i just like beyonce

I would get on my knees for Tae

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i live for isak calling even baby?? let’s talk about it more. 

  • the exasperated “baby” on the rare mornings when even doesn’t cook him breakfast because they’re both too exhausted by the night before (seriously, isak made even play fifa until 1am before he could admit that he sucks and no matter how many games they play, isak will always lose). even takes the last of isak’s cocoa puffs, and shit, isak had actually been looking forward to them?? but alas, he’d stepped out of the shower a minute after even, and his cereal stealing boyfriend had struck (even steals his clothes his heart and now his chocolatey cereal too?? isak has half a mind to break up with him). isak’s pouting at even, and even feels so bad for him that he offers isak some of the cereal. but even’s the kind of guy who pours his cereal into his milk and gulps it all down at once, and isak is very particular about only pouring a little bit of cereal into his milk at a time, so he just turns up his nose at even’s gross soggy abomination. 
  • isak hates hates hates waking up in the morning, and trying to figure out how to get isak up when they both have school is just trial and error. isak would appreciate it. it’s like a scientific experiment, except it’s one where the consequence would be an armful of grumpy boyfriend and no kisses until at least 10 o’clock. even has tried everything from blasting nas at full volume, to getting magnus in there to say something stupid because isak’s reflex is to drag him, but he’s found out that the most effective method is to pepper isak’s face with kisses until he blinks awake groggily, because he’ll pout, and he’ll say, “goddammit, baby,” like he’s actually annoyed, but he’s giggling so hard that even’s not buying it. 
  • the boys make fun of it so much!! the first time even laughs at him for dipping a chocolate chip cookie into nutella at lunch, isak says, “don’t fucking judge me baby you literally only make recipes with sour cream” magnus parrots “baby?? baBY??” jonas and mahdi are waggling their eyebrows so suggestively that isak blushes bright red. he tries to stutter out an excuse, like, “that’s not what i said. i said maybe?? KB?? bey bee?? haha i just like the concept of beyonce in the bee movie ok that’s totally what i meant.”
  • of course even ruins it all (because that’s all he’s good for) when the whole gang is getting kebab after school and isak can’t get his shit together because he didn’t really sleep last night and he’s spilling his food all over the table. even leans over with a pile of napkins and scoops it all up with a fond “baby” and a chaste kiss to the lips. the boys go fucking wild. 
  • they always leave each other with a peck on the cheek before separating for classes - and as much as isak wants to pull even closer until they’re intertwined, until they’re causing a scene for those fucking dance chicks he can tell are watching them - he knows he’s not ready for that yet. it’s soft and sweet, just a brush of his lips as he whispers, “bye, baby, see you after school.” it still gives isak a rush when he remembers that even will keep coming back to him, and no matter how long they’ll spend apart - whether it’s school cockblocking them, or when even has bad days  and refuses to let isak come over - they’ll always end up like this, safe in the circle of each other’s arms. 

also thanks to @strangetowns​ i can’t get even’s obsession with sour cream out of my head 

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I hear rumors from Hailey over at Victuurificrecs that you're updating 25 Hours tomorrow and I just wanted to tell you... I love it so much? Massive amounts. From that beautifully dramatic open, to Yuuri easing into making conversation with Victor, the build, your brilliant brilliant humor throughout, the angry Yurio, the indifferent Yakov, the cuddling, and *whispers*the kiss*omg* And now the tension. It's one of my fav fics, and I can't wait to see where you take it ♡ - lucycamui

Ommmg I feel like Beyonce just walked into my house and told me my hair looks good and gave me a hug. I’m reading through Like A Fairytale and it is so amazingly good. It’s not just the story itself, you actually write it like a fairytale, the whole tone and words you chose is just perfect. Thank you! Both for writing it and for writing such lovely things here now! <3 :3

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Her words echo the parallelism of the love songs in the Bible, because the loss of love is a crisis of faith in this album. Torturers are remedies, love is weaponized. In her clearing, in her fight, Beyoncé submits to an education about the nature of redemption: The love that hurts is the love that saves. It’s a profound switch in the spirituality of the album, which, up until that point, prefers destruction and threats. At this point in the film, a montage of couples, smiling triumphantly, fills the screen as the bass revives in the last third of “All Night.” We are nearing the bend in the river. It was so hard to get here.
—  “A LOVE PROFANE” by Doreen St. Felix

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happy birthday!!! top 5 fave OMGCP tropes? (also I was actually going to ask about songs but I saw someone already asked you and I'd just like to say Beyonce???? and MCR (bc I too am forever emo trash oops)??? and O Magnum Mysterium (I sang this with a choir once, I love it)??? this is like my most listened-to playlist and I just wanted to say hi hello you seem p cool)

pretty dern cool B)

1. Jack being swole and Bitty Cannot 

2. Bitty saying kitschy Southernisms (trust me, as someone who lives in the sticks, there are a ton of funny bullshit sayings and terms that I wish more people knew about)

3. Nursey, externally: chill bro. Nursey, internally: literally ablaze and screaming

4. Jack has terrible fashion sense, Bitty has to help, neither are prepared

5. Bad Bob is secretly the coolest (read; most embarrassing) father ever

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“I–“ Magnus should have had a plan – of course he had been thinking about bringing this up with Alexander but the words had just came pouring out without discussion. The Warlock takes in a breath and sighs to reclaim his calm; the look on his Nephilim’s face did bring about a wide smile that only the Shadowhunter could bring out. “My darling Alexander, you know that I love you with all my heart and soul. I can’t imagine spending a day without you. I want this – I mean I hope you do to – so yes. Will you, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, marry me?

if you dont think nishinoya and tanaka get into intense debates about beyonce vs. niki minaj with oikawa and kuroo while simultaneously dragging everyone on their teams into their war ur living the wrong life my brocode

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I just felt that you should know that my friend ran into Bean at the DPAC stage door today cause they're here for Beautiful, and she told him she liked newsies and he said "oh sweet! I miss Davey, he's a good ol' boy"

???????? what the hE CK

  • Emma Watson: I just feel like, watching Beyonce's video, like it's a voyeuristic experience and she's really objectifying herself and her sexuality, I can't abide it as a feminist
  • Also Emma Watson: I want to fuck a caribou.