i just like making things big

Derek: “This is the one controlling him? This kid?”

Matt: “Well, Derek, not everyone’s lucky enough to be a big, bad werewolf. Oh, yeah, that's– that’s right. I’ve learned a few things lately. Werewolves, hunters, kanimas. It’s like a frickin’ Halloween party every full moon. Except for you, Stiles. What do you turn into?”

Stiles: “Abominable snowman. But, uh, it’s more of, like, a wintertime thing, you know, seasonal.”

Scott: “Hey!”

Stiles: “You bitch.”

Derek: “Get him off of me.”

Matt: “Oh, I don’t know, Derek. I think you two make a pretty good pair. It must kinda suck, though, to have all that power taken away from you with just a little cut to the back of the neck. I bet you’re not used to feeling this helpless.”

Derek: “Still got some teeth. Why don’t you get down here a little closer, huh? We’ll see how helpless I am.”

Stiles: “Yeah, bitch.”


Okay yeah okay yeah okay 


I can’t even pretend it’s anything else XD

so normally I’m like very chill and open-minded about this kind of thing; like okay people give the *probably* hard-working movie-studio a chance, you haven’t even seen the movie yet, let’s not go bashing something before it’s arrived okay.

and I never want to make a big deal out of “not approving of” something, that’s just not my style, nor do I enjoy planting seeds of negativity in a world that’s got enough of that already holy crap XD


I’m sorry

you done hit a nerve, Sony. And that’s just me taking it personally, which I don’t have a right to do… but damn it, Sony, you’ve made it kind of difficult with this one. 

As you can probably imagine, I’m a fan of Beatrix Potter’s work; which, fyi, appeared in the early 1900′s as illustrated children’s stories featuring Peter Rabbit and many of the animals seen in this trailer. Needless to say, these stories mean a lot to me… I would go so far as to say they’ve shaped me as a human being, and as an artist; Ms. Potter remains one of my personal patron saints. 

This trailer (at the risk of sounding like a prude) offends me, not because it strays from the classic material (God knows, the written word is no more sacred these days than a hand-me-down sweater), but because it shits on it. It takes the world Ms. Potter created, gives you a glimpse of what it looked like, then slaps you in the face for smiling fondly at the sight of a familiar, jacket-wearing bunny, and proceeds to (very loudly and crudely) inform you of how outdated, useless, babyish, and uncool the old stories are. “But don’t worry, Sony’s here to make them cool again, with CGI party animals, pop culture references, a creepy sexual undertone, and tried-and-true sight gags like ‘naked’ animals and two guys screaming at each other for five minutes!”

In honesty, I wouldn’t have been thrilled, but I could have stomached a “modern times” version of Peter Rabbit. If it had treated the original stories with a semblance of respect, I could have dealt with it. I can deal with the stupid Nick Jr. cartoon that’s been airing (though make no mistake, I’m still bitter about the American accents and significantly, badly altered character designs). At least you can tell it has some respect for Ms. Potter’s Lake District world. 

Unless this trailer is lying to me, it doesn’t appear that this movie has anything resembling respect for its source material, and that is what offends me. Not the dumb gags, the adult angle, or the cultural appropriation (though, c’mon, that’s all bad). It’s the lack of respect for a classic that has been a part of so many people’s growing up, that has changed the face of children’s publishing over the more than 100 years since its genesis. In the trailer, mischievous adventurer Peter is a stereotypical charismatic party animal… he sorta strikes me as a much less well-meaning Ferris Beuller. And Mr. Tod, one of (in my humble opinion) literature’s darkest, most calculatingly evil, and frightening villains is reduced to a bad-tempered tagalong. I could go on, but I’m exhausted already. 

I just


While we’re crapping on modernizing children’s classics, why don’t we just remake Ted and replace the main characters with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin? 

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I’ve been trying to convince myself that they’re just friends all this time. like, the other members did some strange things too. but this comeback is making me question my own beliefs. jimin singing “let me love you” to jungkook... backhugging him and leaning his head on jk’s shoulder... shamelessly grabbing his ass in front of thousands of people... and jk’s reaction to all of that is just a big happy smile what the hell is going on here

right??!!??!! I just…. they make me contemplate all my thoughts. like, i’m convinced they could never be real, and that i’m being delusional and all this. but then they go and do shit like that,,,, and it’s like… HOW CAN YOU NOT BE TOGETHER. i try to keep my head screwed on tight and not be one of ~those~ shippers, but jikook make it so hard when they go and act as gay as possible. like, i have no idea why they make me question the entire universe, but they do :/ idk i’m so confused by what their relationship is or could be, i htink that i need to just stop thinking about it and just concentrate on them being adorable (though it’s hard because next thing you know they’re going to do some v gay shit lol) 

Mentally exhausted 😩
I spent the day with people and was brave enough to tell a friend about our DID in passing but they did that thing where they act like they haven’t heard it and carry on talking which made Liv worry

I wasn’t brave enough for the second part which would’ve been admitting it was me and not Liv for big chunks and this is why I’m so exhausted. It takes a lot more energy to watch everything I say and also makes me sad as usual.

