i just like lucas getting beat up

tgc notes from 8/20 aka. the day the show stopped

*psa these are gonna be v v messy so brace yourself. also these are so late.

- nick choksi did my section’s pre show thing/ gave us dumplings. i was shaking so hard and he was so sweet and smiley aaah i love him.

- before the show they did the whole no cellphones thing but like in russian “cellphones? NIET! texting? NIET!” being said over the sound system, but the whole cast yells NIET, probably a couple other things followed by NIET and then “repeat offenders will be sent to siberia”

- shoba was in for natasha today and she was incredible. i love her so much she’s amazing. her voice is so pure and gorgeous and she’s just so sweet. aaaah i could go on for ages.

- before the prologue there’s this sequence where andrei leaves for war and it’s h e a r t b r e a k i n g

- so i had what i like to call the natasha spot ™. basically the majority of natasha’s blocking was right in front of me. we also made a ton!! of eye contact because of this. which means she brought a lot of people down to the natasha spot ™. but i’ll get into that later…

- before the private and intimate life when natasha sings “i know they’ll like me. everyone has always liked me.” shoba leaned over the railing and just sung it in the cutest possible way.

- paul pinto as the servant is hilarious. he’s just shuffling around the stage during the bolonsky numbers and it’s great.

- no one else has the most gorgeous lighting

- the duel’s strobe lights are so intense. and the outfits dear god.

- lucas. steele’s. entrance. in. the. opera. the lights fuck me up. and lucas does these poses to the beat of the music. it’s just great.

   - anatole like fixed his hair in the mirror before entering the box. once he got in he like struck a pose to get natasha to notice him and it was glorious.

-  about half way into ‘natasha and anatole’ natasha brought anatole down to the natasha spot ™ and he sat down on the stairs. which were directly next to my seat, like our shoulders were practically touching. and on the lines “ what makes a city pleasant, ce sont les jolies femmes. isn’t that so.” lucas grabbed my shoulder and looked directly into my eyes for a solid 30 seconds. i actually died and then was ressurected. he also winked while walking away and then proceded to make a ton of eye contact for the rest of the number.

- so after me and lucas’ moment i took a few minutes to process what just happened and then bam! i notice ben stiller is sitting across from me. and he is bopping so hard to the music (and he continued to do so for the whole show).

- dust and ashes was i n c r e d i b l e. scott is a god amongst men.

- during charming amber did so many cute lil hand gestures towards audience members

- now for letters. oh god. so basically i was the person who was supposed to give natasha the letter from anatole but like i got the letter and i freaked out. i didn’t know i was supposed to go up the steps and give it to shoba so i just kinda threw it at her. and i’m so. embarassed.

- brittain in sonya alone killed me. she sung directly to me for like 20 seconds she looked so hurt i just wanted to give her a hug. she also layed down on the stairs next to me for most of the preparations.

- the abduction hooooly

   - anatole’s “whoa” was so?? long??

       - ok so the girl who got the seat ™ jokingly handed lucas her water bottle and he chugged it. i was dying laughing. and they did the ‘how you doin’ nod to eachother. and she got him to break character. oh my lord it was the best thing i’ve ever witnessed.

            - dance in your seat! you won’t regret it !!

- yOU wiLL NoT ENteR MYYYYY HoUsE !!!11!!!! anatole ran

ok so for the sound going out:

- charming and the ball were where the sound issues began

- the mics cut out during my house and grace was downstage in the natasha spot ™ and i swear i saw her start almost giggling when stage management came on and announced there would be a pause in the show.

- they made the actors leave the stage while the fixed the mics but scott just stayed in the pit.

- the mezz starting singing balaga and scott/the orchestra members in the pit were beaming. it was so precious.

- i was making a lot of jokes about just doing the whole show at the stagedoor acapella if they cancelled and i’m pretty sure scott heard me bc i swear he started laughing a bit.

- then we did the wave. scott and the orchestra joined in. now i can say i did the wave with ben stiller.

- when the actors when back out onstage lucas got to his place and said “does everyone remember what happened” before they restarted my house.

long story short august 20th was the best moment of my life so far and i would give anything to do it again.

First [13]


All Rights Reserved

© 2014 Katarina Jones


She contemplated the idea again and again through her own blonde-headed hair. Come on Lara, just get it done with, go to his room and face him.

But it wasn’t just as easy as her head pictured the scene. It was obvious. Something was up with her bigger brother and she might be the cause of it. Did he see her panting and screaming yesterday night at the cause of her friend?

The small thought of it made her sick to her stomach. She didn’t want him thinking that she had no interest on him whatsoever or that she broke their agreement to the whole “you own me” plan.

She stopped her hand from shaking and grabbed the doorknob. No. She had to knock first. Nervous gulps followed one another as she clenched her fist and knocked two times on the door, before she let herself into his room.

The typical manly scent was always filling his room, making it his temple and Lara’s dangerous grounds.

Before she let Adrianne take over her last night, that scent only made her desire grow bigger for him. But now…it just made her sick to her stomach knowing that she had risked everything that she was working for; her first time with Lucas

Lucas was lying down on his bed, the glorious being of his, filling her entire stomach with butterflies. No Lara, no. That isn’t what you want to feel. You only desire Lucas for sex; no feelings.

The image of his strong muscles being hidden by his black shirt, made her forget about it all and just go and fulfil all his manly needs. But it wasn’t the right moment for that. Not now.

His eyes were glued to the phone in his hands. He was watching something that prevented him from noticing Lara’s presence and he was obviously too entertained to acknowledge her.

Lara slowly walked over to his bed, remembering all the good memories of the last few days and tried to make as much noise as she could with her footsteps so he wouldn’t get startled when he saw her.

But that wasn’t the case. She coughed and strange noises to see if he would finally glance up, but Lucas wouldn’t budge. He was acting as if he was oblivious to her being.


His dark blue eyes narrowed up to her and quickly snapped back to his phone’s screen, completely disinterested in whatever she had to say or do. Whatever he was watching was more interesting than talking to his sister. “Mm?”

“Listen Luc,” Lara began, her voice shaking a bit with nerves, “I know you told me to not to-”

Lucas sighed and looked up, locking his phone and placed it beside him. “It’s okay Lara,” he interrupted her, his eyes holding no emotion.

“What?” she blinked slowly, feeling out of bound and completely out of her league. She didn’t even feel like an eighteen year old; she felt like a child getting chastised for stealing cookies out of the forbidden jar.

“I said its okay,” he repeated, slowly as if he were talking to a small child, “Let’s just forget about everything,” his dark eyes snapped up to hers and he clenched his jaw, “every single thing that happened between us.”

Her eyes widened and she felt her heart beating quickly with fear. “Luc-”

Lucas shook his head, the anger he felt the night before coming back to haunt him. He couldn’t believe that she disobeyed him. He had given her strict, clear orders of what was going on between them and she couldn’t hold unto her end of the bargain. “I said to forget.”

“But I don’t want to forget!” She cried out, sounding like the child he was making her feel like. “I don’t know why you’re so angry at me! I didn’t do anything!”

And that did it.

Lucas stood up from the bed, his face turning into a dark scowl as he lowly whispered, “You didn’t do anything?” Lara shook her head, her heart beating faster than conga drums, “So you don’t remember what happened yesterday between you and Adrianne?”

He was inches away from Lara, towering over her shaking figure as he bit out every distasteful word that left his lips. He was beyond pissed. “Do you need a reminder?”

A single tear slid down her cheek, leaving behind a gold trail as she shook her head and bit her lip to keep it from trembling. This always softened Lucas up; it should get the trick done. But Lara thought wrong.

This time she’d have to do more than bat her eyelashes and pout her lips; she had crossed the line.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Lucas snorted, shaking his head as he stepped away from her and sat back down on the bed. “Sorry doesn’t cut it; get out of my room, Lara. I told you the conditions of me helping you with your shit; you followed everything I said, and I’d teach you everything I knew.” He scoffed, “But even that you couldn’t do.”

Lara glared at him, crossing her arms over her chest as she finally got fed up with his attitude. Yeah, she had gotten freaky with her best friend, but it wasn’t like she shoved a dick up her “virgin tunnel,” like Adrianne would call it.

“You told me that no other man could see me, Lucas; you never said women couldn’t.”

He returned her glare, clenching his jaw even harder as he realized that she was right, but he was still angry and stubborn. “So now you’re into women?!”

“No,” she groaned, throwing her hands up in the air, “it was a one-time thing, Luc. We were both horny and had alcohol in our system. Besides it’s not bad to experiment, I was just trying out something different.”

He rolled his eyes, huffing immaturely and began cursing under his breath.

She smiled, realizing that she finally got the upper hand again and watched as her step-brother ran his fingers through his brown hair, dishevelling it into a sexy mess. Lara crawled on the bed, smiling seductively and whispered, “I want you to be my first in everything.”

When she reached Lucas, she bowed her head and pressed her lips against his, kissing him slowly and teasingly. Lucas placed his hands on her waist, putting space between them and even though his eyes spoke a different story, he said, “You’re not being forgiven that easily.”

Lara nodded quickly, her soft blonde hair falling over her shoulders and slightly tickling Lucas’ collarbone. “Of course…anything. I’ll do anything.”

“Yes you are,” Lucas stared deep into her eyes, his own shining with such passion and hunger that it reflected off hers. “Get on your knees.”

She frowned, not really catching on as Lucas stood up and stood in front of her. “W-what?”

“On. Your. Knees,” he repeated, growing irritated. Lara quickly nodded, getting on her knees as Lucas pulled her towards him and placed her head right in front of his hard bulge. “Do you see this?”

She nodded once more, her heart beating excitedly in her chest as she realized that her brother was going to give her another sexual lesson.

“He’s your friend,” Lucas whispered huskily, taking her hands in his as he felt his hard cock through the fabric of his sweatpants.

Lara giggled at him, more from anticipation than anything else, but it made his eyes snap open and he glared down at her. She quickly sobered up and gulped. This time there was something different in the atmosphere; Lucas was being dominant and she didn’t know whether to be excited or afraid.

He wasn’t going to hold back.

“I’m serious, Lara. You will not use anything else to pleasure yourself but this.” Using her hands, Lucas took his grey sweats off, sliding them down his toned calves and Lara licked her lips, eyeing his thick shaft through his boxers.

He was completely constricted and he needed immediate release and she wanted to volunteer as tribute.

“When we’re done here, you’re going to get your vibrator and hand it to me. You will not use your hands to touch yourself; you won’t use anything to pleasure yourself, do you understand me?”

Lara frowned, her heart speeding up at the thought of not climaxing every night. “B-but,” she sputtered, unable to form a coherent sentence.

“No buts,” he growled, “if you can’t do a simple task then how the fuck will you learn?!”

She quickly nodded her head and whispered, “But what about when I’m horny?! What the hell am I supposed to do then?!”

He smirked. “You come to me. I will be the only person to touch you, see you naked, feel you; anything sexual that is done to your body will only come from me. You can tell Alex at the moment that you’re going away on vacation.”

Who the fuck was Alex?!

Oh…her imaginary boyfriend, right.

