i just like lena a lot

i just wanna say in all seriousness i fucking love katie mcgrath and lena luthor and i fucking love my supercorp hunties yall are legit my faves i would take a shot for most of yall and also im sorry im not answering a lot of asks rn cause im still like tryna get to a good mindset so i can comfort yall but im tryna like stay positive and i love yall fr i love loving women and i love knowing kara danvers is not straight and wants to FMK lena luthor:)

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts asking Emily Andras to put Katie McGrath in Wynonna Earp and while that has endless possibilities, I’d like to offer up a separate one, for the other show that’s giving me some joy right now when Supergirl is just being one disappointment after another.

Katie McGrath as essentially Lena Luthor (just with a new name) but on The Bold Type. She’s a high-powered young CEO of a tech company that she took over from her brother after he did something really awful and was sent to jail forever. I’ll call her Lara Lorraine or something. 

Jane pitches an article about her for Scarlet and goes to interview her and falls in love at first sight. This woman is drop-dead gorgeous and insanely smart, but also kind and kinda sassy. 

Jane and Lara keep finding ways to keep in touch and eventually become really close friends who support each others’ careers and achievements. Jane introduces Lara to Sutton and Kat after a few weeks or so and she immediately clicks with all of them. The four meet up for lunches as often as they can, which isn’t always that often given their hectic schedules.

Jane does get together with Ryan (and lies to him about having orgasms because it’s what she does and it’s always been easier that way, why stop now) and while he’s not the worst boyfriend she’s had, she never has nearly as much fun with him (figuratively and literally) as she does when she’s with Lara and the girls. He’s always so pushy about sex and their relationship when she’d prefer to take things a little slower and have conversations about literally anything else. She knows it’s his job and all, but contrary to what Ryan believed, there were definitely bigger things in the world than sex and relationships. Sometimes she wanted to talk about those. Or the things that were less important like her favorite TV show or the book she’d finally finished reading or the completely non-sex-or-relationships related story she was trying to write about or the antics Sutton and Kat got up to or the ongoing sexual identity discovery that Kat was going through with Adena. Anything, literally anything else, but all Ryan ever wanted to talk about was sex, apparently.

Lara tends to get an earful about it because she’s around Jane less than Sutton and Kat are so she’s more receptive to Jane’s complaining. Eventually Lara just asks Jane why she’s still with him if she doesn’t like him that much. Jane realizes that she’s just trying not to hurt Ryan but is making herself miserable in the process. She makes sure to come up with a way to call it off with Ryan that won’t leave him brokenhearted in a train station on his birthday with zero closure. 

A few months later, after Sutton and Alex stop dancing around what was going on between them and finally officially get together and Kat and Adena decide to move in together, Jane finally realizes what feelings of her she’d been avoiding and ignoring for so long.

She makes a trip to Lara’s office that day, after she finishes up that article she was working on, obviously. No one was worth losing her career over, but she probably could have done a little more editing than she did.

Needless to say, Lara was very happy to see her.

Hey y’all please don’t come after Katie for laughing like I think she looked really embarrassed and uncomfortable especially after she was very visibly singled out. She’s been very clear and vocal with fans, and interviews too so not just privately, that she believes in us and believes in Supercorp. I know we’re all hurt, and I am too, but I don’t think it’s fair to jump to conclusions about her in light of that. The rest of the cast? Idk them.

A lot of people, including myself, automatically laugh when uncomfortable. Or when all their friends who are present are laughing. I find it really hard to believe that she thinks Supercorp is something to make fun of especially with the number of times she has specifically validated it. I bet that if she did social media she would apologize asap and clarify how highly she thinks of us, but she has no way to do that.

TLDR Katie has been extremely supportive of her WLW fans and of Supercorp every time anybody has talked to her about it, both fans and interviewers. We don’t know what her laugh meant so maybe give her of all people some benefit of the doubt.


