i just like freckles

“im sorry, the old david can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh, cause he’s dead!”


i drew for the first time in 800 years and of course it was entirely self indulgent

also kuroo with freckles because i can

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy


Me and my older brother are the same age as Luffy and Ace, and I can’t get enough modern au shenanigans between them so here’s more cute sibling shenanigans based off irl shenanigans. 

“Stupid Freckles” - Digital Oil Painting

This picture wanted my soul. (See what I did there? Hehe) OMG, freckles and scruff and eyelashes… this was so difficult! But I wanted to do Jensen justice and in the end, I am super happy with how this turned out. He is just stupid pretty, ugh.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

this is what percy looks like in my head and i will not be convinced otherwise<3

also i have no idea what is happening with my art style~


I AM SCREAMING SHE IS SO F***ING GORGEOUS. My incredible, beautiful, beloved Kelandris, as drawn by the incredible, amazing, talented @xla-hainex. It’s exactly what I pictured! I am so in love!! I cannot recommend this artist highly enough!!!!


what if kitty todoroki


A real beauty

[[I saw a crap ton of ppl doing a “mer-May” thing where u draw a character as a mermaid/merman, so I thought I’d join in! I feel like an ass bc I doodled this instead of answering asks ripp. Sorry it’s not colored, you know me, I don’t really color in my art haha, I should work on that lol. Also thank you so much for 700+ followers I’m screaming!!!!]]

kitsunelover142  asked:

Your human Sidon is so cute! He has so many freckles and I just wanna kiss every single one of them! And I just wanna play with his long hair all the time!

ME TOO HHH I want to draw him more tbh he’s just as fun as drawing regular sharky Sidon because I love drawing big guys with long hair. 

Edward in school, 1918

His father, a successful lawyer, provided Edward with many advantages, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private schoolEdward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.

gUYS IM ENTERING THE BNHA TRAVEL ZINE!!! This is just a mashup of arts that im proud of that imma show to the people hosting the zine so maybe i can get accepted!!! This is kindof just a random post so dont pay it any attention rlly (i mean unless u want to then that’s cool)

Jasper calls David sunshine for multiple reasons. First of all, he’s the light of Jasper’s life and makes him smile every day. Secondly, David’s personality is warm but has so much energy and radiance, like the sun. His smile is also bright and sunny. And lastly, Jasper likes to call David’s freckles sun kisses.

i was cute today✨

I just want Tony to have a daughter (when he inevitably has a kid in one of the future movies, especially with all the blatant foreshadowing with him assuming very fatherly roles in two) and name her Maria

  • She’d be like a complete Tony 2.0, and everyone thinks it’s hilarious and Tony develops Pepper’s trademarked brand of long suffering sighs
  • like Tony would finally feel confident about the dad thing after a pep talk from peter or something like ‘ok yeah i basically have a son i can totally do this’ then like bam a little girl and he takes one look at her and is instantly obsessed but also like “fuck i’m doomed”
  • Tony would go on rants every other day for eighteen years that she was most definitely blessed by his mom up in heaven like the sleeping beauty fairies to punish him for his horrible teenage years
  • as a teen she’s basically Tony’s memories of Spring Break 1989 made flesh
  • Tony’s first baby purchases were 10 pairs of designer baby sunglasses
  • As a baby refuses to wear Iron Man onesies, only Captain America ones, which Tony would look back on as a omen
  • Inherits Tony’s big brown bambi eyes because god hates him, and he hated them being called that but couldn’t deny the facts after they had her
  • Uses bambi eyes purely for very effective evil
  • Goes as captain america for halloween for like five years in a row and stares at steve tearfully until he gives her the actual shield
  • Steve likes to hum “how do we solve a problem like maria” whenever tony is having heart attack symptoms because of her
  • Totally a spoiled baby princess, like every time she even looks at something like she wants it Tony would be like “we’ll take twelve”
  • Pepper would spend 18 years saying no to pony purchases
  • Maria and Tony hide secret puppies from Pepper constantly before she gives in but then Tony has to bribe Maria into not naming the golden retriever steve 
  • All of her doubtlessly kung-fu trained nannies quit because tony is overprotective and crazy, so Tony makes Peter the Spider-Nanny
  • Peter loves it and carries Maria around in a Spider-Man baby carrier everywhere
  • Enjoys setting things on fire in Tony’s lab because she loves DUM-E and wants him to feel useful
  • Pepper doesn’t even get mad, she thinks it’s only right that he gets grey hairs after her hair styling putting such a dent in her income in all the years she’s kept him alive and Rhodey thinks it’s the best thing ever
  • Upsettingly pretty (b/c RDJ + Gwyneth Paltrow) and it ruins Tony’s life ages 14 +
  • Grows up to be tiny and Tony is rightfully terrified of all five feet of her