“I prohibit you from seeing Adrianne without me being there. When you have friends over, I want your door open; I swear to god, Lara that if you let someone else touch you, no matter the sex, I will make sure you regret it.”

She didn’t know if she was just insane or stupid, but Lucas managed to make her pussy drenched by controlling her the way he was. She gulped nodding as he stepped out of his boxers and his cock stood at full attention.

Lara’s blue eyes widened as she stared at the monster before her. It would probably break her in half to have his throbbing shaft thrust inside her, but it would be worth it.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded, not sounding like her loving brother whatsoever. He sounded like some BDSM master.

Lara did as she was told, closing her eyes when Lucas placed his hand over them and then placed the tip of his head in her mouth. The musky male taste on her tongue made her panties heat up worse than molten lava. She needed to shove her fingers in her pussy and bring herself to a glorious climax, but if she dared go against Lucas’ word—well she wasn’t even wishing to find out.

Lucas smirked deviously as he slid the tip of his head around her mouth, pre-cum slowly oozing out and as much as it was killing him to have his cock in her mouth, but not have her do anything; he was going to teach her that he’d be the only thing she’d want in a long while.

“Kiss it,” he whispered, biting the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from chuckling. He knew that his requests were a little bizarre, but he wanted her to submit to him completely.

Her soft plump lips puckered against his head, slowly peppering kisses against it and slowly grabbed the base of his shaft to slide more of him into her mouth. Lucas closed his eyes, grunting in pleasure as Lara’s hot tongue grazed across him, making his knees weaken.

He gulped, letting his head fall back into his shoulders and huskily grunted, “Suck on it like-”

Lara cut him off by sliding his shaft into her mouth. She didn’t need him to give her similes; she just wanted to do it. Lucas groaned, entwining his fingers in her blonde hair as she sucked on him eagerly.

“Fuck…that’s…fucking amazing…”

Her lips turned into a grin around his cock and Lucas began to slam his hips into her face. Lara gagged as his entire length went inside her mouth, but she quickly tried to adjust to him as he kept slamming his hips into her.

There was no mercy at all in his actions.

And Lara loved it. That was all she wanted; for Lucas to treat her like his bitch.

“That’s it, baby,” Lucas breathily praised, “suck on your brother’s big dick.”

At the filthy words leaving his mouth, Lara moaned. She loved it when he spoke that way; it turned her on more than the fieriest chambers of hell. Lucas groaned, the vibrations of Lara’s moans making him go overboard.

He held unto her head, keeping her in place as he began to face-fuck her. Lara shut her eyes, feeling his cock filling with cum and gagged. Her throat would surely constrict in pain later on, but at the moment she adored the submissive position she was in.

She would do anything Lucas proposed without a doubt.

A long string of sperm shot into Lara’s mouth and her eyes widened as Lucas fastened his thrusting hips and almost suffocated her with his length. It sounded painful, but it really wasn’t.

For all she cared, he could hold unto her throat and slam her against the wall as she shoved his dick up her tight virgin hole. Then again, during a sexual high the body was more open to pain and Lara sometimes was a masochist…

The mind-blowing orgasm that broke through Lucas was so powerful that he almost fell to his knees. The anger mixed with lust made the cumming feel like a drug that he never wanted to end. It was glorious.

Lara swallowed his entire seed, licking her lips as she stared up at him with wide “innocent” eyes and gave him a smirk as he leaned against the bed to support himself. After regaining his normal heart beat, Lucas raised his eyebrows at her and said, “Get on the bed.”

She didn’t think twice about it, she simply climbed unto the bed and continued licking her lips. Lucas really did taste good. He must’ve been eating lots of pineapples lately…

“Open your legs,” Lucas practically growled, his voice deepening with desire.

Lara did as she was told; trying to control her breathing after Lucas gagged her with his length. She watched as Lucas got down on his knees, slowly pulling down her pyjama pants. As her bare pussy came into contact with the cold air and Lucas’ breath, she shuddered.

“Mm,” he moaned, running his nose up her smooth thighs, “at least you listened to something I told you to do.”

He was referring to her not wearing any underwear.

“I want you to tell me something, Lara.” She looked up at him. “Did Adrianne make you feel good?”

The tone of voice he spoke in told her that she should say no, but his eyes challenged her to lie. She was stuck in between two walls. “I…”

Lucas bowed down, sliding his tongue into her slit slowly and parted her waxed pussy lips. “Did she make you feel like this?”

Lara arched her back off the bed, groaning as Lucas began to lap at her dripping cunt, licking her as if she was candy. Her legs rose off the bed, wrapping around his strong shoulders as she moaned loudly and tightly grabbed unto her breasts.

He was tempted to pin them away from her chest, but he was so concentrated on her delicious taste that he chose to ignore it. His tongue flattened against her heat, sliding in between her folds and teasing her clit in the process.

Lara cried out, filled with such ferocious passion that she thought it would shatter her into a million pieces. If this was what her brother had to offer, she couldn’t wait until he showed her the rest.

Her fingers tightened around his smooth hair as she pulled him closer to her, grinding her hips into his face as he ate her out. “Fuck, Luc that feels so fucking…unf!”

“Did she suck your pussy like this?” he whispered, as he ran the tip of his tongue up and down her entire length. “Did she shove her tongue deep into your little pussy like this?”

Lara groaned, wishing that he didn’t have to prove anything to her, but groaned and yelped when he nibbled on her lips. Her entire frame shook as wave after wave of orgasms tumbled down on her, making her feel stunned.

Lucas wrapped his lips around her small clit, sucking on it until she thought it had lost all circulation and her legs shook with pleasure. Her clit was literally so sensitive at the moment that it felt completely numb.

“No one will touch you now, Lara; you’re mine. This pussy is mine; you are mine, do you understand?”

“Y-yes,” she gasped, closing her eyes and squeezing her breasts tightly. Her back arched and twisted as she cried out in bliss.

Moans and groans echoed throughout the room as Lara cried out Lucas’ name, swearing that she was thinking of him when Adrianne touched her sexually and it wasn’t until she climaxed so hard that her eyes rolled back into her head and she blacked out that Lucas believed her.

He was good at what he did.

And his sister knew that now.


There ya go, you little fucking freaks! I finally updated. Remember to show me some love now that I’m posting here and not Wattpad because I honestly just wanted to stop writing when they told me that someone reported it. Yup that’s the reason they were going to take it down, because someone didn’t read my fucking warnings and decided to report the story >.> immature fuckers. Anyways, at least I’m writing here so tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like on the comments ♥ 

This is dedicated to my bby Charlie because he wrote the beginning of the chappie. I luh you bby <3 :* I will try to update every Wednesday so stay tuned for more dirty shit c;

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Can you write something about Lucaya where Maya finds out Lucas doesn't have a good relationship with his dad? You don't have to but I just really love your writing❤️

//Thank you for loving my writing Anon! <3 Also thanks for the prompt! Hope you like it. I certainly enjoyed writing it.// 

Maya knocked on Lucas’ door. Immediately the green-eyed boy appeared at the door with a smile on his face.

“Hey Maya.”

Maya raised her arm to show that she carried a 6-pack of can sodas and a bag of popcorn. Lucas’ smile faded. “Biology project first. Then movie.”

Maya walked through the door, past the teenage boy still holding onto the door, and into the living room. Lucas’ home had premium cable with all the good movies.  Normally, she’d go to Farkle’s house to watch the movies but she had been paired up with Lucas for science class. He’d promised he’d let her watch a movie if she did some of the work.

“Oh come on. The movie will inspire me to work.”

Lucas scoffed. Like he was going to fall for that one again. “No it won’t. You’ll probably pick either a sci-fi or a horror movie. Then after watching it you won’t stop talking about it, you’ll start making theories and I’m going to end up doing all the work.”

“But you’re just so much smarter than me.” Maya tried complimenting him, Lucas wasn’t buying it.

“Nice try.” He picked up the thick biology textbook from the table. “Project first. The faster we work the faster we watch the movie.”

Maya sighed. “You really like raining on my parade, Huckleberry. Fine. Let’s do this dumb project.”

Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as Maya thought it would be. She was able to understand the information thanks to the Ranger Rick’s patience and his ability to break things down.

A tall man, almost an exact replica of Lucas, with the exception of dark bags under his eyes, a colder stare and a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth, walked into the living room.

He seemed to ignore Maya and he looked straight at Lucas. “You fix the car boy?”

Lucas’ frame tensed up and he looked away from his father’s eye contact. “Not yet sir.”

“Why the hell not?”

Maya went back to flipping through the textbook pages hoping to remain invisible.

“I had a biology project to finish.”

Lucas’ father shook his head disappointedly. “Biology. What for?” He paused then tilted his head. “Working towards your stupid veterinarian dream?”

Maya tightened her grip on her pen so much that her knuckles went white. Lucas was going to say something and it wasn’t going to be good. But Lucas didn’t say anything. Instead he had a hand on his forehead and stared at the papers on the desk.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, boy.”

Slowly Lucas head rose to look at his father. “Yes, sir.”

“I’ve told you a million times. You ain’t getting nowhere with that dream of yours. You should follow after your brother. Now he’s got the right idea. Focusing on basketball. You hear he’s gonna get a scholarship soon? Now he’s going somewhere.”

Mr. Friar shook his head again. “Can’t even fix a damn car.”

“I’ll do it after I’m done with my project.”

“Don’t bother. You probably won’t do it right anyways. I’ll ask your brother.”

“I can do it.” Lucas said quietly.

“How can you? You never pick up tools. You only play sports “for fun” You always got your nose in the books. And you waste your time with your little friends.” He gave Maya a small glance. “I told your mother we should have left you with your aunt back in Texas. I bet you feel real invincible in the city.  The city made your head get lost on the clouds.” He paused.  “I think I liked you better when you were beating up kids” He laughed. “I don’t even know what to do with you anymore.”

Maya waited for Lucas to respond. She pleaded with her eyes so that he would get up and say something, but he wouldn’t even look at her. Maya couldn’t take it anymore.

“Are you joking?”

As if just realizing her presence Mr. Friar looked at her. “What?”

“You can’t be serious. It sounds like you’re saying you’re not proud of your son.”

Mr. Friar laughed again. “Proud of him? What’s there to be proud of?”

“What?” Maya balled her hands into fists and walked over to where Mr. Friar was standing. “Lucas is the greatest guy I know. He’s talented in so many ways. He balances sports, clubs, school and friends so well. He actually knows whatever this next biology chapter is about, even I know I don’t get it, but I don’t have to worry because I know he’ll explain every single step, no matter how long it takes, until I understand it. How he puts up with me I don’t know. What I do know is that he’s a good guy and he’s going to go far. I also know he doesn’t need a basketball scholarship. I believe in him and I know he’s going to be the best veterinarian in all of New York City. He used to be someone who couldn’t control his anger, but he changed and became an amazing person. He’s talented, kind, patient, sometimes even really funny and most importantly he puts everyone else before himself. I’m really lucky to be his friend. You know what? If you can’t see that your son is someone to be proud of then you don’t know him. Which is a shame because you’re really missing out.”