Oh well I guess it’s something. The week has only just begun.

I want Liv to carry on drawing me but I’m pooped and she’s not around. I think I’m just going to sleep for a bit

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isn't bucky's judaism just a plot point in aint no grave? as in its not central? cause i started reading it, heard a few mentions of judaism then saw k**e and was like ehh no thanks, and then i skimmed later chapters and it seemed like idk like judaism was like just a way to show how uncommon their friendship would be and like opportunities for bucky to fight but i did tune out once i saw that word flying around so am i wrong?

yeah like i said - i had a couple issues

the k*ke thing was a big problem for me lol, goyim shouldn’t be writing that word ever, especially making their jewish characters say it

i mean, it’s real cool that he’s jewish and the rest of the story is written so well (esp in regards to the coping from sexual assault) that i was willing to forgive some of its goyische nonsense, but yeah. his judaism was used as a leverage point for why it was Incredible That Steve Somehow Managed To Be His Friend Anyway and i wasn’t a big fan of it

i also wished that he could’ve been given opportunity to rediscover his judaism the way steve was able to rediscover his catholicism…. goyim don’t seem to realize that going to services has nothing to do with capital f Faith, that ppl who are struggling with their jewish identities can still have a relationship w it lol…. v different from a christian perspective but uhhh

honestly it teeters on the brink for me, as a story. i think the author just really needed a jewish beta reader :/

except it abide in the vine did a much better job imo! now that i’m thinking about it

I really love that thing hobi does where when he laughs his face scrunches up and his mouth looks like a big heart as he smiles which makes his cheeks look like cute round lil apples and he gets super expressive and like falls to the floor while clapping because he’s just laughing that hard or he starts jumping up and down, god I love him 💔💔 - admin violet

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So I am sure I'm INTP, I fit almost perfectly to every description, all of my friends say "Oh thats so you" when they see memes about INTP, but also... I have this big craving for perfection? I'm actually anorexic, I starve myself to get perfectly thin, I organise things like crazy and stuff. On the other hand I can actually stay all night reading stuff on wikipedia or just watching TED videos and I don't know... Is it strong Si that makes me crave for perfection this badly? What do you think?

I think it’s a combination of functions since neither ISTPs nor INFPs share the unreasonably perfectionist tendencies of many INTPs.

 My theory is that since your auxiliary function serves the dominant function, Ne is the culprit when it comes to the “but if I just…” mentality that INTPs use to fuel their Ti-influenced goal of being precise and efficient. They have this goal, and use their Ne (for better or for worse) to alert them to all of the ways something can be better. 

Perfectionism is also caused by fear of failure, making mistakes, and disapproval(source). Since inferior Fe is so focused on building these connections and being liked, it can cause these fears.

Sorry for the unstructured pile of musings, but it’s all I’ve got.

- INFP Mod

For all the Kemono Friends fans out there.

I apologize in advance for the unusual content. I promise not to make a habit of it. So, it’s probably been said a ton already, but recently, the director for the original Kemono Friends anime just got taken off the team for the project. Normally, this wouldn’t be so big a deal. A lot of shows change directors and studios between seasons. (Sometimes in the middle of seasons.) However, here’s just a few things I’d like to list for why this is bad.

-Tatsuki was the lifeblood of the show and the reason it had as much charm as it did.

-He poured his heart and soul into the project with an extremely small budget, a team of 10 animators, a short time frame, and a no-name group of voice-actors.

-He rewrote a lot of the script himself, helped with the animation, and did everything he could to perfect his little project.

The result? He created a surprise hit that was not only popular with anime fans, but something that became special to a lot of young kids. People began going out in droves to visit the local zoos. Hell, the final episode of the anime during its re-release trended higher than the missle that just missed Japan.

Why is this happening? Nobody is really sure, but most are guessing that Kadokawa wants more control over the project that has become a cash cow. Tatsuki who wants to stay true to his creative choices would be preventing that. So, as a result, they’ll be taking away his dream project and sticking some Yes Man director that will milk the franchise regardless of whatever charm it had.

