and be friendly to every player, well this deck does sort of that, in a less friendly way. The goal of the deck is to make everyone draw a bunch of cards, just like a Group Hug deck, but you might punish your opponents for doing so, and they might hate you for it. I need to point out that this deck draws A LOT of hate, so be careful not to die too quickly. Let’s jump into it.

Nekusar Effects

You want to have as many redundant effects like the one your commander offers, to make sure the deck is as effective as possible. So cards like Fate Unraveler, Underworld Dreams, Psychosis Crawler, Spiteful Visions, Niv-Mizzet the Firemind, Kederekt Parasite, Phyrexian Tyranny & Breathstealer’s Crypt. With all those cards you are assured to really punish your opponents from drawing all those cards.

Group Slug

Make like a Group Hug deck and just make everyone draw cards! I’m personally not a huge fan of this strategy since we’ll see some way better way to trigger your Nekusar effects in a bit, but it’s still a legit strategy. If you want, you can pack up some cards like Fevered Visions, Howling Mine, Temple Bell, Dictate of Kruphix, Forced Fruition, Prosperity, Minds Aglow, Kami of the Crescent Moon, Seizan Perverter of Truth, Skyscribing, Fascination, Font of Mythos, Otherworld Atlas & Anvil of Bogardan. But like I said, I’m not a big fan of this strategy, I much prefer the other way to go that I’ll talk about in a bit. Honestly, I’d just play Forced Fruition & Fevered Visions if I were to build a Nekusar deck.

Discard Value

If your opponents are drawing tons of cards they will have to discard some eventually. Also, a whole lot of your cards also hand discarding as a side-effect so it’s a win-win. You need a few cards that take advantage of your opponents discarding, as well as yourself discarding. Some good options are Archfiend of Ifnir, Waste Not, Liliana’s Caress, Megrim, Sangromancer, Shadow of the Grave, Geth’s Grimoire & Bloodchief Ascension. Use discard to your advantage to punish your opponents & benefit you.

Timetwister Effects

Now this is the strategy that I love, this feels much better than going the Group Slug way imo. With these effects you make your opponents draw massive amount of cards in a short period of time and can be repeated fairly often since you have access to so many of them. You can lash out ENOURMOUS amount of damages in a single turn with these. Play some cards like Timetwister, Commit//Memory, Teferi’s Puzzle Box, Molten Psyche, Winds of Change, Whirlpool Warrior, Magus of the Jar, Time Reversal, Day’s Undoing, Time Spiral & Memory Jar. Shuffle up those cards and draw yourself new hands constantly, as well as your opponents!

Wheel Effects

Another amazing way to deal massive amounts of damage; those effects trigger in the same way as the previous ones, but they also trigger all those discard cards we’ve seen before. You can get insane amount of value from those, with cards like Jace’s Archivist, Windfall, Whispering Madness, Reforge the Soul, Incendiary Command, Dark Deal, Wheel and Deal, Magus of the Wheel, Runehorn Hellkite, Dragon Mage, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fate & Collective Defiance. Spin that wheel!

Removal Package

You’re going to attract a lot of hate, so you need answers to deal with whatever people send your way. Good thing is that you have access to some of the best colours for answers, so you can play cards like Cyclonic Rift, Disallow, Arcane Denial, Crosis’s Charm, Terminate, Evacuation, Counterflux, Dream Fracture, Sudden Spoiling, Hero’s Downfall, Grixis Charm, Swan Song, Blasphemous Act, Decree of Pain, Vandalblast, Baral’s Expertise, Dreadbore, Damnation, Black Sun’s Zenith, Slaughter Pact & Pact of Negation. Grab yourself enough answers to survive a few turns.

Value Town. Population: You

There are some sweet sweet cards that don’t fit in any of the previous categories that just go so well with this deck. Cards like Library of Leng, Venser’s Journal, As Foretold, Thought Vessel (and any other mana rock in your colours to be honest, you need some cheap rocks to accelerate quickly), Nightscape Familiar, Baral Chief of Compliance, Chasm Skulker, Notion Thief (with Laboratory Maniac obviously), Reverberate (or any cheap spell that copies sorceries) & Mizzix’s Mastery. All those cards bring something really helpful to the deck and can be very, very powerful.


That’s it for this week! Go forth and make your opponents hate you for making them draw all those sweet sweet cards! But be careful of all that hate your getting, you wouldn’t want to die too early. I hope you guys enjoyed the deck tech as much as I did. If I missed anything let me know. I’ll see you guys next week for a Standard deck tech!