Lucas’ father looked between Maya and Lucas. Maya grit her teeth. She expected more yelling, but she didn’t care. She was going to yell right back at him. But he didn’t. Instead, he took the cigarette out of his mouth and looked at Lucas. “She’s bold. Be more like her.” Without another word he walked out of the house.

Maya turned back to look at Lucas who was staring at her with awe in his eyes. “I’m sorry. I might have made things worse, but I couldn’t listen to him anymore.” She said as she walked back. Without warning, Lucas gave Maya a hug.

“Thank you, Maya.”

She smiled and returned the hug. “You don’t have to thank me. Everything I said was true.”

Letting go of him she sat back down. “So next chapter? I just want to finish this. You still owe me a movie.”

Lucas smiled back and nodded.  After a few pages Lucas looked up and smirked.

“By the way… you admitted it. You do think I’m funny.”

Maya rolled her eyes. “Alright don’t push it, Huckleberry”

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fic prompt 💓 riley + lucas saying "i'm afraid that one day you'll realize that you could do so much better than me"

Words: 2,855 words 
A/N: Here you go, Anon! I kinda got carried away but I hope you like it! 
Warning: Mentions of underage drinking. 

“Riley, you should probably get here now,” Zay tells her at the other end of the line, voice slightly muffled.

Riley props herself up from her sleeping position, rubbing her eyes as she presses her phone to her ear. A glance at the digital clock on her night stand makes her eyes go wide.

“Zay, it’s a quarter past midnight. I have a test tomorrow. I cannot be at a party,” she grumbles. “Not only will my parents kill me if they don’t see me in bed, but I will -”

“It’s Lucas, Riley,” Zay cuts her off, and the moment he does, her heart sinks.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she stubbornly insists, pouting as the fight she had with Lucas earlier that day flashes through her mind.

There is silence on the other end of the line and if it were not for the music that is playing at wherever Zay and Lucas are at, Riley would have thought that her friend had hung up.

After a beat, Zay softly says, “He needs you, Riley.”

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Did I Say That Out Loud?

I was supposed to be working on Chapter 6 of A Weekend in Paris, but this popped into my head after seeing a prompt list that @sand1128 had reblogged. So, as it seems to be my thing, here is some extra sweet and fluffy Rucas…enjoy!

Did I Say That Out Loud?

Lucas Friar was a happy guy. He had a lot going for him at 16. He had a great group of friends that included his two best friends, Zay and Farkle. He had just finished his freshman year of high school with awesome grades. He and his father seem to have found some common ground and he wasn’t on his case all the time. He had a summer job for a local animal clinic. He would be cleaning cages and feeding the animals that had to stay over for treatment, all while gaining some valuable experience. He was hoping to save what money he made for a car. The icing on the cake for him was his girlfriend. Riley Matthew was the most caring, understanding girl in the world, and she was his.

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Terrified - Lucas friar

Requested: yes

Could you do a Lucas imagine where the reader likes Lucas but he is to scared to ask her so she thinks he doesn’t like her and when she gets asked to the dance she agrees but and he gets angry and hurt

Warnings: harassment

senior year You , Maya , Smackle , and Riley were all gathered around your locker , talking about the dance that was coming up soon.

“So , Y/n, do you have a date?” Maya asked and you frowned.

“Nope , there’s a guy that I’ve been wanting to ask me but he hasn’t even mentioned it.” You sighed. Maya smirked.

“Oh? Does his name happen to rhyme with mucous? ” she asked before stopping and grimacing. “Forget I said that. We all know you like Lucas. Why don’t you just ask him?” Y/n shrugged.

“I don’t know, I’m too scared I guess. ” Riley smiled kindly at her.

“Don’t worry , Y/n. You never know, maybe your Prince Charming is just around the corner waiting on a white horse with flowers. ” you laughed before a white horse came trotting down the hallway, a boy with a knight costume on it. You looked at Riley with wide eyes.

“Keep making things happen woman!” Riley looked at the horse excitedly.

“Uh…he hand you the flowers before pulling you up on the horse.” The boy pulled you up onto the beautiful horse. “ then you unmask him to reveal…” You took off the helmet to see the sparkling green eyes of Jackson sanders. Your jaw dropped and he smiled at you.

“Dearest Y/n ,” he said in a funny British accent. “Will you do me the honor of accompanying me to the ball.” You smiled. You liked Lucas , and you knew you really wanted to go with him. But he wasn’t going to ask you , and Jackson was a great guy.

“I would love too.” Everyone in the hall clapped , even Riley and Maya who really wanted you and Lucas together. Jackson placed a tiara on your head before You rode of ‘into the sunset’ which was really just the football field where the horse owner was waiting.

Right as you left, Lucas came around the corner. He smiled at the group of girls.

“Hey guys, where’s Y/n? I wanted to ask her something.” The girls looked at each other awkwardly.

“You just missed her. ” Smackle said , Lucas looked at her.

“Oh, can you tell me where she went?” He asked.

“I don’t think you want to know, huckleberry.” Maya told him. He looked at her in confusion. Suddenly the school doors opened and he watched as Y/n walked in , hand in hand with Jackson. His heart broke. They walked up to the group. Jackson bid her a goodbye and walked away.

“Hey guys!” She said happily but Lucas just gave her an angry look.

“You’re going the the dance with Jackson?!” He exclaimed , making her jump.

“Yeah, why do you care?” She asked bitterly. He stuttered.

“I-I don’t , I just don’t think he’s the right guy for you!” He said. She scoffed and crossed her arms. How did he know who was right for her?

“Oh? And who is? You?” She snapped he straightened.

“Maybe…” He said quietly. She rolled her eyes.

“Well you missed your chance , cowboy. ” she stomped away angrily , leaving Lucas heartbroken in the middle of the hall. He looked to the girls for sympathy but they just glared at him and followed Y/n.

That night they all sat in yn’s room as she paced and ranted.

“I hate boys! I hate Lucas! ” she growled.

“You don’t hate Lucas. You’re just mad because he was too late. It’s not your fault , it’s his for not asking you sooner.” She shrugged. Y/n sighed and plopped into her bed.

“I guess you’re right. I’m gonna go to that dance , I’m gonna look good, and I’m gonna show Lucas that I don’t need him!” They all cheered and the rest of the night you talked about what you would all wear to the dance.


The dance rolled around a week later and you found yourself standing in front of your mirror in a sparkling maroon colored dress and your hair was curled and pulled into a braided half up do. You had on minimal eye makeup, going for a nice wing and false lashes instead of a bunch of eyeshadow that you could never do. You hooked your necklace around your neck and smiled at yourself. You looked hot and you weren’t afraid to admit it. Just then there was a knock on your door.

“Y/n, your date is here.” Your dad said and you smiled. You put on your heels and met them all in the living room. Jackson looked awestruck and she blushed.

“You ready to go?” He smiled and you nodded. Your mom stopped them to take a few pictures, he gave you the corsage , and you left.

You both arrived at the school and it was immediately awkward. You weren’t sure what to do as couples slow danced around you both. Eventually Jackson cleared his throat and put his arms around your waist. You slowly put your arms around his neck and swayed to the music until you finally relaxed and made small conversation. The song ended and you pulled apart. Lucas was watching from afar, an intense glare set on Jackson.

“Wanna go get some punch?” You asked, pointing to the lunch table across the room. He nodded and grabbed your hand, leading you away from the dance floor.

“I’m having a great time , Y/n. ” Jackson smirked , leaning against the wall. The way he was looking at you was beginning to make you uncomfortable and you looked to see that no was was around. They were all on the dance floor. He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer. Your heart beat sped up and you gulped.

“You are so gorgeous , you know that?” He said, biting his lip and playing with your hair.

“T-thank you.” You replied shyly , trying to pull away but he had a tight grip on you. His hand was slowly getting lower and his face was slowly getting closer. You tried to pull away again but his grip got tighter.

“Don’t fight it doll face.” He chuckled. Lucas could see the panic in your eyes , even from where he was standing. His vision went red and it was like he had no control over his body anymore. Next thing he knew he was ripping Jackson off of you a throwing punches. You screamed.

“Lucas! Stop! Lucas!” It took you and two football players that saw what was going on to pull him off of Jackson who was barley conscious. It was amazing he was. “Have you lost your damn mind?!” You screamed at him.

“He was harassing you Y/n I wasn’t going to just let him!” He yelled back. You looked at the football players and they let go of him. You thanked them. They picked up Jackson and took him to a find a teacher.

“I appreciate the help Lucas but I had it under control!” You lied. You were terrified and slightly thankful that Lucas had beaten the crap out of the perv. He scoffed.

“It didn’t look like it.” The image of your eyes as they filled with fear will haunt him.

“Why do you even care?” You snapped. He gave you an incredulous look.

“Are you really asking me that Y/n? We’ve been friends since seventh grade, I’ve loved you for 5 years and you want to know why I care? Maybe because I’m terrified that one day someone will take you away from me. Terrified that one day I’ll wake up having to face the fact that you aren’t mine. I’m terrified of losing you. The minute I found out that you were going with Jackson i felt like someone ripped my heart from my chest because that is how much I love you and if you can’t see that then I don’t know what to tell you!” He was crying as he poured his heart out to you. You didn’t know if you were going to cry, pass out , throw up, or all three. Turned out you wanted to cry.

“Y-you love me?” You let out a choked sob , not caring that your eyeliner was running or that everyone’s eyes were on you two since the minute Lucas pounced on Jackson. Why didn’t the teachers step in? You looked around and saw that mr Matthews was watching intently with Riley and Maya at his side.

“I’ve loved you ever since the 8th grade when you dumped a bucket of paint on my head because I accidentally ruined your painting. ” he chuckled. He remembered laughing with you after a long paint fight and getting caught up in the melodic sound that was your laugh.

“I love you too Lucas.” You sobbed , jumping into his arms. The whole room cheered and mr Matthews walked up to them.

“As cute as this is , you did beat up a kid so I have to ask you to leave.” Lucas nodded understandingly.

“I understand sir. Y/n, wanna go get something to eat?” He turned to you as you were wiping away your tears. Surprisingly your eyeliner stayed on for the most part. You nodded , smiling. You said goodbye to your friends and walked out hand in hand , finally together.

I got wayyyyyy to into this. Just like I’m waaaaayyyyyyyyy too obsessed with Lucas. I gots issues. I have five more things to write so while I do those , send me questions to answer 💜

Brains and Brawn

The jocks at my college were assholes. The only reason they passed were from the special attention there given from sports. They hire ‘nerds’ like me to help them. But they don’t even want help! They just sit there and make me do their homework. They always promise money for the tutoring, but when you ask for pay they say there payment is not beating you up. I still worked hard for them though, because if they don’t get the A on the homework then I will definitely hear about it. They beat me up if its not A quality. Most of my work was always A quality, so the coach always had me tutor the Captain of the football team, Lucas Reed. I loved it, he was so incredibly sexy, I didn’t even mind doing his work for him. He was a cocky shithead but a sexy one at that. We meet every other day, and it was amazing! He would get mad at me but I could never get mad at him. 