The best part of Supergirl, for me, is when women are interacting and supporting each other. I wish the writers understood that better. So on this International Women’s Day, this is a little thing to show we are stronger together

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*EDIT: reuploaded cause I like this version better. Just minor color ajustments tbh

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Can we just appreciate that Katie was the one that said she was naive for not seeing the gay undertones/subtext to Lena? Because to me, that shows that Katie is not only accepting of what we see in the character, regardless of her intentions but that she’s wholeheartedly supportive of it? Because I feel like a lot of times when wlw fanon ships are brought up to their actresses, that they’re either nonchalant about it or just ignore it. Like it’s there, and they know that, but they don’t really pay attention to it. But beautiful, amazing Katie McGrath took the time to go back and look for it. And that we’re not the weird ones for making something out of what wasn’t her intention, rather she cares enough about us to go back an review it. And also that she’s very supportive of us reading into her acting for things she didn’t intend. Because she didn’t have to do any of that. 

What did we ever do to deserve her?

I would about die if when it’s revealed that Lena knows about Kara being Supergirl -

Maybe after she’s been roped into helping the DEO for some assistance in highly advanced tech, and Lena gets a comm directly to supergirl having to talk her through disarming a bomb like device. Lena accidentally mutters a “Please make it back okay Kara”. No one else but Kara is able to hear it and by the time she gets back to the DEO, Lena is passed out on a nearby desk from pulling a 48 hour shift like the rest of the crew. Alex meets Kara at the entrance and mentions how much help Lena was able to provide and “maybe you were right about her.”

Kara offers to fly the still passed out Lena home. Once they finally get there Lena manages to wake up and Kara mentions they should probably have a talk.
Settling next to Lena on her bed She asks “How did you know it was me?”
Lena barely able to keep her eyes open replies, “No one else looks at me the way you do”
“And how is that?”
“Like I’m not a monster”

Lena’s def not Kara’s kryptonite and also not her yellow sun (I think Alex is, but that’s a different thing altogether)

But maybe Lena is Kara’s red sun? She values Kara over Supergirl and that’s not really something Kara gets a lot. Lena likes the normal, plain-old Kara that would have existed on Krypton and that’s just… so different

Favorite Uprising Interactions

Most of them are from Tracer, more to come as I continue to play the Uprising Mode. You apparently get different interactions the more games in a row you win, which is a great incentive to keep playing it! I’m writing these out as I hear them, so a word or two might be incorrect, but the meaning of the interactions is pretty much unchanged.

Tracer: “Didja’ get it workin’ yet, Torbjorn?”

Torbjorn: “I just need a moment.”

Tracer: “That’s what you said last time!”

Torbjorn: “I needed a longer moment!”

Reinhardt: “Excellent work, Tracer!”

Tracer: “Just following your lead, sir!”

Reinhardt: “I knew I liked you, rookie!”

Mercy: “Stay quiet, let’s try not to draw any unwanted attention.”


Tracer: “Come on, Lena, you can do this.”

Reinhardt: “We believe in you, Tracer!”

Mercy: “Torbjorn, what was that sound?”

Torbjorn: “Seems like we’ve run into another little snag.”

Mercy: “Define little snag.”

Torbjorn: “Forget about it! It needs a little more time, just defend the payload! It’ll work, trust me!”

Reinhardt: “See? Nothing to be worried about.”

Tracer: “Who said I was worried?”

Reinhardt: “You forgot to tie your shoes.”

Tracer: “Oh! Wait, my shoes don’t have laces…”

Tracer: “Got that payload working yet, Torbjorn?”

Torbjorn: “Maybe I should just blow us all up right now.”

Torbjorn: “Not another word, rookie.”

Tracer: “I didn’t say anything!”

Torbjorn: “Let’s keep it that way.”

Torbjorn: “So what does this Null Sector want, anyway?”

Mercy: “Omnic Rights, or so they claim.”

Torbjorn: “I can’t help but feel like they’re going about this the wrong way.”

Torbjorn: “It’s firing up!”

Tracer: “Should we be standing this close?”

Reinhardt: “Maybe behind my shield!”

Torbjorn: “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

Tracer: “You really think that’s going to work?”

Torbjorn: “I built it, of course it’s going to work!”

Mercy: “Inspires confidence, doesn’t he?”

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what's a supercorp fanfic concept that's never been done that you'd like to see written?

Well, this is pretty specific, but…

A half funny half angsty slowburn fic with Lena as a villain (alter ego and all) and Supergirl as her arch nemesis. She then meets Kara Danvers during an interview for Catco, and they become instant… “friends”. 

Slowly, begrudgingly, Lena finds her heart softening because of Kara.

Meanwhile, Kara begins to suspect that her new friend is hiding something terrible from her. And yet, still, she finds herself opening up to her.

