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I agreed with that shirt meme so much. Like some actors find that stuff amusing, and then I don't mind when people ask them questions about it. But I feel like it would just make Adam feel awkward and stuff and I don't want that.

Him learning that some people draw super not safe for work things with his image sounds awful to me. He doesn’t even watch his own movies ffs so I don’t want him to have to publicly acknowledge the existence of art that depicts big leaking dicks and sniffing wet panties or whatever. 

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Yoongi was also super insecure abt in the past btw like remember in rookie king dressing up as a maid was so painful for him but in the new run ep he’s just. Doesn’t care anymore. Not to mention he actually he said b4 he’s insecure about his legs and said he doesn’t find himself attractive cause he’s not manly. I think he got over it though I think he learned how to let this stuff go

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Is Being a merchant marine fun, if so, what is fun/cool about it?

Disclaimer that I am currently only a cadet, but I have spent 90 days at sea.

What I’m enjoying about it so far is that I’m not just learning stuff like the Bernoulli equation, or how to find the energy losses through a section of pipe, but that I can take that knowledge and directly apply it. I’ve spent 2 semesters so far taking classes about diesel engines, and just now we’re starting to actually do physical maintenance on a Caterpillar and an EMD generator. 

Also the pay isn’t too shabby, from what I hear.

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Tell me 10 facts about you :)

Are you sure about this anon? Here you go then lol

1. I love getting messy, like if I’m out in nature or working on a project or something I think it’s the greatest thing ever to get so involved and not care about how neat I look lol

2. I’m a theatre nutcase, take me to any play or musical and I will be the happiest person alive

3. I love doing outdoorsy stuff like nature walks, hiking, camping, biking, stargazing, etc. and I really like learning about wilderness survival

4. I would love to just drive and drive for miles with an amazing playlist and no destination

6. I love rocks and minerals. Geology in general has always fascinated me

7. I’m not the talkative type at all lol. But I think I’m a fairly good listener

8. I LOVE Irish music. That along with metal always manages to cheer me up

9. I was born into a family of football fanatics, so naturally, I obsessively follow the sport lol

10. I would live in the Grand Canyon if I could lol

Thanks!!! :D

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Omg may how could you eat Johan? What did Johan do to deserve this?


Honestly, I don’t remember anything what I learned about this guy (maybe I never even had learned about him during history lesson lol). Sadly the only thing I can refer you to is his wiki page, where it just says that his ass made many decisions that ended up having bad consequences for the country so people blamed him so they decided to kill  and eat him. (i’m butchering this pretty much cuz on the page it’s more detailed but history isn’t really my thing so) 

The only thing I don’t get is, if the guy was bad enough to get eaten, then why did he eventually ended up getting two statues?? like?? 

You’ve probably heard of Akita Inus: 

And Shiba Inus:

Which  are really cool and cute Japanese dog breeds. Let me introduce you to these other cool and cute Japanese dogs, which I think deserve equal attention.

The Kishu Inu:

The Hokkaido Ken:

The Kai Ken:

The Shikoku Inu:

I just really love dogs, and look how cool they are! Dogs!!!

Okay but like sometimes I just remember that when Keith officially met Lance for the first time, he had barely learned his name when Lance began teasing him and making fun of him and stuff.

Based on this, I like to headcanon that Keith secretly crushes on Lance but doesn’t do anything about it because he thinks Lance doesn’t like him.


Just imagine Keith sitting next to Lance, super exhausted after a mission. He momentarily forgets their rivalry and lets his head fall on Lance’s shoulder. Lance flinches and when Keith looks up, about to apologize, he sees Lance blushing.


“Lance? You alright?” Keith is smirking because Lance is definitely #NotAlright.

“Perfectly okay! Why would I not be okay??” Oh no Lance is flustered.

And then Keith using his newfound knowledge to tease Lance even more, but not with words, with little affectionate actions just to get him blushing and flustered.


i just want to choose something small every day to fall in love with. how often do i really just like… study the heck out of a sunbeam. learn a new word and find out how to use it, teach it to others. watch birds because birds are nice. find a new favorite color. to find out something about each person in my life to compliment them on that’s genuine and better than “you’re pretty,” i mean realizing they always get water for other people before they sit down at lunch or how neat their notes are or how they always have a good pun. i want to listen harder and talk a little less and say more important stuff. and i want to watch out for stuff to just obsess over like a cool cloud or a tree and just. learn stuff from people. ask more questions about how her hair is so silky and just. fall in love with everybody.