We were scheduled to meet today. There was a big test coming up. They always hate tests because they have to take it themselves. It was always stressful for me during this time because they had to relearn everything I taught them because they don’t study ever. I grabbed my book bag and headed out to their frat house. They always cleared the house whenever Lucas met me, they are all scared of him and will do whatever he asks. So when he wants privacy with his tutor, he gets it. It was quite the walk across campus but theirs nothing I can do about it. They don’t offer any form of transportation. It takes up so much time out of my time to study.

I finally made it to the house. I walked in, I don’t have to knock anymore, he knows when I will be there so there’s no point in doing so. I turned the corner and there he was sitting down. God he looked so sexy, his jelled over hair was amazing. His stubble was perfection. He looked like a model, so incredibly photogenic, he has probably never taken a bad pic. I slipped my book bag off my back and put it down by my chair. I slumped in the chair across him. He looked up like he just saw I walked in. He had a goofy smile on his face, but yet he made it took amazing. He said he had a plan. I was confused. He grabbed a small black device, with a bunch of gears and blinking lights on it. He reached out and grabbed my hand. A gear struck my finger and blood trickled onto the device. it was sucked into the contraption. He put his finger in as well. His blood mixed in with mine. He looked over at me again, his smile became devious. He smashed the button and I saw him pass out. A wave of nausea flooded over me, until a blackout stuck me. 

I jolted forward. I saw my body lying on the table passed out. I couldn’t believe. Was I a ghost? No, I looked down and saw hands, tan muscly hands. I knew what happened. We swapped bodies. I reached over and check for my- well his pulse. It was low and steady. He wouldn’t wake up for a while. I got up, feeling the major weight change. But I was able to lift it easily. I walked over to the bathroom. I noticed my posture change, it was now straight. My shoulders were more back and I didn’t slouch. It was like the body was on auto pilot. It kinda was in a way. I had no idea where the bathroom was but my body led me towards it. I walked in the bathroom. It shocked me still even thought I knew we swapped. I quickly stripped revealing his body. It was better than I could imagine. I started to beat one out with my new cock. While jacking off I changed my facial expressions, making sexy faces to goofy faces, it was amazing I moved his body like it was mine! The cum came out. It felt amazing. I heard a rustle and knew my time was up. I quickly cleaned up and pulled up my pants. I felt something in the pockets. It was the device. ‘I should break this, then we could never swap back!’ I stomped on the device with my foot breaking it. I put it back in my pocket. I would tell him the device broke when I woke up. Or I can say that when he blacked out he landed on it. I walked out of the bathroom and saw my body figiting. He was about to wake up. I quickly sat down and laid my head down. I tried to act like I was still blacking out. 

I heard him lift his head. He immediately tried to wake me up. I got up slowly, acting like I just woke up. He was smiling but in my body. 

“Now you can take the test in my body! Then after we can swap back!” My old body said excitedly. 

‘”Well except the fact that this device was broken when you passed out.” I said, but it was weird coming from my new low and powerful voice. 

Thats when he started getting angry. 

“I’ll make sure the entire team knows!” He shouted.

“Yea, but they won’t believe you. I mean come on, swapping bodies?” I retorted. 

I told him to leave. If I ever want to swap back I will call him, but why would I want that. The time I normally tutor for was up. Some of the guys were finally coming back. Chris Young, another jock, walked in. My old body flipped out telling him I took his old back.

“Yea right.” I scoffed. “Chris do you believe this nerd! I never want him back here, hes weird as hell.”

“Damn right, I ought a beat you twink!” Chris said dominantly. 

My old body ran out defeated. 

“Luke (My new nickname), will you be able to pass with out that nerd?” Chris asked suspecting nothing.

“Yea, I have something up my sleeve.” I replied with a cocky smile. 

He walked off. With brains and brawn I can do anything. Being captain of the football team and smart was amazing. I ran my hands through my hair like he normally would and I headed of to my room. I had to get some sleep, I had my first game tomorrow. Bring Lucas Reed is all I could hope for in life. I had an army of jocks at my command, along with being amazing at football and also hella smart. Nothing could ever go wrong.


* so Lucas gets his license before the others because he was held back so he becomes the group’s driver literally everywhere
*the car used to be pappy Jo’s so it’s old
* which Maya makes fun of 24/7 and calls his “rusty steed” but she low key likes it because ya she doesn’t know much about cars but it has a classic old feel to it that she doesn’t know why but she loves it
*One day they are driving on some back road and the car stalls and they’re in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal
* Riley is of course crying and claiming she’s going to die while Farkle is trying to calm her down which is basically him holding her until she stops
*Lucas is trying to fix the car while Smackle attempts to help (mostly flirting with him and pointing out the obvious) she’s just sitting there like “I don’t think that’s supposed to be smoking” while Lucas is stressing out because he knows nothing about cars
*Maya climbed on top of the truck trying to get signal but gives up and is just laying on it bored and saying really unhelp advice “Huckleberry try checking the thing”
*Zay is sitting in the bed of the truck playing phone games while all this goes down. Until his phone dies and he’s freaking out because he was about to beat his high score. Then the situation dawns on him and he starts sayinf unhelpful things like “wow hopefully we won’t die” and Farkle bless his soul had just calmed Riley down but this made her cry again
*Farkle gives up and just lifts Riley onto the car next to Maya who immediately starts running her hands softly through Riley’s hair and muttering calming things
*Finally some car is driving down the road and pulls over, she sees the mental state of Riley and is just like “um how can I help” she literally looks under the hood, messes with a few things then tells him to start the car and it’s working in less than 5 minutes
*Riley jumps off the truck and hugs the lady while crying how she saved their lives

Morning Song

First time I wrote something for this particular trashcan. Enjoy, its just a drabbel. (and lemme know what you think) And this was also very much inspired by lucayacanons posts. (I’d find the exact one but…#laziness) Anyways, enjoy!

They were always the type to set the standards for other relationships.

With their constant banter and stolen kisses, the entire school had them on the pedestal for perfect relationship. They were the Cory and Topanga of John Quincy Adams High School. Their entire relationship was out in the pubic, every fight was noted, every makeup was smiled at, their relationship was something their entire school loved.

But they still managed to get their quiet moments. Together in Mayas apartment, or back in Lucas’s home in Texas, they’d manage to steal away moments of privacy and just enjoy each other. 

The sun was starting to rise, and the city had a low, busy, hum to it. Maya’s mother was out for work, and Shawn had gone on one of his trips across the state. The apartment was completely silent, and Lucas had been resting on her bed after sneaking in a couple hours before. After sharing passionate kisses, the two had fallen into Maya’s bed and had talked the next several hours away. Until they had finally dozed off to sleep with Maya’s head on his bare chest. 

She was the first to wake, blinking rapidly as she tried to remember what had happened. Maya sat up straight, rubbing her blue eyes and stretching her short arms. Carefully, she got herself out of bed, making sure not to wake Lucas. After a couple of moments, she finished with the bathroom and re-entered her room and sat down next to Lucas, looking down at him. He looked so happy, so content with life. A simple smile was in place as he breathed in and out, his blonde hair falling onto his smooth skin. Her smile grew, her dimples appearing onto her cheeks. She stroked him, her eyes growing softer at his shirtless body. With one hand she tucked her messy blonde hair behind her ear allowing the silence engulf the two of them. But Maya had never been one for the quiet, and even though it was nice she let her voice slowly start to fill it.

“So what if I just wanna be a little bit out of my mind
I let you take my heart and I like it
So what if I happen to be a little bit out of my mind
I better steal your heart and you’ll like it

And I don’t think it’s any kind of secret
I feel you from a million miles away”

Maya’s head swayed slightly to the music in her head, her eyes closed. She hummed the tune not noticing the shift in Ranger Rick until he was sitting up as well and gazing fondly down at her.

“Why’d you stop pancake?” 

Mayas eyes flew open, a smirk already in place. “Because I figured I could put my mouth to better use cowboy”

Lucas grinned, swooping downwards to give her a light peck on the cheek. “I think you used that pretty little mouth pretty well last night” he murmured against her skin. “But I think it has a different use right now.” he finished pulling away from her.

As gently as he could, Lucas lifted her up, shaking his head at the giggles she let out. He placed her in his lap, letting her shift around until she was comfortable. “C’mon. Make Ranger Rick happy with your voice”

Rolling her eyes, Maya continued with the song picking up exactly where she left off.

“And your love is the best thing that I got
And it’s only just begun but it’s never gonna stop
It’s the best thing, the best thing that I got

I know sometimes it seems like I
Am just a little bit behind
I get back on the beat and you know it
And sometimes I can tell that I
Am just a little out of time
I make you skip a beat and I know it”

Lucas nuzzled into her neck, giving gentle kisses along her collarbone. Maya struggled to remember the rest of the lyrics, her eyes closed once more, back arched like a cat. She breathed in heavily as Huckleberry made his way upwards, pausing briefly to urge her to continue. Swallowing, Maya thought hard, trying to sing the correct notes to the song she had decided was perfect for them.

“But I don’t think it’s any kind of secret
I think of you a billion times a day

And your love is the best thing that I got-” 

Maya came to an abrupt stop as Lucas began nibbling on her earlobe. Giving up on the song, she turned her head to meet his, and picked up where the two left off last night.

Outside, the world rose for another day, the sun coming through the open window. The wind flooded the room as Lucas and Maya fell back onto the bed, breathing heavily. After catching her breath, Maya continued the song, determined to finish it. Her head on Lucas’s chest, she sang the final four stanzas.

“And it’s only just begun but it’s never gonna stop
It’s the best thing, the best thing that I got

So don’t feel lonely tonight
You know I’ll never be hard to find
So don’t go out of your mind
You know I’ll never be too hard to find

I know sometimes it seems like I
Am just a little bit behind
I get back on the beat and you know it

Your love is the best thing that I got
And it’s only just begun but it’s never gonna stop
It’s the best thing, the best thing that I got” 

Maya paused, looking up at her Huckleberry. He was gazing down at her with such love and affection, that it took her breath away. She was never the kind of girl to hope for much, or to have something that she had to thank the universe for. But in the moment, as the sunlight hit his fair skin just the right way, and he smiled that smile he reserved for her, she thanked the universe for giving her this. For giving her him

“Your love is the best thing
And it’s only just begun
It’s the best thing”

Thoughts on Lucaya vs Joshaya

*May contain spoilers if you haven’t watched all the episodes currently out. 

This is my thought process behind my recent fic, “Matters of the Hart: 2am texts

**note after typing this all up: I feel like I wrote an essay, so it’s long. I apologize in advance. LOL 

**Also, i want it to put it out there that I my OTP is Lucaya, but I like Joshaya. 

“Joshaya makes Maya mature. Lucaya let’s Maya be herself”

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Hello, It’s Me. (Part 14)

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 Part 10  Part 11 Part 12  Part 13

Note: This is came out way later than I had originally anticipated. It’s been a long week, but I got to see Batman v Superman and the fangirl in me geeked out. So many good references to other DC stuff and it has me so pumped for Justice League. Anyway, onto the story.

