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Aromantic Credence

  • It took him a while to comfortably come to the conclusion that he doesn’t really feel romantic love towards anyone 
  • He’s dated a handful of people. Some of the relationships were not-so-great attempts to feel loved/normal, others ended when he realized he didn’t really Love the person any differently than he loves any of his friends. 
  • He stopped pushing himself into relationships when he realized that he is loved and doesn’t need a significant other to prove it
  • He’s not a “bitter about Valentine’s Day” aro he’s a “this is the perfect time to express to my friends how much I love and appreciate them” aro
  • On Valentine’s Day Credence likes to give all of his friends those little cards you can get at dollar stores and after he learns how he turns them into “howlers” that play cheesy songs or say really kind things when opened
  • He loves love and affection and everything like that & he’s got some friends that he loves to hold hands/cuddle/be generally affectionate with
  • He loves forehead kisses, both giving and receiving them 
  • If any of his friends ever need a fake boyfriend for any reason he is There 
6. Part 2

I know Robyn doesn’t want Liana around certain people but I can’t help but have my friends around me, I know there is like seven of us stood in this play area just watching Liana. I decided to take Liana to this kid’s adventure place in Brooklyn, I am trying to be less noticeable but I am struggling. I just want to be normal as I can be, Liana already had a horrible time with the paparazzi earlier. I am actually thinking about going back to the hotel, I want to spend some time with Liana and maybe watch a movie together before her mom come. Watching over Liana in the ball pit with the other kids, she interacts very well with other kids “excuse me” hearing this lady say at the side of me, turning my head “yeah” she looks like she just died inside when I looked at her “I honestly love you so much” I hate when they cry, I deep down want to be like no but I can’t “thank you momma” I grinned “I know you don’t want to be bothered, but please. Can I get a picture with you” she sobbed out, glaring at Lo, he was supposed to make sure nobody came up to me “sure” opening my arm, wrapping my arm around her shoulder “thank you so much” she said again.

Liana ran at me with a little boy behind her “I play with my dad now” Liana said to him, she grabbed hold of my hand “that’s Chris Brown, he’s not your dad” who is this little nigga “he is” Liana spat “I think you need to go and find yours” I pointed, he looked at me all confused but I know damn well his daddy probably ain’t in his life. Liana tugged at my hand “I go there” she pointed at the bounce house, at least that place is clear from anyone. Walking with her “you enjoying yourself baby?” I asked “yes” she let go of my hand and ran away “aye! You need to take your shoes off” I half shouted, she stopped in her tracks and quickly sat on the floor. Crouching down “daddy to the rescue” I grinned, unfastening her lace on the sneakers “biberman” furrowing my eyebrows “what man?” is she trying to say Spiderman “you mean Spiderman baby?” she nodded, getting up from my position holding her sneakers in my hand “you come dad” she stared at me “I am too big, you go” she shook her head “you are a big kid anyways nigga” Lo chuckled, holding Liana’ sneakers out to him “first this backpack and now the shoes” he took them from me.

Watch them tell me to get out but I doubt it, Liana held my hands as she stood still looking around. She jumped up and down slowly but me being me, I was lifting her up higher with my hands so she bounced up higher. Liana’ hair is everywhere but the smile on her face is making me so happy, Liana let my hands go and did it herself. I didn’t want to jump because she will go flying with her small self, Liana screamed giggled and then fell on her hands and knees. This was my opportunity to cause Liana to not get up, jumping up and down getting closer to her. Liana was about to get up but fell again on to her back, bouncing up and down while Liana’ body going up in the air “dad!!” she screamed laughing, I stopped to allow her get up. She held onto my jeans to pull herself up steady, once she did I ran away from her “noooo!!” she shouted behind me, this bounce house is big. Getting to the end and turning around “I got you!!” Liana wrapped her arms around my legs “oh no, you got me baby” she squeezed her eyes shut holding my legs tightly.