How much alike Victor and Yuuri are (1/3)

So one thing I absolutely love is the fact that at the beginning of the anime it looks like Victor and Yuuri are complete opposites but then as the story goes and we learn more about them they turn out to have very similar ways of dealing with emotions and people. And I think this is one of the reasons why their relationship is so strong because they really are able to understand each other quite well.

Let me start with that “opposites attract” trope because I think that yoi creators play with that a lot at the beginning. It’s even in those obvious features like with the fact that Victor is taller and has light hair and blue eyes while Yuuri is smaller and dark-haired with brown eyes - it’s just so cliche? And there’s more of course, while Yuuri is shy Victor seems to be very open, Yuuri doesn’t believe in himself and Victor seems to be even over-confident, Yuuri gives up easily while Victor always pushed himself further, also Victor acts like he’d be very experienced with love while Yuuri never even thought about it and so on. Funny thing is that actually all of these things we think about both of them and especially about Victor turn out to be wrong at some point.

It’s so interesting to rewatch everything after ep 10 because it shows even more how unreliable Yuuri’s narration is. Yuuri learns very slowly that Victor is a human being too and I think that it’s not until ep 7 where he finally lets his idealised image of Victor go. But even then I think that most of the things we learn about Victor we know from the man himself in these rare moments of his narration and I love how much more Victor is willing to admit they’re alike. 

Like really willing to admit it. If he goes to Japan to find his inspiration it’s not because he lacks some technical or even presentation skills that Yuuri has. It’s because he sees in Yuuri someone who treats skating very similarly to Victor’s way, he sees that Yuuri puts his emotions into his routines and all his determination he puts in order to win and that’s something that Victor’s needs to get back as a skater. In other words, he sees in Yuuri his younger self, eager to win and challenge and brave enough to put all his soul into his performance. And that Victor knows from the very beginning (apart from the fact he probably thinks about them as soulmates since banquet).

And there’s another attitude they share as skaters – at some point, they both really gave up everything for skating. 

A lot of things, like including “life and love” maybe?

It not only gives us a hint of how much they’re both inexperienced with relationships and having fun they are also realising at the same moment that they are not satisfied with their lives and careers anymore. And this is so important because probably the most significant thing we learn about Victor in episode 10 is that he needed Yuuri as much or maybe even more than Yuuri needed him. The point is that they both lack exactly the same thing, they need their inspiration to skating back and they need someone to share their lives with and this is precisely what they find with each other.

So in firsts episodes, we are meant to think that Yuuri and Victor are very different but what we learn from Victor tells us a lot about how similar they are. And what they share as skaters is their determination to win and love for skating itself but also they way they sacrifice everything for skating to the point where it doesn’t make them happy anymore.

Another thing I’d like to discuss is how many traits they share and how similar are ways in which they express their love but I just feel this post is long enough and I’m very tired. Anyway, this for #victuuriweek and also for a wonderful @blue-phoenix-tears who suggested this topic long, long time ago.

Calling all y’all readers and movie-watchers and fans around:

I’m looking for books and movies and stories, even fanfics, where the main character is friends with the ‘monsters’. Unlikely friendships. Teaming up with the ‘bad guys’ and learning that everyone’s the same and character development.

These are my faaaaavorites because it’s always about having a deep emotional connection with your friends (which my antisocial ass likes) instead of just being friends because of proximity and mutual interests (which my antisocial ass is kinda eh about).

Stuff like Trollhunters:

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Or Dragonheart:

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Or Gargoyles:

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Or A Monster in Paris:

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Or How to Train Your Dragon:

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Or Ninja Turtles:

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Or Alien vs Predator:

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Or Transformers:

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Or Strange Magic:

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If anybody has any suggestions, I’m always a slut for genuine friendship.


I miss 2016 and all of these days. Lately things have been rough and I think back on these times and smile. Not that internet fandoms are everything to me but I feel so blessed to meet such hard working people. Sometimes it’s hard for me to handle school work but to think that these people can be successful and influence millions around the world blows my mind. I feel happy knowing that good people still exist. That hard workers still exist. That people care.

It’s the best feeling in the world to meet the people who inspire you the most and say thank you. If I could I’d have conversations that lasted hours with these people to learn about them and learn about what it’s like to be a creator. What it’s like to write music and scripts and to just create all of the time. I know it’s far fetched and I know I’m ranting and getting all sentimental but I just wanted to talk about this stuff.

Its the most amazing experience to hear your favorite song live or see the people you love do what they love and I hope you get to experience that one day. It’s truly spectacular.

