i just like getting high ok

The 100 Boys In Bed


- He loves to go down on you.

-Really gentle but rough at the same time.

- Secretely loves when you get dom!


-Him trying to make you scream but also telling you to be quiet or someone will hear.


-“Beg for it slut.”

-Super rough

-He’s probably into orgasm denial (for you)

-Punishment! (Spanking!)

-“Are you ok? I wasn’t too rough was I?”


-Kinda awkward at first and is constantly worried he’s doing something wrong.

-Loves to hear you moan.

-Usually vanilla but sometimes it gets a little rougher

-He loves when you ride him.

-Having sex when high


-He is super respectful and worried about you the whole time.

-“Are you sure? I don’t wanna hurt you.”

-“Yes Monty I’m sure now please just fuck me like you mean it.”

-Dirty talk!!!!!

-“We’re probably gonna die so maybe we should do it one more time.”

ok someone sent in a message to mbmbam for their casper special that was like “me and my girlfriend get high, watch guy fieri shows and then fuck, i’m afraid we’re pavloving ourselves into associating guy fieri with sex, we’re both lesbians so we don’t think hes hot or anything he’s just like white noise” and that is maybe the best best best best best message ever sent into an advice show

It’s Ok To Demand That Things Be Better Right Now

Last night, a high school student asked Roxane Gay if she had any advice for young women dealing with sexism and racism. This is what she said. (Watch it around the 1:12:20 min mark here.)

“When you’re young, people just tell you it gets better. And that’s very easy to say. But I think that it’s ok to demand that things be better right now…it’s ok to say this is not ok. Don’t be afraid to push back and don’t be afraid to use your voice and say ‘No, this is not ok.’ 

And don’t get down on yourself when you can’t find the courage. Because it’s hard to stand up for yourself. It’s hard for me at 42. So I can’t imagine, like when I was in high school, I never stood up for myself. I was just a doormat. And if i could go back and tell myself anything it would be you don’t have to be a doormat to get along. You don’t have to the good girl to make people tolerate you. It’s ok to be unlikeable and it’s ok to make people uncomfortable. I think that’s the biggest thing that people need to embrace is discomfort. It’s ok to be uncomfortable. It’s ok to disagree. It’s ok to have opinions that other people don’t like. So, just be unlikeable.” 

Hey hey hey HEYYYY👋👋👋 Put cha lighter’s up🔦🔦🔦! Ganja’s in the house 🏠 owwwwww😷! As you can tell from my accent I am from Dallas, Tex-ass🐴! And it was not very easy growing up looking like this💁! Whether I was playing in my grandma’s clothes👵 or putting on a show for my well-organized alphabetically-ordered beanie babies 🐱🐥🐵🐼 I was guh guh guh GAY👬👭! OKKKK😃! But it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles ☀️🌴  that I discovered 🚬Marijuana🍀, I mean I like to smoke💨💨💨, y’all I am just flying✈️ as high👆 as your receding hairline👴! OK! 🚬 Marijuana🍀 really does help me calm down😴, so y’all, I went to Valencia where they film the TV show 🌱Weeds🌱! Now, y’all, it’s very dry🔥☀️, it’s almost kinda like your vagina✌️👌! Can I get an amen🙌🙏?!? Now y’all, I am a treehugger🌳🌲 because if it ain’t green♻️, HUH😫 I’m not interested🙅! OKCURRRRRRRR💅💃!

gregor: can i get an uuuuhh one mental health please

the third wheel: mental health machine broke

  • N: Hongbin, get in the water, we're doing water exercises. The water is like three feet deep, you'll be fine.
  • Hongbin: You know I cant swim.
  • Hyuk: I hear saving yourself from drowning is great cardio.

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ok but lik, now i rlly need dat vape au dis cudn't hav cum @ a perf tim

special thanks to @forovnix and google for explaining things to me bc i have never done weed rip


“I can’t believe you’ve never tried weed before,” Yuuri teases as they head into the woods, his fingers squeezing Victor’s. He sounds excited, a little too excited, for Victor’s liking.

He glances around—it’s dark, there’s nobody nearby. Yuuri brings them to a tree and then sits down, digging inside of his coat pocket. His breath is visible in the cold and Victor leans closer, placing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “We should come here more often.”

Yuuri turns for a better vantage point, his hands stilling in their movements, and Victor slides a hand up to cup his cheek, keeping him in place. They shift closer to each other, and then Victor has one leg comfortably nestled between both of Yuuri’s. “Okay, are you ready? I’ve never used these before, but Phichit said these would be best for you.” He produces two black vape pens from his pockets, holds them in his palm.