Stuff that I've said on Skype
  • *swings into ims on a wrecking ball while singing wrecking ball while listening to wrecking ball*
  • i know it’s a lot to expect of my tiny brain
  • i literally want to watch it but i dont
  • oh hey you wanna know where to get great food poisoning?
  • anyway sorry to bug u know u having a bad day and all. make me into a sim and make me get abducted by aliens
  • ‘have you accepted the word of our lord and savior, billy joel.“
  • hopefully we will talk soon and I'll tell you and ruin your life
  • i looked it up and then went nah i dont need this
  • you know what plays when people stalk people: every breath you take
  • my aunt and uncle surprise stopped over for mothers day and
  • gave my grandma some ugly ass shirt
  • you will see this thing and be like did a two year old with a marker make this
  • some of my fonts look serial killerish
  • thank god we're watching a movie because justin bieber just came on and i was humming
  • you gotta ask all the questions like is spongebob more sponge
  • or is he more bob
  • ahh yes i am garbageeeee. but im trying to do better at being garbageee
  • Like dial up internet if it was a person
  • this sounds like something that plays when someone comes to kill you
  • 'this is your fault. you were with ___. see what happens'

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Oh! More for your consideration! I was listening to the Doomstar soundtrack on the way home from work and realized that Blazing Star's guitars feel significantly different than other songs. So! Imagine! Skwis and Toki just hanging out and relaxing after the drama of Toki's rescue, Skwis is playing as usual, but Toki notices the difference and asks why Skwis isn't playing like normal. He says that he's not writing it not for himself but for Toki, as an apology for not coming sooner. - Soft Anon

Soft Anon you are just a font of good ideas!

I’m 100 percent sure Skwisgaar gave the Blazing Star solo to Toki, but he asked Nathan to make it seem like it was his idea. (Nathan agrees, then immediately blows up Skwisgaar’s spot. “HEY TOKI. SKWISGAAR WROTE A SONG FOR YOU AND HE WANTS YOU TO PLAY OT BUT HE DOESN’T WANT TO TELL YOU BECAUSE HE’S A WEAK GUSHY LITTLE BABY.”)


Twitchy Timeloop
-A “Twitch plays Undertale” interlude-

Page 09/ Page 10

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[First Page]

I’m proud of this spaghetti time line dialog, hehe.
Oh, and Sans’ changing fonts just mean a change in his mood. Don’t think too much about it.

At least he didn’t told Papyrus about timelines like “Swap Tale” or “Under Fell” or the one where everyone is pure nightmare fuel. (Yes, in this comic alternate universes count as time lines.) Papyrus would be traumatized for years.

Oh! I’ve found the video with Sans’ closed mouth I was talking about last time: HERE.

And as usual… yadda yadda when I made mistakes in the texts, just tell me.

EDIT: Fixed a mistake. Thanks, enterthefreak, for pointing it out. :-D

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How did you make the green theme?

{ -That theme was one of my favorite themes to make, and one of the most popular themes I’ve ever made. It was also one of the easiest. To do it, all you’ll really need are these three photoshop brush packs (they also work with GIMP): x and x and x. The theme in question: 

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How I make my quotes:

I’ve gotten several requests asking me to do a tutorial of how I make the quotes in my bullet journal [x]. This is just a quick example I made for this tutorial.

1. Mark out the center
the first thing I do is that I mark out the middle of the page just to ba able to center everything correctly. I also mark out a box of where I want my text to go and how big I want it to be. The actual size might change in the end but I just like to do this to have a slight idea about how it’s gonna look in the end.

2. Time to start sketching 
Now it’s time to start thinking about what type of layout you want your quote to have. Start sketching, make several different designs and play around with different fonts and styles until you find one you like. If you feel like you really can’t come up with an original design, google “quote lettering” or something like that and you should be able to get some inspo from there :)

3. Add it to your page
When you come up with a design you want it’s time to add it to your page. Make sure you get it properly centered and measure your letters/count them and the spaces. Don’t worry about it being too neat, you’ll be able to fix that later. And when it comes to styles and fonts, it’s all about practice. Look at other lettering and try to mimic them if you’re struggling. 

4. Outline! :)
Next is outlining. I like to use these black liners (don’t know the brand, sorry) and any black liner will do :) Be careful about edges and try not to smudge anything (like I did on the “deserve” :( ).

5. Fill it in
Time to fill in any letters you want to fill in. Cursive writing and Times New Roman kind of fonts have the downstrokes bolder than the upstrokes, so try to think about that when writing if you want to fake calligraphy ;)

6. Details
When you feel like you’re done with your letters you can go ahead and add details, shadows, colours, banners, little drawings, flowers or whatever you feel like adding. It’s up to you how you want your quote to look like :) 

And then you’re done! :) If there are any further questions feel free to ask me!


Title: For your love

Pairing: Jake Gray x Reader

Warnings: Little bit of gore (not much)

Imagine: Imagine Jake fighting his evil side for your sake and because he has feelings for you.

A/N: I am trying out some new fonts and ways to upload imagine. I saw this somewhere once and liked it but I am still playing around with this till I find the right one.

