i just like pink ok


all the boys // panic! at the disco

Tomitake: the weather is so good~ ☀ I’m off to the shooting

So i’ve watched the recent steven universe episodes and i am just so ugggghhh i’m so excited to find out more about that show!!!

ANYWAYS i came up with an au on twitter! In my au, yuuri is a pink pearl (because i like seeing him in pink ok), but he’s not just any pink pearl, he’s pink diamond’s pearl even tho he thinks he’s just a dime a dozen pearl. He’s said to be the most graceful and elegant, but dont tell him that to his face he wont believe you

Victor is a lapis lazuli sent to earth to help with the terraforming. One day he saw yuuri dancing for pink diamond and instantly fell in love at first sight. Yuuri doesnt know he exists tho cause he’s pretty much stuck with pd all the time. So victor pines from a distance.

Yuuri saw victor for the first time while he was working. He was flying around with his butterfly wings and yuuri couldnt take his eyes away from him. Victor noticed yuuri staring at him, got flustered and crashed on a boulder


such a beautiful v i e w


This is Teneritas or Neri! She’s an alien gal who can conjure up electricity-like magic from her jewels and her back tentacle thingies! From a family of respected magic users. She’s sweet, kind and often prefers talking things out or finding the less violent way around problems, even though she can be quite fierce if put in the position to be.

In her casual clothing, the necklace around her neck actually summons her more adventurous outfit! More often than not she also prefers gently levitating above the ground rather than walking/running. 

I’m probably gonna be drawing her often! so hope you enjoy her look c:

The bikini was also necessary I guess, totally

I’m obsessed with Colourpop’s eyeshadows I just bought two more palettes send help

I’m sorry but knk looked so fine I cried


Heroes Meme: Colors (2/4)


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You seem really sweet and your blog is so cute!! Reading your tags brings me joy :D

(*^ω^*) Thank you! I’m glad I could give you all the Happy™