“It looks like a flute and a lighter had a child,” Victor notes as he takes one from Yuuri, weighing it in his hand. When Yuuri had casually brought up marijuana in conversation, and Victor had looked at him with wide eyes, Yuuri had been shocked to hear that he’d never experimented with it before. Victor, on the other hand, had been shocked that Yuuri had experimented with it before.

He laughs at that, brushes his black hair back out of his eyes with his hand, and Victor kisses him again, unable to help himself. “Okay, you’re getting sidetracked,” Yuuri accuses, though he’s not pushing him away, just giving him an affectionate eye roll. “Let’s kiss after we’ve tried it. Trust me, you’ll like it.”

“Peer pressure,” Victor scolds, nudging his side. “Okay. What do I do?”

Yuuri instructs him, and then he’s breathing in, letting out a heavy sigh and blinking at Yuuri, slightly off-put by the feeling. “Well?” Yuuri asks, squeezing his shoulder.

“I don’t feel anything,” he says, because he doesn’t.

“Give it a minute,” Yuuri tells him. “Okay, my turn.”

After Yuuri has copied Victor’s motions, albeit with more expertise, Victor blinks a few times. He picks up the pen and repeats the actions he’d done before. A few minutes pass, and then he smiles brightly at Yuuri, who is laughing, bumping his head against Victor’s shoulder.

“You feel it?” he asks.

Victor certainly feels…


A sort of lightheadedness—like painkillers, he thinks. It’s subtle, but euphoric all the same. Yuuri picks up his own pen again and then Victor crawls onto his lap, straddling his hips and kissing him harder, Yuuri’s glasses knocking against his face and their lips colliding messily. With one hand, Victor fumbles to take his glasses off and with the other he grips Yuuri’s side, trying to steady himself.

“It feels good, right? Even better than normal?” Yuuri asks, laughing again.

“Mmm,” Victor agrees, leaning his forehead on Yuuri’s. “We should come out here more often.”

“Let’s do it again,” he suggests, picking up the pen. “This stuff is light.”

A while later, Victor is settled on Yuuri’s lap. At some point, they lose their shirts, and though the air is cold Victor can’t bring himself to mind. They talk for a while before one of them turns to the other and then they’re kissing again, giddy from a concoction of love and weed.

“Tell Phichit thank you from me,” Victor suggests, then nips Yuuri’s neck. His skin tastes different than usual, more tempting, and he can’t get enough. “You taste good.”

Yuuri brushes his hand through Victor’s hair, tugging at the short strands on the back of his neck. “And you feel good. I’ll tell him. I know he and Chris do this all the time, now. Minus… Minus this part.”

“They’re missing out on the best part, then,” he muses, slipping a hand up the other boy’s shirt.

An hour later, they’re lying on the grass, staring up at the stars with the weed forgotten in Yuuri’s coat pockets. Yuuri pillows his head on Victor’s chest and hums happily, looking up at him. “A good first experience, then?”

“I didn’t know I was dating a bad boy.”

At that, Yuuri scoffs, tugging the collar of Victor’s shirt down far enough for him to kiss his chest. “I hope you’re kidding.”

“You also sing physics formulas when you’re bored, so…”

He whacks him on the arm. “Well, I didn’t know I was dating somebody so rude.”

Victor shifts his body downwards to kiss him, chaste. “Yes you did.”

“You’re right, I did.”

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YALL party gays are something special, like some glitter covered cryptid, i got some severe whiplash being thrown from my lazy lil friend group to being dragged to Party Gay Central, I feel like I get some second hand high or drunk from being with them it's NUTS. I be arriving home covered in glitter and glow stick juice ready to sleep for weeks.

party gays always try to kill everyone around them. JOHNNY IVE HAD TEN SHOTS ALREADY, and Johnny is there with his cute little shorts offering you drugs you don’t even know the names of and shots straight out of the bottle with a cute wink and a kissy face and it’s like JOHNNY U WANNA KILL ME JUST ADMIT IT IDK WHAT I DID TO YOU BUT IM SORRY OK NO PLS PUT IT AWAY IM GONNA YAK and it ALWAYS ends with them saying “tá bien more for me”

Ok but imagine the next time FP, jughead, archie, and fred eat together, FP is like “soo u never told me about this …..betty ;)” and jughead is just like “dad no-” and then archie gets all smirky + raises his eyebrows suggestively, and then starts making loud offhand comments like

“Well FP…… betty’s a cheerleader" “HOLY HELL-” “….and she’s one of riverdale high’s top academic student” “GET OUT” “aaaand she’s also a killer mechanic, since she helps out her dad with fixing cars” “IS SHE EVEN REAL OH MY GOD” “did I mention that she’ll also probably be one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in riverdale” “JUGGIE MARRY HER SHE’S THE ONE-”

meanwhile jughead just groans and slams his head on the table bc he knows that once archie starts talking, that guy won’t ever shut up, and then fred just reaches over to simply pat juggie’s shoulder in sympathy