Fighting their feelings by day, fighting each other by night.

You’ve seen friends to lovers, enemies to friends to lovers, and even frenemies to lovers. Now try… simultaneous friends and enemies to lovers?

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Jess has a family emergency and needs to take a couple of weeks off, so she personally hires someone trustworthy to fill in for her and she tells the person about Kara and how she has full access to Lena's office at all times and one day the Kara arrives and the substitute just announces to Lena, "your girlfriend is here Ms. Luthor", only Kara and Lena are not dating they keep insisting they are just friends to that driver, to the concierge at that one hotel they had to sure a room etc.

But can you imagine?!

Like what if the new assistant says something to Kara about it first - like ‘Oh I just love that you two are together! You make such a cute couple!’ And Kara is too stunned  to correct her!

So then she says something about them when Lena is there too and at this point Kara is in too deep to deny it and when Kara doesn’t deny then Lena doesn’t deny it, and after the assistant leaves they just kind of study each other.

“So … girlfriends, huh?” Lena tries to play it coy as she takes a seat on the couch but she’s sure that Kara can hear her heart about to pound out of her chest.

“That’s what she said …”

“Did you tell her we were girlfriends?”

“I didn’t -” Kara clears her throat. “I didn’t correct her when she assumed.”

“Huh. Well I guess we do a lot of things that would make us seem like girlfriends.”

Kara takes a seat next to her and Lena’s breath catches in her throat when their legs brush.

“Lunch dates.”

“Dinner dates.”

“Game nights.”

“That time I was sick and you brought me soup.”

“You were trying to work with a fever! Somebody had to take care of you!”

Lena laughs, remembering the way Kara had insisted on flying her home. When she looks up, Kara eyes are studying her - blue eyes locked on her lips.



Their eyes meet and Lena feels herself calm.

“Do you want to go on a date with me? A real date?”

“I’d like that.” Kara whispers softly, and she leans forward until her lips are almost brushing Lena’s. “May I kiss you?”

Lena doesn’t voice an answer, just presses their lips together in a long awaited kiss.

When Jess sees the headlines declaring L-Corp’s CEO in a budding relationship with a CatCo reporter, she makes sure to arrange for Christine to get a bonus from HR - she knew her little plan would work.

Can we talk about how brave and strong Lena was to be able to admit, not just to herself, but LILLIAN that she was wrong to trust Rhea and that it was BECAUSE SHE CRAVED THAT MENTOR/MOTHERLY AFFECTION AND SUPPORT? Like, that takes a lot of guts… to admit that weakness. Just as a normal person. So ESPECIALLY as someone in Lena’s position with the kind of family she has. I love Lena Luthor so much!

Soldier: 76:  You need to slow down… think about your actions.
Tracer: Okay, dad.

Okay but like suddenly this makes a lot more sense because in one of Tracer’s last missions as an Overwatch agent

She didn’t think clearly.

And she got outmaneuvered.

I’m not trying to take away from how horrifying this moment was for Tracer and Winston, but I did realize that Commander Morrison was probably watching from a situation room somewhere and 

Oh no, that just made this moment even sadder.

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YO KARA SPEAKING LIKE 4 MILLION LANGUAGES AMD LENA TRYING TO FLIRT WITH HER IN FRENCH OR SMTH AND KARA BEING LIKE "that's the wrong verb tense" ".what" "you used the wrong verb tense"

lena not knowing what to say to that and kara being “the correct way would be-” and repeating the phrase with the correct form of the verb

lena being ridiculously turned on when she hears kara speaking french

lena asking kara how many languages she speaks and kara being all like ‘a lot’ and telling lena all the human languages she speaks, not even mentioning the aliens one

lena thinking she was rocking it because she can speak 6 languages and then kara is finished telling all the languages she can speak and lena is just… gaping

lena asking kara to teach her and kissing kara immediately, kara saying something like “not that i’m opposed but i can’t teach you like this” and lena just doing the left eyebrow thing™ and “are you sure?” and kara just making this serious face and nodding like “you’re right. it’s better if we try this way first”

Looking for blogs to follow!

I just unfollowed a bunch of inactive people so now I’m looking for new blogs to follow! If you post a lot about (one of) the following things please like or reblog this post so I can follow you!