Lucas felt his blood boil underneath his skin and his insides beginning to churn with the news Charlie had just gave him. He snatched the front of Charlie’s jacket and rammed him onto the wall next to them. He pressed him roughly onto it and Charlie’s eyes widened briefly registering the situation he had gotten himself into. He regained his composure swiftly, his eyes taunting Lucas.

Lucas’s nostrils flared and his face was flooded with color and rage. All he saw was red. His hands twitched as he tightened his grip on Charlie. His jaw clenched with fury as he set his eyes on Charlie’s mocking face.

“What baby, Gardner?” Lucas snarled.

Charlie’s lips turned into a smirk and he let out a forced chuckle. “My sweet, darling Riley hasn’t mentioned our child?” He watched as Lucas’s face went scarlet and his eyes lost a little bit of light, he nearly felt sorry for him.

“You’re lying,” Lucas growled.

“There’s a reason we chose such an early wedding,” Charlie said calmly. “How does it feel to know that you will never marry Riley and you will never father her children? You thought you and her would end up together, you were wrong. She could never love–”

Lucas’s fist connected with Charlie’s jaw. He dropped Charlie like a rag doll before grabbing him again, only to punch him in the gut. His brain was clouded with emotions–anger and jealousy–igniting a hostile part of him he tried to smother. That side of him woke up like a fiery dragon waking up from its century long slumber, only to burn everything in its path.

Lucas wasn’t in control of himself anymore, it was like a part of him disconnected and all he felt was the contact of his own hand smacking into Charlie’s body.  He was caught off guard when Charlie threw a punch at his face, he staggered and Charlie took advantage of that and tackled him.

Lucas rolled away from Charlie and pinned him to the ground, letting all the anger boiling inside him erupt. He kept punching Charlie–who was struggling to shield his face with his arms from Lucas’s attacks–and didn’t notice Farkle, Zay, Maya, Josh, and Riley run up to him.

Riley was screaming, but all he was focused on was hitting Charlie–making him feel the pain he felt inside. She tried to reach for him. Her hand barely grazed his shoulder when Farkle yanked her away and Zay and Josh shoved Lucas away from Charlie.

Lucas could see the tears stream down Riley’s face, he could hear her struggling to breath as she fell onto her knees trying to wipe the blood off Charlie’s face with her shawl. The look in her eyes was what broke him completely. She was afraid, afraid of him and what he could have done had they not gotten there in time. He couldn’t hear anything other than her shaky gasps and her broken voice as she worried over Charlie’s state.

He hadn’t fully acknowledge that with the help of security, Farkle, Zay, and Josh had shoved him into Zay’s car and were currently driving him back to the apartment. He turned in his seat to see the city lights reflect onto Josh’s stoic face, he hadn’t spoken once since they left the restaurant. Zay and Farkle were both speaking in hushed tones up front, while Josh and Lucas were stuck in a state of silence and confusion.

“Have you always been this violent?” Josh’s voice surprised him. Not necessarily the question, but the fact that he was actually open to having a conversation, especially since Josh wasn’t Lucas’s biggest fan right now.

“In Texas I was,” Lucas stated his voice low. “I changed. I worked really hard to suppress that part of me, I got help, and everyone around me was so supportive, “His mind flashed a picture of Riley clutching on to a stunned, bloody Charlie. “Riley especially and now I think I’ve completely jarred this image she has of me. This perfect image.”

Josh snorted, “Riley know’s you are far from perfect.”

“I know,” He agreed, Riley had always loved him for his imperfections and always encouraged him to do his best. “Not a perfect image, let me elaborate. I don’t think she’s ever seen me act out this way–I haven’t in a long time. I just got so angry, Josh. He said some stuff, he always says stuff, but this was something that threw me off guard and that just let every bitter feeling I had for him surface.”

Josh pursed his lips before clapping Lucas on the shoulder lightly, “Happens to the best of us, buddy. No one likes seeing someone they love be with someone else. Especially someone as a excuse my language, asshat like Charlie Gardner. Riley deserves better than someone who clearly doesn’t love her.”

“You think he doesn’t sincerely love her?”

Josh nodded meekly. “I haven’t told her anything about lately–I tried believe me I did try. She’s just very stubborn. I’m waiting for her to just drop him.”

“Their wedding is tomorrow.”

“Who says there will be wedding,” Josh turned to him with a wicked, gleaming grin.

“You have a plan?”

“I have a plan.” Josh confirmed and Lucas let out a bubble of laughter, complete and unrestrained joy.

For the first time in the past couple of days, Lucas felt elated and hopeful that Riley wouldn’t marry Charlie. As he looked on at Josh–who was positively beaming–he felt like he could really be that person for Riley. He wanted to be the one to make her happy.


Lucas stopped as he glanced up at Billy. He hadn’t seen him in a while and he had been dodging Lucas’s texts. Right now he was currently standing in front of him Zay’s living room, looking confused yet relieved. 

“Billy?” Lucas looked from Billy to Josh who was smirking behind him, fixing his bowtie with an air of confidence. “What are you–Josh, this is your plan? Kidnapping the best man?”

“I’m the best man, Lucas, remember?” Josh rolled his eyes. “Charlie was trying to get some brownie points with me. It’s not like I was magically going to like him.” He cleared his throat and pointed at Billy, “He has something to tell you. He spilled it out to me one night at a bar. He did it willingly.”

“Willingly?” Billy let out a bark of sarcastic laughter. “As if. Jiminy Cricket over here really likes to pay his visits.” Seeing Lucas’s confused expression Billy elaborated, “He caught me in a very interesting call with Charlie at a bar and got me drunk enough to confess some stuff.”

“Very crucial stuff,” Josh said taking a seat on Zay’s couch. “Life changing stuff. Wedding breaking stuff. Stuff that we should have seen coming. Cory always says history likes to repeat itself.”

“What kind of stuff?” Lucas interrupted, the pitch of his voice rising with annoyance.

Billy took a deep breath before speaking, “Charlie set you up.”


“He set you up,” Billy continued timidly and he bowed his head in shame. “I helped. Missy and I helped. Missy slipped something into your drink and she did what she did last time, made it seem like you guys slept together. Riley came in in the morning and saw the whole thing. Charlie pushed the wedding day earlier. He doesn’t even love her, I think,” Billy stopped and glance at Josh and then at Lucas. “I think she’s just a prize to him. He thinks he beat you or something. He keeps feeding her all this nonsense about you.  He lied to you about her pregnancy and if that wasn’t all, he’s also been sleeping with Missy behind Riley’s back.”

“What?” Josh flew off the couch spewing profanities. “That no good lying–”

“Lucas you need to get her to see that you would never hurt her like that,” Billy said a small smile lighting up his features. “She loves you and you love her. It’s that simple. You need believe that love is worth fighting for. Now go get the princess, Prince Charming.”


“You look beautiful,” Topanga beamed at her daughter as she placed the veil on her hair.

“Mom, can I ask you a question?” Riley put down the blush and looked up at her mom who was adjusting the veil so it wouldn’t fall.

“Sure honey.”

“Did you always know it would be dad?”

Topanga halted her actions and brought a seat next to her daughter. “It took me a while to see it, but your dad says he always knew we’d be together.”

“What do you do when you feel like you aren’t good enough for someone?”

“I gather this isn’t about Charlie.”


“Well, Lucas loves you very much and you shouldn’t feel like you aren’t good enough for him.”

Riley nodded, “What if he was just playing with my feelings?”

Topanga quirked an eyebrow. “Was he?”

“It seems so.”

“Not everything is what it seems,” Topanga said rising from her seat.

“What do I do?” Riley asked desperately.

“You follow your heart, Riley,” Topanga leaned down to kiss Riley’s forehead.

“I’ve never been too good at that,” She admitted. “I’ve always followed what my mind says is right.”

“Somethings aren’t things you can solely decide with your head,” Topanga lifted up her daughter’s chin. “Love is one of those things. When the moment comes, you’ll decide what you feel it is you should do. Don’t underestimate yourself, you’ve got a big heart. One that is full of love and it will know when you need to chase love. Don’t give up on love, Riley. The choice is yours, but never give up, sweetheart.”


Josh had never driven his car at breakneck speed until now. His car skidded to a stop in front of

620 Loft & Garden. He didn’t even had the chance to tell him to wait before Lucas had jumped out of his seat and was sprinting frantically into the entrance.

He had found Farkle had gotten past security with his help, telling them that it was a mistake he was crossed off the guest list. They hadn’t gotten very far before Maya found the.

“What the hell are you doing here Lucas?” Maya snarled. “Riley explained what truly happened and I have half a mind of throwing you off this building, Friar.”

“I can explain!” He defended. “Look, Maya Billy said that Charlie set us up. He had plan that has worked up until now. I need to see Riley.”

“How do you know you’re not lying?” Maya inquired suspiciously.

“He’s not,” Josh answered coming towards them with Billy on his tail. “If you would have waited for us that would have been great.”

“He’s not lying Maya,” Billy told her. “You need to let him see Riley.”

Maya’s face softened as she sighed. “Fine. Follow me. You better not hurt her, Ranger Rick. She’s currently spazzing out.”

Lucas’s eyes swept over the wedding aisle they had created on the grass. It all looked so beautiful and magical. He hadn’t realized Maya had led him onto a small room inside. She knocked on the door stating her name and a hum of approval came from the other side.

“Go ahead,” Maya said opening up the door. “Say what you need to say.”

He tentatively entered the room, his eyes immediately landing on Riley. She was observing herself in the mirror, frowning at any little thing she didn’t think was perfect about her appearance.

“You look beautiful,” He murmured completely awestruck by her radiance.

She whirled around, wisps of snowy fabric swirling around her as she did. The sunlight streaming through the window illuminated her figure. She looked angelic. So undeniably stunning in her brilliantly white gown that fit her so perfectly well and resembled an upside down calla lily. Her hair was pulled back and her lacy veil fell along her slim shoulders. She had never looked more beautiful, innocent and unattainable than in that moment.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice was a soft as a whisper and all he wanted to do was reach a hand over, and tuck a curly tendril of hair behind her ear.

He stepped forward unknowingly and swallow hard, trying to find his voice. “I–I–” He was speechless, he couldn’t find it in himself to speak. He had to, the hope bubbling in his chest was becoming unbearable. “We need to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about I’m about to get married,” She turned around briskly and began twirling around a loose curl, trying to busy herself.

“There’s so much to say,” Lucas walked the few feet that was between them and gently caught her wrist and twisted her around. “I have so much to say, so I hope you listen to what I need to get out. Missy and I never slept, not in high school and not this time around. I would never to you that, Riley. Charlie did that.” Her eyes widened and he pulled her closer to him. He noticed her breath hitch, but he continued, “Everyone has always told me to chase love. Fight for it. Never give up on it. Except I turned my back on it.”


“I’m not going to let you walk down that aisle,” The strength and passion in his voice sent a shiver down her spine. “I know that when I’m with you, I feel like I can do anything. I know that when I see your smile, I feel whole. You make want to be a better person. I know I always want you around and I always want to make you laugh and protect you from the world.” He tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled warmingly down at her. “I know you’ve always been the one for me. I love you, Riley Matthews and now I know how.”