So, my point? Don’t really have one. Just felt like bringing these things up, even if most of the fans probably know some of the story. In any case, I’m not one to think petitions matter, but for those who are interested, the Japanese fans have even been urging Western fans to sign their petition.


Also, just as a last kick in the nuts? The director found out about this in the past day. Tomorrow is his birthday.

Thing’s I’m living for

Link singing my heart will go on to Rhett.

Link calling Rhett baby.

Link making mating noises.

Rhett bringing up that time he “had dinner with the shatman” and Link being like oh boy here we go again, we’ve discussed this story, we weren’t having dinner with him dear, we were simply in the same restaurant as him, eating at the same time.

Rhett teasing Link in gmmore because he fucked up the drinking game and Link just sitting there like welp he won’t let me live this down.

Link wiping them both down after Rhett’s drink sloshes onto them.

Rhett and Link cuddling those pillows.

The shade about the mail song and the fact Link admitted he’s still having trouble not singing the old lyrics.

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Hey so I'm Genderfluid (just recently found out that was a thing and now I can put a name to what I feel) and my hair is long. I really wanna cut it short cause it would make me feel better about myself but I'm scared because my parents don't like really short hair on "girls". Also, I'm not out and I don't want them to catch on to anything right now. I know it's not that big of a deal to some but to me it is an important part of being me. Any ideas on how to convince them yet not come out?


I had this same exact problem! Don’t worry though you could probably get your parents to come around.

You should just kinda keep mentioning it, and then show them a bunch of pictures of girls with short hair. Short hair is a trend right now, basically everyone has short hair no matter what their gender is. So maybe your parents won’t let you get the shortest hair cut, but I’m sure you can get away with something pretty close, at least up to the ears. 

I would try and see if they’re okay with a haircut that isn’t shaved or close cut, but lets your hair stay in strands but stops at the top of your neck. You just have to be persistent with it and eventually they might come around.

I know that I got lucky and we just happened to be at the salon and I asked and my mom finally said “yeah sure whatever” and I did it! So maybe you could get them into a situation like that where everything just happens in the moment. 

And if they don’t come around well you can just tuck your hair up into hats which will make it look short. And then when you get older you can chop it all off.

Just tell them you want to try having short hair, and that it is all kind of an experiment. There are some pretty feminine short hair cuts out there, so you just have to bring your parents around to it. The length of your hair won’t hurt you, and it’ll grow out again, they just have to realize that. 

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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I'm super fackin late, I know, but I just have to say this about Jay. I love how warm he looks. I know it must sound ironic because of the whole dead thing. But, I can't help but think his hugs would be warm and safe. And me being a 5' woman and him being a big dude, it's a nice thought.

NO I TOTALLY GET WHAT YOU MEAN omg I think about this so much actually. Like sometimes you look at him and you just know how warm he is. A guy who gives the most welcoming hugs that always feel so protective and snuggly. And him being so tall makes it even better because you can think about burying your face in whatever happens to be at face-level (for me I’m pretty sure it would be his shoulder LOL). 

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i just have to say how incredibly mature what you did was. nobody likes feeling like their work was stolen (even if it is by accident) and it can really make you the bad guy. it was big of you to own up to it and be so frank, you know like "look guys i messed up, it wasn't intentional, i am apologizing to the owner" i mean claps to you!! don't sweat it anyway, people make mistakes

dudes please don’t praise me for owning up to my shitty mistake like it should be a thing that ALWAYS happens—i’m not special for doing it. but i do thank u for the assurance that i handled this the right way?? bless your entire soul for this message

Guys, I reached 1.4k

This is so amazing. I didn’t even think 1.4k of you would like my writing. Just know that every like, every comment (no matter how small or big), every reblog, every random thought, it all means a lot to me. 

I love writing for you guys and seeing all this love I’ve gotten, it makes me very happy. 

My blog is 2 years old (from the very first thing I posted) and it’s slowly coming about but I’m glad for everyone on this crazy site. 

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Draw my OC in Outfits Meme | Accepting

🔞 OC in something sexy

Right so, I couldn’t really think of anything particularly sexy to draw her in for a while. I know there’s tons of options, but sexy to me often has been a thing of context in a lot of ways.  I could have just done her in some lingerie sure, but I didn’t really feel like it. 

This though I did because months ago, I had a few thoughts on the whole ‘making money to survive’ thing. Call me uncreative or whatever, but yeah I thought of pole dancing and strip cause, cause cash based business that might be somewhat under the table etc. And mainly also the fact that Aryn’s already super athletic and acrobatic. 

I could totally see her when she was younger taking a course to piss off her parents during a summer and now with the prosthetic arms and spine, she has like extra strength to hold herself up and do more crazy shit and etc. 