- Swan Queen (Once upon a time)
- Orange is the new black
- Wayhaught (Wynonna earp)
- Cophine (Orphan black)
- Emison/Emaya (Pretty little liars)
- Clexa (the 100)
- Sanvers & Supercorp (supergirl)
- Elena Alvarez (One day at a time)
- Brittana (glee)
- Astrid & Niska (Humans)
- Calzona/Elizona (Greys anatomy)
- Rizzles (Rizzoli & Isles)
- Karmy/Reamy (Faking it)
- Naomily (Skins)
- Doccubus/Valkubus (Lost girl)
- Stef & Lena (The fosters)
- The L word
- Lesbian movies

Oh my god, I just realized that Supercorp reminds me a lot of Hollstein. We have a nerdy blonde journalist that’s super shy and flustered and a ray of sunshine but has a good heart and wants to save everyone. Then there’s the smirking, broodier dark haired woman who’s well-read and smart and tries to help their girlfriend in their quest. Also, they’re emotionally vulnerable and look intimidating but they’re actually gay puddles around their girlfriends. Everyone has an angsty history and major death in their youth.

 Damn, even the mothers are the same. Like Lena and Carmilla’s mothers were both emotionally abusive towards them and had a brother they loved that ended up being a bad guy. They’re both constantly doubted at first by their gf’s friends and allies. They both even have exes that are killed because of them! Also, Kara and Laura both lost their mother (and her entire planet in Kara’s case) and it inspired them to become journalists. 

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Do you think Kara is aware of how gay (bi) she is around Lena? Cause I see posts that claim Kara's completely clueless straight girl and I just am like "naaaay, c'mon she probably knows how she's being around Lena. And if she doesn't already then she's realizing it"

Usually I agree with statements about Kara being more than she’s being given credit for, but Kara is pretty canonically known for not being aware of what’s going on with herself and her partners romantically.

She knew that she liked James immediately, but the scene happened directly after she was discussing what romantic attraction felt like with Winn. She had been using an online dating website, and mentioned how her date for the night was “82% compatible” and Winn of all people had to give her romantic advice, saying that she should actually feel something. That it should really hit her.

Then, she applied this advice to her interaction with James. She even used Winn’s phrase, “Wha-pow”, to describe it. 

Right from the pilot episode, we’re introduced to hopeless clueless romantic Kara.

And then Winn himself. Kara had no idea that he was into her and he was not at all subtle about hiding his feelings. Alex knew, and she probably didn’t spend that much time with the guy. 

“Did he ask you out? Or kiss you, or something, and you freaked out?”

“What? How did you-”

“I’m an elite agent with an expertise in analyzing speech patterns and body language… I’m also a human being with eyes.” 

Alex also spotted that Kara was into James when she laughed really dramatically at his joke, and Kara denied that she did like him. As if she didn’t realize how incredibly obvious it was.

She also had to be told that Adam and she were flirting in the coffee house, again by Alex.

I bet you that Alex has spent a lot of hours trying to guide Kara in romantic interactions.

Even Cat has put time in with “You two haven’t had your first kiss yet????” and The Lighthouse Technique™. 

And that’s just season one.

(Now, it’s consistent that Kara didn’t know her own feelings in the second season in regard to Mon-El, but the delivery of this isn’t convincing. In every other instance, it was obvious to the audience, not just Alex, what was happening with Kara. This time, Kara didn’t display any of her established tells. In fact, she only showed us her issues with him. Nevertheless, it’s a canon example of her being unaware.)

I think Kara is kinda really delayed with all this stuff. 

She probably didn’t actively pursue anyone for a while after coming to Earth, not to mention all the customs she’s not familiar with. 

And she very likely had a lot of set backs because of her secret that kept her from developing relationships, and thus her romantic awareness. In canon, she broke someone’s toes when dancing with them, broke four people’s noses when kissing them, and in the pilot, when she was on date, she answered a simple question about where she lived with “uh….north…”. 

So she’s had some problems with dating because of who she is that add up to her not being literate in romance.

So, no, I don’t think Kara necessarily knows how she feels about Lena. And she likely knows even less “how she’s being around Lena”. If she didn’t realize that she was being really obviously into James when she cracked the fuck up over that silly joke about tea, she probably doesn’t know that having the same reaction over a compliment from Lena makes it obvious to everyone that she’s into her.

