i just like elves in general ok

Personal Headcanon

Ok, you know the crown that Legolas wears during Aragorn and Arwen’s wedding?

Yeah, that one.

It has always seemed oddly fiddley and delicate to me.  And while that does seem to be a general style for elves, it just doesn’t seem like something Legolas would bring with him on a trip to Mordor.  

But then I realized, it certainly is in Elvish style… but it looks more like something you would see in Rivendell, rather than Mirkwood.  I mean, lets compare.

There is nothing remotely alike between the crown of the king, and that of the crown prince. It is so tame and gentle, compared to the wild quality of Thranduil’s.  I can’t imagine that they were made in the same style.

What if that’s because it's not actually Legolas’s crown!  Legolas being a practical wood elf, well accustomed to battle, didn’t bring his crown with him.  He was perfectly set to go to the wedding without anything like it, but was stopped at the door to his room by Elladan and Elrohir, this delicate little circlet in Elrohir’s hands.  (Whether they got there for the fighting like the book, or for the wedding like the movie is unimportant in this one).  They basically told him that this was likely to be the last big wedding for the eldar in Middle earth, and their sister’s to boot, and as the only Elvish prince by name left in Middle earth he was going to look like one.  Come hell or high water.

Legolas tried to refuse, as it was nothing like his crown and he would much rather be there as a friend than a prince.  …He was never exactly sure how he ended up out at the wedding with the fiddley little circle of mithril on his head, but he had a whole new respect for the persuasive powers of the sons of Elrond.