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So in my biology class today, while learning about genetics, our teacher had us doing this activity where we simulated the process of how a person ended up with the genes and traits that they do using the parents genes. We were supposed to draw an end result of what they would look like with the genes that they got, and we were told to draw the full body only wearing a diaper so we could see all the traits. But somehow i missed the memo that we were supposed to draw a baby, so I ended up turning in a drawing of a ripped 27 year old dude only wearing a diaper, and now it’s hanging on the wall next to all the baby drawings. This is going to be an interesting rest of the year…

Already seeing people shitting on the Batman movie getting a rewrite.

They got a new director and it just shows that Matt Reeves is getting hands on with this film and is getting super involved. This will make for a better film.

I hate how when one little thing comes out from DC, people say dumb shit like “How hard can this be? Why is it taking them so long? This project is doomed.”

Like shut the fuck up.

Filmmaking is hard. Okay? Especially big budget filmmaking. There is so much stuff that goes into filmmaking that you wouldn’t be able to learn everything about it in 4 years of film school.

I’m serious. There is so much stuff that goes into it that the only way to really learn it is to actually be on set.

Majority of the Internet has never been on a film set let alone seen one.

WB has been making films for a damn century nearly. Chill. Let them take their time and don’t act like the world will end with every bit of news that comes out.

My Writing

Even though everything I write is tagged, I decided to make a masterlist to make it easier to find stuff. Also, I don’t have actual titles for like any of these, so the “titles” are basically just what each one is about. Some of them might have the same names, but they’re different I promise! Also, my requests are always open, so if you want something written, feel free to send it in!









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Was your interest in the ocean mostly concerning intertidal zones, or did you just want to physically stay out of the ocean? Because intertidal zones are super awesomesauce, but the fantastic and wicked weird alien stuff happens deeeeep down. See: CHEMOSYTHESIS oh my god I was 14 when I first learned about chemosynthesis and I still smile like a goddamned idiot whenever I think about it. Have a nice day and thank you for making me think about marine biology

I just want to physically stay out of the ocean. It’s too big and has too many things in it, and my body is not optimized for surviving within it. All of the ocean is cool, IMHO, from a microscopic level all the way to behemoths… but submarines and SCUBA diving freak me out. It’s not actually the animals that unsettle me, just the physics of tremendous amounts of water. Riptides? The bends? Water pressure? Drowning? Fucked up.

I feel like Slytherins are those kinds of people who know tons of weirdly specific information about how to hurt people like

“What in here would be the best weapon if a killer clown attacked us right now?”

“Well if you simply put your hand on one side of the clowns head very steadily and hit the other side really hard you’d give them a concussion. You wouldn’t need a weapon.”



LMAO i had to take 2 semesters of spanish and my one professor would like try to talk in spanish and ask us questions about our lives and stuff and one time we were learning like family words and he was like “jill, tienes un novio?” and i was like “tengo una novia” and he was like “hahahaha you just said u have a girlfriend” and i was like “um yeah…. i have a girlfriend….” it was such a yikes for everyone involved


I’m going to start posting more “original” content related to forensic anthropology, pathology, bioarcheology, skeletal biology, etc… I just see a lot of the same stuff circulating about in the anthro tumblr community, and a lot of it is misinformation or oversimplified. What kind of stuff are you guys interested in or would like to learn more about?


Kind of a redraw of a @greencarnationswebcomic cover? I learned a lot about the Victorian era in the past 11 months and I’ve improved!

(Also, Hugo might look like he’s gone through a lot of stuff since last year, but he’s just thinking deep thoughts.)

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What are your thoughts on Elinor Dashwood?

I think she gets a bad rap compared to Marianne sometimes, but both the sisters suffer in their own way and learn something about improving themselves and how they relate to the world. Marianne’s arc is more dramatic, but it’s a mistake, in my opinion, to assume that Elinor just sits around doing dick-all. She deals with some of the heaviest stuff in the novel, and as almost any grown-up who has been through a crisis will attest to, there is nothing quite like going through a deeply shit time and having to carry on as if everything is fine and normal. It’s far, far easier and more satisfying to collapse and wallow and shut down like Marianne allows herself to, but imagine if Elinor did that? Her family would stall. Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne are both so used to being protected and having their sensibilities enabled and coddled that they wouldn’t know where to begin if Elinor–the person they would count on in the absence of Mr. Dashwood after his death–was to just go emotionally catatonic.

Elinor exists in the class of Suffering Heroines who keep it together in a quiet but hugely admirable way. (Fanny, Anne, Jane Bennet…)