He pressed his lips gently onto hers. “I think I’ve always known how.” His lips brushed against her jawline. “Ever since I caught you on that subway–when you fell on my lap–I knew you were going to be special to me,” His lips ghosted over her neck then up towards her lips again. “I’ve had so many moments with you, but this is the moment in which I tell you I’m not giving up on you,” He crashed his lips onto hers once more.

She was in a state of dizzying euphoria, feeling his lips on hers and smelling her scent. She thought she would never feel his arms wrapped around her body again. She was bewitched by his kisses, too lost in them to even care now.

He pulled away, grinning. He grabbed something out of his pocket and showed it to her. It glinted under the sun and she suddenly didn’t know how to react. “Marry me.”

She yanked herself away from him, too surprised by the announcement to even form an intelligent response.

“Do you even know what day it is?” She was baffled by his announcement. “My wedding day, Lucas! I’m marrying Charlie.”

She saw his eyes lose a little light, but he was unrelenting.

“I know and I get that,” He tried reaching for her again, but she dodged his hand. “I know it sounds crazy, but come away with me. We can get out of here. Just me and you.”

She hesitated before replying, “No.”


“Lucas it’s too late,” She stated harshly. A few tears slipped down her beautiful face. “I waited for you to come back. For you to call. For you to give me a sign that you loved me, that you never meant for us to break apart,” She sucked in a deep breath. “I stopped waiting for my Prince Charming, Lucas. I’ve grown up and I think you need to do that too. Life isn’t a fairy tale, we don’t get our happy endings.”

“We can! I love you!”

“I love you too,” She squared her shoulders and looked him in the eye. “I don’t want us to fall in love with the idea of a fairy tale, Lucas.”

“This is real to me, Riley.”

The clock in the corner of the room went off and Riley looked at it solemnly. “That’s my cue to get married. Lucas you need to go. Find someone who can make you happy. Someone as amazing as you.”

“You make me happy,” He insisted as she brushed past him. “Am I not good enough for you?”

She looked at him utterly heart broken. “That’s not the issue. You’re too good.” She walked out the door, seeing the empty hallway. “I’m the one not worthy of you.”


Cory Matthews never thought he’d be walking his daughter down the aisle towards Charlie Gardner. He always thought it’d be Lucas Friar. He watched as his daughter glanced at Charlie indifferently and he noticed his expression mirrored hers.

He took his seat, looking around the place trying to find the one person he was hoping would stop this nightmare from happening. He saw Zay and Farkle in a very serious discussion off towards the back. His eyes widened in hope and shock as Lucas silently joined them, his eyes fixated on Riley. Cory couldn’t read his expression. His eyes looked dead.

The moment to object came and Cory couldn’t believe Lucas barely batted an eye, he just continued to watch the couple with a broken expression. It was Riley’s turn to say I do and her eyes flickered off to the audience. Her eyes landed on Lucas and she looked back Charlie torn.

“I-I-I-” She stuttered as Lucas began to walk away, ignoring Zay and Farkle’s protests.

She swallowed thickly. “I do not.”

Lucas stopped in his tracks not believing his ears. Was this all a cruel joke?

Riley continued. “I’m sorry Charlie, but I can’t marry you,” She bit her lip, trying to ignore the gawking crowd. “You deserve better. We both do. I can’t marry you, I’m sorry.”

She rushed away, past Lucas and towards the general direction of the room Lucas has poured his heart out. She had given Lucas glowing smile, that had faltered slightly as she ran past him.

Lucas’s eyes went to Charlie. It didn’t take long for Charlie to register what had just happen and run after Riley. Meanwhile, Lucas was too shock and out of breath to even move. Everything happened so fast and it all felt so terribly unrealistic. It felt like a dream to him and he hoped he didn’t wake up.

Riley hadn’t married Charlie.

Everything felt like it was slowly falling into place.

Note: This love story is slowly coming to an end. One or two more chapters, a possible alternate ending. Possible being the key word.

Hello, It’s Me. (Part 12)

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 Part 10  Part 11

Note: This took me forever. I’m sorry about that. Next update won’t take so long seeing as I already have half of it finished.

“I love you, Lucas,” Riley whispered leaning in to give Lucas a kiss.

They were at the beach, splashing in the water, and next thing he knew confessing their love for each other. He felt her lips on his and he gathered her up in his arms and held her close, afraid to let her go. The soft ocean waves splashed against his legs as hers wrapped gently around his hips.

The happy cowboy ran his hands through her soft tresses and she hummed delightedly. He pressed a soft kiss on her pulse and she gasped.

“I love you, too,” He murmured grasping her head in his hands before leaning in to initiate another kiss.

She ducked his kiss with a giggle and nuzzled her face into his neck.

“Lucas wake up!” She said.

“Lucas wake up!”

Lucas’s eyes flew open, his vision blurry as he tried to adjusted his eyes to the sunlight streaming in. His eyes focused on the thick brown hair under his nose and soft breathing on his neck. He gasped in shock, pushing his body away from the girl lying stark naked beside him.

Missy gave him an odd look as she tried to creep closer to him. Lucas kept rolling away until he fell on the floor with a loud thud, taking the sheets down with him. He bunched them up around his bare body and slowly stood up face Missy with a chagrin expression.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He snapped, anger and confusion pooling into his voice. “Naked no less.” His eyes went wide as he realized he had taken the sheets off her and he quickly tried to cover up and drifted his eyes elsewhere.

“What do you mean what am I doing here?” She growled grabbing her clothes and donning them on with great haste. “Don’t you remember last night?”

“I remember being tired,” Lucas admitted shoving a blue shirt onto his torso.

“You wanna make a guess as to why you got tired, Big Boy?” Missy grabbed him and pushed him down onto the bed, a big flirtatious grin playing on her lips.

“No, no I’d rather not,” Lucas exclaimed shoving her off him with a disgruntled look. “I do want you to go, please. I don’t know what happened last night, but I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. Can you you do that please? Can you leave?”

“You don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea?” She questioned, her eyebrow quirking up as she crawled from her side of the bed to where he sat, his head in his hands.

“Missy please tell me we didn’t do anything.” His voice was like shattered glass, cutting into her conscience. Almost making her tell the truth. Almost.

“Lucas I said we didn’t do anything, I’d be lying.”

He perked his head up from his hands, his emerald eyes grave and misty. He blinked rapidly, his mouth distorting into watery frown. He only said one word, one word that sounded so horribly heart wrenching.


Missy could see the anguish, regret, and guilt swarming in his eyes and she felt her breath get caught in her throat. She looked away abruptly and tried to stand her ground, she felt her words tumble out of her without any second thought on the remorse she felt weighing in on her heart.

“If you really loved her you wouldn’t have let us get that far.”

Lucas chuckled darkly, “Missy I wasn’t even aware I had gone that far with you up until this morning. It’s not like you haven’t played me before. How do I know what happened was an actual mistake or a horribly executed plan of yours?”

Her eyes widened briefly and she was thankful for looking away when she did, or else he’d see the shock registering on her face.

“Last night you told me you loved Riley,” She lied briskly. “You also told me you were scared and that you didn’t want to be scared anymore. You also said you’d rather her be happy with someone who can make her happy and you kissed me Lucas. I guess it was my fault in getting caught up in the romantics of full moon, cool breeze, and late night heart-to-heart.”

She felt as if she really nailed that lie and she’s positive he fell for it as he bowed his head in defeat.

“I’m sorry,” His voice was devoid any emotion. “I shouldn’t have let it gone that far.”

“Don’t be,” She gave him a sincere smile and grasped his hand tenderly. “Lucas, if you need helping figuring things out, I’m happy to help. If you need someone to get your mind off Riley, I’m here,” She sucked in a deep breath and continued, “She is happy with Charlie. Charlie makes her happy in many ways. I know he’s happy too. You can be happy too, Lucas. You can have a happily ever after, just like Riley and Charlie.”

Lucas’s eyes remained blank and his voice hollow as he spoke, “I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago.”

“I hope you reconsider that,” She got up and walked out of the room, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She felt awful, but she wasn’t going to let that destroy her.

Billy was walking out of his room and they bumped awkwardly in the hallway. His eyes flickered to Lucas’s door and he sighed.

“You completed your side of the plan didn’t you?”

“Of course,” She bit her lip, “Did you?”

“Missy I don’t think this is the correct-”

“Stop right there,” She signaled him to stop with her hand. “Charlie’s been nothing but a great friend to the both of us, Billy. He doesn’t deserve your disloyalty. Not now.”

Billy pulled her to the side and whispered harshly, “Neither does Lucas. Lucas would never ask me to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing. He loves Riley and I think he shouldn’t give up on her.”

“Please tell me you haven’t been feeding him some of your lame speeches of love and woe.”

“They’re not lame,” Billy argued. “They’re inspiring. Missy tell me do you believe people should chase love and be able to be happy with the person they love?”

“What kind of lame question is that?”

“Answer me.”

“Yes, okay I do!” She exclaimed throwing her hands in the air. “Happy?”

“Then why are you fighting so hard to keep Riley and Lucas away from each other?”

Missy deliberated for a moment before answering, “It’s what Charlie wants and what Charlie wants, Charlie gets.” She downcasted her eyes with a slight frown.

“You love Charlie don’t you?” Billy questioned, letting his epiphany tumble out of his mouth. “That’s why you’re so persistent in him being with Riley. You want him to be happy, even if it’s not with you.”

“Riley makes him happy,” Missy admitted with dewy eyes. “She makes him happy in a way I never could.”

“He doesn’t love her Missy,” Billy murmured softly. “He thinks he does but he doesn’t. He’s obsessed with her. Drunk with power and her status only props him up further. That’s not love; I think it’s a routine for him. He’s had feelings for her before, and I think he feels like he still should.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Missy pushed, wiping away her tears. “What’s done is done and Charlie’s satisfied, then so am I. He’s my friend first, Billy, and I will do my best to make sure he’s happy. I think he is happy with her and I want him happy. I’ll ensure his happiness no matter what.”

“At what cost?” Billy hissed. “At what cost are you willing to ensure his happiness? At the expense of two other people’s feelings who don’t genuinely deserve this wrong doing. I always thought both you and Charlie were better than this.”

Billy pushed past her angrily and he stopped at the sound of her voice, “Have you ever been in love, Billy?”


“Then I don’t expect you to understand.”


“Well this was fun,” Riley stated softly as she rammed her luggage into the trunk of the small limo.

Riley and Charlie were leaving early to go to a special event back in New York. Charlie was especially happy to announce that Riley and him had decided on an earlier wedding date, to the press. Riley just wanted to get as far away from Lucas and Missy as she possibly could.

She tried her best to hover around Charlie, making it impossible for Lucas to approach her. He tried to ask why she wasn’t talking to him, but they had been interrupted by Missy. That had been the only time Lucas had gotten close to her after waking up next to Missy.

“Do you have to go?” Maya whined with a slight pout as she wrapped her small arms around Riley.

“Yes, she does,” Charlie answered coming up behind them with his own luggage. “It’s a very important event for the both of us and we have to attend.”

“Well I want to thank you for letting us stay a bit longer here, Charlie,” Josh said joining the three.