Anyway, I know this all comes on the wings of a bunch of people doing fun and silly pole dancing art a couple weeks ago, which is what reminded me of it all again I think, but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s just some concept stuff I decided to explore through this meme, so whatever. 

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dude i just found out you're starting T on monday and i legit started crying? like as a closeted trans boy it makes me so happy watching others transition and take those big steps and all? its such a wonderful thing and i cant fucking tell you just how absolutely ecstatic i am to hear the news. i know that it will all go well for you and i cant wait until monday and i want you to know that we're all here supporting you and happy for you on this! <3

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh !!!!!!!! dude thank you so so so so so so so much you have no idea how happy this makes me oh gosh aaah 💖💖💞⭐️💙💙💛💛💞💞💞💞and hey dude, I know how it feels to be in the closet. I’m sending you all the love in the world, okay? you’ve got this. you’re part of a bright, vibrant, and loving community. love you. 💞💞💞

some self-care/mental health tips for the upcoming school year

with school coming soon or already starting for some people i figured i’d share some of my tips for a healthier lifestyle. i know in the past i’ve struggled so much with being good to myself once school starts, both mentally, emotionally, and physically!

keep a clean room 

i know how hard this is. i’m absolutely awful at it, even in the summer but it really makes the biggest difference. coming home to a mess when your life is already stressful and messy enough just makes things worse. i know when i have a clean space i’m way more productive and at peace with my situation.

take a break from social media

just doing this every once in awhile makes the hugest difference. social media is a wonderful world but it’s easy to get caught up in how everyone is doing things without you or having more fun or how someone’s prettier or whatever. it’s not worth it. i’ve learned that just deleting the apps for even a few hours can make my mental state 10x better. it’s important to realize that while people are out doing things all the time, you can never be as fun as all the 162 people you follow combined.

don’t be afraid to invite people out

one of the biggest things i struggle with is being social, simply because i overthink inviting people to do things with me too much and just wait to be invited by someone else instead. remember that even if someone says they can’t do something, it’s not the end of the world. at least you opened up a possibility!!! by being someone who invites others to do things, people will feel more appreciated and like you actually want to hang out with them! but also always save time for yourself as well!

create a self-care routine with motivation

by giving yourself some type of reward to wash your face, brush your teeth and shower, such as only watching your favorite tv show afterwards, it will feel a bit easier to accomplish the tasks that seem simple but can be terribly hard, especially if you suffer from depression. i’ve learned that combining things into one task also makes it easier, such as once you get in the shower, do everything. wash your face, brush your teeth, shave, all in the shower. it makes self-care so much easier.

get outside, stay out of bed

laying in bed is the best thing ever, i know, but it can be so easy to get in there and never get out. this is my biggest bad habit. i feel more productive even just sitting on the couch. my bed is like a black hole of lost motivation. go outside for twenty minutes a day if you can. sunlight makes things a little better and staying inside all day does nothing for you.

do one thing that scares you everyday, big or small.

i’m someone who has struggled with social anxiety for years now, but i’m slowly getting better because i’m making a conscious (and very terrifying effort) everyday. this won’t work for everyone, i know, but it’s helped me a little bit. i try to challenge myself everyday to do one thing that scares me, whether it’s asking someone to do something after school or agreeing to get coffee with a friend you’re not super close to yet, or even just making conversation with someone next to me in class. don’t push yourself too far but don’t make zero effort either.

cut the negative language/mindset

anytime you have a negative thought find a reverse positive. even saying “i’m not happy with how my hair looks but my ass looks great in these jeans” is better than saying “i look awful today”. stop the constant internal bullying! think of it this way, if your best friend said the things you say to yourself, how would you feel? you’re your own best friend, so cut the shit! compliment yourself like you do your best friend. complimenting myself and finding things i find beautiful on my own body even once a day has increased my confidence exponentially. a negative language towards yourself leads to a negative mindset.

find someone who motivates you

if you need motivation to work out, study, anything, find a buddy. having someone to do things with and hold you accountable makes a world of difference. this summer i got together with a friend and made a deal that we would work out 2-3 times a week. it worked so much better than if i had just made that goal for myself because she was always there to text me to ask to workout when we needed to but i lacked the desire. and i did the same for her. now we actually both got a job at a gym together this fall and are working out consistently because we have that mutual  accountability with each other! plus just having someone you enjoy seeing makes doing the hard task more fun!

accept your individuality

you don’t need to look like society’s ideal of beautiful. there’s millions of types of flowers, and just because one kind is pretty to someone, does that make all the others ugly? no. there’s tons of species of dogs too and they all look totally different. is a poodle ugly just because a golden retriever is cute? NO. your individuality is you. everyone is beautiful in the very own unique way. don’t try to look like someone ellse. your beauty is not measured by how perfect your features are. 