Liana held my hand as we made our way out “what do you want to do now Liana? You can choose anything you want, I will make it happen” we stopped outside the SUV, she paused not saying a word “you want to go and watch a movie with daddy?” she didn’t say anything, she is thinking hard “we watch dash dad!?” who the hell is dash “you going to have to remind me? Who is that?” Liana sighed “pony” letting out an oh, she is going to make me watch My Little Pony “fine, we can do that” least I can have a nap then “I want that” she pointed at Lo eating candy “you going to have to ask him baby, ask nicely” she looked at me and then Lo, Lo had a grin on his face. I know Lo would give it but I like Liana to have manners “I have that pease” she pointed, Lo leaned down “for sure young one” he bought the bag down for her to pick out, opening my Instagram page and taking a picture of them. This is cute as hell, captioning it ‘uncle lo lo! #OHB’ pressing send.

We have yet to even move from this place, Keeis wanted the toilet and is taking his damn time. Rubbing my stubble “y’all get together, we will take a picture” Fresh said stepping back, Keeis came jogging out “yo, that food came back on me. Shiiit, nobody go in that” I snorted laughing “nasty ass nigga” crouching down behind Liana while the boys gathered around “look there” I pointed at Fresh, Liana turned around to look at him “aight, we good” he jogged back over “send me that now” getting up from my position, feeling my phone vibrate which I know that would be the picture. Getting my phone out, unlocking my phone and going on my messages to save the picture “come Liana, let’s go now” walking over to the car, tapping my Instagram “you going to the hotel room then?” Keeis asked “yeah bruh” captioning the picture ‘You fuck with my princess then you fuck with us #OHB’ pressing send.

Robyn hasn’t really given me anything, Liana hasn’t even got her baby to lay down with, it’s late as hell too. She doesn’t even have night clothes just diapers, Robyn hasn’t even text me or called me either. Laying on my side at the side of Liana, I am so bored watching this but she is loving it. Liana got up from her position and grabbed my arm, what is this girl doing “what you doing” she hugged my arm and smiled at me “what are you doing crazy? You need to tell me what is happening? Daddy is confused” she shrugged “ok, I’m going sleep then” closing my eyes, Liana screamed “no! I tell!” opening my eyes “tell me then crazy” she is crazy, she is not letting my arm go “dash get sad” she paused “it applejack fault” gosh, I love this girl so much “why baby? What did applejack do? Was he being mean” she nodded “applejack be mean” pressing a kiss to her forehead, she is so precious.

Liana eventually fell asleep, which is freedom for me. Sitting on the balcony chair smoking a blunt while reading the text from Robyn, she decided to text me.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

You good to have Liana? I am about to go out with the girls…

Squinting my eyes, go out with the girls. She is going out clubbing, I don’t mind but I have no clothes or anything for Liana, sending a message back to Robyn.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

Clubbing? That wasn’t the deal but if you want, you can. I don’t mind

Shaking my head while locking my phone, she is funny though. She could have just said that and then provide me with Liana’ stuff because I have nothing here. Taking some more of the blunt in, I do wish shit was better with Robyn because I do miss her a lot, blowing the smoke out slowly. My phone buzzed in my hand, flipping my phone over to see the message.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Didn’t ask your permission but I will pick her up tomorrow

Rolling my eyes, I can’t help but act like she is mine sometimes. My ears perked up hearing a knock at my door, either that is some of my boys or that is the hotel management complaining about the boys or me smoking. Putting my blunt out getting up, the person knocked again. They better not wake up Liana, seeing my sleeping beauty sleeping on my bed. Jogging over to the door, pulling the door open “Ava?” I said all confused “who told you my room number” she pushed her way through “you told me to book this place stupid” why is she barging into this room “aye, you can’t be here!” letting go of the door “why?” she spat but then stopped midway seeing Liana asleep “you are babysitting?” she said “no, I am spending time with my daughter. That shit ain’t babysitting aight” walking around Ava “you need to go, I don’t have the time to talk” Ava dragged her eyes up to me “I lied, I don’t have family here. Just you said you was coming and then Rihanna is here” my eyes bulged out “oh my god, we are not even dating. You acting stupid now” why is Ava doing this “you play with me Chris, you treat me like your girlfriend and then throw me when Rihanna is around” I sighed heavily “please go, I don’t wish to speak to you. Please do not start that talk of, oh I am pregnant” grabbing her arm “you ain’t trapping me, your lies are beginning to piss me off too” dragging the door open “to keep you!” she shouted “clearly you’re crazy, you need to shut your mouth too. You keep speaking so loud like this” pulling her outside my door “or what Chris” closing my door in her face, she fuck off. The fuck does she want from me. It is lies upon lies with Ava.