(sorry bad english )

“Edit info”

 ok so i  made Character i couldn’t  let him out of my head his name is  “LIN”

Lin he is , He love to draw but try to not show his drawings to people 

he have powers like ….lets keep that a secret ….AND (i dont know what to name them yet ssoooo i will call them spirits for the moment ) SO he can  see spirits  sines he was born every spirit have his on power to help Lin or to make his life more difficult he kind off can control it but he keep it secret because the spirits show him what happens if “some people” see his power he will only suffer ( but his mother know about his power and she is very supportive )

he get adopted when he is 7 years old his mother is an artist

idk ok dumb  Character

  • my friends: What does Latin help you do in everyday life?
  • me: Aside from generic answers to this particular inquiry pertaining to high profile academic jobs that lead to capitalistic gain, Latin as a language helps me in a number of ways. Along with helping me develop a deeper understanding of Ancient Greco-Roman society, it also allows me to improve my English vocabulary, as well as convey my points in essays and discussions more eloquently.
  • my friends: Ok cool how do you say "fuck this pussy" in latin
we were told

ok so I never really do meta, but I was rewatching the masterpiece that is TLD and I noticed a subtle message. we all thought that the episode was fake, just like John thought that sherlock’s high was fake because he’s done it before. mofftiss has played us before. then we watched the episode and:

we thought it was fake. we thought what John did, it was a trick, to which we get:

we’re all over the place now, very confused and upset, but mofftiss isn’t saying anything. 

we then see some very OOC behavior with sherlock, agreeing to a hug and agreeing to visit a hospital with someone he hates (like a certain violin duet..)

but he’s going along even though he doesn’t like it

the plan is to bring down smith, who is a very obvious Trump mirror (”you won’t believe the things I get away with” “I own the hospital, I can do whatever I want,” having a blonde daughter, in the public eye for doing..not much), who represents hate, homophobia, etc. They’re fooling everyone now, making it pleasurable for antis (Mark telling antis to read a children’s book:)

“danger” = the show revolving around just the cases, not the characters

meanwhile, we’re all sherlock here:

John is the one’s who have hope that it’s still a fake:

but we’re all still wondering

All I can hope for is that we’ll have a resolution soon:

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Ok but like…high school rockband Lams is so fucking cute. Just imagine ok

  • Alexander as like the new kid
  • Him being super like self conscious and like really quiet in all his classes at first and hears about this academically great guy Aaron Burr
  • So one day he finds Aaron Burr and practically knocks him into a locker bc ‘holy shit this is the guy who’s smart and can help me get ahead’
  • Ofc at first Burr is just like ‘who the hell is this kid’
  • Then Alex just goes off on a ramble and doesn’t realize that the bell rings making them both late to class but Burr is just smiling at Alexander
  • So once Alex stops rambling, he realizes they’re late and the ever so observant Aaron Burr is just like “It’s lunch. You’re in my period right?
  • They go off to lunch and once they go to sit down, there’s just lots of banging and laughing and stuff
  • Alex looks and sees the revolutionary set and is immediately lovestruck seeing Laurens (who is def rocking out on an air guitar but Alex doesn’t notice so)
  • Burr notices Alex staring and rolls his eyes
  • “Hey you know how I’ve been telling you stuff that’ll help you get farther? Avoiding those three would be a good move.”
  • Alex immediately starts asking questions if they’re bad or something
  • Burr is just like “no they’re fine, smart and admittedly attractive but still-”
  • Cue their conversation being cut off by Laf just shouting at him
  • So they go over and like the revolutionary set just pokes fun at Burr and Alex is just staring at Laurens
  • “Oh hey, who’s this making heart eyes at Laurens?” and Alex just tries to hide in his sweater once John looks his way
  • Meanwhile John’s just grinning like crazy and nods at Alex who’s completely incapable of forming words
  • Burr notices and just rolls his eyes and nudges Alex in the side
    which earns a mumbled “My name’s Alexander Hamilton.”

Just….cute little nerdy love songs, and music and Alex being flustered I……….///

a dead poets society au set in high school:

  • Keating encourages Todd to enter a creative writing contest with an original poem and Todd wins - both Neil and Keating put up a framed copy of the poem on their wall
  • one time Neil is having doubts about being gay and he confides in Charlie and says, “how do I even know if I really like boys?” and Charlie’s just like, “want me to kiss you?” and Neil’s like, “what??? … ok” and Charlie does and then grins smugly, “and?” - “yep, I’m gay”
  • Charlie hits on Todd for Neil
  • “so, Charlie, did you get another girlfriend during the summer break?” - “no” - “you didn’t? but you always do” - “no. got a boyfriend, though” *Meeks high-fives him*
  • Pitts is that guy who everyone likes, both the students and the teachers
  • Charlie secretly joins the school’s jazz band and his friends get a mysterious invitation to the next concert and they spot Charlie on stage with the biggest grin
High School Musical 2 in a Nutshell

Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer jobs
Kelsey: grow
Sharpay: turkey from maine
Troy: hire my friends pls
Jason: wtf i just burned this guys toast
Taylor: the boss is such a creep
Gabriella: ok guys break it up
Kelsey: na na naaa na
Troy: you are gonna get sooo WEEEEEET
Sprinklers: haha fuk u guys
Chad: i dont dance
Ryan: pls
Chad: ok
Gabriella: nice water aerobies oldies
Chad: were like brothers since pre k dude
Troy: fuk u
Gabriella: the plan is always rearranged
Troy: what about us
Gabriella: i never liked this necklace anyway
Sharpay: youre just jealous cuz i won
Gabriella: i don’t wanna play wtf!!!!
Troy: its no good at all, to see yourself and n
Troy: woah this reflection is uncanny
Troy: im not gonna stop notgonnastoptilligetmyshot
Sharpay: humu humu’s back on
Ryan: lol nope
Troy: once in a lifetime
Gabby: hi sorry can I have my necklace back
Miley Cyrus: CAMEOS R FUN

I feel that Hogwarts Students would have just eaten ice cream and indulgent food for like a long while once shit calmed down post-war. As a coping mechanism, you know?

Not just because i like the mental image of Harry Potter being happy and eating cookies because this boy deserves joy, but also because man. Do you know how hard it is to make yourself like eating something when life has gone to shit and you’re sitting there putting the pieces back together?
Really hard.
So you get stuff on a plate that you used to love to death, pile it high and push it around on your friends that are still there so that by the time they’ve had SOMETHING and you feel that they’re ok you can make yourself choke some down. Or you can talk yourself into eating dessert over veggies because your body at least craves sugar, so there you go. Promise yourself you’ll eat something green later, after you stop the pit in your stomach from making you feel sick.
It isn’t hunger or anything, it’s the fact people are still seeing places where they saw their friends die and breaking down in the halls.
So eat a pastry and try to do your last year while the pieces are being picked up. 
Don’t look like the shaken mess you and everyone else in the war are in front of the first years– they were afraid in their homes while it happened. It’s bad enough the second and third years are in the state they’re in. 
Eat something sweet so you can trick yourself into believing that your sugar crash is hunger so you can stand the great hall long enough to force through something substantial.

Carry your chocolate for when you see one of the new ghosts haunting the campus grounds, and recognize the face as a sibling, a housemate, a friend, a family member. 

Something with sugar to help the misery settle down.

ok but I just remembered Suguha is a pro at kendo and Klein can apparently reach over 2 meters in high-jumping irl so all I can imagine now is Suguha kicking ass in sword fights, Kirito getting carried around by Asuna because he keeps tripping and Klein gracefully jumping around like a deer, like Ordinal Scale sounds great if you consider real life skills this will be a good movie

Halloween PSA

OK, so regarding political costumes, as an adult it is your responsibility to NOT refuse a child candy if they decide to dress up as anything political. I don’t care if they’re dressed up Trump, Clinton, or Sanders. Even if a child is dressed up as a candidate you completely despise, DO NOT publicly embarrass them or stop them from getting candy. Take the high road and PLEASE just treat them like you would everyone else. No child deserves to be humiliated during a holiday.

what the strings think during rehearsal
  • first violins: oh god oh god this is too many sixteenth notes and way too high and I sound like an owl screeching please rescue us
  • second violins: this isn't too bad. that's kind of a funky rhythm oh no the entire section is lost again. ok, I guess we'll all just play quietly and let the first violins do the things. it's not like the conductor even acknowledges our existence anyway.
  • violas: ha ha guess who didn't get the melody AGAIN. oooh exciting quarter notes. come on, give us a challenge and OH GOD THERE ARE SIXTEENTH NOTES NOW I AM NOT OKAY and back to quarter notes, come on this is baby stuff and HOW DO I READ TREBLE CLEF I AM NOT A VIOLIN STOP TORTURING ME
  • cellos: this is alright, I guess. kind of boring when we're just keeping the beat but ok. ooooh the shifty thing. more vibrato. always more vibrato. yes. *inhales deeply* yes.
  • bass: I'm hungry lol

C: OK, so I was wearing a high, sleek pony tail and one white girl compliments me by saying, “I love your hair. I wish I could wear my hair in different styles.” I was like "Uhh, you can."Then she responds with "Yeah, but I can’t get braids or something.” In my head, I was just thinking out of every hair style there is in the world, why did you pick braids? Would you have said the same thing to a blonde girl with a pony tail? Do you normally consider a ponytail a style, or is it just because it’s on me?