Zay, Farkle and Smackle right behind him.

“No problem,” Charlie grinned. “I already called in the the chauffeur who brought us here and he’ll be here as soon as you guys are ready to leave, at your choice of time, of course.”

“I hope you have fun,” Zay said hugging Riley and shaking Charlie’s hand. “Hope the food is fancy and good there. If they have some fancy pastries important from other places do you mind bringing me some?”

“Of course I’ll bring you some,” Riley smiled. “You can always expect me to keep the ship Zastry alive.”

The group laughed, as Lucas, Missy and Billy came out of the house to bid the engaged couple goodbye.

“Have a safe trip,” Farkle added and Smackle gave Riley a beaming smile and a tight hug. She gave Charlie a painfully forced smile to Charlie, she’s never been fond of him.

Billy and Missy both bid Charlie goodbye and then Riley. Riley noticed the hug Missy gave Charlie was longer than needed but she quickly ignored that as Lucas approached her. She felt the electricity in the air crackle as he got nearer. His eyes pleaded for her to not run away and she froze on her spot. Charlie was too preoccupied with his friends to notice.

“We need to talk,” Lucas said pulling her to the side.

“There’s nothing to talk about, Lucas.” She stated coolly.

“Why are you icing me out?”

“You know why.”

“No I don’t actually,” He said hotly. “I have done nothing to deserve this.”

“Oh and I do?” She bit back, trying to keep her voice low. “Please Lucas don’t play the victim here.”

“I’m not!” He cried. “Riley what did I do?”

She breathed in deeply, her eyes boring into his bright with resilience. “You did nothing wrong, Lucas. You never do anything wrong. You’re perfect, aren’t you? It was all me. I was wrong to believe in something that was never going to happen. I think it’s best if we stopped all connections with each other.” She paused, glancing at his lips wanting nothing more to kiss him, “Goodbye Lucas.” She leaned up and pecked his cheek briefly, in a bittersweet kiss.

Lucas felt like he was back in Texas the night after riding Tombstone, to the time when he thought he had lost Riley and when the possibility of them being together was shot down by her. He didn’t want to feel like he did then, yet every emotion he had felt in that unfortunate evening came flooding in ten times stronger.

She walked away from him and towards Charlie. She looked like a dream under the bright sunlight, with her hair fluttering in the breeze and her skin misted from the ocean spray from her earlier adventure in collecting seashells at the last minute.

That was all she was. A dream. Something completely unattainable to him. He was a fool to think that someone like Riley Matthews would ever chose him. Fairy tales didn’t exist and he was tired of thinking he was going to get his happily ever after.

He watched as the limo pulled out and drove off leaving a trail of dust behind. They all went inside, but he stayed behind watching as the limo became nothing but a speck in the distance.

“I guess love isn’t something worth chasing,” He said walking away from the driveway, and walking away from his last memory of Riley Matthews.


“This will be fun, sweetheart,” Charlie assured Riley grasping her hand.

They were on their way to the charity event, both dressed elegantly and looking radiant. Charlie pressed his lips on Riley’s hands and she forced a polite smile. Her mind kept going back to Lucas and how for a moment she thought she could be happy with him.

Charlie began to ramble about how this grand event would be good for both their images. Riley nodded, not comprehending any of his words, as her mind was still on Lucas. She thought they had been on the same page. How could she have been wrong?

Of course, Lucas would want Missy, she thought bitterly. She was beautiful and confident and Riley wasn’t, at least not in her opinion. Even then, he wouldn’t have led Riley on if he had feelings for Missy. He wouldn’t do that to her.

“Riley were you listening?” Charlie asked interrupting her thoughts.


“We’re here,” He said helping her out of the limo.

They were blinded by multiple photographers snapping pictures of their every move. They maneuvered through the crowd like eels, saying hello to certain people as they made their way to their seats.

Two hours later, and Riley was bored out of her mind. She had gave a speech that she had been extremely proud of and was now sitting down with her fiance watching as he laughed and talk with people of high status and political figures. She was startled when he suddenly told her that he wanted to make an announcement to the press that had been lingering in the sidelines.

He forcefully helped her up and led her to the the press, just in time to see a celebrity walk away from an interview. Charlie smiled at the small crowd and held Riley tightly in his arms, they were flooded with questions most directed to Charlie about his campaign. Riley gifted them with a tight lipped smile and she politely answered some questions on her current works.

Charlie stopped the onslaught of political questions hurtled his way, “I want to make an announcement.”

He looked at Riley lovingly, brushing his lips on her cheek and then glancing back at the cameras.

“We have decided to change the date of our wedding,” He announced. “All the preparations are done, now it’s just a matter of us choosing an earlier date. We have decided that our will wedding will be held at the 620 Loft and Garden next Saturday. I cannot wait to embark on this new journey of marriage with none other than Riley Matthews. I hope to see you join us, in covering press.”

Riley’s head snapped towards Charlie. Next Saturday? They hadn’t agreed so soon. He said a week or two. She was leaning on at least two, maybe even three. She felt dizzy under the hot lights that flashed by and all the voices.

Charlie answered the presses questions with ease and a huge grin. She looked down seeing the glimmer of her diamond ring.

“Riley and I are very fortunate to be getting our happily ever after,” Charlie said with glee. “Not many people have that chance. We were very lucky. We had broken up when we were younger, but she gave me a second chance. Not many people believe in second chances. Not many people get them.”

“You need to give him a second chance, Riley!” Maya exclaimed exasperatedly. “Missy is a compulsive liar. What if it’s all a lie?”

“What if it’s not?” Riley countered. “Look, Maya, what Lucas and I had is over. He did this, not me.”

“Riley you have always believed in giving people second chances!” Maya said. “Why not Lucas? You love him don’t you?”

“Sometimes love isn’t enough,” Riley whispered, feeling the rush of tears. “Love can’t always mend broken trust, Maya. Not everyone gets second chances. I’m not going to risk getting my heart broken again. Lucas and I just weren’t meant to be.”

Riley felt the memory hit her like a tidal wave. She had given Lucas a second chance, and he had broken her trust again. He had deliberately broken her heart and left her picking up the pieces yet again. So maybe rushing into this wedding, albeit very reckless on her part, could help lessen the blow. Maybe it could start off the process of closing that gaping hole in her heart that had been left from Lucas.

She smiled feebly at Charlie and at the reporters, “By next Saturday, I will officially be Mrs. Riley Gardner and I couldn’t be happier. I love you Charlie, always have and always will.”

The cameras caught the perfect moment in which Charlie leaned in to kiss Riley. They captured the whole thing and every little second of what had happened had been playing on the local news.

So, due to unfortunate events, Lucas had gotten to Zay’s apartment just in time to see the news. Just in time to hear the announcement of the new wedding day. Just in time to see that Charlie Gardner had won the war and all Lucas had was the battle wounds stinging in his heart.

Note: I would like to cordially invite everyone reading this to Riley Matthews and Charlie Gardner’s wedding. Will there be a wedding? It’s up to Lucas and Riley to decide that. This story is slowly coming to an end. Will it have a happy ending or not? 

Holy Moly, Bay Window is...


We find out (even though we kinda already knew) why Maya is so loyal to Riley (and vice versa). I criiiiiiied and cried.

But if you think this episode was “not about the ships” just don’t even speak to me. Just get tf out right now.

Riley and Farkle got the organic meet-cute! (“And I just BET YOU ANYTHING it’ll be an organic meet-cute for Riley and Farkle, and a less organic one for Farkle and Maya, a reversal of the pilot if you will. Something like that.” http://yeoldeshipper.tumblr.com/post/137183609876/riley-lucas-and-two-inorganic-meet-cutes ) Although Maya and Farkle’s was natural too, which is nice. But whose RESCUE did Farkle come to? Farkle’s always coming to Riley’s rescue, tbh. Lucas just put her on a horse once and threatened to beat someone up one time (the latter of which Riley did NOT appreciate). Farkle is Riley’s REAL “Prince.”

Adult Maya dressed like early S1 Lucas (plaid shirt/leather jacket), Adult Riley dressed like Old Farkle (turtleneck/blazer).

Maya’s Pink Floyd shirt with a TRIANGLE on it. 😂

Riley dreaming of a handsome prince/hero, rejecting Farkle for the role even though he’s actually “saved her life”…(if this scene didn’t drive home the whole “Riley idealizes Lucas” thing for you, idk what to tell you anymore…let’s not even talk about how there was a stuffed white horse and a stuffed unicorn in that scene). Like wow Riley, you’ve HAD a prince since you were seven and you don’t even…GAH whenever she finally realizes it…it’s gonna be amazing.

Lucas wants his boot back…Riley won’t give it back…looks like she isn’t quite as ready for change as she thinks…and can we talk about Lucas’s boot being associated with Riley’s teddy bear, a memento of CHILDHOOD?

“Have some dignity” (callback to Riley telling Maya to have some dignity about Josh), maaaan…if you don’t realize by now that Riley’s (romantic) feelings for Lucas and Maya’s feelings for Josh are basically just crushes and not REAL TRUE ROMANTIC LOVE please just go watch BMW S1 ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.’ There is a world of difference between a crush and actually really truly falling for someone in Jacobsland. (Hence that tweet about Josh being the only person Maya has a CRUSH on in S1. Maya never allowed herself to develop a full blown crush on Lucas, because of Riley. She actually fell for HIM as a person, warts and all, and it just kept growing despite her efforts to hide/ignore it.)

Riley telling Farkle he’s handsome OMG. Maya too. But RILEY. Her eyes be starting to open…

Cory in a YELLOW HOODIE! (Go watch the BMW S2 finale). And Topanga already in the car while Cory freaks out. 😂

Lucas: “You’re both special to me…in whatever way you eventually tell me.”

Lucas again: You GUYS have changed me…(it’s not just Riley so just stop that ish right effing now mk?)

Lucas being a teenager in all his phone pics.

Farkle as Dracula but afraid of vampire bites. 😂

I wonder when Farkle got contacts?

Maya introducing herself to Riley with her full name even though she’s kind of embarrassed about her middle name later on.

All that meta from Topanga about being “too comfortable with the familiar” HELLO.

“You can’t just jump on me Maya!” (But he lets her. 😂)

I reallllllly hope that was a canon flash forward bc I want Maya’s art in a gallery in SoHo yes! (And I’m glad they went with that instead of the engagement thing, tbh.)

Everyone reassuring Maya they’d never leave her. 😭

The “you’re my safe place” thing omg…GMHS hits on that too but that’s all I'ma say about that.

Baby Maya hugging her knees/cut to teenage Maya hugging her knees and crying OH PEACHES 😭

Cory checking in on five year-old Riley via a BABY MONITOR. Oh, Cor…


(And we get HD Commonism tonight!)

basically this is a reaction fic to girl meets creativity but includes a lot of recent developments from previous episodes as well. DEF NOT SPOILER FREE, READ AT OWN RISK  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ oops and also it’s like 2.5k words

She was keeping a secret from her best friend.