Also, for instances like the couch cuddle, Kara isn’t thinking about how it looks or how she feels. She’s thinking about how Lena feels. 90% of the time that Kara is complimenting Lena or being really affectionate, I bet Kara is thinking about how Lena doesn’t have that kind of validation and love from other people in her life. It’s all genuine, but Kara says her feelings out loud because she knows Lena needs to hear it. 

Her focus on Lena’s emotional state distracts her from what she’s feeling. So that, combined with her natural ineptitude, results in a “Yes, of course I love Lena! She’s my best friend!” at the same time as Kara risks glances at Lena’s lips at least 5 times per conversation.

And Lena, she’s probably very aware of how she feels about Kara. But she’s so starved of affection, she doesn’t dare look too closely at what Kara might be feeling, in fear that it will blow away.

But this isn’t about Kara being a clueless straight girl. She’s just generally illiterate when it comes to romantic interactions. 

But this doesn’t mean that Kara’s gonna go through this whole dramatic thing when she realizes she likes girls. Especially after Alex came out and she reconciled everything she learned from Earth’s romantic rules with this new possibility. 

(Note: When Alex came out to Kara, she reacted in a confused way more than anything, which is evidence, to me, of how Kara is constantly struggling to understand human romantic customs. Alex didn’t react well to this, since she was looking for immediate support, but it’s almost as if she forgot who she was talking to. Everyone else knew that the necessary reaction when someone comes out to you is pretty much unconditional affirmation, but not Kara. Which didn’t mean she didn’t support Alex, just that Kara was looking at the revelation of Alex’s sexuality as another thing Alex was telling her. Like it was another lesson from Alex, rather than something Alex was going through and looking for positive feedback for. And when Alex reacted badly, Kara realized her mistake. She reevaluated how Alex always had to teach Kara romantic lessons, distracting her from understanding herself, and how she’s never really been able to help Alex in return enough to balance it out.)

But at this point, when Kara figures out she likes girls, she’ll probably just be like, 

“Ugh, another thing I didn’t know?”

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Any recent new Supercorp fics you might recommend? I seem to have read most of what's out there

Welp, I honest to God hope I don’t recommend any fics that you’ve already read (since I’ve read pretty much everything out there too).

Here’s a link to my bookmarked page.

The ones that are currently standing out to me would probably be (I’ll also write short reasons why I like them so much besides the fact that they’re all well-written; as for the ones without reasons, just read them anyway, trust me, some of them can’t be described with words)…

One/Two/Three Shots

- First Contact by TheSpaminator

I really like the concept of Lena being touch averse due to the Luthors being abusive, and I really relate to it on a personal level.

- How Would You Feel by @lenanvers

Angst in a college setting with high school history. I kind of wanted to yeet myself off a cliff (in a good way) when I read this.

- Lena’s Assimilation by @thejollywriter

So everyone writes fics about Lena getting shovel talks and not being accepted as Kara’s girlfriend by Alex and Clark. But this uncertainty stems from Eliza whereas the rest of the gang love Lena and I just thought it was a really interesting read and it made me shed a single tear (I’m pretty emotionless so it’s a milestone).

- Of Soul-Mates and Heart-Ache by Rykeral

Soulmate AU angst so why the fuck not? I loved it.

- Only Human by Khrat9

Angst. Just…angst. Such lovely angst with feelings.

- The Inevitability of Robotics by donteatmyfingerprints

I love this series and the concept of Kara being a robot and Lena constructing and programming her is pretty fucking dope so…

- The Roles We Play by ForeverInsomniac

Lena’s former one-sided love interest returns so cue Kara wallowing in sadness because she thinks Lena still has feelings for her. It is great.

Multiple Chapters

- Banana Pancakes by thisjourneysend

- Colors Must Fit Together as Pieces in a Puzzle (or Cogs in a Wheel) by gaykaradanvers

- Come Back to Me by Justaroundthatriverbend

I’m a slut for Lena recovering emotionally and physically from a red kryptonite infected Kara…

(Okay, but there’s another fic where Lena was pretty much assaulted by a red kryptonite Kara, and I just can’t find it. I think the title was something akin to Monsters Under the Bed/Closet or something like that. If someone could name it I would appreciate it very much.)

- Days in a Lifetime by @stennnn06

Childhood AU angst is my jam.