I am not used to this at all, this is so quiet for me and having to be good and stay in one place. I am on my second blunt, I am being nosey as fuck. I have been trying to see what Robyn is up too or what she is doing and at what club. I did text Hood but he said top secret, this nigga is in the club with her. I didn’t even reply to her message actually.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

Calm ya ass down, I was just saying. You ain’t gave me fuck all either, the fuck am I going to do with one Diaper!? That she has near run out of, I put panties on her instead because she saw them and cried. She is wearing the same clothes and it’s night. I am complaining. If you going to go clubbing then provide fucking clothes next time

I am more annoyed she is out more than anything, I don’t really care about the clothes situation at all but then again it was stupid to not give me that. I will have to get the boys to go out in the morning and buy her something, blowing out air.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Kiss my ass

That was short and sweet of her, she don’t care. I should be happy that there was some kind of pantie in the bag, why are girls so difficult. Being a dad is hard work too. I need to go back inside, hopefully my mind will sleep after this blunt. Blowing out the smoke I stilled my hand as I thought I heard a soft voice calling out, but that maybe could just be me losing my mind. I tilted my head and heard nothing, I need to stop smoking this blunt. Putting my blunt out, I need to stop this shit now because I am losing my mind.

Suddenly a big wail sounded from inside “mommy!” that is Liana, quickly getting up from the chair. Running inside, Liana stood up in the middle of the room. Running over to the side switch to put the light on, Liana sobbed “baby” I cooed walking over to her, crouching down to Liana she sniffed again, tears rolling down her round cheeks “baby what is wrong?” why is my daughter crying like this, look at her “I-” she hiccupped “I scared” she cried out, getting up from my position looking at the bed and seeing the wet patch on the very bed. I sighed heavily, this cannot happen. The fuck do I do with a child that is scared and has wet my bed, rubbing my face “I wasn’t built for this” I mumbled, kids are only easy when you give them back.

What do I do “where mommy” Liana cried, I want to cry too “I want your mommy too” I retorted, I need to fix myself up because I can do this “come here” I lifted Liana up, cradling her to my chest as she hid her face in the crook of my neck. This is my daughter so I don’t care, Liana hiccupped in my ear. Flipping on the light as I entered the bathroom, I set her gently on her feet and started the water in the tub before grabbing a towel from the rack “I’m going to need you to be good for daddy, I’m going to do my best for you ok?” Liana nodded “lucky we have one diaper left, we can do this together” I knelt down, brushing her hair behind her ear.

Sitting on the edge of the bath tub “I am thinking, where we are going to sleep now. We may need to trick Lo into swapping rooms but that will be bad on him” I said to myself, looking over at Liana “you ok baby?” turning a little “what happened? You had a bad dream?” Liana nodded, she is all sad. I don’t like it “tell me, I promise to fix it for you” she poked her lower lip out “they get me, I see monster” so that is why she peed herself then, nightmare “no monster will get you baby, because I will fight them for you. I promise you nobody will ever get you, you’re stuck with me forever and ever and ever. Even when you old I will be there, don’t be sad. I got you” maybe everything that happened today caught up with her.

Tilting my head to the side, I tried my best and I did “so what you think? I mean it is a polo tee, but I tried” Liana looked down at herself, it is so big on her. I tied it up at the side so it is not under her feet “did daddy do well?” opening my arms, she is thinking so hard about this. Liana ran at me “aight, I say I did well then baby. You will be all nice and warm soon. We are going to steal Keeis’ bed, you have to say thank you to him too” getting him from my knees with Liana in my arms, she is not letting me go now but I am glad she is content with everything.