Everything felt utterly Twilight Zone-esque recently. Riley and Lucas weren’t the perfect couple anymore, unofficially or not, at least not in the eyes of her peers. Now it was…it was…Ugh, Maya couldn’t even think it. The yearbook fiasco had been entirely out of her hands, but she couldn’t shake the accompanying guilt. Especially since her brief escapade as Riley had revealed something to her, something important, something she still didn’t know how to tell Riley.

Keep reading

Girl Meets Rileytown

This is probably my favorite episode of this show. It was simply beautiful.
I honestly do not have the words to describe the amazingness (idk if thats a word, btw) of this episode. This was by far the best of the season yet, and I have the feeling that is an essensial episode too. Nothing on this ep was in there randomly.

-I know that a lot of you didnt like the way Riley treated Maya, I wasnt a fan of it either, but it was important. This just showed how strong their relationship is. She acted that way bc she knows no matter what happens Maya will be always there for her. It was a scream for help. Maya acknowledges this later on the episode with the help of Farkle.
-Farkle is always my fave and this time was no exeption. He was the first that realize that Riley was been bullied. He told Maya first, and let her know Riley didnt hate her nor was mad at her, she just was trying to get to her, but Riley didnt know. Also he told Riley that she was always the first one to help him, that he would never let her go through this alone. My heart melted.
-Zay was just per-fect. The way he direct the duel and him just telling Lucas and Farkle how impolite was getting in the house through the window, and having cereal. And helping Farkle tied up Lucas. Omg I love Zay so much.
-Lucas. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas you love Riley so much. So so much you think you are un love with her. Thanks for always volunteer to beat the shit at out of the person who is causing all the trouble. But you know it is not the answer.
-Maya, my sweet babygirl, you have grown so much. Maya was amazing in this, everyone was, tbh.
-We all need a teacher like Mr. Matthews, right?

Fave moments:
-I guess the Rileytown flag doesnt count as a moment, BUT, are we not going to talk about how obvously Maya painted tht flag and the Riley put a freaking purple cat it? LOVED IT. I just cant stop thinking of Riley and Maya sitting on the floor, Maya is so concentrated painting Riley as the angel she is, and Riley covered in purple paint.
-When Farkle said: “You will come back to me after war, wont you darlin’?” and Riley just smiled a little and asked for her ice cream, I cry. She was so sad and angry and he made her smile. GIVE ME MORE OF THAT. Uuuughhh I love Riarkle so much.
-When Riley tells everyone about the Riley awards, they probably were thinking about how adorable she is.
-When Cory said the name of everyone on Rileys group, that was so important.
-British Riley and Rileys acceptance speach. Little cinamon roll, to good for this world, too pure.
-I love the fact that we dont get to find out who is Rileys bully. Bulling doesnt have a face. Its sad, but at some point we are all bullies. Sometimes we are our own bully.

Also, this episode was really setting the bases for Texas:
-Maya loves Texas Lucas so we are gonna have lots of lucaya in Texas.
-Friendship and growth. 1st season was about friendship, 2nd season was about growth. What comes next? Feelings. We are not gonna have to wait to season 3, it all starts in Texas, brace yourselfs.
-Besides what could posible happend with Lucas and Maya, Riley will be fine. We should trust her.
-Riarkle is endgame.

This episode was great and we are just two episodes away from Texas. Goodnight and thank you, I’m Farkles mother.

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But wouldn't that be repetitive? The writers know that the audience will get tired of recycled storylines, especially with the triangle. Having Maya's feelings be questioned and then reconfirmed like with Riley in Texas is gonna look a little redundant. That's why I feel like Lucaya is done for good :/

The Lucas-can’t-choose storyline is just a strung out (and more high-stakes) version of the Farkle-can’t-choose storyline. Farkle gives the light & dark speech in the pilot. Lucas gives the light & dark speech in GM Smackle. And if you pay attention, Texas 1 & 2 are structurally parallel in CRAZY ways. Maya gets a new wardrobe. Farkle gets a new wardrobe. Riley lies to Farkle and builds him up too much in Truth and he fails, although it’s nothing life threatening. Farkle is so grateful he kisses her. Riley tells Lucas to live up to her vision of him and builds him up in Texas, but she pushes him into something life threatening. Lucas succeeds and is so grateful it looks like he damn near finally asks Riley to be his girlfriend at the end of Texas 1. Farkle gets bullied. Riley gets bullied. Lucaya has a staredown in Creativity. Riarkle has a staredown in STEM. Zay basically outs that Lucas has feelings for Maya. Then Riley outs Maya. Then Farkle outs Riley. Riley & Lucas have an awkward date, break-up, then hang out just friends and they’re fine, all in one day. Maya & Lucas have an awkward date (although the smoothie dump breaks the tension a bit), but then they try another date the very same day. (Either way, both girls get two hangouts in one day). When Maya walks away in Texas, the first thing Lucas asks Riley is about Maya. When Riley walks away in Texas, the first thing Lucas asks Maya is about Riley.

I could go on and on, but you probably get it by now. Point is, basic storylines and plot beats get repeated a LOT on this show.

The “square dance” thing isn’t just because the four of them are the core “love square” of the show in the basic cliched “love triangle” sense. It’s also because they’re repeating the same steps whenever they switch partners. Kinda like in GM Belief, in which Maya says “oh you WOULD make it a square dance,” and later Lucas says “we’re all up here together because we don’t know who’s with who anymore.” Oh and what’s the next episode?

Oh yeah. Yearbook. The episode when the Rucaya triangle-not-triangle went waaaaay surface level high key, and the partners started switching. But at the end of this round (Legacy)…things are frozen in place, stuck between the past and whatever’s gonna happen next.

There are TWO “square” references in GM Permanent Record, which is right before…GM Triangle. The new round is beginning. But I’m thinking the results are gonna be different this time around. Something’s actually gonna change at the end of this one.

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Can you give an example of when Maya challenged Lucas to be at his best? I believe she was a bad influence on him on GM Rules because it's the cool thing to do. Not saying she's completely bad, but there's that one scene that just comes to mind.

Yes, because painting your face and running around the halls is such a TERRRRRIBLE thing to do! Boogity boogity! He’s gonna end up in JAIL at this rate! Face painting and running in the halls leads to bar fights and worse! Goodness gracious, even Cory was totally fine with Maya painting Riley’s face one day. Sorry for the sarcasm, BUT: There’s a big difference between relatively mild cutting up and someone’s actual WORST. Especially when it comes to Lucas.

Let’s talk about who has ACTUALLY brought out “the worst” in Lucas over the course of the series (aka his temper): Farkle’s bully, Zay’s bully, Riley’s bully, Charlie in GMNY, aaaaand Riley herself (SoL, GMHS1, and in tandem with Maya in GMT1). Although in the case of Zay’s bully, Lucas had himself completely under control—to the point where Cory didn’t even feel the need to stop or punish him.

As far as Maya encouraging Lucas to be his best, remember when she jumped his back during Flaws? “Lucas! No! Don’t do it! He wants you to be like him!” Or what about in Secret of Life and in GMT1, when she basically said “you’re great the way you are” in so many words? (Because newsflash: he is. Lucas is as good a guy as Alan Matthews. Having a temper when people hurt those you care about—or when someone is tearing you down the way Riley did in SoL, or when your friends sign you up for a dangerous sport without telling you—does not a “bad” person make.)

Maya may tease Lucas for the whole “Moral Compass” thing, but ya gotta remember: she teases him because she LIKES him. She actually likes the cowboy stuff and the moral compass stuff. The moral compass stuff is part of why she asked him about his beliefs, most likely. She actually *listens* to him. And of course what’s interesting about that is how proud Lucas is of himself whenever he manages to contain Maya, either verbally or physically. That’s a big part of the reason he’s good for her. Hell, in Rules, even when he was “among the bad” Lucas stepped up and tried to contain Maya.

Just about the ONLY solid (ish) canon argument for “Maya brings out the ‘worst’ in Lucas” is that he painted his face and ran around the hallways. And honestly: that’s some pretty mild cutting up, as far as cutting up goes. You’ll note that Cory only gave MAYA any further detention, and it was clearly because she was the ringleader who broke the other kids out of the room, not because of the face painting and running. If the latter had been the case, ALL of Mayaville would’ve gotten extended detention.

You could MAYBE argue that she inspired him to pin Billy to the mats in Flaws, but the thing is: she also physically STOPPED HIM. And subsequent episodes have shown that Lucas probably would’ve lost his temper at Billy regardless of what Maya said in the Bay Window earlier.

So yeah: this whole “Maya brings out the WORST” in Lucas crap really needs to die, yesterday. There’s pretty much nothing in canon to support it. And there’s a solid argument to be made that one of the things Lucas likes about Maya is how she’s generally calm and “always okay.” (“How are you so calm?!” - GM Rileytown). Maya may cut up and act out at times, but she doesn’t have *nearly* the temper on her that Lucas and Riley do. (Yeah, Riley’s got a big old temper too, it’s just less dangerous with her because she couldn’t beat anyone up even if she wanted to. 😂) Even in Mr. Squirrels when Maya was SUPER pissed she was relatively collected, for the most part.

Like, I reallllly don’t think Lucas picked up that “most likely to be okay with anything that happens” attitude from Riley. They’ve ALL changed him, and it’s honestly more likely he picked up that “okay” attitude from Miss Always-Okay-Even-When-she-Has-Every-Reason-to-be-Upset rather than Miss Gets-Righteously-Pissed-When-the-World-Doesn’t-Conform-to-her-Expectations. (And I’m not dogging either girl, being “always okay” can be a bad thing just like Riley’s penchant for righteous crusading can be a good thing.)

That said though, even if he picked up the “always okay” attitude from Maya, Riley is totally a “good kid” for both Lucas and Maya the way Cory was a “good kid” for Shawn and Harley, or Richie was for Alan. Lucas was at a point where he could’ve gone either way when he arrived in New York. Meeting Riley and becoming friends with her set Lucas on that “Moral Compass” path, which was always inside him to begin with, it would seem. But just because Riley was an important tipping point for Lucas (people change people!) doesn’t mean they have to date and get married anymore than it does for Cory & Harley.

The truth of the matter is that ALL of Lucas’s new friends have changed him in the best possible ways. Riley may encourage Lucas to be a “hero” (although I’m still not sure how riding a bull is “heroic” unless said bull was about to stampede a bunch can of people…), but Maya encourages Lucas to just be what he IS. Because he’s a good guy even without all the “hero” crap. That’s why Maya was so upset in Texas: she thought it was RIDICULOUS for him to risk his life and limb just because a bunch of people called him a disgrace for falling off a sheep as a kid. You could even make the argument that Riley and the locals calling Lucas a “disgrace” brought out a version of Lucas’s “worst"—a version of him that was so torn down by what other people said that he believed he HAD to risk his life and his spinal cord. Luckily it worked out. But…😕

Dreamers like Lucas “World Peace” Friar and Riley “cancel Halloween to cure malaria” Matthews need pragmatists like Maya and Farkle to balance them out and keep them grounded. And pragmatists like Maya and Farkle need dreamers like Lucas and Riley to help inspire them. Regardless of the ships, that’s one major dynamic in how these kids all change and bring out the best in each other.