i just like designing them

How I predict they will change the other Ninja in Season 8:

Jay will have his movie hair but he will still have a notched eyebrow and no freckles. I’m not sure if they will keep his hair color or make it movie-colored.
Cole will have his movie hair as well but also keep his original eyebrows.

Kai will have his movie hair. He will still have his eyebrow notch but he will also have a scar. They’ll still be on the right side (his left) instead of the side in the movie. I don’t think he will have a band-aid.

I HOPE Nya keeps her hairstyle but she probably won’t… :(  I think she will keep her show mouth (I hope they don’t get rid of her dimples!) but have her movie eyes/eyebrows, and she won’t have the beauty spot.

As for Zane… it’s hard to say. Maybe he got another upgrade to have yellow skin/blone hair again but still have blue eyes. However, he may keep his show eyebrows and mouth.


more zelink but this time it’s post botw and zelda is the queen of hyrule while link is the prince consort

they’re also a bit older so they have a little girl named roma ain’t she cute

give me this nintendo i want them to be happy

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We dangerous ones

Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
Art blog: questionartbox

unofficial doodle designs for hamilton: flower au! @thatonevaleriegirl asofjds sorry i just went ahead and drew this YOUR IDEAS ARE SO GOOD and i didnt want 2 study for physics. ft. val’s cool flower concepts for peggy (yellow geranium), eliza (jasmine), and angelica (apple blossom) !!!


been together for 5,750 years


wanted to share my fav gayest official art of kurama and hiei


Iwaizumi Hajime Wallpapers: Requested by @jeanawei


don’t listen to something while you draw it bc then u find out u drew something wrong and u just gotta shrug and say fuck it



Safeguard | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

I’ve been wanting to do a non-chibi version of Thrawn and a ysalamir for a while now.  I’m glad I finally got around to it!  :)

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)


Working on my design for fem!/nyo!England. I still haven’t nailed down a hairstyle, so let me know which one’s your favorite!

I kind of like C even though that’s basically just male England’s normal hair, pffft.