- Heroism is a Full Time Job by @unicyclehippo

- Hold Onto Me by Idisch_von_Swedish

I’m a sucker for darker fics.

- I’m Kara Danvers by @littlekbrother

- Jealous of the Way (You’re Happy without Me) by BloodInTheFields

I love jealous Kara. And feelings. And angst.

- Making Waves by CSIGurlie07

I really loved the dynamic among Clark, Kara, and Lena. That’s all I’m saying. Also, angst.

- Mercy on Me by @stennnn06


- My Youth is Yours by lynnearlington

You’ve probably heard of this one.

- Nobody’s Fool by @ifourmindbeso

Lena being a dramatic self-sacrificing ho who saves the day again.

- Not Afraid to Fall by @prettyaveragewhiteshark

So I often stray away from fics that have any smut in them, or I usually skip the smutty text, but the angst in here is amazeballs.

- Not What I Seem by Averno

More amazing angst with a seemingly gray Lena. But it hasn’t been updated in ages and it makes me want to cry because it’s so good.

- Ocean Blues by FemslashFantasies

Mermaid AU was something I didn’t know I needed, but it hasn’t been updated in forever as well, so caution here, don’t get invested.

- Offstage by Aerstes

Again, if you’re not a smut person, you can skip this, but there’s angst so I scroll through the smutty parts. It’s great honestly.

- One Night by Cartecka

I like how it goes back and forth between Kara and Lena’s dynamic from when Lena didn’t know about Kara being Supergirl to her knowing. I just really, really, really like it. 11/10 should read. But it also hasn’t been updated in a while so try not to get invested.

- Of Sun and Steel by cascaralatte

Star Wars AU and I love Star Wars plus angst.

- Out of the Dark by @unicyclehippo

Just read it. Just fucking read it.

- Paranoia Incarcerated by SupercorpSmutFluffandAngst

I have so many feelings about this fic it’s not even funny. The relationship between Kara and Lena and their dynamic is portrayed really nicely. And they’re both written as complex and complicated characters with depth as opposed to the show, and it addresses a lot of things the Supergirl writers don’t.

- Past Mistakes by @mssirey

I just really like Kara’s and Lena’s interactions with each other and the plot is great as well, it’s not too many chapters in, but it has great potential.

- Shields Down by UnicornRobot

Once again. Slut for angst and there’s jealous Lena.

- Signs by lostariels

Angst. Angst. Angst. Endless amount. Angst heaven.

- Stuck in the Storm by BuckleUp1698

I got really invested in this fic, but it hasn’t updated in forever so I suggest you go into reading it gently.

- Such Bright Minds and Lives by @teamsupercorp

SCREAMS. Hogwarts AU? I think YES. I just love it so much and I think it’s a great read. It’s a companion to the main one below.

- Such Unruly Heads and Hearts by @teamsupercorp

I really enjoyed reading about Lena’s growth throughout each chapter, or each year, of her stay in Hogwarts, as well as the romance between her and Kara that just made me want to scream. Also there’s angst. It hasn’t updated in a while as well, so I suggest you read this lightly.

- The Fifth Wall by @blackteaandbones

Okay, so I usually stray away from children fics, because honest to God, I’m not a fan of kids. I’m sorry. I’m more a dog, cat, snake, or any type of pet person instead. I just…not a fan of babies. BUT, this fic really makes me change my mind about children. At certain points. Which is honestly really saying something.

- The Heiress, the Girl of Steel, and the Man Who Fell to Earth by @littlekbrother

I really enjoy reading fics where Mon-El isn’t a dickbag and where he is genuinely just a kind of nice guy (like in the goddamn comics), but actually (actually) improves as a person and doesn’t repeat his mistakes. (Side note: I enjoy writing fics where Mon-El isn’t a dickbag either, but there’s so much potential for angst if I do write him as one, so it’s a stalemate for me there.)

- The Wrong Superhero by ThatLesbianFangirl

Jealous Kara? I think yes! And angst is tagged on there.

- Three Days by @thattallnerdybean

Aaaaaaaaangst with Kara and Lena written as more complex characters than the show writers. It made me scream every single chapter I believe. Like, to the point I had to save it for when I got home and in my bed so I wouldn’t disturb the public.

- You Are the Fire (and I’m Gasoline) by youmeandem

Okay, this one is also where I have to tuck myself in bed to read because the angst is just so good.