The knife was there tempting Jake to just grab it and stab the bastard, preferably in the face to wipe out that awful smirk. And he felt himself smirking at the mere idea, because he’d let him live. Oh yes he was going to let him live just so that his life could be a living hell. With what he’d do to his face he wouldn’t have the nerve not to just hit on you but any other girl, especially those sluts that insulted you every chance they got. As if they ever stood a chance in front of you. But maybe, just maybe he’d do something to them too. They were so close to him he could pretend that as he swung the knife he hurt them on accident.

Accident, yeah right. None of it would ever be. He’d caught himself in so many situations before but when it came to you it all got worse. Whenever any of them toyed with you for the heck of it all he could dream about was tearing their throat with his own teeth. And this time the douche had the nerve to hit on you, he hit on you and when you rejected him he insulted you and was off to those who-

“Jake?” he felt a slightly shake on his shoulder “Jake!” your voice rang through his ears and he shook his head, the red flashes running through his mind before disappearing.

“Jake are you listening to me?” you said as loud as you could to him and only then did he turn hi head to meet your eyes.

“Wh-what?” he blinked several times, seeing your frown deepen.

“Jake?” you ended up whispering “Was it…?” you trailed off, never really being able to voice what was going on inside his head.

“It was-” he clenched his jaw, his eyes casting down.

“Who- who was it this time?” you whispered, your hand falling on top of his.

He gave you a squeeze before he sent a glare Johny’s way “Who do you think?” he let out a sigh and nodded your head softly.

“Was it- was it bad?” you whispered, your thumb rubbing over his hand.

“As always.” he whispered and you let out another sigh.

“Come on, get up. We’re leaving.” you suddenly said, gathering your things.

“Where?” he looked up at you with big green eyes.

“Out. You need some air, not to be in this crowded pit of a bar.” you grabbed his hand again and before he could say anything you were dragging him out of the bar and he only followed you. Although he stumbled a little bit he was relievedhe let you get him out because the cold air managed to soothe him.

“Better?” you whispered after a while of walking in silence and only holding hands.

“I will be only when all of this stops.” he said looking down at his feet.

“It will. In its own time I guess.” you mumbled with a small shrug, not letting yourself blush over the fact that he was still holding your hand. Yes, he.

But you were only friends, best friends sure, but just that. Having feelings for him was wrong, you knew it and would probably destroy the friendship you had built all these years. But how could you help it? You were smitten ever since high school and there was no way it just would go away now.

“When (Y/n)!?” his voice raised “I’m sick and tired of it! And these- these thoughts they are just a part of me, I know it, but I don’t want to have anything to do with that! I don’t want to!”

“Jake, hey Jake, I know alright? I know.” you hurried to take your hand off his and cupped his face instead “I know how hard this is, trust me. But I know just how much you want to fight this off.”

“What point is there in it anyway?” he asked as if he was tired, both emotionally and physically, and you felt your heart break “No matter how much I fight I just- every instinct in me screams otherwise.”

“No, hey no talking like that you hear me? You better shut your fucking mouth for good if it is to say such a thing again.” you growled at him, more angry than ever “You are going to fight this, you hear me? This- this twisted part of you, this evil part of you that wants to shed only blood and cause chaos is nothing in front of the Jake I know! You are kind, sweet, generous and loving! You are so damn selfless and brave you just shouldn’t be scared of him taking over, because he is not you Jake. That part is not you.” you shook your head to emphasize and without realizing it you were both moving closer to each other, your bodies so close.

“I just want it to be over, (Y/n).” his voice cracked as a tear rolled down his cheek “I- I want-”

There were so many things he wanted to say at that moment because there was so many things he desperately wanted too. But maybe one thing he needed the most in his life and he had only lately started to realize how much. You.

“Sshh” you whispered, wiping away the tear with your thumb “I know, I know that you want a lot of things. And you will succeed in them, Jake. I know it, just like I know that you can fight this off. You will fight it till the end you as gonna kick its ass. You’re going to win because the only person that has a say in your life is you. Nobody else, you hear me? Do you hear me Jake Gray? The boy I met all those years ago and kicked that bully’s ass will win this too. Because you have it in you and nobody will tell you otherwise. ” you gave him a small squeeze and he let a weak smile form on his lips.

“Do you really think that?” he whispered.

“Yes I do. And you will, alright? For me, promise me you will fight this for me. That you will do this all for me.” you insisted and he gave you a small nod as if he was a little child.

“I will. I want to, for you. Just you.” he choked out before his arms came and wrapped around your waist and he squeezed you in his arms; hugging you as close as he could.

He could do this and he was going to do this for you. Because he needed to be fully himself so that when the time came he could give his entire heart to you and love you like there was no tomorrow. Although he already did.