Liana knocked on Keeis’ hotel room door “I wonder where he is baby” I gasped, she looked at me all wide eyed “he better hurry up, your legs are getting cold” hearing the door being unlocked “man, you lucky I ain’t slept yet” I am lucky as fuck, the rest of the niggas are asleep “I am sorry, honestly” he waved me off “anything for little miss brown” smiling at him “what you say to Keeis?” looking at Liana “tank” she laid her head on my shoulder “thanks cuz” he nodded walking off as we walked into his room, the hell he been doing. It is like nothing has been touched here. Placing Liana on the bed “no!” she whined, as I moved back a little “I am not going nowhere, I just want to get you warm” lifted her back up, grabbing the edge of the blanket and pulling it back “get inside, I will be here. I need to take my jeans off, promise” Liana slowly released my neck, tonight will be a long night for me.

After feeding my cats the most expensive food money can buy,

I’ll sit down to have a couple of 75¢ bean & cheese tacos, and they look at me like I’ve just absolutely betrayed them. That can of wet food says “GOURMET” plastered all over the side! And salmon! And I’m just like “ya te di!” and they’re all, “WEEEEW!!!” And I’m over here, like: “YA TE DI!!!”

today i talked to my mom abt how i loved my 3rd grade teacher sm and tbh hes still prob my fave teacher of all time and like i had him when my dad was his most abusive of me and my grandpa had just died so i rly treated this guy as like… my stand in father figure i guess and like i nvr rly thought abt that until today?? idk ive spent so much of my life pretending im not fucked up by my daddy issues but like i rly rly am


suddenly, hogwarts AU and everyone is babies??! idk it’s out of my system now don’t tell me to draw anyone else or argue with me about house choices it’s done i’m going to bed now!!!!

whats the best way to waste ur time?

draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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All these friendly reminders are like ‘Percy is a dork’ and ’Percy is actually really goofy’ and then you get reminders like ‘Percy fuckin chokes a goddess with her own poison and shit’ and ‘Percy is powerful enough to destroy everything that gets in his way if he wanted to’ there is literally no inbetween with this fandom and the thing is all of it is true like damn son lets talk about his character development and just take a step back and  a p p r e c i a t e  it.

*Mary dies*


*John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death*


Thalia Remembers

Happy New Year guys!! I hope 2017 is great for you all. To start the new year, here’s a new piece of (short) writing! 

Just some information: this is set during the mini-story “The Sword of Hades”. In case you can’t remember, Thalia, Percy and Nico are all in the underworld, on a quest for Persephone. They’re travelling through the underworld, and this story is based on a little exchange between Percy and Thalia. My first fic based on Thalia! I hope you enjoy :)

Thalia feels Percy’s eyes on her as she scans the dead. He’s realised what she’s doing. 

“If you’re looking for Bianca,” Percy says softly, soft enough so Nico, who’s walking ahead of them, won’t hear, “she’d be in Elysium. She died a hero’s death.” 

Thalia’s taken by surprise at that. Bianca? “I know that,” Thalia says, a little more harshly than she’d intended. She calms her tone. “It’s not that Percy, I was just… Never mind.” 

Thalia can’t tell Percy who she’s looking for. She’s never told anyone.

Thalia remembers when she was seven, and first found out that her mother was pregnant. She’d been so happy, because ever since her father had returned to her mother, they’d almost been like a family. Her mother had been so much nicer, and she didn’t scream at Thalia anymore. Thalia had anxiously counted down the days till she would get a little sibling.

Thalia remembers the first time she saw her baby brother. He’d been so small, smaller than Thalia had been expecting. 

“What’s his name?” she asked. 

“Jason,” her mother said. 

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get to know me meme: [3/7] favorite musical artists ↠  banks

“the first album was kind of like this diary that someone discovered, and i was kind of forced to read it in front of people. this album for me is more kind of like, a journal i left open and i’m like, ‘i dare you to read it.’”