drink some fucking water

and eat some food too

understand that a bad week doesn’t mean a bad life

we’re all going to go through those weird ass time periods where it feels like everything sucks and nothing can go right. accept that although it’s pretty bad right now, it won’t be forever. 

good luck with this school year everyone! hope my tips help even just one person. take care of yourselves, kiddos.

things that i like

1. rainy days, wearing a big cozy sweater with fluffy socks underneath, getting a cup of coffee or just a hot drink and sipping it while hearing and watching the rain drops hit my window and just feeling warm inside

2. friends, who tell you the truth about yourself, who compliment you, who criticize you for your own sake, who are always there when you need them, who are always there to make you feel good, to make you happy

3. dogs, dogs that wag their tails when they see me, dogs that put their paws on my shoulders, dogs that run around with their tongues out of their mouth, small dogs, big dogs, just dogs in general

4. cats, cats that purr when you pat them, cats that get sleepy when you pat them a bit too long and they just put their head on your legs and fall asleep, cats that lick you, just cats

5. long nights, when you’re outside with friends or just to do work and it’s time to go home, you get into a car or another vehicle and you’re just a bit sleepy so your eyes begin to close a bit and you just can’t wait to get to your warm cozy home and sleep

6. music, music that you listen to when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you’re just trying to relax, they all give a different vibe and make the moment more enjoyable, songs that you just can’t stop listening to because you loved it, songs that just make you more happy inside

7. art, art that may have a deep meaning, art that just look good to your eyes, art that just makes you go ‘woah’, art that you just wouldn’t even imagine

8. scenery, scenery that you wish you could save in your brain for later to look at, scenery that just can’t be captured into a photo, scenery that just takes your breath away

The whole “Lucius was abusive with Draco” thing has always been so funny to me. Really, I don’t get how people are able to believe something so silly. 

Seriously, guys, wake the fuck up, if Lucius had been abusive with his son, he wouldn’t have been a part of the series. You know why? Because Narcissa “If you attack my son again I shall ensure that is the last thing you ever do” Malfoy would have killed him ten times in a row. 

how to survive bad school days, from morning till night

my last year of high school starts rather soon, and i’ve had more than my fair share of days when i wake up wanting to cry. there aren’t many things you can do when obligations like school force you to get over it as soon as it starts, so here are some tips to make your day better.

1. dress opposite the way you feel. even though sweats might be super tempting, dress up. wear your favorite pair of jeans, or a dress, or your cutest sneakers, even. wear bright colors at least. sweatpants and such will just make you feel even more blah and unfocused throughout the day. 

2. moisturize! this might seem like an odd idea, but moisturizing and going into school glowy and soft definitely helps me feel more comfortable and less ugh during the school day. it helps keep me in my home-y comfort zone, if that makes sense. 

3. carry something from home. this can be a book (even if you don’t read it), a tube of chapstick, a big waterbottle, etc… i have even gone as far as wrapping myself in a small blanket and walking around like that for the day. if you like this option and don’t feel comfortable wearing it, fold it up and place it in your backpack, just so you know it’s there.

4. plan out your day. even if it’s just making a mental note, tell and remind yourself of the things your going to do and when. this will get rid of any unnecessary stress and pressure. if something unexpected comes up, this will also help you manage your time a little better.

5. eat and drink happy things! pick today to pack a lunch, no matter what your usual routine is. drink plenty of water throughout this day, and eat as many fruits and veggies as you can. fill a reusable water bottle with water, fruit (like lemon or strawberries), and chia seeds! it’s perfect to sip throughout the day for a reboot or just to boost your mood. 

6. when you get home, bathe immediately! wash off the day’s dirt. drop everything as soon as you get home, and either jump in the shower or relax in a bath with your favorite soaps and scents and a book. give yourself a break before you have to get back to work.

7. don’t ignore your work. by work, i mean school work. if you’re having a bad day, don’t hesitate to take a break from talking to people or running (low-priority) errands. you don’t want to ignore schoolwork, though, because teachers aren’t the most lenient people in the world, and getting it done will take a lot off of your shoulders. pushing it away will only gain you more bad days. 

8. go to bed. get sleep! you want to be refreshed and happy for the next day, even if it’s a weekend. there’s a good chance your bad day began because you didn’t get enough sleep, or because you were ripped out of bed. reward yourself with rest after a long day. 


i know i havent posted much in a long time, but have some tododekus + a very good boy for ur troubles thank u